The Sun Where You Belong (/nmp/, lewd)

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  1. >Confusion.
  2. >If there's one word you find suitable to describe your current state, it would surely be that.
  3. >Walking down the long castle corridor you practically feel the burn of the glances ponies you pass along the way throw at you and you have absolutely no idea what you've done to deserve it.
  4. >Equestria's Human Immigration Initiative could use a little bit more honest advertisement, because you surely weren't expecting that.
  5. >Cadence is walking right next to you and she seems a bit unnerved by this situation just as much as you are confused.
  6. >You, Anonymous, one of the first humans selected for immigration to become a husband of a lonely mare, surely deserved better.
  7. >Hell, with how Cadence worded it, they should be grateful to you for leaving your world to save one of the ponies from depths of isolation and depression.
  8. >Though you were saved by this just the same it's not the point now.
  9. >From what you understood, princess Cadence used the Crystal Heart to find matches for the most desperate mares first and foremost.
  10. >Seeing how you are among the first humans to arrive here, whoever your match is she must be really high on the priority list.
  11. >A heart so aching for love it's absolutely crucial to tend to it right away.
  12. >So why then are you stared down by all these snobs of Canterlot castle and why is Cadence so frustrated by it?
  13. >Guess you'll find out soon enough. It seems that you are taken to Celestia first, which is understandable, she's the monarch of the land and will probably deal with formalities of your visit.
  14. >On your way here you've read all about this matching thing and the more you learned about it, the more you liked it.
  15. >The days of your shock and acclimatization seem like a distant memory right now, even though it's been merely a week since the ponies guided you through the portal to the Crystal Empire.
  16. >It's your first time in Canterlot, you were really excited about it. And now it seems that by cruel irony it's here where you run into troubles.
  17. >Ponies here dislike you. Plain and simple. They don't say anything but their gaze says it all.
  18. >Thankfully, you don't have to endure much of this humiliating walk. The throne room is free of any hostile eyes.
  19. >Royal guards don't show any emotions on their faces when you walk in. And the only pony present at this time seems to be glad to see you.
  20. >It's no other than princess Celestia, who watches you and Cadence with interest and gentle warmth that so fits her image.
  21. >She's just like you imagined her. Regal and benevolent. A slight smile she gives you makes your heart melt in a single moment.
  22. >Her mane, her posture, her gaze - everything makes it known to you that you are in the presence of someone who might as well be a deity.
  23. >You both stop before the throne and Cadence gives her fellow princess a nod. You make an awkward half-bow but that seems to be enough. The sun princess nods to you as well and speaks:
  24. >"Cadence, it's good to see you again! I hope your trip was good. And this is Anonymous, I presume?"
  25. >You can practically feel your cheeks getting red from even the minuscule bit of attention this pony pays you.
  26. >"Indeed, he is finally here. I apologize for the delay."
  27. >"No need, I'm aware of his situation. Everything is fine now, isn't it?"
  28. >"Yes, we've actually-"
  29. >"Cadence, I don't mean to be rude, but I think the human can speak for himself."
  30. >C-can you?! Under the stare of both princesses you suddenly feel unable to push even one word out of yourself.
  31. >With the strength to move mountains you finally open your mouth:
  32. "Uh, yeah, it's all fine, thank you."
  33. >Both ponies smile at that. You think you should've added "princess" at the end but it's too late now. Such shame makes you blush even more.
  34. >"Good to hear, Anonymous."
  35. >Ah, that voice saying your name...
  36. >God damn, Anon, get it together. You are here to make a mare happy, not to deep fry yourself in Celestia's attention.
  37. >What will your little pony think if she learns about this?
  38. >"The paperwork is all done by now at least," Cadence continues the conversation. "So now that he's here I guess that's it."
  39. >She floats a large parchment to the sun princess and the mare signs it without even reading.
  40. >So that's settled then, eh? Celestia nods, pondering any other question she might have. She finds just one:
  41. >"What's next then? I'm not familiar with Initiative's protocol."
  42. >"Well, anything you want, really. He's all yours from now on."
  43. >Yeah, that's cool, treat the little Anon like a property. Not even subtle enough to hide that you're in her power now.
  44. >Unless Cadence means that you are actually Celestia's match, because that would be-
  45. >"I guess I should officially proclaim you waifu and husbando then but that's a work in progress, we don't know how to go about it yet."
  46. >"You don't, huh?"
  47. >Celestia points at a statue before her known formerly as Anon. Because you're outright petrified at this reveal.
  48. >"Cadence, are you sure you've let him know that-"
  49. >"Oh well, I guess my work here is done, gotta run, see you later!"
  50. >You barely register Cadence running out of the room and Celestia sighing.
  51. >"What a bother... Anonymous?"
  52. "Y-yeah?"
  53. >Oh, you can actually speak still. That's good.
  54. >"I am so sorry for this. Cadence isn't known for just forgetting these things so she must've done it on purpose."
  55. "You are my match?"
  56. >The questions hangs in the air a little bit longer for comfort.
  57. >"Yes."
  58. >The mare so high on the priority list she made it into the top ten.
  59. >The mare in desperate need of love and comfort.
  60. >The mare you'll have to court.
  61. >It's princess Celestia.
  62. >After a very obvious loud gulp you notice she's looking away. It's almost like she's been expecting this kind of reaction from you.
  63. >A mere human stands in front of a ruler of Equestria. Alone and helpless. All that is expected of you now weights way too much for you to be able to stand upright under such a burden.
  64. >And yet Cadence was clear about it. Is it in your power to be with Celestia? You, a literal nobody from a human world. Should it even be allowed?
  65. >You kinda get why ponies were looking at you that way.
  66. >But at the same time, you remember what Cadence said to you once, obviously now with a proper context.
  67. >Love works in mysterious ways. Trust in it and do your best. The rest will follow.
  68. >Wow, that doesn't help at all.
  69. >All these words have no meaning right now as you stand before your match not knowing what to do.
  70. >Your concern gets voiced by Celestia right away, as if she's reading your mind. Which isn't that hard right now, all things considered.
  71. >"I know this must be overwhelming for you but I would appreciate if you'd speak your mind right away instead of bottling everything up inside. I'm sure we can work this out."
  72. >You open your mouth to say something but when Celestia's all-understanding gaze finds your eyes it becomes apparent you are not in control of your mouth anymore.
  73. >So many things need to be said and you just don't know how. Where to even begin.
  74. >Or even what are you allowed to say to her.
  75. >"I see."
  76. >That's all she says. You disappointed her. She probably expected better from a suitor fit to be her husbando.
  77. >This seems like such a huge mistake. But if it's not, then what ARE you supposed to do?
  78. >Your mind rushes between all the things a loving couple do and none of it seems to be something you'd be allowed to do with a mare like her.
  79. >But then it dawns on you. Maybe it's the wrong way to think. Maybe this line of thinking is exactly why she's literally the third mare in all of Equestria to get a match.
  80. >It's too much to take in right now but maybe what you actually can do, is make a step forward to her. Reach out and show that you do care.
  81. "I'm sorry, I just need a moment."
  82. >Celestia seems at least reassured that you're willing to negotiate with her.
  83. >"I understand. We have time. I've freed my schedule for the rest of the day. Maybe..."
  84. >She shakes her head up in a slight motion as if to point at you that way. Her mane reacts to that right away and for just a moment you notice how mesmerizing its flow really is.
  85. >"Maybe you'd be more comfortable talking in a more relaxed ambience. Throne room isn't exactly a place for this kind of talk."
  86. "Yeah, I think you're right."
  87. >A very awkward laugh escapes your throat and you regret it right away. However, this seems to amuse Celestia and a faint smile finally pushes away shadows that's been darkening her face at this time of concern.
  88. >"Shall we go to our quarters then? I'll get you something to eat, I doubt whatever you've had on the train was enough for the day."
  89. >Right away you notice how she said "our" and it gives you a tingly feeling at the back of your head.
  90. "Sure, I'd love that."
  91. >The sun princess stands up right away and after a short nod directed mostly at herself to congratulate her for passing the first milestone, she walks down, leaving the throne behind.
  92. >A monarch abandoning her place of power to make a complete alien feel at home.
  93. >Or just a mare who is quick on her hooves to finally be reunited with her match.
  94. >The regal figure approaches not too swiftly but not slowly as well, not too excited but not reluctant either. Without a doubt a skill gained with time.
  95. >Motions that are graceful in how calculated and deliberate they are, gait so light despite her size, posture flawless and regal, she really is on a whole other level.
  96. >On the carpet that leads to you her hoofsteps are barely heard despite the layer of cold metal separating her from this pure being from the sinful ground mortals stand on.
  97. >Celestia without a doubt notices your eyes on her as she moves to you and her smile cannot be contained any longer.
  98. >"Let's go then?"
  99. >She is right next to you now and you see how tall she actually is. Her head is on the same level as your shoulders and she has no trouble looking you straight in the eye.
  100. >Just a nod from you is enough for her to continue moving but not before you take a step first.
  101. >You were content with following her but as it turns out she wants you to go side by side.
  102. >Not as a guest, not as a follower, but as equal.
  103. >That alone is enough to make your head spin. These little things that betray her real attitude are telling you how much trust she puts in you without knowing anything but the fact that you two are bound by Cadence's judgement.
  104. >The royal guards open the doors for you and close them behind you just as well.
  105. >And now even they can't contain their annoyance. It scares you. Celestia doesn't seem to notice.
  106. >You wish to fall behind and go as you are supposed to, letting the princess walk first, but she slows down just as you do, predicting your movements and pace with such precision it's hard to know how is she even aware of it if not for some sort of spell.
  107. >Some ponies are seen along your path. They see you walking with the princess. They see you walking to her chambers.
  108. >They see everything and they judge you.
  109. >The unwavering appearance of the princess only adds to your impression that you're the only one who even notices it.
  110. >However, you are proven wrong soon after you reach Celestia's private quarters.
  111. >This place is the epitome of comfiness at a first glance. The dim lighting, the smell of something sweet and floral, the lazily arranged pillows of different sizes for all kind of rest and relaxation and the sofa near the yet unlit fireplace make you feel at home right away.
  112. >And all of that is dispelled right away with Celestia's heavy sigh.
  113. >"Anonymous," she says turning to you. "I am so sorry for this."
  114. "What do you mean?"
  115. >Celestia's been the golden standard of behavior so far, so the only thing she could possibly apologize for is something that's not under her control, and that makes it both sad and endearing for you.
  116. >Indeed it appears to be so.
  117. >"I've expected this kind of reaction from the ponies, but for them to have the gall to show their resentment in front of me... Looks like I have underestimated how misleading Cadence's campaign really is to an outside viewer."
  118. >Celestia walks towards the curtains you just now notice and in one swift motion she spreads them apart with her golden magic.
  119. >Sunlight invades the twilight of her abode, leaving it not nearly as intimate as it was before.
  120. >The princess looks out of the window and you can't see her expression, but her voice betrays a pinch of bitterness in her heart as she explains:
  121. >"Most of them don't know the whole story and they only see what's obvious: a princess getting a match before any other pony. And opportunity of a lifetime seized by a ruler before her subjects even have a chance."
  122. "They think you're using the Initiative for your own gain? But the whole point is-"
  123. >"They don't know the whole point yet," she calmly interrupts you. "All they know is that a weird alien oversteps all the boundaries, all the limitations and all the hierarchy the ponies had for generations and gets to be with their ruler like it's something anypony can just do, like it's nothing to you."
  124. >You can kind of see it too, you yourself not believing that a regular guy like you can even have a chance with a pony like her.
  125. >Is it even fair to call her a pony? She seems so much more. A being of immense purity, heavenly and unreachable.
  126. >"I know what they're thinking. That it's not fair. They don't know how the matching works, they don't know why it was invented and what powerful magic it utilizes. They don't know anything and they still judge."
  127. "Well, you know, if they don't know any better, who can blame them?"
  128. >Even without seeing Celestia's face right now you know she's frowning. You can somehow hear it in her voice.
  129. >"That is true. I'm not blaming them. But I won't stand for it either. But since we're on the topic of blame..."
  130. >Celestia finally turns to you and a meek smile tries to once again turn her expression into a positive one.
  131. >"Please don't blame Cadence for not telling you anything. I know how it must feel to you, but I can assure you, she had our best interests in heart."
  132. >Here's this "our" again.
  133. >"If she told you right away, you'd probably come here with a completely different thoughts. Instead she decided to let us work this out between ourselves without letting you overthink it and get any sort of expectations about our union, and... Well, about me."
  134. >Her eyes dart away despite her attempts to keep an eye contact.
  135. >"Though I know you already had some idea who I am, it was different to what you'd think if you knew we are to be together from now on."
  136. >This right here hits you for the first time with the realization you should've made at the start.
  137. >If you're matched, that does mean you're together from now on.
  138. >No matter how hard it is to believe, it is the truth of the matter.
  139. >"I prefer it this way and I'm thankful to her. I just hope I'll be able to make it work on my own."
  140. "It's fine" you try to reassure the princess. "And I'm sure we'll make this work."
  141. >And here goes your own "we". And this has immediate effect. You acknowledging that you two are together makes Celestia look you in the eyes once again, and there you see the brightest emotion of all.
  142. >Hope that it will all work out for you in the end.
  144. >You shouldn't have been surprised to see that Celestia already had a meal ready for both of you.
  145. >That is, she only had to ring a bell and in a minute two ponies came in with plates in their magic hold.
  146. >You also shouldn't have been surprised that the princess of Equestria has access to anything she wishes, because as soon as you started eating your plate of mushy looking salad it became apparent right away that it has meat in it.
  147. >"I was instructed on your diet, Anonymous," Celestia explains with barely contained pride in her voice. "Rest assured, you won't be starving for your favorite meals here in the castle."
  148. >You say your thanks but you're not sure what to think of this chicken salad she served you, other than that it's really good.
  149. >In a week you've spent here in Equestria you already managed to get used to the quality of food here, but this was, again, something else.
  150. >Is everything about Celestia and this palace actually levels about all the other ponies, even her fellow princesses?
  151. >Actually, that's a pretty logical thing to assume. She is the ruler after all. To think she has something that's second best is just unfair.
  152. >The mare herself watches you eat your meal while barely touching her own, a similar kind of salad but, as you assume, without any meat in it.
  153. >A matching meal for a couple. You remind yourself that this was prepared even before you've arrived here.
  154. >It begs a question, just how long has she been waiting for you? It took you a week to properly learn to lead a life here at a normal pace.
  155. >That is without freaking out, doubting your senses and getting lost in existential crisis.
  156. >The thought of actually traveling to Equestria was so terrifyingly alien to your consciousness it outright rejected it, mind screaming in agony of complete and total improbability of this ludicrous event.
  157. >And yet it was your reality now. The cognitive dissonance melted your brain time after time, starting all over again as soon as you recovered.
  158. >Cadence told you that other humans experienced similar agonizing mindfucks, for the lack of a better word, and they still weren't sure how to combat this.
  159. >You never let any pony touch you, at least for the first four days. No one was able to comfort you since you thought they don't actually exist. If not for Cadence watching over you with the same attention she was watching over Flurry (you did actually get to see her and it made you happy for some reason), you'd surely be lost in the deadly spiral of your brain malfunction.
  160. >Luckily, you got better. You've managed to stay alive and sane long enough to see your match.
  161. >All this time? probably even more? Celestia's been waiting for you.
  162. >What was she thinking? What's her impression of you now that you're here?
  163. >It would be improper to ask such things but you can't help but wonder.
  164. >And what you said earlier wasn't a lie. You really do want it to work between you two. The question now is: how?
  165. >Perhaps for now it is better to let things flow in a natural way. After all, you have something to do for the time being.
  166. >And it soon pays off, because when both of you finish eating Celestia has an urge to talk to you.
  167. >She takes a seat right next to you, not in front. You can't help but to feel relief that you won't need to play the gaze game again and a thought crosses your mind that maybe it is exactly the reason for the princess to choose this location.
  168. >She is close but you can talk without looking at each other. Perfect for two awkward people trying to glue together an actual relationship from scraps that barely fit together.
  169. >But Celestia starts off with a really serious tone. She is ready to take on this challenge. First thing on her list is apparently learning where you both stand in this matching business.
  170. >"Do you believe in Love magic and the Crystal Heart, Anonymous?"
  171. "Excuse me?"
  172. >"I know it's not something you need to actually believe in since it's a fact, but I also know that for humans believing in something is important to rationalize it. So, do you believe that it's actually a thing?"
  173. "Well, it's obviously real, so..."
  174. >"Are you absolutely okay with being with me and think that it was really supposed to be?"
  175. >Now you hesitate to answer and that's really all she needs to know. It is as she suspected. She's reading you like an open book. Thank god you're spared her stare right now because your position is shaky as is.
  176. >She's determined to expose all your vulnerabilities right away, as she put it, to "work them out".
  177. >Removing a splinter involves a lot of painful actions to relieve the real ache, this is no different.
  178. >"I personally have doubts."
  179. >You shudder at this and a cold wave rushes down your spine. Is she doubting the match she's given by Cadence?
  180. >"I mean, I have doubts that you accept it. And I can see why. The matching is rigged right from the start and it's rigged against you."
  181. "What do you mean?"
  182. >There's genuine surprise in your voice and this doesn't sneak past Celestia unnoticed.
  183. >She's listening as much as she's talking right now, treading carefully on the thin ice between you.
  184. >"I want to be clear with you, Anonymous. The matching spell only takes into account one thing. The need of the mare."
  185. >Even without looking at Celestia you can tell how tense she is.
  186. >"I think it is unfair that Cadence doesn't tell you the whole story, even if it was needed for you to get used to Equestria at first. Now that you're with me though, I see no reason to sugarcoat it. Do you know how this spell came to be?"
  187. "Not really. All I know that it seeks a human match for a pony."
  188. >"Exactly. It only does that, nothing more."
  189. "Is that a problem?"
  190. >The princess chuckles.
  191. >"Well, is it? What about you? It never took into account your place in the world, your feelings. All it accounts for is me, the mare. You are summoned here to ease a pony's ache, nothing more."
  192. "I don't understand how that's a bad thing."
  193. >"Indeed. You've been acting the way you are on purpose then?"
  194. >You bite your tongue. Celestia noticed your doubts, even you noticed that she noticed. It was inevitable that it hurts her.
  195. >"I know you're not comfortable with this position but believe me, I want you to be. I myself had a week to accustom myself to the thought of being matched with a human, but you've only had an hour at best. We'll take this slow and see where this takes us, how does this sound to you?"
  196. "Sounds like a plan to me."
  197. >"Yet we don't know where to go. Have you even noticed that so far everything you've said to me was formal at best? How do we get to know each other better?"
  198. "Well, we're doing it right now."
  199. >"That is true. It's important to draw the line in the sand right away, before any misunderstanding arises. Which brings me to another point I wanted to discuss."
  200. "Which is?"
  201. >"I know I can't even begin to dream about a honest answer, but... Do you know why I'm on the matching list at all?"
  202. >That's a loaded question. And she's right yet again. You can't answer straight away.
  203. >"To say it truthfully you'd need to imply that I'm imperfect. That I'm deeply flawed as a pony. Can you do that? Tell me what you really think?"
  204. >For the first time in this conversation you decide to look at her because you already feel her eyes on you. She's so close now her eyes are peering straight into your soul.
  205. >A few words can uplift her or bring her down. But too late you realize that absence of an answer is all the answer she needs yet again.
  206. >The princess averts her eyes. She's seen enough.
  207. >"I suppose at least you don't seem to pity me, unlike my own sister. Ever since she's learned about my... situation, she's been giving me nothing but that. It's like she feels responsible for it."
  208. "Why would she think that?"
  209. >"Let's say, she... She has a reason to do so. I'm sorry, I'll tell you about it later."
  210. "As you wish."
  211. >The princess stands up and walks slowly to the window.
  212. >"It is a matter of trust and it can be solved later. As I said, we have time, no matter how slow we go..."
  213. >Her head lowers a bit and you hear bitterness in her voice.
  214. >"You've yet to say my name even once, Anonymous..."
  215. >Even when you open your mouth to answer her nothing comes out.
  216. >"No matter. No matter. The important part is that you are finally here. You'll get around, I'm sure of it. You'll see how I live and you'll warm up, I'm sure. I mean, it can't possibly be that bad, can it?"
  217. >She turns around and flashes you a very unsure smile. A kind of makes you feel cold all of a sudden.
  218. >Celestia is walling herself off. The heart that has been opened just a minute ago is behind protection once again and it never even occurred to you that it was yours to touch - not until it was no longer within your grasp.
  219. >The smile vanishes right away though. In its place a serious expression takes reign.
  220. >"You know you're the third human to arrive here, right? In Cadence's list I am just below a blind orphan and the only suicidal mare in all of Equestria. What do you take away from this, Anonymous?"
  221. >Her eyes drill through your brain, trying to extract an answer.
  222. >"You don't have to say it, but I know what you think. And let me just say this right now..."
  223. >The princess finally turns away and her head hangs even lower than before when she says in a very timid tone:
  224. >"It's exactly as bad as you imagine."
  226. "Celestia..."
  227. >Now that you say it after she has pointed that out it's not nearly the same, is it?
  228. >But you feel the need to at least somewhat salvage this.
  229. >At the very least you get her to prop her head up again and listen to you.
  230. "I'm sorry for being so reluctant but I have to be honest with you as well, I don't really know what to do. And, well, I don't even know how to approach you."
  231. >"I see. It's not the first time I'm hearing this."
  232. "Because it's true. You're... I don't even know how to put it."
  233. >No matter what you'd say it would be cheesy as hell and you can't bring yourself to say that.
  234. >Once again, a wall of dishonesty. Just what she aimed to shatter with this talk.
  235. >"Anonymous, you don't have to say it if-"
  236. "No, I will say it. But I want to ask you something first."
  237. >"What is it?"
  238. "Can you call me just Anon?"
  239. >Celestia smirks at this request but nods shortly after.
  240. >"Of course, Anon. Now let me hear what you really think."
  241. "I think you are almost unreachable. The first time I saw you I thought you really are a goddess."
  242. >She doesn't react in any way. Words that would flatter and sweep any other mare off their hooves fall flat on Celestia's millennia old ears.
  243. >You stand up and the princess follows your movements with her eyes which now reflect interest. She might hear something honest from you for once and that's what she wants.
  244. >You try to match her own tone and wording when you walk slowly towards her, to the light of her sunset seen through the window.
  245. "Let me tell you something. Cadence never told me what kind of mare I'm matched with apart from the fact that they are in dire need of company. I never stopped imagining who that might be."
  246. >Celestia nods. You approach her slowly, as if to not scare her with any sudden movements.
  247. "You know what I promised myself back then?"
  248. >"What could that be?"
  249. >She sounds sarcastic but you hear warmth and anticipation in her voice. She already knows what you're going to say and you want to give it to her, confirm it. You need to see how she reacts.
  250. "That no matter who this lonely, broken and desperate mare is I'll try my best to comfort her. I always imagined her to be someone in deep trouble, maybe homeless, probably severely depressed, so I was trying to mentally prepare myself to endure anything for her, any troubles and difficulties."
  251. >"But it turns out she's a pony who has everything she could ever wish for."
  252. >Bitter. So bitter it burns you.
  253. "Celestia, I think you underestimate me."
  254. >Her eyebrows shoot up in surprise, perhaps fake.
  255. >"Oh?"
  256. >You stand right next to her now, looking at the same vista she's been watching all this time. The beauty of this city is a sight to behold, and yet even this won't warm her heart.
  257. "You know that humans deal with this kind of apathy all the time, right? It is not the riches and the status that makes you happy and all that. Come on, that's like the oldest trope in our culture."
  258. >It made her smile, this time sincerely.
  259. >"I'm glad this is out of the way then."
  260. "As a wise writer of ours once said, we don't need another worlds, we need a mirror. What human needs most is another human. Or in this case, a pony."
  261. >"Oh yes, I'm sure they said it just like that," the irony in her voices make your lips curl in a barely suppressed smile. "But still, thank you."
  262. >For a moment you stand at the window silently. This time you try to focus on how close the pony is to you right now.
  263. >Her mane flows on the other side of her head but if you were standing there it would certainly touch your hand right now. What a missed opportunity.
  264. "I intend to stick to my original plan. The fact that you're a princess changes nothing."
  265. >"Then my only wish is that you stand by these words."
