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  1. TILTED  dredge  ignoring it to let her tongue curl up from between her lips and lap at his drooling crown before she lift herself up a little bit, continuing to lap at his cock like a hungry little thing, polishing his meat clean, not a drop of his cum left to waste. Another hiccup and she finally laid back down and licked her lips. Settling finally and quieting down for once, that heart-eyed look still on him.
  2. TILTED  dredge  A minute was a minute - and it belonged to her, sixty seconds of him hovering in that desperate need. She loved it. And then he abused her poor throat, roughly fucking it so hard that it'd probably be sore and raw for a few days after. When he finally came, she felt that hot, thick seed fill her throat, some gushing into her mouth with his thrusts and he filled and overfilled her so fast, the sticky white cream spilling out from around her lips and even a little dribble of it leaking from her nose. She did what she could to swallow it but his load was too much for her, so it spilled wherever she failed to suck it down. Once he'd finally finished he pulled back, his cock slowly sliding out from between her lips, she was panting hard - before she let out a little hiccup, having eaten so much of his cum so fast. She blinked up at him a little bewildered looking after having deep throat him so thoroughly and having taken that massive load. She hiccuped again a few moments later -
  3. dredge  TILTED  He didn't miss a beat even as she slipped a hand up to squeeze very tightly around his base.. She only bought herself a minute more at best. To make up for the delay of what he had been hacking away at so tirelessly, he slammed down her throat with an almost wild vigor. Though, as he fucked her mouth he would let go of her head to brace both of his arms on the couch, leaving her head to be pinned down to the cushion with nothing but the sheer force of his thrusts. Somewhere in the middle of one of his strokes, his thick cock began twitching and pulsing wildly and from these spasms came what he was struggling for. He pressed himself in to his absolute base as he felt the first few spurts of seed begin to shoot down her throat. His noises were almost pained, but gave way to great relief as he rode out his climax. After a while, he pulled back, letting his cock slip out inch by inch until the still-oozing tip hovered just inches above her lips.
  4. TILTED  dredge  There was something in her that still made her want to drive him wild, even with his dick plunging down her throat the way it was. Every time he pulled back, strands of spit clung along the length of his shaft, a few dangling from his sack to her chin. "Mmph~" she'd occasionally make little noises, her hands finally lifting to cling to his hips as he tangled fingers in her hair and facefucked her mercilessly. She gagged as he pistoned himself in and out of her throat over and over, shoving his cock deep down her throat as it would reach. She could see that look in his eye and one of her hands moved down, fingers encircling the base of his cock like a makeshift cockring, keeping him from unloading inside her and her eyes shot up defiantly - she was a hungry little thing and she wasn't ready for him to cum just yet. Just a few more brutal pumps into her mouth, just to make him ache for it - and finally she released her fingers from around his cock, fingers teasing at his sack now.
  5. dredge  TILTED  In this position, he was much more capable of turning this into a two-hand affair. Both hands gripping onto her head and pulling towards him, even as his hips moved to thrust the thick meat back down her throat. All the while, he peered down from above, locking eyes with her as she somewhat regained her composure. What he saw in her eyes could hardly be called pathetic, she held up surprisingly well to his assault. That look of complete submission to his physical will was.. getting to him.. It pushed him to grip her hair up and fuck her throat raw. He certainly hoped she could take a nut like this.. because he wasn't so sure he'd be able to stop himself. "God. Damn." Both words were damn near breathless, most of his focus remained on just how fast and hard he would allow himself to thrust. The thick veins that lined his cock began noticeably throbbing and pulsing about, acting as precursors for what was to come.
  6. TILTED  dredge  It wasn't like she had much a choice but to take it - his leverage over her wasn't anything she could contest. However - her choking and gagging might not have been as harsh as what would have been expected for getting something thick stuffed down your throat. Tears brimmed at her eyes and she pant for air when she could. She squirmed a little beneath him as he sheathed as much of his cock as he could inside that narrow tunnel, "Mmnff-" she whined up at him, coughing and sputtering out when he'd pulled back some, just to reposition - all so he could fuck her throat deeper and harder. She'd occasionally glance up at him, looking every bit pathetic as she was with her lips stretched around his girth, pressing up against his balls which repeatedly slapped against her chin. She arched up into it, to meet his every thrust as he used her throat like his own personal cocksleeve, every time she looked up into his eyes, that heart-eyed look filling those large dark hues.
  7. dredge  TILTED  once he felt his tip breach that barrier, he couldn't quite stop his hips from taking it all of the way. He was surprised she seemed to easily take him down to the trimmed hairs at his base. He used his recently freed up hand to brace against the back of the couch. The other remained right where it was, fingers now intertwining with her her hair. The sounds were music to his ears, even the slight little whimpers that he had to really focus to hear - especially those. Vocalized his own sounds, all desperate in their candor to materialize the particular struggle he found himself in. There was no letting go for him, every single stroke had to be calculated.. but, damn, if her throat didn't make it really easy to forget things like that. The feeling pressed him forward as he kicked off his pants the rest of the way and swung his leg over her chest onto the other side of the cushion. He used this new position over her to give her a proper facefuck, heavy sack now slapping into her chin.
