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Aug 14th, 2019
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  1. I'd like to do the apply for TWO things. One I apped for yesterday when the admungs where dead, and the other now.
  3. Skill: Battle-Ready
  5. Reasoning: Almost from day one, my character believed that a human could be infinitely powerful if they just improved their fighting spirit day after day through conflict. That was first proven true for her in the emergence of her Stand. After that, she continued to throw herself in to battle when she could, hoping to strengthen her heart and eventually draw strength directly from it. I think Battle Ready fits her for that reason, showing that she has a heart steeled from fight after fight.
  7. (* "...Right!"
  9. Strength, fading; mind, clouding; but her fighting spirit only growing more intense. With the ache of exhaustion nipping at her heels, she fought even harder, Daft Punk only growing more tenacious like its wielder. It was something different from desperation, or perhaps just a tad more noble than that. It could be called pride or resolve, maybe just plain stubbornness. It was the candle that would keep burning until the violent wind snuffed it out or it burned the one who dared try to extinguish it.
  11. It was a need, one to transform the meek into the courageous, ready and able to carry themselve through any storm. It was the spirit that had forced her growth in the direction of the Stand and the same that would carry her throughout the battles ahead of them. Drawing on that and culturing it in her heart, Ririkaru sought to overcome any obstacle in her way, starting with Frankie. It wasn't the power of her Stand that she aimed to improve, but it was strength of the heart nonetheless.
  13. A warriors vigor.
  14. (Ririkaru Gushiken)*)
  16. Moment: I'm apping for this after my character spent some time training in the Hyberbolic Time Chamber, where she went up an opponent who meant to draw out her full potential by stretching her limits.
  18. This here was yesterday's app. I could give the RP if need be.
  20. And here's for T3 Stando power-
  22. Reasoning: Accelerated development in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where she spent a good chunk of time just training her Stand and using it in spars.
  24. Moment: Again, accelerated development in the Hyberbolic Time Chamber, among the training sessions she and Frankie had with their Stands.
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