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  1. Duty Bound
  3. Anonymous x Guard Mare (Explicit)
  5. >You are Aegis, the prestigious personal pegasus protector to the one and only Lord Anonymous.
  6. >And right now, you’re under his desk… “Servicing” him.
  7. >The guard never trained you for this, but you can’t complain. No straight mare will complain about the taste of a healthy male.
  8. >Plus, he needed this. You know he did. Having to sit and dissuade Blueblood out of yet another tax hike for hours would build stress fast.
  9. >And like any good guard, you live for the wellbeing of the one you protect.
  10. >He lets out a quiet sigh and a shiver as you bob up and down, his hand combing through your un-helmeted mane.  
  11. >Feeling bold, you raise yourself slightly and wrap a foreleg around each of his spread legs, pulling yourself closer to him.
  12. >Your own body aches for a loving touch, but you push it away. Your own wants are unimportant here.
  13. >Slowly, you overcome the human’s ludicrous stamina. His hips gently buck into your mouth and his breathless pants become more audible.
  14. >He starts to swell in your mouth, then -!
  15. >The door to the office slams open, followed by heavy, angry hoof-falls.
  16. >You freeze.
  17. >”Anonymous!”
  18. >You know that voice.    
  19. >Of all the times Blueblood could have walked into Anon’s study, why now?!?
  20. >If he finds you like this, you’ll be discharged for sure. Damn stallionist prince will insist you manipulated Anon in some way.  
  21. >A hand on your head stops you from jumping and smashing into the bottom of the desk.
  22. >”So, what can I do for you today my Prince?” You hear Anon ask.
  23. >”Humpf. For one, you could stop with all the useless drivel you gave me earlier. The plebeians will be fine with my proposal.”
  24. >”I’m still a little unsure, my Prince.”
  25. >Oh Celestia, what do you do?!
  26. >The hand on the top of your head falls to your neck, gently pulling you forward and running your mouth along his length again.
  27. >Does he… Want you to keep going? With somepony else in the room?
  28. >Your lord is bold, you know this, but this situation is jumping right into LEWD territory.
  29. >Nonetheless, you start slowly bobbing your head again, making generous use of your tongue to compensate for the lack of speed.
  30. >You try to tune out Blueblood, concentrating on the taste in your mouth and trying to find what spots were most sensitive.
  31. >Though you wouldn’t be surprised if the stuck-up unicorn could smell your arousal.  
  32. >Anon keeps running his fingers through your mane, and you vaguely hear the elbow of his other arm come to rest on the desk.
  33. >Now the chatter of the two males has faded to background noise and you focus on your task.
  34. >Praying that you don’t gag, you dive down so far that your muzzle rests on his belt.
  35. >So far that his tip now rests in your throat.
  36. >You swallow, making the muscles around him pull and suck only to gain nothing.  
  37. >His speech doesn't even waver.
  38. >Eyes watering, you pull away again, so far that you're left kissing the human’s glans.
  39. >Seven more times he penetrates your throat, and on number eight, he swells again.
  40. >The hand in your mane snakes around to gently grip under your jaw, guiding you through a few rapid bobs.
  41. >Then he pushes you away and himself out  just far enough that only the very end of your tongue could reach.
  42. >It twitches, and a thick, white, rope of liquid jumps the gap to your open mouth, coating your tongue.
  43. >The hand pulls you back down and your lips wrap around the welcome invader.
  44. >This close, you can see all the muscles in his abdomen flexing, pumping even more seed into your maw
  45. >Your eyes close as you savor the taste rapidly filling your mouth.
  46. >Look at you. A royal guard. Equestria’s elite. Suckling a shaft like a newborn does a teat. What would your father say?
  47. >You can’t bring yourself to care, honestly.
  48. >Anon looks down at you as the last pulses between your jaws cease, leaving your cheeks full and swollen.
  49. >You know what he wants.
  50. >Tilting your head back, baring your neck and letting his length go in one movement, you swallow all of your delectable prize in one go.
  51. >His satisfied eyes follow the large lump in your throat all the way down to your belly.  
  52. >Everything comes back into focus as you hear the office doors close again with a sharp “Bang!”
  53. >Blueblood must have left.
  54. >All is silent for a moment.
  55. >”Aegis?”
  56. “Ye-!”
  57. >You swallow again, getting a little you missed.
  58. “Yes my lord?”
  59. >He looks down at you with a smile. “Follow me to my chambers. I know of a certain mare who deserves a… special reward for going above and beyond the call of duty.”
  60. >The fire in your loins flares up once more.
  61. >You’ve heard of stallion servants and guards sometimes being taken as concubines by powerful VIPs.
  62. >Idly, you wonder if mare concubines are a real thing.  
  64. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  66. Burden(?) of Motherhood.
  68. Anon x Pregnant Twilight (Explicit)
  70. >You are Twilight Sparkle, Princess, mother-to-be, and lazy mare still in her bed at noon.
  71. >Right now, you feel none of the stress the first two titles should bring.
  72. >You shift slightly on your side, not phasing the large form pressed against your back.  
  73. >A pleased sigh escapes your mouth as a pair of lips give the base of your ear a light kiss.
  74. >Without even thinking, you lean your head back into the kiss, earning a nuzzle and whispered, baritone words with little meaning other than comfort.
  75. >For a lucid moment, you wonder how you acquired such a mate, then you lose the thought to the muted pleasure the rest of your body feels.
