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  1. Olivirawwr: Evening. I can only apologise to be tainting your evening so out of the blue. But, here we are.
  2. Olivirawwr: Im growing a little tired of myself again lately, and although it's something I've mulled over for quite some time (for sure, I was entirely aware I should just perhaps refrain from contacting you.) I felt it was just ultimately what needed doing. Because I for one feel uncomfortable with the way I conducted myself & that's not the person I wish to be, so I want to try and take some responsibility but hopefully in the correct way on this occassion.
  3. Olivirawwr: Quite simply, I was dishonest with you about my age and my living situation. All those years ago I went about speaking with people because I felt much more capable of relating to people I came across online. I never specified that personal detail to you when we met, expecting it to be a fleeting encounter. But, it was dishonest of me to not come foward because, instead I ran with your assumption and played to it. The many nights I showed up late, leading you to believe I was coming to you as a last resort for the evening, I was completing exams that I purposely concealed from you.
  4. Olivirawwr: Things I did not specifically lie about - my Father is really dead. All of that was very real, as were all of the thoughts and such I shared. However, I am so very well aware that the way I acted was deceptive, and very wrong.
  5. Olivirawwr: I mislead you, and I realised this was so wrong far too late, and I did the incorrect thing - which was not putting a stop to it as soon as I could. I should have had this conversation with you meer months into meeting you, really.
  6. Olivirawwr: Immaturity, and basking in the dreamy fantasy of us meant I ignored my own initial warning. And it spiralled far further out than it should have.
  7. Olivirawwr: I feel very disgusting. I would never intentionally mislead or lie to someone again, I got no personal gain from doing so and it was never with malicious intent - I acted selfishly to keep talking to you.
  8. Olivirawwr: I have learned a lesson and I do live with the guilt that I treated you this way.
  9. Olivirawwr: I was fearful this would cause more damage to you, coming back to this situation. But I just feel like the truth is a lesser evil than how I left it.
  10. Olivirawwr: I am me, I never acted or spoke in a way that wasn't truly my own brain, but ultimately I gave a false pereception of who you truly believed me to be as a person in real life. So, I just wanted to admit my mistake to you, personally.
  11. Olivirawwr: & I am deeply sorry for being the cause of  something that was so unnecessary, landing into your orbit like that.
  12. Unkempt: I do appreciate you reaching out. I'm also a pretty big believer of truth, even if it hurts people, I am curious as to these things you lied about though, what about your living situation did you lie about?
  13. Olivirawwr: I was far too clouded by my dependency on us to act on what was the correct thing to do as oppose to what was in your best interest. It's fucking shitty.
  14. Unkempt: As for me, I'd imagine there were a few lies on my end too, because I also found myself lose in the dream world we had going for a while.
  15. Olivirawwr: Living situation is in reference to being in education, I think I often made out I wasn't doing anything. Also, that I've never lived alone.
  16. Unkempt: Lost*
  17. Olivirawwr: Absolutely.
  18. Olivirawwr: At the time, it never occurred to me. I find it shocking now. I was so absorbed in this being my reality.
  19. Olivirawwr: I still think of it fondly, so much so. But not without being unable to see through the wrong of my actions and how the circumstance really wasn't great.
  20. Unkempt: Well, you should let go of that if it's something that has you feeling down, I'm not carrying a grudge over it, I believe I did take issue with some things, though my memory is quite foggy in regards to those things.
  21. Olivirawwr: Sure, it's more disappointment more than anything.
  22. Olivirawwr: I can't help but ponder how things may have run differently if we had met another time. I think my mentality was incredibly in poor condition at that time anyway which wouldn't have helped.
  23. Unkempt: It's not secret that I liked you a lot, I will always like you really. You reached a special place with me and it's something others won't be able to quite reach, I feel quite confident in that. It's a little sad really, but at the same time I'm fortunate we had what we had.
  24. Olivirawwr: And years later, to still think about it I couldn't not at least offer up some truth.
  25. Unkempt: Fortunate isn't the right word perhaps, but I'm greateful and happy with what we did have,.
  26. Olivirawwr: And for me, too. That was all as real as it could have been. You still exist very vividly in my head, and it's quite an untouchable fondness that Is unlike any bond I reach with anyone else.
  27. Unkempt: My spelling is a little off, I wasn't really expecting to talk to you again.
  28. Olivirawwr: I sure hope you haven't been letting that incredible english slip.
  29. Olivirawwr: Anyway, my only fear in telling you this was that you'd get the impression it was all some practical joke to me - I was devastated when I realised that I couldn't progress things with you any further because of how deeply I'd deceived you.
  30. Olivirawwr: I made myself sound so shady and it was ridiculous.
  31. Olivirawwr: You suggested exchanging pictures & that was the point where I lost my cool and I acted so messily and its embarassing to think about.
  32. Olivirawwr: There's no one quite like you, Mike. So it is an absolute privilege to have shared that time with you.
  33. Unkempt: I can understand that. That's an unusual suggestion on my end too, as I'm not really a social butterfly unless I'm with the right company, I tend to keep the internet and real life quite separate, but I suppose that's a testament to the fact that I felt strongly about you.
  34. Unkempt: I recall lying to you about my father, which I later owned up to.
  35. Olivirawwr: For sure. After all, that's the lure of the internet, having some sort of escapism with a different atmosphere. They hardly cross.
  36. Olivirawwr: That's right.
  37. Unkempt: I claimed that he was dead, while he's actually alive. The guy is practically dead to me and I have no contact with him, but he isn't dead, dead.
  38. Olivirawwr: But I believe you were trying to relate to me, on having a parent absent from one's life.
  39. Olivirawwr: So yeah, I got that.
  40. Unkempt: And I'm honestly happy to see that you're doing something for yourself despite that loss you had. That is of course something you have in you and you never struck me as a weak person, but I am genuinely happy that you were able to make something of it.
  41. Olivirawwr: I was very serious about you too, I hope this isn't inappropriate but under different circumstances, I would have hoped we crossed over into something more real too. Even chatting on skype, and removing those text conversations to something more casual and common, was insane. It was no longer a late night, imaginary world. It was just us, talking. It was nice.
  42. Olivirawwr: I hope so. That's all I want.
  43. Olivirawwr: I feel weak sometimes, still. But I also remind myself I could have dealt with it a lot worse than I did.
  44. Olivirawwr: I work full time someplace now, I'm very money driven now because I'm just trying to afford to live someplace alone really.
  45. Olivirawwr: I'm just trying to do my best and find my way, still. You certainly inspired me to be a better person in several ways though and that's real special too.
  46. Olivirawwr: If there's anything else you want to ask, or want me to clarify. Or perhaps any evidence of anything at all. I dont know. Just so you know, it's really it & honest this time around. I'd like to think I've grown since then.
  47. Olivirawwr: My deepest regret is most surely not starting Game of Thrones sooner, I shall surely never catch up at this point.
  48. Unkempt: I have my own insecurities, and I'd imagine a few of those were perhaps passed on from my father. He was never particularly happy with how he looked, even though he was a very good looking dude. He'd be surprised if my brother or I complimented him, which always puzzled me, but now that I'm older too, I've realized that I can hold myself back quite a bit from forming meaningful attachments with people, even something as simple as sending pictures or voice chatting is a big deal for me, because I've always had these terribly high standards for myself that I'm trying to break down a little.
  49. Unkempt: I've gotten plenty of compliments, but it's always been a case of me not really seeing what others saw, if that makes any sense.
  50. Olivirawwr: Oh, so much so.
  51. Unkempt: It has been quite the burden really. Because if you had spoken to another guy, they'd have sent you pictures long ago.
  52. Olivirawwr: I feel like I spent some time even trying to gain something from that validation from others. People complimented me, but it was only a temporary fix. It's never truly helped me feel secure in myself.
  53. Unkempt: So in my case it has very much been a matter of building up some confidence, because I'm sure that my father not being in the picture and him leaving at such a bad point in my life caused some damage, I'm not blind to that. But of course I'm not going to let that define me either.
  54. Olivirawwr: Sometimes I feel okay, but then I second guess myself, my dress sense, my decisions in my appearance and ultimately set myself standards based on what I see in others.
  55. Olivirawwr: It's great that you're able to recognise and take ahold of that, too.
  56. Unkempt: Or well, I do have confidence in certain aspects, but it's not like a full blown, confident person which I'd very much liek to become.
  57. Unkempt: Certainly well on my way to it though. Hitting the gym and going for runs/sprints were the best thing I'd done in my life for a long time.
  58. Olivirawwr: I remember you telling me about that.
  59. Olivirawwr: It's certainly wonderful you're being proactive, and I'm sure that only does wonders for how you feel about yourself. Feeling accomplished about treating your body well and all.
  60. Unkempt: Yeah, it sounds like you share something similar to that.
  61. Olivirawwr: Something I have yet to master.
  62. Olivirawwr: Yeah, I think so.
  63. Olivirawwr: I'm sort of just, content. There are aspects I could improve on my appearance, but I recognise im not dreadful, heh.
  64. Olivirawwr: Improve, like, working out instead of coasting on my metabolism keeping me relatively thin.
  65. Olivirawwr: So I'm not going to pretend I'm a self love guru but. Things are better and will get better when I put in the work.
  66. Unkempt: That's at least something, for me I can barely even feel content because of this constant.. strive for some sort of perfection? It sounds and is absolutely silly, but it's very real.