  8. TILTED  dredge  Each bump against her throat made her gag a little bit, but never enough to make him pull back. Once she'd tensed for the last time, her body then seemed to just melt and soon the knock against the back of her throat was answered as his tip was suddenly swallowed down inside her tight throat, the bulge of it visible - the wet stretch of her throat loud and filthy. She gulped - once, twice around him, her throat squeezing his thick crown and he was free to throat her as deep as he pleased now that he was inside - unless of course, he pulled out again, which would then require some more work to push back in. Little whimpers were barely heard over the sloppy sounds of good, deep head.
  9. dredge  TILTED  Well, keeping her down in one place and fucking her face was sort of the idea, after all. Totally warned her about it, too. He buried his fingers deep within as he felt that climax come over her, his attention was only momentarily taken away from the feeling of her mouth around him. The way she practically burst in his hand like a water balloon caused his hand to drip with her wetness as he pulled his hand upward. Though his attention might have been stolen away, his hips kept their very languid rhythm, aiming to slide as much of his length down her throat as he could. His tip continued to lightly batter itself against the back of her throat, getting closer and closer to breaking that limit as the power in his hips grew more tinged with lust.
  10. TILTED  dredge  He definitely had her pinned where there was no escape - she couldn't do anything to control how deeply he filled her mouth or the pace he thrust between her lips. And it seemed to get her off taking it just like that. Her wet walls spasmed around his fingers a few time, tongue soaking up the ooze of precum he leaked. She bucked beneath him, trying to moan but unable to, back arching, the blow job growing a little turbulent, his cock sinking a few inches deeper til his thick tip nudged at the entrance of her throat. Suddenly she writhed and struggled beneath him as her tight little pussy trembled around his fingers before really gushing like a waterfall for him, her body tensing and un-tensing beneath him, eyes rolling back in her skull.
  11. dredge  TILTED  As his swollen tip found its way into her mouth, a hand would come to rest at the top of her head, adjusting as to allow him to press even more of himself into her mouth at this odd angle. His grip allowed him to steady her head against the cushion, while his hips could lightly pull back and thrust in to fill her mouth with some inches. "Fuck.." It was really all he could say about the feeling, he was practically already oozing from his tip by the time that he entered her mouth. Now sought to find the perfect balance between thrusting into her mouth and keeping consistency with his fingers.
  12. TILTED  dredge  Every time his fingers slipped from out of her, she'd pathetically mewl up at him and every time they massaged over her swollen little clit, her hips would jerk up and she'd cry out. Her face tilt to one side, her cheek turned to him now as he dragged his cock down along her face before he'd made that lewd remark and she looked back up at him, half defiantly and half a little starry eyed. She was a little mess, her little pussy drooling from what he was doing to her, eyes rolling back a little whenever he splayed his fingers and she pant out for him before - like he'd anticipated her lips parted, the girl moaning out like a little whore - and the tip of his cock spread those plump lips and stuffed that wet mouth fairly quickly. She whined around him, huffing through her nose as her hips kept jerking, muffled little moans and whimpers with her mouth full like that. She drooled around his cock too, her tongue swirling around his thick tip despite her previous refusals.
  13. dredge  TILTED  was content to leave his manhood simply resting upon her face for now, perhaps it would send a message. Every so often his fingers would slip out of her insides, just so he could rub his fingers over the small hood that decorated the top of her slit. His hips would lightly pull themselves back, dragging the underside of his cock along her face as it readjusted. He let the thick rod simply hang over her face for a while still, turning his attention back to the increasingly wet hole he played about it. "Fuckin' waterfall." He remarked, feeling the wetness practically stream off of his fingers each time he would withdraw. Still, with as much as he would be finger-fucking her, he was paying close attention to her sounds.. and expressions. Like a crafty bastard, he waited until her mouth had worked itself agape in a lewd moan. The thick tip of his cock followed, as he eased his hips forward and shifted his weight over her, somewhat awkwardly.
  14. TILTED  dredge  He made it seem easy the way he read her like a book, how he knew just how to shift his fingers inside her, just when to thrust them, how firmly to massage them up against the roof of her little cunt. Her walls flexed around his fingers, loosening just to tighten around him again. The noises pulled from her weren't just from her mouth either, the wet stretch of his fingers fucking inside her tight body causing obscene little squelches and smacking noises. Her toes curled, trying her best not to cave to him but, didn't seem it really mattered. He'd been serious about what he'd promised her earlier and she blinked her eyes open and stared up at him wildly when she heard the deliberate pull of his zipper. "Mmf-!" she winced as his thick, heavy cock slapped down on her face, her nose wrinkling- she opened those lips to say it again, "No," a little breathless this time because his fingers made it difficult to speak without mewling or moaning up at him.
  15. dredge  TILTED  Again, chose to ignore her cries and pay much more attention to her body language, the way that her entire body twisted and writhed depending on what he did with his fingers. It was call and response, his fingers were spurred into movement by her sounds.. and the sounds by his fingers. While he had her on the defensive like this, the male would slightly change his positioning, settling his knees of the very edge of the cushion near her shoulder. The hand that wrapped around her neck had let go on his way over to this new position, now it would tug at the fastenings of his jeans slowly, pushing the zipper down with a quiet anticipation. Before she knew it, the girl would have a thick member splayed simply across her face, even through any of the 'no's that he might have heard.
