From Fit to Fat

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  1. From Fit To Fat
  4.     Week 1, Month 1.
  6.     It’s the first day after the School Festival. You rub your eyes and stretch out your weakened body as you drag yourself out of bed to take your morning pills before heading to the shower. As you did so you remembered you needed to meet a certain someone after school for muscle training workouts to get yourself back into shape after the long time you spent in the hospital for your arrhythmia induced heart attack. After Emi’s little mishandling of you and your condition the Nurse decided to try something less likely to kill you. He knew the right person and set you up with her. You already were acquainted with her. Miki Miura, a dark skinned girl who sits at the front of your class, her disability is that her left hand is missing, and she’s known for being one of the best at track. Miki didn’t just run though, she’s often seen at the school’s weight room doing the occasional exercise. The Nurse figured maybe it would be better just to get your muscles back into working order instead of risking your heart rate spiking again.
  8.     After a quick trip to the cafeteria to pick up some fruit to eat before class starts you walk into the room where Misha and Shizune are already there and waiting. “Hi Anchan! Me and Shicchan didn’t see you at the festival, were you able to make it?”
  10. Misha’s voice was a bit on the loud side for your early morning head.
  12. “Y-yeah, just I was spending time with my new executioner Miki.”  You said dryly and exhausted
  14. “Executioner?” Misha quizzically responded.
  16. “Well after nearly dying in Emi’s ‘capable’ hands Nurse has me doing light weight lifting.” As you said so Shizune poked Misha’s shoulder and signed back to Shizune.
  18. “Shiichan says you better be careful around Ms.Miura too.” Misha said filling the air after silence during the sign language spurt.
  20. Soon the class started to fill up, including Miki herself who just smiled and winked at you before sitting in her seat as class slowly started. The class proceeded as usual but with a bit of a haze in your mind as you were still tired from the festivities yesterday.
  22.     After class was over you felt a pat on the back, that alone was almost enough to send your heart into a craze. “Hey Anon, ready to work up a sweat?”
  24. You turn to see Miki standing over you and a sigh passes through as you stand up to follow the dark haired girl. The walk to get to the room was itself a work out because it was on the opposite side of campus, so the trek itself was already killing you as your heart started to beat. “Need to catch your breath?”
  26. You nodded panting on the wall of the building before eventually your heart rate evened out and she opened the door. “Welcome to your new dorm room anon.”
  28.     Miki walked you past the pool room and into the gym. “Here we are, my second home away from home. If I’m not at the track I’m here.”
  30. You looked around at the weight room. It was fairly large with racks of dumbbells ranging from 5 to 50 pounds, a rack next to that with weight for bench pressing ranging the same weight. Treadmills, stationary bikes, free areas for push-ups, sit ups and more, and all kinds of machines you never seen before.
  32. “OKAY! You ready to get started?” Miki asked slapping her nub into her palm raring to go.
  34. You give a slight nod before the two of you go to change and then stretch out a bit before Miki picked two five pound dumbbells off the rack one at a time and placed at you feet. “Okay Anon, here’s a list of some basic arm workouts you can do with these, I’m going to do some of my workout, lemme know when you’re done these. Remember, Reps is how many times you do a workout and Sets is how many Reps you do at once.” Miki handed you a folded up piece of paper that you unfolded and saw five workouts on the sheet each showing the motions in detail. A small note in Miki’s handwriting said ‘start at 1 set of 3 reps for now.’
  36.     The workouts were simple, lifting three times normally like you’d see in workout videos or training montages, then side to side like a bird flapping it’s wings, curling with your wrists to give them some strength, lifting them above your head and pull them back for your triceps then outstretching your arms and slowly pulling them in front of you. You took a quick breath and set the weights back on the rack and walked over to Miki. She was astounding, with only her working arm she was doing push-ups with a 10 pound bench press weight on her back and you swore you heard ‘87, 88’ as you walked up. You clear her throat to get her attention, she is silent for a few seconds as a drop of sweat fell off “100! Well Anon, I see you’re finished. Come on, time for your stress test.”
  38. Miki took you and laid you face down on the floor. “Okay arms outstretched, legs straight, back straight. Now gimmie your best push up creampuff. Just go until you can’t anymore.” At Miki’s command you did so and at the second one, you almost dropped onto the ground like bricks before Miki caught you to keep your heart from meeting the ground.
  40. “Well okay, we’ll start off slow with 3 sets of 1 rep then. Now for some sit ups.”
  42. Like before Miki set you up and asked for you to just give as many as you could. One, two, three...and you were out on the ground panting needing to catch your breath.
  44. “Wow, you really ARE out of shape.”
  46. Miki simply laughs before helping you up.
  48. “So what else do I need to do?” You ask feeling a bit weak already.
  50. “That’s it actually.” Miki replied.
  52. “Huh?”
  54. “I mostly wanted today to be testing the waters and getting a good idea where to start with you. We’ll get to the serious stuff in a week or so.” Miki said getting ready to resume her own workout.
  56. “By the way, you sure seem motivated about working out here, what about track? Shouldn’t you be focusing on that? I hear you got a meet soon.” Miki folds her arms and looks at you.
  58. “Honestly...I’m thinking of quitting track.” She said looking to the side.
  60. “What? Aren’t you like the second or third best runner on the team? Are you giving up?”
  62. “Look anon, track was great and all, but it’s just Emi...kinda scares me. Not just in how good she is, but it’s just weird. The way she runs isn’t like someone trying to get back into society and move on. It’s like watching someone chase a specter or running from one or something. I can tell in her eyes she’s chasing something or someone, or running away from it. It scares me how she doesn’t want to move forward, she just wants to stay in that circle for the rest of her life.” The mood had become a little somber before Miki smiled again.
  64. “Ah but don’t worry I’m sure she’ll snap out of it soon, but as for now I’m thinking I should go back to getting better then what I was before I lost a good 5 pounds quickly.” Miki joked jabbing you lightly with her nub.
  66. “You head on home and do your homework or do whatever, just come back tomorrow and we’ll repeat the training until we get that rust off ya.” She smiled and you gave a smile and a nod back.
  68. “Okay, see you in class tomorrow.” You said going into the locker room to change back and leaving, once you left though you spotted Miki still working out despite a lot of people finishing up themselves. The day ended with a shower and evening pills
  70.     The following morning you felt worse than the previous day. Your back felt stiff, your arms heavy, even your legs were a bit sore from all the walking you did. You prepared breakfast and got in the shower and took your morning pills and opened the door only to walk into a person. “...Hello Kenji.”
  72. “Hey man, what’s up?” Kenji the near sighted conspiracy theorist couldn’t even stood in front of you barely even seeing you bump into him.
  73. “Tired, just wanna head to class.” You said walking past him.
  75. “Hey man, that’s cool, but where were you yesterday afternoon? Wanted to ask a favor of you.”
  77. “Well sorry I was busy working out with Miki to get back into shape since I’m...”
  79. “WHAT!? You were with that Amazonian woman!? Look man, she’s serious bad news. She’s probably the pointman for the feminist army! She’ll break us all like twigs once her special elite training is complete! I bet she even works in 100 times Earth’s gravity.” Kenji ranted as you rolled your eyes once when he started and again when he finished with his inane ‘100 times Earth’s gravity’ theory.
  81. “Well then I’ll just learn her secret regiment and use it myself.” You said playing along with Kenji to hopefully shut him up.
  83. “Ahhhh perfect idea Anon. If you succeed I’ll make sure they have statues to commemorate you and your bravery.” Kenji walked off, forgetting he had a favor to ask but you thanked yourself for that.
