/r6g/ - Rainbow Six General FAQ & Guide

Nov 15th, 2016
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  1. ===========================================================================================
  2. /r6g/ - Rainbow Six General FAQ & Guide
  3. v 2.24 - Last updated: 2017-07-15
  5. NOTE: Do not take this guide as a rulebook. Feel free to experiment. This guide is written with beginner and intermediate players in mind.
  7. Also, CTRL+F and the Table of Contents are your friends.
  9. Welcome to Rainbow Six HQ, recruit.
  11. Read this document thoroughly before asking a question in the thread. It should give you a primer on how to operate with your fellow operators, operationally.
  13. If you came here for the miscellaneous links (like classic R6, Raven Shield mods, Siege map layouts, and asset packs), go to the bottom sections.
  15. Check the OP for Teamspeak info, groups, drawfriend gallery, stats, and news.
  18. If you have any feedback, suggestions on things to add, edit, or remove, please reply to the OP with it. I'll try to check it frequently to keep this updated. It's easier than browsing the thread looking for suggestions. In addition, any contributions/submissions are highly appreciated
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  21. Table of Contents
  22. [FAQ]
  23. -------- What is Rainbow Six Siege?
  24. -------- Is it too late to get into it?
  25. -------- How's the population/community?
  26. -------- Do I absolutely need Uplay for this?
  27. -------- Do I need headphones and a microphone?
  28. -------- What's the DLC/Microtransaction policy like?
  29. -------- Which edition should I buy?
  30. -------- Is the /r6g/ Teamspeak active?
  31. -------- Which operators should I unlock first?
  32. -------- Which weapons/attachments/items should I use?
  33. -------- How do I select the modes/maps I want to play?
  34. -------- How do I git gud?
  35. -------- I got one-shotted. What?
  36. -------- How should I use smoke grenades?
  37. -------- How does the ranking system work?
  38. -------- I got killed. I barely even saw the guy. What?
  39. -------- I got spawnkilled. How the fuck is this fair?!?!
  40. -------- "You have been detected" appeared on my screen. What?
  41. -------- I heard a sound behind me but it was actually downstairs. What?
  42. -------- What is Operation Health?
  43. -------- Did they fix the hit-reg or netcode yet?
  44. -------- How will the Alpha Packs (loot drops) work?
  45. -------- What are some good people to watch on YouTube/Twitch?
  46. -------- Does my progress on the TTS carry over to the main game?
  47. -------- Where can I see my stats? (K/D, W/L, operator breakdown, etc)
  48. -------- I have never played the old Rainbow Six games. Are they good?
  49. -------- Why do the GSG9 wear casual clothes?
  50. -------- Why do CTU's fight each other in this game?
  51. -------- Why are there female operators in this game?
  53. -------- Classic Operators
  54. -------- Year 1 DLC Operators
  55. -------- Year 2 DLC Operators
  57. -------- "I just bought the game."
  58. -------- "I think I'm ready for Multiplayer (Casual)."
  59. -------- "I think I'm ready for Multiplayer (Ranked)."
  60. [SETTINGS]
  61. -------- Gameplay Settings
  62. -------- Video Settings
  63. [VIDEOS]
  64. -------- Gameplay Tips
  65. -------- Information on Game Mechanics
  66. -------- Miscellaneous
  67. [LINKS]
  68. -------- Useful links (Siege)
  69. -------- R6 Black Ops mod (Classic R6)
  70. -------- Raven Shield links and mods
  71. -------- Miscellaneous
  74. ===========================================================================================
  75. [FAQ]
  77. -------- What is Rainbow Six Siege?
  79. Rainbow Six Siege is a >tactical multiplayer FPS developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and was released on December 1, 2015. It has a heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and teamwork. Single player and Co-Op modes do exist, but they're very light and mainly act as a tutorial for the multiplayer. Since its release, it has had 5 major content updates: Black Ice (Canadian JTF-2 & Yacht map), Dustline (American Navy SEALS & Border map), Skull Rain (Brazilian BOPE & Favela map), Red Crow (Japanese SAT & Skyscraper map), and Velvet Shell (Spanish GEO & Coastline map). The next announced updates will be Hong Kong, South Korea, and Poland.
  81. -------- Is it too late to get into it?
  83. No. In fact, you're probably at the best time to get into it. A lot of bugs have been fixed since launch, and plenty of quality of life features have been implemented. Thanks to this, the population keeps growing, so you'll have even more people to play with that are also relatively new.
  85. -------- How's the population/community?
  87. The population has steadily grown since release, thanks to a (mostly) positive attitude from the developers by constantly updating and fixing the game and adding more free content.
  89. -------- Do I absolutely need Uplay for this?
  91. Yes. There's no way around it, even if you buy it on Steam. It's not as bad as you've been told, but it can sometimes be a bit buggy when you're trying to get people together in a party.
  93. -------- Do I need headphones and a microphone?
  95. You don't *need* them, but they are thoroughly recommended. Sounds are almost as important as visuals in this game, as every player action makes noise - so it would benefit you to be able to tell where someone is coming from or what they're doing just from sound alone. Check out the Sound Propagation explanation in the [VIDEO] section. As for a microphone - it is very important to be able to communicate with your teammates, even if they are random pub players. Being able to inform people of where the enemy is or what they're doing is a huge part of helping your team to win, along with coordination.
  97. -------- What's the DLC/Microtransaction policy like?
  99. All operators and maps are completely free (as in no paywall). There are two currencies in the game, Renown and R6 Credits. Renown is gained by playing games and completing challenges, and can be used to unlock all the operators, attachments, and most of the cosmetics. Vanilla operators are much cheaper than the DLC operators, which cost 25k renown each. R6 Credits are the microtransaction element, which can buy a few exclusive cosmetics or anything else that can already be bought with Renown. The game is not grind heavy.
  101. -------- Which edition should I buy?
  103. Standard is the normal base game. You will need to unlock all your operators. Vanilla ones are normal price (500-2000 renown), DLC ones are 25k renown each.
  105. Gold is the base game + Year 2 Season Pass. You will need to unlock Vanilla and Year 1 DLC operators. You will get Year 2 DLC operators automatically. Same unlocking costs as standard.
  107. Complete is the base game + Year 2 Season Pass + Year 1 Operators. You will only need to unlock Vanilla operators. You will get Year 1 and 2 DLC operators automatically. Same unlocking costs as standard.
  109. Starter is a gimped base game. You will need to unlock all your operators. They will be more expensive than normal. Vanilla operators will cost 12.5k renown instead of a mere 500-2000, while DLC operators will cost same as standard. DON'T GET THIS. It will turn up the grind to Korean MMO levels. Don't fall for the Starter Edition meme. You can definitely buy the Standard edition for cheaper than even Starter if you shop around.
  111. For an official FAQ on the Starter Edition, check here:
  114. -------- Is the /r6g/ Teamspeak active?
  116. Yes, it is mostly active during NA night-time and EU night-time. Just hop on one of the Rainbow Team channels and wait for people to join you, or join an existing team if you see they have less than 5 people.
  118. TS Info:
  120. The password is: Operations
  121. IP address:
  123. -------- Which operators should I unlock first?
  125. The first suggestions are usually Rook for Defense and Thatcher for Attack. This is because they are operators whose roles are very easy to fulfill, even for a new player.