  266. >Celestia's voice is soft and quiet again.
  267. >"I asked you if you believed it the matching that brought us together, but truth be told... I think I need to ask this of myself too."
  268. "You don't actually believe in it?"
  269. >"I want to. I want to cast aside all of my previous experiences, all of my assumptions and the prejudice I rely on too much... This whole ordeal is so silly, to be honest."
  270. >She smirks sourly and shakes her head.
  271. >"We're thrown together and we're told that we'll stick, that we are basically a husband and a wife before we've even seen each other."
  272. "Isn't that what the magic of love does?"
  273. >"It has the power to make us happy, but first it needs to actually appear. First, we need to actually fall in love with each other."
  274. "I guess you're right, but-"
  275. >"Then how do I make you fall in love with me?"
  276. >That was so sudden it actually shocked you. In a rigid, almost frightened motion you turn to her and see an extremely concerned and serious muzzle scrunching right at you.
  277. >Is she even serious right now?
  278. "Well, you know, if you want to be THIS blunt..."
  279. >"I do. I absolutely intend to be this blunt. I won't play around, not when a matter of our mutual happiness is concerned. We can't dance around the matter and pretend we're some foals who don't actually know what to expect from a healthy relationship. Now tell me."
  280. >S-she's serious, isn't she? The scrunch is getting too intense for you to handle. Your eyes are locked with hers in a deadly confrontation for a few seconds.
  281. >But suddenly it all disappears. Celestia, looking as regal and calm as always, looks back into the window with a smile.
  282. >"Oh well, it was worth a try."
  283. "You're scaring me a bit here, princess."
  284. >"I jest, I don't expect you to-"
  285. "I like it when you're so straightforward."
  286. >"Oh, really?"
  287. "Even if you were joking, I think you're right, we both know exactly why I'm here."
  288. >"And so, what are you going to do about it?"
  289. "I think I'll follow your plan, take it easy and slow so we can figure it out... Together."
  290. >And the first daring move will be made right now. Your hand slowly moves towards the mare.
  291. >Carefully you put it on the back of her neck, touching her coat and a bit of her mane.
  292. >The princess jolts up at the sudden sensation but you don't read too deep into it. She was taken by surprise, that's all. She is also relieved that you didn't misinterpret her motion.
  293. >She sighs and closes her eyes, focusing entirely on your hand touching her.
  294. >"Fine by me."
  295. >A thought crosses your mind that this may very well be the first time someone actually touched her like this.
  296. >It's a sad thought, but it is in your power now to dispel this curse that has pursued this regal and intimidating princess for generations.
  297. >Clear as day you see it now. The simple truth that only now becomes obvious to you.
  298. >Despite you not knowing each other, despite you being a different species, despite everything it's up to you to reach out to her.
  299. >You have a shot that no one else has taken in a thousand years. With this little, tame gesture of comfort you have already accomplished more than any other being in this or any other world.
  300. >You've managed to touch the sun. And it feels good.
  301. >She's very smooth and silky to the touch. Even though Celestia feels soft she is a sleek pony and her neck is firm under the bright immaculate surface of her coat.
  302. >The base of her mane gives way under your fingers and it's seemingly ethereal nature is proven false by an actual sensation of volume and texture to her mass of hair.
  303. >She trusts you. She believes in you. It makes you want to meet her expectations. The times you've already managed to disappoint her felt bad, like you were powerless before her. But it's up to you to change it.
  304. >Isn't this what you should strive for? Being good to her, making her feel better.
  305. >This single touch was nothing short of a revelation. A peek into your real purpose in Equestria.
  306. >You can walk around in circles near the actual need of this mare. What she craves and what she's been denied for so long. But there is no need to do so, like she herself said.
  307. >She jokes about it in an ironic manner, being overly blunt, but there is actually a very real motive behind it, like there's truth in every joke.
  308. >Being with a pony like Celestia can't possible be a simple task. But when there's a clear reason for it, you feel like you're up to it.
  309. >A mare needs a man. It's this simple. She asked you how can she make you fall in love with her but you wish to know how to make her fall for you too.
  310. >You want her to love you just the same.
  311. >The ice wall that divided you has been broken and Celestia says to you with a smile:
  312. >"Shall we go see the castle? It's gonna get dark soon and I wanted to give you a tour of your new home."
  313. >Your home. Just the sound of this word makes you all warm inside. It has never meant anything to you before, but now when you found your real place of belonging, it's suddenly so important and meaningful.
  314. >Home is where your heart it, as they say. And your heart is now bound to Celestia.
  315. >It's hard to say what will come out of this magical bind, but for the first time in years you're hopeful.
  317. >Exploring the castle is a lengthy process but Celestia tried to not tire you with explanations and stories.
  318. >She decided to show you the basic layout of everything you might need on day to day basis.
  319. >After all this is the only day she's spending with you and no one else. Tomorrow she has work to do.
  320. >Actually, you think that her day off will cost her a lot of time in the long run. Poor princess just can't get a break.
  321. >"But it's alright now, isn't it?" she says to you, giving you her beautiful innocent smile. "Now I have you, so the aftermath on this won't weight on me all that much."
  322. >The thought of helping Celestia after a busy day was exhilarating to say the least.
  323. >She'll probably need your attention tomorrow. And you'll be surely willing to provide.
  324. >Especially when you consider you don't really have anything else to do here.
  325. >What will you do while your mare is running the country?
  326. >It doesn't seem to concern her so maybe you shouldn't question it as well.
  327. >Ponies around the castle don't dare to show their disapproval straight to Celestia's face so you're spared their berating glances for the time being.
  328. >You think you roughly remember the layout of the castle by the time you're done and it's dark in its rooms.
  329. >It's soon time for the Moon to rise in Sun's stead and Celestia is getting ready for her sister to wake up.
  330. >But you don't get to see it as the princess of the sun makes a suggestion to you.
  331. >She wants you to take a bath. Your trip here wasn't long but it's still would be nice to refresh yourself before going to bed.
  332. >You can't deny that it sounds nice and you take her advice. Before you can ask about changing your clothes your mare says that something special already awaits you in the royal bath hall that's just down the corridor.
  333. >Of course you already know where it is but she still mentions it just in case.
  334. >What a caring pony.
  335. >"Cadence has sent me your measurements right away so I've had time to prepare you some pony-made attires. I'm sure you'll find them to your liking but if you don't, please don't hesitate to voice your concerns, I can always place orders for more."
  336. "Thank you, Celestia."
  337. >"Is something on your mind?"
  338. >Of course she notices your hesitation to answer her.
  339. "Well, it's just unusual for me... Is it okay for me to actually, you know, use all of it?"
  340. >"Why not? I want to do everything in my power to make your stay here pleasant."
  341. "I don't doubt it, sorry, I guess I'm just not used to being treated that way."
  342. >"Like royalty?"
  343. "Yeah, pretty much."
  344. >"Why, my dear husbando, isn't it fitting that princess' spouse is a royal figure as well?"
  345. >She lifts her muzzle to mockingly paint a refined and snobby expression on it.
  346. >It also doesn't get past your attention that she throws these words with ease, trying to give your newly formed relationship a comedic spin.
  347. >A sure way to avoid stress if you can both laugh about it, it can ease you into it.
  348. >Even despite that, the fact that she acknowledges your bond is flattering to you.
  349. >You decide to avoid getting serious for now and go bathe like your princess recommended you.
  350. >It wasn't hard to find the place and it seems that an older looking mare with a light pink coat and silver mane in a braid already awaits your arrival.
  351. >She speaks with a slight accent that sounds like it's french:
  352. >"Mr. Anonymous, my name is Glossy Gleam and from now on I'll be managing your wardrobe here in the castle."
  353. "Do I need a manager just for that?"
  354. >"Of course. Not only it's important to keep you dressed nicely as you are princess Celestia's human consort now, it's also a challenge many designers are willing to take."
  355. "I never really thought about it that way."
  356. >Humans are extremely rare in Equestria now but you imagine this might not be the case in the future.
  357. >What you do now may very well dictate how ponies see humans for years to come.
  358. >It was completely out of your scope of concerns that you kinda represent human race now, being with the ruler of Equestria.
  359. >The public eye will be on you just as much as it is on her from now on.
  360. >Knowing that, yes, it is somewhat reasonable that you have someone to manage your looks.
  361. >"I want you to be comfortable with the designs they make," Gleam chirps further. "It is important that you like them and give your feedback on them."
  362. "I can do that."
  363. >"Good, we'll start with something simple. A robe is prepared for you after your bath. Just use it and leave your current clothes right there. Then in the morning, a fresh outfit will be delivered to your chambers. I will catch up with you after your breakfast to check up on it, is this okay with you?"
  364. "I think so, yeah. You take this really seriously, huh?"
  365. >She flashes a bright smile and nods with excitement.
  366. >"I take pride in making ponies look their best and I hope you won't be disappointed."
  367. "Thank you, I'm sure it will be great."
  368. >The mare nods and walks away in a happy trot, almost dancing with glee.
  369. >You finally enter the room and you see right away that it's a whole spa in here. White with gold, as you've expected. Dimly lit by candles and filled with a mix of fragrances.
  370. >Big tubs with bubbling water, almost a pool in the center, a roomy place to shower near the far wall, shelves along that wall with a huge selection of beauty products and benches to relax on, almost a sauna corner albeit not walled off from the rest of the hall.
  371. >Is this really all yours for tonight? Can you really just go and use whatever you wish?
  372. >You heart races when you realize that you are indeed in full right to do anything you like in here.
  373. >It's the first time to actually come into contact with your royal privileges.
  374. >You never even realized that it's one thing to think or talk about it, and another to actually see how much you can indulge in it.
  375. >No one will ask a single question and tell you a single thing. They take it as something that's supposed to happen. They'll treat you like royalty without questioning it, because it's your position now.
  376. >Well, at least without questioning it in public. You remember those scalding glances from earlier today all too well.
  377. >But this feeling goes away eventually, just when you notice the robe mentioned before right next to the tub.
  378. >You decide to not take too much time and get to it. When you take of all your clothes you stop for a second to take in how naked you feel.
  379. >This chamber is fairly big and you don't feel comfortable alone in here. It's fairly quiet here except for noises of bubbling water and every sound you produce comes out loud and with a shallow reverb.
  380. >It would only make things worse if you linger so it's better to get things done in a hasty manner.
  381. >You just gonna shower and that's about it.
  382. >Besides, no need to keep Celestia waiting, even though thinking about it now you find out there's a problem that awaits you once you rejoin her in her room.
  383. >How exactly are you going to sleep?
  384. >That's a big and important question and as much as you'd love to just go with the flow and assume Celestia knows the answer to it and has already decided on her own how she wants you to spend your night, you can't rely on that.
  385. >What if she wants you to join her in bed? Well, alright, fine, you can share a bed. What if she wants to go further.
  386. >You'll be able to hug her, right? Oh god, holding her big luscious white body next to you, keeping your face at her coat, inhaling her scent, pressing your cheek to her chest...
  387. >Now you're not the one to rub one off in a shower, you'll leave that to others, but that does remind you.
  388. >Chances are you won't be able to suppress an erection in bed with a pony like Celestia.
  389. >That's bound to happen, even just because you'll be conscious about it, like it always goes.
  390. >Telling yourself to not get hard will never result in compliance from your body and mind. It just won't happen.
  391. >So what then?
  392. >Wait, what about even daring scenario if the princess wants to get even more physical?
  393. >What about-
  394. >No, you know what, you'll need to rest for a while. A shower isn't enough for you.
  395. >You allow yourself to get into the tub where your robe was located. Presumably it was put there because they expect you to take a bath exactly here, so why not do it.
  396. >You immediately thank yourself for allowing this, it feels so relaxing. For just a few minutes you clear your head completely, allowing the pressure streams to caress your body.
  397. >You do your best to not take too long and get out fairly quickly. The towel you use smells just like shampoo they've had prepared for you near the shower. That's some consideration.
  398. >It was time to put on the robe and to your pleasant surprise it fits perfectly. Under it you discover a pair of cute fluffy slippers that warm your feet right away.
  399. >Damn, now this is the life.
  400. >The thought of not deserving any of it never leaves your mind but at the same time there is no reason to deny yourself any of this.
  401. >So whatever. It's free comfy stuff. It's not like you abuse your position with basic hygiene procedures and some clothes.
  402. >You walk out of the bathing realm and lazily stroll back to Celestia's chambers.
  403. >But the trip there wasn't as uneventful as you've expected.
  404. >"Anonymous, is that you?"
  405. >A voice calls you from behind and you recognize it.
  406. "Princess Luna?"
  407. >She looks like she just woke up but she also seems excited to meet you. You exchange warm greetings.
  408. >"Oh, I'm glad I managed to cross paths with you! I hope everything is fine between you and my dear sister?"
  409. "Yeah, I think so."
  410. >"Then her appearance wasn't a deceit," the princess says and hums in thought. "All the better then. Are you going to her chambers now?"
  411. "Yep."
  412. >"Good. One word of advice though..."
  413. >She waves you to come closer and when you do, she tells you in a concerned voice:
  414. >"Please, don't deny her any attention you're willing to give."
  415. "I wouldn't, believe me."
  416. >"'Tis good then. I'm glad I won't have to hear her nervous ramblings from now on."
  417. "The what now?"
  418. >Luna blushes a little, realizing she's said something a little bit too personal. But she still explains:
  419. >"For two weeks before your arrival she was extremely nervous about it. She wanted everything to be perfect, as if humans possess temper of a Yak."
  420. >You two share a giggle and she continues.
  421. >"She was mostly afraid you won't answer her affection so she was preparing to be honest with you, so if you reject her it would happen right away."
  422. "R-reject her?"
  423. >Such a thought sends shivers down your spine. There was no room to even consider this as a possible outcome since you wanted to be with her right from the start.
  424. >The fact that she of all ponies entertained such a thought is honestly terrifying to you.
  425. >"Don't look at me like that, it was the culmination of her week-long revving of her worries. And, of course, that didn't happen."
  426. "Of course."
  427. >"Look, I've already told you too much, just know that I expect to see my sister happy when I return from my nightly duties."
  428. "I'll do my best."
  429. >She nods at you with a serious expression and you start walking away only to hear her calling you one last time.
  430. >"Oh, and please, try to stay positive as well, I'm tired of seeing giant insects and broken elevators in your dreams."
  431. >She leaves you at that, without hearing so many questions that remark spawned in your brain.
  432. >You just leave it at that, there's no reason to overthink it now. Her message was clear.
  433. >It doesn't take long for you to enter Celestia's chambers once again. Return of the wandering husband isn't noticed by anyone though.
  434. >Or, rather, it is you who doesn't notice right away the location of your princess, who's obviously been waiting for you.
  435. >Right on the bed in the darkened corner of the room. The bed you completely ignored at first because the curtains were closed.
  436. >Not it is revealed that it is indeed a massive bed for two, purple with maroon matched in sheets and curtains, golden shine of the pillars that support the drapes gleaming in the timid evening light.
  437. >Natural dark wood at the head of this bed makes it look really sturdy and reliable. Overall, it's the highest class bed you could imagine.
  438. >But it all doesn't matter since Celestia is the real prize here. She is situated on her right side, leaving no room for mistakes - you are to lay right next to her and it's final.
  439. >That would make your right hand free, a telltale hint that you are to take initiative in this situation.
  440. >It makes you gulp, and seeing your reaction the princess can't help but smile.
  441. >"I see Gleam really knows her craft," she says in a calm voice. "It suits you nicely."
  442. >The comfy robe and slippers combo was indeed fairly nice. But she just throws it in to start a conversation with something.
  443. >"I hope everything was to your liking?"
  444. "Where to even begin. It was much more than I've expected."
  445. >It wasn't a lie and Celestia nods in approval.
  446. >You approach the bed and the mare watches your every step.
  447. >"Anon, I know you must be a little reluctant about this and I don't want to sound rude, but in all honesty I don't think I have much time to waste staying awake."
  448. "Oh, right. No, it's fine, I wouldn't want to keep you waiting anyway."
  449. >When you stand right at the precipice of the nightly domain of the princess you hesitantly touch your attire as if to ask a silent question. A barely noticeable nod from Celestia tells you it is expected of you to take it off.
  450. >You are much more anxious over this than you though you'd be.
  451. >It's not like you're out of shape but you're not exactly a Greek god. One that a goddess like Celestia really deserves.
  452. >But her eyes are eating you as you motion the fabric away from your body. She tries to hide it but you are caressed by her gaze despite her efforts to conceal her interest.
  453. >It wasn't unnatural for her to act this way. After all, today was her first time seeing a human, and now is the first time seeing you naked at all.
  454. >Some features she might find completely alien and so extremely fascinating. It's hard to discern plain curiosity from actual appreciation of your body so you pay no mind to her staring at you.
  455. >After all, it's only fair. You've been basically staring at her all this time too.
  456. >You never really admitted that she's so appealing to you, mainly because you were trying to perish improper thoughts, but now this can't be avoided.
  457. >Not when she's lying on her side and her forms are accentuated so perfectly all of her curves entrance you right away.
  458. >Locked in a spell, enchanted by this goddess in a dim light where only her shapes are highlighted enough, you freeze for a second.
  459. >The moon is rising outside and in its light that barely gets into this corner, Celestia's pale coat shines just like her flowing mane.
  460. >Her incandescence never ceases and it lures you in.
  461. >Your naked body touches the bed sheets, cold but soft, and you suddenly feel how insanely close the princess is to you.
  462. >Not like earlier today. There is nothing between you now. The absolute contact between you is one touch away.
  463. >Your mind is screaming right now and it seems that it's ready to just melt your head if it means it can know rest from this maddening feeling of unbelievable intimacy.
  464. >Beauty incarnate, the princess of the sun, the immortal alicorn ruler of this land, is within your grasp - and she is aching for it.
  465. >Unbelievable. This has got to be a dream.
  466. >It is in your best interest to cover yourself right about now since the palpable tension is not only melting your brain, it also stiffens something else.
  467. >But that soon becomes less of a concern. Seeing how you got comfy in bed, Celestia shuts the world off by loosening the curtains with just a flick of her magic.
  468. >They fall all around you and everything outside of this bed ceases to exist.
  469. >That just makes things harder. In more than one way.
  470. >Jesus fucking Christ, Lord almighty, this mortal soul needs saving right about now because it is about to leave this body.
  471. >But there is no god here. Only this goddess in front of you.
  472. >She looks at you. She looks you in the eyes. She-
  473. >"Are you okay, Anon?"
  474. >Her voice is right at your ear. You feel how hot it is here now. You're gonna start sweating.
  475. "Yeah, I think so, just... A bit unprepared for this kind of thing."
  476. >"Aw, I know how you feel. To be fair, it's scary for me as well."
  477. "It is?"
  478. >She looks away.
  479. >"It's just that I have no idea how this really supposed to go down."
  480. >Celestia suddenly looks so lost.
  481. >"I mean, we're here together..."
  482. >She's so beautiful.
  483. >"And I know what the implications are..."
  484. >You can't stand seeing her in distress.
  485. >"But I've never really had a chance to... You know..."
  486. >She shuffles on the sheets uncomfortably and it is only now that you notice something completely game changing.
  487. >Celestia is naked. Her regalia isn't on her anymore. Before you is a naked pony in all her pristine, sincere glory. And suddenly you see it all so clearly.
  488. >Walled off from the rest of the world, before you isn't regal princess Celestia, but a little scared filly. A tame, bashful mare who doesn't know what to do with her first mate she invited to her bed.
  489. >An angel whose purity is rivaled only by her loneliness, something that shouldn't be possible, a thing incredibly saddening.
  490. >Countless nights spent alone, perhaps walled off just like now. Without anyone to hold her close. Without anyone to depend on. Without anyone to fall onto.
  491. >It almost enough to make you cry right here. Celestia's eyes reflect such immaculate, tender affection, a weak and wavering flame of hope for comfort in your arms - not just any arms, yours.
  492. >She needs you right now. You are all she needs right now.
  493. >You want to protect her and keep her safe. A small, unsure pony that puts all of her trust in this one moment.
  494. >Cut off from the rest of the world, she's just a mare who has never been lovingly held in her life.
  495. >And that's a wrong you will right in this very moment.
  496. >"I'm sorry that I can't-"
  497. "Celestia?"
  498. >"Yes?"
  499. "I want to hug you."
  500. >Every worry is erased from her muzzle and instead a gentle smile takes place. It's these sudden changes of mood, the banishment of cloudy doubts from her mind that you enjoy the most.
  501. >"Oh? In that case I want you to hug me."
  502. >That's all you need to proceed. And even if she never said anything you'd proceed anyway.
  503. >There shall be no hesitation in your movements as it is not your intention to act like a shy kid that doesn't know if it's okay to touch someone because his parents never shown him any affection.
  504. >No, you know for sure what is needed right now. A firm, warm and determined hug. Arms of a man to hold the beautiful sun horse close.
  505. >She's no leader right now. This fragile mare wants you to take the lead and make her feel protected.
  506. >You'll do your best. With one hand under her head and another on her neck you embrace her. And without any time to even think she dives right into your hug.
  507. >The thing she's been yearning for is hers and she intends to not miss a second of it.
  508. >With a little adjustments made by her magic the blanket covers your bodies that collide with each other in the perfect smooth harmony.
  509. >It is impossible to describe how soft and warm her body feels against yours and with Celestia actively trying to get as much traction between her coat and your skin this feel pushes everything else out of your head.
  510. >You hold her head right to your neck and your forehead touches her horn. It signifies that the destination of your motion is reached and you feel the mares head at your cheek.
  511. >Her muzzle is right under your chin and when she blinks her long eyelashes flutter across your skin in a sensation so unexpected and gentle. You can't help but tighten the hug with each new thing she makes you experience.
  512. >But that's just you. Celestia herself wants to keep you close, so your torso is encircled by her long sleek forelegs and kept near her with surprising strength.
  513. >It's only logical that she's not a week pony but seeing how delicate this mare is you didn't expect such a force to keep you pressed against her chest.
  514. >You can't help but smile at her resolve to keep you close. Your fingers find their way into her magical mane and even though it is in fact a real mane, the volume and softness of it blows your mind.
  515. >How you want to get a handful of it and borrow your face in the heavenly mass of this pure silk. You'll do that at the first opportunity but right now it's face to face hug times and you won't ruin Celestia's serene position.
  516. >Instead you keep your hands in her mane and touch the base of it at the back of her neck. Her head nuzzles against your skin as you do that and it's obvious she likes this little massage you're giving her.
  517. >She is so responsive to our touch it seems like she surrenders herself to you fully. She is completely at your mercy and she lives by the guidance of your touch.
  518. >All other adjustments are made in haste and mostly involve filling any empty space between your bodies.
  519. >Celestia ensures that there's not even an inch between you two at any given spot that could potentioally be involved in the hug.
  520. >When she finishes her wriggling and shuffling she lets out a loud and extremely satisfied sigh. Like a great burden has been lifted from her.
  521. >The arm she rests her head on barely feels her weight and you use that hand to take over the slight petting you've been giving her. It is necessary for you to move your other hand from the mare's neck, maybe to her displeasure but for a good reason.
  522. >The palm of said hand cups Celestia's cheek and you gently rub it, going from under her ear to her jaw. A few of those motions are complete as you drag your hand to the end of her muzzle and put your fingers on top of her nose, giving it a slight rub as well.
  523. >The pony shut her eyes in bliss. A reaction to this horsey petting she probably never knew she wanted.
  524. >Well, you're the one to talk, since your reaction to her being so accepting and needy was made known to her right at the start of your hug.
  525. >Her gentle belly is right at your crotch but you are way past worrying about your mare noticing your interest in her.
  526. >It was inevitable with how her warm fuzzy tummy moves at her every breath.
  527. >She pays no mind and you decide to not attract attention to it if she's willing to do so too.
  528. >You don't count on her not knowing what that is so maybe she just doesn't want to ruin the moment with sarcastic comments. Or maybe she really just doesn't mind it.
  529. >Nothing can ruin this perfect moment right now. You feel like your whole life has led to this point, this is what you were born to do.
  530. >The overwhelming comfiness you feel right now cannot be measured. For the first time ever you feel just right, like you now have a reason to exist.
  531. >You feel so calm and relaxed it's like your whole being has come to a halt and even time itself has stopped.
  532. >For all intents and purposes this walled-off space of Celestia's bed may be the only thing that exists in the Universe right now.