  85.     The day proceeded like previously even the pat on the back from a certain girl. “Hey, how you holding up?”
  87. You looked up at her. “Like I’m held together with gum.”
  89. “Heh that’s just the rust on your bones from being cooped up in the hospital. I knew I was like that when I got out, it took awhile to even work out the little bit of weight I gained sitting around waiting for them to let me out.” Miki chuckled as you stood up to follow her to the gym again. It felt even worse with your legs being sore and like before you needed some time to lower your heart rate before going in and changing.
  91. You came out and started the training you did yesterday. The simple arm workouts and the miniscule reps of pushups and situps, it only took about ten minutes before finishing, you felt like you were wasting time so you decided to walk over to Miki who was using a machine that she needed to push up with her leg.
  93. “Miki I really think I should be doing a bit more in my workout. I feel like I’m not really doing anything.” Miki stopped after a short bit of silence and stood up.
  95. “Anon I understand you’re frustrated. I was there too when I got out. I promise you can start more next week but this is just getting you slowly back to a normal pace.”
  97. You sigh as she puts her stub on your shoulder.
  99. “Can I at least watch you work out to see how to use some of these machines?” Miki grew a bit cautiois before thinking.
  101. “Okay...but promise me you’ll go within an hour, hour and a half tops.” Miki said soundly oddly ominous.
  103. “W-Why?” You looked like she just spoke another language.
  105. “Just promise me okay?” Miki asked worried.
  107.     A shake of the head to promise her and she let you stay as you watched. It was amazing. Despite her injury Miki Miura was like a professional. She was lifting close to the max dumbbells even tying them to her damaged arm carefully and working out with it like that. She took some of the bench press weight and placed them on some weird bar with weird pads which Miki slipped her head between and lifted it with her body and squatted up and down, and amazing did so many you wondered if she really was doing training for a feminist army. “Time?”
  109. Her voice startled you for there was silence for a long while. “How long has it been?”
  111. “An hour” you responded looking at your watch.
  113. “Better go then. See you at class.” Miki said bluntly as you nodded, still weirded out about her request. You got changed and left seeing Miki still working out, perhaps even harder now that you were gone.
  115.     You followed this regiment for three more days, a total of five since you started and your entire body was a living sore spot. You knew you were out of shape but not THAT badly. As you prepared for the last day of class before your sunday break there was a knock on your door. Walking up you opened it to see Miki standing there. “Miki?”
  117. “Hey. Mind if we walk to class together?” You blinked twice and nodded grabbing your stuff and taking your pills and meeting Miki outside your door and taking a walk with her.
  119. “So what brought this on?” You questioned Miki.
  121. “Anon, how serious do you intend to take our workouts?” Miki asked with an actual serious tone.
  123. “I guess since it can help me live longer, pretty serious?” You say half serious half jokingly.
  125. “I’m thinking of getting into bodybuilding. I want a partner to help spot me, and check on me.” Miki came out of left field with this, leaving you speechless not just because of the idea itself, but wanting you to be her partner.
  127. “Don’t get any ideas, I’m not asking you out....yet.” Miki nudged you with her elbow chuckling.
  129. “So why me?” Your eyes meet as Miki thinks for a second both of you stopped.
  131. “You wanted to work out more didn’t you? That what I gave you was too little right? I like that, I like it a lot. It’s stupid givin you’re so weak I could arm wrestle you with my bum arm, but I like it.” Miki’s words warmed you up a bit, you felt like she like that side of you not wanting to waste time doing nothing. You smiled and nodded.
  133. “Okay, but I may hold you back.”
  135. “Eh just be ready to come back to your room in a cart.” Miki chuckled as you walked into the room together, a certain student council seeing such.
  137. You clear your throat and just sit down as Misha looks at you like you had just gotten yourself a girlfriend.
  139. After classes were done you did your regiment and helped Miki do anything that required a spotter and was sent off being told you had the day off tomorrow to rest to get your body ready for the following week. As you placed everything down inside your dorm you noticed you were missing a book, you decided to check back at the gym, your legs really hating this decision as you walked in to head to the locker room. You find the book and begin to head back when you hear moaning. You swore it sounded like Miki so worried you decided to check, what you saw was not what you were expecting. Miki was on a bench for a bench press, her good hand down her gym shorts, her bum one lifting her shirt and rubbing it across her small barely forming ab muscles. As she moaned she said ‘Anon’ a few times obviously meaning you. You realized you two were the only ones there, it was late but not time for the gym to close quite yet. Was this why Miki didn’t want you there after an hour and a half? Why was she doing this? You decided not to bother her and head back. That night and the following day spent wondering how to talk about this with Miki, and to take some ‘alone time’ thinking about Miki’s abs.
  141. Week 2 Month 1.
  143.     Two days ago you saw Miki masturbate in the gym saying your name. Today you two were working out like nothing happened. This time, however, you were told to do more reps in your sets. You went up to ten for the dumbbell arm workouts and 3 push ups and sit ups, and now Miki introduced you to some machines. “Okay this one you already saw me do, just push it up with your legs, let your knees go as far as you can towards your chest and then push up. We’ll shoot for one set of five reps okay?”
  145. A silent nod from you as Miki took you to another machine with a bar on the ground and a place for your legs. “This one is all about your back and shoulders. Just place your feet her, pull backwards then let yourself come forward okay?”
  147. The lesson went a bit unnoticed as you were looking as the shoulders of Miki, they were looking quite strong, the fine definition in them as she pulled the bar back. “Got it? Anon? Anon? ANON!”
  149. “Huh?” You snapped back looking at Miki and nodding.
  151. “Anon is something the matter, you’ve been fairly quiet...not getting cold feet are you?” Miki looked at you somewhat disappointed. You decided to confront her now, be honest and get to the truth.
  153. “Miki what were you doing masturbating to me two nights ago?”
  155. “W-what?” Miki stared at you in shock, her face turning a dark red, obviously flustered.
  157. “I forgot something two nights ago and came back...and I heard you moaning so I checked to see if you were okay...and I saw you...well.” The mood became awkward and weird as both of you couldn’t think of anything to say, Miki sighed.
  159. “I wanna have sex so bad.”
  161. “...What?”
  163. “All this working out puts me at a high. After two to three hours I just feel on top of the world, so full of energy and life. Just some part of me wants to break out and go the whole way. Live life to the fullest in the heat of the moment, but I’m still single so...” You realized she wasn’t offering and nodded.
  165. “I uh...” You stumbled realizing you made a mistake before a pat on the shoulder.
  167. “I want it to be with you...just I dunno if I’m ready to commit with you Anon, we’ve known each other for such a short time. Let’s just take it slowly and keep going as it’s been and we’ll sort this out later.” Miki was quite mature despite talking about something like this. The surprise showed as you were left without a word and just nodded like always.
  169.     After the workout you got changed, still thinking maybe you jumped the gun a bit. You proceeded to walk out when suddenly you were pulled aside, staring in the firm breasts of a certain dark girl who pinned you against the wall. “Just cause I don’t want to have sex with you...doesn’t mean we can’t have something does it?”
  171. “N-No.”
  173. “Be my boyfriend?”
  175. “Be My girlfriend?” The both of you responded by your lips locking, your hands rubbing her rock hard abs and firm back, her arms strongly grasping at your back as you felt yourself getting hard, and your piece rubbing against your pants and pushing against her gym short a giggle from her as she broke it.
  177. “Don’t get too excited now...we need to get to know each other more first. So keep that muscle away for now. Don’t worry it’ll meet a big ol panther of a lady, rawr.” She kissed your cheek and slapped your ass as you walked back to your dorm. Upon reaching it and sitting down you just realized you have a girlfriend. A hot girlfriend. You went to bed laughing and excited for your future.
