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  1. He nodded slightly. Despite the girls young age, she was extremely smart. Much smarter than him despite the 4 year difference. She was a good counterpart to him. "Tatsuo..." His voice trailed off. "I haven't spoken to him in a while. Hopefully I'll se him around." He shrugged, then paused to listen to her other comments.
  3. "I think I have pretty good chakra reserves. Apparently a lot of Uchiha do, so we can have our Sharingan active-- or so I've heard. I don't think the chakra it'd require to stay constantly active would be too big of a problem." He unwrapped the seal he had around his wrist, and showed it to her. All it did was summon a kunai. "Oh, I don't want a jutsu seal tattoo. That would be weird. I just want to be able to summon a Kunai. Lighten up my bags." He eyed the girl, knowing that she was thinking. "However, a seal that could cast *bigger* jutsu... is that possible? I did a bit of reading on lightning release jutsu..." He trailed off, looking for a page in the book he had been reading before Kyo threw him off.
  5. "Like... without using my Chakra at that time? Can I put chakra into a seal beforehand, then use it later? I think it would be useful in combat, ya know? I could use my lightning jutsu a bunch if I could seal it beforehand... I think you might be the only ninja I know who can do it."
  7. —————————————-
  9. He stood atop the head of his forefather, Hashirama. A clear look of disappointment was plastered on his face. Despite his disapproval of the fight, he held a single hand up, creating a shadow clone. The clone stood off to the side, gathering nature energy, despite Denko already being in Six Paths Sage mode. With the jinchuriki, although it didn’t do much regarding his chakra. He already had enormous reserves, and the sage mode being constantly regenerated made it nearly impossible for him to run out of Chakra.
  11. In addition to his six paths sage mode, Denko had wrapped himself in chakra. *Lightning Chakra.* He was using the lightning release chakra mode, taught to him by the fourth raikage. Given his near perfect chakra control, breaking through would be quite difficult. Despite this, he knew his opponent, and knew he’d come up with something to get around it.
  13. Another clone appeared, this one with a scroll in hand. It was writing out some sort of seal. Denko, a master of seals, was more than capable of sealing away most things with the slight of a hand.
  15. “Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan!” He weaved three signs. Tiger, ram, then snake. “Mokuton: Kajukai Kōrin!” He weaved a single sign, the snake sign. Around the two, what was once water turned to greenery. Changing the terrain could give him the single advantage he’d need, so he wouldn’t hesitate to take the advantage.
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