#700 Sylveon

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  1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Sylveon @ Choice Specs  
  3. Ability: Pixilate  
  4. EVs: 156 HP / 252 SpA / 100 SpD  
  5. Modest Nature  
  6. - Hyper Beam  
  7. - Shadow Ball  
  8. - Moonblast  
  9. - Psyshock
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. MOVES:
  13. Hyper Beam- This move destroys almost EVERYTHING.  Its high base power, pixilate which makes it STAB, and Choice Specs make this move plow through pokemon.  It's defiantly not expected either.
  15. Shadow Ball- A good coverage move to hit Bulky Psychic types, or Ghosts.
  17. Moonblast- This is for those times where you need to use a fairy type move but you don't need the power of hyper beam because who really wants to waste a turn recharging.
  19. Psyshock- Again A good coverage move.  Mostly for Specially defensive walls such a Chansey or Florges.
  21. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. ITEM:
  23. Gives all these moves such amazing power.  It lifts hyper beam to a whole new spectrum of power.
  24. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. EV SPREAD:
  26. I gave it some HP and SpD investment to be a bulky monster, at least on the special side.  This Pokemon's defense is rather low so keep that in mind if your unsure about whether you can live an attack.  I also gave it SpA to boost its already amazing SpA.
  27. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. CALCS:
  29. None
  30. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. WHAT TO DO:
  32. Use this pokemon as a special threat.  Once hyper beam is revealed and you opponent sees how much it does, even to resisted pokemon, he will know to be afraid from hyper beams to come.  You could use this to your advantage in predicting your opponents next move.
  33. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. Try to avoid taking physical attacks.  Also don't switch in to a pokemon you already know has a move your weak too.  Hyper beam may be strong but if it does fail to knock a pokemon out, don't forget the recharge consequence.
  36. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. TEAM OPTIONS: Obviously you will need a pokemon to resist or is immune to steel type attacks.  Ferrothorn or Skarmory are great options because not only are they steel types, but they both are very defensive, which is what Sylveon lacks.  If you are looking for a good switch in from physical steel type moves, a bulky fighting type is good, such as Conkeldurr or Mega-Heracross.
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