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  2.       was actually being yelled at. But it was muffled because of the sudden focus he had on the screen. Holy Freaking Moly. Boobies. Shook his head. [Wow! I wood love to stay and chat, but coach needs me! Ill see you 2nite? Take care Jemma! XO XO.]
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  4. Gemma was very fond of Starburst, Skittles, jellybeans and chocolate. But clearly leaned towards fruitier flavors for her vices, such as smoothies or sherbet. The next line of text and photo, would spurn the appropriate response. [Then maybe you can love these later?] including a pic of her from the nose down to midsection, showing off breasts that were attempting to pop out of bra.
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  6.       better than Starburst? Whoa-- That was super hot. She loved starburst. [I dont no. I guess I just care what you think sometimes. I like your boobs. They are nice and soft. Like my pillows. And I love my pillows!] Lowered the phone now. Took a picture of his abs. Not bad. [They miss u 😇😇😇].
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  8.      rolls a dice and gets 12 out of 20.
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  10. To be fair Gemma had no idea what this was. Sure they were texting. But didn't know what they were to each other exactly. [Why were you worried? I thought it was obvious that I like you.. and.. the all things you do to me.] After a moment, [You tasted better than Starburst in my mouth.]
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  12.       is this what they called 'sexting'? Furrowed his brows and covered his phone with a hand. It was getting spicy. Coach and the others might see it. [Oh! OH! Okay, yay. I was worried. I was like... But I shaved :( Hahaha. Im glad thats explaned.] Paused for abit. Tried his hand at sexting. [You tasted better than tap water.] Hot.
  13. → Nick
  14. what was it about Nick that had her smiling like it was Christmas? [Babe, I definitely saw THAT.] hesitant with the next bit, as she bit her lower lip. [And I certainly FELT every inch of it inside me. I want to feel it again tonight..]
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  16.       [Never seen it? Did you close your eyes last night?] Was totally misreading the conversation. [I want to!]
  17. → Nick
  18. [I haven't seen it. Is it good?] giggled a bit at the next text, before replying, [If you want to? I enjoyed it. 😘]
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  20.       [Have you watched The Longest Mile? It's good.] Lowered the phone and bit his lower lip. [Are we going to do it again? JUST ASKING!!!]
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  22. didn't know that, and certainly wouldn't want him to be yelled at. [How about your favorite movie? We can watch in my room? I'll provide dinner.]
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  24.       was being yelled at by coach. But-- [Yeah! That sounds dope! Shood I bring any thing?]
  25. → Nick
  26. smiled and texted back. [Hi. I really did too! Maybe if you're not busy later, we could.. see each other? :) ]
  27. ← Nick
  28.       texted her. Because it's what gentlemen do. [Hey just wanted 2 say dat I reaaly enjoyed last night. :) ]
  30. -----------------------------------
  32. → Nick
  33. but if there was spellcheck on his phone, it'd be less genuine. And honestly, Gemma didn't mind the spelling errors. In fact she'd be more concerned if he suddenly texted without needing a minute to decipher what was sent. Nick might be several things, but untrustworthy or an asshole wasn't one of them. And something about him, made Gemma feel a little reckless. The returned picture was sexy, and felt as if it needed a reply in turn. After removing shorts, two additional pictures were sent of a matching thong (front and back) from ribs down to let him better appreciate the flare of hips and toned thighs. [Do you want all of this to be yours?]
  34. → Nick
  35. [message deleted]
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  37.       will have to have someone turn on the spellcheck fro him eventually. But for now, the spelling errors pursue! [Weird! Like the best kind of weird. Like I just wanted to go to you kind of weird. BUt Jemma. You have to know first that I'm not going to share this with anyone. It is sensitary (sensitive) information. And this is just ours.] Smiled without exactly knowing he was getting another image. Eyes widened. Oh. Oh no. That was way too cute. Ran to the mirror and dropped his sweatpants. Took a picture from his abdomen down to pink and white polka-dot boxers that fell just under a V cut of waist. Sent.
  38. → Nick
  39. Nick was definitely not fucking up in any way, Gemma just had never done this sort of thing before. [No! It's okay! I just.. haven't ever.. done this.. with anyone..] reading his texts made her giggle a bit, between the sincerity and spelling errors. [What do you mean weird? Like.. as in good right?] slipped out of t-shirt she had been wearing, to take a second photo. This one similar to the first, but her hair was damp, she was biting her lip and wore a lacier lilac colored bra that was practically transparent.
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  41.       Oh no. He's fucking it up already, isn't he? [IF YOU DON'T WANT TO IT'S FINE! I CAN DO THE SENDING! I HAVE NICE ONES." Caps lock for emphasis. But he was emphasizing the entire sentence. [I just thot that you were reaalyy cute and the image was super cute. And I started feeling weird during practice. And you were the only thing I was thinking about.] Paused. [Okay you and a Subway sandwitch. But thats not important!]
  42. → Nick
  43. [Bracken sounds like a jerk. I bet he's jealous of how amazing you are, especially those abs. Perfection always attracts haters.] or so that's what Kendall had said. Studied her reflection in full length mirror. [Okay, no problem!] biting lower lip, and wishing he could come over now. [Do you mean.. the pictures?] feeling her face turned red at the thought.
  44. ← Nick
  45.       [Bracken the Cornerback was acting really mean again today. Its whatever though. Bracken is always mean. Aside from that its been great. Scored a lot today.] Pursed his lips. [I am! But hey. I need to wait for Kians amazon delivery 2 come. So I have to stay here until I have to leave. Did you want to continue the thingy we where doing earlyer?] Nervous. [Its okay if you dont!]
  46. → Nick
  47. was setting up things in her room, not that it required much. Just wanted it to be.. nice. Smiled at the text, [Hey babe. How was practice?] Waiting a moment before, [Are you still coming over? 😘]
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  49.       slumped on his bed. Well, the bed in his and Kian's room. Snapped a pic of his abs and sent it to her. [Guess who is hoooooome?] The date was tonight. Football practice just ended.
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