These Girls Kain't- Oh Who Am I Kidding of Course They Kain

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  1. [21:13:14] <@Kain> Alright, the group has split off a bit, and it's the afternoon, almost getting into evening. There's still some time in the day, but what is there for Theta to do with her newfound time?
  2. [21:15:15] <Thetina> GO SHOPPING FOR PANTSU - I mean what.  Theta decides to roam the streets a bit at least looking around for where room for a college would even be.  Even if this is a poor time to initiate diving into that, doesn't hurt to have an idea where and what they need.
  3. [21:16:48] <@Kain> Roll me some Awareness then!
  4. [21:17:47] <Thetina> 2d6+8 sight beyond...not really beyond sight I guess nah don't got a joke here
  5. [21:17:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, sight beyond...not really beyond sight I guess nah don't got a joke here: 12 [2d6=3,1]
  6. [21:18:49] <@Kain> HMM
  7. [21:21:05] <@Kain> On the east side of town, you notice that north of the Eidolon Wall there's a large, empty sort of channel for the water that you're not really sure of the purpose of.  It's not for through canoe traffic, there isn't much residence up here, and it doesn't look like it's carrying away waste either. Maybe a remnanet of bad and hasty city planning that could be built over? But it hasn't been
  8. [21:21:06] <@Kain> touched regardless, hm. Wonder why? Though, looking a little closer...
  9. [21:22:54] <@Kain> Huh. Well, you don't see that, every day? Somewhat nearby, from your vantage point you spot in one of the alleyways a flash of light followed by two women appearing. This repeats itself a few times, and you quickly realize it's a group of BMGs teleporting into the city...
  10. [21:23:53] * Thetina squints, and takes note of this location later, approaching this alleyway.
  11. [21:28:22] <@Kain> Only a few of them are actually wearing the same outfits you remember Ayane dressing them in, though, most of them have started taking on different styles completely. One is dressed in a cloak made of black feathers, having darkened her skin somehow and carries a doll fitted with pins. Her hair is black, too. Another has her hair rolled up in a bizarre fashion around metal rods and wearing
  12. [21:28:22] <@Kain> small mirrors as jewelry, and dresses in see-through robes over a red, skintight outfit. Yet another is in a wheelchair, rolling herself along by magic, she's dyed her hair white and black striped. Many of the others are similarly 'uniquened', but not all. Overall it's a group of about 12 or 13.
  13. [21:28:35] <@Kain> Roll me stealth to slip in.
  14. [21:29:58] <@Kain> Or not, if you're approaching them directly.
  15. [21:31:38] * Thetina considers how to approach this a bit, and decides to attempt to slip into formation with them to least assess this first
  16. [21:31:41] <Thetina> 2d6+7
  17. [21:31:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, 2d6+7: 11 [2d6=2,2]
  18. [21:32:25] <@Kain> Goooood enough. You slip into the back, blending in with the girls. Some of them up front are talking.
  19. [21:33:03] <@Kain> Rods: "Remind me what the hell we doing here?"
  20. [21:33:22] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "Milady sent us to find a submarine...?"
  21. [21:33:52] <@Kain> Rods: "The fuck is a submarine?"
  22. [21:34:44] <@Kain> Feathers: "Ayane sent an order to watch out for the return of an underwater vessel to the docks." she says quietly.
  23. [21:35:24] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "Oh? That doesn't seem like fun...? I hate waiting?"
  24. [21:37:19] <@Kain> Rods: "Yeah, fuck that. I don't even know what her deal is anymore, y'know? First time we leave the palace in goddamn weeks (and weeks make up the majority of our fucking lives so far), and she asks us to sit on our asses to find some toy she lost? Naw, fuck that, see y'all bitches later. I might settle down here or some'in."
  25. [21:37:42] <@Kain> Rods: "Or at least hit the bar or something."
  26. [21:38:05] <Thetina> " we do if it doesn't come back, anyway?"
  27. [21:38:34] <@Kain> Rods turns back towards you. "Sit on our thumbs and fucking spin on them, probably."
  28. [21:38:57] <@Kain> Feathers: "I'm sure she wouldn't simply leave us out here."
  29. [21:39:33] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "But she left behind some others at Lindblum, didn't she...?"
  30. [21:40:52] <Thetina> "Well...erm...actually..."
