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  1. I'll just leave with this
  2. A man walked along a spanning metal corridor carrying a large metal case. The visibility was scare save for the spots illuminated under white hanging bulbs. In the distance stood two armed men. Their weapons held low, armor glinting from the wavering lights. When their eyes caught a bit of light it was reflected in the form of a faint dull purple glow. As the man Approached one of them held out his hand.
  3. "Halt. Name and Authorization" The Guardsman spoke
  4. "Sergeant Torn. Medic. Delta Company" He flashed an ID badge.
  5. "So you were sent to interrogate the wytch?" The Medic nodded. "The damn bitch withstood any punishment the boys gave her, and we do mean any."
  6. "They like pain, Trooper, thats why they sent me." .
  7. She wont talk to us in anything but that blabbering xenospeak."
  8. "Don't worry about that"
  10. The sentries looked at eachother bewildered for a moment before opening the door. It hissed and moaned as the metal slid against metal. The room was black save for one section of track light hanging over a reclined chair. Under several restraints the Eldar sat. Stripped clean of any vestments. Her body covered in cuts and bruises. Despite her condition she has a smug grin on her face. As Torn approached the eldar's eyes narrowed and grin widened.
  11. "More playthings" she uttered in the fluid eldar tongue.
  12. "No, just questions" Torn replied in kind. The wytch shot her gaze to Torn surprised to hear her language
  13. "You'll get no answers from me. Now be a dear and rub my feet"
  14. Torn pulled a metal stool next to the eldar as he set the case down. The latches flipped open revealing an array of glass tubes and liquids. He assembled a needle, procuring a vial of clear liquid. He drew the substance into the needle in full view of the wytch. The needle pinged as his finger struck the side of the needle.
  16. He leaned over her restrained form. Her body was soft, skin flawlessly white, marred only form the contusions and cuts on her body. In her vision Torn was but a silhouette. His shadow covered her body. For a moment he simply sat there waiting for her to speak. She watched the needle carefully as it shined in the light.
  17. "I'll bite mon'kiegh, what is it? Some horrible concoction that will turn my stomach fowl and cause me 'pain'?" She licked her lips.
  18. "Yes." He leveled the syringe to her arm.
  20. Her flesh offered no resistance to the instrument. It sunk into her arm to which she let out a playful moan. The man pressed his thumb against the plunger to deliver the medicine to her body. For a moment there was a slight chilling sensation. She shivered in delight as it overtook her body. As fleeting as the sensation came about was as quickly as it left. Soon she felt the dull sensation of nothing again.
  21. "I am not impressed"
  22. "The Eldar physiology is an interesting one." He withdrew the needle. " You see Guaifenesin is a simple cough syrup for humans, it relieves soar throats, and leaves a slight tingly sensation" He watched his chronograph as he spoke.
  23. "But with eldar it becomes a powerful anesthetic." He grabbed her arm. She made no effort to resist him.
  25. He stood up and undid the restraint across her breast. The leather strap loosened and then unraveled, revealing her otherwise flawless breasts. She breathed easy for a moment, almost anticipating his next actions with glee. As Torn fumbled with his case he opened a smaller case inside. There he pulled out a translucent imperfect cube. Simple ice. He then reclined the chair till the wytch was prone.
  26. "Ooh I do love a bit of torture. Tell me, will I scream?"
  27. "Yes."
  29. He placed the cube of ice between her breasts. It sad perfectly still between them, slowly dripping water onto her skin. She felt none of it.
  32. At first she did nothing. She left the weight of an object on her skin, but yet didn't. As if it was located somehow just off her body. She paid it no heed. Continuing to look at the ceiling. The medic placed his hand on the ice cube. pressing down on it.
  33. "Can you feel this?" He asked candidly.
  34. "Of course I can. Your pathetic device will do nothing." She boasted with pride.