  16. TILTED  dredge  The little whine she gave was so sweet and pathetic and she couldn't help herself, the feeling of his fingers splaying inside and making her walls stretch had her reeling. It was so hard to try and keep from rocking her hips back against his hand - thankfully he'd shoved her back so she didn't have the chance to but now she found him on top and more in control of the situation. Her back arched up off the couch when he sank his fingers to the knuckle and she gave a strangled little mewl of pleasure. The constant grip on her throat made her feel a little bit lightheaded which only made the pleasure feel that much richer. "No," she whimpered out, less defiant than before, but she was still trying.
  17. dredge  TILTED  squeezed a fair amount when she would resort to names and leaning forward. His fingers lightly splaying apart while within her, stretching her walls even more. "I'm just good at adapting." In one motion, he pushed her off of him with the grip on her throat, not stopping until her back was flush against the couch cushion's and he was hovering over her. He kept his fingers within her during this process and would press both fingers in to the knuckle once he had gotten her down where he wanted her. The grip on her throat would remain, squeezing lightly as he held pinned her down to the couch. "Shh." It was a simple command that he didn't expect her to follow.
  18. TILTED  dredge  She let out a hot little puff of air when his fingers sunk further inside her. Again, that drooling tunnel hugged at his fingers when he said those words. He held her by the throat, fingers clenched around tight and her lips parted slightly. She swayed her hips to rock his fingers inside her, eyes still held on his gaze, "You're a bad man," she purred down at him, fighting the urge to drop her ass and fuck herself on his fingers. She restrained, though and leaned in a little closer to him, "No," she let the defiant word out.
  19. dredge  TILTED  His eyes followed hers, no matter what she attempted to do with his hand. It would meld and follow her command to the letter as she lead it down between them. Infact, just as he got a grip on what she was doing exactly, he took her lead and slipped his fingers in further. Well, wouldn't you know it, another wet and warm place he wouldn't have minded losing himself in. She had his ear from her very first sentence, all the way down to her dripping ultimatum. There was little need to fret, because he had his own. "Then you can say 'no' all you want, as long as you're able to." His other hand made a surprise appearance, shooting straight for her throat and gripping tight. There was a new spirit of fight in his eyes, now, something that was absent just a few moments ago.
  20. TILTED  dredge  Uh huh, course not. She gave a little tilt of her head - she liked hearing about how much of a mouthy brat she was, liked that it irritated him. "What if I say no?" she hummed - and despite the way she worked herself against his bulge, there was a look in her eyes that said she just might deny him - just to drive him crazier. It was clear the Korean really loved pushing buttons and it wasn't any wonder why she'd targeted him so much - he really got riled up. She'd pulled his hand down further, "What if," she murmured, slipping his hand into the front of her panties, the fabric pulling away so he can see that smooth, pink mound and the glossy mess that clung to her pink folds, she didn't hesitate to grind against his fingers, coating them with her honey, "I get off," she squirmed her hips until his fingers ever so shallowly sunk inside her tight little entrance, "On saying no?" The tight little ring of flesh clench at his fingers and she panted quietly.
  21. dredge  TILTED  Well, yeah.. Was totally going along with her lead.. Wasn't already orally fixated or anything. Once she had pulled him out he strained against her from below, hips rising to meet hers as he practically ground that bulge right into her. "Because you're a mouthy brat.. Sometime I think you just like hearing the sound of your own voice. Besides all of that.. You've just shown me how nice it feels in there." Her smile would be met with his own frustrated smirk, hiding all of the tension she had worked into him.
  22. TILTED  dredge  Course he'd go along with her lead, he'd be a stupid cuck if he didn't, right? She let him explore the velvety warmth of her mouth, sucking on his fingers as much as he was thrusting them between her plush lips. Her lips quirked into a small smile around his fingers when he promised her he was gonna fuck her mouth. She'd eventually pull his fingers back out of her mouth, the strands of drool clinging from her bottom lip to his fingerpads. "Why would you wanna make me shut up, huh?"
  23. dredge  TILTED  "Hey, there's an idea.. " He'd go along with her lead, raising his hand so that she could show him what she had meant. Curiosity soon gripped him, causing him to dip his fingers further into the wet confines of her mouth before slowly sliding them backwards and repeating the process all over again. Her hips had already worked him into quite a writhing mess underneath her, feeling the wetness of her mouth on his fingers was enough to send a shiver down his artificial spine. The bulge in his trousers got no respite, quickly swelling due to her constant downward presses and rolls. "I'm gonna' fuck that mouth if it's the last thing I do.. That oughta' shut you up for a little while."
  24. TILTED  dredge  Licking her lips once his hand cupped one of her breasts, her smile faded, teeth sinking in against her bottom lip for a moment. She kept her eyes on his just as stubbornly, "If you didn't like it... Then you would have shut me up already," she said, both hands reaching down to take his hand in hers, pulling it back up over her chest and along her neck, nuzzling her face into his open palm for a moment before she wrapped her lips around his middle and forefinger, tongue stroking down along under them as she enveloped them in that wet heat, hips grinding again, her skirt riding up her thighs until he could see her panties, the suggestion of her folds in the damp cloth rubbing down against the bulge in his pants.