  31. [21:40:55] <@Kain> Rods: "Yeah, and then the skank spent the new few dangs moaning loud enough for the whole palace to hear when her raggedy-ass boyfriend came to plow her."
  32. [21:41:13] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "Hm...?" She slows down to match your pace, listening.
  33. [21:41:19] <@Kain> *few days
  34. [21:42:01] * Thetina does the bashful hat thing. "I was there.  She didn't leave them, they didn't want to go back, like her." She nods to Rods.
  35. [21:42:05] <@Kain> Feathers: "That -skank- gave us life, do show a little respect."
  36. [21:43:10] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "Oh, I'd feel bad if I didn't go back, I think...? But that doesn't sound too bad, if she doesn't mind?"
  37. [21:43:45] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "I don't know how we'd find that submarine anyway...?" All of her sentences seem puncutated oddly, like she's always asking a question.
  38. [21:44:16] <Thetina> "Didn't seem"
  39. [21:44:57] * Thetina looks around, do any of these girls seem like they were there as well based off this?
  40. [21:45:23] <@Kain> You don't recognize them if they were. Hmm.
  41. [21:45:41] <Thetina> More by their reactions than looks
  42. [21:48:17] <@Kain> Hm, no, you don't think so.
  43. [21:48:21] <Thetina> "I don't think it was she didn't care as much as...well, there's so many of us, I think she didn't expect us all to stay with her."
  44. [21:50:23] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "I don't know why she made so many of us to begin with? I think I'd have liked a smaller group to get to know...?"
  45. [21:51:23] <Thetina> "And when The Creator showed up, I think they might have realized that."
  46. [21:51:47] <@Kain> Rods: "You seen the way she looks at Millie? I got a good feeling I know why that ho-bag made so many of us." she grumbles.
  47. [21:51:54] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "The Creator...?"
  48. [21:52:45] <@Kain> Random Mage: "I don't get it!" :D she says to Rods.
  49. [21:53:59] <@Kain> Rods: "Course you don't." she pats her on the head. "Why don't you go find a beach ball and a swimsuit two sizes too small or something, or read some goddamned books for a change."
  50. [21:54:12] <@Kain> Mage: "Oh, that sounds fun~"
  51. [21:54:26] <Aori_Radidjiu> (I like Rods)
  52. [21:54:32] <Thetina> "Yeah...he spoke with some of us.  Mentioned there was a village those before us made."
  53. [21:54:33] <Giantree> (RANDOM MAGE IS THE BEST)
  54. [21:55:01] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Maybe she's the true form of Runt-chan, who followed Theta to protect him~)
  55. [21:55:24] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Random, that is)
  56. [21:55:29] <Thetina> (Runt Chan is obviously the angel curio minimized.)
  57. [21:55:36] <Thetina> (God get with the program)
  58. [21:55:49] <Giantree> (whoa that is treeorier than even myself)
  59. [21:56:04] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Which, mine or Zoof's?)
  60. [21:56:14] <castfromhp> (inb4 both)
  61. [21:56:17] <Giantree> (Latter, yours is a standard, believably theory)
  62. [21:56:21] <Giantree> (-y +e)
  63. [21:56:49] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Huh, you're right cast, they're not mutually exclusive)
  64. [21:57:18] <@Kain> Feathers looks back, a bit surprised. "Did you say, a village?"
  65. [21:57:28] * Thetina nods. "Also said he wanted to make a home for us..."
  66. [21:58:10] <@Kain> Rods: "Probably wants the same thing she does, eye candy and free labor."
  67. [21:59:11] <@Kain> Feathers: "Milady is more kind than that, Fifteen." she says, the feather cloak bristling a bit.
  68. [21:59:27] * Thetina winces a bit at that.
  69. [21:59:34] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "Ooh, a home sounds nice...?"
  70. [21:59:43] <Thetina> "  That's not it."
  71. [21:59:57] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "Please, tell us more? And what was your name...?"
  72. [22:01:49] * Thetina thinks for a bit, and decides on a route that is a bit riskier, but hey, why not? She takes off her hat.
  73. [22:02:46] <Thetina> "Well, the truth is, that submarine isn't returning because I helped steal it."
  74. [22:03:18] <@Kain> The group halts a moment, and everyone turns around to face you, stunned.