  533. >This must be what it's like to be happy.
  534. "Celestia..."
  535. >The mare in your arms doesn't answer your call but you don't mind.
  536. "This is the best day of my life."
  537. >Silence falls on you both and even one look at the pony is enough for you to realize she's actually asleep right now.
  538. >The mare breathes calmly and a content smile is still on her lips.
  539. >A sight no one else have ever seen.
  540. >With a smile of your own you touch Celestia's forehead with your lips and give her a gentle kiss. And then another one.
  541. >Princess squeezes you in her embrace even harder. It is not known to you if she's lucid enough to understand what you're doing or it's just her body's involuntary reaction.
  542. >Whichever it is, you're happy either way. With this gentle pony at your side it doesn't take long for you to drift off as well, your last waking thoughts being about her.
  544. >Seems like you've satisfied both pleas of the night princess.
  545. >First of all, no disturbing dreams that you can recall, so maybe there were none.
  546. >And second, Celestia is looking really happy in the morning when Luna enters the dining hall.
  547. >She looks really tired but a warm smile soon forms on her muzzle - her sister is in high spirits at last.
  548. >The night princess also notices that you're really sleepy, poking at your food with bare minimum of effort.
  549. >You're not used to waking up so early. You much more prefer to stay up late at night and wake up at lunch time.
  550. >Today, however, marks the beginning of your new life. And honestly, if you're gonna wake up every single day like today, you're willing to get used to it.
  551. >Celestia gently woke you up before it was her time to raise the sun. Waking up next to her was certainly something else.
  552. >For a moment there you couldn't believe it. That had to be a dream.
  553. >But it was real. Her magnificent eyes staring deep into your soul made you realize that this is indeed happening.
  554. >A moment of hesitation in her actions made you think that she doesn't really want to get out of bed.
  555. >If it was up to her, Celestia would stay with you more. But instead, today she has more work than usual. Just because she took time to properly greet her partner.
  556. >Her own human. Her match. Something only three ponies in all of Equestria have.
  557. >Oh, how she craves to just indulge herself, to finally relish the feeling of being with someone.
  558. >But she's not the one to get depressed over something like this. Instead, she decided to turn it into something positive.
  559. >"I'm looking forward to being reunited with you later today, Anon."
  560. >At the time you were barely comprehending what's going on and you just smiled at her.
  561. >Celestia didn't need much else from you though, so it was all good.
  562. >The mare looked gorgeous in the light of the newly raised sun. Her regalia already on her, the combined shine of its gold with her natural bright coat made her look like a heavenly body herself.
  563. >"Now come, I have a very special something planned for your breakfast."
  564. "Is it pancakes?"
  565. >The mare looks surprised for a moment but then asks you with a little giggle:
  566. >"How did you know?"
  567. "Cadence has been feeding me pancakes for a week. Is it something all royalty here enjoys?"
  568. >Celestia actually takes time to think about it and then she nods, confirming your suspicion.
  569. >"Looks like it. I'm sorry, should I prepare something else for you?"
  570. "No, no need to. I didn't say I dislike it."
  571. >"Wonderful. Get dressed and we'll be off."
  572. >Agreeing to eat Celestia's pancakes was a good idea, now that you think about it. You've got a stack of plump, thick pancakes complete with whipped cream, berries and a little smiley face made with orange wedges.
  573. >She's really into this, isn't she?
  574. >It's hard to eat all of it, so by the time Luna arrives you're already full and it seems like you just don't want to eat. You just hope Luna won't interpret it this way.
  575. >Soon you learn that she's not a fan of big breakfast meals herself, as the princess of the night just takes a few fruits from a big arrangement of them that Celestia made just for her sister, and leaves.
  576. >But not before whispering something to the sun princess. Something that makes her smile and nod.
  577. >Luna is smiling too and for just a moment you catch her throwing a glance at you.
  578. >Was she talking about you? You may never find out, seeing how she walks away to finally get some rest.
  579. >You are left alone with your waifu.
  580. >"Anonymous, I wanted to talk about your stay here."
  581. "What's up?"
  582. >"I thought about it for a long time but I want to know your opinion on it. I'm sure Cadence had spent some time getting you to know at least some things about Equestria, but certainly not on the level of proper education."
  583. "I guess you could say that."
  584. >You could also say that Cadence was more interested in keeping you sane for the first couple of days, sometimes spending hours with you to ease your mind, dismissing your doubts (mostly about Equestria being real) and calming you down.
  585. >By the time you got more stable you weren't really interested in history lessons or anything like that.
  586. >"So I thought that maybe you wouldn't be against getting to know this place. At the very least, learning to read and write our language may come in handy."
  587. "Yeah, I think that's a given."
  588. >"So I might have a few ponies on my mind already that can give you a crush course on our society and history. Would you be interested in that?"
  589. "Certainly."
  590. >Now that you don't really have to worry about your life conditions and your own mind, it's time to put your time to good use.
  591. >It was hard to admit it, but it seems like your daytime here won't be spent with Celestia. Not today, not any time soon.
  592. >You could NEET it up hard but that was straight up missing all the opportunities that suddenly opened up to you.
  593. >Celestia voices another concern:
  594. >"It can also improve ponies' attitude towards you. If you're a man of culture and class who respects their world and accepts their rules, they might see you as something more than just an alien."
  595. >This makes sense to you so you nod to the princess.
  596. >"But at the same time I have to ask something of you."
  597. "Anything."
  598. >Your resolve makes her giggle just loud enough for you to pick up on it, but she continues with her usual calm tone:
  599. >"I'm going to have to ask you to stay in the castle's area for the time being."
  600. "What do you mean?"
  601. >"I don't think it would be good for you to travel anywhere just yet, that includes traveling with me, not that I'm going to have to go anywhere any time soon, but still. Just for the time being, Anon, I want you to stay here."
  602. >This request is a bit strange to you and Celestia looks a bit nervous asking this from you.
  603. "Sure, I wasn't really looking to go anywhere. But why?"
  604. >"Well, it's just..." She sighs deeply, as if to collect her thoughts. "I want to keep you close at least for now."
  605. "Wait, what? No, I mean, of course, I'll do it, but why do you worry about me leaving?"
  606. >"It's not about leaving, I know you won't leave. But I just want to... I want to know you're waiting for me every day."
  607. >She doesn't even give you time to raise your eyebrow and starts explaining in a hasty manner:
  608. >"I know it's selfish to ask this, but something like this is very important to me and I want to know that-"
  609. "Wait a second, how is this selfish? Where else do I go?"
  610. >"Well..."
  611. "There's nothing I want more than to stay here with you, Celestia. You never had to ask such a thing."
  612. >She looks away, obviously a bit embarrassed about worrying about this.
  613. "I'm here for you, just for you. To think that I'd ignore you or outright leave you alone is, well, out of question."
  614. >It's almost insulting, really.
  615. >"Thank you. Looks like I'm worrying for nothing then."
  616. "You are. And, by the way, I think you can afford to be selfish."
  617. >"Really?"
  618. >She is skeptical about it but something stirs inside of her when she looks at you. Perhaps a hope.
  619. >A child who's been promised ice cream after a long tiresome trip.
  620. >Such a stare coming from Celestia seems strange but oddly cute. Like she depends on you to be allowed to do something, even though she's the one calling the shots in this whole country.
  621. >Maybe it is why she reacts this way? You'll think about this later.
  622. "Well, what's stopping you?"
  623. >"Nothing. But that doesn't mean I should be like that. I want you to be comfortable here, that's all."
  624. "Then I'm gonna tell you that this won't be a problem."
  625. >Celestia doesn't respond to this and by the looks of it she's thinking about what you've said.
  626. >Her thoughts lead her to no conclusion and once she finishes her breakfast it is time for her to go without any answers in her mind.
  627. >"I'll meet you later, Anon."
  628. >You leave your seat first and walk up to the princess who's watching you with a curious expression.
  629. >It's nothing much; you just want to give your pony a hug.
  630. >She sighs happily when she feels your arms around her neck and your face in her mane.
  631. "I'm gonna miss you."
  632. >It is but a whisper but Celestia react immediately by touching your hand with her hoof - or, rather, with the cold metal of her elaborate hoofpiece.
  633. >It's strange to even call these horseshoes at this point. You wonder how it feels for her to wear them for so long.
  634. >"I'll miss you too, but you'll see, this day will fly by so fast..."
  635. >She sounds like she wanted to add something to it, maybe to call your name.
  636. >Maybe even a sweet and gentle word that would signify great care. But that doesn't matter. If that was the case, she will without a doubt return to saying it later.
  637. >You believe in her. Though you yourself wouldn't bring yourself to calling her "sweetheart" or "dear" just yet, so maybe it does take time.
  638. >That's the plan though. All the minor displays of affection add up in the end.
  639. >When the princess leaves, looking back at you one last time, you return to finish your meal.
  640. >It was sad to let her go. And you certainly would like to spend more time with her. Preferably all of it.
  641. >Maybe she should make Twilight the ruler of the land and flee with you to live a simple life somewhere in the country?
  642. >Nah, that's way to cheesy. Besides, it would definitely be unlike her to do that kind of thing.
  643. >Celestia works against the circumstances. She makes them work in her favor.
  644. >In this situation she'll try to find a way to pull through her limitations, there's no doubt in your mind.
  645. >Maybe this is why she wants you to be an educated man of high culture? So you can spend time with her publicly and not embarrass her and yourself.
  646. >Well, something tells you that she wouldn't be embarrassed for you, but the point still stands.
  647. >What is her endgame here? What is needed for you to spend all of your time together with her in the open and so others wouldn't hate you for that?
  648. >A few ideas go through your mind but they are rather daring, even for a princess. Especially for a princess who's been without a spouse all her life.
  649. >But that's just a stray thought. It would be better to focus on today's problems.
  650. >You need to see what you already know about her to plan your next move.
  651. >Diving right in was a good idea last night. Celestia also trusted you with seeing her as she is, without all the metal binding her.
  652. >Even though it was a bit scary for you to shed every bit of fabric that protects you, she accepted you unconditionally.
  653. >It resulted in a happy comfy night. It just confirms that she appreciates you being honest and straightforward. Not being afraid of her.
  654. >That was reinforced by her great response to this hug right as she was about to leave.
  655. >She seems to be a bit nervous about you accepting her so you should focus on that first.
  656. >So far she, however, had no problem accepting you, so every step you take towards her is met with appreciation.
  657. >Maybe she really is afraid of being selfish or overbearing. In that case you need to show her that it's nothing to be afraid of, and do it as soon as possible. Maybe today.
  658. >Lost in thought you soon realize that you're still not eating.
  659. >The pancakes are already cold and you're sitting all alone at the giant table.
  660. >Well, you'll take what you can.
  661. >Still better than your Earth.
  662. >With these kind of thoughts instead you finish your meal and decide to head out.
  664. >"So, how does it feel?"
  665. >Glossy Gleam is walking circles around you and her pensive stare kinda makes you a bit uncomfortable.
  666. >She found you just walking out from the hall and made you and move a bit to see how her first shot at dressing you up worked out.
  667. "It's good. Fits well and it's pretty comfy."
  668. >You stretch your arms and look over the suit one more time.
  669. >It was nothing unusual, really. Quite the opposite - black jacket and pants with white shirt is the most plain thing when it comes to suits.
  670. >This kind of thing could be easily find in your world, but knowing how this was made here, in Equestria, makes it really impressive to you, especially seeing how good it sits on you.
  671. >"How did the princess react?"
  672. "What do you mean?"
  673. >"Did she say anything about it? Anything at all?"
  674. "Not really."
  675. >"Hmm..."
  676. >Gleam puts her hoof at her chin and for a second there she looks like she's concentrating real hard.
  677. >But it was true, even though you've had this suit on you for the whole morning, Celestia never really made any sort of comment on it.
  678. >To be fair, you can see why.
  679. "I can ask her if you want."
  680. >"No-no, that isn't necessary. Lack of response counts too. It means it doesn't stand out too much. I'll keep that in mind."
  681. >Gleam makes some notes in her notebook, masterfully handling the quill in her mouth, as earth ponies do.
  682. >"We'll try something different tomorrow, alright? Maybe something more flashy? We had quite a few submissions that are pretty ridiculous."
  683. "Can't wait."
  684. >Sarcasm doesn't get under the pony's skin and she nods.
  685. >"I have to go now, a few more attires are arriving today and I'll have to sort this all out."
  686. "You sound like you have plans for months forward."
  687. >"Do I now?" she giggles, gleaming with pride. "Well, that might just be the case. Anyway, the new outfit will be ready in the morning. Have a nice day and I'll see you same time tomorrow."
  688. "Sounds good, thanks."
  689. >When she's gone you realize there's a problem now.
  690. >You have nothing to do for the rest of the day until princess Celestia comes back.
  691. >As she mentioned, she only has plans for your education. For now there's nothing you could do.
  692. >Should've asked her beforehand. Or at least asked Gleam.
  693. >You can't even read books here as you learned in Chrystal Empire. You never had a chance to actually do anything there since your acclimatization took so long but you know you can't understand the runes.
  694. >All of Cadence's notes on mares don't matter at this point and it's not like you don't know them by heart now.
  695. >You kinda miss discussing it with her. And now would be the perfect time to talk to Celestia. But alas, she's a mare that has her duties.
  696. >Maybe fleeing together isn't that bad of an idea after all.
  697. >But then again, Celestia never said you can't leave your room or anything like that.
  698. >So maybe you should do some exploring on your own.
  699. >Just like yesterday, the ponies aren't that fond of your presence here.
  700. >You kinda wander the corridors for a while, trying to not get in the way.
  701. >It crossed your mind to go to near the throne room but something tells you that right now that wouldn't be wise. You can't barge in just yet.
  702. >You're like a lost child looking for his family in a mall. And the worst thing is, you don't really find anything remotely entertaining for you.
  703. >Learning written language should be your first priority, Celestia probably has a lot of interesting books and you have time for any of them.
  704. >Not to mention that would speed up your education process, it's almost guaranteed Celestia has something related to history.
  705. >You can't believe you're excited about studying.
  706. >Maybe if you were that full of enthusiasm back in your university days you wouldn't have dropped out.
  707. >Maybe you'd be a better person right now.
  708. >Well, it's better late than never.
  709. >Besides, you're in Equestria now so your knowledge of your own world doesn't mean anything.
  710. >At least this chance won't slip by. For Celestia you'll be the very best you can be.
  711. >But not today, apparently. Even taking a good look at a book you can't figure out the runes. At least the royal library is quiet enough and there's no one here so it's rather peaceful.
  712. >You're gonna spend so much time here and it fills you with anticipation.
  713. >There's no time to cherish that feeling though, as boredom settles back in rather easily.
  714. >Without having anything else to do you return to Celestia's bedroom.
  715. >This room has a certain calm ambience to it. It makes sense that the princess' personal space is made for relaxation and rest.
  716. >You take off your jacket and lay down on the bed you woke up on today.
  717. >Even now you vividly remember the feel of Celestia in your arms. The velvet of her coat against your naked skin.
  718. >Her genuine, sincere warmth she shared for the first time, maybe ever.
  719. >The fact that you won't feel that until much later today makes you curl up on the bed.
  720. >Lying on your side you notice that your head is on the pillow she was yesterday.
  721. >Without even a second thought you borrow your nose in it and take a deep breath.
  722. >It still smells like her, of course. Not even thinking about what you're doing you just take the pillow and embrace it, still breathing in that faint smell of the Sun princess' mane.
  723. >God, even this feels so good. She'll be back soon and you'll hug her just like this. There's nothing you want more right now.
  724. >The thought of her feeling just as lonely right now is horrifying.
  725. >She doesn't even have this. She can't even afford to think about it if she has to pay attention to all the bullshit she has to endure on her shift.
  726. >It's so unfair. She's the one who needs you the most.
  727. >You make a promise to yourself that as soon as she sets her hoof in this room you won't let her go.
  729. >"Mr. Anonymous? Oh my, I'm sorry I woke you up!"
  730. "Huh? Wha..."
  731. >Through the haze of your interrupted sleep you barely comprehend what's going on and who is this before you at the bed.
  732. >Of course you fell asleep.
  733. >The voice sounds male so it's pretty confusing for you to figure out.
  734. >"I apologize, I brought you lunch and called for you but I didn't notice you were sleeping."
  735. >Right next to the bed stands a unicorn stallion in some kind of suit. He points at a few plates on the table - no doubt the food he's brought with him.
  736. "It's alright, I wasn't planning on sleeping too long anyway."
  737. >Or at all. Meh.
  738. >The groggy voice you say this with is probably enough to show that this isn't really the case, but the stallion doesn't react to it in any way.
  739. >"Still, I apologize. I hope the food will compensate for the inconvenience. Princess ordered that for you specifically and wanted me to mention it."
  740. "Oh? Thank you then."
  741. >He does a little reserved bow and takes his leave, carefully closing the door using magic.
  742. >You want to get up but you feel really weak right now, like all strength has been drained out of you.
  743. >It's easier to just sleep some more. You probably fell asleep in the first place because it's so unusual for you to wake up that early.
  744. >Only now you notice that you're still hugging the pillow and you've been doing it through the whole conversation too.
  745. >Man, at this point who the hell cares.
  746. >It doesn't take you much time to fall asleep again and only when you wake up for real you remind yourself that you have food still untouched.
  747. >After a quick trip to the bathroom you get to eating. It's way past noon now so maybe it's not long until dinner?
  748. >Lucky for you the food was covered by cloth on top of metal lids.
  749. >On the plates you see different dishes. All of them involving fish.
  750. >You're not really a fish kinda guy so you don't even know what any of these are called.
  751. >Again, it doesn't matter. You're pretty hungry and this should be good enough.
  752. >It actually is good, and there's a lot of it to taste even if it is cold by now.
  753. >You try to guess why exactly Celestia wanted you to know it's from her but you can't. There was no need to specify it, it's a given that it was she who ordered it.
  754. >The origin of all this meat, or even why make this fish-only, is also under question but you don't think you're gonna ask.
  755. >It was another concern that this lunch is so big and diverse, you wonder what's the dinner is like then, considering that yesterday it was just salad.
  756. >Thinking about food got you nowhere pretty fast and you find yourself bored and lonely yet again.
  757. >Even being magic-matched to a goddess of a perfect fantasy land you still find something to complain about. Astonishing.
  758. >You walk around the castle again but this time you find that balcony Celestia showed you earlier.
  759. >It overlooks most of the city. The great vista of Canterlot takes your breath away.
  760. >Daily reminder to yourself that this is real and you're here and not dreaming. Pinch your cheek while you're at it.
  761. >Standing here it's easy to see how Celestia finds inspiration to go on day by day for so many years.
  762. >It's also fairly windy in here but it feels good.
  763. >You allow the atmosphere of this serene scene take you for a moment. A moment that lasted for quite some time, actually.
  764. >The Sun is on its way down already. You decide to return to your room.
  765. >It was nice to clear your head but now the thoughts about Celestia return to you.
  766. >You'll give her an extra tight hug when she's back. No, even more.
  767. >You can do better. She'll probably by tired, maybe you can offer a massage of sorts?
  768. >Yes, this would be perfect. And then you'll hug the lovely princess pony even more.
  769. >No matter how much you imagine it you still don't really know how to actually proceed with this. Though Celestia likes when you get straight to the point so maybe this won't be a problem at all.
  770. >She'll probably need this. And, well, you need it too.
  771. >It's easy to see how you wish to make her feel better, after all you were brought here just for this. But you yourself want it too.
  772. >You really do miss her. This much is obvious to you.
  773. >You'll have to use your time together wisely to get the most out of it.
  775. >Thankfully, the wait from that point isn't gonna be long. At least that's what you thought.
  776. >It's already getting dark and there's no sign of the princess. Celestia is facing all the consequences for leaving her post just for one day.
  777. >Finally, just as the Sun is about to go down, you hear hoofsteps - metal upon carpet, something you'll never mistake for anything else.
  778. >Fast and loud, they approach your room in haste. The doors open wide and Celestia almost gallops inside. Upon seeing you her worried expression changes to reflect relief.
  779. >"Anon!"
  780. >She almost jumps to you and you already have your arms extended towards her.
  781. >With force almost enough to throw you back she collides with you and you finally lock your arms around the pony.
  782. >The silk of her mane fold with ease under your hands now holding the mare's head to your chest.
  783. "Celestia, I missed you so much."
  784. >"You? I missed you way more. I thought this day would never end. I..."
  785. >She stops talking and nuzzles your shoulder, still pushing you back.
  786. "It's alright. I'm so glad you're back."
  787. >At the door behind her you see that one stallion who brought you lunch today.
  788. >He doesn't pay any mind to princess pushing you farther into the room in her desire to be closer. He just rolls in the food and closes the door.
  789. >"Oh, I had no chance to eat after lunch so I requested dinner here." the princess explains.
  790. >You're pretty hungry too. But to let her go now...
  791. >In the end, you eat together. Literally, right next to each other. She's leaning to your side as you eat the array of salads she brought with herself.
  792. >"I like to eat something light in the evening, lets me sleep better."
  793. >That makes sense. But food is food, it doesn't matter, what's important is that she's here now.
  794. >Celestia catches you looking at her as she eats and she smiles with her mouth full of salad. It's this kind of Celestia you wanted to see.
  795. >You get your hand around her back and squeeze your cheek against hers. Both of you laugh at first but then you feel her massive wing around you that keeps you like this, cheek-to-cheek with her.
  796. >Yet again taking the initiative payed off to you. You'll definitely ask about that massage later.
  797. >Though when the time for it comes you're still unsure. Celestia moves the plates away and gets up. She walks to the window to open it a little and while she moves she stretches her body a bit.
  798. >If there is the perfect time to propose it, it's now.
  799. "You look pretty tired."
  800. >She looks back at you and freezes for a moment. But what a moment it is. Mid-stretch one of her hindlegs is far behind and her back is a bit arched, complete with her head tilting just enough for her eyes to appear a bit closed when she looks at you.
  801. >She has got to do this on purpose, because it accentuates all of her curves just right.
  802. >Just a thought of her consciously trying to get you to notice it makes you a bit dizzy.
  803. >If she's in such mood then it's all the better for you.
  804. >"Yeah, it's been a much longer day than I wanted."
  805. "You know, I can give you a massage if you want."
  806. >Celestia raises her eyebrow and that doesn't bode well.
  807. "I mean, I think it would be good for you right now, so-"
  808. >"I'd love that."
  809. >She was probably just surprised hearing that since now she's smiling.
  810. >When she sees you stand up, eager to get your hands on her, she starts walking towards the bed.
  811. >Part of you is a bit surprised this is actually going to happen but you're glad that she agreed. Makes your heart beat faster in a mix of anxiety and excitement.
  812. >She gets on and tries to get comfortable on her belly.
  813. >But when you join her you're reminded that you don't actually know the first thing about massage.
  814. >Your guess is that her shoulders, if you can call it that, are still the priority target for you. So you go squeeze them.
  815. >Celestia's apparent softness doesn't prevent you from feeling her muscles. That firmness surprises you, after all she's a pretty slender mare. In all the right places, of course.
  816. >No, now is not the time to think about it.
  817. >She closes her eyes and puts her head on the pillow, on the side to face you.
  818. >For some time you continue your motions but then you hear a giggle coming from the princess.
  819. "What's so funny?"
  820. >"Anon, you know, you don't need an excuse to touch me if you want."
  821. >That stops you right on your tracks and that makes her laugh even more.
  822. >"I'm not saying it doesn't feel good, but let's just say you could do something better with your hands."
  823. >It stings. Of course, she probably has an army of top professional massage gurus from all over Equestria to tend to her. It was silly of you to pretend you know anything about that.
  824. >Celestia, however, doesn't make fun of you.
  825. >"I mean it. If you insist on this, there's a spot that's always difficult to get with hooves. Someone like you though..."
  826. >She gets her mane out of your way with magic. Would've helped you if she did that right away. Oh well.
  827. >"It's at the base of my wings and between them." she says as she makes her wings twitch a few times. "It's hard to deal with and magic doesn't have the same feel. So if you'd be so kind..."
  828. "Of course, anything for you."
  829. >That might've been a bit over the top but Celestia nods in approval.
  830. >She does feel tense in the spot between her wings and you can see how it's a bit difficult to properly tend to that tight space with hooves.