  76. >The pair of arms surrounding your body roam freely. A hand attached to an arm you lay against  goes over your tuft, combing it with warm fingers before trailing down to your life swollen belly.
  77. >With feather-light, almost hesitant touches it rubs your stomach is slow circles.
  78. >..!
  79. >A tiny hoof presses back against the hand for a short moment, earning a gasp from your bedmate.
  80. >The hand rubs again.
  81. >..!
  82. >You’re hugged just a little closer to the form behind you.
  83. >Past your large stomach and into your nethers, another hand works slowly.
  84. >The sore, engorged teats that escape your sight have done a one-eighty. Rather than be painful and annoying, they now send pleasant pangs all through your being at the slightest touch.
  85. >The more naughty hand cups the tender flesh of one and softly squeezes and rubs.
  86. >Your bottom lip is caught between your teeth as the teat’s sister receives the same treatment.
  87. >A hot, dribbling sensation makes itself known to you after a rather daring squeeze,
  88. >The hand rises back into sight for a moment, droplets of pure white on them.
  89. >Your bedmate stops the kiss at the base of your horn for a moment, probably observing his dirtied appenage.
  90. >The hand pulls away to behind you for a just a second, then returns clean.
  91. >You almost miss the sound of smacking lips before the kiss on your horn returns.
  92. >The already heated blush that burns on your face becomes a little redder.
  93. >Hold on...
  94. >Prod…
  95. >Prod…
  96. >No… Could he? No stallion is so daring.
  97. >Something fleshy and so HOT pokes at your behind, missing a few times before it touches it’s prize.
  98. >Wink!
  99. >You shiver, already feeling tension build in your loins.
  100. >Slow, so AGONIZINGLY slow does he push in. Your excitement making for an almost total lack of traction. With every inch that passed, you felt like a star could have been born and died.
  101. >You pant with your mouth wide open, not even caring about the drool the escaped and stained the bedspread.  
  102. >You’ll clean that up later…
  103. >More and more, do you get the delicious full feeling. The feeling of your body joining with the one you love above all else.
  104. >Your tail flips, your ears twitch, and your legs curl.
  105. >Why, why must he tease you with such lag!
  106. >You toss your head back, breaking the kiss on your horn and desperately trying to capture his mouth with your own.
  107. >His eyes, his gorgeous eyes sparkle with humor.
  108. >For a moment, it looks as the catty human will remain the way he is, but he leans down and meets your kiss halfway.
  109. >His small tongue is no match for yours, letting you push your way into his mouth and explore the cavern of sharp teeth like the countless times you had done before.
  110. >The jagged teeth remind you.
  111. >This human is a predator. Not a pony. Not even a stallion.
  112. >His thick arms could break you. His stamina could run you down. His teeth, the ones he willingly gives you dominion over now, could shred and consume you.
  113. >But he would never do that. You know it.
  114. >You’re the lamb who tamed the lion.
  115. >! Your thoughts are cut off once more.  
  116. >After an eon, smooth, furless hips meet your own as your pitiful moan echos ever so slightly in your lovers mouth.
  117. >Soooooo gooooood…
  118. >He breaks the kiss with a quiet grunt and pulls out just as slowly. No. He pulls out even slower as you involuntarily clench down, trying to keep the contact for as long as possible.
  119. >The full sensation is lost, replaced with a desperate NEED to have it back. Tears of frustration almost come to your clenched shut eyes.
  120. >When just the head remains, he starts the long journey back inside as his hands resume their work.
  121. >One rubbing circles onto your delicate middle, and other other rubbing and teasing your teats.
  122. >Again, he hilts himself with a shaky exhale, and pulls away again.
  123. >The slow burn in your loins grows at a lethargic pace, a pace you don’t find acceptable.
  124. >Squelch!
  125. >He gasps when you purposely clench as hard as you can in a bid for more, almost repulsing him out.
  126. >The arm aimed at your teats stops and wraps around your leg, pulling it up and giving him more leverage.
  127. >In again, despite all the resistance your entrance provides.
  128. >Sharp teeth nip at your neck as the lazy tempo is set.
  129. >In.
  130. >Out.
  131. >In.
  132. >Out.
  133. >Release builds. It’s so slow, but you can feel it.
  134. >Again, you pant, uncaring of how unprincess like it is.
  135. >You push back as best as pregnant mare on her side can, wanting the wondrous friction that your insides demanded.
  136. >Despite that, he never let the speed go beyond a snails place. Never let the volume of the loving go beyond whispering.
  137. >Like a candle, the slow burn in your marehood grows brighter and brighter little by little.
  138. >Clench!
  139. >Your lungs are filled air thanks to a sharp inhale.
  140. >Just a little more..!
  141. >Almost..!
  142. >The sound of flesh meeting flesh grows sharp and crisp.
  143. >Colors peek into your vision.
  144. >Your tongue is coated is sweetness.
  145. >CLENCH!
  146. >No sound escapes as your world explodes into bliss, into absolute euphoria.
  147. >A dull roar sounds in your ears as the colors in front of your eyes bleed together into a breathtaking mosaic
  148. >For a short moment, you forget where you are, and wonder if you struck by lightning.
  149. >But lightning would never feel like ecstasy, would it?
  150. >Untensing, you go limp and pant, trying to recover, but it all starts to build up again.
  151. >He’s not done. Not by a longshot.
  152. >Each thrust is punctuated by a quiet slap now, thanks to your drenching him.
  153. >You build again, in a haze this time, and again you know rapture.
