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  1. Mills wrote on Aug 5, 2014 22:59:
  2. Stop trying to throw me under the probation bus!
  3. [/quote]
  4. windshipping: (11:13:17 PM) But am I not correct?
  5. Mills _: (11:13:30 PM) you are and you arent
  6. windshipping: (11:13:37 PM) Oh?
  7. windshipping: (11:14:02 PM) How is that?
  8. Mills _: (11:14:07 PM) you're right that im eloquent and know how to approach situations
  9. Mills _: (11:14:12 PM) you're wrong that i tried to break something on purpose
  10. Mills _: (11:14:18 PM) i was specifically recruited to be a villain
  11. windshipping: (11:14:23 PM) I'm not saying you tried to break anything on purpose
  12. Mills _: (11:14:27 PM) its not like we discussed the precise things that entailed
  13. windshipping: (11:14:33 PM) I never said that at all, and I don't know why you think I said that
  14. Mills _: (11:14:43 PM) you said i dont learn my lessons
  15. windshipping: (11:14:48 PM) I did
  16. Mills _: (11:14:51 PM) im frustrated that ive been forced out of the game
  17. Mills _: (11:14:55 PM) i was recruited to be a villain
  18. windshipping: (11:14:59 PM) No one forced you out of anything.
  19. Mills _: (11:14:59 PM) i was being a villain
  20. Mills _: (11:15:02 PM) i was pouring out water
  21. Mills _: (11:15:03 PM) burning socks
  22. Mills _: (11:15:05 PM) burning rice
  23. Mills _: (11:15:12 PM) i was literally forced out
  24. windshipping: (11:15:23 PM) No, you forced yourself out via your own actions.
  25. Mills _: (11:15:26 PM) its fine, it was a misunderstanding, im not angry
  26. windshipping: (11:15:30 PM) lol
  27. windshipping: (11:15:38 PM) glad to see you're taking a high road
  28. windshipping: (11:15:39 PM) :v
  29. Mills _: (11:15:44 PM) he asked for fire, he got fire
  30. Mills _: (11:15:47 PM) you dont tell a fire how to burn
  31.  Mills _: (11:15:57 PM) well you can
  32. Mills _: (11:15:59 PM) im not literally a fire
  33. Mills _: (11:16:05 PM) if he had said that was an issue i wouldnt have done it
  34. Mills _: (11:16:08 PM) (and it wasnt a real offer)
  35. windshipping: (11:16:08 PM) He asked for fire, you brought Tokyo, circa 1944-1945
  36. windshipping: (11:16:27 PM) And you know that was more than you needed to do or should have done.
  37. Mills _: (11:16:29 PM) do you mean hiroshima :]
  38. windshipping: (11:16:32 PM) No
  39. windshipping: (11:16:35 PM) Tokyo fire bombings
  40. Mills _: (11:16:42 PM) im more of a nuke
  41. Mills _: (11:16:54 PM) anyway bud we will have to agree to disagree
  42. windshipping: (11:17:03 PM) Turning rivers/water ways to steam, creating human torches, and creating fire storms.
  43. Mills _: (11:17:04 PM) i maintain that im mortified
  44. windshipping: (11:17:17 PM) your delicate sensibilities are hurt
  45. Mills _: (11:17:18 PM) it is what it is and cena has my apology
  46. Mills _: (11:17:21 PM) they are
  47. Mills _: (11:17:29 PM) they would be if i had delicate sensibilities
  48. Mills _: (11:17:38 PM) i am mortified for the delicate sensibilities of others
  49. Mills _: (11:17:42 PM) im not out to ruin anyones game
  50. Mills _: (11:18:25 PM) its a polarising issue anyway windy
  51. windshipping: (11:18:30 PM) vOv
  52. Mills _: (11:18:30 PM) i guess its not black or white
  53. windshipping: (11:18:32 PM) fair enough
  54. Mills _: (11:18:36 PM) a lot of people have said supportive things to me
  55. Mills _: (11:18:44 PM) ive always been a polariser
  56. windshipping: (11:19:14 PM) this is true
  57. windshipping: (11:19:22 PM) I generally like you
  58. windshipping: (11:19:38 PM) I don't always agree with you or what you do or anything like that
  59. windshipping: (11:19:44 PM) but I am guessing the same is true of you for me
  60. windshipping: (11:19:45 PM) So
  61. Mills _: (11:19:48 PM) vOv
  62. Mills _: (11:24:23 PM) i just play hard vOv
  63. Mills _: (11:24:26 PM) love you windy
  64. windshipping: (11:27:47 PM) Love you too mills
  65. windshipping: (11:28:03 PM) but you did go too far this time around from what I know. I haven't made it through the entirety of the thread here
  66. windshipping: (11:28:11 PM) but the fact that you keep talking about how you were told to be an asshole
  67. windshipping: (11:28:19 PM) and you ended up getting the game shutdown for a period of time
  68. windshipping: (11:28:22 PM) means that you DID go too far
  69. windshipping: (11:28:28 PM) I mean, internet is internet, whatever, I don't care
  70. Mills _: (11:28:42 PM) i think you're missing
  71. windshipping: (11:28:46 PM) but if it's something people are playing for fun… the person who spoils that just kinda sucks for spoiling it all, you know?
