Gakke Alternative Encounter

Feb 22nd, 2021
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  1. “HaIL trAv” the giant cleared her throat. You didn’t think someone that big could have a voice crack that high. “Hail, traveler.”
  3. You blinked. “Uhh… Hail…”
  5. Breath poured out of the knight’s helmets in heaving breaths. The silence rolled on. You looked at the armor-clad monsters behind her. They stared blankly back at you. Some of them looked almost apologetic.
  7. “General, I believe this human to be-“
  9. An automaton in the soldier’s ranks was dogpiled by the soldiers next to her.
  11. “Shut up! I’ll handle this!” barked the knight.
  13. You blenched. This was clearly a monster who was used to giving orders. Intimidating and confident. No wonder none of these girls had tried to jump you.
  15. “Ah! Sorry, sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you!” The knight showed you her palms and lowered her hands.
  17. You took a step back. This was getting a little too weird for your taste…
  19. “NO!” she roared. One of her massive feet slammed into the ground as she took a step towards you. “I mean, please, don’t run. Okay? I’m not going to hurt you. Even though I could. No! Wait, I didn’t mean to threaten you! Not that it was a threat!” stammered the colossal girl.
  21. You gulped. It was one of THESE monsters.
  23. “Ha ha, yeah. Don’t worry, you’re safe. Because I’m here! I’ll protect you from things! And stuff!” the girl thumped a fist into her breastplate. Your eyes transfixed upon the metal plate as it jiggled. Clearly that mace wasn’t the only weapon she was packing…
  25. “Uhh… I was just leaving.” You turned around and started off down the road.
  27. “HEY!”
  29. You whipped around as the snarling knight stepped towards you again. She flinched and took a few steps back.
  31. “Sorry! I just wanted to talk to you! It’s just that uhh…” There was another awkward pause. “You looked so sad!”
  33. You glowered at her. “I’m not in the mood to talk. Who are you and what are you even doing out here?”
  35. “Us? Oh, them! Me and my friends, right, ha ha! Uhh… we were just…”
  37. {Visiting the shrine, General!} said one of the soldiers.
  39. “We were just visiting this shrine!” said the knight.
  41. “Don’t bother.”
  43. The knight cocked her head. “Huh?”
  45. “That’s no goddess up there, just a brat. Go give your tithe to a gnome or something, I’m sure they’d make better use of it.”
  47. “I see.” Said the knight.
  49. More silence. The monsters behind the knight seemed to be getting more and more agitated. All of them looked uneasy. One succubus had a hand over her mouth, as if she was witnessing a tragedy. The knight fidgeted. She looked over her shoulder at the other monsters. A handful of them began to mouth something to her while making various gestures with their hands. She turned back to you.
  51. “Would you like to get married!?” blurted the knight.
  53. Your eyes bulged. A chorus of agonized screams and groans emanated from the soldiers behind her. The succubus buried her face in her hands. A dullahan twisted her head all the way around. An amazon bit her lip and looked at her feet.
  55. “WHAT? ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU SAID-“ the knight noticed you creeping away.
  57. “STAY.” She rumbled.
  59. You froze. Something deep inside you forbade you from running. Such an absolute order from a figure like this gave a pharaoh’s godvoice a run for its money.
  61. “No, please don’t be scared. I already said I wasn’t going to hurt you!” pleaded the knight.
  63. “I have to go.” You said weakly.
  65. “Wait! You’re single, right? I can smell it on you; you haven’t been claimed. I assure you human, entering into a matrimonial agreement would be advantageous for you. I have the martial prowess to protect you from the evils of the world, and sufficient material wealth to ensure that we and our progeny will live comfortably. Moreover, I am extremely confident in my ability to l-l-l…” The woman took a deep, rattling breath as her voice rose a few octaves. “LoVE y-you. I’ll hold you close every night, wrapping you in my arms and mashing your dainty little face into my chest as I grab handfuls of that perky little ass in m-“
  67. “GENERAL!” screamed the succubus.
  69. The general snapped out of whatever trance she was in and retracted her outstretched groping hands.
  71. “S-sorry. I meant to say that I would cuddle you a lot. Because I love you! Now, let’s fornicate.”
  73. “General, for the love of EROS.” The poor succubus looked like she was about to cry.
  75. “What? I’ve done everything we discussed! This male now knows that I have the stature, wealth, and commitment to bear strong offspring. That’s how they think! And I was even confident, just like you said!” said the knight.
  77. You were breaking out in cold sweats. This woman was giving off POWERFUL kimoi energy. Something was seriously wrong here.
  79. “General, you’re coming on too hard! You need to woo him!” said a dullahan.
  81. “I just did!” insisted the giant.
  83. “You sound like you’ve never spoken to a man in your life.” The words flowed out of your mouth without your permission. You didn’t mean to say it; something within you forced that sentence from your lips. There was no stopping it. Not the words, not your brow furrowing, and not your lip curling.
  85. The mood changed instantly. The General’s soldier’s astonishment quickly shifted to anger. Contrary to her underlings, the General herself looked like she had been stabbed. Her armor rattled as she took a step back. A small sniff echoed out of the helmet of the tremulous titan.
  87. “Take that back right now!” snapped the succubus.
  89. “Yeah, General gets TONS of proposals from all sorts of strong guys!” said a salamander.
  91. “General Gakke just isn’t good at taking the initiative, that’s all! She has trouble talking to cute boys.” Said an amazon.
  93. General who? Your face drained. No, you must have misheard. It must be a common name. That was impossible! Gakke should be in chains on her way to Soheiya by now! All the monsters glared at the amazon.
  95. “Oops…”
  97. Gakke sniveled and shook in her armor. Some of her soldiers came over to comfort her. One of Gakke’s massive hands wrapped around a succubus at her side as the semen demon crooned to the General.
  99. “How could you say something like that to Gakke! She’s the sweetest girl in Kamaka!” scolded the succubus.
  101. “Do you know how much courage she had to work up to talk to you? She’s been practicing what she was going to say for days!” said a demon.
  103. “Treating a princess like this… so insolent…” said a lizardman.
  105. “Typical arrogant mage.” Scoffed a werewolf.
  107. Were you feeling… pity for this girl? Sure, you didn’t mean to be THAT harsh with her. But who talked to someone like that?! Still… You looked at the tori as the soldiers tried to console their boss. Thoughts of your own rejection flooded your mind. If Zutari had let you down gently, told you that she wasn’t interested and left if at that, she would have spared you a world of humiliation. Fuck. Even if some of these monsters were rampaging rapists, they were still girls after all. And ones like Gakke, ones that took the time to actually make a proposal, were few and far between.
  109. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.” You hung your head.
  111. Gakke sniffed. The succubus hanging off her thigh narrowed her eyes at you and wiggled her tail in loops.
  113. “I shouldn’t have said that. I appreciate your proposal. It means a lot to me that you didn’t try to pulverize me with your mace. I know it’s hard for mamono to restrain themselves sometimes.” You said carefully.
  115. “Then… You’ll marry me?” asked Gakke hopefully.
  117. “Uh, no…”
  119. The monsters around Gakke stepped away. A faint rumbling began to emanate from the mountain of oni.
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