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  1.     TERA FAQ:
  2.     Q: Is TERA Online free-to-play?
  3.     A: No, it is not yet. TERA Online NA-Retail will go free-to-play at an unknown time in February of 2013.
  5.     Q: How long does it take to grind to max level?
  6.     A: It completely depends on how much you play. I personally can level a character from 0 to 60 in 4 days but I play well over 12 hours a day. If you play about 6 hours a day and you're relatively new, it'll probably take you about a week. Two to three weeks if you're a casual player, maybe even a month if you're new to MMOs in general.
  8.     Q: How is the endgame content in TERA? Is there any PvP?
  9.     A: There is enough to keep you busy for a long time if you really enjoy the game. As far as PvP goes, there are Guild vs. Guild that you can participate in for control over certain regions of the game. There are also battlegrounds but they are very imbalanced because of the poor queue system. There are 3v3 and 5v5 Arenas coming in February when the game is relaunched as a free-to-play model.
  11.     Q: Is TERA grindy?
  12.     A: Yes, it is a Korean MMO and despite En Masse's false-promises of westernizing the game, it is actually more grindy than K-TERA. If you don't play more than two or three hours a day, this may not be the game for you if you want to be at the top of game.
  14.     Q: Why does your game look like a fishbowl?
  15.     A: That is because I have raised my field of view to 140 degrees from the default which is 70(?). It looks skewed because human vision is not that broad so it looks odd at first. It allows you to see more of your surroundings but it isn't necessary to play TERA, it is simply my preference.
  17.     Q: What server are you on and should I play the game, what would be the right server for me?
  18.     A: I am on Tempest Reach, it is the primary PvE server for TERA Online on NA retail. Mount Tyrannas is the PvP server but if you're a PvE kind of person, don't let it be a turn-off. Mount Tyrannas has aproximately three to four times the amount of population of Tempest Reach and there is a multitude of good players for both PvE and PvP on the server.
  20.     Q: Is TERA buy-to-win like Diablo III?
  21.     A: No, but it can be if you have plenty of real-life cash. All of the novelty items in the En Masse store can be put on the broker/auction house to be sold for gold.
  23.     Q: If I were to play on your server would you run dungeons and do things with me.
  24.     A: As long as I'm not busy, I don't mind helping or tagging along for fun.
  26.     Q: Why do you play TERA Online?
  27.     A: Because I find it entertaining, it's something to do, and it's somewhat challenging at times.
  29.     Q: What is that game with the arrows on the side of the stream and why do you play it?
  30.     A: It's actually two games, Thirdstyle and Stepmania. I play it because it's better than having 20 people watching me sit in a chair staring at my character in town.
  32.     Q: What is the answer to life the universe and everything?
  33.     A: 42
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