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  1. What kind of emulator was used for this?
  2. Dolphin 3.0-896. Use the internet to find this.
  4. What kind of controller was used to make this?
  5. No physical controller was used. We use a special feature on Dolphin called TAS input. It allows us to have a wider input range than using a keyboard (or a controller) and also to control the inputs much more easily than just using a controller. This is what TAS input looks like:
  7. What other things did you use for this run?
  8. The game was played at a slower rate than normal. Also, the run was done mostly frame by frame (so we can control when the next frame starts) (the game runs at 60 frames per second, so this can be as slow as we want it to be). We also used a special live replay code that allows individual parts of the track to be optimized, rather than doing the track in one sitting.
  10. What is the previous best known time?
  11. It's in the description of the video, but here it is just because:
  13. How do you get that speedometer in the corner?
  14. Using Gecko Codes/texture editing/cropping it there with Sony Vegas 12 (again, use the Internet to find out what these things are).
  16. Why the big annoying ape? He's used on everything. He's so overrated. Can't you use like Waluigi or something?
  17. No. Funky Kong has the biggest speed bonus out of all of the heavyweight characters. Using any other character would not be as optimized.
  19. Why Flame Runner (also called Bowser Bike if your game is PAL)?
  20. It is the best vehicle to use for this track.
  22. Drift type?
  23. Manual. It's faster than automatic because you can get those blue sparks out of the tires (called miniturbos) while drifting. These miniturbos give a brief speed up.
  25. Is Spear (also called Torpedo if your game is PAL) Faster?
  26. No. The Spear is ahead on lap 1 at the blue ramp, then loses all of the time it gains plus extra right after the blue ramp. This is because the Spear is shaped differently than the Flame Runner (also called Bowser Bike if your game is PAL), and therefore cannot get an optimal low trick on the blue ramp. Spear is faster generally on tracks with long straight paths, this track is too short, and has too many turns for Spear to be faster.
  28. Why do you do those weird sliding and wheelie things at the start line?
  29. To move the character forward before the race starts, saves time.
  31. How did you touch the offroad after the super duper low trick on that boost ramp? I thought you can only touch offroad without losing speed by KCL editing the track or shrooming?
  32. There are things besides shrooming that allow to go through offroad without KCL edits. After touching a boost panel, you will be able to go through offroad without losing speed for as long as you have the boost. Another thing is a blue zipper (like on DK Summit, also called DK's Snowboard Cross if your game is PAL) boost. In this case, Funky only just hits the boost panel on the ramp, and is therefore able to breeze past that offroad like it isn't there.
  34. Why do you do a different trick on the lap 2 boost ramp?
  35. Because it was faster when I tested. My guess is that because the mole is in the way, the ramp is hit at a slower speed, which changes what trick is faster.
  37. Why didn't you use the wheelie trick strat that Reo (pfmp721) uploaded?
  38. Wheelie triggers are faster because they generally bring your speed in mid air to values barely below 120. In this case, the wheelie trigger did not get the benefit of a speed boost in mid air, so it was much slower to get the wheelie trick strat.
  40. Is a 1:13.6 possible?
  41. Yes this run is shit
  43. Why does the turn after the blue ramp vary in tightness each lap?
  44. This has to do with aligning with the super low, which like the blue ramp, is also picky about when/where you hit it. Lap 2's turn there was the tightest because of the mole.
  46. How much time did each of you spend on the run total?
  47. Lukas: Somewhere around 15 hours.
  48. TASPlasma: 5-6 hours.
  50. Who did what in the run (what parts of the track did Lukas do, and what parts did TASPlasma do)?
  51. TASPlasma: I started the run, so I did most of lap 1 (from start to the landing of the blue ramp which is when Lukas offered to join), as well as the super low trick on lap 2. I did around 1/3 of the run. Lukas did everything else, so he did about 2/3 of the run.
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