  154. >How much time has passed, you’re unsure. But the uneven pants on your ear tell you one thing.
  155. >He’s close.
  156. >Mustering up as much energy as you can, you toss your head back and try to capture him a lip lock again.
  157. >Again, he leans down, looking you in the eyes as your mouths touch.
  158. >Nothing is said.
  159. >Nothing needs to be said.
  160. >He tenses, pushing is as far as he can without harming the foal, and shivers.
  161. >Heat blossoms in the chamber outside your womb, and your world explodes into color again.
  162. >Not a sound is made.
  163. >He releases your mouth from his, letting you fall to the bed limp.
  164. >A moment later, thick arms wrap around you in a tender hug.
  165. >”I love you, Twilight.”
  166. >You smile.
  167. >The book you had on “Exotic Stallions” was totally wrong.
  168. >And you are happy with that.
  170. -----------------------------------------------------------
  172. Unlikely Morning
  174. Anon x Rainbow Dash (Fluff)
  176. >"Morning."
  177. >You turn away from the sizzling, egg laden skillet and smile as Dash trots in the the kitchen.
  178. "Mornin' gorgeous. You finish your stretches?"
  179. >She returns your smile, a smattering of pink on her cheeks. "Yep. Got a minute to help with my chin ups?"
  180. >No boasting or sarcastic remark?
  181. >Dash has really mellowed out since you and her started banging.
  182. >It's kinda nice.
  183. "Hmm... I might."
  184. >You do.
  185. >Turning down the heat on the stove, you step away from it and hold your arms out.
  186. >Her smile turns into a grin just before she makes a running jump at you.
  187. >Before she can slam into you, you reach out and snatch her front hooves, leaving her limp in your grip.
  188. >Man, pegasai are so light.
  189. "Alright, 20 for 3, 5 on the last."
  190. >The multicolored mare blinks and tilts her head. "Why 5 seconds on the last one?"
  191. >God that's cute.
  192. "You'll see," you say mysteriously. "Ready? One!"
  193. >Rainbow lifts herself up, her head rising above her hooves to eye level with you.
  194. "One, two three."
  195. >And holds it for 3 seconds, then drops again.
  196. "Two, one, two, three."
  197. >You press your thumbs into the soft frogs of her hooves, keeping the blood in her legs circulating. No numb legs for this mare.
  198. >Heh. To think this beautiful mare came to you because Applejack roped her into a dare.
  199. >"Gotta take the aylien on a date." Applejack said.
  200. >Then... You're not really sure what happened.
  201. >You and Rainbow Dash just clicked.
  202. >She took you to a bar, you sat down, and you talked about all the "mare" stuff she wanted.
  203. >You'll remember the surprised look on her face when you kept up with her hoofball and then countered with fond recounts of how your favorite team won big a year back.
  204. >You and her went out again, then a third time.
  205. >Then you and her went to your place and fucked like animals. Good times.
  206. "Nineteen, one, two, three."
  207. >Nice to see your mouth autopilot still works.
  208. "Twenty, one, two, three, four..."
  209. >As Rainbow huffed, holding the chin-up, you lean forward and catch her lips with yours.
  210. >Her eyes go wide and her face blooms with red.
  211. >Even when her forelegs go limp, you raise your own arms to keep her at face level.
  212. >Low on air, she pulls away and takes a deep breath as her forelegs escape your hands, coming to rest around your neck and letting her hang.
  213. >You chuckle and press your forehead to hers.
  214. "Love ya."
  215. >She smiles. "Love you too, babe, but I think breakfast is burning."
  216. >Oh, so thats where that smoke smell was coming from.
  217. "FUCK!"
  220. --------------------------------------------------------
  222. Rare Purity
  224. Anon x Rarity (Fluff)
  226. >”A-are you sure Rares?”
  227. >Oh it’s moments like this you live for.
  228. >Your eyes glide over the perfect, trembling specimen before you.
  229. >Gone was his shirt, shoes, and socks, leaving him with only his cut-off pants and a red glow on his face.
  230. >The fading sunlight in your bedroom makes the scene seem like masterful art.
  231. >It’s taken some time to come this far. To overcome all the differences in both body and culture so you could grow closer to this tall, exotic, almost regal, yet so innocent stallion.
  232. >But it’s all been worth it, because you were smitten at first sight.
  233. >You’ve given him all you could. Your time, your thoughts, countless gifts, a shoulder to lean on.
  234. >And he returned each favor with unfaltering love and loyalty. Even going as far to conform to Equestria’s norms for your benefit, even if you’ve insisted he didn’t need to.
  235. >Now you’ve nothing left to give him.
  236. >Except your own body, that is.
  237. >But the prospect seemed to both excite him and cause dread.
  238. >Then it hit you like a train. Your alien tomfilly is a bit more pure than you had thought. It’s like some bad romance novel.
  239. >N-not that you read those, just making a comparison is all…
  240. “Whatever do you mean, love?”
  241. >He wrings his hands together, something you’ve learned to watch for. “Well…”
  242. >A shaky breath exits his kissable lips. “I… I dunno how to say it… I-I’ve never…”
  243. >He trails off, but you know what he means.
  244. >The hands disengage, letting one rub the arm of the other in discomfort.
  245. >”...Not even with another human…I don’t want to disappoint you is all...” He says, voice low and filled with doubt.
  246. >You can’t help but blink is surprise. You’re sure that you are the first pony who even made it this far with him, but NEVER?
  247. >That means... You’ll be his first. Ever.
