Kremlin Leaks 100 Gb

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  1. 75 gigabytes of compressed data consisting of hundreds of thousands of hacked emails, other messages and files from Russian politicians, journalists, oligarchs, religious and social figures, as well as nationalists/separatists/terrorists operating in Ukraine. Due to an error, contains unrelated Cesar Sayoc files. Files were hacked by Ukrainian Cyber Alliance and RUhate.
  3. Russian oligarchs and Kremlin apparatchiks may find the tables turned on them later this week when a new leak site unleashes a compilation of hundreds of thousands of hacked emails and gigabytes of leaked documents. Think of it as WikiLeaks, but without Julian Assange’s aversion to posting Russian secrets.
  4. The site, Distributed Denial of Secrets, was founded last month by transparency activists. Co-founder Emma Best said the Russian leaks, slated for release Friday, will bring into one place dozens of different archives of hacked material that, at best, have been difficult to locate, and in some cases appear to have disappeared entirely from the web.
  7. “Stuff from politicians, journalists, bankers, folks in oligarch and religious circles, nationalists, separatists, terrorists operating in Ukraine,” said Best, a national-security journalist and transparency activist. “Hundreds of thousands of emails, Skype and Facebook messages, along with lots of docs.”
  9. Magnet:  magnet:?xt=urn:btih:fe604c9b2698dc48df9a35d31dab143c1f4eb277&dn=Dark%20Side%20of%20the%20Kremlin&
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