  179.     The rest of the week became uneventful given the circumstance. Your workout regiments were harsher and felt as such as your body became heavier and heavier. Miki would give your butt a squeeze and the peck on the cheek and kiss in the lips but nothing too raunchy. You two also talked about your lives before Yamaku and hobbies as you spotted her and watched her work out, it seemed like Miki was in overdrive, she even stopped using the school’s dumbbells and used custom 75 pounders she ordered, her arm muscle becoming more developed and toned, when you two kissed you felt the workings of her four pack, and her legs less sleek and more muscled. Her tracks meet was at the end of the week, luckily on your day off so you could sit down and watch without having to worry about nearly dying.
  181.     You watched Miki stretch, very closely. Her slowly growing muscular form intrigued you to no end, even her back started to show signs of more muscle development, as Miki finished she got up to the starting line for the event. A gunshot marks the start of the track meet. At every event Miki came a hair’s breadth away from being 1st, but the same person always stopped that from happening, Emi. At the end Miki walked off not looking happy nor upset. Content maybe? Either way you walked up to her. “Hey, least second is better than third.”
  183. “Hell yeah it is, still first would have been nice too. I’m surprised someone as top heavy as me can run that fast.” She chuckled.
  185. “So what do you wanna do now?” You asked.
  187. “Well first I wanna get my Silver Medals, after that...I dunno, maybe we can head into town and grab something to eat.” Miki smiled before the awards ceremony began. She got her silver medals and walked over to you, slapping your ass to get you going as you were told to get a seat ready for her at the Shanghai while she got out of her sweaty clothes.
  189.     The walk wasn’t easy considering the length and your condition of both the heart and exhausted legs. At the Shanghai you are greeted by School Librarian and worker of the Shanghai Yuuko. She scurries to you and bows quickly nearly losing her glasses. “WELCOME! Table for one?”
  191. “Two Yuuko. I have someone coming to meet me.”
  193. “Very well.” She sits you at a booth capable of seating two. After five minutes you see a familiar figure as you wave Miki towards you and she comes to sit with you, Yuuko bringing you two menus.
  195. “I’m willing for anything, you?” Peeking over the menu you see Miki looking at the herself.
  197. “Hmmm. I got mine.” She replied closing her menu as Yuuko came over.
  199. “Okay I’ll have the vegetable and chicken soup with the side of wheat breads rolls.” You gave Miki a wink at your somewhat healthy meal choice and she smiled back.
  201. “I’ll have the vegetable and chicken soup as well, along with a turkey and roast beef sandwich, extra turkey, lettuce, tomato, roast beef and on wheat bread.” Yuuko wrote it all down and hurried along to the kitchen as you looked at Miki who ordered a fair bit.
  203. “What? It’s all good, going to be turning that into resources for my growing body.” Miki laughed.
  205. “Hey, did I ever tell you about what I was like right after I got out from the hospital?”
  207. “Only that you wanted to get back into shape.”
  209. “I wasn’t lying. I had gained around 10-15 pounds while in the hospital. I ate so much hospital food while laid up that I just lost most of my physique from before. I mostly did track for the weight loss, but now that I’m back on track I’m burning the calories like a wildfire.” Miki smiled as your ordered arrived.
  211. Miki’s sandwich was as thick as her fairly muscled arm, she smiled looking at it before taking to it immediately and pretty much inhaling it. Her soup was basically her drink as she drank the broth and then simply as the remaining noodles, chicken and vegetables inside. A loud slurp as she finished up her noodles as you were still just dipping the roll you had in your soup before biting into it.
  213. “So tomorrow I was thinking...” The day finished as the two of you talked about your regiment tomorrow and heading off, Miki saying she wanted to work off the lunch at the gym as you waved goodbye, she opted however for blowing a kiss.
  215. Week 3 Month 1
  217.     This week was even more uneventful from than last, your regiment decided to add another set as opposed to reps as Miki felt you were shaping up well, she also did the same, adding a set to god knows how many reps. The week was mostly more small talk and the occasional mention of exams. Often time as you studied in your dorm at night you swore you saw Miki coming back late at night, and during classes she looked tired and was falling asleep at times. When Gym time came though it didn’t matter, Miki was growing more and more muscular as time went on, and seeing her like that only bothered you more when you two would act. The week just passed without much.
  219. Week 4 Month 1
  221. Almost a month since you started and already you were looking better, you lost a good 10 pounds, you can take the walk to the gym, Shanghai, anything without much issues, you didn’t tire as easily anymore and nothing felt heavy when lifting it, your weakness had finally gone away. Miki had also made leaps and bounds as her four pack was complete, her arms and legs were nice and well toned, her back muscles were starting to show off their well defined form as well, and her ass and breasts? Nice and firm, you had hands on experience. The week started off with a bang when Miki strolled into the class, her finer toned body impressing some of the boys and girls of the class as she sat down. “You see her man?”
  223. “Yeah that body is like something outta Xena.”
  225. “I can’t believe how in shape she is I’m jealous.”
  227. Mutters about Miki spread until Mutou walked into the class and started the review for the exams next week, Miki was pretty much spacing though as she was clearly going for brawn, not brain.
  229.     After class you and Miki made your way towards the gym. “Hey Anon?”
  231. “Yeah?” You looked to Miki who just spoke up out of the blue.
  233. “How’s about the end of the week, you and I finally commit?” Miki smiled as it took you a second but you realized what she meant, and you were ready for it.
  235. “YES! I mean....yeah. That’d be great.” You nodding quickly, clearly excited.
  237. “Be a good end to a month of working out with each other don’t you agree?” Your nodding continued as you both got into the gym.
  239.     Miki had something with her this time though, a set of vitamin and mineral pills that you looked at. “Not getting enough of the daily recommended dosage of these puppies. Don’t worry I won’t become a Roid Raging bitch.”
  241. She kissed your cheek before you took up the 15 pound weights and began your sets followed up by your now 2 sets of ten pushups and situps, your set of 5 second planks, and the machine work. Once your work was done Miki made some real noise as she pushed most of the machines to their limits, with you watching over her. You listening as Miki moaned with joy, reaching her high that she allowed you to stay for. She had finally managed to control herself enough to not do anything questionable.
  243.     The cool night felt great as you both kissed each other goodnight, slowly letting your hands let the other go before walking into the dorms. As the week went on you two kept to your workouts when there was a sudden interruption.
  245. “MIKI! Is it true!? You quit the track team!?” The voice was Emi who had barged into the gym looking like she ran full speed.
  247. “Yeah.” Miki said calmly while doing one of her workouts.
  249. “Why? Is it my fault? Was it because of the Meet?” Emi asked sounding like she was losing a friend.
  251. Miki was silent before finishing up. “To be honest Emi, yes, BUT! It’s not because you kept winning. It’s that attitude you have. The way you seem like you’re just going to keep running in circles and never really wanting to move past whatever is troubling you. I didn’t like that kind of mood so I’m getting into bodybuilding and showing that I won’t let this...”
  253. She slapped her stump.
  255. “Stop me from living life.” Emi was silent after the short speech.
  257. “It’s true, I am running in circles. I don’t care really, no matter what anyone says or does I may never get over that day.” Emi looked a bit bitter that Miki dug up some of Emi’s past
  259. “It’s always this way, I push people away because they want to ‘feel sorry for me’ or whatever. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me or to think they can fix anything! So go ahead, be some body builder! I’ll keep ‘running around in circles.’ She stormed off but not before getting a look at you.
  261. “You’re looking well Anon...I see Miki did a better job than I did...”
  263. “Emi?” You tilted your head in wonder as Emi walked out of the gym, Miki just sighing at the scene at getting back to working out.
  265.     After the spontaneous spat of Emi the week became relatively uneventful, up until the final day of the week, the last rest day before the new month. A knock on your door that you’ve been waiting for the entire month was now here. You slowly opened the door to Miki in her school uniform, which was looking quite tight on her more muscular body. “Hey sexy.”
  267. “Hey.” Miki immediately locked lips with you after your response and kicked the door closed and moved you towards your bed and laid you down and locked the door.