  127. After those two, suggestions usually include ops like Sledge, Ash, Thermite, Fuze, Mute, Doc, Jaeger, or Bandit.
  129. If you're going to be an op with explosives (Sledge, Fuze, Mute), be careful not to kill the hostage, teammates, or yourself with those items.
  131. If you're playing Ranked and have more experienced players on your team, you might want to let them have their preferred operators if they ask you for them, as they will exploit their skills better. If you don't know how to Bandit trick yet and someone else in your team does, you might want to let them have him. If you don't know how to play conservatively and where you need to breach as Thermite, you might want to let someone who does know those things have him. You can always practice with those ops in Casual, where things are more relaxed.
  133. As a general rule of thumb, you should try not playing DLC operators if you are brand new to the game, because they normally require more experience to do well with and you're taking them away from people that could probably exploit their abilities better.
  135. -------- Which weapons/attachments/items should I use?
  137. Do you want range versatility? Then try Assault Rifles or SMG's. Do you want to engage targets mostly at close range? Then try a shotgun and use your secondary for medium/long distance. Do you prefer more capacity? (More bullets that can one-shot headshot) More body-shot damage? (Kill the target with body shots quicker if you can't land the headshot) Higher rate of fire? (Better pre-firing potential) These are all dependent on your taste and preference. Experiment and see what you like.
  139. The 1x sights are Holographic, Red Dot, and Reflex. The 2.5x sight is the ACOG. Not all guns have access to all sights. Also, there are two versions of each of these - the default version and the Spetsnaz variant (which can only be used with the Spetsnaz operators).
  141. If you are a new player, it is often recommended that you use 1x sights at first, since ACOGs can give you harsh tunnel vision, which combined with not knowing the maps, can result in deaths from places you didn't see.
  143. As you learn the maps, however, ACOGs often prove to be superior in most engagements at a distance. In the end, it's up to you when you want to run ACOGs or when you want to run 1x sights, they are all viable and subject to preference.
  145. For barrels, check out the [VIDEO] section for a recoil comparison between them, as their effects vary on each gun. Unfortunately, they are kind of unintuitive and their in-game description isn't quite correct. In MOST guns however, you're safe going for a Muzzle Brake if you want to fire in very short taps, a Flash Hider if you want a middle ground between short taps and ocassional sprays, a Compensator if you want to mostly spray, a Suppressor if you want to be sneaky and hide your bullet tracers at the cost of doing less damage, and an Extended Barrel if you want less damage drop-off with distance at the cost of increased recoil (this last one is pretty worthless, not advised)
  147. Vertical Grip is generally regarded as a no-brainer for all guns that have access to it, as it reduces recoil. Angled Grip decreases the time it takes to aim down sights, but the difference is not usually a game changer. Some people like running it on Blackbeard though.
  149. Lasers tighten your hipfire cone (note - this does not guarantee bullets will always go to the laser pointer for game balance reasons. They just tighten the RNG spread of it). Most people only buy laser sights for shield pistols and shotguns. The laser is visible to all players wherever it is pointed and it cannot be turned off while in a match.
  151. Since shields are already loud and clunky, there is no risk in giving away your position with a laser sight because they already heard you coming from a mile away, and you need every help you can get with your pistol hipfire, as exposing your head is most of the time going to be fatal if you're not careful. Shotguns benefit from laser sights because you can often afford to lie in wait of the enemy in close quarters, and can simply learn to hide the laser sight on a door frame that won't be visible to the enemy, quickly flicking back to them when they enter.
  153. Some players like putting laser sights even on their AR's / SMG's and find success with it, but keep in mind that you will probably need to either play very agressively (An Ash running around with a laser sight on her R4-C killing everything) or very carefully to hide their pointer as they move around or hold angles.
  155. Slapping a laser sight on Buck's weapons might seem like a good idea at first. His Skeleton Key is a shotgun, so it benefits from lasers, right? Wrong. Buck's Skeleton Key is mainly for making holes in walls, and relies on a fairly spread out fire-cone to make bigger holes. If you put a laser sight on it, it might be marginally better to kill people with, but terrible for its main purpose (which is making holes in the map).
  157. As for items (Breaching Charges, grenades, barbed wire, deployable shields, etc), these are all dependent on your playstyle for each given situation.
  159. -------- How do I select the modes/maps I want to play?
  161. Options -> Gameplay -> Matchmaking Preferences.
  163. Take into account that for multiplayer, these will only act as preferences, not as rules. Even if you turn Off a mode or map, you may still get it sometimes in Multiplayer PvP or PvE. Matchmaking preferences are 100% obeyed if you're playing Lone Wolf T-Hunt.
  165. -------- How do I git gud?
  167. Read this guide. Watch people who are better than you. Play with and against people that are better than you. Practice, practice, practice. Play Ranked. If your questions start becoming more specific, feel free to ask the general.
  169. -------- I just got one-shotted. What?
  171. In Siege, headshots with any lethal gun are a oneshot kill, regardless of armor or health.
  173. I make the 'lethal' distinction because Caveira's non-lethal pistol will not insta-kill with a headshot (which helps her with interrogations)
  175. An important thing to note is that shotguns do normal damage on headshots instead of the normal bonus, so you should always aim for body-mass with those.
  177. -------- How should I use smoke grenades?
  179. Many new players tend to throw smoke and then run through it thinking they're safe. This is a common mistake. Smoke in Siege is rendered client-side, meaning that the smoke you're seeing isn't necessarily the smoke everyone else is seeing. Therefore, even if in your screen you see nothing but thick gray, it is possible that from the angle of another enemy, they can see your silhouette. Therefore, the way to use smoke grenades is to throw them either towards the enemy to block their line of sight, or throw them at a door/hallway you want to run past without getting shot. TL;DR don't smoke yourself.
  181. -------- How does the ranking system work?
  183. The following link goes into detail about this:
  186. Other explanations:
  190. -------- I got killed. I barely even saw the guy. What?
  192. Peeker's advantage. See the [VIDEO] section for a clear explanation.
  194. -------- I got spawnkilled. How the fuck is this fair?!?!
  196. You are approaching a building with armed men. No one in their right mind sprints at a building with multiple confirmed hostiles inside without a care in the world. Spawnpeeking is a cheese tactic that is usually only seen in Casual or low-rank matches, because it is too easy to counter if the attackers are even slighly competent.
  198. You counter spawnpeeking/runouts by:
  199. *Driving your drone near common spawn peek spots in the prep phase, to watch/hear for any barricade breakage before the action phase begins.
  200. *Diving for cover and scanning the building's barricades methodically with your team when the round begins.
  201. *Placing claymores by popular runout spots.
  203. Following these basic guidelines will see you through any 'cheese' you may encounter and will net you free kills as attackers. Plus you get to feel all smug after you punish them for it.
  205. -------- "You have been detected" appeared on my screen. What?
  207. You have been marked/spotted by a player on a drone or camera, or you have ran outside the building as a defender. It means that there's a red ping marking your last known spot (or a live ping following you if you're a defender that went outside).
  209. Similar messages like "Your Position Has Been Compromised" or "Jackal is tracking you" are caused by Caveira and Jackal's abilities.
  211. -------- I heard a sound behind me but it was actually downstairs. What?
  213. Check out the Sound Propagation explanation in the [VIDEO] section. Rainbow Six Siege's audio doesn't work the same as in most games, as it tries to emulate real life acoustics more.
  215. -------- What is Operation Health?