  67. Unkempt: Absolutely, you'll get there if you're inspired and motivated for it.
  68. Olivirawwr: Yeah. For sure. The moments are fleeting where I feel this way, because I can end up beating myself down pretty soon after for like you say, not upholding this unrealistic bar im setting.
  69. Olivirawwr: It's come and go.
  70. Unkempt: I'm certainly getting better at handling my own negativity in those areas, I was even advised to tell myself I look good in the mirror every day.
  71. Unkempt: And it oddly enough does work on some level.
  72. Olivirawwr: Oh that's incredible.
  73. Olivirawwr: Do you have piercings?
  74. Unkempt: Well it's certainly worth a try, it doesn't take much and it's better than telling yourself you look like shit.
  75. Olivirawwr: Piercings help me love my face a little more.
  76. Unkempt: Nope, I've considered it though.
  77. Unkempt: Yeah, I can see how piercings would add something extra and something you're not used to seeing.
  78. Olivirawwr: It's certainly worth a try. I feel more comfortable in my skin, like I'm closer to my final form.
  79. Olivirawwr: Like, I wouldn't ever remove any, for anyone, you know? That's just how my face looks now.
  80. Olivirawwr: It's a small thing, but I would feel less secure without them.
  81. Unkempt: I could actually imagine it having a similar effect on me if I found some I liked.
  82. Olivirawwr: It's a refreshing feeling, to get excited about your own face or something.
  83. Unkempt: Hah.
  84. Olivirawwr: You can buy little fake rings and stuff so you can have a play with what might look cool.
  85. Olivirawwr: But at the end of the day they always come out if you didn'y end up feeling more like yourself.
  86. Olivirawwr: My fingers have been so void of a keyboard lately, it's like I don't know how to use it.
  87. Unkempt: I've always felt like women looked better with piercings than men do, but perhaps that's a sexual preference.
  88. Olivirawwr: It's a personal opinion, but from what I've seen
  89. Olivirawwr: Piercings enhance the sex appeal of any Male quite dramatically.
  90. Olivirawwr: It's down to style and preference though for sure.
  91. Olivirawwr: It's not for everyone.
  92. Olivirawwr: But it's certainly not a gender thing, either.
  93. Unkempt: What piercings do you have, where'd you get pierced?
  94. Olivirawwr: For me it's just about being comfortable in my bare face and skin. Like, as a woman, not feeling like I need makeup 24/7 or anything to enhance my aesthetic. If that makes sense.
  95. Olivirawwr: I have a horseshoe in my septum
  96. Olivirawwr: I have a ring on one nostril, both always at the same time
  97. Olivirawwr: Nipples. And several going on with my ears.
  98. Unkempt: I dig that, I do like the enhanced easthetic a nose ring in one nostril brings with a septum piercing.
  99. Olivirawwr: Sadly currently not loads of face metal specifically, but where I'm from, I have to still 'look employable'.
  100. Unkempt: Yeah, that's the thing.
  101. Olivirawwr: It sucks ass. It stings a lot to know my own self worth and what a dazzling employee I am for the job - but to be told they don't like how I look.
  102. Unkempt: I think you should think of it as them thinking what someone else might think of you.
  103. Unkempt: Typically if people are offended by a joke, they're offended on behalf of what others might think of the joke.
  104. Olivirawwr: That's it.
  105. Unkempt: So it's unlike to be them judging your appearance as much as it's them thinking " What's this hardcore, 80 year old christian man going to think of us having her employed? "
  106. Unkempt: Unlikely*
  107. Olivirawwr: It's a shame, I've never actually had any issues working face to face with people of all ages before, but. The reality is, some people want to protect their brand and that's the way it is.
  108. Olivirawwr: Yup.
  109. Olivirawwr: He's going to think I look metal as fuck, matter of factly.
  110. Olivirawwr: But alas, it's a risk they cannot take.
  111. Unkempt: Hehe, definitely.
  112. Unkempt: I'd get those cheek piercings and the one you have at the start of your nose eventually though.
  113. Olivirawwr: But, to me. Feeling good about myself is worth more than whatever job would turn me down. So I work around it.
  114. Unkempt: If they'll ever allow you.
  115. Unkempt: I think that'd look great.
  116. Olivirawwr: I've considered the cheek ones for so long.
  117. Olivirawwr: They're incredibly cute.
  118. Unkempt: Yeah, I'm quite attracted to cheek piercings.
  119. Olivirawwr: The nose bridge one, a big yes also but I can't bring myself to physically do it. The thought makes me cringe somehow, of how it would feel.
  120. Olivirawwr: I'm sure it would be fine it's a mental thing. I grab the part of my nose with my fingernails and it feels super yucky.
  121. Unkempt: I doubt it'd be worse than having your nipples done.
  122. Olivirawwr: Rationally, right.
  123. Olivirawwr: But that wasn't even terrible.
  124. Unkempt: No? People seem to bitch about about that spot quite a lot.
  125. Olivirawwr: My nostril was worse.
  126. Olivirawwr: I flinched away from the piercer for that, somehow excruciating.
  127. Olivirawwr: Pain is very exclusive to each individual and I roll my eyes a little when people try and seek comfort in asking 'how much does x piercing hurt'.
  128. Olivirawwr: I over worked myself up over nipples and it just is what it is. Over fast.
  129. Olivirawwr: I feel my English has slipped remarkably since speaking with you.
  130. Unkempt: It'd be quite ironic if the spot that is a 1/10 on the pain scale somehow ended up being the 10/10 for the individual that happened to ask.
  131. Olivirawwr: I wish that were a joke, but I still find native speakers to be poorer in their abilities than I mostly found you to be. Very interesting stuff, but I also think frequent internet use has a big part to play.
  132. Olivirawwr: It often is.
  133. Olivirawwr: I'm sure people would have told me my nostril would be plain sailing.
  134. Unkempt: But I could definitely see the nose being one of the least pleasant places to be pierced.
  135. Olivirawwr: But 10/10 wouldn't do the other one.
  136. Unkempt: Oh wauw.
  137. Olivirawwr: Wauw.
  138. Unkempt: Sounds like quite the learnign experience.
  139. Olivirawwr: I still have yet to encounter anyone that uses 'wauw'.
  140. Unkempt: I'm not sure most people get to survive enduring a 10/10 on the pain scale.
  141. Olivirawwr: But I regret to say I've had people rip it off me, however. Having ripped it off you.
  142. Olivirawwr: Perhaps I didn't survive.
  143. Unkempt: You've endured something special there, I wonder if it leaves certain scars, perhaps brings a ghost with it to haunt you.
  144. Unkempt: As in, they "stole" the look?
  145. Unkempt: Or they ripped it out of your nose?
  146. Olivirawwr: Oh no, sorry I'm talking about too many things at once.
  147. Olivirawwr: You said wauw. It reminded me.
  148. Unkempt: I haven't noticed if I'm the only one to use that word, I highly doubt it though.
  149. Unkempt: Hah.
  150. Olivirawwr: I always use that now.
  151. Olivirawwr: Again, perhaps that's an internet thing and not everyone really spends so much time on things like this.
  152. Olivirawwr: Which was a mad revelation to me, I think I grew up on the internet.
  153. Olivirawwr: & How I missed gazing into the pixelated, scenic windows in these little boxy rooms.
  154. Unkempt: I've always liked imvu or just the internet in general for the way you could get to meet people with distinct personalities or interests you just wouldn't be very likely to find anywhere else.
  155. Olivirawwr: Yeah, that's the nail on the head as to why I was so absorbed into this for so long.
  156. Unkempt: Though the one downside is that you don't get the face to face interraction that you'd get outside.
  157. Olivirawwr: Navigating life in a rural, countryside area. Having absolutely no one to relate to on such specific interests and tastes.
  158. Unkempt: Yeah, that's my problem too.
  159. Unkempt: Olivirawwr: Evening. I can only apologise to be tainting your evening so out of the
  160. Unkempt: blue. But, here we are.
  161. Olivirawwr: Im growing a little tired of
  162. Olivirawwr: I'm a physical person. It's a bummer not having that with these internet people, but the value of connecting with people you can actually relate to still outweighs this.
  163. Unkempt: Oops.
  164. Olivirawwr: I'm certainly the only alternative in the village and thats..exhausting.
  165. Unkempt: My brother actually got me into hitting the gym. I got into it well over a year ago, and he has been lifting for about 2 and a half years now.
  166. Olivirawwr: It requires time and money to venture further afield to interract with people that are exciting and fresh and it's not always worth it.
  167. Olivirawwr: That's mad. I need to get over the mental block when it comes to the gym.
  168. Olivirawwr: I imagine it would be so good for me.
  169. Unkempt: We do full upper body workouts while most do splits, so I'm excited to see what happens over the next few months. His chest is incredibly chisseled, like.. it's so defined. It has definitely given him some confidence too.
  170. Unkempt: A couple of the assholes down there think he's been taking steroids though. Envy is a bit of an ugly thing.
  171. Olivirawwr: Wow. Indeed it is.
  172. Olivirawwr: That's too bad they have that attitude. It sounds like your brother is doing amazingly for himself, though.
  173. Unkempt: Well, weed addiction and being completely lost in where to go in his life aside, he certainly is doing good for himself in the gym.
  174. Olivirawwr: Firm torsos feel excellent for running your finger along too. It's quite a fine art and I admire greatly people that put in such work.