  35. "It's not a device. See for your self"
  37. The wytch glanced down. What he was holding in no way reflected what she presumed to feel. The imperfects and smooth edges of the cube slowly trickled cold water other her skin. She saw, but that was all. Torn moved the cube slowly in a circle between her breasts, putting almost no weight on the cube.
  38. "What is this?" she growled.
  40. The circle grew bigger on her chest, with its path slowly running along the inner curves of her soft mounds. It was slight but her expression began to turn from the proud smug smile. Her actions stopped, focusing on the path of the ice. Her mind focused on what was happening. She saw the object connect with her skin, but it felt as if it was passing through, even that feeling was fleeting as soon the weight of the object began to disappear.
  41. "It's just ice, nothing sinister." the Cadian answered
  42. "Lies!"
  43. "Look at it. Its rather cold." He smiled to the eldar " Can you not feel it?"
  45. She shot her head up to look away. Torn clicked his tongue in disapproval. He reached for a dial and slowly cranked it, pushing her head to look down. While keeping the cube placed on her he reached with his free hand to run a strap across her forehead. Once it clicked into place he turned a second dial tightening it. The circles began to favor a breast, traveling around the edge.
  46. "Now, you are going to tell me what I want to know."
  47. "Never" She spoke through her gritted teeth.
  49. The medic simply shrugged. His motions slowly moved up her breast, each pass around drew it closer to the apex. Each agonizing pass she would have to watch
  51. "Where are you operating from?
  52. "I don't answer to you."
  54. Closer and closer it drew to the apex. And the slower he would go. The ice left a shiny trail of meltwater as it traveled. Suddenly, she jostled. Almost unnoticeable, but Torn felt a shake in her body. A small tremor as she was feeling in her mind what her body was not. She filled in gaps that were not there to fill. It played tricks on her. How could she not be experiencing any kind of sensation. Even the tactile response of something being placed on her wasn't there anymore. Yet it was. As she looked on she was watching something connect with her body, and it leaving no noticeable sensation.
  56. She started to shake as the cube circled around the darkened flesh of her breast, dancing around the nipple, occasionally brushing against it. At first her shaking was like before, but her mind focused entirely on the melting ice. 'It simply cannot be.' Her mind not able to process the lack of any feeling. 'It must be a trick!'. Her eyes followed and in her mind she would place in a sensation. as if the signals to her brain were acknowledged, but ignored. Touch, temperature, pleasure. All gone.
  57. "How many is your warband."
  58. "Slaanesh take you you infernal wretch!" she screamed
  60. The Medic let go of the cube. It slowly slid from her nipple, down her breast to rest between the white peaks. Her eyes painfully locked to the movement. the man just chuckled to himself. He snapped off the rubber glove and rested it on her. He placed a finger on the material and began to slowly drag it, making the rubber catch on her skin.
  61. "We've done this to one of your kind before, back when I was part of an inquisitorial 'Special sanctions' team. It wasn't pretty." He pressed harder. " but he was a lesser breed, I read your report, you are a much higher class of being aren't you?" He played to her vanity
  62. "I.." she was interrupted
  63. "So, what is your goal here?" She remained silent. " So be it..."
  65. His hand followed a similar path the melting ice took. Its fingers lightly skipping along her flesh. She would try to close her eyes. As she did Torn would jab her body violently. She felt her body move, could not tell why. Her eyes would fly open. Casually he fondled her breast, letting the nipple flick between the openings between his fingers. Back and forth he moved his hand as his other reached into his case to procure another item.
  66. "When I was a child back home, I had to constantly see an orthodoctor. I hated it. They would use this chemical called Novocain. It put your face to sleep, and it made if feel all puffy." He puffed his cheeks. " It would last for hours too."
  68. His hand dipped into the small pool of water. He flicked droplets into her face. For some strange reason she felt a warm tingle, but not the drops themselves. his hand slowly reached for her face.
  69. "They would tell you, 'Don't play with your face. You'll feel it when it wears off.'" He tapped the side of her face. First one cheek, then the next. "But you couldn't help but play with it. I'd spend hours just tapping my cheek to feel that strange feeling, and you know what it was?"