  831. >Your hands easily squeeze the flesh when your fingers sink right in and that seems to do the trick, because a heavy sigh escapes Celestia.
  832. >"Yes, right here."
  833. >In response to your kneading motions her wings quiver a little, barely even visible to you.
  834. >You just go deeper, making wide motions between Celestia's wings. Up and down and in circles.
  835. >A few more times the princess sighs and it's obvious she really enjoys it.
  836. >Her breath makes your mind wander into dangerous depths of lewd thoughts, so the next time Celestia sighs you almost imagine it as if it's done in a sensual way.
  837. >You regret it right away since you're starting to get all bothered by it. No need for it now. Nothing sensual happening here at all.
  838. >"J-just a bit lower... Yes, right here."
  839. >That voice, hushed and restrained by pleasure outright melts your mind and you discover even more vigor in yourself.
  840. >But then you remember that she wanted you to also get the space around the wings too.
  841. >This is much more risky to you. But you won't back down, not right now.
  842. >Your hands get under Celestia's wings and you immediately find those spots she was talking about, right where the wings connect to her body.
  843. >This time her whole body shivers without her even hiding it. The wings fall to her sides as if without any power to hold them in position.
  844. >The princess never has a chance to recover because you start rubbing right away. It is then you notice how Celestia now has her hooves under the pillow and her head is rubbing against it, mouth slightly opened.
  845. >You never cease your generous groping and soon you tease her wings to open even more. They lay at her sides almost fully unfurled and the princess herself is completely relaxed.
  846. >She's straight up putty under your hands, no willpower to move a single muscle left in her.
  847. >"Mmh... Anon... I'm gonna fall asleep like that."
  848. >Her voice is weak but very satisfied. You think now is the right time to change pace and you move your hands up her back.
  849. >It's surprising how her regalia never impeded your improvised massage and you weren't about to undress her now.
  850. >So you move past it, right to her neck.
  851. >Finally the mare opens her eyes and you think she looks happy.
  852. >You keep your hand on her for a moment and then you give her a scratch right under her chin.
  853. >This makes her laugh and suddenly you feel her magic pulling you in.
  854. >She tugs at your arm and you fall on your side, on the pillow right next to her.
  855. >Celestia is inches away from you, blushing and breathing softly after your relaxing session.
  856. >"Anon, I missed you so much. I really needed this."
  857. "Me too."
  858. >Her voice is but a whisper now and that makes it extremely intimate. You can feel the hot air of it on your face and even still smell salad in it.
  859. >"Next time don't even ask, alright?"
  860. "As you wish."
  861. >"No, as YOU wish."
  862. >With that she scoots up and in one swift motion drags you to her body - with a little help of magic, of course.
  863. >Your face is right above her chest piece now but you manage to get in a comfortable position.
  864. >Celestia's hooves are around you and they pull you in for a hug.
  865. >"I know it's supposed to be all about me, since humans are summoned here for mares and not the other way around."
  866. >She starts petting your head with her hoof.
  867. >"But I know what this means to you. I've read Cadence's reports. You need me no less than I need you, Anonymous."
  868. "Of course I do."
  869. >"I feel bad for leaving you alone for so long."
  870. >She's whispering again and after that she holds you even tighter, like she's afraid you're about to leave her embrace.
  871. >"You've abandoned everything for me and I can't even be with you through the day."
  872. "Celestia, it's not that-"
  873. >"It is a big deal. Finally I get to be with you and... It's just more heartache."
  874. "I'm right here, Celly."
  875. >Suddenly she stiffens and you realize you probably fucked up with your unplanned slip.
  876. "O-or do you prefer Tia?" you try to right your wrong.
  877. >The moment of hesitation has passed and she now gets her hindleg on your side too and her head touches yours, completing her enveloping hug.
  878. >And then she whispers right to your ear:
  879. >"I'm okay with either... Nonny."
  880. >That makes you smile and you yourself take your chance to hold onto the princess.
  881. >Your hands find that spot at her wings and you feel how one on them outstretches to cover you. It's so big it's like a blanket.
  882. >"You just want to be with me, don't you? I'll find the way for us to not be separated for a whole day."
  883. "That would be great."
  884. >"It's just been one day, but imagining this for a week, a month, a decade... It's just unfair. What about when w-"
  885. >She stops, feeling like she's saying too much.
  886. "I'm happy even for this time together. But I'd like something to do in the meantime too, you know?"
  887. >"Aw, you're bored here, aren't you? The teachers are on their way, some of them just need time to move here."
  888. "You didn't pull them from actual classes, did you?"
  889. >"Oh no, I wouldn't do that."
  890. >Something in her tone doesn't make it very convincing.
  891. >"Don't you worry, Anon, we'll get you busy in no time. That reminds me, aside from you learning about our culture there's a pony very interested in yours."
  892. "Really?"
  893. >"Yes. Actually, she can teach you a lot as well. She's a bit busy at the moment but she'll be arriving in the next few days. I'm sure she won't let you get bored even for one second. She's a very... responsible pony."
  894. "I'm glad to hear that. But is there really no one to at least teach me your fancy horse runes?"
  895. >"It's a bit different from what you expect, even if our spoken language is similar."
  896. >You grumble, still thinking that it's bullshit and it's no different at all, because how different can it be?
  897. "Fine."
  898. >"Don't you worry, it will all be alright."
  899. "I know, I'm with you after all."
  900. >"That's the spirit."
  901. >You talk about other things while slowly caressing each other still in a gentle hug.
  902. >Even though Celestia wants to talk more, her tiredness takes its toll on her.
  903. >She reluctantly gets up to set the Sun and go wake up her sister.
  904. >When she's back, she immediately dives back into your arms and not even a minute later she drifts off into a peaceful slumber.
  905. >Even though you're both still clothed and it's not as intimate as it was yesterday, it's still so good to be with her.
  906. >You'll endure all the boredom in the world for this. And this is only the beginning.
  907. >You soon join the realm of dreams as well, happy that it's her who's holding you this night.
  909. >It was nice to fall asleep just like that - at the time.
  910. >In the morning though you immediately see the effect of sleeping fully clothed, without showering or at least brushing your teeth.
  911. >Thank god you have a new set of clothes waiting for you right away. Before you put them on Celestia suggest you two have breakfast together as is, and then you'll do they hygiene stuff when she's gone on her job.
  912. >She herself spends a few minutes taking cold shower before actually joining you at the table.
  913. >Pancakes again. Well, you're not complaining. It's different this time, with chocolate and pineapples.
  914. >Luna comes by just like yesterday, tired and not in a very good mood.
  915. >"New humans came to Equestria yesterday so I've seen their dreams."
  916. >That's the only comment you two get from her, but that was enough to understand that those weren't very nice dreams.
  917. >Looks like the Initiative is working full force. Somehow you forgot that this campaign isn't limited to just three people.
  918. >Cadence had daring plans about making all the lonely mares happy. Those who can't for some reason get a stallion still need love.
  919. >At least that what she said to you. You have no idea how this supposed to work and how she knows if a mare has no chance with stallions at all.
  920. >Oh well, it's not up to you to judge her. Your mission lies elsewhere.
  921. >Celestia doesn't look very happy to be separated from you, but you give her a firm hug like yesterday and promise the you'll be waiting for her.
  922. >It seems to improve her mood a bit.
  923. >But this doesn't last very long.
  924. >For the next two days it was exactly the same. On the day she goes away and you do whatever you find to do here. Trying to decode their language to read a god damn book or just nag ponies, enduring Gleam's nagging in turn.
  925. >That stallion who brings you food is quite friendly, you have a good chat. He didn't expect you to be just a regular kinda dude.
  926. >Maybe ponies just assume you're all high and mighty now that you're with Celestia?
  927. >If they think this about you it's understandable that they revere the princess and see her as completely unapproachable because of her status.
  928. >You yourself get closer to Celestia with every single day. And the more you do the more you feel her concern.
  929. >Once she's with you she doesn't let you go. At the same time she notices how you miss her.
  930. >She never says a thing but you feel reluctance in her actions sometimes. She feels guilty about you being so bored when she's away. Like it's her fault for being busy during the day.
  931. >Since your first night you've never repeated your intimate experience of naked cuddling. You can't help but think she has doubts that she should ask this of you again.
  932. >You feel bad for not bringing this up but something stops you. Maybe it's the fact that you feel so good when you're with her.
  933. >Everything just goes away as soon as you meet her. During the day you heart flutters just thinking about your eventual reunion and it gives you strength and willpower to endure.
  934. >But this obviously can't go on. It's a volatile situation and someone is bound to trigger the reaction.
  935. >Between Celestia writing to Cadence about your progress and worrying that your supposed teachers aren't coming soon enough you're sure that the princess is probably going to be the one to snap first.
  936. >You do everything you can to soothe her and it does work for now. Just as your every worry leave you when you embrace her, the same happens to her. You tell her to not worry but she doesn't need it, nothing matters to her as long as you're together.
  937. >It pains you to see that the only thing she thinks about is being with you while it's the thing she just can't get.
  938. >What a cruel irony. The princess who can have anything she desires can't have the thing she desires the most. Even getting a match she can't dedicate herself to being happy.
  939. >You even think about suggesting her taking a break for real. Can she even rule the country like that?
  940. >It must be hard to keep up with politics when all you think about is warmth of your husbando gently hugging you and telling you how much he missed you.
  941. >The feeling of being embraced and held isn't something you forgo with ease.
  942. >But somehow this only brings you closer together. The fact that you both miss each other so much does nothing but fuel this fire.
  943. >Celestia obviously wasn't oblivious to the problem even though she never admitted it. But even her patience couldn't last.
  944. >She was the first to voice her concern one evening when you were cuddling as always.
  945. >In the most cozy manner Celestia made you her little spoon and was holding you from behind.
  946. >Her hooves were at your chest and her neck was right at your head, bending just enough for her head to touch yours.
  947. >It was comfy for both of you. Her breath gently strokes the temple of your head but it's not as relaxed as it should be.
  948. "Don't worry, we'll figure something out."
  949. >You reassure her with both words and actions. You hand travels up to her head and you touch her cheek, pressing it to yours.
  950. >It is then she kisses you for the first time ever. Her lips leave a warm mark upon your head and you lose your breath for a moment.
  951. >Her voice rings closer than ever, whispering right into your ear:
  952. >"I hope so. I just want to be with you for longer than a few hours before we fall asleep."
  953. >In her embrace you feel desire to keep you close as her forelegs encircle your torso from behind and press you to her body so hard you feel her quivering.
  954. >She still feels lonely and you can't help her with that.
  955. >You stroke her tense legs that are locked around you. She deserves so much better than this. Something has to be done.
  956. >As you two drift off these thoughts still lead nowhere.
  958. >But soon this status quo is broken.
  959. >Some things you crave sometimes appear so suddenly you realize you aren't ready for them.
  960. >Celestia is taking some time off her schedule to tell you something after your usual breakfast and argument with Gleam.
  961. >"Well, Anon, I have good news and bad news for you."
  962. >You two walk to her - and your now too - favorite balcony as she delivers the important piece of info to you.
  963. >"The bad news is, both your history and language teachers are gonna be late for a few days, there are some unexpected complications with their arrivals."
  964. "They have more important stuff than princess' orders, huh?"
  965. >Even though you say it sarcastically, Celestia has a serious response for you.
  966. >"Something like that. One has fallen ill, and the other... Well, her human match has arrived yesterday."
  967. >Your brow crawls up in disbelief. Seems so unlikely that the exact same pony that has to spend time teaching you actually has a human of her own now, one of the first at that.
  968. >Amazing how things work sometimes. This mare must be really lonely in this case.
  969. >It's like a badge that confirms that you're a depressed creature in desperate need of comfort. You wonder if ponies actually see Celestia in this light now.
  970. "So this means I'm getting no cure from my boredom any time soon?"
  971. >"But that's the good news. Remember how I told you about a pony who's really interested in learning about humans?"
  972. "I think so, yeah."
  973. >"Well, that one agreed to put aside her insatiable appetite for knowledge and put your education as her first priority."
  974. "You mean she can also teach me?"
  975. >"Yes. She is extremely well educated. I trust her knowledge."
  976. >When you enter to the balcony, you see a pony already standing there, looking over Canterlot in the light of the newly raised Sun.
  977. >You immediately spot wings on her back and horn on her head. And the purple coat, sparkling in the sunlight, means you know who this pony is.
  978. >Celestia still adds, loud enough for the mare to hear:
  979. >"After all, I was the one who taught her most of it."
  980. >The pony's ears perk up and not even a second later she jumps towards you two to show you a smile of overwhelming elation.
  981. >"You're here! It's so nice to finally meet you. I'm Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's student. Well, former student."
  982. "Uh, nice to meet you."
  983. >You completely forgot about the fourth princess but now it makes so much sense for her to get involved.
  984. >"And enthusiastic as ever," adds Celestia, warm smile on her face. She seems happy to see that her protege is excited to be here.
  985. >"Of course I am, a chance to learn about something like a completely alien culture is-"
  986. >She stops when she sees Celestia tilting her head. That makes her correct herself:
  987. >"I mean, a chance to do it after teaching you everything about this place, of course."
  988. >"Good to see you remember why you're here, Twilight."
  989. >Celestia being so strict and cautious with the purple princess of all ponies doesn't seem normal to you. Though Twilight herself doesn't bat an eye.
  990. >"We'll start right away if you don't mind."
  991. "Of course."
  992. >It beats patrolling the castle and sleeping out of boredom like you usually do.
  993. >"I'm glad that's settled," Celestia nods in approval. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go. Have fun."
  994. >"Thank you, princess, I won't let you down!"
  995. >Celestia nods to you and you answer with the same gesture. She doesn't seem too happy leaving you now but what can you do.
  996. >And now you're left with a pony that seems to be obsessed with you, seeing how she looks at you with glee.
  997. "I-"
  998. >"We'll start now, alright? I had no time to prepare but I still managed to plan things out, we'll start with something simple and go from there, sounds good?"
  999. >She blurt it out so fast you don't even want to say anything anymore.
  1000. "Sure."
  1001. >"Great. Now follow me."
  1002. >Holding her head high, Twilight marches into the castle and you drag your feet behind her.
  1003. >Something tells you that you should've been careful with what you wished for.
  1005. >You dive right into it. Twilight wastes no time and as soon as you get seated in the library she starts with her language course.
  1006. >You're pleasantly surprised by her written English. It's obvious she's been studying your language.
  1007. >When you ask her how she managed that she seems a bit bashful about it.
  1008. >"Cadence wasn't happy about giving me things from your world but I've been careful. It's just your culture I'm after, don't worry. No questions about technology or weapons and such, I promise."
  1009. >It seems others are cautious about her eagerness. You can see how someone like Twilight could easily dig up something dangerous if given enough freedom to dig.
  1010. >But again, she doesn't seem to mind. Right now, she's completely absorbed in teaching you the basics of pony caligraphy.
  1011. >It's not easy for you to learn the theory and practice writing at the same time. But as time goes on you start to understand how Twilight teaches things.
  1012. >Learn and apply right away. This method is too fast for you but you try to catch up.
  1013. >She finds it hard to not help you when you fail to write the runes the right way, instead she patiently explains why your technique is wrong.
  1014. >At least for some time she's fine with just doing that. After you fail to write one thing for the fifth time her patience runs out.
  1015. >"No, you have to... Ugh, let me just... See?"
  1016. >You feel her magic aura enveloping your hand and guiding you through the motion, swift and precise.
  1017. >Before you know it a perfectly inked pony rune is before you, so beautiful among your ugly scribbles.
  1018. >You're amazed by this being so easy but Twilight blushes deeply and apologizes right away.
  1019. "What's wrong? This is great."
  1020. >"No! I mean, yes, I just... I'm not really supposed to touch you."
  1021. "What do you mean?"
  1022. >She looks across the library like she's trying to find something that would save her but soon she just sighs and explains it how it is.
  1023. >"Part of the deal was zero tactile contact with you, physical or magical. That's on top of rule of teaching you first and satisfying my curiosity second."
  1024. "Why would Celestia prohibit that?"
  1025. >"It wasn't her, it was Cadence."
  1026. "That's even more strange."
  1027. >"Is it? I mean, I understand where she's coming from, I'm way into this human thing and sometimes I can get caught up in my obsessions."
  1028. "This still doesn't make much sense. Is she afraid you'll-"
  1029. >A sudden thought makes you shut up before you say something unneeded. But Twilight understands right away what you're trying to say.
  1030. >"I am here to help princess Celestia. Nothing more, alright? My own business can wait. Now let's get back to learning how to read and write."
  1031. >This conversation knocked you right out of your learning mood and it took you some time to regain your concentration. Twilight was the same, moving much slower now.
  1032. >Shouldn't have asked. It was stupid of you to question her even if it sounds bizarre. A no-touch rule? Why so specific?
  1033. >But soon the flow returns to you both and before you know it you're moving as fast as ever.
  1034. >Twilight spices up lessons in technique with some trivia on language as a whole and on how these runes came to be in the first place.
  1035. >You really doubt you'd get this kind of information anywhere else, from any other pony.
  1036. >She also demonstrates impecable knowledge of your own language, comparing the runes to your letters and pointing out similarities, which really helps you with learning.
  1037. >It doesn't stop there. When you two go to get lunch she uses your brief intermission to talk about the castle and its history a bit.
  1038. >She's like a bottomless well of knowledge.
  1039. >Ponies know Twilight well and they are very friendly to her. Which is a relief to you since you're still not on a very good terms with most of the castle's staff.
  1040. >They won't dare to glare at you with a princess at your side.
  1041. >You eat together in one of the castle's gardens.
  1042. >"It was my favorite spots to take a break when I was studying here. Me and princess Celestia used to sit here just like this, talking about magic and ancient history and stuff like that."
  1043. "You miss that, don't you?"
  1044. >Twilight smirks but her eyes are already hazy with nostalgia.
  1045. >"Sometimes I do. It was a simpler time."
  1046. >After some time spent eating in silence she speaks up in a much more warmer tone.
  1047. >"You know, back in the day I was dreaming about teaching somepony just like princess Celestia. You could say it was a fantasy of mine."
  1048. >You can't say for sure but you think she blushes a little upon revealing this to you.
  1049. >"I used to imagine I'd bring my student here for lunch too. And I'd tell them that I've been fantasizing about it since I was a filly."
  1050. "So... Exactly what you're doing right now?"
  1051. >"Yes," she laughs. "You could say that dream came true. Though I've never expected my student to be a human. And you're not really my student, I'm just stepping in because your real teachers are late."
  1052. "I heard one of them got their match."
  1053. >"Yeah. Crazy how small Equestria really is. Or take me for example, ever since I've started helping Cadence's Initiative I wanted to meet a human myself, and soon I learn that one is right next to me, in Canterlot."
  1054. "Where are the other two now?"
  1055. >"In some remote villages. It would be a fuss to travel there for a lot of reasons, but here... I can just teleport here and that's that. It's amazing."
  1056. "What about your own match?"
  1057. >"My own?"
  1058. >Now she definitely is blushing.
  1059. >"I-I don't have one. Cadence prioritizes those who need it the most, I don't think I'm one of them. At least I'd imagine so. I'm not THAT desperate."
  1060. >A mare who needs specific restrictions by other princesses to not even touch a human - not desperate?
  1061. >But you won't say something like that aloud.
  1062. >"It's like a social mark, you know? When you get a match, ponies start imagining things about you. But at the same time it breeds jealousy."
  1063. "How so?"
  1064. >"Those who have a match are destined to be happy. Others looks at them and go, why can't I be happy like that? Am I not good enough? Am I not lonely enough? You know, even though Cadence uses a spell to determine who needs it the most, you can't exactly measure loneliness."
  1065. "I guess."
  1066. >"You can't be more lonely or less lonely. You're just lonely."
  1067. >Both of you fall quiet for some time, finishing your meals. But Twilight doesn't want to let go of this topic.
  1068. >"I can't believe Celestia got matched. Of all ponies..."
  1069. "You never thought she was like this?"
  1070. >"I tried not to think about it. But now I don't even know what to think. Do you even have time together?"
  1071. "We have evenings but that's about it."
  1072. >Twilight looks sad. She's thinking about something but then just shakes her head.
  1073. >"Alright, the break is over, let's get back to it."
  1074. >Despite your conversation taking this turn you still feel invigorated when you return to the library.
  1075. >It was empty throughout the day and having it all to yourself was pretty neat, you could talk however you like and sometimes your conversations got pretty heated.
  1076. >You did remind each other that this is a library so in the end you managed to keep it quiet most of the time.
  1077. >And in the end you never even noticed how the day was done. It was the sun princess herself that brought you both to reality.
  1078. >"My, somepony is having fun," she said walking in on Twilight telling you a historical anecdote.
  1079. >Twilight scrambles to pack her books and notes as if she's not supposed to be here.
  1080. >"Princess! I'm sorry, I never noticed it was this late already, I'll-"
  1081. >"It's alright, Twilight, no need to hurry."
  1082. >"Ah, Anon, sorry, we'll continue tomorrow, see you later, bye!"
  1083. >With that she teleports away, not even giving you a chance to say your own goodbye.
  1084. "What's gotten into her?"
  1085. >"Who knows? She's taking our deal seriously, it seems."
  1086. >The princess sounds a bit unnerved and you don't like the implications of that, not one bit.
  1087. >"Shall we return to our chambers, Anon?"
  1088. >When she's talking to you she's the same sweet pony like usual. Maybe you're imagining things?
  1089. >Celestia cuddles you extra hard today. You can't shake the feeling that something is wrong.
  1090. >The same thing repeats the next day. It plays out exactly the same. She's too cold when Twilight is around, while Twilight herself tries to avoid Celestia at all costs and not get in her way.
  1091. >You have to confront her about it. But first, you ask Twilight if she noticed that.
  1092. >"Me? No, why would I? No, no."
  1093. "Twilight, I'm just trying to help Celestia. If you know anything, just tell me."
  1094. >"Well, it could possibly be that... Well, no I don't think this is the case, but... Theoretically, there is a possibility that-"
  1095. "Just spit it out."
  1096. >"She might be jealous."
  1097. "What?"
  1098. >You sound shocked but you realize that it's because it's the same conclusion you arrived to. You just didn't want to think about it, just like Twilight.
  1099. >"Look, I'm not saying that I know for sure but without consulting with Cadence it's the only thing I can imagine. We spend the whole day together, Anon. We eat lunch together. We sit close, we talk, we laugh, and that's all day long."
  1100. "This can't be right, Twilight. Celestia isn't petty like that."
  1101. >"I hope she isn't. But you're right. I didn't want to admit it, but she does seem a bit off lately. A bit... Colder. You know?"
  1102. "Not when she's alone with me, that's the thing."
  1103. >"So it really is me who's the root of the problem here."
  1104. "Don't say it that way, you're just teaching me things."
  1105. >"I've been thinking about this anyway. And I think I have an idea how to make this better."
  1106. "You do?"
  1107. >"I just need time to formulate the plan and set it in motion. Right now I'll try not to push this even farther and you'll have to be extra cuddly with her."
  1108. "W-what?"
  1109. >"Oh, come on, you know what I mean. Don't pretend you're not close enough to sleep together."
  1110. >This coming from Twilight made it a bit awkward for some reason. Like you're caught in the act. She giggles at your shy reaction.
  1111. >"Just make sure she's fine, alright?"
  1112. "I would either way."
  1113. >"Thank you."
  1114. >It goes without saying that you try to make it happen. This time Twilight is out of sight as soon as Celestia even approaches and both you and the Sun princess proceed to your room for dinner.
  1115. >As soon as the door behind you closes you immediately grab Celestia's neck and drag her to you.
  1116. >A few days before you wouldn't expect anything to happen when you do this. But right now you figured she'd react in some way. And she does.
  1117. >Like she's been waiting for you to do this, Celestia gets you in a tight grip, forelegs locking behind your back. She is left standing on just her hind legs right now.
  1118. >Her head is on your shoulder and you feel her shutting her eyes tight as she keeps you close.
  1119. >"Anon, I missed you so much."
  1120. >She says it every single day. But today it's so filled with regret, so remorseful and sad you can't help but hug her tighter.
  1121. >You wish to find a way to get her even close but that's physically impossible.
  1122. "I missed you too."
  1123. >Her weight is really pleasant and warm on you as she hangs her body on yours, struggling for balance, moving her back legs to make her stance more stable.