  175. Olivirawwr: In that case, it's good he has something positive to focus on.
  176. Unkempt: Yeah it makes you more physically attractive, but it's also the feeling of knowing you put in the work, and all of the effort it took to get there.
  177. Unkempt: It makes you feel incredibly good when you've been going at it for an hour, 30 minutes or two hours too.
  178. Unkempt: an hour and 30 minutes*
  179. Unkempt: That's definitely an area where I feel in my element now. You'll have plenty of people that pop by just to train for 20 minutes and then they're out the door. That's how you end up being an asshole in your 40s whining about how a 20 year old is lifting more than you.
  180. Olivirawwr: I think that's the next thing I can do for myself. I toyed with it for a while, but I let it slide when I didn't drive and it seemed too complicated. But there really isn't an excuse now. It's one of those things where I know it'd do wonders for how I feel about myself, and generally.
  181. Olivirawwr: Haha. For sure.
  182. Olivirawwr: That seems like quite the half assed job.
  183. Olivirawwr: I mean, damn. If I paid for a membership I'd be down there getting my money's worth if for nothing else..
  184. Unkempt: It is very half assed, I swear half of them go just to tell their wife they went there and to make it seem like they did more than they did.
  185. Olivirawwr: Oh, fuck yeah. 'Are you really asking me to do the dishes right now when I just busted my ass at the gym? Unbelievable.'
  186. Unkempt: Haha.
  187. Olivirawwr: 20 minutes of ego stroking must be such hard work.
  188. Unkempt: It'd seem doing the dishes really is the bane of every relationship.
  189. Olivirawwr: It seems that way.
  190. Olivirawwr: Paper plates it is, then.
  191. Unkempt: Yeah but we can't be using paper plates, it doesn't look civilized and rich enough.
  192. Unkempt: Even though it'd probably save them.
  193. Olivirawwr: We'll save the super expensive dinner ware exclusively for our vast dinner parties in that case.
  194. Unkempt: They wouldn't have it any other way.
  195. Unkempt: Was that you in the Angelic Process shirt?
  196. Olivirawwr: Imagine running the effort of going to the gym for 20 whole minutes just to evade the washing up, huh.
  197. Olivirawwr: Yes.
  198. Unkempt: Yeah, I'd hope nobody is like that, but I'd probably be surprised.
  199. Olivirawwr: Yeah sounds like one hell of a relationship if so, eh?
  200. Unkempt: That's funny, I always wondered if you got word of them reissuing that album.
  201. Olivirawwr: Yeah, I keep the copy in my car
  202. Unkempt: I was considering ordering that shirt too, it looks quite neat.
  203. Unkempt: And of all the bands you could advertise, I couldn't think of any that are much better.
  204. Olivirawwr: It is. I mean, I'm always fond of music related clothing in the hope that I'd one day strike up a conversation with someone who likes the music also.
  205. Olivirawwr: Right?
  206. Olivirawwr: I'm not ashamed to be a walking advertisement for the record, so.
  207. Unkempt: Yeah, you know you're in for a conversation if somebody recognizes that shirt.
  208. Olivirawwr: Absolutely. So, maybe one day. We'll see.
  209. Unkempt: Nor would I be, it's some fine art for sure.
  210. Olivirawwr: But not for as long as I live this rural I suppose.
  211. Olivirawwr: I'm trying to move to London.
  212. Olivirawwr: By trying, trying to scrape together enough money to even slightly afford some kind of hovel there.
  213. Olivirawwr: But anyway, there will be fuck tons of interesting folk within reach in such a huge city.
  214. Unkempt: I half jokingly told someone I was talking to that if there is an afterlife, and all the famous people are sitting around some dinner table in heaven, I wouldn't be approaching Freddie Mercury, David Bowie or Michael Jackson, I'd go straight for Kris Angylus. Haha.
  215. Olivirawwr: I mean, there wouldn't be a line of people waiting to speak to him surely either so..a smart move in every aspect.
  216. Unkempt: Yeah, I've always heard that London is very diverse.
  217. Unkempt: Yeah exactly, I'm sure he'd be sitting by himself.
  218. Olivirawwr: It is diverse.
  219. Olivirawwr: Do you still live in Denmark?
  220. Unkempt: Yup.
  221. Olivirawwr: Is it where you plan to stay?
  222. Unkempt: Nope, I'm moving eventually.
  223. Olivirawwr: I know next to nothing of it, I'm afraid.
  224. Unkempt: I'm not sure where I'm moving, but I'm definitely moving.
  225. Olivirawwr: Well. I haven't seen much of the world, but I do reccommend London. But maybe my standards are set quite low in that respect.
  226. Olivirawwr: I want to see Japan someday, dammit.
  227. Unkempt: I've considered London, though all the bands that come through there all the time is a big part of that.
  228. Unkempt: Yeah, I'm going to visit Japan eventually too, it's definitely the place I want to travel to the most.
  229. Olivirawwr: That's a big factor for me. Gigs are incredibly accessible.
  230. Unkempt: They really are.
  231. Olivirawwr: My tattoo artist was chatting to me about the big grindcore community she's part of, there, too.
  232. Olivirawwr: Me too, Japan is top of my list. There's a lot of boxes it ticks for me.
  233. Unkempt: There's a grindcore community? Haha, sign me up.
  234. Olivirawwr: A lot of my favourite things come from Japan.
  235. Unkempt: That's fucking bonkers.
  236. Olivirawwr: Yeah she said it's small and tight knit but there's always loads of free bands and shit happening.
  237. Unkempt: Well the japanese are the perfect kind of crazy when it coems to the stuff they produce, so it's safe to say I'm a fan too.
  238. Olivirawwr: Hey, can you still do that italic thing on here?
  239. Olivirawwr: Oh yes. Big fan of..their work.
  240. Unkempt: /me This?
  241. Olivirawwr: Thank you Japan..hentai is excellent.
  242. Olivirawwr: Yes, that.
  243. Unkempt: Yeah, who needs real people when you have hentai, right.
  244. Olivirawwr: Oh yes.
  245. Olivirawwr: Love me some 2d girls, nothing fills the void quite like it.
  246. Unkempt: No point in going to Pornhub when you have 2d girls indeed.
  247. Unkempt: I suppose there's an element of attraction in the sense that they aren't real, too.
  248. Olivirawwr: For sure.
  249. Unkempt: They'd be real if I found a genie lamp though.
  250. Olivirawwr: It plays into this whole fantasy world again, doesn't it?
  251. Olivirawwr: I'd forfit you at least one of my three wishes if I knew you were going to do such good for hummanity with them.
  252. Olivirawwr: 2D girls, not 2D for much longer.
  253. Olivirawwr: I used to get so absorbed in slice of life anime for that very reason.
  254. Olivirawwr: It was like being sucked out of Earth for a while and so deeply into that world, with whatever was happening.
  255. Olivirawwr: Strangely comforting escape.
  256. Olivirawwr: Japan is also the land of dolls and beautiful fashion.
  257. Olivirawwr: And food.
  258. Unkempt: There's this band Dir En Grey, they always dress up really nicely.
  259. Olivirawwr: I know the band.
  260. Olivirawwr: I know a girl who saw them play in this country and I thought of you.
  261. Unkempt: Ah, yes. I believe I actually linked you something of theirs at one point too.
  262. Olivirawwr: That's right.
  263. Unkempt: But there's a huge element of escapism with anime, no doubt.
  264. Olivirawwr: Yeah, it's real nice.
  265. Unkempt: It does transport you into a completely different world, and the japanese are so good at it.
  266. Olivirawwr: I haven't watched any for some time now.
  267. Olivirawwr: Not even any cute little 2d girls.
  268. Unkempt: I heard Goblion Slayer is pretty good.
  269. Unkempt: I've been downloading that.
  270. Olivirawwr: Like ghibli films. The scenic landscapes alone, are breathtaking.
  271. Unkempt: Goblin*
  272. Unkempt: Yeah, their movies are second to none.
  273. Unkempt: The sheer amount of effort they put into that is really something you have to commend.
  274. Olivirawwr: Yeah it's mindblowing.
  275. Olivirawwr: But they don't make films anymore, do they?
  276. Olivirawwr: Not as Ghibli, anyway.
  277. Unkempt: They are currently working on How Do You Live?
  278. Unkempt: That might be the last one they produce though.
  279. Olivirawwr: Shit, I had no idea.
  280. Olivirawwr: I could have sworn another previous film was their last.
  281. Olivirawwr: I'm sure it'll be real grand though.
  282. Unkempt: Miyazaki went out of retirement a year or so ago, so it was perhaps the rebirth of Ghibli for a little while longer.
  283. Olivirawwr: How incredible. I must have missed that.
  284. Unkempt: Did you watch Makoto Shinkai's Your Name?
  285. Olivirawwr: We get select one off screenings of odd Japanese, animated movies over here sometimes. Seeing them in theatres is really something else.
  286. Unkempt: He's being called the next Miyazaki.
  287. Olivirawwr: No I haven't seen that one.
  288. Unkempt: He was so put off by it and the pressure of how much of a success that movie is, that he asked fans to "please don't see it"
  289. Unkempt: Haha.
  290. Olivirawwr: I kept seeing the posters for it though.
  291. Unkempt: It's the best selling anime movie of all time over there.
  292. Unkempt: It's really good.
  293. Unkempt: I'd imagine you haven't seen this one either then
  294. Unkempt: That one really stuck with me, I can't recommend it enough.
  295. Unkempt: You're going to love that.
  296. Olivirawwr: I just read the wiki Plot for Your Name. It sounds right up my alley.
  297. Olivirawwr: It's a really unique feeling when you get so far invested in an anime and it leaves such an impact on you, that even hours after it's over you're lost in that world.
