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  1. __**ECONOMY RESET**__
  3. So I'm pretty sure you're all aware of our economy system, and are familiar with how it works for the most part. It has been **5 months** since the economy system was added, and we haven't reset it since. For these 5 months, we've been keeping the economy updated and regulated. Today, we're deciding to implement a new feature, **Seasons**! This feature is huge, probably the biggest update to come out since it's initial release. Here's the scoop:
  5. This is the first reset since release, so here's how we plan on doing it from now on.
  7. - Whenever a user reaches **GOD** rank, we will close off the ongoing season, and reset the economy again.
  8.   - We will then open a new season, and the economy will run again until another user reaches **GOD** rank.  
  9.     - This will give an incentive for members to work their way up the ranks.
  11. - When we say **reset**, we mean:
  13. Everyone's cash and bank balance will be wiped, and all members' ranks will be reset. (Unless you have **LORD** or higher.)
  14.   - **ELITE+** will not be removed.
  15.   - **Rank Keys** will be removed.
  17. We've made a new channel where we'll create a seasonal post showing off the season's ending leaderboard and overall stats.
  18.   - #eco-seasons
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