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  1. <color:white> Welcome to <color:red> Protocol 62!
  2. <color:white> Join our <color:aqua> DISCORD! <color:white> :
  3. <color:white> We have rules here and they are:
  4. Do not <color:red> TEAMKILL <color:white> unless they are annoying and breaking a rule.
  5. Do not team with <color:red> SCPs <color:white> as <color:blue> MTF.
  6. <color:white> Do not mic spam or mic earape. We want our ears.
  7. Do not <color:red>Hack/"Glitch".
  8.                 END OF DA RULES
  9. <color:white> Our plugins are:
  10. <color:yellow> AdminToolBox
  11. <color:white> I will get around to getting more plugins.
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