  298. Olivirawwr: Even plots with a very far-fetched story, if they get me thinking..It hits me hard.
  299. Unkempt: Blade Runner 2049 had that effect on me.
  300. Olivirawwr: And that's a feeling that's hard to replicate.
  301. Unkempt: I was completely mesmerized by that movie.
  302. Unkempt: It's really special when you watch something that really sticks with you like that.
  303. Olivirawwr: Oh for sure.
  304. Olivirawwr: Where did you watch 'Your Name?'
  305. Olivirawwr: I mean, it's not a big deal, I'd buy it because I suspected it was going to be good anyway.
  306. Olivirawwr: And that's the insentive I needed to go ahead and do that.
  307. Unkempt: This should work, but I recall torrenting it.
  308. Olivirawwr: The Garden of Words, I haven't watched but I've seen countless clips and stills..looks to have glorious animation.
  309. Unkempt: Yeah, that one is very highly regarded for its animation
  310. Unkempt: I haven't seen it either.
  311. Unkempt: I believe it's by the same guy who did Your Name.
  312. Olivirawwr: That wouldn't surprise me.
  313. Olivirawwr: I've bookmarked the page. I might find some time tomorrow evening to watch it.
  314. Unkempt: I've grown really fond of that site, it appears to have just about everything.
  315. Unkempt: I like A Silent Voice ( Koe no katachi ) a slight bit more.
  316. Unkempt: But they're both terrific.
  317. Olivirawwr: That's what I need, often the reason I fell short with anime was the effort it took to find all the damn episodes for certain series.
  318. Olivirawwr: There is a touch of anime on netflix, which is quite cool.
  319. Unkempt: Yeah they've branched out a bit, which is lovely.
  320. Unkempt: The dude who directed their Castevania anime series is hoping to get the rights to Berserk now.
  321. Unkempt: He's going to be doing an anime adaptation of Devil May Cry too.
  322. Olivirawwr: Oh yeah, it totally slipped my mind that they have a ton of their own 'original' anime series too. Which is so interesting.
  323. Olivirawwr: Not everything is stellar, but some good things come of them doing so.
  324. Unkempt: Berserk is probably my favourite piece of fiction ever. The mangas are really as good as it gets.
  325. Unkempt: Yeah, they're doing decent work with their own series.
  326. Olivirawwr: There's surprisingly a lot of thought provoking content on there.
  327. Olivirawwr: Again, similar in the way of anime, watching stuff that really gets me thinking's cool.
  328. Unkempt: I haven't been keeping too much of an eye on it as I don't have a subscription to it, but I did watch show The Punisher, which I thought was really good.
  329. Unkempt: The show*
  330. Olivirawwr: I just about splurge the 5.99 or whatever it is monthly.
  331. Olivirawwr: But, only after a long time loafing off of other people's subscriptions.
  332. Unkempt: Haha, right. Yeah that's not exactly unheard of.
  333. Olivirawwr: Unrelated, but this is the first time I haven't been tired at 1am for an incredibly long time. My body has been very weak lately, so this is a welcome change.
  334. Unkempt: I do believe it's something they advertise though, you get to have 3 devices that can play at the same time, i believe.
  335. Olivirawwr: Only if you pay extra.
  336. Olivirawwr: And who in their right minds would do that?
  337. Olivirawwr: When I can boot someone else off it, to watch my show, for free.
  338. Unkempt: /me Chuckles.
  339. Olivirawwr: What's the secret? I don't recall how to do the italics.
  340. Olivirawwr: It's really been that long.
  341. Unkempt: / me
  342. Olivirawwr: Nothing to do with the fact I mostly don't remember things that occur a week or so ago, anyway.
  343. Unkempt: Just without the space.
  344. Olivirawwr: /me Wonderful.
  345. Unkempt: There we go.
  346. Unkempt: Well, do you drink enough water, or get enough sleep?
  347. Olivirawwr: I feel like I remember when they first implemented it. Or when I first discovered it, at least. And I abused the heck out of it in every conversation until it lost it's impact.
  348. Olivirawwr: Get enough sleep, I should hope so. I often can't stay awake very late recently.
  349. Olivirawwr: It's rather disappointing.
  350. Olivirawwr: Night time used to be my quiet time for myself. Listening to music & being here, or something on the internet.
  351. Olivirawwr: But being unable to fight falling asleep early is rather disappointing.
  352. Unkempt: I do think that's good for you, it shows you're being productive during the day.
  353. Olivirawwr: I hope so.
  354. Olivirawwr: But then I view it as me sleeping away my free time.
  355. Unkempt: Well that's what we do, in a sense.
  356. Olivirawwr: But. My brain is most likely turning to mush from the repeated Christmas songs I hear daily, each song, at least three times a day on a loop.
  357. Olivirawwr: So, I shouldn't be surprised it is experiencing reduced capacity.
  358. Unkempt: Heh, tell me about it.
  359. Unkempt: They do it at the gym too.
  360. Olivirawwr: Your favourite part, I'm sure.
  361. Unkempt: Thankfully I have this magical device called in ear headphones.
  362. Olivirawwr: Ah, the future is certainly here.
  363. Unkempt: Yeah, there's nothing quite like lifting weights to the sound of christmas songs.
  364. Olivirawwr: I can't imagine what could be more motivating.
  365. Unkempt: I'm convinced they're trying to piss people off into buying their headphones, since they advertise those on the door.
  366. Olivirawwr: Oh man, that surely sounds like a dirty sales tactic.
  367. Olivirawwr: I think I'd lose my mind if I showed up and the gym without my headphones, anyway.
  368. Unkempt: Yeah, so I gave them the ultimate fuck you and brought my own.
  369. Unkempt: Like any reasonable person should.
  370. Unkempt: I actually trained without for the first 6 months.
  371. Olivirawwr: A bold move.
  372. Unkempt: Don't ask me how I did it, but I trained through so much pop music you'd think they were trying to convert me.
  373. Olivirawwr: Conversion therapy.
  374. Olivirawwr: They break you down into a sweaty, weak mess.
  375. Olivirawwr: Until you submit.
  376. Olivirawwr: And can recite perfectly, the top 40.
  377. Unkempt: /me Laughs.
  378. Olivirawwr: Did it work?
  379. Olivirawwr: Are you a changed person?
  380. Unkempt: I was told that most radio stations have a specific spotify playlist of songs they are allowed to play, and they aren't allowed to venture out of that playlist.
  381. Olivirawwr: That's usually the case.
  382. Olivirawwr: They have a A list, B list etc
  383. Olivirawwr: And A is what gets spun the most
  384. Olivirawwr: as in, you'll hear the same song twice in one car journey off the A list.
  385. Unkempt: All they accomplished with it is increase my dissatisfaction with it, though they probably thought they had broken me completely.
  386. Olivirawwr: There's a UK radio station that has this one late night show thats okay.
  387. Olivirawwr: They once played Deafheaven
  388. Unkempt: Yeah I know you guys have some good radio stations that play good things.
  389. Olivirawwr: But otherwise, any radio besides the graveyard shift is crappy.
  390. Unkempt: That's impressive. I'm a bit of a sucker for Deafheaven.
  391. Olivirawwr: I'll make allowance for a grimes song I heard.
  392. Unkempt: We Appreciate Power?
  393. Olivirawwr: Everything else is horseshit. And I would pay to not work out specifically to it.
  394. Olivirawwr: That's the one.
  395. Unkempt: I love that tune.
  396. Unkempt: Don't give them ideas now.
  397. Unkempt: I could picture them taking money to not play shitty music.
  398. Olivirawwr: Fuck yeah. I fully unironically believe we will one day be at the mercy of the AI overlords. So I thank grimes for establishing our cooperation with them.
  399. Olivirawwr: /me Pay a premium for us to turn OFF the radio.
  400. Olivirawwr: Like when sites charge to remove ads.
  401. Olivirawwr: /me Side eyeing IMVU.
  402. Unkempt: It'll be an exciting when (not if) that happens. I don't think the dystopian cyberpunk future will be all that much of a fantasy at that point.
  403. Unkempt: I could definitely see augmentations becoming some sort of a fashion trend.
  404. Olivirawwr: No, it's definitly coming but not in the way we would hope.
  405. Unkempt: Yeah, A.I. is frightening. They had this computer learn how to play chess and it was able to perfect itself within no time.
  406. Olivirawwr: I can't wait for human beings to just be a gimmick, and an accessory to AI.
  407. Unkempt: Whatever happens, we definitely had it coming.
  408. Olivirawwr: We're erasing ourselves so fast. Once AI learn all there is to know - including how to build copies of eachother, there is no need for us.
  409. Olivirawwr: They'll reproduce themselves , faster than we could ever hope to build them, all while learning from us.