  75. [22:03:22] <@Kain> Rods: "Bitch, you did what?"
  76. [22:03:24] <Thetina> "I'm not exactly one of you.  He made me."
  77. [22:03:27] <@Kain> *whaa
  78. [22:04:40] <Thetina> "I guess you could call me T0.  That's not what my tattoo is, though."
  79. [22:05:40] * Thetina lets this sink in a bit before blabbing much more.
  80. [22:06:16] <@Kain> Feathers is sizing you up a moment, and the other girls are just looking at you, a bit flabbergasted. After a moment though, Rods grins. "Girl, you got balls. So what's yo deal?"
  81. [22:06:46] <@Kain> Feathers sighs and stamps her foot on the ground. Chairs and stools made of human bone erupt from the stone, giving you all a place to sit.
  82. [22:09:18] <Thetina> HAHA WELL ABOUT THAT. "Honestly I'm just trying to do what he can't directly.  Which is trying to find -you- guys without her...being aware of it."
  83. [22:09:38] * Thetina makes her own chair of actual stone. "I'm not even a mage like the rest of you, though."
  84. [22:09:54] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "Oh wow, is that Geomancy...?"
  85. [22:10:05] * Thetina nods.
  86. [22:11:01] <@Kain> Feathers: "Well, you've here, and you got our attention. What is it you want?"
  87. [22:12:14] <Thetina> "Nothing, really.  Just to let you know there is a home for us, two of them.  Theta has some powerful friends, even if he doesn't have the resources she gets from her boytoy."
  88. [22:12:51] <@Kain> Rods: "And how we know there's any better off?"
  89. [22:12:59] <@Kain> *than here
  90. [22:13:15] <Thetina> "Well, that's your choice.  But how would you know without seeing it?"
  91. [22:13:29] * Thetina makes her own god damn scene them.
  92. [22:14:04] <Thetina> "If anything I might borrow your numbers at some point.  I don't think he really demands we do much other than...find our own place in this world."
  93. [22:15:14] <Thetina> "The village actually isn't far from here, either."
  94. [22:15:23] <Thetina> "I think T89 might be there still too."
  95. [22:15:51] <@Kain> Rods: "I like this guy already. I'm T-15, but you can call me yes ma'am. Haha~ Or Tina, whatevs girl."
  96. [22:17:15] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "Oh, oh, I'm T-832...? But I think I'd like to be called Delila...?"
  97. [22:18:01] <@Kain> Feathers: "...Abigail." she says, without giving her model number.
  98. [22:18:11] <@Kain> The rest of the girls quickly rattle off their own model numbers.
  99. [22:18:20] <Giantree> (WHAT ABOUT RANDOM MAGE)
  100. [22:18:52] <Aori_Radidjiu> (^^^^)
  101. [22:19:12] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Is Rammy like officially the Vargmage now or what)
  102. [22:19:26] * Thetina nods and greets everyone. "So? Would you like to see the village for yourself? Honestly isn't much more than a Chocobo ride from here."
  103. [22:19:45] <@Kain> (Naaah)
  104. [22:19:51] <@Kain> Mage: "Oh, I'm T-777, but you can call me Roulette!"
  105. [22:20:03] <Aori_Radidjiu> (OH MY FUCK YES)
  106. [22:20:16] <Giantree> (^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)
  107. [22:20:18] <Aori_Radidjiu> (brb i need to find a bucket)
  108. [22:20:28] <Thetina> (what)
  109. [22:20:46] <Aori_Radidjiu> (you really want to know)
  110. [22:21:32] <Giantree> ((he's implying that he's masturbating))
  111. [22:22:02] <castfromhp> (everyone gets handchecks >:V)
  112. [22:22:11] <Thetina> (I'm petting my kitty :>)
  113. [22:22:20] <@Kain> Tina: "Sounds better than sitting here with our hands in our pants until something happens."
  114. [22:22:33] <Aori_Radidjiu> (oh bby)
  115. [22:22:47] <Thetina> (It's a nice fuzzy pussy)
  116. [22:22:59] <castfromhp> (everything is lewd forever)
  117. [22:23:07] <@Kain> Feathers: "I'd like to see this place, but I am not agreeing to abandon Milady just yet."
