Amusement Park- Cotton Candy

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  1. AMUSEMENT PARK: love tunnel.
  3.     @smolpando
  5.       ❙❛OH LITTLE GIRL❜
  7. ⎯ FULL NAME:
  8.     Kang Soo Young
  10.     Mom- her friends started calling her that cause she's literally such a mom friend
  11. ⎯ BIRTHDATE:
  12.     December 26, 1997
  13. ⎯ AGE: min. 14
  14.     19
  15. ⎯ HEIGHT:
  16.     163 cm
  17. ⎯ WEIGHT:
  18.     45 kg
  20.       ❙❛HANDS ON ME❜
  22. ⎯ FACE CLAIM: you can use idols, actresses, ulzzangs, etc. I don't care if you use an overrated fc
  23.     Elkie (CLC)
  25.     Pinky (IOI AND PRISTON)
  26. ⎯ SLOT:
  27.     Cotton Candy
  28. ⎯ POSITION: where you work // refer to slots
  29.     Candy Shop
  30. ⎯ BACKUP:
  31.     Rock Candy
  33.       ❙❛I KNOW YOU KNOW❜
  36.     Jaehwan
  37. ⎯ BACKUP:
  38.     Minhyun
  39. ⎯ YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION: what did you think when you first saw him
  40.     They first met in high school at the student council meeting. At the time she was secretary while he was president and they were both in 10th and 11th grade respectively. When she met him the first time at the meeting she immediately started lowkey crushing on him. She loved the way he handled things and his nice personality.
  41. ⎯ RELATION BEFORE: were you friends before, enemies, strangers
  42.     They were friends in highschool who both actually liked each other. Jaehwan even confessed to her when he was in 12th and Sooyoung was in 11th grade but Sooyoung rejected him, eventhough she really liked him as well. Her thinking was that she literally could not afford to have a boyfriend when she had a part time job, school, and also her family to look after. Jaehwan was hurt by this rejection and even felt like he had been played. He really did believe Sooyoung liked him back since Sooyoung wasn't very good at hiding it and would act embarrassed and shy around him while she confidently laughed with the rest of the world. After this the two slowly drifted apart until he met her two years later at a candy shop.
  43. ⎯ RELATIONSHIP: the development of your relationship // optional
  44.     When they finally met again two years later both of them are really really embarrassed. Jaehwan however is still confused why she rejected him in high school so he asks her out on a coffee date to which Sooyoung accepts. On their coffee date, Jaehwan tries to gather the courage to ask her why she rejected him but before he could Sooyoung starts to apologize and tell him stuff that she always wanted to tell him. She told him that she feels terrible for rejecting him in highschool and how she did actually like but she just wasn't ready for a relationship. Jaehwan thanks her for opening up to him. Soon after Jaehwan starts coming to the candy shop a lot and after seeing a help wanted sign he applies for a part time job there. As they work side by side their previous feelings start to remerge. This time Sooyoung doesn't want this opportunity to slip so after a really long time of working together she asks him out and he says yes.  
  45. ⎯ REQUESTED SCENES: with love interest // optional
  46.     Them acting like a total married couple. Like she goes to his house and when she sees what a mess his room is she starts to freak out and starts cleaning up.
  47.     Their first kiss, it takes the longest time for them to actually get the courage to kiss each other.
  48.       ❙❛SUPER HOT❜
  51. She's the ultimate mom friend. She selflessly cares about her family and friends. But at times her selflessness can lead to her own downfall as she worries too much and tries to handle their problems even if they're out of her control. Her bright and sincere smile makes her extremely likable among people and is always be up to helping anyone in need. Her sense of humor can be really weird at times and hard to understand, but its also what makes her so lovable. Sooyoung has a strong sense of morals and integrity so if she sees something wrong she can't tolerate it. This makes her nags people a lot and at times a bit bossy as well. She's diligent and hard working but also a perfectionist. Everything she does, she gives it her all and even puts in extra effort in things she doesn't need too. This causes her to be tired a lot which can sometimes put her in a terrible mode and not talk to others as much. She stresses easily and gets anxious when things don't turn out the way she wants. Sooyoung charismatic persona makes her a strong leader and a good public speaker. She puts in effort to understand each persons point of view and listens to others. However Sooyoung is firm minded and almost never changes her mind about stuff which makes her come off as bossy when leading.  
  52. ⎯ LIKES:
  53.     clothes, books, makeup, aesthetic photos, listening to online lectures, family, friends, animals, kids    
  54. ⎯ DISLIKES:
  55.     dirt, unorganization, rude people, green beans
  56. ⎯ HABITS:
  57.     singing in the shower, binge eating when stressed
  58. ⎯ TALENTS:
  59.     singing, leadership, public speaking, being nice, helping others, smart
  60. ⎯ TRIVIA: optional
  61.     Has really good handwriting
  62.     Favorite color is light blue
  63.     Favorite food is fried chicken and frozen yogurt
  64.     Is really good at hair styling and makeup
  65.     Really cannot handle scary movies
  66.     Loves Disney movies
  68.       ❙❛SHOWTIME❜
  70. REQUESTED SCENES: without love interest // optional
  71.     When one of the other girls is going on a date they come to Sooyoung and ask her if she can do their hair and makeup and help choose out an outfit while Sooyoung also gives advice.
  72.     I think it'll be nice if she was the younger sister of Kang Daniel and that when she finds out that she has feelings for Jaehwan she'll tell Daniel first and he'll like convince her to make the first move.
  73.     Confront one of her friends love interest cause she's an overprotective mom.
  75. MESSAGE TO MO: message to your kihyun-loving bean // optional
  76.     Really excited for this!! The concept is so cute and cool!! I put in a lot detail for Jaehwan and Sooyoung's love story so if you don't like some parts of it feel free to change it cause its like really cliché and stuff (I'm sorry I'm a really cliché person). I wish the best of luck writing this!! Fighting<3!!!! Also I've noticed that you have a lot af that haven't really started yet if you need any help with them feel free to ask!!
  77. EXTRA: anything else you want to add // optional
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