  25. dredge  TILTED  It was impossible not to writhe a little bit while under her, especially when she was sitting and grinding against the button as it were. The moan at his squeeze would have surprised him, had he not seen small traces of her depravity in her eyes the first time he had choked her out. His hand trailed down until it sat evenly in the center of her chest, opting to cup over her right breast through the garment of her shirt. It was a small gesture, but he gripped with enough passion that was to be expected of someone she had been tormenting for so long. He refused to break their eyelock, even selecting to forgo blinking lest she get a split-second to work him over even further. "You this talkative all the time? 'Suppose I shouldn't be surprised.."
  26. TILTED  dredge  "Huh?" she hummed, sounding innocent and surprised - it was almost convincing too, if only it weren't out of her lips. "What do you mean? I'm not doing anything..." she sweetly mewled down at him, "...yet." The tightening of his hand around her neck made her whimper out again - and this time it was dubious if that whimper had been a pained one, especially as her hips rolled once again, the girl grinding down against the bulge beginning to swell in his pants. She let his hand trail down, those dark eyes fixated on his as if she were daring him to.
  27. dredge  TILTED  the split-second of weakness gave way to a knowing glare as he felt the roll of her hips against his. He had already been somewhat put at ease by her calmer demeanor, only to be thrown into a new realm of tension. It didn't help that this equally fed off the frustrations she had already creased upon him. With that first motion, she already began kneading upon a lump in his trousers. "You got alot of nerve.. Trying to put moves on me like this." He gave her neck a quick squeeze before letting the had splay against her collarbone and begin to trail downwards.
  28. TILTED  dredge  That nervousness would be all the encouragement she needed. The sly grin kept on her lips. "And do you think about that often? How I get off," she purred down at him, giving a slow roll of her hips against his, wanting to get a rise out of him. This was a little more her realm - teasing men this way. "You aren't so annoying underneath me, you know," she hummed, "Maybe we should talk like this more often."
  29. dredge  TILTED  Due to his hangups about having caused her frail state as of now, the male felt great hesitation when he moved his fingers over the bruises, never quite getting a good enough grip to squeeze her. Still, the dynamic of power was being shifted whether he participated or not. Now that she was on top, she might have been able to see the first glimmer of nervousness in his eyes.. Well, since he had nearly cracked her head open on the concrete. "I think you're just a professional at getting under people's skin. I think it's how you get off."
  30. TILTED  dredge  In order to stead herself her thighs clamped down against either side of his waist. She sat up a little bit now as his fingers slid to grasp at her delicate neck, a little whimper given as she felt the ache from those bruises. He didn't dig in like she had though, his touch surprisingly gentle. "Sometimes," she answered, "You make it so easy though. I'm starting to think you like it anyway."
  31. dredge  TILTED  Judging from the fact that his grip on her hip didn't exponentially tighten, it was clear that he was quite capable of handling his pain. One of these prods caused him to lightly throw the weight of his body into hers in their curled-together position, causing her body to jostle just a little bit. He followed up by slipping fingers around her own tender throat, opting to only softly touch against the skin for now. "You're getting on my nerves, is that your ultimate goal?"
  32. TILTED  dredge  She rolled her eyes, she definitely wouldn't make it if she were him, "Just go out guns blazing then. You shouldn't live forever like this. Or do you have a five year plan," she scoffed. When he suddenly grabbed hold of her hip - she likely should have flinched knowing his track record - but she didn't, instead she only grinned at him, "It's - meant - to," she said, punctuating her words before digging into another bruise pointedly. "You can't handle a little pain?" she taunted him, "Such a baby."
  33. dredge  TILTED  "I'm particularly high value as far as priorities go.. They've sent hitmen before. It's better for me to only take what I need, when I need it." Naturally sort of froze up as he felt her body curl against his, a complete change from hands on his neck. Though those two feelings would be mixed when she would reach up and dig her finger into the damaged flesh of his bruise, causing his entire body to tense up. A hand instinctively gripped at her hip and air hissed out of his mouth through grated teeth. "That.. hurts."
  34. TILTED  dredge  "Yeah no shit..." she muttered, she'd lived in destitute places for the majority of her life. She understood what it was like slumming it up. "I still don't see why you don't just... pinch a little money. Just a bit. From different people or something..." she murmured. She actually kind of curled against him, maybe even matched her breathing with his. "I'm not weak - and I work with my hands," she told him, "I've got a good grip," probably. Strong hands and fingers, no matter how dainty they appeared. She lift her head tho peering up at him before reaching to trail her fingers along his bruises, gentle at first before gently digging a finger into one of the sore looking spots, a little grin on her face. "I did better than I would have expected," she proudly remarked.
  35. dredge  TILTED  It was nice to have some contact with her that wasn't outright aggression, or some other form of the most petty shit ever. "Yeah, living under the radar isn't exactly glamorous. Go figure. But you do what you have to." She was.. soft. That was the only thing that came to his mind as the bite drifted away from her words. His warmth was likely twice as noticable due to the nature of how his body adapted to his augmentations, causing him to run just a bit hotter than most people due to the immense power that they gave him. The cool air of the room helped too. "I don't know, I didn't figure you could do much harm either, but my neck disproves that." He pointed to the dark bruises on his neck from their last little tussle. Made sense since he likely pushed her to a fight-or-flight reaction when he damn near squeezed the life out of her.
