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  1. iHydrophobia: wait hold up...
  2. iHydrophobia: <.< is your tongue out
  3. Suffocated: Another great horror gag film is
  4. LittleMonster: >.> Maybe
  5. SaintUchiha has joined the chat
  6. Suffocated: From Dusk till Dawn.
  7. Suffocated: Yep yep.
  8. iHydrophobia: -pinches it- <.<....
  9. iHydrophobia: That is rude =x=
  10. LittleMonster  drools and whines
  11. LittleMonster: Le' go
  12. LittleMonster: >:O
  13. iHydrophobia: Say I'm the best
  14. LittleMonster: >.>
  15. Suffocated: Tbh, Zombies need to roll to talk.
  16. iHydrophobia: <.<
  17. Guest_Heaven5243 has joined the chat
  18. iHydrophobia: -pulls- <.<
  19. Suffocated: Can I get a confirmation from Scuffle on that one
  20. iHydrophobia: Intelligent undead =u=
  21. LittleMonster: Gack >o<"
  22. LittleMonster  crosses his arms and refuses
  23. iHydrophobia: <x< Say jar jar binks is an abomination
  24. Suffocated: All hail our god
  25. LittleMonster: XDD
  26. Guest_Heaven5243 has left the chat
  27. Suffocated: JarJar
  28. iHydrophobia: -tugs again-
  29. SaintUchiha: i feel the party comming on
  30. iHydrophobiaiHydrophobia WhisperAdd Friend: Suffo will die first =x=
  31. Suffocated: UM
  32. LittleMonster: Ja' Ja' binks is an abomination
  33. LittleMonster: =w=
  34. iHydrophobia: -lets go-
  35. iHydrophobia: good boy.
  36. LittleMonster: =w=;;;
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