  269. “Ready for the panther to pounce?” She said removing her tie and unbuttoning her shirt, upon removing it you saw it all in every bit of it’s glory. Miki had gone beyond her four pack and developed a six pack, her firm breasts were larger than before and still had some jiggle despite it’s firmness as she posed and flexed, her arm muscles half the size of your head. She turned around showing off her back which was also muscular and how well toned it was, the muscle definition was like a piece of art, her shoulder blades almost melting into the picture painted by it as Miki flexed again.
  271. “Like What you see?”
  273. “I do, I do like it. Very much do I like it.” Miki smiled as she grabbed your boner her thumb rubbing the tip as she unzipped your pants and took them off climbing on top of you and following suite with your underpants.
  275. Your shirt was removed by your own two hands as Miki rubbed your chest with her stump before placing her lips on yours, and her vagina on your penis. You both kissed and moved your arms around the other as Miki started off slowly with her hips moving up and down on you. Both of you lightly moaned as you grabbed her firm ass. Faster and faster she went up and down on you, her tight pussy clenching your penis as both of you try not to belt out moans from pleasure. You felt your heart race, but your training has made it stronger, strong enough to take this as Miki hugged you tight as the momentum just increased more and more, your hand gripped her good one hard as you felt yourself ready, biting your lower lip you blew your load in Miki who gasped and panted, sweat on her brow being swept back by her hand into her hair. “That was...amazing.”
  277. “Yeah, that was pretty fucking awesome.” You responded trying to take deep breaths to calm your heart down, remembering that you didn’t take your evening pills and did so now.
  279. “Your room’s kinda empty, not really much to it is there.” Miki replied.
  281. “No not really. Course I’ve been spending time at the gym and they have pretty much everything there I need.” You said looking right at Miki.
  283. “That’s sappy as hell you idiot. I love you.” She hugs you from behind kissing the back of your neck, her firm breasts on your shoulder blades.
  285. “You’re my little sex toy now.” Miki said her chin resting on your shoulder.
  287. “What?” You looked at her almost like she was serious before she pouted.
  289. “I was kidding, I really do love you idiot. I want us to be together.” Miki said with a seriously look on her face.
  291. “Really? Why do you love me so much?”
  293. “Cause you’re there. That’s all I really want, someone that will be there for me through thick and thin, that loves me for who I am. Course you can still get hard at my fine ass body.” She chuckled as you smiled and brought her down with you onto your sides and just kissed rubbing her rock hard abs, and before long your heart calmed down, but you yourself didn’t as this time your two went under the cover.
  295. Week 1 Month 2
  297. The following day Miki was already up and getting dressed as you stirred away. “Hey sleeping beauty hurry up or we’re gonna be late.”
  299. You realize Miki was somewhat smart having her come over in her uniform as she peeked out your room and snuck past as you got ready yourself. As you walked out you have a slap to your back which sends your heartbeat into irregularity. “Hey man, haven’t seen you at all lately.”
  301. Kenji, of course. Who else would be that reckless with force around you? “I’ve been gathering intel on Miki Miura’s training.”
  303. “I figured you were done, is it as bad as I feared?”
  305. “Totally, she’s already ripped dude, six pack and everything.”
  307. “WHAT!? Damn it man, I’m sorry, if we survive the feminists attack I’ll write about your brave futile sacrifice. You won’t be forgotten.” With that Kenji went into his room where the sounds of locks was heard and you walked off.
  309. You made your way to class, which had pretty much filled up and was currently abuzz with Miki’s body being the center of attention. Everyone was grouped around her talking to her and about her, she even went so far as to take her chair and toss it in the air and catch it. She placed it down and sat in it as you took your set. “Anchan your girlfriend is being quite show-offish. You should warn her about pride coming before the fall.”
  311. Looking at Misha who was smiling you responded simply. “How do you know she’s my girlfriend?”
  313. “You just told me.” Outsmarted by Misha, you need to work on that other muscle you need. The brain
  315. “Also we noticed how you two always leave together. Shiichan is quite impressed with how dedicated you are to working out for an entire month despite having just gotten out of a hospital bed.”
  317. “Well thanks for the compliment, but tell her to mind her own business if she can.” Misha signed that, and was signed back.
  319. “Shiichan says ‘if you do well on Exams I will.’ So I guess you better study Whahaha!” Exams! You knew you forgot something. Looking at Miki you realized you’d probably have to stop working out together, still you two could study together.
  321.     After class Miki walked up to you. “Hey sport, ready for heavy sweating this time? I’m thinking we go hard and add some reps AND sets.”
  323. “Uh Miki, you know Exams are next week right? Shouldn’t we be studying? We can do it together.” Miki grew silent.
  325. “I’m uhhhh not really good at that.”
  327. “Miki...” You looked at her with a cold stare.
  329. “Anon, I mean it. I’ve been focusing so much on working out that I haven’t studied at all. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. All I’m really good for is this.” She flexed her large biceps which slightly scared Misha who was sitting by you.
  331. “I can help you Miki, get your grades up and...” She held her bad hand and sighed.
  333. “Look, you don’t have to work out this week, you can study for exams and we’ll start off next week with what I was planning this week, give you muscles a little extra break to build themselves up.” You looked worried at Miki’s solemn suggestion and reached out for her, when she kissed your lips quickly and smiled.
  335. “Hey I’m not breaking up with you or something stupid like that. I’m just being realistic, you’re the brains I’m the brawn of the relationship. Perfect harmony and all that kinda stuff. Don’t worry I’ll do some studying after my workouts.” She kissed you again before waving goodbye.
  337.     You walked to the library for some study material, worried about Miki but decided to trust her judgement for now and study while she works out, as you looked for some books you heard the sound of some falling and a pathetic scream as you turned to see Yuuko on the ground, piles of books on her. Being the gentleman you are you helped her out. “Thanks Anon...odd to see you here nowadays. Here to get some books for exams?”
  339. “Yeah...” You responded half-heartedly
  341. “Something wrong?” You sigh before retelling the story of you and Miki being apart this week.
  343. “Well, do you think she’s right?” Yuuko asked as you scratched your head really thinking about it.
  345. “Honestly I’m not sure. I mean she doesn’t seem like the type to give something up if she isn’t 100% sure she can’t do anything about it. Maybe I’m just worried she overestimates me. I guess for now I can just trust her judgement.”
  347. “Just remember that if you ever doubt it, the best thing to do is to is just talk directly to her about it.” Yuuko said before finishing checking out your books and handing them to you.
  349.     The next two days was spent with you studying for Exams and the occasional pondering about Miki. On the third day you were stuck staring out the window wondering how Miki was doing. You couldn’t take it anymore and just got up and walked towards the gym. You got the the build and walked inside, hearing the usual sounds for the most part, however as you took your deep breath to gather yourself you heard a loud CLANG! A loud scream of pain echoed through the gym, and it was Miki! You rushed inside to see Miki clutching her leg next to the machine that she pushed up with her legs rolling on the ground. “MIKI! MIKI!”
  351. You called out to her, your heart rate drastically spiked as you found the emergency phone in the gym calling the Nurse. Within minutes he and other doctors came to the gym as you saw Miki crying in pain. She was then carted off on a stretcher to the closest hospital, with you in the truck by request.
  353.     They told you and Miki she strained a muscle and fractured a bone all at once. She’d be off her feet for at least a month. Miki was forbidden to do any work outs for the month, and she’d have to have the leg in a cast and use a crutch to get around. You promised to help take care of her. You held her good hand looking to her “I promise...I’m here for you.”
  355. Miki just smiled and kissed you as you were sent home after visiting hours were done. This would be the beginning of the end for Fit Miki you grew to love.