  36. TILTED  dredge  "A safehouse?" she echoed - color her surprised, looked shady as fuck, "And they all come with fishtanks, weirdo." She liked the fish though... "You really are suspicious, you know that?" She frowned, "Who would blame me for any of that?! You are deranged." She huffed at him but whatever insult she threw at him didn't really seem to hold much weight to her, after all, they were pretty cozy right now and - not that she'd admit it, but his warmth was nice.
  37. dredge  TILTED  He reached over after a while, ashing the cigarette in a conveniently placed ash tray on the coffee table, peered down to her as she attempted to readjust herself on his couch, she was the guest after all. "To tell you the truth, this is more of a safehouse. A stash spot. A have a few here and there." He leaned forward, reaching to prod two fingers into her forehead, lightly. "It's just common courtesy.. Plus I was responsible for the damage around you too.. Couldn't let you get blamed for that."
  38. TILTED  dredge  "Sure you aren't," she repeated, sarcasm lacing her tone. "Why do you get so worked up anyhow?" - cute, coming from the hotheaded girl. When he'd flopped down beside her, she groaned, half his body on her - his couch wasn't that big after all. She clambered from underneath his weight so that she was half on top him now, "Don't you have a bed to sleep on?!" she complained loudly - she hadn't really gotten a good look around when he'd brought her inside and it was rather dark... She watched as he lit the cigarette, eyes fixated for a moment as the small flame lit illuminated his face. Despite their violence towards each other she was... getting used to his presence. "What, you care about me?" she wrinkled her nose - but then frowned. It was more than anyone else had done. She soured a little bit, grew quiet again.
  39. dredge  TILTED  "I am not a virgin. Close contact is something I avoid because I tend to hurt people when tensions run high." He flopped down on the couch next to her after he had finished inspecting, leaning forward so he could fish a single cigarette off of a pack on the table. He held the open flame of a lighter just under the end of the cigarette, pulling on it until the ember at the end took on its own life. A sharp clatter sounded out as he tossed the lighter back on the table, letting him ease back into the couch as he exhaled his first drag. "I didn't mean to give you any of those bruises. It would have been wrong for me to leave you like that. But you'll live.. Right?"
  40. TILTED  dredge  "No kidding," she rolled her eyes, "You're like an incel," she said to him, "You're not a virgin, are you?" That would explain a lot - and she snickered at the thought. "What do you mean bold? Just because they say some stuff your dumb ego can't handle or something?" Of course, if she were a guy about 85% of the shit that came out of her mouth would likely get her a fist in the face. Thankfully she was female. "You still haven't answered any of my questions, you know. You could have just left me where you dumped me and look where we are."
  41. dredge  TILTED  Everything that she hurled at him seemed to walk right in tandem with his own mind beating down upon him and his decisions. What was he doing? Dragging her back to his place and trying to tend to wounds? He should have well enough alone, from the start. All the things she said about her mate didn't line up with what he was able to grift from her phone, and it certainly smelled like denial. "Yeah, maybe so. Never been too popular with the girls because they get too damn bold around me and then end up getting hurt."
  42. TILTED  dredge  She opened her mouth, then quickly closed it. "He's not disinterested," she finally said, quiet now, almost as if she was telling herself. She pout though, before looking away from him. "Shut up, you don't know anything," she murmured at him, "He chose me because..." Well, it was probably because of that pretty face, but it wasn't like he was faithful or ever intended to be and it wasn't like she was with him for his personality. "Well, you're out here doing shady shit too," she mumbled, "I'm probably not the first girl you've bruised up. Probably won't be the last either so don't worry about what I'm doing, asshole."
  43. dredge  TILTED  "Listen, doll, if this is how you act on a daily basis.. and you haven't had any sort of marks up until now..? He's either meek or disinterested. Which is what I imagine those played up nudes were supposed to remedy." It was all starting to fall together for him, why she acted the way that she did. It didn't make her any less intolerable, but it was a step in the right direction. "Got a man but you're still hanging out at seedy dumps like this.. putting your hands on people?" He sought to prod back at her just as hard as she had been giving him for the last hour or so.
  44. TILTED  dredge  "Well they should be scared of you - you're not even human... hardly," she said, "I'm just a normal girl - I couldn't have done anything." It's at least the reasoning in her head. Once he started sliding her jacket off her arms she tensed a little, "What are you doing??" she hissed. "You know, you should stop marking me up like this - I don't think my man would appreciate it," she said to him, it was supposed to be a threat, make him scared but... He was incredibly strong. There likely wasn't a lot of threats she could dish out that would frighten him. And, besides that, her man was absent at the moment, away on business like usual. She received three messages a day from him, all at the same time like they'd been scheduled ahead of time. He didn't really often answer outside of those few windows so, it wasn't likely much of anything would be done immediately. "Why do you keep looking at them anyway?" she asked. Maybe it was a weird fetish but he seemed unsettled by them.