  248. >A smile devoid of any dirty context finds it’s way to your face. You. Rarity. You are going to take this human’s purity.
  249. >He’s offered himself to you at his most vulnerable. Trusts you to not hurt him. Even thinking of you before himself. Not wanting to “disappoint” you, as if he could.
  250. >Your heart swells with emotion that you can’t identify.
  251. >You walk towards him, delicate smile still in place, and nuzzle his exposed torso with a feather light touch.
  252. >The bundle of muscle you rest against tenses to rock, then relaxes.
  253. “Love, you could never disappointment me. Not now, not ever,” you start, voice little higher than whisper. “The short few months I’ve known you have been the best I’ve ever had. Never have I had somepo - someone so thoughtful, loving, and unique as you. Tonight, this is for you.”
  254. >You crane your neck back, looking into his wide, hopeful eyes.
  255. “It was never about me, but you decided it was. That’s what sets you apart from the common colts. And I love you for it.”
  256. >Your heart is beating so loud that it almost drowns out your words, and you can feel his beating almost out of his chest.
  257. >Bracing your forelegs against his belt, you raise up almost to his height and press your forehead to his.
  258. >By Celestia, his eyes have never been so gorgeous.
  259. “Tonight, it’s not about either you or I, it’s about US. Together. You can never disappoint me.”
  260. >Your lips touch his, sending electricity down your spine.
  261. >It was a simple, chaste kiss. Not a raunchy, high school makeout that he liked or a dance of tongues.
  262. >Just a gesture of affection.
  263. >You pull back, remaining connecting to him with a single, glinting strand of saliva.
  264. >His eyes are wide, and face red as a cherry.
  265. >Your eyes closed to a half lid, you let the smile on your face become a bit more naughty.
  266. “Plus, dear, if you’re unsure about anything tonight, we can have plenty of fun learning~.”
  267. >He blinks, then returns your smile with an eager one of his own.
  268. >Dropping down to all fours, you take one of his hands in your magic and gently pull towards the bed.
  270. >The next morning, groggy, satisfied, and sore below the waist, you go out to get the paper and find a noise complaint tacked to your door
  275. --------------------------------------
  277. Why You Don't Poke Fun at Friends.
  279. Rainbow x Anon x Applejack (Fluff)
  282. >"A-anon! The others are right here!"
  283. >You slow your kissing and nibbling the neck of the blushing, colorful pegasus next to you as the other girls giggle to themselves around the diner booth.
  284. >"Heh heh, havin' trouble keeping your colt under control, eh Rainbow?" Applejack snickers from her spot on your other side.
  285. >Now, you stop, but don't pull your face from Rainbow's neck.
  286. >Did Aj just imply they you could be controlled?
  287. >Hmm.
  288. >You pull away from a vaguely disappointed Rainbow to look at Applejack with a lopsided grin and a raised brow.
  289. "Controlling type, hmm Jackie?"
  290. >You don't give her a chance to reply as you lean closer, looming over her some.
  291. >You push your chest out, making your already tight shirt groan at the seams.
  292. >Thank you lack of internet for the mad gainz.
  293. >Applejack looks between your smirking face and the easily visible muscle of your chest with only a tinge of pink on her cheeks.
  294. "What would you do to someone like me, Jackie?"
  295. >She blinks nervously. "W-what do ya mean..?"
  296. "I mean..."
  297. >You slide up to her, putting less than an inch between you and her.
  298. >Her muzzle scrunches, nostrils flare, and face goes cherry red.
  299. >Or apple red, rather.
  300. >You'll thank Time Turner for recommending that pheromone preserving body wash later.
  301. "What would a powerful mare like you, do to me, a silly colt, to put me in my place?"
  302. >She gulps as sweat dots her brow. "Ah d-dont rightly understand the ques-!"
  303. >The farmer's statement falls silent as you pull her chin up with a single finger, forcing her eyes into yours.
  304. >You grin, showing off your wide array of teeth.
  305. >She shudders, but doesn't look away.
  306. "What sort of fantasies do you have, I wonder..." You muse aloud, trailing your finger up to a twitching, orange ear. "You're a strong mare, Applejack. It's only natural that a normal stallion would find himself happily under you, figuratively and literally."
  307. >You lean forward, so close that you can feel the heat radiating from her face.
  308. "I can only wonder, maybe even fantasize what that would be like… To have a powerful, robust mare like you."
  309. >Your lips are scant millimeters from the orange mare's as you talk.
  310. >Her tongue darts out to wet her lips
  311. >Suddenly, you pull back, leaving Applejack visibly confused and disappointed.
  312. "Oh. Wait. I do know what that's like."
  313. >You throw an arm around Rainbow, careful to avoid her rigid, throbbing wings.
  314. >The colorful mare blinks as if in a daze, then buries her muzzle into your side with a long *Sniffffff!* sound.
  315. >Her tail flicks and you swear you can HEAR her wings pulse with her heartbeat.
  316. >Looking around, you see Twilight and Fluttershy both looking away, blushing furiously and wings fully extended.
  317. >Rarity is fanning herself with a napkin and desperately avoids eye contact.
  318. >”Aww. I thought things were gunna get hot!”
  319. >Pinkie, par for the course.
  320. >Finally, you look at Applejack again, who is holding her hat over her face even though her blush is reaching all the way down to her neck.
  321. >”U-u-uh…”
  322. >Who..?
  323. >You look up, your eyes meeting the mortified waiter colt with a tray of food balanced on his back.
