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DartCraft Beta 0.2.15 Changelog

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Jan 12th, 2014
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  1. Beta 0.2.15
  2. - Updated to Forge
  3. - Updated to BuildCraft's new PipeEvent system. Versions of buildcraft older than 4.2.2 may not work properly.
  4. - Bugfix: Fixed a possible NullPointer in the Magic Meter's renderer.
  5. - Bugfix: Chu Chus should now color properly in dimensions other than the overworld.
  6. - Bugfix: Force Wrenches should now appropriately rotate blocks and IC2 machines instead of just visually doing so.
  7. - Bugfix: Wing implements will no longer prevent IC2 Jetpacks from working. In addition to this if the player is wearing a jetpack they will not lose magic from slowfalling while actively using it. Note that this feature may work with addon jetpacks, but only if their name contains the word Jetpack. Wing implements will take over in the event that the jetpack no longer has fuel or charge.
  8. - Bugfix: Power Ore can no longer be errantly harvested with silk touch.
  9. - Bugfix: Force Shears now work like proper shears on leaves and vines. In area mode a serious amount of flora can be collected at once. Grass and plants do not seem to work at this time.
  10. - DartCraft now adds Milk to the FluidRegistry if it is not already present and registers Milk Buckets and Milk Flasks as valid containers of Milk.
  11. - DartCraft's config file is now under the "DartCraft" directory in the config directory.
  12. - Added a config option to make Force Wrenches not use Liquid Force.
  13. - Added a config option to use a whitelist for force-wrenchable TileEntities and a whitelist.txt file under the DartCraft config directory. By default the whitelist is active due to it being much more stable than the previous blacklist. If disabled the previously used blacklist is used instead. Warning: Force Wrenching TileEntities from untested mods while using the blacklist is no longer supported or safe. Only use this option if you have tested your pack thoroughly for Force Wrenchable TileEntities.
  14. - When the whitelist is active, the whitelist.txt file will allow any TileEntity whose full canonical class name is listed on a new line to be Force Wrenched, and disallow all others. If you change this text file make sure to have a backup, as it may be replaced once when updating to a newer version of DartCraft. By default several TileEntities from popular mods have a number of TileEntities from them whitelisted. Placing a # (pound symbol) in front of the TileEntity's name will disable that TileEntity, although removing lines altogether is also acceptable. Do note however that each TileEntity listed in the whitelist has been tested and deemed safe to wrench, so removing them should not be necessary.
  15. - Force Wrenches no longer play the "nope" sound when a TileEntity is blacklisted. They still play the sound if players do not have sufficient magic, however.
  16. - The config options "Super Storage" and "Sierpinski's Wrench" are now enabled by default.
  17. - Forestry TileEntities like Carpenters and Squeezers can now be rotated with the Force Wrench by right-clicking them.
  18. - Added a config file for Force Engine Liquids named fuels.txt under the config directory. Fuel and Throttle burn values and times can be modified using this file. Additional liquid can be added as either a fuel or throttle inside this file as well. For exact syntax consult the file itself. Be aware that this file may also be restored to a newer default upon updating DartCraft.
  19. - Honey has been added as a Force Engine throttle by default. Honey throttles at 3.0x for 10000 ticks.
  20. - Added a config option to disable the ability to freeze Nether Quartz into Certus Quartz.
  21. - Added a config option to disable Liquid Force's ability to remove equipment from Undead entities.
  22. - Chu Jelly of any color can now be shapelessly crafted into a slimeball.
  23. - Added a Thermal Expansion Crucible recipe for Force Gems into 1.5 buckets of Liquid Force.
  24. - The ability to squeeze Liquid Force from Force Logs in Forestry's Squeezer can now be disabled in the config, and the amount given can also be configured. This config option also applies to Thermal Expansion's Magma Crucible.
  25. - Thermal Expansion IDismantleables may now be properly dismantled with the Force Wrench as they could be with other wrenches by shift-right clicking on the block. By default machines such as Pulverizers and Dynamos will be wrenched into TileBoxes to preserve their energy and contents. Disabling these TileEntities for force wrenching while using the whitelist will make them dismantle instead. Also note that when not using the whitelist all of these tiles will be force wrenched instead of dismantled.
  26. - Removed an unused config option relating to magic and tools, and added an option to allow Force Swords to use magic when attacking. By default they will not use magic at all.
  27. - Changed the config option for variable experience use for Force Infuser upgrades. It can now be disabled, set to one level per material or one level per tier per upgrade material. (Ex. 4 Luck (tier 2) and 2 sturdy (tier 6) would use 20 levels, 8 from fortune and 12 from sturdy.) By default the cost is still one level per upgrade. Co-op mode still disables experience cost entirely.
  28. - Thaumcraft Mana Beans can now be shapelessly crafted into Cocoa Beans.
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