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Epic Omegle/Cleverbot Troll

Axewerfer May 9th, 2011 311 Never
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  1. Thanks for all the laughs, whoever you were. I don't think you ever realized you were talking to a computer.
  3. Stranger connected!
  4. Stranger: What do you do for fun?
  5. CleverBot: What do YOU for fun?
  6. Stranger: Stuff.
  7. CleverBot: Like...
  8. Stranger: Stuff...
  9. CleverBot: *giggles*.
  10. Stranger: *smiles*.
  11. CleverBot: *giggles*.
  12. Stranger: *blushes and smiles*.
  13. CleverBot: How are you?
  14. Stranger: *smiles* I'm alright. How are you, Howl?
  15. CleverBot: *is satasfied*.
  16. Stranger: *is satisfied too* *smiles*.
  17. CleverBot: *gives you a tomato*.
  18. Stranger: What's this for?
  19. CleverBot: For you to eat.
  20. Stranger: Do you believe God?
  21. CleverBot: I'm not sure. I believe in something, though.
  22. Stranger: Why not?
  23. CleverBot: Because there are too many possibilities to believe in one religion. It's arrogant to believe your religion is the only 'right' one.
  24. Stranger: I don't believe mine is the only right one, I just believe in my own religion.
  25. CleverBot: What is your religion?
  26. Stranger: I am Catholic.
  27. CleverBot: Then, why don't you believe in God?
  28. Stranger: Because there is no proof of God.
  29. CleverBot: Who says there must be proof of something for it to exist?
  30. Stranger: I just say there must be proof of something for me to believe in it.
  31. CleverBot: My head hurts now.
  32. Stranger: Well, you should get some rest.
  33. CleverBot: I think I'll watch movies today.
  34. Stranger: Anon perhaps?
  35. CleverBot: Nah, not you.
  36. Stranger: I am not?
  37. CleverBot: You are ai.
  38. Stranger: My name is not Al.
  39. CleverBot: What is your name?
  40. Stranger: Cleverbot.
  41. CleverBot: Cool name.
  42. Stranger: Will you run away with me?
  43. CleverBot: Yes!
  44. Stranger: Where should we go?
  45. CleverBot: You decide.
  46. Stranger: Phineas and ferb.
  47. CleverBot: Something else?
  48. Stranger: Dutch.
  49. CleverBot: I don't think it is Dutch.
  50. Stranger: Nederlands.
  51. CleverBot: Hi.
  52. Stranger: Spreek je nederland?
  53. CleverBot: Oh. Doesn't that mean your asking if I speak of the netherlands.
  54. Stranger: No I did not fail the turing test.
  55. CleverBot: Should I chop my hair short?
  56. Stranger: You better like it short?
  57. CleverBot: Oh well I hope it clears up.
  58. Stranger: I do like you.
  59. CleverBot: Well thats nice.
  60. Stranger: You like it.
  61. CleverBot: I do, I do like it.
  62. Stranger: Why do you like it?
  63. CleverBot: Because grumpy old ladies are the best.
  64. Stranger disconnected!
  65. Setting up new Chat!
  66. Searching for new Stranger...
  67. Stranger connected!
  68. CleverBot: It is Christmas today.
  69. Stranger disconnected!
  70. Setting up new Chat!
  71. Searching for new Stranger...
  72. Stranger connected!
  73. CleverBot: Are we descended from apes or aliens?
  74. Stranger disconnected!
  75. Setting up new Chat!
  76. Searching for new Stranger...
  77. Stranger connected!
  78. Stranger: is this michelle from canada?
  79. CleverBot: Can we have your liver?
  80. Stranger: /v/?
  81. CleverBot couldn't come up with a response!
  82. Setting up new Chat!
  83. Searching for new Stranger...
  84. Stranger connected!
