To Life, Love, and Loot!

Feb 5th, 2017
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  1. To Life, Love, and Loot! [Pirates!] [Alternate History] [Rape] [Body Worship] [Knife Play] [Blood] [Rum] [Blowjob] [Erotic Torture] [Edging] [Orgasm Denial] [Ruined Orgasm]
  3. [sea sound effects? the creaking of a ship?]
  5. [door opening and footsteps?]
  7. Ah, what do we have here?
  9. Just what sweet treasure have me men brought me this time? What precious gem do I have tied to this chair by hand and foot?
  11. Don't play the blaggard with me. Ye know exactly who I am.
  13. I be the Captain of this ship. Captain Morgan. Henrietta Morgan.
  15. [laugh] Ye thought- ye assumed Captain Morgan was a man? [laugh] Oh, no, that's all part of the fun. Make them think I'm a man, then, when I've got them in me sights, throw them off guard with the reveal of me true self. [laugh] What they don't realise is that I'm far more terrifyin' than any man who has sailed these seven seas.
  17. So... [knife draw] Me men tell me that ye have information, information that will be very helpful to me...
  19. [knife sharpening]
  21. The question is, how can I make ye talk...? Is the threat of violence enough for ye? [pause for more sharpening sounds]
  23. Nay, of course not. Not for a big strong buccaneer like ye. Such a fine build, such taut muscle weavin' across your body...
  25. Most men will sell out their own brothers with a little pain... is this chest as hard as it looks... will me blade even pierce such rock hard muscle? Will I be able to cleave ye to the brisket? Will your evil soul be let out by incision of steel?
  27. [moan] Ah, how the blood blooms across your chest...
  29. Does that hurt? Hmm, or perhaps not enough...
  31. [cork popping]
  33. Ah, I do love rum... and what sea dog wouldn't? [take a sip] mmm, I love how it burns me throat as it slides down, silkier than honey, warmin' me deep inside...
  35. Do ye love how it burns your wound?
  37. [liquid pouring effect?]
  39. Yo, ho, ho...
  41. [moan] I must taste it, lick the blood and rum as it trickles down your chest.
  43. [licking and moaning]
  45. Seven bloody seas that's good...
  47. I love how blood tastes so much like steel... How can a pirate not want to drink the blood of a man when it taste just like the treasure we seek...? [moan]
  49. Aye, now will ye tell me what I want to know?
  51. Nay?
  53. Then perhaps [sword draw] a bigger blade will persuade ye? Must I cut ye into small bite sized pieces before you'll talk?
  55. Perhaps the blade to your pulsatin' jugular while I pull a fistful of your hair will convince ye? Or maybe I'll just slit the veins on your arms and use your blood to warm me rum...
  57. [pause. maybe some light breathing or small moaning?]
  59. Nay, that can be the final resort.
  61. [sword sheathing]
  63. There are other ways of makin' a man talk. By knife, by cutlass, by his quiverin', little, whore pipe.
  65. [ripping of fabric as pants are cut off]
  67. Ah, what do we have down here? The big sailor has a big cock. Who would have thought? Just how many wenches have been fucked by this thing? How many women raped after a pillagin'?
  69. Ye know, I could threaten ye with castration... or crush ye barnacles... Would ye still be a man without your most prized tool?
  71. How does the cold steel feel against your manhood? Don't worry, its not the sharp end. I wouldn't want to accidentally slip and harm this beautiful and manly cock. [laugh]
  73. Oh... does the knife against your cock really make ye aroused? But it's growin' so fast, so quick to engorge... I can tell we're gonna have a riot...
  75. Will ye tell me, the thing I want to know? or would ye rather I stroke up and down your length with the blunt end of me blade, scrapin' at the skin, the veins so close, protrudin'... if I turn the blade then... nay, I won't harm such manly beauty... yet...
  77. [knife sheathing]
  79. Maybe if I suck your cock you'll tell me? or maybe I suck your cock until you're about to explode and then I stop. Then I suck ye again, takin' ye deep in me mouth until you're about to blow, and [gasp] I stop. And then I do it again, and again, buildin' your orgasm over and over, never lettin' ye cum.
  81. Does that not sound worse than pain?
  83. [laugh] Ye should feel honoured. Most men cave at the pain. They never make it to this, more advanced level of torture...
  85. So, how does the Captain look down on her knees between your legs? Aye, a rare sight to be sure, one you'll only ever see once.
  87. Hmm, first... [liquid pouring] the taste of grog on a cock is a taste like no other...
  89. [blowjob audio]
  91. [breath of air] I feel ye throbbin', your balls pushin' up to your base, eager to release its load. [laugh] I will not let ye cum, me salty little sea dog, not unless ye tell me what I want to know...
  93. Ye can stop this at anytime, ye stop me from slowly strokin' your cock as your orgasm dies down, keepin' ye hard with minimal stimulation, holdin' ye on edge, watchin' as the pre-cum leaks from the tip...
