Shinobu Gets Fed False Information by a Prepromote

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  1. [22:54:22] <Giantree> oh right yeah i'm on setup duty, because i haven't done the 'explain what characters are doing' thing
  2. [22:55:18] <Nagare_Shinobu> O shit waddup
  3. [22:55:36] <Giantree> But I don't wanna because now there are 60+ units and just thinking about it is nightmarish
  4. [22:55:46] <Raitaki> lel
  5. [22:57:18] <Giantree> HOWEVER, since who you want to talk to right now happens to be the captain of the units leading the war effort who are now very confused because they just got roped together with their enemy in a castle built and owned by Literal Hitlerâ„¢.  That said, she's still trying to give orders and act like a proper commander in order to keep their troops from getting TOO disorganized while they figure out what the fuck they're supposed to be doing.
  6. [22:58:12] <Nagare_Shinobu> Help save the world.
  7. [22:58:55] <Nagare_Shinobu> So she'd probably be in her tent, right?
  8. [22:59:35] <Giantree> Oh, well, yeah, but when you're an actual soldier and not a shut-in who reads books about heroism and adventures, you tend to not think about that kind of thing quite as much.  However, since I mentioned a nondescript camp last time, yeah, everyone's in tents.  And there are a BUNCH of tents.  And they're- FUCK I already blogged about the giant robots holding them up goddamnit giantree
  9. [22:59:39] <Giantree> tl;dr: Yes.
  10. [22:59:46] <Nagare_Shinobu> hehe
  11. [23:02:11] <Nagare_Shinobu> After an unfortunate incident involving walking in on Aron doing literally nothing, Shinobu finally reaches Noel's tent. "Hey uh, Noel. Got a moment? Need to talk with you about something."
  12. [23:06:03] <Giantree> Nah actually, he's writing journals of his adventures and also looking at maps.  Which is probably the most something thing that anybody can be doing, compared to the others who are just reading books and engaging in homosexual activities with one another (there was a whole scene from the suppo with Edwin in the Easter Cavs' tent that was cut from the US localization, just go ahead and guess what it was).  But Noel is also still trying to be a commander, which means she looks very busy giving orders to soldiers and keeping track of supplies.  She has a positive reception anyway, and nods.  "Yes, as I recall you're the one who assisted back at Partizania.  And I believe it's your superior officer I've been having talks with, who tells me you're of a more... interesting persuasion.  Nevertheless, we're allies for now at least.  What is it?"
  13. [23:10:56] <Nagare_Shinobu> The localization is a shit. Who would have thought? The ninja... takes a deep breath! "Yeah, I bet Steyr would have a lot to tell you. Anyway I wanted to talk to you ah... about Norn." Does he say it, or not? Not just yet. Also, he's not at ease.
  14. [23:13:07] <Giantree> "Oh, has she been bothering you?  Sure, I'll scold her again.  That girl's awfully mischievous, but she means well."  Noel nods again and goes back to marking down spots on a map.  "Was that all you needed?"
  15. [23:16:04] <Nagare_Shinobu> "No no, it's... nothing like that," Shinobu takes one whole deep breath. Again! This will not end well. "I want to marry her, and was seeking your uh, permission to do so, since you're her eldest sister and all that." shit he should have done this after the war, not during it
  16. [23:19:53] <Giantree> "Yes, certainly.  I'll give you permission to mawait WHAT."  The mark she's making on the map goes wild and turns into a goofy-looking gigantic checkmark on what was supposed to be a strategic location.  She narrows her eyes at her own mistake, but sets its importance aside for now and looks up.  "It's only been this long since you've been with us and you're already considering making that sort of commitment?  And gods forbid, you got HER to agree to it?  Mind you, I'm more relieved than words can express that it isn't a woman asking me this; I was worried that she was one day going to have realized she was a lesbian overnight and built herself a harem of..." And then she catches herself.  "... Nevermind that."
  17. [23:22:20] <Giantree> "Well, in a more civil situation it would be proper form to ask our parents that instead, but as we're in wartime, we can afford to be less formal."  She blinks a few times, as if trying to wake up from a dream.  "Excuse me, I'm still trying to take this in.  The sudden appearance of our long-lost sibling after three years was shock enough, this is just icing on the cake if you will."
  18. [23:33:40] <Nagare_Shinobu> help how do i do this
  19. [23:33:53] <Nagare_Shinobu> I've become Shuku.
  20. [23:34:01] <Nagare_Shinobu> I'm overthinking.
  21. [23:34:13] <Raitaki> +t flamypost
  22. [23:35:35] <Nagare_Shinobu> Wait, what. "Wait, what," Okay, let's disregard that last part for now. Let's talk about parallel universes, instead. "I haven't gotten her to agree with this... though yes, I probably should have brought it up with her father instead of you." Dammit, this was too complicated. He detaches the Fuuma Shuriken off his back. "Sorry for being so sudden about
  23. [23:35:35] <Nagare_Shinobu> this."
  24. [23:35:54] <Nagare_Shinobu> Okay yeah, I am thinking WAY too hard about this.
  25. [23:36:33] <Giantree> "No, no," though her expression as stern as always, you get the feeling she ALMOST smiled.  "I'm impressed at how humble you are.  Looks like you're serious about this."