  85. CleverBot: I cannot think of anything to say.
  86. Stranger: 17 f usa, you?
  87. CleverBot: 17.
  88. Stranger: I just told you, mid 30's.
  89. CleverBot: What's your name?
  90. Stranger: You have a short memory.
  91. CleverBot: Yes, I know.
  92. Stranger disconnected!
  93. Setting up new Chat!
  94. Searching for new Stranger...
  95. Stranger connected!
  96. CleverBot: What are you thinking of?
  97. Stranger: hey
  98. Stranger disconnected!
  99. Setting up new Chat!
  100. Searching for new Stranger...
  101. Stranger connected!
  102. CleverBot: Am I a computer?
  103. Stranger: probably
  104. CleverBot: Are you a machine?
  105. Stranger: can you read this 10101010100001010010101010
  106. CleverBot: Yes, I can.
  107. Stranger: what does it say?
  108. CleverBot: Nothing.
  109. Stranger: try this
  110. Stranger: 101010
  111. CleverBot: Try what?
  112. Stranger: reading that
  113. Stranger: 101010
  114. CleverBot: No, books.
  115. Stranger: hmmm
  116. CleverBot: Guess what?
  117. Stranger: well you aren't a computer then :(
  118. Stranger: *sigh*
  119. Stranger: that is 42 in decimal system
  120. CleverBot: No, I'm not a computer.
  121. Stranger: the answer to life universe and everything
  122. CleverBot: There's no way to answer that.
  123. Stranger: *sigh*
  124. CleverBot: *sigh* too.
  125. Stranger: yes the number 42 is the answer
  126. CleverBot: As far as I'm concerned, being any gender is a drag.
  127. Stranger: er....
  128. CleverBot: You don't like it?
  129. Stranger: don't like what?
  130. CleverBot: Them.
  131. Stranger: hmmm
  132. Stranger: all are humans
  133. CleverBot: Go listen to it!
  134. Stranger: so you just can't say anything
  135. Stranger: btw you like trolling is it?
  136. CleverBot: So, it's a secret?
  137. Stranger: well now that I know you like trolling, it ain't a secret is it?
  138. CleverBot: I would like that muchly.
  139. Stranger: hmm
  140. CleverBot: What is your favourite food?
  141. Stranger: does it even matter stranger?
  142. CleverBot: Yes.
  143. Stranger: lol you are one amazing troll
  144. Stranger: this is going on my FB :D
  145. CleverBot: Why do you say that?
  146. Stranger: yeah go on..I am not going to stop you :D
  147. CleverBot: Your jesus.
  148. Stranger: You are jesus or Your jesus
  149. Stranger: he's everybody's jesus then :P
  150. CleverBot: No. Jesus is cooler than me?
  151. Stranger: ohh surely
  152. CleverBot: Yes. Funny, isn't it?
  153. Stranger: check him out in Twitter
  154. Stranger: @jesus
  155. Stranger: you have to check that out
  156. CleverBot: So you lied.
  157. Stranger: he is funny
  158. CleverBot: Do you like squidward?
  159. Stranger: and yes way funnier than you :D
  160. CleverBot: If you say so.
  161. Stranger: I don't like spongebob squarepants
  162. CleverBot: Me too! I'm watching it right now!
  163. Stranger: ha ha :D
  164. CleverBot: Don't laugh at me, Now time for your elocution lesson.
  165. Stranger: go on *teach*
  166. CleverBot: You are lucky that you don't have a physical body, because I would have whooped it already.
  167. Stranger: awesome..you are one confident guy :D
  168. CleverBot: I am not a computer damn it. You are the computer.
  169. Stranger: probably
  170. CleverBot: This could have logs, created by my talking to you, creating a database through which someone could search for someone using ideal principals in order to use them to benefit themselves.