  71. She shook her head as each time he tapped her, the muscled in her face wanted to contract at once, as if they were wincing in pain. Her expression had lost the proud look, replaced with a look of mild shock. Her eyes were widening. He continued to tap her face. At one point placing is finger and thumb on her cheeks and squeezing them together to purse her lips. She trashed in her bindings and suddenly stopped when she was met with invisible resistance. Her bindings beginning yet another things she was aware she wasn't aware of.
  72. "It was nothing. That feeling of knowing you are touching something" He began to pinch her nipple. "And yet, not feeling it at all, even if it hurts." He twisted his grip perpendicular to where it was before.
  74. She convulsed against the bindings and let slip a grunt of what would have been pain. Her mind had acted in anticipation. He flicked her nipple between his fingers again. He had to admit he rather enjoyed the sensation. And eldar did look remarkably human after all. Her body was well maintained. Her muscle definition was keen and her form followed a perfectly feminine figure. Were she human she would have been such a beautiful woman. So close, and yet so alien. The medic reached out and gently caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, then back to her breast
  75. "Now, do you want to talk to me?" He smiled, but she spat in his face.
  77. His hand flew from her breast to her cheek. striking her violently. Something that would have given her pleasure. After all the men before simply beat her, it was a wonderful time. Now? It left that strange feeling of false sensation and it started to dig into her. Each time he touched her it sent a shock through her mind. His hands fondled each breast. He pressed is fingers into her skin so they would leave trails like cloth in the light. Pressing and rubbing. She instinctively bit her lip, but failed this very simple action. Her teeth missed entirely, digging into the back of the lip. Perhaps too deep. She felt she may have cut her lip, yet could taste no blood.
  79. The man sat back from her. His hand slowly slid down her sides, sensuously following every detail, till it reached another restraint. His hands departed from her and with a snap, another band was removed across her belly. His hands continued down her body until it reached another. Like the one before, it was undone. Her body was free, but her arms legs and head remained tightly bound. Her first attempt to struggle quickly stopped as Torn pressed against her abdomen.
  80. "It was funny too, when you can't feel, you become aware of so many things you weren't before." He placed his hands under her breasts and dragged is fingertips all the way down to her mound.
  82. "Like your scarf being wrapped too tight, or how you rest your hand on your cheek when you sit." His grin curled devilishly " Or how you have been laying on a cold metal chair."
  84. Almost if on command she felt a frosty tingle on her backside. Torn shook playfully as if he was cold. He grabbed his shemagh and covered his face with the soft cloth. He patted his sides.
  85. "Brrr, its cold in here isn't it?" He faked a shiver for a moment.
  87. She too began to shiver instinctively. She felt a cold wash over her body. Her jaw started to clatter and her breath through her nose became heavy. Torn watched as a peculiar reaction occurred. It was normal for humans, yet seemed strange to watch it happen to her. He watch the skin on her breast tighten and grow darker. Her skin bumped and her nipples began to rise. Torn smiled. Her shaking grew and grew, so did her bodies reactions.
  88. "Cold?" His voice muffled behind the cloth
  90. He clapped his hands together and began to rub them for heat. With his hands extended he placed them once again over her breasts. He slowly placed them back on the skin. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan of comfort, before she realized, she felt none of it. He slowly started to rub up and down her sides. The nontouch replacing the feeling of cold her ind had once had. Torn leaned back.
  91. "It's not cold. Actually it's rather warm in here." He took off the cotton shemagh.
  93. Then he undid the clasp on his helmet. His forehead was dotted with sweat beads, which he wiped away with his sleeve. As quickly as the feeling of cold had come, it left. Her body did not stop shaking as the medic continued to run his hands along her.
  94. "Ready to talk?"
  96. She wouldn't respond, she simply tried to shake her head. A feeling of growing concern showed on her face now. Torn sighed. He noticed her mind was slowly starting to fray, yet she would still do nothing. She was much more resilient than he had anticipated.