  1124. >She knows you'll support her like that. You're happy to prove her right.
  1125. >You just want her to feel good, happy that she's here. The thought about her being jealous is killing you inside.
  1126. >There is no place for negativity here. She should be free of it, now is her time to be happy without looking back.
  1127. >Twilight better come through with her plan to make it all better. In the meantime it's up to you to calm the princess down.
  1128. >You motion her towards the bed and she lets you go, reluctantly, to get on it.
  1129. >Fuck the food, there are more important matters to settle here.
  1130. "I'm here now, relax."
  1131. >As soon as your body touches the sheets the princess drags you to her with magic, propping your body up just enough to get you right between her legs.
  1132. >You are locked, attached to her now, and you return the affectionate gesture by hugging her too.
  1133. "Celestia..."
  1134. >She reacts to you calling her and your faces are now on the level.
  1135. >You free your arms just enough so you can touch her cheeks. Her muzzle is right there between your palms. So cute and warm.
  1136. >She doesn't object to you caressing it as you put her mane aside so you can see both of her eyes clearly.
  1137. >And she closes them when you bring her head to you and plant a kiss right on her forehead, and then a second one lower, near her nose.
  1138. >You planned on just doing that, however her eyes are still closed. But her mouth opens and she sighs sweetly, moving her head towards you.
  1139. >She expects a third kiss. The ultimate kiss to complete your show of affection.
  1140. >And, to be honest, on any other day you'd hesitate, thinking that it's too soon. But not today.
  1141. >If this helps her feel better, you'll cast aside all your doubts. It shall be done.
  1142. >Your lips touch hers. A gentle, soft sensation that lacks the burning passion of lust - just desire to feel your warmth.
  1143. >It doesn't escalate past that. Just a taste of you that she longed for perhaps longer than she's willing to admit.
  1144. >You breathe the air she exhales as her breath gets a bit heavier. And she does the same with yours. Your lips are locked and even though you don't do much you still rub them against each other a little.
  1145. >This lazy but extremely sensual kiss makes you dizzy. It's probably also breathing the same air as she breathes out, hot and stale - but hers.
  1146. >When it ends, she slowly pulls you to her neck, completing the embrace once again.
  1147. >No words as said. None are needed. You crossed a line today that you were afraid to even think about before. And now you see that she wanted it no less than you.
  1148. >You want to give her as much affection as possible. And at the same time you crave hers as well. You never realized how much you really need it. Maybe she also didn't.
  1149. >If she does now just like you do, this means the situation will only get more dire from now on. It made it better right now but tomorrow? What if it leaves a hole in hear heart even larger than it was before?
  1150. >It was such a desperate move. But it's impossible to know what it means for you in the future, so there's no use thinking about it.
  1151. >Celestia seem to agree with you as you hear light snoring coming from her.
  1152. >For some time you're content to stay like that but you can't fall asleep.
  1153. >You free yourself of her grasp to go to the bathroom and on your way there you see Twilight.
  1154. >She nods to you and you notice that she's on her way to Luna's chambers. Maybe she wants to wake her up in Celestia's stead?
  1155. >But on your way back your curiosity gets the better of you and you take a detour towards Luna's abode. You hear her voice from beyond the closed door. And then Twilight's.
  1156. >They are discussing something in a serious manner.
  1157. >You hear Celestia's name. Maybe Twilight is discussing her situation with Luna?
  1158. >It gives you hope and you decide against listening more.
  1159. >Before you get into bed you grab your food and eat at least some of it. Celestia's gonna regret not having dinner later but you're not about to wake her up.
  1160. >How tired is she if she falls asleep as soon as she touches the pillow? The poor pony needs some time off. You'll ask Twilight about it tomorrow.
  1161. >It's nice that you have an ally in this now. Maybe with Twilight's help you can make things work.
  1162. >Celestia is still snoring peacefully when you return. You hug your princess tenderly and her hooves find their way around you yet again.
  1163. >Stroking her mane you relax too and soon the sleep takes you as well, banishing all ill thoughts from your tired mind.
  1165. >Waking up and getting out of bed was brutal.
  1166. >You don't think you've ever seen Celestia so attached to you before.
  1167. >As before you hold her big horsey head right at yours and you gently pet her while she sighs and coos at your ear.
  1168. >After this night how can you ever allow her to leave your side? The kiss you shared lingers on your lips still. It might be your most desperate moment so far too.
  1169. >The princess gives voice to your thoughts, confirming that she feels the same.
  1170. >"I don't want to go..."
  1171. >You kiss her a lot. Her cheek, her temple, her ear, all while your hand caresses the other side of her pretty muzzle.
  1172. >Then her lips find that hand and she kisses it too, returning affection, making sure that you know she enjoys it.
  1173. >That notion is only reinforced by her hoof trailing your back up and down.
  1174. "Don't leave."
  1175. >Celestia brings you closer in a tight hug when she hears sadness in your voice.
  1176. >But the Sun must rise after all. When you're with the mare who makes things like "day" and "Equestria" happen what can you do?
  1177. >Well, you can complain to other mares of power. And the first one on your not so long list is...
  1178. >Is not even present at the breakfast. Maybe she wants to give Celestia space or feels guilty than she's messing with your already short time together?
  1179. >Whatever it is, Twilight isn't there to eat Celestia's pancakes, which actually saddens her a bit. Luna arrives as usual and this time she comments on your fabulous white-purple dress-coat.
  1180. >Gee, who made this one you wonder.
  1181. >First reaction you've ever got out of princesses. Gleam is really holding off on those "ridiculous" designs but it seems she's going to get you into them sooner or later.
  1182. >It was hard to say goodbye to Celestia but it only made you more determined.
  1183. >Not even a minute after the Sun princess leaves you're blinded by a flash of light - you were looking at the door Celestia walked out of and were lost in thought.
  1184. >Twilight appears in front of you and you read a similar determined expression on her face.
  1185. >With that expression she doesn't waste even a second sitting down and digging into her pancake breakfast.
  1186. >"I'm sorry I'm late but I had some important business to tend to. Thankfully, princess Celestia seems in a better mood today... Ooh, blackberries today? That's also good."
  1187. >She notices you staring at her and flicks her ear.
  1188. >"Did something happen last night?"
  1189. "I'm not sure."
  1190. >"Right."
  1191. >She tries not to speak with her mouth full but she can't keep from talking either, so she tries to gobble her food as fast as possible like she's in a hurry.
  1192. >"So I think we'll have something figured out by the end of this day. We'll proceed as normal for now. Until our special guest arrives we can't set this in motion anyway."
  1193. "Special guest?"
  1194. >"Yes. I asked Cadence to pay a visit to princess Celestia."
  1195. "That's pretty big."
  1196. >"I guess? She wanted to check up on you two anyway so I didn't exactly have to convince her to go."
  1197. "What do you have in mind?"
  1198. >"It's a work in progress, we'll figure out the details later. I'm thinking that what princess Celestia needs right now is time. So we're going to give it to her."
  1199. "You mean free time?"
  1200. >"Yes. To be with you."
  1201. "But how-"
  1202. >"That's what we want to figure out. Me, Cadence and princess Luna need to work together to make this happen."
  1203. "They'll help, right?"
  1204. >Twilight grins jauntily wiping her mouth with a napkin.
  1205. >"Of course! Princess Luna is concerned as well, Cadence will surely see how uneasy princess Celestia is, I'm sure they'll agree with me."
  1206. "That would be great."
  1207. >"Besides, I think you need it too."
  1208. "Is it that obvious?"
  1209. >"Kinda, yeah. So this is gonna be great! Now come on, we've got work to do."
  1210. >Hard to go on as usual with Twilight's enthusiasm rubbing off on you, but you manage. The day moves past you so fast you don't even notice it.
  1211. >The usual pace is broken by doors to the library opening all of a sudden. Cadence has arrived to greet Twilight and she knew exactly where to find her.
  1212. >"Anonymous, it's so nice to see you too!" she walks towards you, still hesitant to hug you when she remembers your initial reactions to that in the early days.
  1213. >You exchange warm greetings instead and you feel something in your throat, a lump of emotions, when you watch Cadence.
  1214. >This can't be right, but it almost feels like nostalgia. Like meeting an old friend from your past.
  1215. >She was there for you when you arrived here so maybe you see her as something really special. She's been your anchor in this world, keeping you from going insane from self-perpetuating shock of your shifted understanding of reality.
  1216. >Cadence is confused when she sees you approaching while visibly trying to suppress tears.
  1217. >But not even a moment later she understands everything. The princess takes a step towards you and accepts your awkward hug. The first one you have ever given her.
  1218. >Cadence nods to you, acknowledging your progress. It was your way of thanking her and she gets that.
  1219. >"The day is almost done now," she notes. "We should go see Celestia right now before she finds one last thing to do before sunset, you know how she is."
  1220. >You don't quite get what she's saying but you're pretty sure she needs only Twilight to go with her. And it's confirmed by the purple princess herself.
  1221. >"Anon, we're done for today then. We'll go see princess Celestia now and when princess Luna wakes up we'll talk to her."
  1222. >The wait was hard but you're sure it was worth it. In the end you don't spend much time alone when you realize that the Sun princess is already here - you hear her usual hoofsteps way before her shift is over.
  1223. >She enters with a confused expression. One that you intend to wipe away as soon as possible.
  1224. >Of course when you hug her and stroke her neck a few times she relaxes right away. But that's not enough anymore, is it?
  1225. >You've pushed the boundaries and she doesn't need to hesitate anymore.
  1226. >Just when you let go of her she leans to you, following your motion, and swiftly touches your lips with hers.
  1227. >Once again it's a soft and very tender, innocent kiss of appreciation and warmth, not passion and desire.
  1228. >It still makes you cup her cheek and trace the outline of her ear with your finger, to which she responds with a heavy breath that goes straight in your mouth.
  1229. >Now it's hot and it makes you both a bit uneasy. Your lips part but they are still right at each other and your breathing still mixes in the air between you. A perfect shared space where you experience each other more intimately that ever before.
  1230. >This new game of yours is so captivating it makes you both smile, and the more you smile and see each other smile, the more it makes you smile.
  1231. >Pressing your nose to hers and barely even touching lips you gaze into her gorgeous magenta eyes and you feel like you could do that forever.
  1232. >This feeling that you can't even grasp makes your heart ache with warmth that pools inside of you and begs for release, but you don't know how to do it, how to deal with this.
  1233. >But it wasn't long until you were free from this trance - the door opens and you see princess Cadence giddily walking in.
  1234. >Even though you and Celestia break your contact right away the princess of love still gets a short glance at what you're doing and now she's beaming with energy even more, but also in a smug way.
  1235. >Seems like she likes what she's seeing.
  1236. >"I am sorry for interrupting but I'd like to borrow Celestia just for a moment."
  1237. "Uh, sure..."
  1238. >"Luna is already up so we'd like to discuss your day-offs, princess."
  1239. >You turn your head ever so slightly to see how Celestia reacts and you're not really surprised to see that she's a bit flustered by this whole situation.
  1240. >Still, she manages to regain her composure and answer in her usual calm way:
  1241. >"Of course, let's go."
  1242. >You now realize this is the first sentence Celestia even said this whole time. From the moment she has returned to you to Cadence's intrusion you never felt the need to even say anything.
  1243. >It's fascinating to you. And for this time you're actually relieved that Celestia is away for some time - you need to deal with those sudden feelings that almost overwhelmed you.
  1244. >No, it's not nearly the first time you've felt that, just the first time it's so intense.
  1245. >It was almost suffocating you but you couldn't look away, move your eyes away from hers. It's like magic, real magic that you could feel.
  1246. >Is it because Cadence is here or something? Or maybe it's the kiss.
  1247. >It's probably the kiss, isn't it? Looks like in your attempt to temporary soothe your princess you opened a can of something completely different right in your face.
  1248. >Your thoughts made you lose track of time and soon you remember that you wanted to go eavesdrop on the princess' gathering.
  1249. >How do you call a princess gathered together? You faintly remember that a group of unicorns is called a blessing, but you had no idea how to call a gathering of alicorns or princesses.
  1250. >And now you're getting sidetracked again. As soon as you set out to go listen to them, the door opens wide and princess Celestia enters alone.
  1251. >She doesn't look very happy.
  1252. "So... How was it?"
  1253. >"It's complicated."
  1254. >The princess sighs and goes towards the bed. You are already there to support her.
  1255. >For now she just sits on it in quite a weird, almost human-like pose and you join her, never taking your eyes off her.
  1256. >"They are eager to let me go for three days. They are also well prepared for it, I'll give them that."
  1257. "You mean they'll replace you or something?"
  1258. >"Both Twilight and Luna want to stand in for me. Twilight has it all planned out - no surprise there - and Luna feels a lot more confident in her ability to handle my duties now, after our... Well, forced switching."
  1259. "So that means you approved of it, right?"
  1260. >"I guess I did."
  1261. >After her sigh you don't feel like she's very happy with it.
  1262. "What's wrong then?"
  1263. >"I'm not sure. It just doesn't feel right. It feels like cheating somehow."
  1264. "How so?"
  1265. >"Well, on my own I couldn't have done it."
  1266. "There's nothing wrong with getting some help."
  1267. >"I just... I feel like an idiot. Like I was missing something and they had to step in and show me something that was right in front of my eyes, like I was blind to something obvious this whole time."
  1268. >You touch her shoulder and she doesn't really react, just stares somewhere down.
  1269. "Come on, it's nothing like that. I wouldn't take you of all ponies to be a bitter type."
  1270. >"I'm sorry to disappoint you then."
  1271. >That hurts you. More than you expected.
  1272. "Celestia, seriously, stop. Aren't you happy we're going to spend time together?"
  1273. >"I am, but...but..."
  1274. >She suddenly looks at you and touches your arms with her hooves, piercing your head with her inquisitive stare.
  1275. >"Am I doing something wrong, Anon? I should've cleared my schedule on my own without them having to do it, right? Am I this bad at this that I can't see these obvious things?"
  1276. "What are you even-"
  1277. >"I'm missing something else, aren't I? There's a lot of things I should've done by now and I don't even know it, I couldn't see it. What else am I missing?"
  1278. "I have no idea what you're talking about but please, calm down."
  1279. >When she feels your hands on her forelegs her worrying stare subsides and she looks away, almost in shame.
  1280. "You've done nothing wrong so far. I mean, there's nothing I dislike about how we spend our time together or how you treat me."
  1281. >"Is that really so?"
  1282. "Yes, I swear. You make me happy. Like nothing else ever made me feel."
  1283. >"I... Well..."
  1284. >Now she's just confused, but not in a worrying way. It's more cute than anything, really.
  1285. "Please, can we just forget about everything and enjoy our time together?"
  1286. >"I guess. I guess we can do that."
  1287. "Good. Don't worry about this. They aren't helping you because you can't help yourself, they just want you to stop worrying about it."
  1288. >"You think so? Cadence got really emotional when she explained why I need this and I feel like it's something I should've done already, you know?"
  1289. "If you were the one dropping all your responsibilities for me it would just worry you even more, like you're doing something selfish. But now you know that your responsibilities are in the right ha- hooves and you can relax."
  1290. >"Maybe you're right. It's a chance I shouldn't miss."
  1291. >Gently you press her hooves to your shoulders since she still holds you. Celestia finally gives you a meek smile.
  1292. >"And Anon?"
  1293. "Yeah?"
  1294. >"You make me happy too."
  1296. >Not even the calming warmth of an early morning shower eases your tension.
  1297. >Celestia has gone to check on the others in her throne room, just to make sure everything is fine.
  1298. >It can possibly mean that she's going to worry about it during her time with you and you really wouldn't want that.
  1299. >The princesses specifically designed this to be as worry-free as possible for Celestia.
  1300. >But your guess is that's where you come in too.
  1301. >With you, the Sun princess should feel just right. You wish for her safe return without any worry on her mind.
  1302. >You're done with your shower shortly and as you leave it (adorned in another type of coat-dress Gleam just couldn't resist giving you, this time it's a dark-green one) you see the door on the other side of the corridor open.
  1303. >The princess moves to you and you see hurry in her steps, like she can't wait to get out of there to walk with you.
  1304. >It subsides soon enough, she probably realizes it was obvious, but her attempts to hide her glee are for naught now.
  1305. >"Well, they've kicked me out," she says with resignation in her voice.
  1306. >She is relieved, there's no denying it, even if she does try to hide it.
  1307. >That won't do. She's in your hands now and you won't stand for that.
  1308. >Wasting not time you put your arm around her neck and it makes her smile.
  1309. "Let's go then."
  1310. >To your room it is - for now.
  1311. >You don't really have a plan for this and you don't know if she does.
  1312. >No worries, you'll figure it out soon.
  1313. >When the door closes behind you it finally becomes official: Celestia's little vacation has finally started.
  1314. >It didn't come easy for her it seems. The princess states right away:
  1315. >"Anon, I have to apologize but this sudden change has come so soon I had no time to prepare for it."
  1316. "It's alright."
  1317. >"I mean honestly, I have made no plans and I have no idea what we should do."
  1318. "Yeah, it's alright."
  1319. >"But..."
  1320. >She can't find the right words to voice what burdens her mind so instead she just looks at you as if she's asking for forgiveness.
  1321. "Celestia, the last thing I want is to see you worried. We should just relax. Isn't this why you're here, why this whole thing was organized in the first place?"
  1322. >"Well, yes. I guess you're right. I just feel a bit bad that I don't really know what to do. Some princess I am..."
  1323. >This is over the line.
  1324. >You come closer to her but she doesn't look at you. Instead her eyes are glued to the mirror where she sees herself, helpless before the undeniably brutal challenge of having to spend days doing whatever she wants to.
  1325. >But you, on the other hand, know exactly what needs to be done.
  1326. "Well, what if you weren't a princess?"
  1327. >"Huh?"
  1328. >You stand right next to her and you look in the mirror together.
  1329. "What if you were just a pony? A little pony who has free time to spend with her match."
  1330. >"I'm not even that little."
  1331. "Yes you are, you only technically bigger than me because of your horn. You're a little silly cute pony, Celestia."
  1332. >"Oh yeah?" she smirks, still looking in the mirror, but at you this time. "I don't recall little ponies being this tall and wearing all this princess stuff on them."
  1333. "So that's the problem, huh?"
  1334. >You don't waste even a second in hesitation - you know she won't stop your little game.
  1335. >Watching Celestia's reaction you reach to her neck piece - still no idea how it's called - and pull it up.
  1336. >It's surprisingly heavy. The poor mare is wearing this all the time? No wonder she can get so grumpy.
  1337. >Her smirk never leaves her face. She watches your motions with curiosity but also with delight.
  1338. >You set her golden horse collar on the vanity, just near the mirror.
  1339. "Feel better?"
  1340. >"A little, yes. But do you really think this way?"
  1341. >She looks deep into your eyes and you feel, yet again, that swirling vertigo inside of you.
  1342. "You're not only a princess to me, if that's what you mean."
  1343. >"So then... One more thing."
  1344. >Celestia lowers her head before you without hiding a smile. She closes her eyes in acceptance.
  1345. >Her horn almost touches your shoulder. The princes is bowing to you.
  1346. >No, it's not just a simple bow. You understand her intention right away and touch her crown.
  1347. >Off it goes. The princess is no more. Before you stands just Celestia, resigned and surrendered.
  1348. >She looks happy.
  1349. >The crown goes right next to the mare's yoke and its shine is so distant now. Celestia herself shines way brighter right now, radiating confidence and warmth.
  1350. >She is content. Her fate is sealed by you. Maybe it's refreshing for her to let someone else decide for her. All the more proof that she likes it when you take reigns and make decisive moves.
  1351. >Well then she's in luck.
  1352. >"Anon, I think you're-"
  1353. "I'm not done, Celestia."
  1354. >"What do you mean?"
  1355. "These have to go too."
  1356. >Just as swiftly as you acted before, deliberate and precise, you get on your knees before Celestia, not even inches away from her.
  1357. >She gasps but it's already too late. You reach out and grab her foreleg. Your grip is just as sensual as it is firm.
  1358. >On your knees, bent before her majestic figure you support her fetlock with one hand while other frees her hoof from her golden horseshoe.
  1359. >It comes off easily, which you're grateful for, since it would be extremely awkward if this plan wouldn't work because of something as trivial as her hoofwear being secure.
  1360. >But you've seen her easily putting these on, so you figured they come off just as easily; your bet payed off. Now your hand slides down Celestia's foreleg, caressing it.
  1361. >The metal is gone and the princess' pristine hoof is in your palm right now, supported by your other hand.
  1362. >"A-anon..."
  1363. >If she's confused and flustered right now, you can imagine what happens to her when your give her leg a gentle stroke. Down from her hock to her hoof - and under it.
  1364. >Without looking upwards at Celestia you carefully put her leg down and immediately repeat the same procedure with the second one.
  1365. >When you're done you finally look at her and you see a fierce blush on her cheeks that look even puffier when you look at her from her chest height.
  1366. >It crosses your mind that this is how regular ponies look at her. Though you doubt many get this close.
  1367. >You feel the heat her chest radiates and you can faintly smell her coat conditioner. Her mane is also really close, waves of its ethereal glow passing right at your side.
  1368. >You both know what happens next. You just have no idea how to do it.
  1369. "Celestia, if you would..."
  1370. >This is enough for her. She passes near you and her mane brushes across your face, leaving its aroma hanging in the air.
  1371. >Celestia gets on the bed. But only so much - her hind legs are hanging down, just within your reach when you turn around to face the princess.
  1372. >It is in this moment you see how amazing her legs really are. They are slender and long, curving beautifully, but also getting a bit fuller right at her thighs. Now that she's on the bed with her butt up it's extremely obvious that her form is rather curvy in the place where it counts.
  1373. >You're having hard time tearing your eyes off of an asset like that and this doesn't get past Celestia's attention.
  1374. >But you don't linger long enough. Your target is no less intimate than staring at the princess' cutiemark.
  1375. >Again, you remove her horseshoes in a rather sensual manner, feeling her legs in all their glory. You're pleasantly surprised to feel some softness in them. Just how perfect can this mare get?
  1376. >You want to touch up more. That wouldn't be inappropriate, right? To caress Celestia's legs some more. You want to kiss them. Her hocks, her fetlocks, her hooves, all of it.
  1377. >Before this pushes out all other thoughts you manage to snap out of it.
  1378. >Celestia is smiling and her wry smile tells you that she's reading you like an open book.
  1379. >But that also means that she's not exactly against it? You guess?
  1380. "There you go."
  1381. >You finally get up and stand right above the horse that's lying seductively right before you, just one sheet dive away from getting cuddled and kissed all over.
  1382. "Now you're just a little pony."
  1383. >"I am at your mercy."
  1384. >Whoa, where did that playful tone come from? But that's just what you need right now.
  1385. "Are you now? Well, do you know what little ponies get?"
  1386. >"What would that be?"
  1387. >You fall onto the bed right next to Celestia and your tackle her in the next second, pressing your lips to her neck.
  1388. >And your arms fall right on her side, motioning her to roll on her back.
  1389. >As soon as Celestia complies, wishing to partake in your game, she gasps and giggles because your fingers now roam her chest and belly freely.
  1390. >From digging her coat with your fingers to caressing it by your flat palm you give every inch of her pony tummy attention it deserves.
  1391. >Celestia can't stop giggling and soon she can't help but wriggle as well. That's when you get your other arm around her neck to hold her.
  1392. >The mare's hindlegs curl as they bounce up and down when she can't decide if she wants to relax or tense up. You keep her in constant motion and she loves it.
  1393. >You've never seen this pony so happy before. Maybe she wasn't taking you seriously when you said that she's just a pony to you, but you were in fact stating the truth the way you see it.
  1394. >You figured her out. Just like lions and panthers look intimidating and big, Celestia towers over ponies. But just like lions and panthers are just big cats, Celestia is like a big pony. A big little pony. A filly that's a few times larger than an actual filly.
  1395. >And this filly hasn't been played with for centuries.
  1396. >As soon as this understanding dawns on you it all becomes so clear. Her desires, her fears, it's all not unlike any other pony.
  1397. >And so you'll treat her like that - the way she hasn't been treated, well, ever.
  1398. >The first thing you find out is that this giant filly absolutely adores belly rubs.
  1399. >Celestia is outright writhing under your touch, legs thrown apart, happy laughter ringing like the sweetest music in your ears.
