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  1. You got to get your fucking act togather, you dont tell me shit and I have to find out that architects can spawn their own items? Are you fucking retarded? That's basically giving away Moderator without telling me.
  2. [2011-04-20 07:35:17] Shawn Lagimodiere: We have to discuss things, rather me learning this shit on my own.
  3. [2011-04-20 08:05:55] Shawn Lagimodiere: Next time, you might want to consult people who actually help pay for the server, because your not the only owner. All the donators are.
  4. [2011-04-20 08:06:10] Shawn Lagimodiere: Also, they have a problem with it, so do I.
  5. [2011-04-20 08:06:16] Shawn Lagimodiere: I've set Veronical back to a member.
  6. [2011-04-20 08:06:26] Shawn Lagimodiere: Delete the rank, or discuss it with me.
  7. [2011-04-20 08:06:30] Shawn Lagimodiere: It's bullshit.
  8. [2011-04-20 08:06:51] Shawn Lagimodiere: Till Then, if you wish to talk to me about it.. Dont promote people to it.
  9. [2011-04-20 08:06:54] Shawn Lagimodiere: Dont be a idoit.
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