  99. The man leaned in extremely lose to her. His body hovered just over hers with his lips just out of reach of her ear. He made every effort to make his breaths soft and long as he breathed down her neck.
  100. "I'm going to be honest with you." He whispered lovingly " I've just been touching you, and you are already starting to crack."
  101. He pressed his lips against her ear, gently touching his tongue. She gasped and trembled as he spoke.
  102. "I haven't even begun to torture you."
  104. He slowly with drew his head resting it in front of her. He gazed into her eyes, returning a wanting gaze. Her eyes were the same color as his, a deep purple. Their gaze locked. His expression was stern, hers was worried. He could tell he was going to break her. It was a simple matter of when.
  105. "For your own sake. Talk"
  106. "No..." She whimpered Her face attempting to snarl. " Do your worst. I will not break, Mon'kiegh"
  107. "Very well..." Torn shook his head.
  109. He leaned back onto his stool, quickly reaching for his case. He began to fumble through the contents. He then pulled out an innocuous metal wheel. It has sharp spikes along the rim of the metal disk that was affixed to a handle.
  110. "This is a little pricking wheel. Its used to see if patience have sensation in their body. Rather pointless here don't you think?"
  111. He drove the wheel into her side and dragged it along. the wytch knew where it pressed, but the expected prick was missing. The more she focused the more its absence was unbearable. She protested with an angered grunt ash she tried to move her body out of the way. Yet the contact persisted. Up and down front and back he continued to draw the wheel; the more she protested the more he pressed on.
  112. "Stop!" She finally cried, yet the man did not
  113. "Where are you panning to strike next?"
  114. "I wont say!"
  116. The device continued to roam about her body. He started to roll it down, lower and lower. It pricked across her hairless mound. As it was about to dip lower she screamed.
  117. "STOP! I'll talk!"
  119. The wheel stopped, but the Cadian kept it pressed into her body. His eyebrows raised waiting for her to speak.
  120. "Were I killed all those men..." She began
  121. "Yes?"
  122. "That was the most fun I had all week." She grinned.
  124. The wheel went back to work. Its well used frame made it begin to squeak as it rolled around her body. Again she convulsed and fought back vainly. He would pose a question, and she would refuse. The cycle would continue. The harder she fought the worse it became. Ultimately the only thing that was being accomplished was tiring the medic. He stopped taking the wheel from her body. She panted and jeered defiantly.
  125. "Whats the matter?" She took pause to breath. "Is that all?"
  127. The device was tossed to the side and Torn sat back once again. His face stern. The wytch laid back suppressing the shivers in her body, presenting Torn with a defiant smile.
  128. " I really was hoping not to resort to this." He reached in his case again. " You see, this was a rather embarrassing item to acquire. It was particularly hard getting one of the girls to part with it as well."
  130. He leaned back up. The item was held out of sight below the metal chair. He tapped it a couple times against metal plate on his shin. It echoed back with a dull thump, like it item was soft and rubbery.
  131. "And she'll want to know why I'm making her face a lonely night. Of course I don't use, it but I can't exactly tell her why I need it either."
  133. He tapped it again. The eldar was transfixed trying to figure out what he was talking about. She swallowed slowly exhaling forcefully from her nose. All she could do was wait.
  135. "So what is a man to do? Does he swallow his pride and lie? Or do I break many levels of clearance and tell her?" He tapped it again. " Fortunately, I don't have to use it, and fortunately for you, it was designed for your use."
  136. "Stop being so long winded! At this rate you'll bore me to death!" She shrieked
  138. He dragged the stool closer to her, it let out a sharp wail as the metal scratched. He rested his weight upon her propping his head up with his hand. He then leveled a clear purple cylindrical object with a bulbous conical head and tapped it on her side with it. She looked it over. Her suspicions were proved correct. The object was indeed designed to be used by her. She smiled. Her grin turned into a snicker, the snicker turned into laughter.