  217. Ubisoft delayed the original DLC schedule to focus on adding quality of life features and fixing bugs. Among the things that have been introduced thus far are One Step Matchmaking and more consistent hitboxes. The progress in bugfixing has been slower than most would hope, which has resulted in the HEALTH'd joke you may see often in the general.
  219. -------- Did they fix the hit-reg or netcode yet?
  221. They're much better than back at release or Black Ice.
  223. -------- How will the Alpha Packs (loot drops) work?
  225. Official information here:
  228. Also see:
  230. -------- What are some good people to watch on YouTube/Twitch?
  232. Common recommendations include MacieJay, Kixstar, ExcecCS, Remorce, MicrowaveGaming, GamingAddict, NJOverclocked, Noted, Serenity17, TheGodlyNoob, etc.
  234. -------- Does my progress on the TTS carry over to the main game?
  236. No, it does not.
  238. -------- Where can I see my stats? (K/D, W/L, operator breakdown, etc)
  240. Check the [LINKS] section
  242. -------- I have never played the old Rainbow Six games. Are they good?
  244. Very, specially Rainbow Six 1, Rainbow Six 2: Rogue Spear, and Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield - the latter of which is often considered to be the definitive one. After these came the Vegas games, which while not bad, were definitely very different from the classic titles, adopting a more mainstream approach that scrapped the planning phase, had regenerating health, bullet sponge enemies, among many other unsavory things.
  246. -------- Why do the GSG9 wear casual clothes?
  248. The CTU's in Siege tend to be walking stereotypes in representation (which is not necessarily a bad thing). Which is why SAS is stuck in Iranian Embassy 1980's era uniforms, with gas masks and everything. GSG9 is known for rapid response, operators usually carry their gear in their trunk and can quickly get ready if there is a situation, hence the casual clothing.
  250. -------- Why do CTU's fight each other in this game?
  252. Siege's multiplayer is a Virtual Training Simulation in RAINBOW Team. You are not killing your fellow RAINBOW operators, you are basically sparring with them. The 'actual' missions are (probably) Article 5 and Terrorist Hunt.
  254. This is a clever workaround so that there can be multiplayer in R6 games, while respecting Tom Clancy's wishes on terrorists never being playable in his games.
  256. -------- Why are there female operators in this game?
  258. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, both the book and the game series, are works of fiction. They are not obligated to be like reality. Real world stats about actual female presence in CTU's is irrelevant when it comes to discussing Rainbow Six, as it is a fictional world in which it has already been established from the beginning that female operators exist and that they are as capable as their male counterparts.
  260. ===========================================================================================
  261. [OPERATORS]
  263. What follows are descriptions on the operators' abilities and suggestions on how to play them. Discussion about their loadouts mostly falls under the questions of how their damage/RoF/recoil/capacity/range/damage-drop-off are and which you consider more important for each situation. For info on this, check the [FAQ] section above for a general answer.
  265. -------- Classic Operators
  267. ATTACK
  269. SAS
  271. >Sledge:
  272. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  274. The spicy sledge. Relatively silent breaches compared to explosions, good for passive flanking. You can open up routes or sight lines to the objective. Keep in mind you can also sometimes open up the floor to attack the defenders from a floor upstairs. Yes, you can kill people with the sledgehammer.
  276. >Thatcher:
  277. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  279. Fookin' laser sights. Stick with your Thermite/Hibana buddy like glue, throw EMP's at reinforced walls that they want to breach, or on the outside of a room where there are ADS, traps, or other electronics. The EMP effect does go through walls and has a moderate AoE range. Thatcher's impact on the field is reduced if your team doesn't have a Thermite or Hibana, but that does not make him a poor pick - just an odd one. One of the trickier things to do with Thatcher is learning how to coordinate with your Thermite buddy to counter "Bandit tricking", although this is more of an advanced technique and you're not likely to encounter it in low ranks/low levels. This is explained in the [VIDEOS] section.
  281. FBI SWAT
  283. >Ash:
  284. 1 Armor / 3 Speed
  286. The speedy jew. She is rather feared at high levels, because she's a 3 speed character with the smallest head hitbox in the game, very good guns, and a gadget that allows her to breach unreinforced walls/barricades or destroy barbed wire from afar, making her a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.
  288. >Thermite:
  289. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  291. It's about to get hot. Breach key reinforced walls to open up the objective, both for entry points and to force the defenders to give up certain positions. Until these walls are opened up, your life is of the utmost importance, so play very carefully - an early Thermite pick is very juicy for Defender peekers or runouts. On some objectives, if Thermite dies early, it may very well cost your team the round. Play it safe, assess which 2 walls or hatches would be the most advantageous to breach out of all the 10 reinforced ones, blow them up, and then you can afford to be a little more aggressive in how you choose to apply pressure to the objective. You will be best buddies with Thatcher and Twitch, if they're on your team - they will be crucial to counter jammed or shocked reinforced walls. Countering a Bandit tricker is explained in the [VIDEOS] section.
  293. GIGN
  295. >Twitch:
  296. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  298. Shock drone going live. Instead of normal drones, you have Shock Drones. In the prep phase, go around destroying the stationary cameras, and if you can, also destroy enemy gadgets as they are being placed. However, it is usually best to keep your drone alive, as Twitch's drones increase in importance the longer into the round they survive. It will be up to you to decide if risking losing your first drone early is worth taking out juicy gadgets like jammers, batteries, or ADS. Also, unlike the other attackers, Twitch can have both of her drones deployed at the same time without the other one disappearing - and she can alternate between which one she is controlling (see why it's so important to try to keep them alive?). Your priorities when using them are 1) cameras and gadgets, 2) intel, 3) tazing the enemy when they are being shot at by your team, to create an annoying distraction and making them likely to get killed. Your role is that of a support, so play like it.
  300. UPDATE: With the Velvet Shield patch, your shock drone can destroy Mira's Black Mirror by tazing the gas tank at the other side. This provides you with a free Hibana-like hole.
  302. >Montagne:
  303. 3 Armor / 1 Speed
  305. Let's proceed slowly. You're a wall between the enemy and your team. Playing Montagne effectively with your teammates can be difficult as it requires quite a degree of coordination and synergy (for example being very specific about when you're moving where, so that allies don't shoot you in the back and can actually use you as mobile cover) but it can also be extremely rewarding. Your shield will eat explosive damage from the front, so if Nitros/Impact grenades start flying your way, make sure they're hitting the front of your extended shield. Eventually you'll learn techniques to bait the C4, so that it's safely wasted. Don't aim down your sights unless you're 100% sure you're not going to get headshotted in that second.
  307. Spetsnaz
  309. >Glaz:
  310. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  312. He likes steaks. You're a sniper with a zoom flip thermal sight on his rifle. That means the optimum strategy for him is using smoke grenades to push the objective and kill anyone that challenges you, since you can see them as big yellow blobs through the smoke and they cannot. He can shoot through Plane's windows and Castle barricades, while nobody else can.
  314. >Fuze:
  315. 3 Armor / 1 Speed
  317. The Savage of Samarkand. Infamous for 100% hostage extraction rate to Allah's almighty throne. He's best used when collateral damage is not a concern. Deploy your Cluster Charges on any destructible surface behind/below which you expect enemies to be, and then press the button to release many frag grenades through the surface. You'll either flush the enemy out, injure them, or outright kill them.
