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  1. Dear Member!
  3. Thank you for your interest and contribution to Infinity Reallife.
  4. Our goal is to have the greatest possible fun and have a great time for you and the community. The offer of server, teamspeak, forum, user control panel, website and support is free of charge and with pleasure and full conviction. We would like to maintain this approach in the future as well.
  6. As a small non-binding thank-you note, you will receive a donation of 5€, for 30 days the "supporter" title in the forum.
  8. We are happy if you would like to cover part of the monthly costs.
  10. Donations directly benefit the project:
  11. Cover monthly costs for multiple servers, services and administration
  12. purchase of licences, certificates and permits
  13. securing the continuity of the project over a longer period of time
  15. We thank you very much for your support and wish you a lot of fun on Infinity Reallife!
  17. Yours sincerely,
  18. The Infinity Team
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