  1400. >Good, this is the princess you love to see.
  1401. >This is Celestia you...
  1402. >You love?
  1403. >This unexpected suspicion hits you so hard you manage to stop with your motions.
  1404. >Celestia doesn't mind though, she looks exhausted and she's panting heavily. She's even sweating a bit.
  1405. >"Oh, Anon, if that's your plan for-"
  1406. >She doesn't get a say in this.
  1407. >That's it.
  1408. >You're diving in her coat, straight under her chest. It's time for your finishing move.
  1409. >She really didn't expect you blowing raspberry on her tender alicorn tummy and it throws her into another fit of happy laughter with a little jolly squeals this time.
  1410. >When you stop she doesn't let you go. Her hooves gently lay upon your head and you keep it there, kissing her instead.
  1411. >Her stomach goes up and down as she tries to restore her lost breath. When you press your cheek to her coat you feel her heart beating way faster than usual.
  1412. >Such exhilaration over something this simple is what you wanted to see.
  1413. >It keeps you off your thoughts too. It's too scary to think about it now. Even thought it's so stupid to not face it.
  1414. >Yes, it's so much better to pretend to be oblivious to your feelings about the mare you're matched with. This surely is the right way to do this whole husbando thing.
  1415. >Whatever. Not right now. Not when you keep the mood so innocent and lighthearted.
  1416. >Now you're just nuzzling her with your hands around her barrel and she strokes your head still holding you close with her bare hoof.
  1417. >"I guess that's one way to start a day."
  1418. "I don't mind continuing it like that too."
  1419. >A hearty laugh makes her belly tremble and you borrow your nose even deeper while also catching the hairs of her coat with your lips to give her another kiss.
  1420. >"I wouldn't want you to just tend to me without letting me do the same."
  1421. "I'm not against that either."
  1422. >"Are you sure it's fine just like that?"
  1423. "Why not?"
  1424. >"Well, I mean, we have all this time to get to know each other.'
  1425. "We already do that."
  1426. >"I mean more than we do now. You know, we don't exactly spend much time talking to each other."
  1427. >She tugs at your shoulder and you follow her, positioning yourself for an actual hug, now at her chest. She puts her hooves over your shoulders and her head rests on yours.
  1428. >A position so beloved by you. It feels so secure being in her embrace.
  1429. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Celestia."
  1430. >"Come to thing of it, we basically spend all of our time just hugging."
  1431. "Well, maybe that's what we want when we're together? Who ever said hugging is bad?"
  1432. >"Well, nopony, but..."
  1433. "Maybe I want to spend these three days just hugging you."
  1434. >You feel her legs tightening their circle around you. Likewise, you rub your cheek against her chest.
  1435. "Maybe I want to spend the rest of my life hugging you."
  1436. >She is silent for some time, thinking about what you've said. Or maybe just enjoying the cuddle.
  1437. >But then she states with a note of regret in her voice:
  1438. >"It's just I don't really have time to get to know you. It almost seems like as soon as we get together we just hug and that's that. I want to spend time with you, actually spend time, you know? Not just three days where we have to rush, thinking about filling them with something meaningful."
  1439. "We still talk enough and get to know each other day by day."
  1440. >"But I still don't know so much about you..."
  1441. >Then she adds in a more playful tone.
  1442. >"Oh, I know, maybe I should ask Twilight? You seem to talk all day long."
  1443. >That wasn't said with any sort of bitterness but you still think it's a bit sour of her to say something like that.
  1444. "Celestia, please don't say things like that."
  1445. >"Oh?"
  1446. "Are you seriously worried about me and Twilight?"
  1447. >"No, that's not what I-"
  1448. "We don't do anything but talk, you know. And it's not about me. She respects your orders and she teaches me language and history, and when we talk about me she changes subject quickly."
  1449. >"I didn't mean to insinuate that you two- Ugh, this came out wrong, didn't it?"
  1450. "Don't worry, I'll forgive you... For a price."
  1451. >"Really? How about this?"
  1452. >You feel her hoof at your chin propping it up and the next second a soft and warm sensation drowns your lips in velvet - a kiss most gentle but still powerful.
  1453. >The Sun princess opens your mouth with a motion of her upper lip and she goes in deeper, tilting her head just enough to fit her mouth in yours.
  1454. >After a few seconds of heavenly friction she pulls away, but not before enveloping your lower lip in the moist embrace of her own, tugging at it lightly as the pony exhales.
  1455. >A barely felt sucking motion that borders actual passion, a tempting sensation of such a distant premise you barely dare to imagine it.
  1456. >The magenta stare of a goddess sends warm waves across your body.
  1457. >"Is that better?"
  1458. "Yes, Celestia."
  1459. >"Good."
  1460. >You are drawn in for another hug but your head is still dizzy because of that adventurous kiss.
  1461. >Little by little you get more and more intimate with her and she's not afraid to push the envelope.
  1462. >These days, where will they lead you two, you wonder. Between your own feelings for her and Celestia's obvious warm attitude towards you you're certain that you'll get even closer.
  1463. >Maybe you'll have another piece of the puzzle that is Celestia's happiness. So far you've been lucky with your guesses and all your plans have payed off.
  1464. >Something else should be done though. You need more. You need her more happy than this. You need more of her. You need her.
  1465. >You're getting lost in thoughts here, and they all lead to the one and only mare.
  1466. >She seems to be content with hugs too. You spend some time just lying in her embrace.
  1467. >Again, no words are needed. It's so good just being with her. You always thought that she needs this way more than you but now you understand how much it means to you too.
  1468. >"Anon?"
  1469. "Yeah?"
  1470. >She probably thought you're asleep or something because you just now notice that you weren't even moving, just enjoying her company.
  1471. >"I think I know one thing I want to do together with you."
  1472. "What's that?"
  1473. >"Come with me."
  1474. >Celestia takes you somewhere you've never actually visited - up the stairs that soon lead to a spiral staircase.
  1475. >A long way up, almost too long, ends with you walking out on a balcony. Actually, more of a observation platform.
  1476. >It's pretty much the highest point of the castle, right above the big telescope of the Canterlot castle observatory which you did visit a few times.
  1477. >But here it's a bit different. This place gives you a great view over the castle, the city and everything around it.
  1478. >It's breathtaking. Under Celestia's gentle Sun Equestria flourishes and it's beautiful. Everything lives under her gaze, everything is in order because of her rule.
  1479. >"Do you like it?"
  1480. "It's amazing."
  1481. >"I always wanted to take somepony here to watch the view together, but, you know."
  1482. "Do you come here often?"
  1483. >"I do sometimes, near the sunset. Reminds me of different things and helps me calm down sometimes."
  1484. "I can see how this works."
  1485. >"I'm glad you do. Look, you can almost see Cloudsdale over there. Ponyville should be down there and here's the railroad to the Crystal Empire."
  1486. >She points over and even though you barely see what you're supposed to see, you believe her.
  1487. >Then Celestia points at the enormous forest just below the city.
  1488. >"And there should be our old castle. Now it's surrounded by the Everfree forest. Even Twilight wasn't able to refurbish it. I guess it's forever destined to be abandoned."
  1489. "That's kinda sad."
  1490. >"It's for the best."
  1491. >She goes silent but her eyes are fixed to that spot you barely even make out in the sea of trees.
  1492. >"Can I tell you something very personal?"
  1493. >You heart sinks hearing that. But you nod nonetheless. She probably has something to get off her chest.
  1494. >"Right after Nightmare Moon was gone, banished, I realized how alone I was. So I did the only thing I thought could keep myself sane and happy. I indulged in hedonism as much as I wanted. The idea of missing out on life was terrifying and I wanted to take everything from it, even if by force, even if it's to my own detriment. But I never noticed that it was also to forget that I'm completely alone. Without my sister I was lonely and my heart ached for love just like my body ached for somepony's warmth to remind me that I'm not alone in this world. Luna was exactly that for me and I never even realized it. When she was gone..."
  1495. >A pause hangs heavily in the air and it feels like the world is waiting on Celestia, even the wind has stopped.
  1496. >No matter how painful she must continue.
  1497. >"We were quite close back then and I never even thought I was taking her for granted. I was also ashamed that I felt that way when she was the one banished. So in the end, I simply needed to shut these emotions out. I was looking for a partner. A husband. A stallion to call my own. That didn't work out."
  1498. >"Ponies were happy to indulge in my lavish lifestyle. All I cared about was parties. I wanted to be happy, I wanted to make others happy, I wanted them to know it was me who made them happy. So in the end I spent a whole decade in parties. That's how the Grand Galloping Gala came to be, by the way. Now it's just one evening long and all the hard liquor has been banned there for hundreds of years now so you'll bear with me if I'll start snoring when we attend this year, alright?"
  1499. >She chuckles bitterly and you won't even ask her about her implications about the Gala and dragging you there.
  1500. >Celestia needs to speak at her own pace now.
  1501. >"But anyway, during that time even though I was trying to be "the ponies' princess", I was still too distant from them. When I tried forcing myself onto them they were afraid. When I was desperate they never responded with anything more than pity. From nobleponies to common folk I've tried many, and barely anypony even got past the first date. And those who did, well... None stayed for long."
  1502. >"I was always proud that my ponies valued family and commitment so much, but in the end it was this need to commit that made them bail out of any sort of relationship with me - they weren't ready to do it. And when my "phase" was over I realized it was probably for the best. It was a pretty rebellious period for me and I was lucky to get out without lasting consequences."
  1503. >She turns to you and you feel like she's a bit happier now.
  1504. >"Funny how it took an alien who lacks prejudices and is oblivious to our society's dogmas for me to have an actual kiss."
  1505. "Celestia, you know, it's hard to believe this. Surely some would take advantage of you having... needs, you know? Who wouldn't want to "commit" to starting a family with such a royalty?"
  1506. >"You flatter me, really, but it's complicated. These ponies don't see me as a pony, as one of their own. I might as well be something else entirely."
  1507. >She points at the bright star of hers, the glorious Sun in the skies.
  1508. >"As soon as a foal learns about what Sun is they learn about me. It might be the first thing they learn about this world. Their parents learned it, every other pony learned it. It's a universal constant of this world for them. I guess it's hard for you to understand but seeing me as anything but a pony is in this nation's blood, and has been for generations."
  1509. "I guess I can see that, but in our folklore it's not rare to read about mortals trying to interact with gods like they are equals."
  1510. >"Is it? Well, maybe this would explain it."
  1511. "You could say that reaching way beyond our grasp is in humanity's blood as well. Hell, some legends involve gods being enamored with mortals, having affairs with them. People wanted to rival gods or outsmart them. It mostly ended badly for us lesser folk, but still."
  1512. >What a smooth explanation, jeez. But seems like she accepts it. More than that, actually.
  1513. >"Oh my, then it is certainly my luck that I have a match like you, oh conqueror of gods."
  1514. >Even though she giggles at that herself her gaze is warm and you can tell she is actually reassured by this little boast of yours.
  1515. "Thank you for sharing this, Celestia. It must be hard for you to remember those times."
  1516. >"Not anymore. I accepted my fate long ago. Instead of trying to find personal happiness and fulfillment I just focused on making my subjects happy."
  1517. "You can't be that selfless forever."
  1518. >"It worked so far."
  1519. "Well, it doesn't have to be this way now."
  1520. >Celestia nods and takes a step towards you. You do the same.
  1521. >The wind, now returning to this realm, makes her mane flow in an even more entrancing manner and it pushes it off her eye that's usually covered by it.
  1522. >In this moment you feel that very same burn in your throat. And the need to embrace this pony.
  1523. >You do exactly that.
  1524. >"I'm glad for it. To finally feel someone else right next to me..."
  1525. "You better get used to it."
  1526. >She lets out a satisfied sigh when your fingers dig into her coat and you press her head to your shoulder with all your strength.
  1527. >Your head falls onto hers, but not before you give her forehead a nice wet smooch.
  1528. >"Same goes to you. I hope you get used to all of this. Since all of it is now yours."
  1529. "What do you mean?"
  1530. >"Whatever you want it to mean."
  1531. "Well, what if I prefer a more secluded lifestyle?"
  1532. >"That's too bad."
  1533. >Whatever does it mean? She's feeling mysterious now?
  1534. >"Anyway, I just wanted to share this little thing with you."
  1535. "It's not little by any mean. I'm honored that you shared it with me."
  1536. >"I think we should share something more pleasant now. Like maybe a nice lunch?"
  1537. "That'd be great."
  1538. >You return to the castle and the door to the outside closes behind you.
  1539. >All of it is now yours. Maybe you're starting to understand what she means.
  1540. >You hope you do, anyway.
  1541. >A long day is ahead of you still, so there's no need to overthink it right now.
  1542. >Especially with how much this story reflects on where you currently stand. The only thing your understand for now is that you absolutely can't let her down.
  1543. >For her own sake and yours too.
  1545. >Even after her post-lunch check-up Celestia returns with no reasons to worry.
  1546. >You've taken your food to one of the castle's gardens, much smaller than the one Twilight has shown you.
  1547. >This one feels like a very private place for just one pony. You can't help but think that it's a place Celestia visits a lot on her own.
  1548. >It's way past noon when you eat so you've already spent half of your first day.
  1549. >The princess herself feels uneasy with how much out of picture she is in the throne room now.
  1550. >Everything is going as planned. Everything is accounted for. Luna still gets her sleep when her help is not actually required, while Twilight prepares for the rest of the day's events and triple-checks everything.
  1551. >Celestia can rest. No need to wake Luna up. No need to prepare for the next day. No need to do anything next morning - the breakfast will be served in bed.
  1552. >All Celestia has to do is take her Sun down in the evening and then put it back up next morning.
  1553. >No regulations about waking up or going to bed, she can do it whenever she feels like.
  1554. >And so it becomes blatantly clear. Celestia is off the hook.
  1555. >This freedom is so unusual to her she needs you to confirm it.
  1556. >"So let's say I want to sleep in until lunch, I can just do it?"
  1557. "Sure."
  1558. >"We can go to bed right now and sleep the whole day."
  1559. "If you want it, sure. I'm not against that."
  1560. >"No, I wouldn't."
  1561. "Why not?"
  1562. >"It doesn't feel right."
  1563. "I used to sleep during the day."
  1564. >"Doesn't mean we should."
  1565. "I was going to bed early in the morning to wake up right before dinner."
  1566. >"Anon, stop."
  1567. >You pinch her cheek and Celestia shakes her head in over-exaggerated disapproval.
  1568. >"You weren't kidding about spending these days just cuddling, were you?"
  1569. "I would totally do that if that's how you wanted it too."
  1570. >"What if I don't? You'd be disappointed, right?"
  1571. "No. It doesn't matter what we do as long as we're together."
  1572. >Your hand is still on Celestia's cheek and you motion the pony to lay down - the grass is clean and soft, and under a lone tree of this garden it's really comfy to just lay down here.
  1573. >She does that and you follow, getting right under her chin and planting a kiss on her neck. The princess approves of that notion and puts her hooves on you in case you want to get off of her.
  1574. >"That's unfair."
  1575. "How so?"
  1576. >"So all it takes for me to please you is to be right here with you?"
  1577. "I never thought that's a bad thing."
  1578. >"It's not, just strange to feel like there's no effort to be made at all."
  1579. "Instead you worry a whole lot just to create obstructions you have to overcome."
  1580. >"What? No I don't."
  1581. "You've been doing it this whole time. What exactly is the problem here, Celestia? Can't you just accept that I'm here just to be with you and nothing else matters to me?"
  1582. >Instead of continuing the argument the princess sighs deeply and strokes your head with her hoof.
  1583. "And what about me then?"
  1584. >"Huh?"
  1585. "I can't offer you anything but myself. Is that really enough for you?"
  1586. >"What do you mean, of course it is."
  1587. >Celestia suddenly rolls you to the side, together with her own body. She doesn't stop until you're the one lying on the grass and she's on top of your chest.
  1588. >Her mane doesn't stay in shape after such a daring motion and it falls on you, obscuring half of Celestia's head in the process.
  1589. "So now you see how it works."
  1590. >"Alright, I guess I do."
  1591. >When she lowers her head you manage to get that mane from her face, just in time for her to land a kiss on your lips.
  1592. >Celestia keeps her hooves on your shoulders, pinning you down to the grass. There's no escaping the princess and you accept your fate of being kissed gently by her as much as she wishes.
  1593. >And she wishes for a lot of long and soft kisses.
  1594. >But as it turns out she can't keep it up like this. Her breathing becomes heavier when she picks up the pace and dives deeper with each kiss.
  1595. >She has to force herself to stop and now she's catching her breath, face all red and fired up with emotions.
  1596. >Celestia almost overstepped a very dangerous line. You wouldn't let her go easily if she did and she knows it.
  1597. >Somewhere deep inside her passion burns and the searing feel of it has almost found its way out.
  1598. >You both feel it and you're both afraid there's going to be no turning back once she gives in to it.
  1599. >Or that she'll tease you so much you're going to be the one prompting it. Whichever comes first.
  1600. >It's like you both can't find an excuse to discuss it but you also can't indulge in it because it's so unpredictable.
  1601. >Once you're past that mark everything will change. So for now Celestia holds back and tries to think about something else.
  1602. >So a proposition is made.
  1603. >"You know, Anon, recalling our conversation earlier today, I always wanted to visit my old castle again but never had an excuse to do so. Maybe you would accompany me?"
  1604. "I'd love that. You think tomorrow will be a good time to go?"
  1605. >"I thought right now is also pretty good."
  1606. "Right now? But it's a long way to the Everfree, it would take a few hours to just reach it."
  1607. >"Not if we just fly there."
  1608. "We? Fly?"
  1609. >She's up to no good with that wry smile of hers and she confirms your suspicion:
  1610. >"You know, I bet I could easily get you there on my back."
  1611. "Have you ever given anyone a ride?"
  1612. >"Not really. A few times I carried Luna back in the day, but... Yeah."
  1613. >She gets up and looks around her.
  1614. >"We'll find out right away. Come on."
  1615. "Just like that?"
  1616. >"What? We don't have anything else to do right now. We'll be back before dinner, I'm sure."
  1617. >You have a bad feeling about this. When you look at the princess' back as she gets near you it's hard for you to believe she can actually carry your weight.
  1618. >Not like you're a fatass but still, ponies generally seem a bit lighter than you.
  1619. >"Try it. I'm a lot stronger than you think."
  1620. >This lanky mare can't be that sturdy. When she sees you hesitate she easily picks you up with magic and for a second you panic, feeling ground drifting away as her magical aura suspends you in the air, tingling all around you.
  1621. >"You're not even that heavy, come on."
  1622. >Reluctantly, you approach her and awkwardly throw your leg over her back. She immediately moves so you actually get on properly.
  1623. >She's just tall enough for you to not reach the ground with your toes. Her back does indeed feel really firm and her barrel fills the space between your legs just enough for you to keep balance.
  1624. >The mare takes a few steps getting used to the weight on top of her. Then she walks slowly in a circle.
  1625. >Celestia's careful steps feel surprisingly light and bouncy.
  1626. >It's a bit awkward for you to hold to her neck and her massive mane obscures the view on one side. It will surely be pushed onto your face during flight.
  1627. >But it's impressive how easily she accepts this role. You'd think it would be something alien to her but she does it without batting an eye like it was suppose to happen.
  1628. "Is this really okay?"
  1629. >"Yeah," she answers nonchalantly. "Why?"
  1630. "You're saying that like you get ridden every day."
  1631. >A lively laugh disturbs her sides under your legs.
  1632. >"Not exactly. But if it's you then there's no problem."
  1633. "Are you sure?"
  1634. >"Absolutely. Maybe it would be not appropriate for a princess, but I don't see any princesses over here right now."
  1635. >Now it's your time to chuckle. What a little treasure she is.
  1636. >"Are you ready? Let's try flying. And no worries, I'll catch you with magic if anything happens."
  1637. >You hold on to her neck at first but as soon as she spreads her wings you full-on grip onto it.
  1638. >In one powerful motion she jumps up so high she escapes the garden's walls just by this alone. And then she starts flapping her wings.
  1639. >Massive, wide swings propel her with increasing speed. Immediately you feel like you're gonna fall off, her movements are so sudden and swift.
  1640. >But it all doesn't matter when you look down. Dear god, why did you have to look down.
  1641. >You bury your head in Celestia's flowing mane with a whimper. Her scent is at least something you can focus on right now as you can't collect your thoughts.
  1642. >"Are you feeling alright?" you hear coming from her.
  1643. "Yeah, I'm just... I'm afraid of heights."
  1644. >Again, you feel her laughter just as you hear it, the vibrations of her throat obvious under your sweaty palms that won't leave her neck now.
  1645. >"Should've told me earlier. Don't worry though, I'll get us there safe and sound. Just get ready for our descent."
  1646. "W-when?"
  1647. >"Now!"
  1648. >An unbelievable, nauseating vertigo nearly throws you off her back when she picks up the speed falling almost straight down.
  1649. >To make it worse you dare take a peek and see the vast forest below you, already partially dim in the light of setting Sun.
  1650. >It's still too much for you and you just shut your eyes, hoping that you're not hurting or suffocating Celestia with your grip.
  1651. >The roar of wind is deafening and the air around your is pushing you off the mare, so you have to hold tight.
  1652. >Luckily this doesn't last for too long. Celestia slows down and eventually lands, to your great relief.
  1653. >As soon as your foot is set on the ground you almost fall down - your legs are wobbly and can't support your weight.
  1654. >Celestia helps you and drags you to some sort of a bench with her magic. You can't comprehend your whereabouts just yet.
  1655. >The pony's soft laughter brings you to reality just a little bit.
  1656. >"Oh my, I'm sorry, Anon. Take your time."
  1657. >As you regain your sanity and calm down you notice that Celestia wastes no time and is now walking around the place.
  1658. >It's some sort of a hallway. Grass is overtaking its stone floor, fighting for dominance over the sturdy foundation, and at the far wall you see the banners of two regal sisters, representing day and night, the Sun and the Moon.
  1659. >These seem a bit more clean and modern. Supposedly ponies tried to renovate this place but in this case it wasn't nearly complete.
  1660. >"Well, nothing seem to change much. I mean, aside from this place getting old and dilapidated. But who am I to talk, right? Haha."
  1661. >You feel confident enough to stand and you soon join Celestia in her exploration effort.
  1662. >Up the stairs is the way to the throne room. The princess doesn't seem very impressed by it.
  1663. >"I like the Canterlot's one a lot more. Maybe it's just the memories though. Come on, there's one room I'd like to visit."
  1664. >Library, huh? To your surprise you move past it.
  1665. >Celestia still remembers her way around here so you're sure she knows where she's going.
  1666. >"It's our old reading room."
  1667. >There's probably a lot of memories for her here but you don't see anything special aside from the usual Sun-Moon themed windows.
  1668. >Celestia walks around like she's in trance and at first she seems rather happy. But soon her expression turns into sad - or, rather, bored.
  1669. >"It's just like I remember it. All the conversations, all the debates and quarrels we've had here, it's like it was yesterday."
  1670. >She poofs her mane from her face and shakes her head.
  1671. >"And all of this just doesn't matter anymore."
  1672. >She looks around some more and no matter how much you want to lift her spirits you can't find any way to do so.
  1673. >In the end she just walks towards you, turning her back to this room.
  1674. >"I'm sorry, Anon. It was a mistake coming here. Talking to you made me remember things of the past and... I just wanted to confirm that I'm still as attached to this place as I was before. And looks like I'm not."
  1675. "It's no problem. I don't mind seeing this castle, seems very important."
  1676. >"Does it?"
  1677. "Like part of history maybe?"
  1678. >"Well, it is just that now - a part of history, nothing more."
  1679. >"There was a time I was filled with regret and damned my past. Nowadays I don't even feel anything about it. I honestly started to think I'm growing desensitized to everything that was important to me in the past."
  1680. >Celestia comes close to you until there's barely inches left between you two.
  1681. >"Now I see I've simply outgrown it. I think it's time to let it all go. Luna is with me again, even Starswirl returned, and you're here with me now... I feel only the need to look into the future. All of this doesn't matter. What's in front of me matters."
  1682. >The pony's wings stretch out and go around your back. You soon feel them pushing your forwards her.
  1683. >"You matter, Anon. You're the only one who matters now."
  1684. >Once again, Celestia's kiss melts your heart with how gentle it is.