  410. Olivirawwr: And that's really.
  411. Olivirawwr: If we're lucky we'll all be wiped out before we become their actual slaves.
  412. Olivirawwr: /me Please! Have mercy, AI-Chan.
  413. Unkempt: Quite the thing to dwell on just before heading to sleep.
  414. Unkempt: I'm down.
  415. Olivirawwr: Ah, I do apologise. But it certainly is.
  416. Unkempt: No that's very much me, I like to ponder about these things.
  417. Olivirawwr: It's a future we could be alive to see, so it's absolutely something I consider.
  418. Unkempt: You may meet a couple who'd have a stick up their ass about it though, only to go " Wait.. didn't Olivia warn me of this all those years ago? "
  419. Unkempt: /me " I sure did, you bitch. "
  420. Olivirawwr: Are you familiar with the anime Sword Art Online? I always wonder how far off a gaming system that invades your nervous system & consciousness like that, is.
  421. Unkempt: I'm familiar with it. I'd guess it's 80-150 years away.
  422. Olivirawwr: And because I pledged my allegiance so early, the AI will take pitty on me and allocate said couple to do my dirty work for me.
  423. Olivirawwr: Right, but in the grand scheme of things..that's not too distant is it.
  424. Unkempt: I'll make sure to pledge my allegiance as early as possible too.
  425. Olivirawwr: It's like one lifetime away, which isn't that much.
  426. Unkempt: I won't be pissing them off, that's for sure.
  427. Olivirawwr: Oh, make sure to do so. I hear there are special perks.
  428. Olivirawwr: Yeah, that would most certainly not be a power move.
  429. Unkempt: Yeah? All the more reason to sign up early.
  430. Olivirawwr: Face it, our flesh sacks are worthless compared to powerful micro chips.
  431. Unkempt: Yeah, one lifetime away is quite close.
  432. Olivirawwr: There's that film where they freeze people alive so they can essentially time travel.
  433. Olivirawwr: And wake up like 100 years in the future too.
  434. Olivirawwr: So that fucks things up even more if that ever came about.
  435. Unkempt: Now if they were to keep us around, would they do it out of form sort of sadistic desire? Would they even get pleasure out of it? Seeing their creators suffer at the hands of their own creations.
  436. Olivirawwr: And they haven't aged one bit.
  437. Olivirawwr: They would have to have a horrible sense of humour.
  438. Olivirawwr: Which I imagine would be the case if they learned humour from us.
  439. Olivirawwr: So yes, that's exactly what would happen. Like when humans fuck about with animals and watch them run around and suffer.
  440. Unkempt: Yeah, I believe they're called hypersleep chambers in the Alien films.
  441. Olivirawwr: That's right.
  442. Olivirawwr: Imagine a future where people prolong themselves into the next generation like that/
  443. Olivirawwr: It's all so real, and there's so much that'll turn to shit really.
  444. Unkempt: Then you have something like the movie Interstellar, where if you spend one hour on one planet, it'll end up being a year or 5 on planet earth.
  445. Olivirawwr: Yep!
  446. Unkempt: You'd only have to wait 2 hours on that planet for a new Tool album.
  447. Unkempt: It's supposedly scientifically accurate that time goes by faster in space.
  448. Unkempt: Once you're that far out.
  449. Olivirawwr: It's spooky if that was accessible, readily. People you went to work with one day, might head off on vacation to another planet for a bit & youre dead before they make it home.
  450. Olivirawwr: Hahahaha.
  451. Olivirawwr: Hypersleep chamber out the wait between every album cycle..
  452. Unkempt: Yeah, but at the same time it's quite neat..
  453. Olivirawwr: I really hope we just fucking get wiped out by some grand scale natural happening before all this.
  454. Unkempt: "So, what're you entering these chambers for? Oh, Tool?.. Take the left, then the right, you'll find a couple of other people here for the same reason"
  455. Olivirawwr: Incredible
  456. Unkempt: Come on, you said we'd get special perks.
  457. Olivirawwr: But, I imagine only the rich would be allowed, right?
  458. Olivirawwr: Oh, right. When the AI are here.
  459. Olivirawwr: Money won't exist, then.
  460. Unkempt: Perhaps we'd get to have a nice life despite the.. tension.
  461. Unkempt: That'll be the first thing they part ways with.
  462. Olivirawwr: Yeah. Like when you put extra sawdust in your hamster's cage so he's warm, despite his imprisonment.
  463. Olivirawwr: Just like that.
  464. Unkempt: Exactly.
  465. Olivirawwr: Yeah, economy won't exist. Social structure and class, everything will fall. We will all be reduced back to mammals.
  466. Olivirawwr: It's a funny joke, actually. How far Human's have come only to undo it and ruin themselves like this.
  467. Unkempt: A part of me finds that oddly freeing.
  468. Unkempt: And liberating.
  469. Olivirawwr: The Aliens controlling the simulation must be laughing so hard.
  470. Olivirawwr: Oh, for sure. I can see why.
  471. Unkempt: It's no wonder they can't even be bothered to visit us.
  472. Unkempt: They'd have nothing go gain from the sheer stupidity.
  473. Olivirawwr: The world is very broken and to imagine it being stripped back to bare, and humans starting again is..really something.
  474. Olivirawwr: Yeah.
  475. Unkempt: What I really wonder though is whether it'll all be repeated again.
  476. Unkempt: Say we start from scratch.
  477. Unkempt: Do we just end up with the exact same society as we have now, eventually?
  478. Olivirawwr: I'm sure I said this before, it's the analogy I've used for years when people reckon Aliens would stop. You don't stop on the sidewalk and peer closer at what the ants are up to, do you? Their life is worthless to you, you're a superior being.
  479. Olivirawwr: Just like the Aliens..keep fucking walking because they couldn't give a toss what we're doing on our planet.
  480. Olivirawwr: There's nothing of interest to see here, really.
  481. Olivirawwr: I don't know.
  482. Olivirawwr: Are we doomed to turn out the same way?
  483. Olivirawwr: I would say perhaps not, the new generation of Humans would be raised under the AI. We'd be functioning to their structure.
  484. Olivirawwr: But then the class system falls in place again, because we're their pawns on the chest board.
  485. Unkempt: I think it's inevitable we'd turn out the same way. But if we're being controlled by AI, then I'd say no.
  486. Olivirawwr: Maybe we need the AI to babysit us so we don't fuck up again.
  487. Olivirawwr: I'm not sure we can be trusted to make a good race, you see.
  488. Olivirawwr: While we're busy starting wars over the shade of skin our flesh sack has..the alien's are laughing.
  489. Unkempt: Damn, it's really crazy to think how little we know, despite all of this technology.
  490. Olivirawwr: Yeah. Like the fact that, supposedly, most of the ocean is unexplored.
  491. Olivirawwr: The fuck is up with that?
  492. Unkempt: It's too deep, is it not?
  493. Olivirawwr: Sure.
  494. Unkempt: But, surely they should be figuring out how to go deeper.
  495. Olivirawwr: But space was a dream, to explore, at one point.
  496. Olivirawwr: Yeah, exactly.
  497. Unkempt: Yeah, I'd rather they figure out what's at the bottom of this planet first.
  498. Olivirawwr: Right? So many species, undiscovered yet we're too focussed on whether Mars has water or whatever.
  499. Olivirawwr: It seems odd that it isn't so much of a concern to people.
  500. Olivirawwr: I'm for sure curious as to what's up with that.
  501. Olivirawwr: It's part of the planet we're sitting atop.
  502. Unkempt: It's hard to be too interested in space exploration right now when Pluto is 7.5 billion kilometers away.
  503. Unkempt: They'll have to figure out how to go really, really fucking fast so we an actually find out what's out there.
  504. Olivirawwr: Yeah. You can't make that trip without sacrificing your whole life.
  505. Olivirawwr: It seems little use right now.
  506. Olivirawwr: Until we have our hands on those sleep chambers we wont be moving planets just yet.
  507. Unkempt: There is this place in Russia where you can pay to have your body frozen down.
  508. Olivirawwr: With the intent of waking up? Or just to preserve the dead body?
  509. Olivirawwr: Like to keep the DNA intact?
  510. Unkempt: That's what I was wondering, because why would I pay to have my dead body preserved?
  511. Unkempt: But I can't imagine they store you with the intent of waking you up either.
  512. Olivirawwr: I think, perhaps it's some kind of money grabbing that rich people buy into where they promise to bring you back when the technology exists somehow.
  513. Unkempt: Perhaps that's what they're going for.
  514. Olivirawwr: I don't know. How does that even give you any comfort?
  515. Unkempt: Right!?
  516. Olivirawwr: It's insane either way, and I'm surprised I didn't already know.
  517. Olivirawwr: Like..Imagine dying knowing you might be brought back amidst an AI war in thousands of years as the planet crumbles.
  518. Olivirawwr: Imagine dying in peace..and then they zap your corpse back into that.
  519. Olivirawwr: Very odd.
  520. Olivirawwr: But, if someone told me they're freezing dead bodies of celebrities or something..
  521. Olivirawwr: I wouldn't be shocked.
  522. Unkempt: Is it safe to assume that these people are too stupid to have thought of that scenario even taking place?
  523. Olivirawwr: Oh of course.
  524. Unkempt: I'm sure they expect their pants and flowers to be exactly where they left them.
  525. Olivirawwr: They're the people with a one track 'all technology is good technology!11!' mindset.
  526. Olivirawwr: Well, that simply won't be the reality..
  527. Unkempt: I meant to say pans, seeing as it's called trousers in your part of the world.
  528. Olivirawwr: Ah yes. Trousers.
  529. Unkempt: Whatever happens, I'd love to see the big booming peak of it.
  530. Unkempt: Only to see the destruction after.
  531. Olivirawwr: Yeah, but only from afar. Where I can like, straight away go 'Okay looks cool, I'm gonna bounce now' and die again.