  319. GSG9
  321. >Blitz:
  322. 3 Armor / 1 Speed
  324. Dubstep man. You have a shield that can flash people at short ranges. Your role is to isolate people and disable them one by one. You're not a real shield like Montagne, you can't sit on a doorframe staring at an enemy and hope to hit them with pistol hipfire - you need to be agressive with Blitz and become the Bullyzei. He's best when supported by another teammate.
  326. >IQ:
  327. 1 Armor / 3 Speed
  329. If it runs on batteries, she'll see it. You are equipped with the RED, a gadget that can detect electronics through walls, even giving you their outline and distance. Your job is to detect enemy electronics and relay the information to your team via voice comms, while also taking them out with your pistol through surfaces if possible. She makes for a great Pulse-hunter, as he appears on your RED whenever he pulls out his heartbeat sensor. She also counters Valkyrie's, Kapkan's, and Echo's gadgets if you're a keen observer. She can either go with the team or flank lone wolf style.
  331. UPDATE: With the Velvet Shell patch, IQ can now see Defenders when they go on their cameras on her RED.
  333. DEFEND
  335. SAS
  337. >Smoke:
  338. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  340. He's only muckin' about. Your job is area denial and wasting the attackers' time through clever use of his toxic babes. Try to be a lurker near objective, controlling an important choke with barbed wire and babes that you hide in nooks and crannies. As soon as you hear the rustling of the wire, pop the babes to hopefully catch them in the middle of it, severely damaging them or outright injuring/killing. Try to not use your gadget too early in a match, because your value just increases the closer the match is to ending. If it's 30 seconds on the clock and you can still deny the enemy with toxic babes, by all means do so - it means you're doing your job.
  342. >Mute:
  343. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  345. The drone exterminator. Drop your jammers at chokes/stairs near objective to prevent drones from scouting you. Near start of round, shoot the drones that got trapped, pick up your jammers and place them behind reinforced walls to prevent/delay Thermite or Hibana from breaching them. Then either be a point defender or a roamer depending on your team. Mute is a great intel denier, and if placed cleverly, can counter Twitch Shock Drone play.
  347. Your jammers affect all enemy electronics, so you will also jam Jackal's HUD and Blitz' shield if they are near them.
  349. FBI SWAT
  351. >Castle:
  352. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  354. Amateurs. That's what most people that play Castle are, inadvertently earning him a bad reputation. A bad Castle player can fuck your defense up even worse than the Attackers ever could - so if you're going to play him, make sure you don't: 1) cut off your roamers, 2) lock people in or out of the objective when the match just started, 3) get mad if people remove your castlecades (that means they were probably badly placed). A good Castle player will learn which doors/windows are good to baricade off without disrupting his own team's defense plans. He will attempt to guide the attackers through a funnel of least resistance, or just delay them. While it is true that Castle's barricades are actually pretty fragile (they are oneshottable by Sledge's hammer, Ash's launcher, any breaching charge, any frag grenade, Glaz can shoot through them, Fuze can fuze through them, they die in 12 normal melee hits, etc), they can have their place when used correctly. Castle can be played as any role, it depends on your team composition - arguably he's skewed more towards lurking/point defense though, as he can start to lock himself and his mates in when time is close to running out.
  356. >Pulse:
  357. 1 Armor / 3 Speed
  359. Heartbeat sensor deployed. Your job is to provide intel to your team as to the location and density of the enemy in any given area, using your gadget that can detect enemies through walls at a short range, in real time. Given this big intel advantage, he lends himself rather well to cheeky tricks like nitro cell traps on ceilings or walls, or just knowing when to jump out and style on someone that you know is not going to be expecting you. He's obviously best played as a roamer.
  361. GIGN
  363. >Doc:
  364. 3 Armor / 1 Speed
  366. Sometimes the only way to save a life is to take one. You're Rainbow Team's healer. Your Stim Pistol can cure for 40 HP if fired at an operator, or revive someone from the Down-But-Not-Out (DBNO) state with 75 HP. He can also overheal, giving you a temporary boost to HP over 100. He can also do all of this on himself - although you will be called out if you're hoarding all the stims for yourself and not actually supporting your team when they're in need, too. Play as a point defender, and try to heal people when appropriate.
  368. >Rook:
  369. 3 Armor / 1 Speed
  371. Time for some serious protection. Drop your armor bag at the start of the round for your teammates to pick up, and be a point defender. You're responsible for holding the objective for as long as you can, while your teammates try to work flanks to help you.
  373. Spetsnaz
  375. >Kapkan:
  376. 3 Armor / 1 Speed
  378. Cheeki Breeki Man. You place tripwire explosives on doors and windows. He's a fun operator to play mind games on your opponents with. Some people prefer to place his traps away from the objective in places the enemy isn't likely to have his guard up, others prefer the exact contrary, very close to objective to force them to shoot them before going in, or face dying to them if they're rushing. Other people prefer placing them strategically at certain doors or windows where the laser will be easy to miss. Keep in mind, you can choose to place the trap at different heights of the frame, you just have to look where you want it to go.
  380. >Tachanka:
  381. 3 Armor / 1 Speed
  383. Going mobile. You have an old WW2 machine gun that you can place on a tripod, which includes a head-shield. You can use this turret either to make fuck-off big killholes or actually kill people. Tachanka is, at the time of publishing this guide, the most useless operator in the game - due to how Siege works, if you're a stationary target, you will almost always lose duels with players who are actively peeking and pre-firing you.
  385. GSG9
  387. >Jaeger:
  388. 1 Armor / 3 Speed
  390. The speedy autist. Place your ADS behind windows or cover to stop enemy grenades from hurting you or your team, then be a speedy roamer. ADS also stops Ash's and Hibana's charges if they have line of sight. It helps to put your gadget out of enemy sightlines so they don't know it's there until they see a grenade get wasted because of it.
  392. Keep in mind that your ADS needs line of sight to the grenades to actually do its job, so don't place it too tucked away.
  394. >Bandit:
  395. 1 Armor / 3 Speed
  397. Radical Larry, promotions, etc. The only member of the cast who operates while on massive amounts of drugs. You can hook up car batteries to reinforced walls or barbed wire to electrify them, damaging players who touch them and destroying Thermite charges. Bandit is infamous for "the battery trick" or "Bandit trick", which consists of him placing down a battery just as Thermite is placing his breach on the other side of the wall, electrifying it before it has a chance to detonate. Keep in mind Thermite's charge can be destroyed by batteries at any time before detonation, but Hibana's pellets cannot be destroyed by batteries after they have been ignited. A guide on Bandit tricking can be found in the [VIDEOS] section.
  399. -------- Year 1 DLC Operators
  401. ATTACK
  403. >Buck (JTF2):
  404. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  406. He's here to party. He's similar in function to Sledge - he makes killholes in walls and floors, with the difference being that he makes them with an underslung shotgun instead of a sledgehammer.
  408. If you're relatively new and can't into recoil management yet, stick with the CAMRS with ACOG, Muzzle Brake.
  409. If you're somewhat more experienced and confident in your recoil management, go for the C8-SFW with Flash Hider and try to fire in small bursts. Normal mode: Holosight. Pro mode: ACOG.
  411. Your main strength is ceiling-bangs (aka making holes in the roof to kill someone upstairs) while also being great at floorbangs and wallbangs. You can be more aggressive than Sledge because you can almost immediately shoot after making holes instead of the small wait with Sledge. Your frags help you in your goal to fuck shit up. When making holes with the skeleton key, do not aim down sights, do them hipfiring so that the spread has more possibility of making a big hole for you to vault through. You want to be actively creating unfavorable angles for the enemy. Nothing is scarier than defending an upstairs objective only to see the floor starts to break beneath you. If you played a round with Buck and you did not use your Skeleton Key to make holes in floors, ceilings, or walls, you didn't play him correctly.