  1685. >You hold the mare close to you and her eyes peer right in yours.
  1686. >"I think I needed to see this to understand. To finally feel disconnected from all of this. I think I'm ready to move on."
  1687. "I'm glad to hear that."
  1688. >She's almost whispering now but you hear her perfectly - her wings form a cocoon around you both, amplifying every sensation, every breath.
  1689. >"It's been bothering me for the longest time now, as soon as Cadence told me that I have a match. Everything I've told you about my past today, it wasn't something I could let go. There was constant fear in me, fear that history might repeat itself even a thousand years later..."
  1690. >"But you've proven me wrong. You continue to do it again and again, shooting down all my fears and doubts. Now I just needed to revisit this place for myself. Memories of my failure, my resignation, all of this? I don't need it anymore. I only need you. I..."
  1691. >You heart stops for a brief moment when you see a spark in Celestia's eyes.
  1692. >Under the cover of her wings to protect her sacred words she is able to whisper the truth she realizes in full clarity now, failing to find a single reason to hide it any longer.
  1693. >"I love you."
  1694. >The passion of the kiss following that throws you off balance as her words still fail to fully register withing you, but Celestia keeps you in a firm embrace - not only with her wings but with one leg on your waist too.
  1695. >Soon you answer her affection and in the pony's greedy kiss, filled with now unbridled emotions, you lose all track of time.
  1696. >You drink it up and she wants you to. Soon her tongue demands entry into your mouth and you grant it, two moans ringing out at the same time from both of you.
  1697. >There's just one thing you need to say right now but she won't let you. She's bathing in every drop of affection you're willing to give through this one unending kiss.
  1698. >Maybe she doesn't even need you to say something this obvious.
  1699. >Maybe she already knows. Maybe she knew it before you even noticed it yourself.
  1700. >All you know right now is that the line is already crossed. And, as she said it herself, now you can only look forward to what lies before you.
  1701. >A future as bright as the Sun itself.
  1703. >Even though the ride back up to Canterlot isn't that fast and thrilling you still can't really handle the feeling of flight just yet.
  1704. >So you keep your face in Celestia's mane and your arms around her neck. Only this time you also stroke it sometimes.
  1705. >This cuddly pony could barely pry herself off of you in the Everfree's old castle not even five minutes ago.
  1706. >Among the ruins and old dusty books soft moans and wet kissing noises could be heard for at least half an hour.
  1707. >But eventually you had to stop. You were pinned to the bookshelf by Celestia's body and her chest was so warm at your stomach, but it wasn't all the comfortable after all.
  1708. >At least compared to the cozy ambience of Celestia's bedroom. That's why you're flying back instead of staying in the old castle for the night.
  1709. >You wouldn't be surprised if she'd propose that but you were able to convince her. The fact that you absolutely have to be hugging her when she flies was enough.
  1710. >It's like she's afraid you'll leave now, like she did something awful and now there's a chance to lose you.
  1711. >Of course it wasn't the case. Of course you confessed to her too since at that point there was no reason to doubt it anymore.
  1712. >This is one thing you can't question now. You somewhat wish you were the first to confess but her courage to take the first step even while being unsure made it so much sweeter.
  1713. >You better cherish your princess even more now. You can only offer so much anyway, you can't half-ass it.
  1714. >When you finally land on the castle's balcony you realize you can actually stand on your own this time.
  1715. >And you're also happy that you actually decided to put on shoes instead of just going to this trip in slippers, because those would be long gone by now, somewhere down below.
  1716. >You take notice that Canterlot is still basking in the setting Sun's warmth, being high above ground as it is.
  1717. >This gives you time to witness the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen. Courtesy of the Sun goddess right next to you.
  1718. >"Do you like it?"
  1719. >Celestia is obviously proud of her work and you come close to her to give her a hug.
  1720. "It's beautiful."
  1721. >You thought of adding something else but this might be way too cheesy, even for you.
  1722. >...
  1723. >Oh, who the hell cares.
  1724. "But not as beautiful as you."
  1725. >The mare's giggling indicates right away that she does notice a hint of fairly obvious campiness in your voice and appreciates that.
  1726. >But she accepts it nonetheless, leaning closer into your embrace.
  1727. >She nuzzles your chest and she just won't stop giggling.
  1728. >You give your little princess filly a scratch under her chin and that makes her a lot more mellow right away. Celestia's wing pats your back and stays there to keep you close.
  1729. >Finally, a smooch on her nose should seal the deal. Your head touches hers and now you stand and watch the sunset in silence. Letting each other go is out of question for now.
  1730. >You soon hear Celestia's magic as well as feel its aura's warmth near your head. The sun goes down completely.
  1731. >Without even uttering a word you both decide that this is the end of your short intervention here on the balcony. It's time to return back inside.
  1732. >There is no urgency to move. Just desire for privacy. Like that secluded castle with no ponies in sight for miles but with more comfort and comfiness.
  1733. >At least you get to take off your shoes, finally. While you sit on the bed to do it, Celestia goes to the window to catch the last rays of sunshine.
  1734. >"Anon," she says in quite a wavering voice. "Can I ask you something?"
  1735. "Of course."
  1736. >Celestia takes a breath before continuing on.
  1737. >"Was I too hasty?"
  1738. >This isn't what you were expecting and it takes you aback.
  1739. "What do you mean?"
  1740. >"I don't really know how it works in your world but I never even considered we might be moving too fast... I mean, we know each other for what, a week or so?"
  1741. "Celestia, what's this really about? You of all ponies know this isn't a problem for me, not in the slightest. What's worrying you?"
  1742. >She looks down and sighs yet again. Looks like she's going to have to explain her worries properly.
  1743. >"I just- I couldn't keep it up any longer. You've made me feel so many things, things never thought I needed in my life."
  1744. >Finally she looks back at you and you see her meek smile.
  1745. >"Even such a small thing as having to look upwards to face you - this alone is so new and exciting for me."
  1746. >You get up and confirm that. As you approach, Celestia is looking a bit up to find your eyes and her smile only grows larger.
  1747. >Finally you stand right next to her. The Sun is already completely down and the candles are not yet lit.
  1748. >In this moment no sounds are heard, no light shines on you. It's just you and Celestia.
  1749. "I'm going to just quote you and say that we just have to look into the future and embrace it. We can't stall forever, even if it is comfortable to stay in place. Ever since I said I love you I feel like something has been lifted from my chest, a burden of concealing my emotions or having to figure them out or even fight them. It's so much easier to just be honest."
  1750. >"And that's what I like about you," she says with her head now on your shoulder. "And you're right. Now I don't have to keep on worrying about it at the very least."
  1751. "You are worrying though."
  1752. >"I am."
  1753. "Well, what's on your mind?"
  1754. >"Anon, I... I'm a lonely mare. This much is obvious, right?"
  1755. "I guess you could say that."
  1756. >"It's not hard to guess when I was the third to get matched. Cadence's love magic amplified by the Crystal Heart found me needing comfort the most. So is there any surprise I've fallen for you this easily?"
  1757. >She suddenly starts walking and pushes you backwards. For a second you almost lose your balance because of her advance.
  1758. >"So maybe I am forcing us to go faster. Maybe I am too trusting, maybe I want to trust you fully and without looking back. Maybe all I want is to give up everything just to be in your arms without having to worry about a thing and Be with you."
  1759. >She gradually picks up the pace and soon you have nowhere to backpedal anymore - your legs hit the bed and she almost pushes you onto it.
  1760. >But Celestia stops, realizing she's getting too worked up and soon you see her giving you a rather guilty and pleading look.
  1761. "You're saying like there's something wrong with this. Well maybe, maybe I want this exact thing too."
  1762. >"It's so selfish coming from a pony like me. But I want to be selfish. I want to have you all to myself, I want to spend days and night wallowing in your love."
  1763. >Her chest bumps into you but you don't react. She probably expected you to fall on the bed for added effect, but you won't budge. This isn't even near the boiling point yet.
  1764. "Well, be selfish. You've already taken a break from your duties just for that. Can you handle being selfish even for three days?"
  1765. >With a wry smile Celestia accepts your little game.
  1766. >"Oh? Do you want to test me?"
  1767. >This time you can't resist Celestia's much more confident push. Your legs bend and your body falls onto a very puffy blanket you two have been using for extra warm cuddles during some of the summer nights that got colder than usual.
  1768. >And now the mare towers over you, her forelegs already at your sides on the bed.
  1769. >"That's rich, coming from a man who sometimes gets hard just from cuddling. Can YOU handle spending three days with just me around?"
  1770. >That outright makes your cheeks fire up. Celestia's grin gets wider, she knows full well she got you.
  1771. >Oh, but you're not done pushing it yet.
  1772. >You grab the princess' legs and pull - right above your head.
  1773. >With a gasp Celestia falls on top of you. She manages to stop her fall, regaining her balance as you let her go right away, but she's now on top of you, with her hooves right at your head and her wings partially unfurled in confusion of the moment.
  1774. >The weight of her body is pressing you down under the precious warm softness you so enjoy. To your pleasure she even squirms a little to get on the eye level with you.
  1775. "So? You're trying to embarrass me here but I'm not ashamed of that, of finding you so gorgeous. And cuddly too."
  1776. >The mare lowers her head and speaks in the most intimate manner:
  1777. >"I didn't say I'm against it. The way you hug me, the way you look at me, it was all obvious right from the start and I'd be lying if I said that it's not flattering in a way."
  1778. "It is?"
  1779. >"You're my match, aren't you? It's only natural that you're attracted to me. All I wish is for you to love me."
  1780. >She gets even closer to touch your ear with her lips and her husky voice sends tingling waves down your spine as she speaks:
  1781. >"I want to be wanted by you."
  1782. >Celestia's lips press harder into your ear and the moist hot sensation makes you shiver. In attempts to hold on to your sanity you throw your arms around her body and hug her as hard as you can.
  1783. >This seems to please Celestia immensely and the hot air of her chuckle washes over your still wet ear.
  1784. >It's so strange and exciting for you to see such a sensual side of your mare and this just makes you want to love her more, express it so she knows.
  1785. >And you do right away, starting from kissing her neck. You hold on to her like you're holding for you dear life but that's not an exaggeration by any means - at this moment there's nothing more important to you than her.
  1786. >You'd cry out of sheer power of emotions you feel right now if not for desire to please Celestia taking priority over digging into your own emotional state.
  1787. >"I hope you don't judge me for being so... greedy."
  1788. >You don't answer, not with words. Your fingers dig into her body, groping her sides and sliding down in the same manner, lower than your usual routine.
  1789. >At the same time you don't stop peppering your princess' neck with kisses, each getting more and more fierce the more you go on.
  1790. >Celestia takes this answer. At this point you both understand there's no going back after this kind of conversation and confessions.
  1791. >There is no need to hide it, not between you too. Dancing around the obvious problem is the worst thing you could do, and you've proven yourself as a straightforward man.
  1792. >You both know the reason why you're here in Equestria. It's not just to be Celestia's glorified bedwarmer she hugs at night.
  1793. >This mare, desperate and lonely, needs to be loved. There's no arguing about being worthy of it or being able to provide anything else but that - you know it's not the point.
  1794. >It is exactly as you said before. A mare needs a man just like a man needs a mare.
  1795. >And so you're here, kissing Celestia deeply while she herself starts kissing you. Her hindlegs now quiver under her desire to relax - she was forced to stand on them while lying on top of you all this time.
  1796. >You take the mare in an improvised hold and drag her forward. She understands your motion and this time she gets on the bed completely.
  1797. >Before she can enjoy the comfort you assault her with more vigor than ever.
  1798. >Her back is turned to you and she tries to twist her neck enough to see what you're going to do and by doing so she completely exposes her beautiful long neck, the usual target for you affection.
  1799. >Even if she is on her side she wants to witness your love.
  1800. >Once you get back to kissing, licking and even biting it lightly you hear her first real moan of pleasure and this just sends you into frenzy.
  1801. >Your head is hazy with this feel of being able to please this literal goddess, the feel of being needed, being able to make her feel no one else ever could.
  1802. >In some sort of fever your hands roam her body without restraint, groping, grasping, feeling all of her at once, or at least trying to.
  1803. >Celestia throws her head back in bliss and her wing stretches out to cover you.
  1804. >She holds your hand with her hooves when you get a handful of her chest biting down on her shoulder at the same time.
  1805. "I love you so much."
  1806. >Your own voice is so distant right now, it's like it doesn't even belong to you anymore.
  1807. >The grip is loosened and your hand goes way lower, down to Celestia's hindleg she props up a bit. It can't be comfortable to do while lying on the side but it doesn't matter since she closes it right away when she feels your hand trailing the unreal softness of her teats.
  1808. >You can't even see them but the feel of them under your fingers drives you crazy with how easy the hot mounds give in to your touch.
  1809. >Holding even one of her tender nipples between your fingers send Celestia's whole body arching and chest heaving. You still hold your mare close with your other arm so you feel how hard it is for her to contain herself.
  1810. >You leave that region for now, instead caressing the pony's inner thigh, an area equally hot and pleasant to touch.
  1811. >God, is there anything that isn't heavenly about her?
  1812. >Even her little gasps and moans that now drip with lewd pleasure and desire for more are so feminine and so... So pure, so free, like nothing is holding her back anymore. Like she's distilled bliss right now and wants to feel even better.
  1813. >And you need nothing more than to make her feel better.
  1814. >Eyes shut close and cheeks burning red she begs for affection without saying a word and you continue your ruthless assault of her beautiful body.
  1815. >Beautiful. She must've heard it so many times the word itself is like dust in the wind.
  1816. >Countless poems were written that sing praise to her name.
  1817. >Pony poets ripped out hairs from their mane in maddening feel of being unable to capture the essence of this mare, the majesty of her heavenly form being their muse and fuel for their fantasies.
  1818. >Legends have it that some poets got their cutiemark after being blown away by Celestia's beauty. Witnessing it once changed their lives forever.
  1819. >Some would spend thousands of words describing their princess, the goddess of the Sun, and it was still not enough.
  1820. >But for her, no matter how flattering it was, in the end it didn't mean anything.
  1821. >With the same feel you could describe a sunrise, or a peaceful lake, or a vista of Canterlot you can see from the castle's balconies.
  1822. >It's all beautiful. But it's also something you only appreciate from afar.
  1823. >Celestia herself became a painting. Precious and gorgeous, but only nice to look at from a distance, nothing more.
  1824. >But you have the power no pony has ever had. Power to make her FEEL beautiful.
  1825. >Your touch, your affection, no matter how crude and inexperience it all is, is still beyond the scope of history.
  1826. >One touch overrules generations of praise from afar.
  1827. >And now even this is not enough for the needy princess.
  1828. >Even now, when you roll her on her belly and dig in between her wings, in her sensitive spot, she can't hold herself.
  1829. >The mare is spread on the sheets, legs stretched behind her and it's now you notice that her tail is lifted - you only notice because she begins to rub her butt against you.
  1830. >She notices your hesitation right away, signifying that you are aware of her need and she turns her head to confirm it.
  1831. >Celestia's mane is all over the place, covering almost all of her muzzle now, but even then you see her lusting eyes and half-opened mouth she breathes heavily through.
  1832. >"Anon... Please..."
  1833. >Her rump is propped up and her legs are apart just enough.
  1834. >You can't believe this is really happening.
  1835. >Before you dive in to give her another round of kisses she stops you with magic. That is, literally siezes you by the collar and drags up.
  1836. >She can't wait any longer. With little popping sound the buttons on your shirt are gone one by one, flying all over the room. The entire thing is off of you in a matter of seconds.
  1837. >You manage your pants without her help at first, but she still ends up dragging them off impatiently.
  1838. >Just to prove the point that the foreplay is over she doesn't even give you time to appreciate the miracle of pristine princess pony pussy with your tongue or even fingers.
  1839. >She doesn't force you with magic but her gaze says it all. The mare needs you.
  1840. >You only catch a glimpse of her swollen marelips glistening in the pale moonlight as well as her sizeable clit rolling out a few times in anticipation when you get closer holding your breath.
  1841. >She waits just as impatiently while you prod and tease her delicate slit before entering.
  1842. >In the same moment she pushes her hips back with a sultry moan and you hilt, almost dropping on her back due to sudden overwhelming sensation.
  1843. >You just barely restrain yourself, the heat of her snatch coupled with its moist texture enveloping your member is almost too much.
  1844. >It's your turn to let out a fairly effeminate moan. You almost lose your strength entirely but your hands find Celestia's body and you stay balanced.
  1845. >What luck, your palms are now eclipsing two fluffy suns on her rump. It's so cushiony you hands push right into their softness.
  1846. >But the most incredible feel in how hot it is right at your crotch and abdomen. Celestia's tail is at your side, still raised high and trying to swoosh around to no avail, so all of pony's ass is against your skin with no obstructions.
  1847. >This, and the sensation all around your dick so amazing you wish to keep her like that forever.
  1848. >But you won't. Not now. Staying there will make it all end in a matter of seconds, you can feel it.
  1849. >God damn it, where's that human stamina when you need it? Pent up over the week, you stand no chance against this fertile goddess of a mare.
  1850. >But still you persevere and try to disengage, feeling like it's even more pleasurable than thrusting in.
  1851. >The only thing left to do is keep on going. You repeat your motion again, shoving your penis deep once again and you feel Celestia's whole body shiver. Her head is sideways on the sheets and her forelegs are stretched forward in a relaxed manner.
  1852. >She just soaks this all in without even a single thought.
  1853. >But her hips are moving, and so you match their motion with yours. Little by little you start getting into rhythm.
  1854. >At every second you feel like you're going to burst and you just want this to not end. Celestia is in heaven right now.
  1855. >As you start picking up speed her voice becomes much louder and at first it's a bit awkward.
  1856. >"Aaa-Ahhnon! Oooh!"
  1857. >It's like she's overplaying it and you gotta admit, that keeps you on your toes. At least it doesn't have the opposite effect, because you can only handle so much right now.
  1858. >But soon you realize it's genuine. She's just out of her mind. You feel her pussy winking when she's hitting higher and higher pitches in her moans and you're pretty sure some liquid is dripping down your leg now.
  1859. >Is she really enjoying it so much? You get a few faster and deeper thrusts in and it confirms it.
  1860. >Now this really makes you going. Feels like you're losing your mind too. All the focus is on Celestia's reactions now and it gives you more strength to go on.
  1861. >You squeeze her ass cheeks and boy do they squeeze good.
  1862. >In a feeble attempt to oversee the now relentless pounding Celestia turns her head to you and you see her glassy stare complete with two droplets of tears in the corners of her eyes.
  1863. >She gives you a lower, longer moan staring at you and that's when you take it even further.
  1864. >Your hand gets in her mane right at her head and you pull it lightly. The mare's head cranes back and at the same time her legs quiver. She lets out another moan, probably the loudest one yet.
  1865. >Everyone in this castle are probably hearing all of this right now but it's not your problem. And certainly not hers.
  1866. >She's a god damn princess, she can moan however loud she wants.
  1867. >But that's not all you wanted to do - you force Celestia's head backwards while you yourself lean forward.
  1868. >In the middle of the road you kiss. It's unlike any other kiss you've shared.
  1869. >Not timid innocent fuzzy smooches you were having at the start. Not passionate loving kisses you were sharing in the castle of old.
  1870. >This one is consumed with lust, desire to have each other, rip each other's tongues out with the force you both suck on them.
  1871. >Her breathing between moans is so heavy and loud it's like a searing wind upon your face. And when you break the kiss her eyes linger on yours.
  1872. >Whatever she feels right now she can't get enough.
  1873. >You're going into overdrive now, knowing full well you won't last even a minute longer.
  1874. >For some time there's nothing but heavy and fast slaps of flesh upon flesh echoing through the room, your grunts and panting and Celestia's unrestrained moans.
  1875. >They now seem like one desperate song as you see her sometimes losing control - her body shivers chaotically and at those times her eyes seem to roll up.
  1876. >The wet slapping is driving you mad as well, everything at your crotch is moist now and it's like she's getting even tighter by the second.
  1877. >The absolute paradise of rutting the Sun goddess is complete when she just falls flat completely with a whimper and her marecunt almost pushes your penis out with a spasm unlike any others she's experienced over these short minutes.
  1878. >But you manage to stay inside and this, in turn, spells the end for you. In desperation you fall down too, right on top of Celestia, and hold on to her thighs.
  1879. >Your own moans join the pony's when you push yourself as far as you can one last time and lose yourself in a mind blowing orgasm.
  1880. >Everything you've held for a week, every single drop is milked out of you. Hot ropes of your seed coat Celestia's walls throb after throb.
  1881. >Completely empty and spent you can't come to your senses for some time. You're both just puddles of sweaty moist flesh stacked on top of each other.
  1882. >The first thing you notice when you regain your sanity back is that Celestia is still holding you. That is, her stretched hindlegs are holding your in a lock.
  1883. >You had no idea she's this flexible, though it doesn't come as a surprise, seeing how lanky she is.
  1884. >Celestia has secured you inside. Even if you wanted to pull out you wouldn't be able to.
  1885. >She wanted it all inside and wouldn't have it any other way. You share that notion.
  1886. >Before long Celestia herself moves and the first thing she does is jumping straight at you, as much as her weakened state allows her to.
  1887. >You're thrown on your back and the pony greedily plugs your mouth with hers, inserting her tongue as far as she can for you to taste.
  1888. >This time you try to be gentle and your kiss is more sensual than that born of unbearable lust. But it doesn't hold on for too long.
  1889. >Princess starts kissing your neck and then your body too.
  1890. >You can't leave it at that and you answer with the same, kissing her head as she licks sweat off from your body.
  1891. >Passion returns to you both really soon and it's not even a few minutes later when you feel yourself getting hard again.
  1892. >Celestia wants more out of you, giving you one kiss mark after the other on your neck and shoulders, relishing her partner's body.
  1893. >When she bumps into your fully erect member she looks you in the eyes and you swear she gives you a full blown horse-like snort, nostrils flaring when hot air hits your face.
  1894. >You can almost see the heart-shaped pupils in her wells of affection that are her eyes right now.
  1895. >"Anon?~"
  1896. >Oh god.
  1897. >"I think you should t-tie me up, because... I can't be responsible... for..."
  1898. >She just needs one little nod from you to take you again.
  1899. >Instead, you take her hips in your hands - more like slap her lightly.
  1900. >She closes her eyes for a second but that was it. She needs another round right now and she's getting it.
  1901. >With magic she lines you up as soon as she sits on you and the moment later the same brilliant sensation of wet and hot pony pussy blows every single thought out of your brain.
  1902. >She's violent and rough. You understand right away that she's not holding back.
  1903. >Both of her suns are crushing down on you again and again and even thought they are soft she's really hammering it it. And it's the best feeling ever.
  1904. >Celestia herself is having the time of her life, writhing on your cock when she goes all the way down and moaning, now fighting the coarseness of her tired voice.
  1905. >You can't even look her in the eyes, her chest is on your eye level so all of her sounds of tremendous pleasure are coming from above.
  1906. >But she can at least put her hooves on your chest. She presses hard and when she lifts her hips to slap them down again all of her weight is sinking your torso into the bed.
  1907. >Celestia can't even decide how she wants it, slow and sensual with her back arched at an angle so her tummy almost touches yours, or fast and hard, when she just slams you down while bending outwards and reaching down to kiss your head.
  1908. >You finally get to play with her sensitive teats too. You have unlimited access to them and your every touch is making the pony react.
  1909. >The frantic ride of Celestia knows no end. The second time you're much more harder to push over the edge even thought she tries her hardest.
  1910. >You've lost count of how many times she herself quivered on top of you, loudly gasping for air and clenching hard on your dick.
  1911. >Every single time you caressed her body even more and that kept her going.
  1912. >Finally, she's too tired to even do that and after another seconds spent shivering she just falls onto you, snorting again, but this time satisfied.
  1913. >"Anon, I-"
  1914. >You shush her and decide that it is time to take initiative again. She's probably surprised when you hold her close and start humping away while keeping her steady.
  1915. >New waves of pleasure make princess, who thought that this was surely enough for her, start her song of pleasure yet again, this time a lot weaker, almost pleading.
  1916. >Her clit gets pressed hard to your crotch with your every thrust now, and her teats brush your abdomen too, providing extra stimulation she can't even process anymore.