  118. [22:23:21] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "When can we go?"
  119. [22:23:26] <@Kain> Er
  120. [22:23:29] <@Kain> I just gave their names
  121. [22:23:34] <@Kain> and I'm still using feathers/wheelchair
  122. [22:23:35] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Yes.  You did.)
  123. [22:23:46] * Thetina nods. "I understand.  Right now, actually.  We sorta stole her payment for the thing as well!  Got more than enough for everyone..."
  124. [22:23:49] <castfromhp> (amnesiac moe: overdrive mode)
  125. [22:23:49] <@Kain> *Abigail, Delila
  126. [22:23:50] <Giantree> (also >reusing Tina)
  127. [22:24:13] <@Kain> (Tina is such a common as shit name)
  128. [22:24:21] <Giantree> (YEAH SO IS)
  129. [22:24:23] <Giantree> (...)
  130. [22:24:26] <Giantree> (ok carry on)
  131. [22:24:38] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh fuck.  1,1Tina is a sassy!Terra)
  132. [22:24:40] * Thetina leads them over to the chocobostation, queue the soundtrack!
  133. [22:25:10] <@Kain>
  134. [22:26:07] <@Kain> You rent some chocobos and head over to Black Mage Village! The sun is starting to set by the time you get there, but you think you can show them around and head back before nightfall if you want.
  135. [22:27:05] * Thetina starts with a basic tour of the shops and houses and such! Introducing them to a few people and probably geomancing Arwill in the dick again!
  136. [22:27:14] <@Kain> You see a familiar face, the lady genome guard, Elza, on patrol with a torch and crossbow. She waves as the lot of you come in, but you don't think she recognizes you at all.
  137. [22:27:42] <@Kain> Oh you know Arwill tries to mack on you all and fails horribly.
  138. [22:27:51] <@Kain> Abigail introduces him to a bit of the gris gris herself.
  139. [22:29:22] <Thetina> She eventually makes her rounds to Bebe's home as well to see if anyone's home!
  140. [22:30:07] <@Kain> There's a candle on...
  141. [22:30:16] <@Kain> Let yourself in?
  142. [22:30:30] * Thetina knocks on the door. "Hello? Anyone home?"
  143. [22:30:59] * Thetina has actually realized to explain this to anyone who recognizes her will be hilariously awkward but hey, was probably gonna happen anyway!
  144. [22:31:16] <@Kain> Elizabeth answers the door, wearing a fancy chef's hat and oven mitts. She looks at the lot of you, confused, a moment, but then looks at you, stares at you a moment, blinks a few times...
  145. [22:31:27] <Thetina> "Hi!"
  146. [22:31:54] * Thetina leans into whisper. "I can explain this I swear."
  147. [22:31:54] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "...Not going to ask. You need Bebe?"
  148. [22:32:25] <@Kain> "...It's actually a bit of an improvement, though."
  149. [22:32:30] <@Kain> She also says quietly.
  150. [22:33:06] * Thetina is soulcrushed for a few seconds before recovering. "Yeah!  I ran into these girls in Madian Sari and am showing them around!"
  151. [22:34:54] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "Well, then. ...Ffffuck. I hope you weren't expecting dinner." she looks over her shoulder. "Bebe! Guests! A fucking lot of guests!"
  152. [22:35:45] <@Kain> She heads back in to tend on the dinner while she lets the rest of you inside.
  153. [22:35:52] <@Kain> Rods: "This place is goofy as shit."
  154. [22:35:55] <@Kain> *Tina!
  155. [22:36:01] <Thetina> "Maybe? I don't know if they intend to stay..."
  156. [22:36:17] <@Kain> All fourteen of you pile into the hut.
  157. [22:37:26] <@Kain> Bebe eventually waddles out. "...Oh my stars."
  158. [22:37:33] <@Kain> He waddles backwards back into the back.
  159. [22:38:18] <@Kain> And then comes back out with a fancier hat on. "Um, hello, ladies! Can I... do anything for you? I'm sorry to say I won't be in town much longer, my siblings and I have some urgent business to attend to..."
  160. [22:38:35] <Aori_Radidjiu> (haha yes)
  161. [22:38:52] <Thetina> "Everyone, this is Bebe!  One of Vivi's sons!"