  45. dredge  TILTED  "Maybe that's because we were both choking eachother out at the same time. They were all scared, of both of us, I'm sure." He steadied himself, placing the flash light between his teeth so he could maneuver both of her arms until she held them both up above her head. He let out a gruff noise, signifying for her to hold her arms there as he began to remove the jacket from her shoulders. He tossed the article over to the other end of the couch, lowering himself again so he could observe the marks on both of her arms. He quietly cursed himself as he looked over the bruises.
  46. TILTED  dredge  tried batting at his hand again, "Stop sticking that fucking light in my face..." She wasn't really given an option in any of this though, the man tilting her head back. She blinked for a moment, eyes up on the darkness that was the ceiling. "Well - That's what happens when you run your mouth!" she said to him, "I can't believe everyone just let you choke me out too..." she seemed... a little sour about the fact.
  47. dredge  TILTED  the first thing that he sought to look at was what sat highest on her on her body as she sat up, he used a hand to switch the flashlight to its lowest setting, pointing it her way as he reached forward with another hand to lightly clasp her by the edge of her face, gently yet firmly tilting her head back so he could get a better look at the bruising on her neck. He winced at the sight, she had managed to leave marks on him, too, it looked like he had been choked by a grown ass man. "Looks like we got matching bruises."
  48. TILTED  dredge  An annoyed little huff was given when he slipped his hand under her chest. "Annoying," she called him, but as he gripped and pulled, she let herself be led up and she adjusted finally, sitting up. "Okayyy," she whined, rubbing at an eye and frowning at him, "Hurts." It wasn't as bad, but still a throbbing kind of ache in her skull. But her vision was better and her equilibrium seemed back in order.
  49. dredge  TILTED  let out a light sigh as she saw fit to roll around and further disobey his orders in general.. but it was the first response that wasn't outright aggression, so maybe he was getting somewhere. He reached down to the cushion of the couch, slipping his hand under her form and gripping just under her chest so that he could.. persuade her up into a seated position.
  50. TILTED  dredge  She'd kind of dozed off by the time he'd gotten around to assaulting her with shining light at her. "Wha-?" he was met with a sleepy kind of confusion before a, "Mmnfucoff..." She bat at the light, kind of just rolling onto her stomach and giving a sleepy huff.
  51. dredge  TILTED  unclasped several of the fastenings that held the holster in place upon his chest. Shrugging the leather off, he placed it upon the table too. He'd take a few steps backward until he could lean back and raid the fridge some more for his own drink. A few seconds later he was on a completely different side of the flat. The next time she would see him, he would approach with a small flashlight, lowering down onto his haunches next to her on the couch. "Hey! Sit up, I need to check you out." Clicked the button on the flashlight twice, strobing it to get her attention.
  52. ------
  53. TILTED  dredge  "Hahh! Cold!" she hissed, back to Korean again. Her back arched hard to get away from the source- but of course, the water was already on her. It wasn't a ton, but enough to get a rise out of her. She was going to snap at him, tell him off - but she paused, shut her mouth and kept those lips shut. It was confusing - why he didn't like her. She hadn't given him any reason, of course, but she'd never had to give anyone reason before. It was marginally better than people who were fake... But now he was just... silent. She liked it better with his hands wrapped around her throat, at least there was some kind of... anything. "I should file some kind of report..." she murmured bitterly, just to try and get something out of the guy.
  54. dredge  TILTED  Rested the side of his head against his shoulder as she just went on and on with a singular, vexed mind. He squinted at her as she turned over, splashing a small bit of the water on her back and setting the bottle back down. "Hush." He raised himself back up stepping around the couch and approaching a large table. He shifted his shoulders a bit, until he could shrug off the jacket and hang it on a nearby rack. Fingers clasped at the grip of his weapon, pulling it out of his rib holster so he could set it on the table and begin removing the holster itself. He had to keep himself busy, or he would risk strangling her.. again.
  55. TILTED  dredge  "I'm not drinking after you, gross," she grumbled, smacking his hand away - missed, again. She'd turn on her other side now, facing her back to him. "You're still not improving, what's your excuse?" He'd just have to talk to her back if he was going to talk to her at all. "Why did you take me here anyway if you dislike me so much? Now I can just tell anyone..." she murmured, "You should just take me back home, not to your... rape den." Because it did kind of look small and suspicion and not like any living space she'd ever seen.
  56. dredge  TILTED  pulled a deadpan at each of her responses, careful to see through just why she was acting like this. He must have knocked her on the head extremely hard, enough to rattle up her brain a little, at least. He reached over to the water bottle, twisting the cap off and taking a swig before he would offer it to her. "You need to drink, otherwise getting better is something you can forget about. You're obviously improving if you can mouth off to me in english again."
  57. TILTED  dredge  So that got his attention, but his words made her lips purse. She didn't care that she was childish - but it probably wasn't the best idea to keep spouting off and triggering that anger. She just barely quelled the urge to slam her foot upside his head. "Nothing. I hate you," she spouted up at him. The words were maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but... there was some true grit in her tone, some real venom, though it wasn't necessarily for him. Maybe just someone she couldn't say them to. After a few moment of sulking, she shift the icepack a little, it was cold as fuck, made chills run down over her skin. "Why don't we talk about why you're such a psycho?" she murmured, tugging the collar of her shirt to show off the bruises around her neck and those already blooming on one of her delicate shoulders. "Maybe they should decommission you before you kill someone with that temper..." she murmured.
