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  3. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 4:18 PM
  4. The other's entering the village, the Hare would look to the Unicorn, eyeing him. "Shinjo-san, what talents do you find you possess?"
  5. ________________________________________
  6. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:21 PM
  7. "I am well disciplined in kenjutsu, kyujutsu and horsemanship." He gestured to his katana, bow, and horse in turn. "I am also very fast at running, and a few other skills." He decided not to mention his kemari skills.
  8. ((I also have all my skills on my wiki page.))
  9. ________________________________________
  10. Fu 4:22 PM
  11. fu would continue to walk into the village the staff still producing some jingles but less pronounced so they can only be heard somewhat in the village and not allllllll the way across the village
  12. ________________________________________
  13. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 4:22 PM
  14. ((This is wander the outside squaadd, not walking into the village quite yet))
  15. ________________________________________
  16. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:23 PM
  17. ((I also have prodigy forgot to mention that))
  18. ________________________________________
  19. Fu 4:23 PM
  20. (i still jingle damn it!)
  21. ________________________________________
  22. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 4:25 PM
  23. She'd nod. "You seemed interesting in blazing forward, albeit lack the experience for it." the comment would come out as she motioned her horse forward without waiting a reply. Her attention would seem focused towards the ground, looking for tracks as they rode.
  24. ((Note: she is very obviously young))
  25. ((early 20s at the oldest))
  26. ________________________________________
  27. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:30 PM
  28. His cheeks burned inside of his helmet. All these women rebuking him. Someday he would be a perfect samurai. But not today. "I travelled a long way from home to Kyuden Ashinabagachi. I had believed I could find a shorter path but was wrong." He glanced at the monk, a bit curious about the jingles but who was he to doubt a holy man and his methods? Even though he knew the monk was a great ally, Fu still made his skin crawl a little. The body toucher, according to rumors. A sideways glance at the Hare. She was so young to be on this kind of mission, she should be safe at home and getting hitched. Like he was supposed to be. "Are you not a little young, for such an endeavor?" Said the 21 year old to the girl who was likely his same age.
  29. ________________________________________
  30. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 4:33 PM
  31. Full stop. The hare halted the horse and looked to the ground a moment before staring at the Unicorn, silent for a moment more. "Inexperience." she seemed to repeat. "If you stopped staring at me and looked to the ground ahead you'd see the trail we are looking for." a sigh would follow the last statement.
  32. ________________________________________
  33. Fu 4:37 PM
  34. to kuro The appreciation of beauty is the beginning of wisdom fu attempting to help
  35. ________________________________________
  36. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:41 PM
  37. Ouch. He cringed internally, but at least she seemed to know what she was doing. He wasn't looking at her like that. His horse paused and he peered down at the tracks from his high station. "What are we looking for, exactly?" He wouldn't have time to check what kind of tracks they were. He side eyed a small thank you glance at the Monk for trying to save his hide, but on a mission he was already slipping up. Again.
  38. ________________________________________
  39. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 4:45 PM
  40. Hopping off her horse, she'd drag her feet against indents faintly left in the ground. "As the scouts said, it was a caravan of sorts. Wheels leave deeper marks, last longer." She seemed to ignore the monk's wisdom for now. "But which direction did these come from and where do they lead..." she'd mutter in thought aloud again as she looked up and eyes their surroundings.
  41. ________________________________________
  42. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:46 PM
  43. ((roll hunting to determine where?))
  44. ________________________________________
  45. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 4:46 PM
  46. ((Sure, or investigation.))
  47. ________________________________________
  48. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:47 PM
  49. ((TN?))
  50. ________________________________________
  51. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 4:48 PM
  52. ((Hunting Tracking TN15 | Investigation Notice or Search also 15))
  53. ________________________________________
  54. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:48 PM
  55. ((rolled a 19))
  56. ((unless you'd like me to roll after you declared TN sorry))
  57. ________________________________________
  58. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 4:51 PM
  59. Given a moment to follow the trail, and a better sense of direction outside of the forest, the Unicorn has a general sense of the tracks. One path leading back towards the road, north west eventually, while the other seemed to continue off past the other side of the village, towards a hill.
  60. ________________________________________
  61. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:53 PM
  62. Aw yeah, eagle eyes. He would relay this information to the bunny and the Fu, before asking: "Is this the path that us righteous samurai should take, Fu-sama?" He gestured towards the hill path.
  63. ________________________________________
  64. Fu 4:56 PM
  65. towards the hill or back to the road. In order to choose the correct path, you must know the pitfalls that await you. But we know that road we traveled didn't have many pitfalls.
  66. just potholes
  67. ________________________________________
  68. Shinjo Kurosawa 4:59 PM
  69. A slight smile on his face. They were here to look for trouble, unfortunately. "Let us go forth towards the hill, Usagi-san," he would suggest, but not lead, as she was in charge.
  70. ________________________________________
  71. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:00 PM
  72. Her attention would turn, a thumb again to her lips a moment. "The hill..." she seemed to think on it a moment before remounting the horse. "Hai." kicking the horse forward to investigate further.