  324. >”I-I’ve got e-everyponies orders h-here,” he says, crossing his hindlegs and fighting a stutter.
  325. >You give him a sincere smile.
  326. “Thank you! You girls ready?”
  327. >You’ll give this guy a nice tip for putting up with you
  330. -----------------------
  334. Forgot this. Whoops.
  336. Celestia x Anon (Explicit)
  338. >You are Celestia, Princess of Equestria, Mare of the Sun, and a paragon of the pony race.
  339. >And you are pinned to your bed, being abused from behind by a predator.
  340. >You yelp as he thrusts and hits just right.
  341. >Comon, you can stave off your next orgasm a bit longer.
  342. >The carnal sounds of flesh on flesh and the squeaking bed almost hypnotically rhythmic, giving you something to focus on other than the fire in your body,
  343. >You're sore.
  344. >Tired.
  345. >Dirty.
  346. >But by the goddess, you will NOT give in until he's sated.
  347. >One of his thick arms shift, moving from your ruffled wing to roughly grab the scruff of your neck.
  348. >S-stave it off..!
  349. >He wasn't like a meek stallion. No, not at all. His attitude, stance, voice, all screamed "I am in charge, do not challenge me."
  350. >It was that that attracted you to him.
  351. >It became easy to defer to him. He took charge of any situation you let him.
  352. >It felt... Good. Natural, even.
  353. >Did you ever think it would end up here? No, but you're happy it did.
  354. >His arms snake around your front, one around your chest for leverage, and another up towards your face, where his hand firmly grips your jaw.
  355. >A gasp escapes you. You know what would happen to you if he bothered to squeeze.
  356. >The sharp sensation of teeth against your neck sends a thrill of terror through your body.
  357. >Your legs buck, but go nowhere.
  358. >You're still pinned thoroughly.
  359. >A whimper escapes your lips as the fear brings you back to lucidity for a scant few seconds.
  360. >Then, it's back to a blissful, writhing haze.
  361. >He pants against your neck, movements becoming jerky and quick.
  362. >You know what's next.
  363. >He hilts, your hips meeting his with in a final, violent clash.
  364. >Your perfect, millennia old alicorn body was about to find a new purpose.
  365. >It would house the offspring of a carnivore.
  366. >It would nourish that offspring.
  367. >It would bring that offspring into the world.
  368. >You, prey, are going to mother a predator
  369. >Molten heat pours into your womb.
  370. >Your ecstasy shakes the windows.
  373. -------------------
  375. Birb Family
  377. Fluttershy x Anon x Rainbow (Fluff)
  379. >You rub your face tiredly and recline into your couch, coming to terms with what you were told.
  380. >Rainbow and Fluttershy are pregnant.
  381. >And both foals are yours.
  382. >Both mares stand in front of you. Rainbow just looks away, one foreleg rubbing the other uncomfortably.
  383. >Fluttershy though...
  384. >She stares at the ground, her face picture perfect shame.
  385. >It breaks your heart.
  386. >That’ll teach you to get trashed at parties in ponyland.
  387. “Well, shit.”
  388. >It’s all you can way, really. How else do you sum up knocking up national heros?
  389. >Both pegasi flinch as the expletive, but Rainbow recovers quicker and speaks.
  390. >”We’re sorry, Anon. We shouldn’t have ra-... Taken advantage of you like that. You were drunk and we were... We were...”
  391. >Rainbow struggles to finish her sentence.
  392. >”Irresponsible,” Fluttershy provides without looking up. “We raped you. And now there's consequences.”
  393. >Your stomach ties itself into a horrid knot hearing her say that. The word “rape” was never meant to come from the mouth of a pony as pure as Flutters.
  394. >”If you tell the town guards, or don’t want anything to with the foals, or both. That’s f-f-fine...”
  395. >The poor yellow pegasus is nearly in tears, and the gentle nuzzling from her friend isn’t helping.
  396. >Christ almighty this is getting too heavy.
  397. “Okay, hold on. Who said I was going to do either of those?”
  398. >You say, holding your hands out.
  399. “Let’s talk about this. I’m not going to fuck up your lives because we banged while trashed. Thats dumb.”
  400. >Both ponies look up at you, disbelief in their large eyes.
  401. “And as for the... foals. We have to try and make that work. A romantic relationship might not fly, but I’m not going to deprive any child of mine both of their parents.”
  402. >Fluttershy blinks the tears in her eyes away, her expression mystified. “Wha... What do you mean?”
  403. “I mean.”
  404. >You cross your arms.
  405. “The local guard is not getting involved. To hell with them. And I do want to raise these kids, even if this is much sooner than I saw myself with them. As for the rest, we can make it up as we go, yeah?”
  406. >Both ponies look at you with awed faces, as if what they’re hearing is unreal.
  407. >”You mean it?” Rainbow asks quietly, a farcry from her normal tone. “You’re not going to tell the guards, and you want the foals? Even after we...R-ra...”
  408. >Again the young Wonderbolt can’t finish her sentence, but the rising hope in her eyes is plain as day.
  409. “Yes, you silly little pony. And you didn’t rape me. I was drunk too, and I made the decision to drink until I was probably vomiting and trying to take my clothes off.”
  410. >The pair of mares crack small grins.
  411. “I wanna try and make this work. I’m not going to ditch you or the kids. You have to be a real fuck knuckle to run on your baby’s mom. Who knows? Maybe it was all meant to happen.”
  412. >”B-but a normal stallion wo-”
  413. “Fluttershy, do I look normal?”