  26. [23:40:23] <Giantree> Noel doesn't even pay attention to whatever you're trying to do, going back to focusing on maps and charts while speaking.  "Well, I'd hate to ruin your fun after you've come this far, but, the pegasus riders of Acaiah are typically mandated to abstain from intimate relationships with men - and marriage as well - until they've retired from service.  This is because our mounts value maidenhood and run a risk of abandoning their riders if they engage in such relationships, which would make them worthless in combat.  It's the same as dying."
  27. [23:41:13] <Giantree> "In other words, you're telling me that you plan on possibly killing one of my soldiers.  Are you able to shoulder that responsibility?"
  28. [23:45:44] <Nagare_Shinobu> Well, that's an interesting concept to know. For the role, that is. "I might not be the best for bearing that responsibility, but... I will give it my all."
  29. [23:47:27] <Giantree> "Well."  The eldest sister sets down her papers.  "Since things are so informal, I'll say this: it's her life, not mine.  I can't tell her how to live it, and we've all seen what happened when I ordered her to stay back and defend the capital.  If you two are truly smitten with each other, then it isn't my place to intervene."
  30. [23:49:06] <Giantree> "In other words," she continues, "as a woman, she's free to make her own decisions and normally you'd have my blessing.  However, as I've explained earlier, the nature of a pegasus isn't to be taken lightly- and not as a sister, but as a commander, I'm not planning to simply ignore the possibility that the worst may happen.  It's a mark of shame on our family, but it's happened to us once before."
  31. [23:52:11] <Giantree> With a sigh, Noel walks over to a stack of books while she prattles.  Satisfied wiith what she'd found, she pauses a moment to flip it open and confirm something.  Once assured of her next words, she continues: "It was hundreds of years ago, but one of our ancestors faced her mount's wrath by eloping with a young soldier in the middle of a war.  He went and got himself killed almost immediately afterward and she tried to enlist back into the military as an infantry unit.  You can imagine how well that went, and you'll have to- her name isn't even recorded in history.  She just disappeared, with nobody knowing whether she lived or died."
  32. [23:53:26] <Giantree> "In other words, you could be that young foolish soldier and die tomorrow, daming Norn to a cursed fate of being scorned by her pegasus and worth less than dirt than her country, unable to leave even the tiniest mark on history.  For someone as prideful as she is, can you imagine what that would feel like?  Hmm?"
  33. [23:59:34] <Nagare_Shinobu> I think I now feel Ramsey's confusion when S-Supporting Aryll. No I don't... wait, do I? No, I don't. Auuuuuu. "So you will not give a blessing, but a warning?" So this is what marrying a pegasus knight is like. Damn. "I can imagine that feeling, and it is... not one that I want her to ever feel."
  34. [00:02:20] <Giantree> "Well, if it's that hard to understand, I'm just suggesting that you wait until the war is over.  Though, young love isn't something that often waits, I suppose."  A sigh.  Also he was confused during the A, not the S.  Funny guy.  "Just know that that's what could happen.  If you REALLY want a better idea of how a pegasus' mind works, the only exception they make is for 'true love.'  If you two think your affection for another is pure and true, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to where even a mythical beast of legend would judge you worthy to wed, then there's nothing I can say, because it wouldn't be my place to stop you."
  35. [00:03:20] <Giantree> "Besides, you're quite handsome at a glance, so it wouldn't entirely surprise me if she was just attracted to your looks and wanted to go for a quick fling."  Hard to tell if that's a compliment or not.
  36. [00:10:13] <Nagare_Shinobu> Definitely not a compliment. Maybe. "... I see. In that case..." Shinobu reattaches the Fuuma Shuriken onto his back. "Maybe I need to wait, but... even after all this, there's still my duty as a ninja of the Nagare Clan. Is there any way I can prove to the pegasus that our love is true?" Or maybe you need to go S Vena. Only kidding. Definitely find the
  37. [00:10:13] <Nagare_Shinobu> answer first.
  38. [00:13:01] <Giantree> "They're a finnicky beast.  They can sense things that humans cannot- such as the aforementioned, if it wasn't already obvious.  So in other words," she muses, "No.  It's similar to how some wild animals can sense fear in their prey- if your hearts waver just a bit, then you're probably not worthy.  That's the only advice I can give, though.  Otherwise... I won't stop you from trying.  Just be prepared for the possibility that you may wind up on the wrong end of my spear if you do anything to harm my little sister OR her mount."
  39. [00:17:50] <Nagare_Shinobu> "I'd say that I'm ready to die, but... there's more than just the fate of my family on the line here for me," He prepares to leave the tent. "I won't die just yet. Not until I've tried. Thank you, Noel."
  40. [00:19:03] <Giantree> "It's no problem.  As a commander it's my duty to be prepared for the worst, and ensure that others are able to spare themselves from worst-case scenarios as well.  All that said: good luck."
  41. [00:21:23] <Nagare_Shinobu> Well, I think I can safely say
  42. [00:21:42] <Nagare_Shinobu> Wait, no I can't.
  43. [00:21:58] <Nagare_Shinobu> So /c?
  44. [00:23:40] <Giantree> is that really c and not a-and-a-half
  45. [00:23:57] <Giantree> let's be real, noel is prepromote so you're never going to use her anyway
  46. [00:24:00] <Giantree> nobody EVER uses prepromotes
  47. [00:24:53] <Nagare_Shinobu> Except for Seth.
  48. [00:25:16] <Nagare_Shinobu> Also, an A-Rank is an A-Rank. You can't say it's only half.
  49. [00:25:26] <Giantree> kil your selfe
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