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  1. SiteSync review - What's SiteSync?
  5. Are you concerned that your business may be inclined to cyberattacks? Well, you don’t need to.
  6. Also, are you sick and tired of paying annoying monthly account fees to guarantee your business? Well, you don’t need to bother about that either.
  7. SiteSync takes a copy, downloads and maintains your complete sites in moments. It is the latest cloud-established software on web safety. This item gives you the ability to copy and restore your websites to keep it guarded. Which means this device will soon function as shield to protect your web sites, your web sites always must manage possible hazards when staying online on this enormous interpersonal media.
  9. SiteSync is an all in-one back-up option for your site:
  10. · Back-Up, Down Load and Restore Entire websites via FTP
  11. · Copy, Down Load and Restore Whole WordPress Sites & Extensions
  12. · Back-Up, Obtain and Restore HTML Websites and Pages
  13. · in addition, it syncs with your DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Onedrive - so you can conserve your websites on the cloud in case you would like.
  14. · In built SmartFTP assists with speedy backup &rev; recover
  15. · they provide you with 50 GB Free Storage, in the event you don't need to put money into other storage services.
  16. · 100% Cloud-established and Totally Cellular Reactive
  17. · Completely Newbie-Friendly
  18. No matter precisely what the main reason is for your site being down, the software may have it up and running in simply under 3 minutes.
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