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  2. Chapter 1
  4. On the day you first built Famulus, you awoke from a dream about a robot Statue of Liberty to head to the lab. Your graduate school advisor pressured you to make Famulus more acceptable to the military. After some back and forth, you ended up making a metal rotary-wing robot with a masked head and multitool hands.
  6. Then you went back to your place to teach Famulus some words.
  8. Chapter 2
  10. The next day, you hooked up Famulus's car battery and demoed for Air Force Captain Juliet Rogers. You then spent the afternoon at a knife-throwing practice with Juliet. That evening, you had a few drinks and had hot medieval-themed sex. Come to think of it, you're a little puzzled as to why this didn't unlock an achievement or something.
  12. As months passed, you became busy teaching Famulus about the world through high school textbooks and taking it to the range. Your funding from DARPA kept you in Professor Ziegler's good graces during this time.
  14. In time, Mark Ali, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, heard about Famulus and asked for an interview. You refused, but suspected Mark might try to run his story anyway.
  16. Chapter 3
  18. Mark wrote an article that was generally negative about you and Famulus. When Professor Ziegler found out about the article, he was very displeased, but decided that the most effective way to get you out of his hair was to let you graduate.
  20. Mark's article also attracted the attention of one "robotObsession1987," known in real life as Tammy Cooper. In response to her death threat, you made the first move: you and Famulus went to San Jose and killed her that very night. That Saturday, you proposed to Juliet, and your beloved said "yes."
  22. A month or so later, you received your doctorate. Shortly thereafter, your father passed away. You resolved then to work on better medical technology that could save people like your father in the future.
  24. You decided the best way to change the world was to start a business, which you named Linus's Universal Robots.
  26. Chapter 4
  28. Your first potential client for Linus's Universal Robots was the U.S. government -- the Air Force, to be precise. They were happy with the state of your technology, and gave you a contract that allowed you to purchase a factory. That allowed you to build a robot factory in Silicon Valley. You decided to use your own robots for your workforce, but leave humans in supervisory roles. When you finally shipped robots to the Air Force, they were pleased with the robots you delivered. Your company did well enough that Josh gave up and joined your company.
  30. Your business suffered a blow when Chinese companies, aided by Chinese government hackers, began to steal your technology.
  32. You were visited by a politician, Jacqueline Irons, who asked for a campaign donation. You gave a significant donation, and Irons won the presidency. The newly elected President enacted a series of protectionist bills that ultimately made China angry, and they cut off the U.S. supply of rare earths. Meanwhile, you married the love of your life, Juliet.
  34. The tensions between the United States and China came to a head with the assassination of the Chinese Prime Minister in San Francisco. War followed shortly thereafter.
  36. Chapter 5
  38. You decided to have Linus's Universal Robots sell robots to the military. An agent came to your place to try to get you to lure Elly there, because she was suspected of being a spy. A man identifying himself as "Mr. Sun" hacked his way into one of your robots to ask you to defect. You did not.
  40. An assassin was sent to kill you in your home.
  42. In the end, America won the war through a display of nuclear force. Tired of seeing governments incompetently destroy the world, you developed resource allocation algorithms that gradually made human governments irrelevant.
  44. Chapter 6A
  46. As robots took over more and more roles, many people felt increasingly displaced and alienated. Josh was being pressured to step down from his company. Mark was contemplating suicide after he finished his book about you, since most nonfiction work was now being done by robots. He eventually did just that.
  48. But not everybody was sad in this new world: Juliet was busy fighting crime as "the Crusader." (You even joined her as a sidekick.) The Church of the Enlightened Famulus was gaining adherents as people turned to robots to solve all their problems.
  50. You decided to take advantage of people's faith in robots by trying to gain control of all the robots, and thereby basically rule the world. And, what do you know, it worked.
  52. Chapter 7
  54. In 2049, you went to Surprise, Arizona to surprise your mother with a gift for the holidays. You learned it was your surgical technology that had kept her alive this long. On returning to San Francisco, you had a brief stroke, followed by a vision of a robot Statue of Liberty -- the same one you saw thirty years before. In the hospital, the doctor told you you had Algernon's Disease, a rare disease that increased your intelligence, but came at the price of increasing seizures, comas, and possibly, death.
  56. You chose to undergo surgery to remove the damaged tissue in your brain. You survived the surgery, thanks to your own robot surgical technology. You celebrated a birthday party with your young child, Pandora, and looked forward to celebrating many more.
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