  532. Olivirawwr: I wouldn't commit to being a slave during for eternity just to witness it.
  533. Olivirawwr: In short, I will not be freezing my body.
  534. Unkempt: Because actual virtual reality porn is going to make a lot of money.
  535. Unkempt: Especially once they bring the 2d waifus.
  536. Olivirawwr: Maybe I can pay so that when I die my spirit becomes a 2D girl instead. I'd go for that.
  537. Unkempt: Damn, imagine if we had the technology for that.
  538. Unkempt: If there is such a thing as impossible.
  539. Unkempt: Surely that's it.
  540. Olivirawwr: Well. You never know.
  541. Olivirawwr: The 2D girls are closer than ever now people are jacking off in VR, also.
  542. Unkempt: Yeah, but I'd certainly like to live in a world where dead people's spirits can be reincarnated into 2d girls.
  543. Olivirawwr: As would I.
  544. Unkempt: If we have the tech for that, the sky really is the limit.
  545. Unkempt: Well, at that point the sky isn't even the limit.
  546. Unkempt: Nothing would be a limit anymore.
  547. Olivirawwr: /me Thank you all for coming today, it's what Serenity would have wanted. *Flash to 2D girl,  tenatcle porn, on a projection in the chapel.*
  548. Olivirawwr: No, truly, there would be no shame.
  549. Unkempt: How about having a microchip installed in your arm, which you then plug an usb cable from into your computer - you're then free to download everything on the internet.
  550. Unkempt: you can learn a language within 5 seconds.
  551. Olivirawwr: That's a lot closer than you may think.
  552. Olivirawwr: There's plenty of talks of people being eventually microchipped anyway.
  553. Unkempt: Yeah, I don't think we're too far off that either.
  554. Unkempt: Hahaha.
  555. Olivirawwr: All part of a bigger picture to keep track of us all. And crime. etc, it would be marketed as a cool thing to make your life easier for your groceries with your chip and such.
  556. Olivirawwr: So the sheep, think it has enhanced their lives wonderfully.
  557. Olivirawwr: And there's cases online of people that have found chips in their bodies.
  558. Unkempt: But in some sense, it'd be nice to be able to track the really disturbed people.
  559. Olivirawwr: And not known how they got there.
  560. Unkempt: But it'd be at the cost of our privacy for sure.
  561. Olivirawwr: And that blows my mind.
  562. Olivirawwr: Yeah it would.
  563. Unkempt: Really, they've found chips in their bodies?
  564. Olivirawwr: So would it really be a safer world? Likely not.
  565. Olivirawwr: Yeah, there's this guy who claims to have removed several in surgery. They believe the chips are alien.
  566. Unkempt: Probably not, no. You could hack into it and find the location of whatever person you're looking for but.. I guess that's also possible now.
  567. Olivirawwr: Google it, it's a thing I came across before. Super interesting regardless of if it's fake or not - food for thought, again.
  568. Olivirawwr: Yeah, it is. But that would be on an even more invasive scale.
  569. Olivirawwr: At least people can choose not to have a mobile phone.
  570. Olivirawwr: But this wouldn't be a choice once it started.
  571. Olivirawwr: It would be illegal to be found not chipped.
  572. Unkempt:
  573. Olivirawwr: And there would be new crime where people drug others and rip out their chips to sell on the black market.
  574. Unkempt: Damn, this is really crazy.
  575. Unkempt: I was completely unaware of this.
  576. Unkempt: Yeah, it'd be like organ harvesting, but just with mechanical parts.
  577. Olivirawwr: See, that article is making it sound so good. 'Look how convenient this is !!' people are growing too lazy, they'll get a damn foreign object inserted in their body for the sake of not carrying a car key.
  578. Olivirawwr: At least those people are aware though.
  579. Olivirawwr: There's definitely stuff out there where people had chips against their will/knowledge.
  580. Unkempt: It gets a little better at the end.
  581. Unkempt: At an “implant party” organised by Osterlund in Stockholm, 59-year-old Anders Brannfors stands out with his salt-and-pepper hair among the curious 30-something hipsters.
  582. Unkempt: Delighted to have become a 2.0 version of himself, he has yet however to find a use for his chip several weeks after the implant.
  583. Olivirawwr: Take that shit out, dude.
  584. Unkempt: But it does glorify it quite a bit, you're right on there.
  585. Olivirawwr: Who knows what it's ticking away doing inside your skin.
  586. Olivirawwr: People that are dumb enough to trial this shit are part of the reason we're doomed.
  587. Unkempt: Yeah, if I ever were to do something like this, it'd be a 100 years from now when it's far more mainstream and it's been researched from top to bottom.
  588. Unkempt: There's no way
  589. Olivirawwr: Absolutely. Like getting a flu shot.
  590. Unkempt: I'd ever do this right now.
  591. Olivirawwr: Even then. I don't trust doctors & stuff anyway so it's all freaky to me.
  592. Olivirawwr: That other humans have authority to make choices and mess with our bodies.
  593. Unkempt: That's what's so crazy about pills.
  594. Olivirawwr: I remember being a kid and my Dad used to come out with some freaky shit like saying he believed they were injecting dangerous amounts of mercury into select jabs and stuff like that.
  595. Unkempt: They fuck up your immune system, yet people feel the need for nose sprays just because of a minor cold.
  596. Unkempt: Now think of anti biotics.
  597. Unkempt: And that superbug which anti biotics can't kill, so we're all going to end up immune to anti biotics thanks to it being used all the time.
  598. Olivirawwr: Yeah, you take meds without question if theyre from a doctor dont you? There's a whole psychology thing about how we obey people of authority, in uniform. So it would be easy to manipulate masses into doing things like having injectios because the doctor said so..
  599. Olivirawwr: Yep!
  600. Olivirawwr: Antibiotics will be useless sometime or another.
  601. Olivirawwr: It's all quite a joke.
  602. Unkempt: Yeah, and when you look at how much of aprofit there's to be made from just handing people some pills, it's really quite crazy.
  603. Olivirawwr: People have a false sense of security because we're so wrapped in cotton wool for everything right down to a cold..when all we're doing is setting ourselves up to be vulnerable to bigger disease that antibiotics will be useless against.
  604. Olivirawwr: So it isn't mad to say there would be a motive beyond helping people overcome the flu, right?
  605. Olivirawwr: Madness.
  606. Unkempt: That's a great analogy, it's kind of the problem with the world today.
  607. Unkempt: We have so few problems that it's almost as if we're looking for them to come to us.
  608. Unkempt: That'd explain all the ourage over a simple Twitter post.
  609. Unkempt: Outrage*
  610. Unkempt: And God forbid we get sick and have to feel bad for a few days without swallow an entire glass of pills.
  611. Olivirawwr: Yeah. There's really an answer one way or another for most trivial issues, that we really are getting all tied up with things so stupid.
  612. Unkempt: Swallowing*
  613. Olivirawwr: Yeah. I can't believe people's attitude to minor sickness. Straight to the doctor for medication. Like we didn't survive millions of years without that, for the common cold.
  614. Olivirawwr: It's like they want more drugs in their bodies.
  615. Unkempt: Yeah well, just don't come whining to me when you're 70 and can barely walk.
  616. Unkempt: They made their own bed.
  617. Olivirawwr: My Grandma used to be on like 20 medications at least, daily. I always used to wonder if she truly needed every last one.
  618. Unkempt: Sounds like my grandma.
  619. Unkempt: She swallowed my grandfather's pills like they were candy.
  620. Unkempt: She'd pretend she was sick at the doctor, pull suicide attempts simply for attention.
  621. Unkempt: Craziest fucker I've ever met.
  622. Unkempt: Imagine the damage that's causing to your grandma though.
  623. Unkempt: I seriously doubt she'd need that many.
  624. Olivirawwr: I think that gives you the mentality you're sick, too. You age before your time if you believe you're old and sick. She had a period where she was confused and couldn't walk, because she was mentally unwell. She got better, when she felt happier, which kind of proved it wasn't her body after all. It explains why some 90 year olds are fit and healthy..other people coup up, take their meds and accept early death essentially by buying into the idea they're gonna be sick.
  625. Olivirawwr: She overdosed one time and didn't even realise after, despite being aware while doing so if that makes sense. Your mind can do some crazy things, completely out of tune with what your body actually wants.
  626. Unkempt: You nailed it there. It's almost as if you speed up the aging process x10 by telling yourself that you're old and sick.
  627. Unkempt: Why would anyone ever want to tell themselves that.
  628. Olivirawwr: Yes. I don't know for sure the science behind it, but I've seen it first hand so I believe it for sure. You can keep yourself younger for longer with your mind.