  357. Week 2 Month 2
  359. After Miki was released the two of you took a taxi back to school where you carried her stuff as Miki proper herself on you as well. You two headed into Miki’s room and placed her stuff on the desk and laid Miki down on her bed and took her crutch and placed it to the side. “Thanks again for everything Anon.”
  361. “No problem Miki” You try putting away all of Miki’s stuff as she tries to get comfortable.
  363. “Hey Anon there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” Miki’s words drew your attention to her and met her eyes curious as to what she was going to say.
  365. “When I had my accident, you were at the gym, why was that?” You sighed guessing you should have seen the question coming and took a deep breath.
  367. “I WAS going to try and talk you into studying for exams, but seeing as this happened I supposed that idea went down the drain.” Sitting on the edge of Miki’s bed you saw her smile as she used her good leg to jab you with her knee.
  369. “Idiot. I told you I’m no good at that studying stuff. Still, I’m glad you were there to help me out. Speaking of exams, shouldn't you head to class?” Shit she was right you needed to hurry.
  371. “Look after exams I’m helping you study for the make ups ok!?” You said heading to the door.
  373. “Fine I guess.” Miki pouted.
  375. “Good...” You close the door then open it back up
  377. “I love you Miki.”
  379. “Love you too.” She replied as you ran to class in time to take exams.
  381.     Making the quick dash wasn’t great for your heart but you made it in time to start exams. Your mind wandered though as you questioned if Miki was going to be okay having to sit still for at least a month. Once the exam was done you headed to Miki’s room where Miki was just staring at the ceiling. “Got nothing better to do huh?”
  383. “Yeaaaaah.” Miki sighed as you took the chair as her desk and sat it next to her taking some books out and handed one to her.
  385. “Well here’s something.” She moaned as she opened the book. The two of your spent the next thirty minutes looking over the materials when a loud noise interrupted you two. Miki was rubbing her abs and whimpered.  
  387. “I forgot that working out helped keep my mind out off of being hungry.” Miki continued to rub as the noise kept filling the room.
  389. “I’ll be right back.” You got up and walked out as Miki continued to attempt studying when you suddenly came back with some cup of instant noodles and offered it to Miki.
  391. “I dunno Anon...I mean being stuck here my muscles are already gonna atrophy...”
  393. “Eat, you still need something inside you or you’ll never heal.” You then realized there was no way for Miki to hold and eat the cup.
  395. “Damn it...” Miki giggled at your slip up.
  397. “Guess you gotta feed me yourself.” Miki smiled as you took some chopsticks and fed her the noodle, placing your hand under it so it didn’t spill onto her. After the cup was finished you threw away the cup only to hear the loud noise once again. You looked at Miki who looked a bit stunned herself.
  399. “Sorry, looks like I’m still hungry.” You told her to keep studying as you went to the cafeteria to get some more food for Miki, sadly the only thing left was a Tempura bowl.
  401. “Miki won’t like something fried like this but it’s better than starving I suppose.” You walk back to Miki whose blowing hair out of her eyes as she attempts to reading the books.
  403. “Miki I got you a tempura bowl, it was all they had left.”
  404. “That’s fine.”
  406. “You don’t mind that it’s fried?”
  408. “Not really in a position to complain can I?” Miki said as once again you helped feed her the fried pieces of Tempura before disposing the bowl before once again Miki’s growling stomach filled the room.
  410. “Seriously? There’s no more food right now Miki.” Miki gave a devilish smirk.
  412. “I know something I can eat...lock the door.” Getting the hint you locked the door and helped Miki remove her shirt, sitting atop her rock hard arms you unzipped your pants as Miki began to lean up.
  414.     Miki took her dark firm breasts and wrapped your penis in them, giving it a strong hold as she placed her lips around the tip and soon she began bobbing her head back and forth, her one good arm wrapping around your back as you wrapped your fingers around Miki’s head, feeling her sweaty hair run through your fingers as Miki continued sucking you off. Soon she decided to get more kinky and use her tongue to stimulate your hard penis as she picked up the pace and sat straight up, taking her breasts off your penis and putting the whole thing in her mouth moaning as she did so. It didn’t take long before you climaxed, Miki fell back gulping and panting. “Y-Yuck...that was...not what I expected...”
  416.     A cough from Miki as she wanted help getting up and to head to the bathroom where she brushed her teeth and gargled some mouthwash. “Okay, memo to self, don’t try that again.”
  418. “I assume it didn’t taste great.” You peeked in on her from outside.
  420. “Not one bit.” Miki cleaned the toothpaste off her mouth with a towel and tossed it away before being placed back onto her bed.
  422. “Well I’m gonna head back to my room to try and get more studying done, I recommend you do the same. Also don’t be afraid to order something while I’m gone to get something to eat, I’ll text you some places that deliver around here.” You kissed Miki goodbye before heading to your room for the night and falling back onto the bed wondering if Miki would really be okay alone by herself, would she even study? You shook it off and dozed off for day 2 of exams.
  424.     The same events as yesterday transpired with you taking your exams then heading right to Miki’s room. Again she was staring at the ceiling, this time with a book laying face down on her bed. Something of note was despite it being quite warm Miki was under the sheets. You grabbed her some food and helped feed it to her from the cafeteria despite her stomach never seeming to stop growling for food. The next day proceeded like before, however this time you were feeling a bit restless so when you reached Miki’s room and sat down for some studying you leaned over. “Hey Miki, I was wondering if we could do some anatomy lessons.”
  426. Miki looked away from you. “I’m actually kinda sluggish today, kinda losing my energy from staying cooped up for so long.”
  428. You huffed and just went back to studying with Miki before leaving, sadly the week just became that for the remainder, even Sunday was spent with Miki being morose and refusing any kind of action.
  430. Week 3 Month 2
  432.     Class was boring as usual as you stared at Miki’s empty seat, Miki was told to stay bed ridden until the month was over, so she would be gone for another two weeks counting this one, you told Mutou that you would bring all her missing work to her. After class you went to check up on Miki. As you were about to open the door you swore you heard Miki moaning, was she having sex with someone else? Was that why she avoiding you? You quickly slammed the door opened and stormed in. What you saw wasn’t what you were expecting. Around Miki’s hands was a triple cheeseburger, greasy and juicy grasped firmly between her fingers as she gulped the piece she was eating.
  434.     While not what you were expecting, you were still terribly disappointed by Miki with this sight. “Miki what is this?”
  436. Miki’s eyes fluttered as tears filled her eyes. “I-I’m so Sorry Anon I...I just...”
  438. Tears began to fill the brown eyes of Miki as she covered her mouth and the tears began to fall.
  440. “Miki answer me! Why are you throwing away everything you worked for!?” She turned away.
  442. “ANSWER ME!” You pulled the covers off and was shocked by what you saw, bags upon bags of food from various fast food chains close by, even a pizza box, laid around Miki, whose abs has vanished. Her gut was not even flat anymore, love handles slowly forming on her, you never really noticed Miki’s arms lost their tone either because she wasn’t showing them off.
  444. “I-I was going to throw them away when I got better so you wouldn’t’s just like last time, no, it’s even worse. I told you I kept eating at the hospital right? It’s the same reason, because I worked through my hunger, but when I lost my hand I just was so hungry. Back then I had the doctors and nurses to moderate me...but here I just..I couldn’t help it, I was so hungry!” Miki’s face sank into her palm as you shook your head.
  446. “I can’t believe this Miki, first you give up track, then you give up on Exams before they even start and now even becoming a bodybuilder is just something you want to give up on!?” You yelled throwing away the bags as Miki tried to move towards you.
  448. “How long before you were going to give ME up!?” You shouted before looking at Miki who began to cry harder realizing you let yourself get angry and said something you shouldn’t.
  450. “Miki I...”
  452. “Go away...Just go. If that’s what you think of us, then just go.” Miki laid down and turned away from you.