  139. "Is that supposed to scare me? The one I have is twice as big as that." She continued to laugh.
  140. "Hey, it's not the size, its the function." He responded coyly as he activated the phallus.
  142. It began to hum in the medics hand. He placed it on her navel with the head bouncing against it every so often. Her false bravado quickly dissipated as the medic made his way to her legs. He pulled a lever which laughed her legs to part slightly. He pulled it again and the same happened. Her legs slowly opened before him and her breath became heavy. Soon she was exposed to him. He looked at her beautiful form with a wistful sigh.
  143. "Shame, if only you'd been born a human... Such a waste." He shook his head.
  145. He placed his hand between her legs, putting pressure on her pelvic bone with the palm of his hand. She grunted in discontent as his hand felt the soft curves of her femininity. With his other he reached for his 'instrument' bringing it toward her slowly. His fingers began to press into her, though she objected verbally, her body seemed rather pleased and eager for him. All the while all she could feel with the pushing and shifting of her body. She gritted her teeth in frustration, she wanted her sense to return.
  147. "I have to admit. I am curious how similar you are." He licked his lips implicitly
  148. "Don't you dare!" She growled
  150. He lowered himself extending his tongue, looking at her flesh with wanting desire. He rested it upon her and enveloped her with his mouth. His fingers continued to press as his tongue danced across her most sensitive skin. He moaned in delight as he took in her impossibly sweet taste. She groaned and shrieked in frustration knowing what she should be feeling, what she desperately wanted to feel. At the hands of a lowly mon'kiegh she begged to feel his touch, even if just a little. She moaned aloud how she wanted it so. Despite her wash of emotions not even her face would feel the warmth of the rushing blood to her cheeks. She panted and groaned as his tongue worked diligently, shaking anticipation of a feeling that would not happen. Torn withdrew himself with a loud smack of his lips
  151. "If only..." He whispered to himself.
  153. His gaze returned to hers. She looked on with the same lust he did moments ago. The flawless white skin of her was clearly showing signs of arousal from her red face. He grabbed the phallus and ran it up and down her slit. She attempted to bite her lips again, failing a second time. He prodded it against the hole, still humming and trembling.
  154. "This is your last chance. I will get answers after this."
  155. "Do it, Make me scream." She spoke trying to convince herself that she was still as stoic as before.
  156. "My pleasure." Torn licked his lips once more
  158. Once again her body offered no resistance, wantingly engorging itself on the phallus as it pressed deeper into her. The vibrations surged through her entire body as the numb sensation tingled through out her flesh. The Eldar's jaw tightened as she tried to feel anything but what she was feeling. All she could sense was the hum it made, and the other wet cacophonous sounds made as Torn dorve the phallus into her over and over again.
  160. Her jaw gave way and she began letting out pained groans. The pressure, the sounds, the sensations, she simply could not fathom them. Her body burned with a strong desire to move. All she wanted was to touch herself, to dig her nails into her skin. She chewed at her lips as she felt her body move from it being pressed in and pulled out. Her groans began to grow as she started thrashing her body in the restraints, rocking the chair violently. Torn continued his rhythmic action, watching her flesh beg for the phallus, and depart leaving it wet with a shine that reflected in the light.
  162. Over and over it plunged into her making a wet sloping sound that both of them enjoyed. Then Torn stopped. The vibrations continued with the eldar shaking with them, but as soon as Torn stopped her groaning calmed into a dull whimper.
  163. "Where is your next attack?"
  164. "I-I don't know..." He pressed
  165. "Where is the next attack going to be?"
  166. "I-I-I-I"
  168. He began again. His motions bringing about the uncomfortable fidgeting and noise that rang out and echoed in the metal room. The more it was left in, the worse it became. Her mind was simply breaking all concentration, unable to focus on what was meant to be felt, what was being felt. The numb pain began to grow, even the slightest of touch was multiplied. The vibrations were shaking her violently. Soon she began to scream a horrible shriek, begging for mercy, begging for anything. The restraints did all they could to hold the pitiful creature down.