  58. dredge  TILTED  He'd finally figured out that the most effective way to get a rise out of her was to outright ignore her. Besides, she was in his home, after all. It was just her being a bad guest at this point, but he wasn't exactly used to catering to any guests at all. The male squatted down onto his haunches at the edge of the couch as she launched into her quite amusing little episode over her nudes.. Again. He sighed, shaking his damn head. "Look, i'm not gonna' have you hanging around being pressed about what I saw. It doesn't change anything. What the hell can I do to get you off of my back about that, so that this little scare we just had doesn't happen again?" He shot an inquisitive glare straight at her, demanding an answer.
  59. TILTED  dredge  Her brows furrowed at the man ignored her. God, he was annoying. Why didn't he just do as she told him to?? "I am talking to you!" she called out to him from where she lay on the couch. He still didn't answer though and she sulked in that silence, eyes wandering over away from him and towards the fishtank for a moment. It was pretty - illuminated the space with a faint blue glow. When he'd moved back in front of her view, she remembered she was angry at him. "No-" was the first defiant word to leave her mouth, "You can't take me going through your dumb gym bag - but it's okay to look at my-" she wasn't about to call them nudes, shouldn't have even brought it up, her face flushing like it had the other night, "What did you think I was going to do with it, huh?"
  60. dredge  TILTED  even as she was barking orders at him, the man was calmly going about his business, checking his mail, and even feeding his fish before he would shoot her so much as a glance. The room was very dark, and the light of the wide fishtank seemed to due well to coat the room in a very faint light. He took a step over to the modest kitchen area, flooding the area with a the stark light of the fridge's interior. When he'd approach her again it would be with two things: A water bottle which he placed down on the coffee table in front of her, and an icepack that he would lightly place ontop of her head until it had settled itself. "Shut. Up."
  61. TILTED  dredge  was left to blink up at him, still bleary eyed as they passed through parts of the club she was familiar with - and parts she wasn't with. What the hell- Here? He lived here? Was she hallucinating? She shook her head a little and fuck if that didn't make her skull just throb, "You live here?" she muttered up at him before she felt herself being laid upon a couch, a pillow slipped beneath her head. She rolled, probably should have kept still but - her eyes roamed around the place before lifting back to his face, "You're an idiot." It was in English this time, and for a moment she just kind of stared up at him, "You have to sit down and watch me!" she scolded him - and yes, she expected him to obey and sit on the floor by her, so she could keep her eye on him. For awhile, she was quiet again before her lips pursed, "Apologize."
  62. dredge  TILTED  her whiny questions would not be answered as he proceeded to carry her through the seedy bar they found themselves in, luckily most folks tended to clear out once he had his little scene. Dredge lived in what was essentially the same property, extended to the level just before the roof. He carried her behind the bar and into the kitchen area, past doorways until he reached a large maintenance room complete with a boiler and several lockers lined up against the dingy wall. He approached a very plain looking indent in the wall, cautiously tipping her to the side as he reached out his hand to punch a few numbers into a nearby keypad. The panel lightly hissed before sliding open, allowing him to step into his utilitarian living space. It was only a few steps up from being a locker-room reskinned as a flat. They would both be greeted with the main living space, which was good considering that he sought to lay her out on the couch, sliding a pillow under her head.
  63. TILTED  dredge  She huffed at his words, frowning a bit - this definitely wasn't how she'd planned spending her evening. Of course, it was his fault. "Why are you so angry?" she half-growled at him, but her voice was still softer than she meant it to be because talking kind of made her ears ring a little more. "Why can't you just be nice?" Of course, wouldn't realize the irony in her words, but she was used to being treated nicely by guys, even if she treated them like shit. She had a pretty face and it got her most anything she wanted. Despite being angry at him, he was the only one that appeared was there to help her and when he picked her up, cradling her slight form she did slightly cling to him. "Where even are you taking me," she asked, still speaking in Korean at him, which only made it sound like she was complaining more.
  64. dredge  TILTED  Could indeed understand just about every thing she said in Korean, including the various little quips that served to get under his skin. They pushed him to the edge and made things like this happen. Not like that would be a believable defense anyway. He was also quite capable of speaking it back to her, yet it would still come off as amateurish due to lack of muscle memory. He stuck with his own native tongue. "I don't plan on leaving you like this. Let's get you somewhere you can wind down." It was another complete change of character, or perhaps the stripping away of some front. He slipped an arm under her legs where they bent at her knees, and another just behind her shoulderblades. With his cradle-like stance, he would slowly rise to his feet, easily carrying her in tow.
