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  1. <b>If you are experiencing issues connecting, make sure you aren't using a VPN!</b>
  2. <b><size=30><align="center"><color=#000080ff>Fun</color> <color=#008080ff>Times</color> <b>SCPSL</b>!</align></size=40></b>
  4. Welcome! Here we probably have fun times. No warranty is provided. Enjoy your stay.
  6. <color=red>Boring but <i>important</i> rules!</color>
  8. 1. Don't teamkill, either directly (by shooting/exploding them) or indirectly (having an SCP you teamed with kill them). This includes MTF/Scientists and Chaos/D-Class. SCPs <b>DO NOT</b> have to work with the D-Class or chaos, although they are allowed to.
  10. 2. Don't cross team! Cross teaming is considered teams that don't normally work together, working together. For example, MTF and D-Class or Chaos and Scientists.
  12. 3. Don't be toxic! Things like racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are not permitted here. After all, we are here to have a fun time (right?)!
  14. 4. Respect your fellow players! You should always have respect for your fellow players and staff members. Don't be hateful, make threats, yell/scream at, or otherwise disrespect others.
  16. 5. Don't Mic/Intercom spam! Voice chat and the Intercom are privileges that we trust you to use appropriately! Spamming loud or annoying sounds over mic/intercom is not allowed.
  18. 6. Listen to staff members! They are there to help make the game better, if you don't listen to them then you are making the game worse for everyone.
  20. 7. Don't request items/roles/respawn or other things from staff. If you crash/get killed by the buggy anticheat you will be respawned, but if you are trying to gain an unfair advantage, you will be punished.
  22. 8. No cheating! This includes (but is not limited to) modified game clients, metacomming (communicating with non-team members outside the game, also could be crossteaming), or other cheats.
  24. 9. Don't pretend to be staff if you aren't. All staff members have badges next to their name and are on the server Discord. If you see someone pretending to be staff, report it right away.
  26. 10. Don't advertise on the server!
  28. 11. Don't camp spawn points of other teams. If you are a SCP or Chaos, don't camp the MTF spawn point.
  30. 12. If you are banned, <b>DO NOT</b> attempt to circumvent the ban. This can land you in a lot more trouble and may result in being banned from the game entirely. Just don't do it!
  32. 13 (optional). <link="https://discord.gg/q6mGqts"><u>Click here to join the Discord!</u></link>
  33. You can also contact the owner directly on Discord @ waste_of_space#4023
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