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  1. Primary Motivator - Discovery.
  2. Secondary Motivators - Rebellion, Creation.
  4. Emotional Disposition: Calm / Curious.
  6. 1. Outlook - Pessimistic
  7. 2. Integrity - Unscrupulous - Unless my word or craft is on the line.
  8. 3. Impulsiveness - Controlled
  9. 4. Boldness - Intrepid
  10. 5. Agreeableness - Varied - Strong views on few topics, agreeable otherwise.
  11. 6. Interactivity - Reserved
  12. 7. Conformity - Heterodox
  14. Secondary Traits
  16. Sense of Humor: Dry, Cynical.
  18. Conflict: Strix fights either out of a sense of survival or a sense of duty to a cause or person.
  19. Strix doesn't seek fights, but will not back down if challenged. Strix values her life above others,
  20. and unless bound by duty or contract to help them, she will save herself instead if given the chance.
  22. Challenges: Strix is limited both physically by her lack of strength and magically by her limitations of her
  23. gifts given from her ancestors. The draw of power necromancy gives is strong, but it's limited and beyond her
  24. to delve into it's deeper secrets. Strix also struggles to understand other's moral perceptions, and as a
  25. result of having to constantly hide her gifts, is known to lie as much as possible if it means getting
  26. out of any sort of repercussions for her actions.
  28. Mystery: Strix is a druid that cannot ever be around animals, seemingly the bleed-through of her gifts
  29. make them uneasy. Strix doesn't know much about who passed down the powers, and fears that overuse of them may
  30. lead to her demise, be it either from angry mobs or losing control. She is constantly on the lookout for any
  31. magic that can give her an edge in protecting herself or keeping her studies a secret to the common world.
  33. Passion: Strix wants to both be well known for the quality of their work, and also to exist on the fringe of
  34. society to not draw attention to herself, which has been known to cause problems.
  35. She strives to push the limits and uses of magic any way she can.
  36. She has a natural distaste for any authority, and while she won't go out of her way to rebel against it, she
  37. will try to bend and break laws whenever she can.
  39. Where were you born? Samsaran reincarnate as a young child, so Strix essentially just appeared on the shores of
  40. Port Shaw one day.
  42. Once Strix appeared on the shores of Port Shaw, she had to fend for herself at once. She lived by scraping
  43. together whatever she could forage around the town. She started hanging around the docks and picking up on
  44. sailing terminology and tasks once she'd gotten a little older, Offering up her "wares" to those brave enough
  45. to try them. What started as some simple herbal remedies for seasickness turned into going along on voyages
  46. as the ships doctor. As the years went on Strix learned more and more, but never got past the disconnect she
  47. had with animals. Even with the money she had made on her journeys she chose to remain living in relative
  48. squalor. Nobody cared about the poor or the sick in Port Shaw for the most part, and she could use that to hide
  49. her more controversial experiments from the public eye. The beggars corpses would not be missed, no guard would
  50. be called for a search. After a while she was able to tap further into her gifts and raise the undead, but she
  51. always dealt with them herself and put them back to rest, never letting them leave the confines of her decrepit
  52. shack. Now a competent navigator and doctor, Strix yearns constantly for more, whether that be exploration,
  53. a name for herself, or the draw of power itself.
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