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Magic and the Soul - Magical Thoery

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  2. Magic and Soul, The Interaction
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  5. Pre-Lecture Questions
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  7. 1. What do you guys think is a soul?
  9. Lecture
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  11. The souls are the immaterial part of a being, which in many beliefs live on even after death. Wizards, witches, and muggles alike still don't know the nature of a soul, particularly its role in magic.
  13. A human relies on their soul for a different mindset, but a torn soul, like part of one in a Horcrux depends wholly on the objects wellbeing. That is to say, that if a person dies, they enter the Veil or the person chooses to become a ghost. One exception would be if the part of the soul in the Horcrux gets destroyed, it simply disappears or dies.
  15. This study proves to be different from the "central" portion of the soul, where it remains in the body.  This part of the soul serves as the sense of awareness and psyche for the individual. Meaning that only one portion can keep such full attributes even though it's in multiple pieces.
  17. Any part of a soul that was torn away and stored somewhere else can gain its sense of sentience, which means it zaps the life force of any person that comes in possession of the item. In turn, this part of the soul can gain a human form for itself.
  19. A single body could not have hosted more than one sentient soul as it saps their life force. Many animal hosts couldn't take on Voldemort's fragmented soul and had their life force drastically reduced. Quirinus Quirrell had to drink Unicorn Blood to sustain his life force
  21. Question Break
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  24. Possible Debate/Discussion
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  26. Starting Discussion Topic: How is magic related to the soul? How does it happen?
  28. More Discussions: Are there any magic that can touch the soul deeply? (Except for Horcruxes) What is the interaction of the soul between magic? How does it work?
  30. Possible Homework
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  32. Write about the theories we had in mind during our debate. How does magic relate to the soul? What is their interaction? 5+ pages.
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