  414. >”...”
  415. >You lean back and lay across the couch, already exhausted and it’s not even...
  416. >Noon. Not even noon according to the clock.
  417. “We can hash out details later. Now, I wanna rest. You both are welcome to join.”
  418. >The pair of ponies look between each other, the back to you, repeating a few times.
  419. >Finally, both have what seems to be an epiphany, their faces lighting up into unrivaled happiness.
  420. >The mares crawl up onto the couch with you, each one settling into the spaces between your body and arms and filling your body with their pegasi warmth.
  421. >Mmm. You could get used to that...
  423. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  425. “And that, kiddo, is how I fell for your moms. Feel like you can sleep better after a story?”
  426. >You ask quietly, as to not wake the snoozing mound of bodies around you.
  427. >Easy Breeze, yours and Fluttershy’s oldest at 13, blinks drealily in the darkened room, obviously more tired than when you began the tale.
  428. >”Dad, that sounds like bullshit,” he whispers back.
  429. >You frown.
  430. “Who taught you that word?”
  431. >”Mama Rainbow,” he rats easily. “She said she learned it from you.”
  432. >Brat.
  433. “Don’t let your birth mother hear you say that word. She’ll skin you. And it’s not bullshit. I swear.”
  434. >Easy mirrors your frown. “But I’m the oldest...”
  435. “Yeah.”
  436. >”And mom got pregnant at a party...”
  437. “Mmm hmm.”
  438. >”That means..!”
  439. >Easy’s face goes white, making you snicker as he realizes he was the product of a drunken night.
  440. “Loosen up, son. There’s a dozen of you in this nest and only two were planned. Regardless...”
  441. >You let your voice get a bit more gentle.
  442. “You and your siblings are all loved the same, whether we planned for you or if you were a miraculous surprise. And nothing will change that, ever.”
  443. >Easy calms and looks at you with the sort of adoration only a child could muster up for a parent.
  444. >You smile and lift your free arm, the other being cuddled by a sleeping Rainbow and the elder of yours and Rainbow’s set of twins, Cumulo.
  445. >Easy looks around, as if seeing if anyone else is awake, then shuffles closer on his hooves, careful not to disturb any of the smaller foals.
  446. >He crawls up and presses himself against your side, letting you engulf the young colt in a one armed hug.
  447. >Your son lets out a breath and smiles, eyes fluttering shut.
  448. >”G’night, dad...” he mutters into your shirt.
  449. >You smile and close your own eyes, holding your firstborn just a little tighter and you fall asleep.
  450. >Or you would have, if Cumulo didn’t snort in her sleep and jab a hindhoof into your side.
  451. >You quietly sigh. The things a dad sacrifices...
  455. -------------------
  458. Delicate Situations
  460. Anonymous x Unnamed Unicorn Mare
  462. >”Mmmm...”
  463. >You try to not let out an unmarely squeak as a set of fingers dig into your cutiemark, slowly kneading the fatty flesh underneath.
  464. >The human against you lets out a pleased rumble as he dozes, pulling you closer.
  465. >Your body mashes into his and deforms against his much firmer frame.
  466. >Y-you’re fit for a unicorn! Honest!
  467. >You are NOT “mushy and cuddly.”
  468. >The large biped frowns slightly, shifting his whole body downward.
  469. >He keeps going until his head is all the way d-down on your b-belly...
  470. >You gulp and feel your face grow hot. He’s so close to your teats down there...
  471. >The frown vanishes, replaced with an almost serene smile.
  472. >Then like the naughty male you know he is, he squeezes your not-fat flanks again and buries his face into your belly with a pleased sigh.
  473. >Oh dear Celestia this is-!
  474. >Sharp teeth idly nip at your soft underbelly, making goosebumps break out on your whole body.
  475. >You bit your lip and try not to tremble.
  476. >This is the most scare-roused you’ve ever been.
  477. >If he so much as BREATHES between your legs, you’re gonna bust an ovary.
  478. >And it WILL be messy.
  481. ----------------------
  484. Mystery "Box"
  486. Implied Eris x Anonymous
  488. >”Fluttershy, I’m in LOVE!”
  489. >The yellow pegasus yelps as Discord bursts through her door, sending her animals scattering for cover.
  490. >”I’ve never felt this way before and it’s so exciting!” Discord gushes, doing loops through the air until he looked like a coiled spring, complete with a comical stretching sound.
  491. >Fluttershy sighs and blows a bit of her mane out of her face. “Discord, did you have to-!”
  492. >Then what the chaos spirit said clicks in her head, making the mare blink. Not a moment later, a blinding smile finds its way to her face.
  493. >”Discord, I’m so happy for you! I never thought you’d think that way over another pony!” Fluttershy exclaims happily, her wings beating lightly in excitement. “Who is it?”
  494. >”Ah, but he’s not a mare. He’s something a million times better!” Discord almost yells, his smile getting larger. “I can smell it on him. All the mischief and disorder just bubbling beneath his skin, yet, so controlled and ready to be used by a male who ISN’T a sissy. And never have I felt an actual physical attraction before him...”
  495. >The draconequus brings his hands to his reddening face as steam pours from his ears. “Ohh my the lewd things I’d do to that unique bod...”
  496. >Fluttershy found her face getting red too. “A-a stallion? Y-you’re attracted to a s-stallion? But that’s forbidden love!”