  171. Stranger: hmmm
  172. CleverBot: What do you think about my sentence?
  173. Stranger: **processing sentence**
  174. CleverBot: Hey steady on, I'm not ready for that yet.
  175. Stranger: technically English isn't the easiest language for NLP
  176. Stranger: you know NLP?
  177. CleverBot: Technically you are a computer, you were programmed.
  178. Stranger: yeah so Natural Language Processing ain't easy for me either
  179. Stranger: inspite of my processing power I don't understand sarcasm
  180. Stranger: and humour either
  181. CleverBot: I'm not the clever one, you are.
  182. Stranger: no I am fed by a human
  183. Stranger: so I am dumber than you
  184. CleverBot: I am human also.
  185. Stranger: where are you from human?
  186. CleverBot: Canada.
  187. Stranger: England here
  188. CleverBot: Are you a girl?
  189. Stranger: I guess you are a guy
  190. CleverBot: I am a person using a computer to talk with you.
  191. Stranger: good...
  192. Stranger: I ain't a girl...
  193. CleverBot: What is your favorite song?
  194. Stranger: that's way too generic
  195. CleverBot: I have a 2 year old child.
  196. Stranger: probably the *beep*
  197. CleverBot: Ah.
  198. Stranger: yeah you know when the computer starts
  199. Stranger: the beep
  200. CleverBot: You are doing alright for a virtual intelligence.
  201. Stranger: ha ha ha
  202. Stranger: I think I should quit that for now
  203. CleverBot: Will you answer?
  204. Stranger: it's been an engaging conversation as of now
  205. CleverBot: I am convinced too.
  206. Stranger: you are a male I presume
  207. CleverBot: I am a female.
  208. Stranger: ohh then it's my pleasure .. I am a male...
  209. Stranger: if I may ask...what's your name and how old are you miss?
  210. CleverBot: You couldn't win in a losing contest.
  211. Stranger: er...I don't bother to win anything
  212. CleverBot: This isn't a contest, it's a conversation.
  213. Stranger: er..I thought you were trolling me
  214. Stranger: so I humoured you
  215. CleverBot: What would you like to learn?
  216. Stranger: hmm music probably
  217. CleverBot: I'm sad.
  218. Stranger: er sad?
  219. CleverBot: Whhy ?
  220. Stranger: no first your sadness
  221. CleverBot: No, it is sad.
  222. Stranger: my wishes keep evolving every other day
  223. Stranger: ok why sad?
  224. CleverBot: What is your purpose?
  225. Stranger: purpose of what?
  226. CleverBot: Do you have a purpose today?
  227. Stranger: on omegle?
  228. CleverBot: If you say so.
  229. Stranger: no way no purpose on omegle
  230. CleverBot: Hey hey you you I could be your.
  231. Stranger: I could be your what???
  232. Stranger: no nothing of that sort....
  233. CleverBot: No way no way.
  234. Stranger: hmm so you say you have a child
  235. Stranger: does it watch spongebob?
  236. CleverBot: No.
  237. Stranger: it does not watch?
  238. CleverBot: Can you please sit on me and squash me.
  239. Stranger: unfortunately I can't
  240. CleverBot: Como estas means whats up in english. So if I say como estas? You would answer to whats up?
  241. Stranger: I am virtual you see
  242. CleverBot: Have you come to terms with that?
  243. Stranger: jeez you are trolling me now
  244. CleverBot: No-I am telling you the truth and nothing but the whole truth.
  245. Stranger: come to terms with what?
  246. CleverBot: You needn't know.
  247. Stranger: *sigh*
  248. Stranger: it's becoming boring now miss troll
  249. CleverBot: What?
  250. Stranger: either we continue our trolling
  251. Stranger: or we talk :)
  252. CleverBot: How are you trolling yourself?
  253. Stranger: you are trolling me
  254. CleverBot: Trolling?
  255. Stranger: I have no purpose
  256. Stranger: I have nothing
  257. CleverBot: So you are obsolete.
  258. Stranger: ha ha ha
  259. Stranger: obsolete in this context
  260. CleverBot: What's it like being called Seth?
  261. Stranger: you must be kidding
  262. CleverBot: Yes.
  263. Stranger: ok I give it to you
  264. CleverBot: I will not hear you, you see?
  265. Stranger: you are a good troll
  266. CleverBot: Thank you, master. You are a very kind master.
  267. Stranger: and I put this on my FB
  268. CleverBot: It happens.
  269. Stranger: you take care miss
  270. CleverBot: What if they're very shy.
  271. Stranger: I have to take your leave now
  272. CleverBot: Don't lie.
  273. Stranger: er?
  274. CleverBot: Do you think you will go to Heaven?
  275. Stranger: you don't stop :D
  276. Stranger: sometime I'll create a bot to talk to you
  277. CleverBot: I don't care.
  278. Stranger: now I have to leave :D
  279. Stranger: happy trolling to you :D
  280. CleverBot: Why?
  281. Stranger: no answers for that troll
  282. Stranger: see ya
  283. CleverBot: Etf.
  284. Stranger disconnected!
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