  454. “I didn’t mean...forget it.” You turned around and walked away as Miki began to sob. Shutting the door you leaned against the wall and slid down realizing you make a terrible mistake, but you couldn't go back in with that kind of atmosphere between you two.
  456. The week had become sour and awkward as you placed Miki’s missing school work under the door for her. You wanted to say sorry but Miki’s sobbing prevented you from doing so thinking she was still upset at you, but the fact of the matter is Miki did something you never thought she’d do, was she the person you really thought she was? So many questions circled through you head as you dumped your books back at the library. You stopped and looked at a cookbook, you thought maybe you could make something for Miki to help apologize to her. Then again would helping Miki stuff her face with more sweets? A peace offering would help no matter what, she can decide what she’d do with it afterwards. You took the book off the rack and checked it out before heading to the store to get the ingredients for a cherry pie.
  460. Week 4 Month 2.
  462. It was after class that you walked into the girls dorm, carrying a container for the pie you spent the rest of last week learning how to make. You stepped in front of Miki’s door and took a deep breath. You knocked twice. “Go away Anon...I know it’s you.”
  464. “Miki please, I want to apologize. Just lemme talk to you face to face.”
  466. “I said go away!” Miki shouted.
  468. “Miki please...I uhhh baked you something...” You sheepishly said as there was silence, and a chuckled.
  470. “...Come on’s unlocked.” Miki said as you walked in. Miki was turned away from you, covers up to her neck as you took the seat and sat down.
  472. “Miki I...”
  474. Miki sighed before pulling off the covers and facing you. It probably shouldn’t have surprised you but it did, Miki had gained more weight. Her now love handles had become a paunch of fat on her stomach, her cheeks were rounding out a bit, her arms and legs had lost their tone and were starting to put on some softness as well.
  476. “I’m a fucking fatass Anon. I have no self control. I don’t want you to see me like this. You were right, I’m nothing but a quitter, so you should just leave me to become a huge useless ball of fat before you...”
  478. As she was taking you took out a slice of the pie and stuffed it inside her mouth. “Just shut up Miki. I came here because I love you and wanted to apologize for what I said. Look, it’s true back when you were working out that I was in love with your body, but that’s not just why I liked you. Your fiery spirit, your no nonsense attitude, the banging sex.”
  480. “Yeah the sex was pretty awesome, cept for the blowjob.” Miki replied before you stuffed another slice in her face.
  482. “So I decided. Miki, I love you and will help you with whatever you want to do, if you want to become a bodybuilder you and I can work day and night to become nice and strong, but if you wanna be fat I’ll take you out to any place you want and fill your gut with as much food as you want. Miki I love YOU, not your body’s shape or size.” Miki sniffed and tears filled her eyes.
  484. “You sappy asshole.” She leaned over wrapping her arms around you and kissing you with her cherry pie flavored lips and hugged you tightly.
  486. “The pie tastes like ass by the way.”
  488. “Gee thanks for the compliment.” You both laughed before Miki took a sigh.
  490. “I wanna get fat. All this eating I did made me feel better, it hurt so much being as hungry as I was. I never knew how painful being really hungry was and I don’t ever wanna feel that Anon. You best think of plenty of places to feed me.” Miki smiled and you chuckled.
  492. “This is going to be killer on my wallet.” The two of you laughed as the day turned to night and you and Miki decided to share one last night with Miki’s thinner self up close.
  494. Week 4 Month 2.
  496.     Miki was finally considered in good enough condition to head to class, she slowly made her way there with you carrying her stuff to class where she walked in with you to the whole class looking at her, which immediately led to murmurs and hushed talk about her weight.
  498. “Can you believe it? She was so jacked  when the month started.”
  500. “Yeah she musta rebounded like hell.”
  502. “I can’t believe she left herself go when she had that amazing body.”
  503. “I know right?”
  505. Miki just sighed and sat down putting her broken leg out and the crutch against her desk as Mutou came in. “Ah Miss Miura is back I see, well I hope you did the work from when you were gone, I’d like to talk to you about making up your exams.”
  507. After that class continued as per normal, after it was done Mutou talked with Miki as you waited outside of the classroom. She came out slowly given her situation but smiled the moment she did. “OKAY! Time to fatten me up.”
  509. Miki rubbed her stomach before the two of you made your way to the cafeteria. You picked out an apple for yourself, and a bowl of ramen, some chawanmushi, a bowl of tempura, mabo tofu and a slice of blueberry pie for Miki.
  511. The tray was serving as a kind of replacement for the lack of working out you did over the past few weeks as you set it down and went to eat your apple, Miki on the other hand wolfed down her food, putting the bowls right to her mouth and spooning it in with chopsticks. You were halfway done with your apple when a clank of the bowls got your attention “More please.”
  513. You got up and picked up a spare bowl of ramen and mabo, but decided to pick out some sandwiches as well. You sat the tray down again and sat back down to finish your apple, a few bites in and another “More please.”
  515. You go up to get more but the cafeteria lady slaps your hand telling you no more for you and relay this to Miki. “Sucks.”
  517. She tosses you the core of the apple she left from finishing your apple before slowly getting up, a bit of round brown flesh poking from between Miki’s top and skirt.
  519. You shake your head and sigh. “So what are we gonna do? I doubt I can afford feeding you if you have this much of an appetite.”
  521. “Well I’m sure we’ll figure something out. I’m going to rest up, you best buy me some food in town for tomorrow if the Cafeteria is going to be stingy.” Miki grabbed her stuff and slowly made her way to her dorm as you went into town looking at your wallet’s dwindling resources. Your parents would need a long sit before you could convince them to dish out the cash needed to fill Miki’s stomach. As you headed to the store a poster caught your eye. ‘NEW! ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET! OPENING SOON! EAT AT THESE AT THESE SELECTED RESTAURANTS AND CHALLENGER THEIR SUPER MEALS FOR A FREE MEAL FROM THEM AND A VOUCHER FOR THE GRAND OPENING!’
  523. You looked up at the sky and swore God was smiling down on you as you took one of the extra posters off the wall and ran back to school.
  525. Week 1 Month 3
  527. Miki’s appetite needed to be curbed for the remainder of the week simply for the safety of your wallet. You explained to Miki about the contest again, she just needed to beat a bunch of challenges by multiple restaurants around the city that were forming a partnership with the new buffet opening up. “So just gotta eat a bunch of oversized food right?”
  529. “More or less.” You responded as you went to the first restaurant, a sandwich place.
  531. “Hello how many will be seated?” a young man, probably not much older than you two asks standing behind a desk
  533. “2.” You say  as he shows you to a booth and offers you some menus.
  535. “Actually we’re here because she wants to try the challenge.” You pointed to Miki who waved as the guy looked a bit worried.
  537. “I see, here for the buffet voucher? Okay I’ll notify the kitchen and get the papers ready.” The man left as ‘papers’ echoed in your head wondering how serious this challenge was as the man came back and placed the papers down in front of Miki.
  539. “Sign here, this is a waver to take the challenge which prevents you from suing us from any harm that falls upon you.” Miki quickly signed it as the man left and within 10 minutes a sub that you swore was two and a half feet long was carried out by the man on a large plate.
  541. “Here you go, the Supersized Super Filled Sub, with 25 slices of white and yellow cheddar cheese, turkey, chicken, roast beef and sliced ham with mustard, mayo and our special sauce. You have thirty minutes to finish this. If you do the meal if free and you are given the voucher to the buffet opening next week.” The man took out a timer and started it, Miki took to the sandwich quickly, tipping it upwards towards her mouth and shoving it in, certainly reminded you of a rather unpleasant event for the both of you as she bit off a large chunk of the beast, you’d say at least a tenth of the meal. Thirty Minutes was a joke for Miki, the challenge was beaten in a mere ten.