  413. UNLOCK HIM IF: You like the idea of opening up the map and creating cheeky sightlines and entryways. He has access to very good weapons, and has frag grenades to boot. He allows for very dynamic and creative play.
  415. >Blackbeard (SEALs):
  416. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  418. What the fuck did you just say about him, you little bitch? He'll have you know that he has two ballistic shields that he can mount on his rifle, which enable him to survive a few shots to his upper body and head if they are frontal. His glory days are over, so he can no longer survive an entire magazine's worth of bullets to the head, but he's still a good, if niche, operator. He's designed specifically to challenge angles and win firefights, so he rewards good aim.
  420. Keep in mind, the time it takes to aim-down-sights with his guns has been increased, and when you put on the ballistic shield, it slows you down to being a 1 Speed instead of 2 Speed.
  422. UNLOCK HIM IF: You have particularly good aim, and enjoy the idea of challenging angles with him up-front and winning peeking contests over and over because of your good aim and the good cover of two shields.
  424. >Capitao (BOPE):
  425. 1 Armor / 3 Speed
  427. Chef of the spicy bolts. He's a master of area denial with high versatility, being able to fire incendiary bolts to root enemies out of good cover, denying them passage to a room, denying them the defuser, etc. He can also fire smoke bolts to cut-off enemy lines of sight to where you want to advance or plant. And on top of that, he's a 3 Speed operator. All of this makes him a wonderful support character.
  429. UNLOCK HIM IF: You like to go fast, and you like the idea of rooting out defenders from dug in positions with your fire bolts (even through drone holes), or landing instant smoke cover for safe advances with smoke bolts.
  431. >Hibana (SAT):
  432. 1 Armor / 3 Speed
  434. Knock knock. She's a complement/alternative to Thermite. Her X-KAIROS launcher enables her to shoot 3 sets of pellets that can breach reinforced walls and trapdoors. If you have a Thermite on your team as well, your priority tends to be taking out hatches, since one set of her pellets will take out one hatch completely, then making killholes in reinforced walls. If you lack a Thermite, you may need to also make a vault/crouch or prone hole so that your team can actually get into the objective from that wall. Another great way to use her efficiently is by detonating a set of Hibana pellets immediately below/above Mira windows, in such a way that when they blow up they leave you with an insta-vaultable whole for the price of 1 out 3 sets of pellets, instead of costing you 2. One thing to keep in mind is that her pellets cannot be destroyed by Bandit's batteries after you have ignited them, which makes her a good tool in helping to counter Bandit tricking (see [VIDEOS] section).
  436. UNLOCK HER IF: You want to play a faster Thermite and help your team turn reinforced walls/hatches against the enemy or just plain bust through them but with smaller explosions.
  438. DEFEND
  440. >Frost (JTF2):
  441. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  443. Ready for company. She's a trapper in the style of Kapkan, and lays bear traps (Welcome Mats) on the floor which will instantly put enemies in a DBNO(Down But Not Out)/Injured state if they step on it, and will require another attacker to help them up. She's a great operator to play mind games with, by placing your traps strategically on the map. Some common spots are underneath windows or high traffic areas to stop rushers, but other spots are more insidious and out of usual line of sight, so that people scanning a room for enemies fall to them. You will develop a sense of good trap placement with practice.
  445. Keep in mind, if you place traps underneath windows or vaultable places, savvy attackers can shoot down at their feet preemptively to destroy your trap before they land on it. You can use this to your advantage, and lie in wait near a window, so that when they turn down to shoot at it, you shoot at them.
  447. UNLOCK HER IF: You like to play mind games on your oponents and enjoy thinking of creative, unexpected trap placements.
  449. >Valkyrie (SEALs):
  450. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  452. Activating camera! She's an excellent intel operator with 3 sticky cameras that she can throw anywhere, both inside and outside the building. Try to place your cameras when you know you're not being watched by drones, and try to place them in creative or out of sight places, but still covering important areas that you expect the enemy to go through on their way to the objective.
  454. If you want to throw a camera outside, you are best off making a mental note of where you want it as soon as the round starts, and then when little time in the prep phase remains, rush to the barricade, break it, and throw the camera as soon as prep phase ends. You can also prep many windows to throw multiple cameras outside from many angles in a quick fashion.
  456. Ask your teammates not to tag enemies on your cameras. Black Eyes are best used quietly, relaying intel to your teammates verbally via microphone. Also, remember that just because you put the cameras up doesn't mean you should spend the whole round watching them (that's a rookie mistake). Only watch them when you want to know very specific info, or want to make a play (like vaulting out a 2-melee'd barricade window to kill a clueless attacker). Otherwise, anyone else can watch them, specially if they are dead.
  458. UNLOCK HER IF: You like the idea of providing god-tier, versatile intel to your team (and yourself) with creative cam placement.
  460. >Caveira (BOPE):
  461. 1 Armor / 3 Speed
  463. She's coming for you. She's RAINBOW Team's very own Snake. Her specialty is stealth, and her abilities are Silent Step and Interrogation. Silent Step is a charged ability that lets you move more silently (at any speed, with varying sound levels), and Interrogation allows her to, well, interrogate injured enemies to reveal the other enemy locations. She requires very good game sense to do well with. You need to know when and where to hide, when to stalk attackers, when and how to flank them, when to go for interrogations, when to bait, and when to confirm kills. She has a high skill floor.
  465. UNLOCK HER IF: You like the idea of sneaking up on lone wolves and punishing them dearly, so their own team will hate them.
  467. >Echo (SAT):
  468. 3 Armor / 1 Speed
  470. Efficiency is clever laziness. He's kind of a mix between Smoke and Valkyrie. He has his Yokai Drone, which is the only drone defenders get, and hovers silently a bit above the floor. It can attach itself to the ceiling and turn semi-invisible, and it can fire sonic waves which disorient the target and makes them cancel any action they were doing (like planting a defuser, planting a breaching charge, extending shield, etc). He's used as both an intel and an area denial operator. His drone cannot tag enemies though, so you will definitely need good microphone communication.
  472. UNLOCK HIM IF: You like the idea of constantly delaying and distracting the enemy, while gathering flexible intel for your team and helping defend the point.
  474. -------- Year 2 DLC Operators
  476. ATTACK
  478. >Jackal (GEO):
  479. 2 Armor / 2 Speed
  481. We have a clean trail! Jackal is a hunter. His main job is to shut down roaming on the defending side. He can activate his gadget to see the footprints of defenders on the floor, which last for 90 seconds. The color of the footprints indicates how recent they are (Green/Blue is sort of old, Yellow is recent, Red is "he was literally just here"). Not only that, but his gadget has 3 available "scans" which can be used on any visible footprints from a pretty generous distance. Whenever a scan is activated, you begin "tracking" the defender, which tells you who they are and where they are, pinging their exact location 4 times, with an interval of 10 seconds between pings. You can actually see at the bottom of the screen an icon that will tell you exactly when a ping is about to pop, so that you can tell teammates to shoot as soon as they see the ping, since it's live. You can see this icon both as Jackal and also as Jackal's victim, which can enable some cheeky mindgames on both sides. Be aware, Caveira's silent stepping ability does not leave any footprints to scan, and even if you scan her feet and are pinging her, she might activate silent step right before the next ping pops and you will not see it. It is unknown if this is intended or a bug. Also, people that are moving prone do not leave footsteps.