  162. [22:39:05] <@Kain> Several Mages: "Kyaaaaa!!!!!"
  163. [22:39:11] <Giantree> (bisonyes.mp3)
  164. [22:39:24] <@Kain> Bebe is immediately assaulted by a few of them, picked up and squeezed and hugged and greeted.
  165. [22:39:40] <@Kain> Tina: "Oh fuck me, it's like you just gave them a puppy."
  166. [22:39:53] <Thetina> "I'm just showing them around is all!" She says to Bebe.
  167. [22:40:11] <Thetina> She turns to Tina. "Well, you were all like that once, weren't you?  Even T23 says she was for a bit..."
  168. [22:40:13] <@Kain> Bebe: "I-I-I seeee!" he stammers from begins rolled around in a magegirl pile.
  169. [22:40:40] <Thetina> "It's why this place seems weird to you too.  The originals...weren't as well off as we were."
  170. [22:40:45] <@Kain> Tina: "Yeah, but so the fuck what? I got over it. Some of these girls been around almost as long as me, they had time."
  171. [22:41:01] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "I think it's charming?"
  172. [22:41:32] * Thetina shrugs. "It isn't the same for everyone you know?"
  173. [22:41:33] <@Kain> Abigail: "...I could see myself calling it home. With a little touch-ups..."
  174. [22:42:18] <Thetina> "Theta's home is more like you'd probably like...but...well...sort of hard to do a tour of since it's far away from here."
  175. [22:42:48] <@Kain> Tina: "Yeah, I know. I try not to give'im too much of a hard time about it. Its just frustrating though, girl."
  176. [22:43:00] <@Kain> Wheelchair: "Where does he live...?"
  177. [22:43:09] <@Kain> *Delila
  178. [22:43:11] <@Kain> fuck
  179. [22:43:37] <Thetina> "Probably better to show than tell...buuut...Bebe, is the Mayor home still?"
  180. [22:44:08] <@Kain> Bebe: "I think she iiiiiis! Aaah!" he's currently upside down, his fancy hat and hood have fallen off.
  181. [22:45:08] <Thetina> "Alright! I'll go fetch her then!"  She heads over there, if any of them follow it's more on their own choice.
  182. [22:46:53] <@Kain> Elizabeth is the only one that seems to follow you.
  183. [22:47:08] <@Kain> She doesn't go too far, though, she's got dinner cooking.
  184. [22:47:22] * Thetina turns to her when out of earshot of the others. "Basically..."
  185. [22:47:34] <Thetina> "I learned never to drink a potion without figuring out what it does first."
  186. [22:47:48] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "...Pfffft. I see."
  187. [22:47:53] <Thetina> "Though I think I'm starting to see some benefits of it."
  188. [22:48:19] <@Kain> Liz: "Seriously, though, it's not a bad look on you. Welcome to the fairer side until it wears off, I suppose."
  189. [22:48:37] <Thetina> "Far as what you should know if you choose to go along with it, I'm T0, Theta made me and -" awkward laugh.
  190. [22:48:46] <Thetina> "You know that really hurts ;o;"
  191. [22:49:18] <@Kain> Liz: "What? I'm just teasing you, Theta." she gives you a playful arm punch. "If you can't learn to take a joke like a man, then- oh riiight."
  192. [22:49:57] <Thetina> "Aaaaaah long as no one asks me to go cloths shopping.  This might be a thing for a bit.  Can't deny it's...sorta perfect for this whole thing."
  193. [22:50:20] <@Kain> Liz: "But no, seriously. There's nothing wrong with the way you are, normally, and there's nothing wrong with the way you are now."
  194. [22:50:54] <@Kain> Liz: "Yeah... guess it is."
  195. [22:51:10] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Liz just get in his pants already.  Her pants.  fuck.)
  196. [22:51:22] <castfromhp> (poor Lenore though ;o;)
  197. [22:51:31] <Giantree> (#ntrgame)
  198. [22:51:36] <@Kain> (Lenore's bi too)
  199. [22:51:41] <Thetina> "I'd hope not cause let's get real we all sorta look femenish anyway."
  200. [22:51:41] <@Kain> (Silly goose)
  201. [22:51:51] <castfromhp> (no I mean if Liz gets with Theta)
  202. [22:52:00] <Giantree> (he's implying that they'd have a threesome)
  203. [22:52:28] <Thetina> "Anyway, thanks!  If things go well this'll be on Savannah dinnerwise, if not, well, uh."