  629. Olivirawwr: I don't know, but they do.
  630. Olivirawwr: I feel like I'm never going to get old.
  631. Unkempt: I'll have to look up the science behind it at some point.
  632. Olivirawwr: Mentally. I can't imagine succumbing until I'm literally on my death bed.
  633. Unkempt: They say that the mind and the body is one spirit, don't they?
  634. Unkempt: So it'd make sense.
  635. Olivirawwr: It must be some form of placebo right? Thinking you need thinking you're sick.
  636. Olivirawwr: For sure.
  637. Unkempt: How's the veganism thing for you?
  638. Olivirawwr: Oh you remembered.
  639. Olivirawwr: Wonderful. It'll be 2 years in March.
  640. Olivirawwr: And no pineapple on pizza, so don't fear.
  641. Unkempt: That's incredibly impressive.
  642. Unkempt: And reassuriing that you've remained away from the pineapple on pizza.
  643. Olivirawwr: I have the biggest hard on for vegetables more than fruit certainly not on my pizza.
  644. Olivirawwr: /me Pinapple? Not on MY Christian pizza.
  645. Unkempt: Yeah, I recall you saying you'd tried spinnach and that you liked that a lot.
  646. Olivirawwr: Christ. I can't believe I was that bland I 'tried' it for the first time only a couple years back.
  647. Unkempt: I tend to eat more vegetables than fruit, myself.
  648. Olivirawwr: Meat made me lazy. It's an easy way out of creativity with meals.
  649. Unkempt: Actually I was very much in the same situation.
  650. Unkempt: Yeah that's absolutely true. If I were to stop eating meat, I'd have to get far more creative with what I ate.
  651. Unkempt: It'd actually take quite a bit of adjusting.
  652. Unkempt: Which I'm sure you have first hand experience with.
  653. Olivirawwr: That's exactly what happened to me. I was forced to think outside the box to reinvent what I actually ate.
  654. Olivirawwr: Yeah, it becomes easy a lot quicker than you may think.
  655. Olivirawwr: And I wouldn't consider going back because I don't feel it would bennefit me whilst I now eat more vegetables than ever.
  656. Unkempt: No there's certainly no need to go back. I've heard it makes people feel really refreshed too.
  657. Unkempt: Though you did mention being sleepy often.
  658. Unkempt: But perhaps it's a healthy kind of sleepiness.
  659. Olivirawwr: /me Each day, I hand forage my own berries before digging up the carrot garden, with my bare hands.
  660. Olivirawwr: I'm not sure it is healthy.
  661. Olivirawwr: But the intense sleepy feeling is more recent than my non meat eating.
  662. Olivirawwr: But, I also fucked up my body in other ways & in a gruesome turn of events I may be losing too much blood which I think makes you tired.
  663. Unkempt: Haha. It's not enough to simply eat healthy, you have to watch that shit grow and age before you eat it too.
  664. Olivirawwr: Im clutching at straws with my iron content.
  665. Olivirawwr: Oh yes.
  666. Unkempt: What'd you do to yourself?
  667. Olivirawwr: Me, gardening. That's the real punchline.
  668. Unkempt: Yeah, losing blood will definitely make you tired.
  669. Olivirawwr: I got all jacked up with hormones.
  670. Olivirawwr: I thought it would be a good idea to try this contraception where they inject a bunch of hormones into you with one massive shot.
  671. Unkempt: Oh my fucking god.
  672. Unkempt: Hahaha.
  673. Olivirawwr: So, instead of slow release, it's only over 3 months each time. As oppose to like, years, with other methods.
  674. Olivirawwr: And I've just been paying the price
  675. Olivirawwr: for about 8 months.
  676. Unkempt: Wait that shit is not even a joke?
  677. Unkempt: You actually did it?
  678. Olivirawwr: No.
  679. Olivirawwr: Im being serious
  680. Olivirawwr: It's really fucked me, well and good.
  681. Unkempt: But what'd you do and need that for?
  682. Olivirawwr: I thought it seemed cool to not have to remember to do anything without an invasive fitting of a coil or something similar.
  683. Olivirawwr: So I gave it a go.
  684. Olivirawwr: And the nurse was like 'If it doesn't settle, go for a second one, and then it will'
  685. Olivirawwr: So I'm pumped with 6 months worth of hormones
  686. Olivirawwr: & It just gets worse
  687. Unkempt: But what does that feel  like?
  688. Unkempt: I don't understand what the benefits are supposed to be.
  689. Olivirawwr: It feels like bleeding every single day
  690. Olivirawwr: The benefits? Not making a baby without having to remember to do anything.
  691. Olivirawwr: But, it was a bad decision.
  692. Olivirawwr: So actually, I can pinpoint exactly why I'm so dreadfully tired.
  693. Unkempt: Wait so it's just a form of anti prevention?
  694. Unkempt: Or prevention rather*
  695. Olivirawwr: I don't know what you call it over there, so apologies if my terms are confusing.
  696. Olivirawwr: But yeah, it prevents an egg being fertilised. Without me needing to do anything else.
  697. Olivirawwr: Needless to say I didn't have anymore.
  698. Unkempt: See that's the only time you'd ever hear me say a pill sounds so much easier.
  699. Olivirawwr: I'm dreadful with remembering to take meds, I really can't be trusted.
  700. Olivirawwr: But for most people, it is easiest.
  701. Unkempt: Do you trust people to not have STDs then?
  702. Unkempt: That shit is really common now.
  703. Olivirawwr: No. If it's a passing stranger, then no, I would be cautious of STD's.
  704. Olivirawwr: Someone who is more like a frequent sexual partner, I'm relaxed if we're honest about our encounters so we know we're safe.
  705. Olivirawwr: But even so, I like to have back up. I had to take a morning after pill one time when I was real young and it sucked ass.
  706. Olivirawwr: But. People that fuck about raw with strangers..that's some odd behaviour right there. I can't imagine not being concerned about that shit. Like you say, it's pretty common to encounter STD's.
  707. Unkempt: Yeah I have some friends who do that shit raw with people they've just met.
  708. Unkempt: I can't say I'd ever dare.
  709. Olivirawwr: No way.
  710. Unkempt: Yeah, it's fucking crazy.
  711. Olivirawwr: /me Her? Raw? Ew ..I don't fucking know where she's been.
  712. Olivirawwr: It's not worth it. And Its unsettling when I encounter guys that are so relaxed about it.
  713. Olivirawwr: Grown ass guys that can't safely use a condom? Grown guys that just don't?
  714. Olivirawwr: Enjoy your diseases, I guess.
  715. Olivirawwr: No fuck is worth that.
  716. Unkempt: I got the nickname, the guy with a taste for quality/ a connoisseur of women.
  717. Unkempt: It has stuck since.
  718. Olivirawwr: That is by no means a bad nickname.
  719. Unkempt: They're fucking crazy, they're fun but I can't believe the shit they do.
  720. Unkempt: Yeah it's not the worst reputation to have.
  721. Olivirawwr: /me Yeah, like asking a girl if she does anal on the first date. Crazy.
  722. Olivirawwr: It's quite a compliment if anything, surely.
  723. Unkempt: Yeah, if you're that hungry for anal, surely you could wait till you'd seen her a few more times.
  724. Unkempt: Well it's funny that it'd be a compliment in the sense that it's kind of...
  725. Unkempt: I'm not sure if common sense is the word.
  726. Olivirawwr: Yeah, a stranger I don't trust trying to coerce into anal on the first encounter would really be something.
  727. Unkempt: It's the 101 of fucking.
  728. Olivirawwr: Yeah, it really is.
  729. Olivirawwr: But not everyone got the memo.
  730. Unkempt: That I can comfirm.
  731. Unkempt: Confirm*
  732. Olivirawwr: And some parents still believe their kids don't need Sex Ed.
  733. Olivirawwr: When I was a kid, the parents could opt out of their children being part of sexual education.
  734. Olivirawwr: The fuck is up with that?
  735. Olivirawwr: When are they going to learn? When they've got their dick wet & it's too fucking late, I guess.
  736. Unkempt: Damn, you'd have to be one stupid fucking parent to opt them out of that.
  737. Unkempt: I'd argue you should lose your right to even have children.
  738. Olivirawwr: Yeah. It blows my mind.
  739. Olivirawwr: Yeah. It's a safe guarding issue, really.
  740. Olivirawwr: To prevent your children being properly educated on safe sex.
  741. Olivirawwr: Completely mad.
  742. Olivirawwr: The schools argue they offer the option incase parents want to explain at home. Bullshit.
  743. Unkempt: It's almost as if the concept of introducing your kids to the idea of sex, even though they've been watching Pornhub since 4th grade, is more dangerous than teaching them safe sex.
  744. Olivirawwr: They don't have all the facts.
  745. Olivirawwr: Parents wouldn't be trusted to coach maths and science, so why sex ed?
  746. Olivirawwr: Yeah. They are scared, it's out of fear. Like not teaching them will somehow mean they're pure forever & never have sex, instead of winding up diseased and knocking up the neighbours daughter AND not even being able to come to the parents about it.
  747. Unkempt: I'm legitimately baffled by that.
  748. Olivirawwr: Piss poor parenting.
  749. Unkempt: I mean, the parents fucked and had a child.
  750. Unkempt: So surely the kid is going to fuck too.
  751. Olivirawwr: It's the same story with alcohol. Making it a taboo only means kids will experiment behind your back, usually unsafely.
  752. Olivirawwr: Yeah. The mentality is insane behind that thought process.
  753. Olivirawwr: I've never understood dishonesty with children.
  754. Unkempt: Yeah, it reminds me of the first time I smoked a joint. I did that with my father.
  755. Olivirawwr: Be straight with them and address them as adults.
  756. Unkempt: And I turned out alright.
  757. Unkempt: There wasn't any sort of taboo to it.
  758. Unkempt: And children can tell when you're dishonest.
  759. Unkempt: They're very smart.
  760. Olivirawwr: Yeah. My Mother was happy picking me up from parties when I'd been drinking underage, so she knew I was safe, instead of forbiding it so I lied and ended up blacked out somewhere I guess.