  65. TILTED  dredge  The loud snapping in front of her face took a moment to catch her attention, but it did after awhile. Her dark eyes lift up, squinting at him trying to make the darkness make sense. It was subsiding, slowly, but she still felt groggy and slow and it was still hard telling directions apart. Finally there was some manner of recognition and she swat at his hand, her own hand missing by about a foot. "My head-" she complained at him, trying to remember to speak in English - though wasn't he dial up or some shit? He could fucking translate it probably, fuck him. She switched back to her native tongue because it wasn't so hard to think in Korean as it was in English - and she babbled at him about him being violent - and an asshole - and that he couldn't leave her this way.
  66. dredge  TILTED  watched her stumble for her balance in his frozen state. Something deep compelled him to slowly take steps toward her, falling to a kneel beside her as she scrambled about on the floor. He held his hand out, straining his middle finger against his thumb until and intense snap could be heard. He repeated this a few times until he could catch and hold her attention. "Hey!"
  67. TILTED  dredge  mumbled something out in Korean, echoing "hello?" in her native tongue before staggering a little to the side, fumbling off balance and swaying before crashing to the floor. Her chin hit first and she bit her tongue so hard it began to bleed, the girl instantly tearing up and audibly whimpering out. For a moment, she tried orienting herself but she couldn't quite make sense of what was up or down. Of all the things, she didn't really imagine she'd find herself concussed on the floor of some seedy - where was it they were again?
  68. dredge  TILTED  felt the nagging urge to look back at the state he had left her in, only countered by the fear of what he might see. She had pissed him off, and it became so easy to lose composure with his strong augmentations. Dredge stopped in place a little shy of halfway back to his bag and the scattered bullets. With fists clenched, he'd turn back to observe her visibly rattled form against the back wall. He grimaced slightly, feeling his stomach drop and tie itself into knots at the sight. He was frozen in place.
  69. TILTED  dredge  She tried fighting against the shaking but he was a lot stronger than she was, inconceivably so - and maybe stronger than he anticipated himself as well - his fingers bruised her shoulders with his grip and the back of her head cracked against the concrete wall so hard it made her ears ring and she got tunnel vision, everything growing dark and blurry. Finally, she was quiet, a hand reaching to clumsily push on his chest as he shook her a few more times. When he'd finally pulled away she'd barely noticed and all she could do was grip at the wall for a moment, his words had seemed distant, like he spoke to her through a wall of water. "Wait," it was surprisingly soft, but that was probably a good deal because of the confusion, "I don't feel so good..." She reached out for him, as if he were only inches away from her, not realizing he'd stormed off and had put a good distance between, cringing at the loud crash.
  70. dredge  TILTED  the male smoldered after every thing she came back with, until her final words set him off and really served to make him angry. He gripped both of her shoulders with his hands and shook her in place for a second. "Because now is when I've actually been able to live my life for me! Even if I gotta' scrape the bottom of the barrel to make ends meet. Maybe you'd understand that if you weren't such a punch-happy brat who picks fights with the wrong people." He unhanded her, turning immediately and storming off. Caught a table with his hand on the back to his things and flung it straight through the flimsy ceiling tiles causing a hell of a mess.
  71. TILTED  dredge  finally lift her eyes from up off the floor to look at him as he studied her neck. Fucking weirdo. "Yeah? Maybe I should meet them sometime," she murmured out, "How can you be so broke any-" she quieted some when he pushed a little harder, "You're going to leave more bruises, asshole," she told him. "I don't even understand why you don't just turn yourself in. It's not like you are living any kind of life like this anyhow." She certainly wasn't a compassionate little thing.
  72. dredge  TILTED  took this close moment to observe the deep bruises he left on her neck, craning his neck over slightly to make up for the height difference. "I have a lot of people who would love to put me on a table.. Snooping through my things isn't a good way to stay in my good graces. If it's money you're lookin' for you're shit out of luck." He pressed a little more firmly, intent to leave an impression.
  73. TILTED  dredge  immediately tried to move out from being cornered, only for his fingers to press against her shoulder and anchor her between him and the wall. At his interrogation, the change in his voice came as a surprise and for once, instead of mouth off instantly, she just shrugged a shoulder, "I don't know, just snooping." Of course she was looking for money.
  74. dredge  TILTED  sets her down after he had walked her a good ways away from his stuff, and into a corner. Pressed two fingers into her shoulder, pushing back until she made contact with the wall. "Why were you going through my things?" There was a very serious tone to his voice, it almost sounded like it came from an entirely different person.
  75. TILTED  dredge  shouts in Korean as she's dragged away, fights it too, kicking her legs and beating at his back. "Let me go! Not like you had anything good in there anyway!"
  76. dredge  TILTED  "Alright, shows over." Approached her from behind, sliding an arm around her midsection and hoisting her up until he was over her shoulder. Glanced at the bullets rolling all over the place and rubbed at his temple with his free hand.
  77. TILTED  dredge  rifles through his shit, dumps out one of the boxes of ammunition and watches as the bullets scatter. Whoops. Doesn't even look up when he calls out, "Ehhh? You sure you aren't a thug?" Keeps rooting around, maybe there'll be a roll of cash if she's lucky.
  78. dredge  TILTED  had only a dufflebag on his person at the moment. It contained nothing more than a few extra changes of clothes, basic necessities - oh, and a considerable amount of boxed ammunition and spare magazines. Peered from behind, arms crossed. "Hey!"
  79. TILTED  dredge  goes through his stuff.
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