  483. UNLOCK HIM IF: You like the idea of fucking over roamers, specially in maps where they are easily cornered and hunted down.
  485. >(Future Hong Kong operator)
  486. >(Future Polish operator)
  487. >(Future South Korean operator)
  489. DEFEND
  491. >Mira (GEO):
  492. 3 Armor / 1 Speed
  494. Time for some home improvement. Mira is an amazing anchor operator - it will often be her job to hold important angles at/near the objective and deny them from the enemy. She has two black, bulletproof windows which can be deployed on both reinforced and unreinforced walls, provided that you have enough space. If you are deploying on a reinforced wall, keep in mind you can only do so on the inner side of them (the red and black metal side, not the one with the crosses). These "Black Mirrors" (also referred to commonly as "Miras") allow the defenders to see outside, with the attackers having no intel on them. Each black mirror is equipped with a pressurized canister on the inner side, which when melee'd/shot/twitch-drone'd opens the window after a short delay, making it basically a Hibana hole. Great care must be put into placing these windows in a way that benefits you and your team, and minimizes risk if they get compromised (say, with a Twitch drone shooting the canister, or an attacker opening them from another angle). As a general rule of thumb, you should almost never open your own Mira windows unless you are in a late state of the match and you're sure it would benefit you. Mira windows are often preferred for direct information on what the enemy is doing, and another popular strategy is placing a reinforced wall with a mira window next to an unreinforced wall, so that you can aim at an enemy you see by the window, and then prefire their head as you strafe to the unreinforced wall.
  496. UNLOCK HER IF: You like the idea of playing point defense diferently, getting the upper hand on the enemy with great intel and pre-firing potential, allowing for very creative defenses.
  498. >(Future Hong Kong operator)
  499. >(Future Polish operator)
  500. >(Future South Korean operator)
  502. ===========================================================================================
  505. -------- "I just bought the game."
  507. Watch the tutorial videos in the main menu for free renown.
  509. Do the Situation missions and try to get three stars on all of them, for more free renown.
  511. Play Terrorist Hunt (either Coop or Lone Wolf - Lone Wolf is faster) to fuck around with the dumb AI and learn the maps.
  513. Buy some operators you want to use and attachments for their guns, they are incredibly useful. Read the [FAQ] section to find out which ops are recommended for newbies and which attachments are best.
  515. Hop on a Custom Local Game by yourself so you can run around the maps and learn how to navigate them, learn the camera spots, see what's destructible or not, etc. Make sure you edit the timers so that you make the preparation phase short and the rest of the match longer, so you have more time to explore.
  517. If you start Uplay in Offline mode, you can actually go on a Custom Local Game by yourself with all the operators unlocked, so you can try out their abilities while offline.
  519. There are these things called "Weekly Challenges", which are accessed through the Uplay overlay while in-game (Shift+F2) in the Challenges tab. These are trivial actions that, when accepted and completed, can give you small bits of renown. They're not much, but when you're starting out every little bit helps. Also, special holiday challenges for charms and whatnot usually appear here.
  521. -------- "I think I'm ready for Multiplayer (Casual)."
  523. Drone. Drone. Drone. Never go into a room as an attacker without droning it if you can help it. You have two drones, try to not get the first one killed by kamikazeing right into the enemies like a retard, try to hide it and save it for use during the round. You also have a spare one (be advised: throwing your spare drone while your first is still alive will make the first one disappear).
  525. If you look upwards while on a drone, you can jump higher distances.
  527. If you die, you can still help. You can watch your team's cameras/drones and make callouts via microphone, or even tag enemies (only if necessary). You can also spectate your alive players directly and help them spot things they might miss, like traps or sounds.
  529. Learn the default camera placements in every map. The [LINKS] section can help you out with map guides for this purpose.
  531. Crosshair placement is key. Learn to aim at head level (crouched or standing, depending on the situation) when you're moving around an area that is not clear. This way you can immediately shoot enemies, ideally in the head for a one-shot.
  533. Don't peek slowly. if you're going to peek, lean while standing and do it. If you can, try to lean just as you're rounding the corner for maximum peeker's advantage. You'll learn the best ways to do this with time, along with prefiring techniques.
  535. As you play multiplayer matches, you'll start to learn room names for callout purposes - either the ones stated in the game next to your compass (Workshop, Master Bedroom, Lobby, Fireplace, etc), or just map-dependent popular names (like "Weed room", "Blue tunnel", "Red stairs", "White hall", "Secret", "Small tower", etc). You should try to pick up on them asap, as they are extremely useful for you to call out or for someone to give you intel.
  537. On the topic of making effective callouts - try to base them on compass directions (ie, "Rook is on the northwest corner of Garage behind a deployable shield" or "They're rappelling on the south wall") instead of "He's to the left of the room!" or "He's right there!" because they are not relative to the player. If you are spectating someone, then it is acceptable to make a callout to him like "He's to your hard right." It is also acceptable to say "On ping" when you press Z, so everyone knows where "Here" means.
  539. Get on the general's teamspeak and say you're new (if you are). People are pretty friendly and of wildly different skill levels, and everyone helps each other out to have fun and succeed.
  541. Don't reinforce between bombs*
  543. Don't reinforce kid's room in House if the objective is there*
  545. * = unless you know what you're doing and you want to use one (1) section of wall as cover to fire on the attackers as they approach. If you don't know which one, then don't.
  547. -------- "I think I'm ready for Multiplayer (Ranked)."
  549. Casual plays fundamentally different from ranked. Attackers are able to choose their spawn locations, Defenders are able to choose their objective locations. A match can go up to 9 rounds instead of 5.
  551. The minimum level to go into ranked is level 20, but it is ill advised to do so. It is only until around level 40-50 that players start to get a basic understanding of the game and a minimum of map knowledge/callout names.
  553. If you are solo queuing, you're in for a very different (and probably frustrating) experience, because trusting your average ranked rando isn't going to help you very much most of the time. If solo queuing, it's a harsh reality that you will have to rely mostly on yourself to win matches, and pretend it's a bot match if you want to keep your sanity.
  555. If you are playing with friends/TS people/a pre-made, then teamwork is at least a possibility.
  557. In casual you can do pretty much whatever - in ranked you really need to have solid communication and team synergy.
  559. There are arguably 3 main roles in any given Siege match. These are actually fluid and dynamic during a round, and can change depending on circumstances. You don't always need all of these, but they're just rough drafts you can give yourself mentally to figure out what you should be doing at any given point of a round. As a general rule, as defenders you stall and disrupt. As attackers you pressure and get angles on objective.
  561. Defenders:
  563. >Point - stay in objective room or *very close* to objective room. When action quiets down and you don't have much to do, use cameras to get a general idea where the attackers will come from. Don't overdo this or you'll miss important things happening on-site, like you getting droned out or someone rushing you. Check cams very briefly, then try to hold on to objective for dear life when they're contesting. You're the frontal defense, you can take out enemies in head to head combat but ideally your lurkers and roamers will clean up for you while you're distracting them. Be a presence, a threat. They need to be focused on you if your teammates told you they're working a flank.