  497. >Discord clicked his tongue and shook a talon dismissively. “A prissy stallion? I think not. My tastes are far more patrician. No, I want a man. A HUman to be precise. And nothing is off limits to me.”
  498. >That stopped the young mare’s steamy thoughts for a moment.
  499. >”A human? But the only one is...”
  500. >”Anonymous!” The spirit finishes with a red faced grin. “Just his name makes my heart flutter!”
  501. >And true enough, a heart shape was beating an outline on his chest.  
  502. >”Ooohhhhh~”
  503. >With the back of his hand over his eyes, Discord swoons and ‘faints’ into a fancy loveseat that appears in a puff of smoke.
  504. >”But...” Fluttershy bites her lip. “I don’t want to sound offensive, but how are you going to attract him? He seems like he’s only interested in females...”
  505. >Discord stands back up, the conjured loveseat vanishing as he puts his fingers to his chin in thought.
  506. >”Hmm...” The draconequus hums to himself as he goes over ideas. “Try as I am? No, that’ll fail. Cheesy fated romance thing? Nope. He’s as chaotic as I and would rebel... No, no mind control. I want him to come to me freely.”
  507. >He giggles. “Heh. Cumming freely.”
  508. >Then, his eyes go wide. “That’s it! And it’ll shake things up for me, too. Ol’ Discord, you’re a genious! To avoid not-so funny confusion, just call me Eris after this, will you Flutters?”
  509. >Fluttershy is interrupted from any more lewd thoughts as Discord conjures a full sized mirror in front of himself with a snap of his fingers.
  510. >”Hmm, lets see...”
  511. >The chaotic spirit snaps his fingers again, turning his whole body an earthy red clay color.
  512. >He then grabs his face and starts molding it, showing that he is indeed made out of clay.
  513. >His long face, after a few abstract mess-ups, replaced with a slim, angular muzzle complete with a saucy, one fanged grin.
  514. >He pulls his goatee off, stretching it like taffy before mixing with his short mane, creating a full head of long and voluminous hair.
  515. >Looking down, he ponders his lower body for just a moment before smiling. His hands then pull at his hips, giving them a gentle flare.
  516. >He does the same to his shoulders, pulling them out just enough to complement the widened hips and making his body an hourglass figure.
  517. >By now, Fluttershy has figured out where this was going and could only mutely gape.
  518. >The clay Discord-Eris taps his-her? Chin.
  519. >Fluttershy decided that “her” fit better for her own sanity.
  520. >Putting a thumb in her mouth, Eris blows on it, puffing her now delicate looking cheeks out.
  521. >The the same sound as a helium tank filling a balloon, a pair of round, perky teats sprout from Eris’ chest. At the same time, her rump fills out just enough to form a gentle curve with the rest of her body.
  522. >As an afterthought, the tall spirit puffs up the tuft on her chest and pulls it just barely low enough to over her nipples.
  523. >Now the odd spirit has gone from “Hourglass” to “Drop dead gorgeous.”
  524. >With a smile, she turns back from clay to her normal colors.
  525. >”Oh yes, now he’ll-” The now feminine Discord stops at hearing her own voice. “Oops.”
  526. >Her eagle hand goes into her mouth and down her own throat, where the sound of a switch flipping is heard.
  527. >Pulling the hand out, the curvy chaos personification clears her throat. “One more try...” she says, then grins when her voice comes out rich and husky.
  528. >”Now for the most important change.”
  529. >With a snap of her fingers... Nothing happens.
  530. >The yellow and only slightly mentally scarred witness jumps back when Eris suddenly yelps and crosses her legs.
  531. >”Oof,” she almost gags. “T-that was none too pleasant. Note to self: organs all shift upwards with a snatch.”
  532. >”...”
  533. >Poor Fluttershy can only blink and wonder what she just saw.
  534. >”Well well well, who is this fine lady?” Eris grins to herself as she slowly turned in front of the mirror, striking erotic poses. “Get ready, my sweet Anon. Imma beat that dickie up!”
  535. >And with that, Fluttershy’s strained mind finally gave her mercy and let her faint.
  538. -----------------
  540. Better Left Unasked.
  542. >>31723569
  543. >The Heart activates far after the extinction of ponies.
  544. >The gender skew favoring mares just kept increasing as years went on, and nopony could figure out why.
  545. >Attempts to stop it failed. Eventually, stallions stopped being born and the remaining ones were more precious than gold pound for pound.
  546. >Technology and bio magic in Equestria advanced rapidly to try and combat the fast coming extinction, but the ponies hit walls left and right.
  547. >Eventually, AI was developed. Even with the help of sapient machines, the crisis kept growing.
  548. >Great magic powers like the Princesses and Discord lent their aid, but ultimately failed.
  549. >By now the remaining stallions were aging and attempts to preserve them with both cryo and temporal stasis were met with disaster.
  550. >On the day the last stallion died and the last sperm bank had run dry, Equestia knew it's time had come.
  551. >The now numerous AI had frantically done everything they could for their creators, making pony bodies for themselves to fill the spots of the dwindling mares. Research on the stallion genome and artificial sperm was just going too slow with their limited data. The tech to map genes just didn’t exist when stallions where still around.
  552. >Then it happened.
  553. >The last mare passed on, surrounded by the androids who raised her, cared for her, and made her life rich. She lived a long 300 years.
  554. >The only living ponies left are the alicorns, who may as well be robots themselves with how they listlessly live.
  555. >For a time, Equestria simply exists without purpose. The AI androids live in the towns and cities, filling the spots and living lives like real ponies, but it’s not the same.