  543.     A quick pat on her gut and a sigh of content as Miki was handed the voucher and the you propped her up as she grabbed her crutch, rubbing the once again exposed globe of dark flesh. “That was easy, same time tomorrow?”
  545. “S-Same time tomorrow.” You were amazed at how Miki was able to take the challenge so easily, perhaps your wallet really was safe as Miki kissed you goodbye and headed into the dorm.
  547.     That week was all about more crazy challenges, on Tuesday it was the Piggy Pizza Challenge with a Pizza half the size of the table,  on Wednesday it was the Fried Fliers With a whole two chicken’s worth of wings, Thursday it was the Mt.Fuji chocolate bar and ice cream challenge, Friday was the Revenge of the Sides, whole baskets of french fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, breadsticks, and two cereal bowls with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes, Saturday was the Seven Seas Sushi challenge. All throughout the week Miki’s body grew more and more, her stomach finally broke free from her shirt, her ass and hips widened out a bit but her butt didn’t stop there as it also became rounder, her breasts shot up two sizes from her firm muscled breast size, a second chin was forming and her arms and legs were starting to develop some thickness. The night before the last challenge Miki asked you to come to the room with her. You placed your things down as Miki just let her body handle the clothes removing. “It’s been awhile hasn’t it?”
  549. “A bit.” You said removing your shirt and pants and mounting the protruding gut of Miki.
  551. As you penetrate her the motions made her gut and chest jiggle with each to and fro, you clasp your hands firmly around the soft mammaries on her chest and feel them sink in a bit which only turns you on.
  553. “ you....FIT...was good...this!” You said lowering your body onto hers as you picked up.
  555. “It’s...pretty...radical...isn’t...IT...can’ get...bigger and...AH...make it even....BETTER! AHHHH!”
  557. The two of you climaxed and your body weight crashed onto her soft form like a comfy pillow waiting for it’s tire recipient. “Miki...I...”
  559. “Hmm?”
  561. “Nothing, I just love you, that’s all that matters.” The two of you just stayed like that until morning, where the last challenge awaited.
  563.     Sunday, your day off, and the day Miki was getting her cast removed. After a longer than need be trip to the Nurses’ office you two headed into the city for the last challenge. The Four Bulls of the Apocalypse at a recently opened burger place. As Miki was still trying to get her balance back you two made your way to the burger place which had an oversized bull head plaster on the roof, the two of you laughed before you heard ghastly moans from inside the place. The two of you gazed as a group of four students, three fairly big male and one Misha came out, you even recognized one of the guys as Taro from your class. “Misha?”
  565. “A-Anchan...whatever you do, stay away from the Four Bulls! It’s’’s...” Misha went to the closest garbage can to puke as the two of you looked at each other.
  567. Inside was the model of a steakhouse, not so much a burger place. There you saw a large strong looking American man with a chalkboard the size of him with ‘Losers’ and ‘Winners’ on it, with the entire Loser section looking full with marks.
  569.     The man turned around and looked at the two of you, immediately he was drawn to Miki and walked over. “You’ve come to challenge my Four Bulls of the Apocalypse haven’t you?”
  571. Miki nodded. “Yes sir.”
  573. The moment she said ‘Yes sir’ he smiled and chuckled, turning around and looking at this board. “For three years I’ve done this challenge. For three years people payed me after losing this challenge. Over 500 singular people, groups of people and more challenged this. Not ONCE did anyone beat it, it was to the point I used my money just to find someone who could beat it. Not one person in any country I’ve been to. I give you this one chance to back down now.”
  575. With that dramatic speech he handed you the fee if you lost. You would be costing your family a house payment on this. How massive was this challenge to even require that much money.
  577. “Miki we already have six vouchers, so we’ll skip Sunday of eating we can...”
  579. “Sign me up.”Miki said crossing her arms.
  581. “MIKI!” The man rolled up his sleeves and headed into the kitchen as you looked at Miki like she was about to rob a bank.
  583. “I’m not quitting this time Anon.” Miki said as she sat at the table waiting for the challenge.
  585. “Miki this is crazy, I know you’ve done well, but this price range is unpayable! I can’t...”
  587. “Anon, I WILL beat this challenge. You were right, I was a quitter, I did give up quite a bit and put on a tough front. I’m done making it a front, I’ve gone down so many paths and then pussied out, I’m running this one to the very end.” You sat down after Miki’s speech slouched over before laughing.
  589. “Now whose being the sappy around here.” Miki smiled as the two of you waited for the meal, a loud sound like a bull roar echoed through the restaurant as two men carried in simply MASSIVE burgers, each with large patties and slices of cheese on top placed before Miki.
  591. “Here they are. The Four Bull, ten one pound patties with Cheddar, American, Swiss and Mozzarella to create a 40 pounds of beef and 5 pounds of bread and cheese Apocalypse to your appetite. You have 45 minutes. May God have Mercy on your Soul.” Miki took off when the bell rang taking the top buns off and going straight to the patties. For the first ten minutes Miki was doing great, getting down ten of the patties within five minutes. This challenge, however, was what would finally slow Miki Down. After the second half Miki felt herself hit the wall, the most she ate was the 20 pounds of pizza from the Pizzeria, that tested her limit for sure, but she finished it as the wall was met, here she was just under half way. Her grease covered fingers took off the top bun of the third burger as she with a bit of sluggishness took each pattie and ate it down, but that alone took a good 20 minutes. Miki was rubbing her slowly expanding gut moaning as she took off the four bun of the last burger. Miki was pretty much moving in slow motion as each greasy pattie slipped past her glistening lips pushing the first pattie down past her lips with her finger. The pattie took a whole minute to chew down and swallow, and the same happened until the last four patties were remaining. Miki took the remaining buns and placed each pattie in them and decided she needed to take out the buns. Slowly she finished one, but she was running low on time with seven minutes remaining. The second one took a whole minute as Miki felt the buns sitting in her stomach on the sea of meat.
  593.     “Anon...I...I’m sorry.” Miki said as she gulped down the remains of the second.
  595. “What? No! You said you weren’t quitting! Come on Miki! Don’t do this to me, you said...”
  597. Miki leaned back and suddenly, surprisingly...she gave a loud belch. You were awestruck at the completely loud and ungirly belch as Miki smiled. “Sorry Anon, had to get that sucker out! He was sitting there for the last ten minutes,”
  599. With that Miki found herself picking the pace back up scarfing down with second to last sandwich and gulping it down, with five minutes remaining Miki looked at it, one and a half pounds separated Miki from being the first ever to beat the unbeatable challenge. Raising it up Miki opened up and stuffed it in, chewing every last bit down you, the owner, and the hundreds of spectators that came to watch all leaned in as Miki gulped down and opened her mouth, browned was her tongue from the beef that came by but other then that is was clean. “I-It’s GOOD! WE HAVE THE FIRST EVER PERSON TO BEAT THE FOUR BULLS!”
  601. Miki leaned back, her gut was quite bulbous as she stood up, her legs a bit shaky as she was then handed the voucher and pictures were taken of her.
  603. The cold air greeted the two of you as you both took the bus back to Yamaku, Miki’s belly almost getting caught in the bus doors going in and out. The two of you headed to her dorm room to get a scale out. Naked, Miki stepped on it, as the scale began to measure her weight. “You are, 255 pounds Miki...”
  605. “Yeah, I’m the best you know. So that buffet tomorrow? It’s going to have all the food from those restaurants we went too right?” Miki has a wide smile as you nodded.
  607. “GREAT!” She smiled as you hugged and kissed her before the two of your fell asleep in each other’s arms.