  565. >Lurker - stay close to objective room, or at least on the same floor. Your job is a bit of a hybrid between point defense and roaming. You want to be able to delay the enemy, and deny them access to important rooms or angles for as long as you can. Depending on which routes the enemy takes, you want to be ready to go defend obj on your team's call, or go flank them if the enemy is ignoring you and letting you control the angle.
  567. >Roamer - Contrary to popular belief, the job of a roamer ISN'T to get kills. kills are a nice byproduct that you get sometimes, but it's not the crux of roaming. The single most important thing about roaming is wasting the attackers' time. In Siege, time is an extremely precious resource, specially in ranked. Your job is to make sure the enemy can't just go wherever they want. You force them to play on YOUR terms, by keeping a constant threat in their mind. If they ignore it, you get the kill. If they focus on you, you've won anyway because you're distracting them from being able to coordinate an effective attack.
  569. Remember that for this synergy of roles to work, you need communication. Sure, without you telling him to, your roamer could guess that his time to flank wine cellar is NOW, but it helps to be explicit. Or maybe you just get the feeling that you should flank wine cellar right now without your guys telling you so. But again, callouts are a huge part of the game. You need them to be successful.
  571. Attackers:
  573. >Front - this would be your Thermite + guys attacking the clearest path to the objective. As this sort of attacker, your job is applying pressure. You can't allow the defenders to get too complacent, because when you let them take the initiative, you get runouts, your other guys get flanked, etc. You need to be a constant threat throughout the round, so that they can't just roam and kill you all one by one. And if for some retarded reason they are all roaming, then of course, just go from pressuring to actually seizing the objective and laughing.
  575. >Support - this would be the analogous to the Lurkers from defense. They need to be able to rotate from the main attack point to nearby secondary angles to contest, while also droning and keeping an eye out for flankers. They are versatile and feel out the defenses the best, as they can see both perspectives and see which sides are weakest to your prodding.
  577. >Flanker - this would be the guy controlling from the back, trying to hit the enemy with a hammer with you, the front guys, as the anvil. He needs to be threatening dangerous angles, while also being wary of roamers. If your flanker successfully takes over weak points in their defense, their point guys are going to get fucked from being surrounded.
  579. Peeking has the advantage. Some things that are going to help you if you need to win a one on one firefight when you know they're peeking you are: Pre-strafing, putting yourself in a position where you're peeking them, and not the other way around (Holding an angle by just staring at a doorway from a common spot is often a weak move), holding insanely narrow angles, so that you can see their silhouette when they peek you, and then pre-fire them. All these techniques are explained very well in Serenity's videos found in the [LINKS] section.
  581. Never peek when you don't have to peek. I see defenders being guilty of this all the fucking time. When there are 30 seconds left on the clock and it's a 2v1, for fuck's sake don't be an asshole and peek. If you die, now it's a 1v1 and you just threw your advantage to the wind. They have to come to you. If you really wanna pad out your KD that much, then only peek in this situation if there is no physical time for the enemy to come to the objective. I've lost too many rounds where my teammates wanted to get an ebin sick peek for their montage in a crucial moment when holding, they get meme'd on, and then it's up to the last guy remaining to win the round, who can promptly get meme'd on as well because he doesn't have the numbers advantage.
  583. Don't spot on Valkyrie's cams unless there's like 10 seconds left, use your microphone to communicate intel.
  585. As soon as you spawn, be wary so you can instantly punish any attempts at spawn killing. Cover popular runout or peeking spots when outside with claymores, even well into the round.
  587. Some Map Specific Tips:
  589. >When playing Kanal, send your drone to the building opposite of where the objective is as soon as you realize where it is, and make sure you stay on it for a few seconds after round start to see if you get any roamers going that way. If they do send someone, hunt that guy down with your team, first thing. He cannot be allowed to have positions that powerful on the other building. You could technically bend backwards so that he can't get good sightlines on you, but it might cripple your attack. If they don't send someone, immediately take over connector with your team and lock it down with a claymore and/or someone pushing Model Room. Now you have something less to worry about.
  591. >When playing Consulate Garage, the piano room on top of objective is crucial. This is the case for many rooms above objectives - they can often decide a match. Be careful about ceding control of them. Also of course, rooms below objectives, seeing as Buck, Sledge or IQ can easily meme on you from below with a grenade or buck's skeleton key. A good example of this is defending Master Bedroom in House. If your team cedes control of first floor dining room and office, you have just given these three fellers a free invitation to fuck your ass up from below. They have free reign to weed out any defenders hiding behind the furniture, in closet, or bathroom - all crucial spots to defend Bedroom.
  593. Siege has an abnormally big skill curve to overcome. Even the best players have days where they just play horribly and they go on insane losing streaks. When that happens, the best thing to do is to take a break. Playing while "tilted" just makes you play worse. Try not to lose motivation. If you're getting upset by losing streaks or doing badly, then just take a break and come back to it in a few hours or even days. It helps to be fresh so you can concentrate.
  595. ===========================================================================================
  596. [SETTINGS]
  598. -------- Gameplay Settings
  600. TURN ON ADVANCED GADGET DEPLOYMENT (under Controls section). This makes it so that you can cancel out of the animation of placing down a gadget (this is absolutely key to counter a Bandit Tricker as Thermite for example)
  602. Set your Lean key to toggle, so you can peek more effectively.
  604. Find out your preferred Mouse DPI and in-game Sensitivity settings. This is mainly up to personal preference. Some people swear by Low DPI and high In-Game Sens. Some prefer High DPI and low In-Game Sens. Do your research and find out what you like.
  606. -------- Video Settings
  608. Whatever graphics settings you run with, make sure your Shadows are AT LEAST on Medium. This is so that you can see player shadows, which can provide crucial information. If you can afford it, have LOD Quality on Ultra and Anisotropic Filtering on x16.
  609. If you want to gain frames, dropping Texture Quality to Low is probably the best way to do so - but only do this if you're okay with the game looking a bit crappier than usual. Reflections are another less drastic way to gain frames by dropping them to Low.
  611. Turn OFF Ambient Occlusion, Lens Effects, Depth of Field, and Vsync.
  613. FOV is personal preference. Most people prefer to run 90 FOV and use ACOG's for better situational awareness. Players that favor x1 sights will likely use around 74 FOV.
  615. If you don't have a very powerful computer and don't mind jaggies - use Temporal Filtering and Off PostProcess AA
  616. If you don't have a very powerful computer and mind jaggies - use Temporal Filtering and FXAA
  617. If you have a powerful computer and don't mind jaggies - use Off Anti-Aliasing and Off PostProcessAA
  618. If you have a powerful computer and mind jaggies - use MSAAx2 or x4 AA and Off PostProcessAA
  620. ===========================================================================================
  621. [VIDEOS]
  623. -------- Gameplay Tips
  625. >5 Tips to Improve Your Skill (Serenity17)
  628. >Secrets of Peeking and Perspectives (Serenity17)
  631. >Dirty Spots and Angles (Serenity17)
  634. >Aim & Reflex Training (Ripleyman555)
  637. >Aim & Angle Tactics (Ripleyman555)
  640. >Movement & Room Clearing (Ripleyman555)
  643. >Sound Utility, Tips, and Propagation (Ripleyman555)
  646. >Bandit Tricking - Siege School (VarsityGaming)
  649. >Which Operator Do I Choose? - Siege School (VarsityGaming)
  652. -------- Information on Game Mechanics
  654. >How Sound Propagation Works
  657. >Barrel attachment comparison as of Patch 5.2
  662. "One word of warning: On the burst fire tests, he didn't let the weapons settle completely before he fired the next burst so that might have messed with the results."
