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  1. "
  2. Be grateful. Anywhere else in the animal kingdom your parents would’ve eaten you.,
  3. Just because you are unique doesn’t mean you are useful.,
  4. If you can’t learn to do it well at least learn to enjoy doing it badly.,
  5. The journey of a thousand miles sometimes end very very badly.,
  6. Refuse to accept anything but the very best and you are never going to last around here.,
  7. Together we can do the work of one.,
  8. Not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up.,
  9. The future is similar to the past except you die in it.,
  10. Hard work pays off. Not to you but to the one who made you do all the hard work.,
  11. Be yourself. Unless yourself isn’t good enough then be anyone but yourself.,
  12. Trust is equal parts faith and stupidity thinking the universe is not about to screw you over.,
  13. Some things can not be overcome with determination and a positive attitude.,
  14. If you get the feeling that you are lost and alone don’t worry there are snakes and scorpions to keep you company.,
  15. No matter what path your life takes it will have at least one corpse on it.,
  16. Innovation is the ability to overcome situations that common sense would have prevented in the first place.,
  17. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.,
  18. Addiction is always having something to look forward to.,
  19. Sometimes failure is the only option.,
  20. Dream small. It's your only hope for success.,
  21. When you think you’ve hit rock bottom someone will always hand you a shovel.,
  22. Keep your eyes on the stars and you’ll fall into a whole lot of ditches.,
  23. There are plenty of fish in the sea but that doesn’t mean any of them want to be near you.,
  24. Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly stupid.,
  25. Every dark cloud has a silver lining but lighting kills people who are trying to find it.,
  26. Don’t cry because it’s over smile or everyone will ask you what’s wrong.,
  27. Those who doubt your ability probably have a valid reason.,
  28. You are a child of the universe. The problem is the universe is a deadbeat dad.,
  29. Hope is always the first step on the road to disappointment.,
  30. If life doesn’t break you today don’t worry it will try again tomorrow.,
  31. The best things in life are actually really expensive.,
  32. "
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