  761. Olivirawwr: Which makes sense.
  762. Olivirawwr: Yeah. I don't understand patronising children. I try to speak to children as I would an adult, because why wouldn't I? They seem to often get taken for a lot less intelligent than they actually are.
  763. Olivirawwr: What time is your bedtime these days?
  764. Unkempt: Building walls around your children will only cause the walls to crumble eventually, and when they do they crumble much harder than they would've if you hadn't built the wall in the first place.
  765. Olivirawwr: Dead on.
  766. Unkempt: Well bedtime, assuming I even have such a thing right now is nearing.
  767. Unkempt: I've been a little all over the place lately.
  768. Olivirawwr: Oh. I hope a sleeping schedule is in place.
  769. Unkempt: I ought to find a specific time and stick to it.
  770. Unkempt: Yeah, not exactly. I'll get it right from tomorrow though.
  771. Olivirawwr: It must be 4am for you.
  772. Olivirawwr: I hope I haven't kept you.
  773. Unkempt: You did but that's quite okay, I enjoyed this.
  774. Unkempt: There's no way I'd have much earlier anyway, I woke up late toay.
  775. Unkempt: Today*
  776. Olivirawwr: As did I.
  777. Olivirawwr: I woke up at 12. Which is incredibly late for me, these days.
  778. Unkempt: I recall a time where my friends and I would fuck chicks and we'd all wake up at 4.
  779. Unkempt: Granted I didn't fuck the ones they fucked for obvious reasons.
  780. Unkempt: So I've definitely been there, haha.
  781. Olivirawwr: Hahaha.
  782. Olivirawwr: Sounds rather healthy.
  783. Unkempt: I've only gotten worse in terms of being healthy.
  784. Unkempt: I'm on as good of a track as you can get lately, aside from not being vegan.
  785. Olivirawwr: You may not realise, but by speaking with me for several hours it is proven to reduce your life span.
  786. Unkempt: I've become completely addicted to getting high off exercising.
  787. Unkempt: Oh yeah?
  788. Olivirawwr: Wow. I aim to feel that way.
  789. Unkempt: Are you a killer of sorts?
  790. Olivirawwr: Yeah, you could say that.
  791. Olivirawwr: Sorry. I forgot to read the disclaimer before you entered this conversation.
  792. Olivirawwr: But you may be now carrying multiple diseases that require immediate medical attention, in the form of copious meds.
  793. Olivirawwr: Sadly, this is the latest I've been awake speaking with someone lately.
  794. Olivirawwr: I find it very easy to fall asleep during a conversation with someone, that's lacking in one way or another.
  795. Unkempt: Oh no, you can't be serious, did you really give me on those terrifying colds?
  796. Olivirawwr: I'm afraid so. I breathed all up in your oxygen.
  797. Unkempt: Well, shit. I don't think even a giant scard could save me from that, I'd better get to that doctor first thing in the morning and swallow whatever I'm given.
  798. Unkempt: A giant scarf*
  799. Olivirawwr: It's always advised that you swallow what you're given/
  800. Unkempt: That's some food for thought.
  801. Olivirawwr: Indeed. You're most welcome, at that.
  802. Unkempt: It reminded me of this really overweight guy I spoke to once, he seemed to use the excuse that his parents wouldn't allow him to leave anything on the planet, so he had to eat everything he took.
  803. Unkempt: You'd think that after a week or two, and the weight showed up, he'd put less food on the planet.
  804. Unkempt: But I guess it's easier to simply use that as an excuse.
  805. Olivirawwr: Yeah that's a really poor excuse.
  806. Unkempt: "on the planet"
  807. Unkempt: More like on the plate*
  808. Olivirawwr: I also don't buy into the notion that someone can physically force you to finish food you can't eat.
  809. Unkempt: Wait, I actually typed planet twice.
  810. Unkempt: And you didn't even point it out.
  811. Unkempt: /me Chuckles.
  812. Olivirawwr: /me Finish all the food on my planet? My, I really will be overweight..
  813. Unkempt: Heheh.
  814. Olivirawwr: Oh, did I just get a free pass to start pointing our your flaws?
  815. Olivirawwr: our..
  816. Olivirawwr: Out*!
  817. Unkempt: Nah, what the fuck. There's no way they'd just sit there and force food down your throat.
  818. Unkempt: Seems a little unnecessary.
  819. Olivirawwr: Yeah, I never believe parents truly do that. If so, certainly sounds like abuse.
  820. Unkempt: Of course, I like having them pointed out so they're out in the open.
  821. Olivirawwr: I mean, when I'm full, I'm full. If someone forced me to finish, I'd throw up all over the dinner table. So sounds unlikely.
  822. Unkempt: I'm quite serious about that. I actually value being able to learn from things.
  823. Unkempt: Granted.. this wasn't as big of a flaw.
  824. Olivirawwr: /me Well. Where do we start? To begin with you're not wearing NEARLY enough clothes for how cold it is outside.
  825. Unkempt: /me Chuckles.
  826. Unkempt: That reminds me of the spartans, they're a bit of an inspiration, as edgy as that sounds.
  827. Olivirawwr: I'm warning you. You'll catch a cold..
  828. Olivirawwr: No less edgy than I might expect from you.
  829. Unkempt: They wouldn't wear shoes, because they believe we were faster on our feet.
  830. Unkempt: Believed*
  831. Unkempt: Well, they knew, actually.
  832. Olivirawwr: Yeah, makes sense. We were created to be bare foot creatures.
  833. Olivirawwr: May I ask
  834. Unkempt: In terms of clothes, they'd get one one piece of clothing for winter, they simply had to adjust to the cold.
  835. Olivirawwr: What name you go by these days?
  836. Unkempt: I go by Dawn.
  837. Olivirawwr: So that's what you're doing right? Adjusting to the cold.
  838. Olivirawwr: Dawn. Ravishing.
  839. Unkempt: If only, I wish I could say that was the reason.
  840. Olivirawwr: I mean, I can't begin to imagine why else you'd be wearing so little clothes.
  841. Unkempt: I considered creating a male avatar for some time but I've grown so accustomed to doing this..
  842. Olivirawwr: I was always fond of your male avatar.
  843. Unkempt: Thanks, I'm not even sure where he is now.
  844. Olivirawwr: But this is a very typical 'you' look, now, also.
  845. Olivirawwr: The only thing that surprised me was just how large you are, Dawn.
  846. Unkempt: My mother fed me a lot of potatoes as a kid, alright.
  847. Olivirawwr: Yes, I see they went straight to those thighs.
  848. Olivirawwr: Perfect for head crushing I assume.
  849. Unkempt: The skullcrushers :]
  850. Olivirawwr: I don't recall how tall you are but this is probably an accurate size representation, anyway.
  851. Olivirawwr: Sounds thrilling.
  852. Olivirawwr: If there are sign of dooming war or disease anytime near, I hope to be in line for erradication via the Skullcrushers.
  853. Unkempt: I'm tall enough to be able to pee standing up, and there's a power in that.
  854. Olivirawwr: I'm afraid I assumed most people did that.
  855. Olivirawwr: But, that's good for you.
  856. Unkempt: So the skullcrushers could become necessary, even before the great A.I. ruler takes over?
  857. Olivirawwr: Very much so.
  858. Unkempt: They'll be on standby. It's a quick and swift death.
  859. Unkempt: Much like an injection.
  860. Olivirawwr: That sounds all too enticing, now.
  861. Olivirawwr: Hey, don't allow me to further keep you.
  862. Olivirawwr: I'm sure our bodies would adore some sweet release in the form of sleep, now.
  863. Unkempt: And to think it'll have to brush its teeth before it can get to adore that.
  864. Unkempt: Adulting sure is hard sometimes.
  865. Olivirawwr: Adulting also means having the power to skip the tooth cleaning ritual, this one time.
  866. Olivirawwr: Like I shall be doing.
  867. Unkempt: Nah consistency is key here, though I will forgive you for skipping it this one time.
  868. Olivirawwr: And crawling straight into the pit of my bed like the lazy little gremlin I am.
  869. Olivirawwr: Your forgiveness is appreciated.
  870. Unkempt: Well sleep well in that case, it sounds quite well deserved.
  871. Olivirawwr: Dawn.
  872. Olivirawwr: Will I be graced with your presence again?
  873. Olivirawwr: I understand, if you're far too occupied skullcrushing, however.
  874. Olivirawwr: So no pressure.
  875. Unkempt: /me Chuckles.
  876. Unkempt: I'm sure you'll catch me around if you come looking, Olivia.
  877. Olivirawwr: In that case, I just might.
  878. Olivirawwr: It's been a pleasure.
  879. Unkempt: I'll see you around, sleep well.
  880. Olivirawwr: Take care of yourself.
  881. Unkempt: You too.
  882. Olivirawwr: Sleep wonderfully ~
  883. Unkempt: I will!
  884. Olivirawwr: Goodnight, Dawn.
  885. Unkempt: I'll only be thinking about...
  886. Unkempt: AI.
  887. Unkempt: Destorying us all.
  888. Olivirawwr: Sweet dreams, then.
  889. Unkempt: :]
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