  664. "The barrel comparison video is a solid list to go by if you only want to buy 1 attachment for each gun, but a lot of it is just up to how you feel while using it, so don't be afraid to try things."
  666. "It's all subjective, so it's hard to say. Optimally you should be tap and burst firing in most situations, but if you find yourself getting into full-auto firefights more often than others you're naturally going to need to use different attachments. I'd say overall, the list is very black and white. You're rarely ever going to purely burst or completely spray. Experience and preference will be more valuable but it's a good starting point."
  668. -------- Miscellaneous
  670. >An Annual Re-Review of Rainbow Six: Siege
  673. >Original Review of Rainbow Six: Siege
  676. >Retro Review: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
  679. >A History of Tom Clancy's Realistic Tactical Shooters (G4 Episode)
  682. ===========================================================================================
  683. [LINKS]
  685. -------- Useful links (Siege)
  687. >Stats
  691. >Maps
  694. >Drawing board
  697. >Weapons and Armor damage comparisons
  700. -------- R6 Black Ops mod (Classic R6)
  702. All the Classic Rainbow 6 games running on the latest engine, compatible with current Windows, all maps, all modes.
  703. (MEGA link provided by anon) -!P99z0CbQ!sF-1sVRgBKNkbEVL8NrnuLtpP3oK1aJHNzX65FpyfeA
  704. (From site) -
  706. If on Windows 10, you may need to apply this quick fix for the game to work:
  708. Use a DirectX 1-7 to OpenGL conversion wrapper
  710. Download WineD3D For Windows (works with both version 1.7.52 and 1.9.19).
  711. Extract the files named ddraw.dll, libwine.dll and wined3d.dll into the game directory folder in which the game executable is found.
  713. That's it. The other steps aren't needed for this version of the game. (Taken from's_Rainbow_Six:_Rogue_Spear)
  715. If on Windows 7/8, you might need to follow all the steps on the link above or try other things. If you have trouble getting it running and find a solution, by all means reply to the OP with how you did it so that I can add it to the "fixes to try" for this.
  717. -------- Raven Shield links and mods
  719. >To see how to install the free Iron Wrath expansion (not included in Steam), follow the first part of this guide:
  722. >Malleus' AI Mod
  724. If you're not getting anything else, get this. It improves your teammate AI with small but very welcome changes, such as:
  726. >Teammates now default to single fire for better accuracy
  727. >They now have a slightly wider FOV
  728. >Emergency swap to pistol
  729. >Rules of Engagement changes to make Recon/Infiltrate viable alternatives to Assault
  731. Instructions:
  732. Download link is here:
  733. Forum post by author is here:
  735. Installing it on top of a vanilla install is a breeze.
  737. Simply unpack the M_AIMod_RvS_105C.rar, go into the M_AIMod_RvS/System folder and extract M_AIMod.u (just this file) to your \Steam\steamapps\common\Rainbow Six 3 Gold\system folder. Then go to your \Rainbow Six 3 Gold\mods folder, open RavenShield on notepad, and on this section:
  739. //Default pawn classes
  740. m_DefaultLightPawn=R6Characters.R6RainbowLight
  741. m_DefaultMediumPawn=R6Characters.R6RainbowMedium
  742. m_DefaultHeavyPawn=R6Characters.R6RainbowHeavy
  743. m_DefaultPilotPawn=R6Characters.R6RainbowPilot
  744. m_DefaultRainbowAI=R6Engine.R6RainbowAI
  746. Simply cross out the bottom AI line so it looks like:
  748. //m_DefaultRainbowAI=R6Engine.R6RainbowAI
  750. and place this directly under it
  752. m_DefaultRainbowAI=M_AIMod.R6RainbowAI_X
  754. If you have Athena Sword + Iron Wrath installed, you simply need to also extract the same M_AIMod.u to your \Rainbow Six 3 Gold\mods\Athena Sword\system and \Iron Wrath\system folders respectively, and there you go. It just werks.
  756. >Raven Shield 2.0 (compatible with RS, IW, and AS)
  758. Overhaul mod. It's polarizing, you'll either like it or you'll hate it. It includes parts of Malleus' AI mod but not the whole thing.
  760. Installation guide and tweaks -
  761. Link to RS 2.0 file -
  763. -------- Miscellaneous
  765. >Asset Packs
  766. Rainbow Six Siege menu and art assets:
  767. Rainbow Six Siege menu and art assets (only new stuff):
  768. Base Operator:
  769. Black Ice:
  770. Dust Line:
  771. Skull Rain:
  772. Red Crow:
  773. Velvet Shell:
  775. ===========================================================================================
  776. [CHANGELOG]
  778. 2.24 - Added additional link for info on Alpha Packs.
  779. 2.23 - Added video tutorial to help newbies choose operators in a match.
  780. 2.22 - Added detailed video tutorial on Bandit tricking, updated info for Thatcher/Thermite/Hibana/Bandit to reflect this. Added "UNLOCK HIM/HER IF" sections for each DLC operator.
  781. 2.21 - Updated information on several FAQ answers and Operator descriptions. Added more information to gameplay tips. Added FOV information to [SETTINGS] section.
  782. 2.13 - Added Alpha Pack information to FAQ. Sectioned off Links a bit more neatly.
  783. 2.12 - Added links to explanations for how the ranking system works. Added information about Malleus' AI Mod for Raven Shield.
  784. 2.11 - Added official FAQ for Starter Edition under "Which edition should I buy?" section. Typo corrections. Added TS Info directly to FAQ to avoid confusion. Added message on R6 Black Ops in Miscellaneous section asking people to submit fixes that worked for them if presented one didn't work initially.
  785. 2.10 - Added guides for Jackal and Mira, added links for Stat checking, added two new asset/gallery links, added yet another warning about Starter Edition at the top, corrected a mention of Capitao still having frags
  786. 2.00 - Major guide update for Year 2. Full revision.
  787. 1.16 - Added menu and art asset link to Miscellaneous section. Added disclaimer/notice of impending guide revision.
  788. 1.15 - Updated barrel comparison video link, added info about extended barrel attachment, fixed typos.
  789. 1.14 - Added updated information on Tachanka, Smoke, Glaz, Blitz, and Montagne after Red Crow Reinforcements.
  790. 1.13 - Added new vanilla operator guides. Added useful newbie information about custom matches. Added info about Weekly Challenges. Removed info about Season pass 1, since it's no longer available.
  791. 1.12 - Added Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield stuff to [LINKS]. Added miscellaneous section with some reviews and video essays by SBH to [VIDEOS]. Added Road Map to Year 2 FAQ question. Added information to Multiplayer (Ranked) section. Added clarification on where to find miscellaneous links.
  792. 1.11 - Fixed typos and spacing, added feedback and submission request at the top, clarified barrel attachment information, added Discord link for completeness' sake, added "Do I lose DLC operators after Season Pass ends" to the FAQ, added -[under construction]- tags on the table of contents.
  793. 1.10 - Revamped guide, added table of contents and new information everywhere.
  794. 1.03 - added "Misc Links" with Art and Assets. Added changelog.
  795. 1.02 - added "Helpful Videos" section
  796. 1.01 - typo corrections
  797. 1.00 - original content donut steel
  799. ===========================================================================================
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