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  1. Recent PC games
  2. >Gigantic Army (schmup/run&gun)
  3. >Gunhound EX (schmup/run&gun)
  4. >Strike Suit Zero and Infinity (Transforming space mechs)
  5. >Astebreed (schmup)
  7. Console/emulatable
  8. >Armored Cores (From PS1 games to PS3)
  9. >ZoEs
  10. >Assault Suit Valken/Cybernator
  11. >Front Missions (Everything's translated! Start with FM 1st DS, go 2, 3, 4, 5 and Gundhazard... don't touch Evolve)
  12. >Custom Robo (GC and DS)
  13. >Omega Boost (PS1)
  14. >Robotic Alchemic Drive (Ps2)
  15. >Zero Divide (Ps1)
  16. >Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness (Sega Saturn)
  17. >Real Steel
  18. >Ring of Red
  19. >Metal Warriors
  20. >Armored Warriors
  21. >Virtual On
  22. >Gundam Battle Assault
  24. Import only
  25. >Gundam Versus Series
  26. >Gundam: Unicorn Gundam
  27. >Gundam: Project Pegasus
  28. >A.C.E.s (lotsa licensed mechas)
  29. >SDF Macross (PS2)
  30. >Votoms (PS2)
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