FOR GAZA from Anonymous: Via M'Rowé Ally@facebook

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. Via M’Rowé Ally@facebook
  5. Greetings Citizens of The World: Our heart goes to The Children and The People of Gaza who were innocent people who died for no special cause other than Greediness and selfishness of Israeli Government. We are launching a man hunt for The President of Israel next month its time to shut The Israeli Government once and for all. The Children and the people who died were not just anyone. They were sons, daughter, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, father, mother, grandmother and grandfather of someone and many others. So next month AnonOpsRescueGaza will be simply done to help out the kids and the people of Gaza with food, water, clothes and more. Anonymous members will also donate money for the cause to help them out. We are also opening a separate Bank Account in the name of Anonymous (Gaza)
  7. We will donate our money and time. No amount is too small. For those who don’t have money just keep on posting messages, share ideas, pictures, videos and more. Also we are giving away to them free Anonymous products such as cards, pens, shirts, flags, cups, mugs, calendars and much more. We want to let Gaza know that they are not alone. More information and videos of these operations will be released to the public shortly. My brother and I will donate $5,000 US Dollars for the cause out of our pockets. Please share this message with the world, emails, Facebook, friends, family, pages, groups, events or anyone for that matter. We thank you for your help and support.
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