  204. [22:52:30] <@Kain> Liz: "Welll, I wasn't gonna say anything..."
  205. [22:52:38] <Thetina> "I'll pay you back with tobacco!  Still gotta take you up on that thing."
  206. [22:52:50] <@Kain> Liz: "Yeah, alright. Good luck, then."
  207. [22:53:02] <Thetina> "Anyway should probably go get laughed at by Mikoto cause she's gonna see right through this! See ya in a bit."
  208. [22:53:11] <@Kain> She waves to you, and hurries back in.
  209. [22:53:29] * Thetina hurries on over to Mikoto's house.
  210. [22:54:21] <@Kain> You find Mikoto signing a bunch of paperwork in the actual administrative part of the house. She looks up at you as you enter and goes back to her paperwork.
  211. [22:54:25] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Rough day, huh."
  212. [22:54:42] <Thetina> "It's an expansion on my theory.  Whaddya think?"
  213. [22:54:54] <Thetina> "Please don't take that seriously and send me back across the world there's a point to this."
  214. [22:55:41] <@Kain> She snickers and slides the paperwork aside on the desk. "I'll leave the teasing to everyone else who probably has. What's up?"
  215. [22:56:14] <Thetina> "Well, silly potions aside, sorta ran into a few more of the girls.  They are at Bebe's place now."
  216. [22:56:30] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Hm? They just willingly came with you, huh."
  217. [22:56:39] <Thetina> "I've told them I'm T0, Theta's own design and sorta ran with it."
  218. [22:57:30] <@Kain> "You actually look pretty convincing for that."
  219. [22:57:49] <@Kain> Mikoto: "That's Vivian's outfit, isn't it? Or a similar one."
  220. [22:58:23] <Thetina> "Yeaaaah this'll probably be a running gag until this whole mess is sorted out.  And I need to work on that too." Silly kain she hasn't met them unless it was offscreen ;#
  221. [22:58:45] <@Kain> She's certainly implying she's met them. Maybe she went and visited.
  222. [22:58:58] <Thetina> "Basically. Uh.  The more mature ones don't seem that sold on things.  Trying to spice up the sales pitch.  Think you could help?"
  223. [22:59:04] <@Kain> Ambrosia walks out of the back, dumping another stack of paperwork onto the desk. She looks over at Theta, gives a thumbs up, and heads back into the back.
  224. [22:59:38] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Sure, I'll see what I can do. Amrbosia! I'm going out for a bit, okay?"
  225. [22:59:48] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "'k!"
  226. [23:00:10] <Thetina> "Hey Ambrosia! Sorry sorta in a hurry." Not even surprised she doesn't question it.  "Will catch up with you later alright?"
  227. [23:00:20] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "Who are you?"
  228. [23:00:36] <Thetina> "T0!" :D
  229. [23:00:48] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "Okay!" she heads back.
  230. [23:01:38] * Thetina thumbs up back at her, and goes with Mikoto to Bebe's place.
  231. [23:02:19] <@Kain> As you get back, you find an odd sight.
  233. [23:02:55] <Thetina> (She'd get geotranced so hard)
  234. [23:03:09] <@Kain> The mage girls holding Bebe are now in a tug of war against Lolo and Lulu, with Bebe as the rope. Bebe's face is also covered in lipstick kisses.
  235. [23:03:23] <Giantree> (... close enough)
  236. [23:03:38] * Thetina giggles a bit.
  237. [23:03:42] <Aori_Radidjiu> (this is the best kind of ridiculous)
  238. [23:04:01] <@Kain> Tina is just snickering while watching all of this, Delilia is watching with a serene expression, and Cirra and Abigail are talking over tea.
  239. [23:04:28] <@Kain> Mikoto claps her hands three times. "Hello! May I have your attention, everyone?"
  240. [23:04:46] <@Kain> Bebe is suddenly let go by the mage girls, and eyes turn toward Mikoto.
  241. [23:04:48] <Aori_Radidjiu> (...1,1Cirra X Abigail OTP, Cirra counts as an inventor, right?)
