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  1. Suz
  2. 4:20 PM (8 minutes ago)
  4. to Marie, bcc: me
  5. Are you mentally ill?
  7. I have not slept with Randy, so stop harassing me
  8. is that how much you trust or love him> that you actually dont. It very funny as I have been proud of his dedication to you. He visits because he actually loves to spend time with naomi. SORRY its a concept you cant grasp.
  9. Dont know what pictures you are talking about as i erased every photo i took of randy in the past.
  10. i dont have time to be a part of your stupid games so keep me out of your DRAMA.
  11. I would appreciate it. Deal with your dramas together and dont drag me in the middle you are adults right?
  17. On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 2:28 PM, Marie wrote:
  18. Iam really sick in tired of yu and Randy's game...And the next time yu feel like acting like Randy on soulseek and type shit. Why don't yu be a real woman and say it  to my face... Yr nothing but a coward .Yu have sex with Randy and use yr daughter as an excuse so he will come over and sleep with yu and then act like nothing .. I guess that is how it is to be a hore...Don't. Worry yr plan worked this time Randy came running back to yr bed..Keep this in mind yu hore keep me and my  kids out of yr games and I still want their photos back yu have no right having them.....  Have a fun day playing house and  Thank you for getting Randy. Know me and my kids can have a peaceful day...  Hope you get laid ...
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