  95. [moan] How does it feel when I squeeze me hand into a fist around your hard muscle. Imagine tryin' to cum with me fingers wrapped so tight...
  97. Are ye ready for round two?
  99. [more blowjob audio. maybe each time it could get more intense?]
  101. [gasp of air] Nay, don't be cummin' now.
  103. [laugh] just look at it throb so strong, so desperate to unload... these balls are so tight, so ready to unleash their treasure right down me throat [moan] liquid fortune...
  105. Do ye give up yet, sailor? or should we move on to me next method of erotic torture?
  107. Ye know, one lick of your blood and rum was enough to ignite fires below... [laugh] it must be me aphrodisiac... the aphrodisiac of a true pirate.
  109. Let's see just how long ye stand me tight, wet cunt wrapped around your big, strong, uncut cock.
  111. [pants being taken off or pulled down]
  113. [moan] Stand tall, sailor lad, show your appreciation for the Captain's plunderous booty [slap own ass?]
  115. Does it not look like the finest treasure of the seven seas? Would ye dive the deepest and most dangerous oceans for this booty? Would ye follow your Captain into the depths of Davy's Jones' Locker just for a glimpse, a touch of such soft, bountiful, treasure?
  117. [moan] I'll just rub it up against ye, up and down, pressin' in into your stomach. [laugh] Ye may have the muscle of a seasoned pirate, but that belly speaks to years of boozin'... How many wenches has that hairy stomach pressed into as ye roger her well used depths? How many times has it fit into the small of a whore's back as ye pulled her hair and breathed your vile breath on her neck?
  119. Such a scurvy animal... [moan] let us begin this torture.
  121. [moan as you lower yourself onto him and he slides so sweetly inside]
  123. [Sigh] I always thought rum would burn inside me, but after many an experience on the high seas, I found that it [insert your TMI experimentations here lol]
  125. Already ye twitch and spasm inside me, ready to release your load...
  127. <not sure if ye wanna put some light skin slapping here to add to the atmosphere. She'll be stopping and starting a bit so it might help the listener if they can here it>
  129. All ye have to do is talk and this hell can end.
  131. Nay?
  133. [skin slapping stops as you pull off]
  135. Then ye will not cum! <perhaps becoming a little angry now? or should be keep her as the cool, calm captain?> Tell me where it is! Tell me! Or this cock'll never cum again!
  137. [pause]
  139. Fine.
  141. Then I will continue to slide me silky smooth pussy along your cock until... well, until never it seems... perhaps until this ship grows old and the wood is worn away by the everlastin' oceans and we both sink to the bottom, me laughin' the whole way, ye screamin' in erotic agony.
  143. [gasp as re-entered. skin slapping and moaning]
  145. Again ye try to cum. [stop skin slapping] No matter how hard ye grit your teeth and hold in your moans, I can still feel it throbbin' wildly inside me.
  147. I will always stop before ye cum. I promise ye. I swear it upon me captaincy, upon me life of piracy and plunder.
  149. Ye. Will. Never. Cum.
  151. [moan as entered]
  153. If ye tell me, I'll let ye unload into me cunt. I'll take ye as deep as I can and squeeze all your sweet seed, drain ye so much that ye won't be able to cum again for weeks. If ye tell me you'll experience a pleasure so great that no treasure found will bring ye any joy.
  155. Now fuckin' tell me!
  157. [speeding up slapping then stop]
  159. Oh? Finally ready to talk? Finally going to allow that beautiful cock its well deserved release?
  161. Then talk.
  163. [pause while the beans are being spilled]
  165. That's all I ever wanted to hear from ye.
  167. [Footsteps, door opening] wait? What could I possibly have forgottin'? Ah, thats right. Ye still need to cum. [door close and footsteps again] I supose ye do deserve it after all that torture.
  169. How do ye want it? Want these calloused hands to jerk it out? Or do ye wanna cum right down the back of me throat? Nay, of course not. Ye wanna cum right deep inside me tight warm cunt.
  171. [moaning as entered then slapping]
  173. I can feel ye engorge, about to release that hot load inside me. [moan] aye, its gonna feel so... oops, I slid off.
  175. [laugh] Look at it throb as it pumps out thick ropes of seed, splattering against the chair and floor. Look at it! Watch as everything ye built up is ruined, spraying pathetically to the ground and even some on me boots.
  177. Did ye really think I'd let you cum inside me, after how long you made me wait, after all the work I put in to make ye talk? [laugh] I would not let a simple bilge rat share something so intimate with me. I am a Captain, while ye... ye are just fine stuff for the gallows...
  179. My this is a long orgasm... how long had it been since ye last pillage? Hmm, too long.
  181. Well, [putting pants back on] here's were our ways divide, sea rover. Here's luck and fair winds to ye.
  183. [footsteps and laughing. door opens and closes.]
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