  73. ________________________________________
  74. Fu 5:01 PM
  75. jingle jangle jingle, fu follows the samurai to the hills
  76. ________________________________________
  77. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:04 PM
  78. The Unicorn obediently falls in line behind the Hare..!
  79. ________________________________________
  80. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:05 PM
  81. The tracks died off before reaching the hill, but where the path lead seemed obvious enough. Closing the distance, soon enough a seemingly poorly hidden opening in the side of the hill was obvious to the trio. The Hare would stop a distance prior, eyeing it strangely.
  82. ________________________________________
  83. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:08 PM
  84. The Unicorn did not want to dismount until it was necessary. But it looked as if it was about to be time. He sighed, not enjoying that thought and still lingering upon his horse. "That opening," he gestured towards it in case the monk missed it," maybe it has our scroll. We can sneak in, search the place, and sneak out, hopefully before anyone arrives." And hopefully no one would be inside.
  85. ________________________________________
  86. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:09 PM
  87. ((How far would you stop from the entrance?))
  88. ________________________________________
  89. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:09 PM
  90. ((not further than the ))
  91. ((Kuro's horse is white and he's in purple if someone is about to spot us))
  92. ________________________________________
  93. Fu 5:10 PM
  94. Those who fear to act have already failed says to kuro but perhaps you two need something to light the way.
  95. ________________________________________
  96. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:11 PM
  97. ((Gimme a TN 10 investigation))
  98. ________________________________________
  99. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:11 PM
  100. ((what trait is investigating, I'm unskilled))
  101. ________________________________________
  102. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:11 PM
  103. ((Perception))
  104. ________________________________________
  105. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:11 PM
  106. ((pls not per-))
  107. ________________________________________
  108. Fu 5:12 PM
  109. (fellow 2k2 buddy!)
  110. ________________________________________
  111. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:12 PM
  112. "Is this some joke?" The Hare muttered under her breath, annoyed.
  113. ________________________________________
  114. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:13 PM
  115. ((rolled a 10!))
  116. ________________________________________
  117. Fu 5:13 PM
  118. fu centers himself and looks through the void at the cave everything around them
  119. ________________________________________
  120. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:13 PM
  121. Kuro just looks really hard.
  122. ________________________________________
  123. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:14 PM
  124. There is a poorly placed tripwire at the very entrance of the cave
  125. Fu senses another seemingly placed trap behind the first
  126. ________________________________________
  127. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:16 PM
  128. "Someone does not wish for unintended visitors." The Unicorn observed, pointing out the tripwire if the others had not seen it. "I was suspicious that this may be some hermit's hut, but a hermit would surely be better at hiding his home and defense. We should go inside and investigate for ourselves."
  129. ________________________________________
  130. Fu 5:18 PM
  131. one moment appraiser of wisdom, i believe the visage of your wisdom is correct, fu points out beyond the first trap great hard befalls that area
  132. ________________________________________
  133. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:18 PM
  134. "It's... too obvious." The Hare would mutter again still with annoyance. "Is it just to deter the villagers then?"
  135. ________________________________________
  136. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:22 PM
  137. He would dismount. "Two of us should go in. One remain outside with the horses to keep watch for... unwelcome guests." Although they were in fact the unwelcome guests. With that, he would make his way to get in, trying to step over the first tripwire while keeping an eye out for whatever Fu had pointed out.
  138. ________________________________________
  139. Fu 5:23 PM
  140. fu would follow the shinjo in, alerting him where the second trap is and the dangers of the darkness
  141. (if kuro needs to roll something i can do stuff to help)
  142. ________________________________________
  143. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:24 PM
  144. ((if you buff my rings you gotta tell me what my modified roll is because I have no idea without l5rcm))
  145. ________________________________________
  146. Fu 5:25 PM
  147. (can only add void points)
  148. ________________________________________
  149. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:25 PM
  150. The two would be able to avoid the two found traps well enough, seemed mostly set to deter any less than aware explorers. Though then came the trouble of caves being covered in darkness further in.
  151. ________________________________________
  152. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:26 PM
  153. "...Does the path of enlightenment also come with a torch, Fu?" He would pause to not misstep in the dark.
  154. ________________________________________
  155. Fu 5:28 PM
  156. i can only advise on taking a torch, one must be willing to hear and follow said advise 8 directions kiho only pointing out what's hidden and walls in the dark aren't hidden just an annoyance
  157. ________________________________________
  158. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:30 PM
  159. Kuro covers his face, before lightly making his way back to the entrance and avoiding the traps from earlier. "A torch, Usagi-san, it is deeper than expected. Please." Please.
  160. ________________________________________
  161. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:38 PM
  162. Fu would sense more similarly placed dangers ahead, though the mystery of how cave walls worked seemed to befuddle him "We do not know what lies in wait further in, Shinjo-san." She seemed hesitant, thinking on what to do. "If something catches us by surprise, are we prepared for injured?"
  163. ________________________________________
  164. Fu 5:42 PM
  165. fu waits for the unicorn to come back
  166. ________________________________________
  167. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:44 PM
  168. That caused him to hesitate. "We are not. We must pray that the Kami have not abandoned us entirely. But if the scroll is in there, I will not be able to see it without a light." Fu had his back, they'd be fine. Fine.