  169. "Wow I figured you to be a Hecatrix, not a Banshee." Torn jeered.
  170. "You...AAAH Bastard! How..nnnnnhh! Dare you!" She gritted her teeth as it pressed deeper into her, leaving her crotch covered in her own bodily fluids. " I am Valina the true born!
  172. She continued to repeat as Torn continued. She repeated it over and over to mask her wails. to distract her, to give her mind something else to process. That too became drowned in the remaining stimuli she was receiving.
  174. Her muscles contracted and tensed, pulling the toy in. Her face deepened in red, and she felt her abdomen clench tightly. She thrashed violently as her mind and body was flooded with an overwhelming tingle, but none of it granted her satisfaction. It was yet a dull prod in her body, but she moaned powerfully in ecstasy all the same.. Even her orgasm's would be denied from her. She clenched her eyes, when she opened them tears began streaming down. The only noise that was made was her soft cries
  175. "I am Valina the true born. I am Valina the true born..."
  177. Like before, she continued to mutter to herself. The vibrating stopped as Torn removed it from her body. It remained connected to her through a single clear strand of liquid that quickly broke. Undignifyingly he placed it on top of her belly. He continued to stare at her beautiful lips at the height of arousal. He too noticed that his was showing plainly as well. He became curious again. His mouth watered at the sight, and he began wondering how similar to a human she felt. How her warmth along his length would pleasure him. He stepped closer desperately trying to fight his desire to penetrate her.
  178. "Just do it..." She sobbed " I can tell you want to... Just get it over with."
  179. "I wont if you tell me what I want to know." He pleaded
  180. "No.." Tears continued to stream down her face unknowingly. " Because I simply don't know the answer."
  181. "You're lying." Torn pressed himself into her.
  182. "No I'm not so just defile me. Bring me lower than I am now, you filthy ape."
  183. "I'm not bluffing" Torn stalled himself before began unbuttoning his trousers.
  184. "Just grant me one thing." she spoke softly. " Tilt my head back so I don't have to look."
  186. Torn signed and did as she asked. He twisted the dial and her head slowly lowered. She took in a deep breath accepting her fate. To be brought so low by a horribly primitive race. Perhaps it was just punishment for her horrible ways? Whatever it was she was defeated, and broken. She couldn't find the strength to care.
  187. "The funny thing is I believe you. You not knowing. So why do this?"
  188. "Honestly?" She replied swallowing hard. "We only follow our 'Leader' because of his influence, No one knows how many follow him, and his decisions are entirely at random. He is a pointless man that leads us to death. I came here hoping you'd at least give me the freedom of death. I guess I was wrong."
  190. Soon she felt her body moving, and she closed her eyes. Torn had stepped away. He was stepping on a pedal that slowly brought her legs together. Afterwards be drew a cloth from his case and began patting her body down. Her eyes opened.
  191. "What are you doing?"
  192. "We are done here." He spoke packing away his things. " I got what little information I will be getting from you today."
  194. He packed away his things and pulled the stool beside her. As he sat he undid the restrain across her forehead. With her new freedom she rotated her head and then rested it looking at the Cadian. Her gaze was more puzzled than anything else.
  195. "Why?"
  196. "Guaifenesin has another strange effect on Eldar. It cures all addition, but there's a drawback, your body will begin detoxing as soon as it wears off." Her eyes flew open.
  197. "You mean, I'll.." She meditated on the full implications "But I'll die! You injected me with a poison you knew would kill me!"
  198. "That depends on how strong you are. From what I've seen I'd give you some pretty good odds"
  199. "I-I... How do I even respond to this?"
  200. "Survive, and we'll talk tomorrow."
  202. The medic departed. After pounding on the metal door it opened and the guardsmen on the otherside greeted him with shocked faces.
  203. "Did it work? did she talk?"
  204. "Yeah. Get her some Blankets"
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