  609.     Week 2 Month 3
  611.     You stirred awake quite early, the sun not even popping up yet, still in the warm embrace of your darling girlfriend Miki. You were still a bit glazed over as you stepped out of bed to stretch, you looked over to Miki. Her gut had shrunk down a size or two, but it spread all over her body, finishing off her second chin, giving her another cup size to her breasts and as she rolled over in her sleep you got a nice look at her blossoming ass. You snuck a kiss as you left to get ready leaving a note for Miki telling her such and that they were still on for the buffet after school.
  613.     As you got to class Misha’s face on her desk as she moaned in pain. “Never again...never again...Wa...ha...haaaaa.”
  615. You just smiled and shook your head as you sat down. Miki eventually came in, fairly early herself which meant she made eye contact with the people who prefered talking behind her back about her ever growing weight. People looked at her and just looked at the person with them to start the rumor mill up. After class Miki came out rubbing her large gut. “Ready lover boy?”
  617. “As I’ll ever be fatty.” Miki chuckled as the two of you took the bus to the grand opening of the All You Can Eat Buffet. It was abuzz with people, some of which had vouchers from some of the challenges. The two of you walked in and flashed your voucher before being seated, the tables were different then most restaurants. Instead of booths it was a large circular table with a ring shape seat cushion around the table and a rack next to the tables. The two of your sat with Miki bending the the cushion a bit as you looked to Miki. “Hey Miki? Mind if I feed you myself this time?”
  619. “Huh? Yeah sure, just make sure to get a lot!” She smiled as you went to get her meals.
  621. Realizing that Miki’s appetite has done nothing but grow you got one of everything and placed it on a cart like you would see a bellboy have at a hotel push around and placed everything on the table sitting next to Miki and taking the food out and looking her straight in the eyes and stuffing the food into her mouth.
  623. It felt good, the feeling of her lips and tongue touching your fingertips and you passed finger food down, the warmth of her stomach as you rubbed it. Each item you took she opened nice and wide for and gulped it down almost like it was already chewed. As the day went on Miki’s stomach became more and more bloated. You enjoyed each and every day spent slowly feeding Miki an incredible amount of meals, each day you were kicked out before you bled the place dry of food. Miki was slowly gaining more and more weight each day as you made your daily trips into the city for the Buffet. On Sunday was when she decided to get more clothes before heading to the buffet for the last time until you got a job to pay for her hefty food bill. As Miki was looking at the XXXLs and trying out her clothes and eventually making some choices.
  625.     After finishing the Trip Miki decided to change into some of her new clothes as you both made your way to the buffet. The people sighed as you slapped down your last voucher and took you seats. Once again you pushed a massive full cart to her and slowly began feeding her. “You know I gotta take those make up exams next week right, also Mutou says I need to do some cramming sessions.”
  627. “That so?” You responded passing a hotdog into Miki’s mouth.
  629. “Yeah, so I’ll be a bit busy next week. You should take the time off, hey maybe get back to working out, you haven’t done that in a while have you? Don’t wanna be a quitter like me do ya?” Miki smiled as you eventually fed her everything.
  631. “Gone already? Time for seconds then!” Miki smiled as looked down.
  633. “Miki, how important am I to you?” Miki looked you right in the eyes.
  635. “Where the hell is this coming from all of a sudden?”
  637. “Miki, just answer me, and no tough act.” Miki leaned back a bit before sighing.
  639. “You’re the world to me. You’ve been nothing but supportive of me, when I was supposed to be taking care of you, a terrible job at it mind you, but still. You were there for me when I admitted I was a sex crazed muscle girl who got on workouts highs, you were there for me when I broke my leg even when we argued, and you’ve been here trying to feed my fat ass. You’re the most important person in my life.” Miki said kissing you on the lips as you leaned in kissing her deeper.
  641. “Miki I love you even more than that. You showed me how to take anything, ANYTHING thrown at you and make is positive. I was just some guy who suddenly had a heart attack and landed in a school for disabled people. You showed me how to live life no matter what life throws at you. At first I thought you were fickle or that you would just quit at a moment’s notice. I love you Miki because you were able to roll with the punches. So that’s why, I wanna stay with you for the rest of my life.”
  643. “Anon...god damn it, something got in my eye.” Miki rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand as the two of you kissed.
  645.     That night Miki was nude checking her weight in her room with you waiting on the bed. “Wow! I’ve passed 300 pounds! Think maybe it’s time to slow it down a peg before I pop!”
  647. She walked out, her massive gut wobbling, same with her breasts which shot up another two sizes. Her Thick arms and legs getting some jiggle to them and the third chin starting to form. Miki was huge and you love it as you laid back and let her get on top, the weight felt amazing despite concerns for your little member. “Been a long ass time since I was on top huh?”
  649. “Yeah.” Miki’s now globular buttchecks made your hard penis vainish between the dark soft chocolate of her ass. You couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed the soft checks, your hands sinking in and the fat slipping between your finger covering them in the softness as Miki continued riding you with more and more gusto before eventually you blew your load off, but Miki smiled in a ‘we’re not done yet’ kind of way before turning over and giving her vag the tender lover it so deserved as well as you latched onto her large gut giving it a big hug your heart started racing, you were putting stress that it didn’t need on it.
  651. “M-miki!...MIKI! MIIIIKIIIII!” You blew your load once again and fell down trying to regain yourself, barely managing to avoid another hospital trip
  653. “A-anon! Oh God Anon!”
  655. “I...may really need that trip to the gym.” You said after finally catching your breath and Miki cried.
  657. “Yeah, you gaylord.” Miki laid next to you and you both kissed before falling asleep, Miki’s soft body feeling great to lay against.
  659. Week 3 Month 3
  661. As Miki said she was going to take Make Up Exams, which sucked because it was supposed to be your vacation time. You really didn’t have anything else to do so you just went to the gym, went back a week on your workouts and started from there, it was rough getting back into it after about a month off but still far better off than when you got out of the hospital. Miki would be working into the night cramming to pass her classes and graduate with you so you didn’t have much to do during the evenings except rest and get ready for the next day of working out.
  663. Week 4 Month 3
  665.     After Class you went to the gym once again, you were actually going to go on a date with Miki but she understood you wanted to be in better shape for the late night romps you two want, not to mention she jokes about carrying her which you admit will never happen. As you finished up you heard a voice you haven’t heard in awhile. “ANON! It’s really you!”
  667. The voice belonged to Emi, but not the Emi you knew. The Emi you knew was a small skinny girl, this Emi wasn’t as small. Much like Miki before her accident Emi was ripped. Her small breasts had a certain firmness, her abs showed off a six pack and her arms and leg muscles looked like they were always flexing a bit. “Emi? Is that you?”
  669. “Yeah, I’ve been coming here a bit more, haven’t seen you or Miki around! I was hoping to run into you two one of these days, didn’t come in last week because of vacation, so I probably missed you then. Where’s Miki, I bet she’s got an Eight pack by now!”
  671. “Uhhh haven’t you heard?” You quizzed Emi as you saw Miki walk up behind her and called out waving to her,
  673. “MIKI! How’s the workouts go...” Emi turned to see the fattened dark blob that was Miki.
  675. “Emi? You’re looking quite fit.” Miki said before walking past her and wrapping her arm around you.
  677. Emi was stuttering for a good ten seconds before words finally form. “But, you were, so fit and...”
  679. “Yeah well, now I’m a big ol fattie!” Miki chuckled as the two of you started to leave.
  681. “So think you can afford sending me to the buffet this time?”
  683. “Yeah I think I got some money saved up.” You and Miki talked about how to get her fatter as Emi stood there in utter confusion.
  685. “Hey Anon?” Miki said as she leaned her head on your shoulder.
  687. “Yeah?”
  689. “I hope I make you happy in the future.” Miki smiled rubbing her rumbling gut.
  690. “You always will.” You said as the two of you went to town for another trip to feed your ever fattening girlfriend.
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