  169. ________________________________________
  170. Fu 5:46 PM
  171. once kuro returns, fu would lead the way around traps pointing out where they are, and leads the pony further down the hole
  172. ________________________________________
  173. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:48 PM
  174. The Hare would mutter to herself, looking in the packs of the horses for lanterns.
  175. ________________________________________
  176. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:51 PM
  177. The Unicorn can't wait forever, so he follows the monk and tries to commit the traps to memory, and keeps his hands forth to avoid smacking into any walls. Down the rabbit hole they go..!
  178. ________________________________________
  179. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:55 PM
  180. Surprisingly the monk had a general sense of where danger lay ahead of them, though with lots of scraping against cave walls as they moved in the darkness.
  181. ((Investigation TN20))
  183. ________________________________________
  184. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:57 PM
  185. ((may I spend a void and if so what am I rolling?))
  186. ((2 perception))
  187. ((so 3k3 explode?))
  188. ________________________________________
  189. Jirozame Mako 5:57 PM
  190. (No explode)
  191. ________________________________________
  192. Fu 5:57 PM
  193. (free vp for kuro as per last breath kiho)
  194. ________________________________________
  195. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:57 PM
  196. ((Its 3k2 explode or 3k3 unskilled))
  197. ________________________________________
  198. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:58 PM
  199. ((fuck those both seem bad, gonna roll it now))
  200. ________________________________________
  201. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 5:58 PM
  202. ((What type of kiho is last breath?))
  203. ________________________________________
  204. Fu 5:58 PM
  205. fu lets out a breath, the void, the darkness, life, earth fills the pony
  206. (kharmic)
  207. (8 directions is mysthical)
  208. ________________________________________
  209. Shinjo Kurosawa 5:59 PM
  210. The Unicorn continues to see nothing even as the familiar sensation of Last Breath fills his body. "I don't think there is anything in here, Fu-sama," he muttered darkly. Because it was dark.
  211. ________________________________________
  212. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 6:03 PM
  213. The two would continue slowly stumbling in the dark, seeming to only avoid any traps laid ahead from the Monk's current version of sight.
  214. ________________________________________
  215. Fu 6:04 PM
  216. perhaps kurosawa-sama. but there are many traps, are there to keep us out, or something in?
  217. ________________________________________
  218. Shinjo Kurosawa 6:05 PM
  219. Kurosawa tries to place a hand on the monks shoulder for guidance. The walls closing in were the opposite of his beloved open fields. "...keep what in?" That possiblity had not dawned on him.
  220. ________________________________________
  221. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 6:05 PM
  222. What would feel like such a long time of continued stumbling later, a very faint light would be seen around a corner's bend. The light gleamed on what ironically seemed to be yet another wire.
  223. ________________________________________
  224. Shinjo Kurosawa 6:07 PM
  225. ((I've got both animal handling and hunting, could I check for traces of an animal ?))
  226. ________________________________________
  227. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 6:07 PM
  228. ((You could))
  229. ((Without turning the corner?))
  230. ________________________________________
  231. Shinjo Kurosawa 6:08 PM
  232. (they both rank 1 so here we go))
  233. Oh
  234. Kurosawa stops just around the corner and looks at the tripwire, before glancing around his boots for some fur, or feathers. If something living was in here, there'd surely be food... Or remains of food.
  235. ((26 to search for animal life))
  236. ________________________________________
  237. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 6:13 PM
  238. Well, that's odd. An animal wouldn't leave a few odd grains of rice.
  239. ________________________________________
  240. Shinjo Kurosawa 6:14 PM
  241. They were tracking a messy eater for sure. He would point this out to the monk silently and then the tripwire if he hadn't seen it yet. Although he probably had.
  242. ________________________________________
  243. Fu 6:17 PM
  244. hmmmmmm the monk ponders well if its a messy eater, it shouldn't be cautious, yet all these traps remain.
  245. and light ahead.
  246. ________________________________________
  247. Shinjo Kurosawa 6:19 PM
  248. The Unicorn cringed at the sound of voice. But with that, if it wasn't an animal, what could it be? He would make his way in front of the monk to try and advance deeper, carefully bypassing the tripwire..!
  249. ________________________________________
  250. Fu 6:20 PM
  251. ventures forth! with friend unicorn, evil beware our might, monk powers be the light!
  252. ________________________________________
  253. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 6:20 PM
  254. Rounding the corner, the Unicorn would be able to see the source of the light. A candle on either side of an obviously damaged and broken statue. As he advanced, the monk felt their monk-dar go off, several things being detected all at once.
  255. ________________________________________
  256. Fu 6:21 PM
  257. since fu doesn't care about touching dead bodies, he doesn't care about touching kuro, and grabs him to stop him
  258. ________________________________________
  259. Taiko πŸ₯| Tsi Kenji 6:21 PM
  260. ((And for the sake of timing, merge to room 1 right after))
  261. ________________________________________
  262. Shinjo Kurosawa 6:22 PM
  263. ((will do))
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