  556. >A nation of mourning machines.
  557. >Then out of nowhere, the Crystal Heart activates and shakes Cadence and Flurry from their infinite routine.
  558. >Cadence is shown another world with their own set of problems. Problems based around their males with great emphasis on how they adapt.
  559. >At first, she's furious over what she sees, but is unsure what the vision means. Why show her this? These adaptable creatures, 'humans', could surely sort their problems out.
  560. >Wait... adaptable..?
  561. >Impossible. It’s such a longshot to assume such things.
  562. >The same day, she gets a report saying that the artificial egg and womb prototypes are complete, but the artificial sperm completion date is still uncertain with rough estimates at thousands of years.
  563. >That settles it. It cannot be a coincidence. It would be two bird with one stone.
  564. >When an unexpected announcement goes out asking for volunteers to be implanted with artificial wombs, it rocks the entire nation.      
  566. --
  568. >When a magical pony princess offered you a chance at romance via a letter, you weren’t sure what to expect. Maybe they had a surplus of females or something?
  569. >The last thing you expected, though, was the solemn mission to help revive a dead race with “happily ever after” as your reward.  
  571. >You are Fleur de Lis, Canterlot’s top model for 5 years running.
  572. >And you’re cuddled with your coltfriend (boyfriend?) Anonymous and watching a movie.
  573. >Video cassette players are expensive, but they’re the latest and greatest in home entertainment. Your Anon seemed terribly amused by just their existence, but just waved away your question when asked, piling yet another, though minor, mystery on him.
  574. >The artistic animated rendition of one of your favorite stories distracts you from the ever more persistent thoughts about the warm body holding you.
  575. >Anon…
  576. >Where you expected a pretty lowerborn to shamelessly take the silent agreement to remain pretty and act tolerable for a life of luxury, he defied you.
  577. >Anon kept his job after moving into your home, somehow feels the need to do more than a stallion should, and is slow and wary of marriage, the total opposite of a potential husband.
  578. >But he says he loves you with such emotion that your heart flutters.
  579. >He’s either genuine, or a world class actor, and both worry you.
  580. >From his spot behind you on the couch, your human lets out a deep hum that you’ve learned signals contentment. ”It’s times like this I enjoy most.”
  581. You flick an ear and look back just enough to see his smiling face. “Why eez zat, ma cherie? Are you a connoisseur of films?”
  582. >He chuckles deep in his chest, a rich sound. “The movie is fine, I’m more talking about just being with you.”
  583. >Being here with you? But he’s always with you.
  584. ”I do not understand?”
  585. >His smile lowers. “It’s, ah, not important,” he says, tightening his hold on you just the slightest. “A boring, almost pity-party thing,” he gently buries his face in your mane. “I love you, and you I, and that’s the important part,” he murmurs.
  586. >Again, the words “I love you” make you feel lighter than air and send a fluttering feeling up your stomach all the way to your throat, almost robbing you of your voice.
  587. “You always say it’z not important when I ask you to explain things, ma cherie,” you say weakly.
  588. >He remains silent and disappointment creeps up on you. He’s not going to explain yet again.
  589. >”It was an odd time, back on earth,” Anon begins abruptly, making you forget the film to listen.
  590. >His voice, though, has a tone you cannot place.
  591. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMLknPRq5rI
  592.  >“My generation hit adulthood too late to explore the now mapped world, but too early to explore other worlds, since the technology necessary is still in it’s infancy. There was no conflicts or great goals to work towards. An era of just waiting,” he pauses. “The whole planet was getting stir-crazy with nothing to do sans monotonous life, and so people began inventing problems.”
  593. >You’re suddenly not liking where this was going.
  594. >”Arbitrary lines began to be drawn in the sand every which way, dividing people over the most asinine things. It became so bad that a single metaphorical step could step on two or three sets of toes and ignite enough conflict to ruin your life, if not end it.”
  595. >The fluttering feeling is suddenly replaced with a creeping chill in the center of your stomach, but you dare not interrupt.
  596. >Again, Anon pauses, then he takes a breath that ruffles your mane some. “Jesus this is going to sound preachy. One such line was between man and woman, male and female.”
  597. >What..?
  598. >”Roles and dynamics broke down and working family units became scarce. Power was shifted under a guise of equality when really it was the opposite. Before Equestria, I had resigned myself to, well…” he hesitates and pulls you closer. “Be alone. For good.”
  599. >Your breath stops short and physical pain shoots through your chest as if a blunt spike was wedged between your ribs. You have to pat your chest to make sure there isn’t actually anything there.
  600. >Anon? Alone without you?
  601. >”There are other men in real relationships, men who are married, who can't even hold their wives like we do with each other because of those power shifts. If they try, then they could face serious social AND legal trouble if something as simple as a touch was considered unsolicited. Some are HAPPY that it’s that way and think that a relationship like that is fulfilling because of hate they have instilled in themselves. They’re small in number, but it does happen. I’m not one of them, but neither did I want to risk myself, so I just removed myself from the equation and waited.”
  602. >’Waited for what’ you struggle to say, but the words don’t come.
  603. >”He takes a deep breath. “Blech, enough of that,” he says, the tone you can't place gone and a smile back on his face. “Sorry I blabbered so long. So that’s why I love just being with you sometimes,” he punctuates his explanation with a hand run through your cold-sweat dampened chest tuft and a kiss to your neck. “Now, movie time!”
  604. >That night, you sleep fitfully.
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