  72. Mills _: (11:28:49 PM) that it was shut down by someone who wasnt playing, and wasnt privy to the conversations
  73. Mills _: (11:28:54 PM) i fully expected cena to come back and back me up
  74. Mills _: (11:29:12 PM) and idk if you ever watched the show but the villain i modelled on (and told him i was modelling on) was NUTS
  75. (11:32:13 PM) windshipping: Mills _: (11:29:22 PM) his MO was making people miserable
  76. Mills _: (11:29:29 PM) he outright stated it
  77. Mills _: (11:29:58 PM) just google russell hantz quotes
  78. windshipping: (11:30:02 PM) You know that the $75 is a huge incentive for playing the game and you worked to undermine that and get 3 or four (however you want to count it, as in, whether or not you want yuming quitting to count in that) players to quit through your actions.
  79. windshipping: (11:30:14 PM) being a villain means being a meanie
  80. Mills _: (11:30:20 PM) i already said it was fake
  81. windshipping: (11:30:22 PM) undermining people through alliances, play, etc
  82. windshipping: (11:30:31 PM) Yeah, of course, it was fake… but uh...
  83. windshipping: (11:30:42 PM) Like anyone believes that or understands that offhand?
  84. Mills _: (11:30:49 PM) cena should have
  85. Mills _: (11:30:50 PM) alas
  86. Mills _: (11:31:05 PM) if you beat someone down, you can control them
  87. windshipping: (11:31:06 PM) and the fact that someone is pulling that in the game or trying to do that?
  88. windshipping: (11:31:10 PM) It's a dick move, man.
  89. Mills _: (11:31:15 PM) its a villain move
  90. windshipping: (11:31:16 PM) in which case, you talk people into quitting
  91. Mills _: (11:31:24 PM) also please dont swear on my work chat program
  92. windshipping: (11:31:27 PM) and then don't pay them, it's a dick move
  93. windshipping: (11:31:28 PM) sorry
  94. windshipping: (11:31:31 PM) done swearing
  95. windshipping: (11:31:33 PM) forgot about that
  96.  windshipping: (11:32:54 PM) But basically, it amounts to playing outside the game
  97. Mills _: (11:32:57 PM) im just curious if you think its cheating to pour out someones food and water on the show so that they feel like quitting because theyre going to die
  98. windshipping: (11:33:10 PM) TV survivor isn't the same as SA survivor. You and I both know that.
  99. windshipping: (11:33:19 PM) It's not equatable.
  100. Mills _: (11:33:19 PM) its supposed to be
  101. Mills _: (11:33:30 PM) theyre trying to mirror it as closely as possible
  102. windshipping: (11:33:32 PM) It's supposed to be as close to it as it can be, but it can never be similar or near it
  103. windshipping: (11:33:43 PM) And you and I both know that
  104. Mills _: (11:33:46 PM) so i took actions that were as close as possible to the true villainous moves of the show
  105. Mills _: (11:33:50 PM) vOv
  106. windshipping: (11:33:55 PM) and trying to equate the two is a losing battle.
  107. Mills _: (11:33:57 PM) shall we just agree to disagree shipper
  108. Mills _: (11:34:00 PM) i thought it was sanctioned
  109. Mills _: (11:34:02 PM) it is what it is
  110. windshipping: (11:34:03 PM) Nah not at this point.
  111. windshipping: (11:34:09 PM) How would it have been sanctioned?
  112. windshipping: (11:34:13 PM) send me logs showing such.
  113. Mills _: (11:34:42 PM) i dont want to talk about the show until after the show, i shouldnt have got into this conversation, lets respect the rest of the game for cena please
  114. Mills _: (11:34:42 PM) i dont want to talk about the show until after the show, i shouldnt have got into this conversation, lets respect the rest of the game for cena please
  115. windshipping: (11:35:07 PM) You're out of the game and can have no influence on it nor can I.
  116. Mills _: (11:35:30 PM) thats not true i can talk to multiple people! as can you!
  117. windshipping: (11:35:44 PM) Lol you've seen how much I'm around or how often I'm around these days.
  118. Mills _: (11:35:47 PM) anyway im done for now shippy, peace man
  119. windshipping: (11:36:05 PM) I eagerly await these logs after the show is over and we can talk about it then.
  120. windshipping: (11:44:18 PM) Thread was shut down by Xylo after requests from IP and Asiina
  121. windshipping: (11:44:27 PM) They asked for it to be shutdown temporarily.
  122. Mills _: (11:44:30 PM) yep
  123. Mills _: (11:28:49 PM) that it was shut down by someone who wasnt playing, and wasnt privy to the conversations
  124. windshipping: (11:44:47 PM) incorrect on that account then
  125. windshipping: (11:44:54 PM) unless you're going to argue that mods don't talk about gameplay
  126. Mills _: (11:44:59 PM) xylo wasnt playing and wasnt privy to the conversations between me and cena
  127. windshipping: (11:45:10 PM) IP and Asiina weren't privy then either?
  128. windshipping: (11:45:14 PM) Is that what you're arguing?
  129. Mills _: (11:45:15 PM) i doubt it
  130. Mills _: (11:45:18 PM) lets talk after the game
  131. windshipping: (11:45:20 PM) Why?
  132. Mills _: (11:45:22 PM) i have work to do friend
  133. windshipping: (11:45:23 PM) Why do you doubt it?
  135. [Mills then logs out of AIM]
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