  242. [23:04:58] <Giantree> (oh jesus)
  243. [23:05:13] <Giantree> (She.... holy fuck she has a bunch of machines and everything too aaaaaaaaaa she IS Lecia)
  244. [23:05:34] <Aori_Radidjiu> (MAGIC LECIA)
  245. [23:05:55] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I'd like to welcome you to Black Mage Village! My name is Mikoto King, and I'm the mayor here. If there's anything you need during your visit, please feel free to let me know."
  246. [23:06:42] <@Kain> Mikoto: "It's to my understanding that T0's invited you to join us here, and that some of you are still unsure on if you want to!"
  247. [23:07:42] <@Kain> Delila: "Can you tell us more...?"
  248. [23:07:56] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Certainly. Where do I start..."
  249. [23:08:44] <Thetina> "I know that the village might be a bit peculiar but the mayor has mentioned before trying to make a second one! Theta's home was the start of it!"
  250. [23:10:23] <@Kain> Mikoto: "This is a village of freedom, essentially. It was founded years ago by Black Mages who came to understand their awareness. Here, everyone is free to pursue their own path to discovering themselves, and we only expect out of you the same you would ask out of others."
  251. [23:11:38] <@Kain> Mikoto: "And like T0 said, this isn't the only site, either. We're expanding out to other places across the world. We want there to be a haven for people like you, and you, and you, as well, no matter where you go."
  252. [23:13:45] <@Kain> Tina: "...This fo real?"
  253. [23:14:15] <@Kain> Tina: "You just wanna give us a place to live, an' that's it."
  254. [23:14:25] <@Kain> Mikoto: "No, that's not it."
  255. [23:14:41] <@Kain> Mikoto: "We want you all to learn, and grow, and flourish."
  256. [23:15:05] <Thetina> "Maybe this isn't the place for that though? The other spot is in a pretty lively city ya know."
  257. [23:15:45] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Indeed. We could arrange a temporary space here for now... but it's in a true city that you'd thrive in, and I know just the place, once it's prepared."
  258. [23:15:55] <@Kain> Abigail: "This sounds a bit too good to be true."
  259. [23:16:34] <@Kain> Mikoto: "You are free to return back to Ayane, if all of this doesn't appeal to you. But do know that our doors, metaphorically speaking, are always open."
  260. [23:17:30] <@Kain> The girls mumble among themselves for a bit.
  261. [23:18:17] <Thetina> "Welll...I mean, the alternative is just sitting around a dock for a ship that'll never come," she jests.
  262. [23:22:37] <@Kain> Tina: "You got a point, TeeRo, Fuck, I'm game."
  263. [23:24:02] <@Kain> Delila: "I think I might enjoy this?"
  264. [23:24:19] <@Kain> Abigail: "Ehh, I'll give you people a few days, see what comes of this."
  265. [23:24:34] <@Kain> The mage girls nod their various agreements.
  266. [23:25:48] <Thetina> "I could try to contact him and see if he could visit if that'd help?" she directs to Abigail.
  267. [23:30:05] <@Kain> Abigail: "Fine."
  268. [23:31:28] <Thetina> "I mean I dunno how things were with that dumb bimbo with the magic panties, but.." shrugs.  "Probably best to hear it from the Chocobo's mouth."
  269. [23:32:35] <@Kain> Tina: "Mah sista."
  270. [23:32:58] <Thetina> "Anyway, uh, sorry about the dinner thing Elizabeth!  I should probably get back to the others before too late though..."
  271. [23:33:36] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "We'll manage... somehow. I usually end up with too much anyway..."
  272. [23:34:25] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Have a nice evening, T0." she smiles.
  273. [23:34:40] <Thetina> "Was nice meeting you all! Hopefully don't meet you again when we ransack the desert temple and blow up more of her stuff!"
  274. [23:34:45] <@Kain> Bebe is being cuddled by Roulette. "Bye!"
  275. [23:35:12] <@Kain> Abigail: "What"
  276. [23:35:16] <@Kain> And you go to leave~
  277. [23:36:26] <@Kain> Anything to handle before going back to Madain Sari?
  278. [23:38:31] * Thetina makes her way back to Madain Sari, and then goes shopping for pant1,1s because this unlocked inventory is gonna call for more pockets.
  279. [23:38:44] <@Kain> </>
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