  1917. >You think that at some point she just blanks out since you pound her faster than she was able to do it herself and she can barely react. It's your desire to push her even further beyond what she deems satisfying that gives you this newfound willpower to push on.
  1918. >That, and need to cum inside her again that's rising with each thrust.
  1919. >You call her name and twist your neck up just to find her eyes. When you do she gives you a smile so week but so pleased you can't hold any longer.
  1920. >The second time is not so massive but oh so powerful nonetheless. You shift and thrash under Celestia's full weight on top of you. Of course she presses her ass on you so yet again you can't escape, you have no other choice but to empty your balls inside of her again.
  1921. >She holds you close, you're positioned just perfectly for her to get her forelegs across your head. She doesn't let you out even after you're done.
  1922. >It's only when you get softer she rolls to the side, positioning herself lower so she can actually be face to face with you.
  1923. >Needless you say, your hugs and kisses are of the most gentle nature by now. You both can't afford going for a third time right now.
  1924. >You can't count how many times you've proclaimed your love for her during this afterglow. It's deep into the night and you still can't sleep.
  1925. >It is beyond your comprehension that she's now completely yours and there's nothing to stand between you anymore, no excuses to not pour affection into each other.
  1926. >The whole of her body is yours. Her perfect forms, the velvet of her coat. Strong, flexible, elegant perfection of a pony. Slender but strong long legs, firm neck, wings that could cover you fully, luscious silky mane you wanted to drown in.
  1927. >The ultimate vision of a mare, perfected over a thousand years - untouched, untapped. Unloved.
  1928. >Indeed, it wasn't the fact that at your fingertips now lie immaculate but forbidden beauty, surrendered before you for your pleasure and ready to satisfy your every need and more.
  1929. >It wasn't for you to gloat and feel like a conqueror, a victor taking his spoils, taking a trophy for being bold and going where no one gone before. You didn't come here to claim this prize other ponies wouldn't even dream of approaching.
  1930. >No, it only meant one thing for you: that being herself she never received the single most important thing any mare, any creature needs in their life.
  1931. >You have not arrive to conquer, not even to tame. You've arrived to bring justice. A mare like her being loveless is a crime against nature itself.
  1932. >Ponies, who defy the laws of nature, defy time, leave the one pony who has made all of this possible behind. In their reverence and fear they've put her on a pedestal so high no loving hand - or hoof - could ever reach.
  1933. >But with you it all has changed today. Let them see you as an intruder who has come to defile their goddess. Let them condemn you for even being here. For hearing unending moans of their princess being taken by some nobody from another dimension.
  1934. >You know the truth. It's in Celestia's eyes that gaze deep inside your soul. You see nothing but love in them and this is the only thing that matters to you.
  1935. >The deal is sealed. You belong to her. No fate is sweeter than this.
  1937. >"Anonymous, step forward!"
  1938. >You stand in the middle of the Canterlot's plaza before hundreds of ponies.
  1939. >It was soon time for your execution.
  1940. >Twilight Sparkle takes a giant scroll and starts reading your sentence.
  1941. >It's something about you occupying Celestia's room and not giving anyone else a chance to see her.
  1942. >While there is some truth to it, it soon becomes obvious that this "document" doesn't even make any sense.
  1943. >It trails off to mention how you looked at some pony in the corridor and then about Gleam's attempts to dress you up.
  1944. >Wait, why is that your fault?
  1945. >By the way, Gleam is sitting right in the crowd with other ponies.
  1946. >Among them you also see an old acquaintance of yours - the giant wasp.
  1947. >It's sitting in the crowd among her family, the smaller wasps, who also have their own families of even smaller wasps and so on.
  1948. >You remember being trapped in an elevator shaft with that thing. Terrifying to say the least.
  1949. >So it's here to gloat at your nearing demise, probably.
  1950. >There's also Celestia and Luna sitting in the crowd. Celestia doesn't even look at you and Luna seems really unnerved, looking around like she's trying to comprehend why is she here in the first place.
  1951. >Poor pony looks absolutely discouraged and frightened.
  1952. >Meanwhile you don't really feel anything about your nearing execution. You're sure it won't be that bad.
  1953. >The scroll Twilight is reading just keeps going on and on about some terribly inane stuff like why do we need to count planets or some stuff like that.
  1954. >You can't even remember why you're here in the first place, honestly.
  1955. >Finally, the document ends on a rather bright note, commending you on coming here today. Well gee, that was totally because you wanted that.
  1956. >"If anyone wants to say your finally goodbyes to Anonymous, please do that now."
  1957. >The crowd stays silent. Only the giant wasp approaches you, overjoyed to get close and personal again.
  1958. >Without any interruption it bumps into your face with its abdomen. It's surprisingly fluffy and pleasant to the touch.
  1959. >But then you realize it left a splotch of pollen or whatever the hell that is on your face.
  1960. >Disgusted, you try to wipe that spot but the wasp giggles with a rather feminine voice and bumps into your face again.
  1961. >You can't even do anything, your legs won't move, they are tied.
  1962. >Even your attempts at pushing the giant insect away don't have any effect on it, as it keeps coming to harass you and leave wet spots on your face.
  1963. >Like a madman you flail your arms in futile endeavor to get rid of the pesky wasp.
  1964. >It keeps on giggling as if to taunt your helplessness.
  1965. >You pretty sure you start yelling but at that point it all becomes hazy.
  1966. >The wasp calls your name gently but also with concern in its voice.
  1967. >It's your opportunity to strike true and your hand lands straight on her fluff.
  1968. >The wasp just reacts with a little "ouch" and freezes up.
  1969. >You open up your eyes.
  1970. >Your hand in on Celestia's muzzle, left there after the slap.
  1971. >You're in bed and it's morning.
  1972. >The pony is lying on top of you and been kissing you while you were sleeping, as she explains.
  1973. >"I couldn't help myself, you were sleeping so soundly," she regretfully states. "I didn't know you were having some sort of nightmare."
  1974. "I was?"
  1975. >"You suddenly started grunting and clenching your teeth, I thought you were in pain or something."
  1976. >You finally manage to relax on the bed with your waifu right next to you, telling what has transpired while you were in the dream world.
  1977. "Well, it wasn't exactly a very pleasant dream."
  1978. >"I'm sorry."
  1979. "No, don't be. It's alright."
  1980. >In a firm hug all the worries evaporate. She's with you and everything is fine.
  1981. >She was just trying to wake you up by kissing your face. That alone warms your heart.
  1982. >You cuddle with Celestia for some time. It's the dawn of the second day of her little vacation.
  1983. >It's hard to believe what happened last night. Yet your body was a bit sore and your mare was right here, enjoying your company.
  1984. >She does everything she can to make your bodies touch at every spot possible and it feels so soothing against your naked skin.
  1985. >The princess leans in your every caress and smiles when she looks at you. She seems happy.
  1986. >That's how you want her, happy. You feel happy and fulfilled as well. Nothing stands between you and your beloved anymore.
  1987. >Both of you feel it, there's no need to hide how much you enjoy each other anymore. Just something like saying "I love you" feels so good both to hear and say, and after each one of it you feel closer to her.
  1988. >The fact that you made such a pony happy warms your heart. You are humbled by how much she values your affection.
  1989. >And thinking about this being only the beginning makes your heart flutter. No matter what you want to make her dreams come true. Anything she wants from you she'll get no questions asked.
  1990. >For now you just trying kiss her head all over - from the base of her horn to her chin.
  1991. >A smile of joy never leaves her as you do it. With her eyes closed Celestia relishes your gentle care.
  1992. >It ends with her pressing your head to her neck and letting out a satisfying sigh.
  1993. >"How will I ever let you go, my dear?"
  1994. >At hearing her voice calling you like that your heart skips a beat.
  1995. "You don't have to."
  1996. >"I will, eventually. I only have two days left to enjoy you fully..." her tone is slowly turning to the bitter side. "And even then, you probably want to actually do something these days instead of just lying here."
  1997. "Who said I'd be against that?"
  1998. >Finally, a smile again. You feel it upon your skin when her lips tickle you with their touch.
  1999. >"I just wanted to remind you that I don't have any plans for these days since it was so sudden."
  2000. "And I think I already told you that just being with you is fine by me."
  2001. >"Sadly, I don't have a lot of options as a simple pony. Everything I do kinda involves me being a princess."
  2002. "Like it's a bad thing."
  2003. >"I think it is if I just want to spend time with you anywhere aside from the castle. I'm not exactly an easy pony to miss and I'm just afraid others will ruin our time together."
  2004. "I'm sure they'll understand and leave us alone if we ask."
  2005. >"I'm used to having all the eyes on me, what about you?"
  2006. >That does make you wonder. You weren't really the most remarkable thing in the world and no one ever payed attention to you. Are you even ready to be the most well known pony's consort in public?
  2007. >Without waiting for your answer the princess continues:
  2008. >"But I also don't want to imprison you here. Or, rather, us. We should not be confined to these quarters. The sooner ponies learn we're together the sooner they'll accept it."
  2009. >Remembering your dream you suddenly realize that this may indeed present a challenge, knowing how even the castle ponies who see you almost every day are still unsure about you.
  2010. >What a difficult faction to grind reputation with.
  2011. >But then you remember something else.
  2012. "You said some time ago that you intend to find a way to stay with me at all times. Have you managed to come up with something?"
  2013. >"It's the same plan as it was a week ago. All we have to do is make our union official by this country's rules. Then they won't dare to question it."
  2014. "Wait, make it official? Like make a statement?"
  2015. >For some reason Celestia laughs at your guess.
  2016. >"You could say that..."
  2017. >Now you feel stupid for not getting what she's saying.
  2018. >"Don't worry about it, my dear Anonymous. Now is not the time to concern ourselves with this."
  2019. "What do you think it's time for then?"
  2020. >"I think breakfast should be served soon."
  2021. "Wait, how early is this?"
  2022. >"I've awakened you right after I finished sunrise."
  2023. >You think back to when you were waking up and don't seem to feel any difference in lighting. Celestia sees your perplexed expression and know exactly what you're thinking about.
  2024. >"Rain is scheduled for these three days starting today so it's cloudy."
  2025. "What? This is the first time I'm hearing about this.
  2026. >"Well, you never asked and there was no reason to mention it."
  2027. >So the nature itself - or in this case the ponies controlling it - seem to be against you going anywhere.
  2028. >"I'm sorry. Looks like we're stuck here."
  2029. "Celestia, it's no problem. I'm kinda used to being here by now."
  2030. >She almost winces at that and it looks like she feels responsible for your situation.
  2031. >You think you need to cheer her up.
  2032. "Well, if we were to do something, what would you like? Is there anything you wanted to try but weren't able to?"
  2033. >"You know, I think I have something like that."
  2034. "What's that?"
  2035. >And so a minute later you're in Celestia's snuggle burrito.
  2036. >How did that even happen, you wonder.
  2037. >Wrapped in a blanket you two are as close as it is physically possible, laying on your side for the lack of the ability to move at all.
  2038. >Your arms encircle Celestia's neck and your legs are thrown over her back. In turn, her hooves are right below your arms, keeping you close, while her hindlegs hang out of the snuggle zone.
  2039. >She can always undo this with magic. That's not the problem here.
  2040. "So... That's your dream?"
  2041. >Her head is right above yours so you hear her snort perfectly.
  2042. >"There is no wrong way to fantasize, Anonymous."
  2043. "It is kinda comfy."
  2044. >"I was hoping you'd see it that way."
  2045. "You like being tied up, don't you, Celly?"
  2046. >You feel her squirm against your whole body. She doesn't even need to answer anymore. She was suggesting that last night too, though it wasn't really a proposition.
  2047. >"I can't confirm that."
  2048. "Well, we're both kinda tied up here, I just want to know if you enjoy it because of that."
  2049. >"Maybe I am. Or maybe I am enjoying it because it's together with you."
  2050. "Can it be both?"
  2051. >"Who knows?"
  2052. "Or maybe you're-"
  2053. >Sudden knocks on the door make you both jump - or at least quiver in your tight wrap.
  2054. >For a brief moment you lock your eyes with Celestia, not knowing what to do. But she regains composure right away.
  2055. >"Come in!"
  2056. >You can't say you're not a bit unsure about her bold move. After all, you're caught in the middle of such an unusual moment that is also pretty intimate despite everything.
  2057. >But Celestia doesn't seem to care about that.
  2058. >The doors open and it's the same stallion who usually brings you food.
  2059. >He immediately looks away when he sees you both bundled up. He's not blushing or anything, probably just feels weirded out.
  2060. >The stallion announces that he brought breakfast - pancakes as you'd expect.
  2061. >"Courtesy of princess Twilight Sparkle" - he adds.
  2062. >"Thank you."
  2063. >Still trying to not look at the snuggle wrap he exits in haste. Celestia smirks.
  2064. >Couldn't help making this awkward? She probably counted on him being confused.
  2065. >"What's this?"
  2066. >The mare float a glass of green-ish liquid to her muzzle and tries to catch its smell.
  2067. >As you heads are really close you can smell the liquid too - some sort of herbal scent sweetened by something resembling honey.
  2068. >"Oh, Twilight..."
  2069. >Celestia puts it down on the table.
  2070. "What is it?"
  2071. >"It's a medicinal brew for sore throats. I used to drink this mix after long speeches and negotiations. Seems like Twilight here is worried about me losing my voice."
  2072. "Why?" you ask at first, but then it hits you. "Oh! Oh..."
  2073. >"What a gesture to tell me that she heard us last night. At least this will avoid unnecessary questions if we meet her today."
  2074. "It's pretty blunt."
  2075. >"I'd say it's more tactful than asking loaded questions while we both know what the deal is."
  2076. "So... Are we going to unwrap to eat, or will you feed me with magic?"
  2077. >"Oh my, that sounds delightful," Celestia chuckles. "But maybe for now we should eat properly."
  2078. >Only when she unwraps your bodies and let you into the fresh air of your room you notice how hot it was inside the blanket.
  2079. >You'd also have to put on some clothes, though no new ones this time - looks like Gleam didn't make it here yet. Maybe she heard you too and decided against barging in.
  2080. >But that doesn't really matter, you'll get to shower later. For now you're fine with just eating with Celestia in privacy of her chambers.
  2081. >Twilight's pancakes aren't that bad, though they can't hold a candle to Celestia's.
  2082. "So we're going to just spend the rest of the day here?"
  2083. >"We can always roam Canterlot while trying to disguise ourselves as regular ponies."
  2084. "That would be hard for both me and you."
  2085. >"I never said it'd be easy, but if you crave adventures we could try."
  2086. "What about rain?"
  2087. >"That can't be avoided anyway," Celestia sighs. "That's what we get for taking the break so close to the Gala."
  2088. "Wait, the Gala is soon?"
  2089. >"Anon, it's next week."
  2090. "I never heard about that either."
  2091. >Celestia rolls her eyes and smirks.
  2092. >"The weather team usually cleans the clouds before moving them away in time for the Gala, so they usually squeeze everything out of them beforehand."
  2093. >You can't find any reason for that to be absolutely necessary, but hey, ponies probably have their own reasons to do this.
  2094. >So now your plans seem to shift from cuddling all day long to going out together in the rain.
  2095. >This will surely end well.
  2096. >"Anon, for me just being with you is fine too."
  2097. "So we both can't decide now since we're both fine with whatever."
  2098. >"That is the case, yes."
  2099. >Celestia sips the last drops of her tea and sighs.
  2100. >"It appears we are both indecisive. Let's do it this way: I'll go check on Twilight while you're in the shower, then I'll go, and in the meanwhile we can both think about it, alright?"
  2101. "Sounds good to me."
  2102. >This is exactly what you do. But you discover that you can't even decide what kind of shower you want to take, hot or cold.
  2103. >God, why does this have to be so complicated. You don't want to miss out on doing something fun with Celestia, it may be the last time in months she has days off like that.
  2104. >But you also don't want to miss out on any time you could spend together.
  2105. >Especially now that you're so close.
  2106. >Hell, Celestia probably wouldn't mind if you just stayed in bed and made love to each other all day long for these two days.
  2107. >Not like you'd be against that. It's just you feel like that's not everything there is to your life here.
  2108. >Or maybe you just want to act like you're above wanting to rut her senseless all day and all night.
  2109. >Because just remembering her voice calling you in ecstasy last night is enough to get you all hot and bothered.
  2110. >This will probably happen to you every night from now on. This will happen again tonight. It still feels so unreal.
  2111. >The sweet mare of yours is still like a dream to you.
  2112. >And thinking about her you realize you're still not taking shower.
  2113. >But hot or cold?
  2114. >God, just do medium or something, why does this even matter right now.
  2115. >Honestly, this isn't good at all. You can't even sort this out, how can you ever hope to decide what to do together with Celestia?
  2116. >Oh well, at least this is the scope of your problems now. It's gonna be fine.
  2117. >Taking a shower definitely helps you relax. There's also a new set of clothes waiting for you as per usual. This time it's something resembling a polo, navy blue. With a...bow tie?
  2118. >No, this isn't going to work. Ponies have the right ideas about clothing and they definitely try to recreate your world's clothing, just sometimes they lack any experience in combining stuff to arrange an actual outfit.
  2119. >Whatever, there's no one here to ridicule your for your off-looking human fashion. And it's not like it's your fault in the first place. You take what you get.
  2120. >At least the quality is good at all times.
  2121. >Consumed in these kind of thoughts while putting on your new clothes you walk out - only to hear voices in the distance.
  2122. >Excited exclamations that sound like they are voiced by Celestia and Luna.
  2123. >And not even a few seconds later you see the royal sisters walk at the other end of the corridor - you guess to Luna's room.
  2124. >Celestia is holding her sister with her wing and they're both chirping about something. Luna looks really happy, like she's grateful to Celestia for something, while the Sun princess seems to be approving of Luna's reactions and trying to act humble but barely concealing elation.
  2125. >What is this all about? They walk without noticing you and you move after them shortly after. You don't want to intrude but you're curious if Celestia is going to come out soon.
  2126. >Just as you leave her alone for a few minutes something important happens. Looks like she didn't go to "check" on others for nothing.
  2127. >You only have to wait for a few minutes at worst, Celestia leaves her younger sister's room with a quite satisfied and content expression.
  2128. >Immediately she sees you standing nearby and swiftly approaches. She doesn't ask why you're here in the first place. That's not important right now.
  2129. >She tells you everything without even being asked, with utmost delight in her voice:
  2130. >"Anon, you're not going to believe it. Word came from the Initiative that they've sorted the latest arrival and they're ready to pick the next couple of matches. And Luna is next on the list! Cadence just received a letter with update from them, she's leaving right away to find Luna a human husbando of her own."
  2131. >Celestia's joy is contagious and you smile at her too.
  2132. "That's wonderful news, Celestia."
  2133. >"I don't know if he'll be here for the Gala but I really hope so."
  2134. "Same here."
  2135. >You don't really know what to think of that.
  2136. >Sharing a castle with another human in the same predicament as you?
  2137. >Celestia doesn't know much about human relationships with one another, she probably thinks you'll become friends just because you're both humans or something.
  2138. >You have no idea how this will work out for you.
  2139. >But now isn't the time to worry about it. Celestia jumps into your arms and gives you a really tight hug.
  2140. >You know she tries to be warm with her sister but you had no idea she feels that way about her.
  2141. >Though as you return to your room Celestia, getting something to eat again, explains something important to you.
  2142. >"I feel responsible for her being high on the list. To be fair, things weren't stable when it was announced that I'm the one getting the match."
  2143. "Really? How so?"
  2144. >"Well, imagine condemning your sister to a thousand years of complete isolation. When she returns and there's a program to help lonely ponies, you'd think she'd be the first on the list."
  2145. "If you put it that way it does make sense."
  2146. >"But it was me."
  2147. >Celestia is getting into a thoughtful, nostalgic mood again, just when she was yesterday when you were on that observation tower.
  2148. >"There wasn't a day of my life I haven't felt guilty for not finding a better way to deal with Nightmare Moon. There had to be something else I could've done."
  2149. "But there-"
  2150. >"And every time I've raised the Moon by myself," she speaks firmly, letting you know that your consolations are not needed. "Every night I remembered her."
  2151. >"With Twilight's help she was returned to me but things didn't really go that well. It wasn't until later that she started to feel like her older self. She never even told me if she was aware of her situation all these years."
  2152. "Wait, you don't know that? You were the one casting the spell."
  2153. >"I never had to use that spell before, I never knew how it works for those on the receiving end. And she wouldn't talk about it."
  2154. >Celestia sighs and takes some time to compose herself.
  2155. >"Now, the Initiative is launched and the loneliest mares get to have their own pieces of happiness in this world. Those who can't get it any other way. And it turns out that I'm the one in need of it. How do you think Luna reacted to that?"
  2156. "She... wasn't very happy about it?"
  2157. >"Worse. She blamed herself."
  2158. >Celestia's head winces in a barely noticeable way but you know her heart sinks saying it - yours did too upon hearing it.
  2159. >You understand exactly what she means but Celestia still tries to explain.
  2160. >"She thought that it is her banishment that has led to me being... well, an emotional disaster that had to be concealed in order for me to rule the country completely alone. I can only get this if Luna wasn't aware of her time in banishment, or it was like a horrible nightmare she woke up from, or something of that nature. I can't imagine any other reason for her to think that way."
  2161. >Another pause lies heavy on both of you.
  2162. >"But at the same time I know she was jealous. Even if she managed to hide it well at least sometimes she thought it was unfair. And that made me sad as well. I was cautious about enjoying myself with you. Like I'm having something I don't deserve, or-"
  2163. "Celestia, this is just not true."
  2164. >"Of course, after all, love magic has decided it. So Luna had to accept that I am, in the end, more miserable and lonely than a pony who's been exiled for a thousand years."
  2165. >When she puts it that way you start to understand the gravity Celestia's situation.
  2166. "But what now?"
  2167. >"Now she went flying to hug me and say how happy she is," the princess smiles warmly. "I think she doesn't hold a grudge against me. Justice has been served. She won't be lonely anymore."
  2168. "Do you think watching us together was hard for her?"
  2169. >"She never said anything about it but it's possible. And now it doesn't matter. I'm happy for her."
  2170. "And you don't have to be conscious about being happy too, right?"
  2171. >You touch her cheek and she leans in to nuzzle your hand, enjoying your touch fully.
  2172. >"I guess so."
  2173. >This news, the Gala, and even the rest of Celestia's days off present a set of giant problems you'll have to face soon.
  2174. >But in this moment you just want to see how happy and content your pony waifu is.
  2175. >Day by day you destroy every barrier in the way of your happiness.
  2176. >This was probably the last of them. But if not, you promise to yourself that you're going to be ready to take on anything standing in your way.
  2177. >This pony princess seems so vulnerable sometimes. Lost even.
  2178. >You yourself can't even comprehend what future may have in store for you with the Gala, Luna's match arriving and Celestia making your union official.
  2179. >But to see her smile, to see the way she looks at you, this all makes you feel like you're really making a difference here.
  2180. >You are making your pony goddess happier.
  2182. >Strange things keep happening today. First it was the snuggle wrap that Celestia forced you in.
  2183. >Now it's an outfit you don't quite get, namely why does Celestia have it at all.
  2184. >It's not like you can just write it off as "just being in the castle", clothes made for Celestia are kinda obvious.
  2185. >So now, staring at the princess rocking a baggy yellow full body raincoat with a hood you wonder how did this even happen. Again.
  2186. >Her looks are completed by sunglasses. You swear those are also made just for her.
  2187. >Maybe you can dismiss it as Gleam being capable of producing outfits out of thin air, but she's not a miracle worker in a literal sense.
  2188. >And with this and a smile Celestia is ready to leave the castle with you.
  2189. >She hands you an umbrella - a pretty large one judging by its length. Probably also made for her.
  2190. >Your adventures outside have officially started.
  2191. >All that led to this was Celestia learning that there's a play she likes in Canterlot's concert hall.
  2192. >It's more of an opera, as you understand from her description.
  2193. >"It was written some eight hundred years ago and I haven't seen it in a while."
  2194. >That's all the excuse she needed to drag you outside. She really wanted to do something together that's not just cuddling.
  2195. >Though you can't really understand that. It's perfectly fine for you to just cuddle.
  2196. >But that's behind you now. It's raining and you both take your first steps into the murky wet Canterlot.
  2197. >Of course Celestia is also rocking large yellow galoshes. Of course. Why wouldn't she have those?
  2198. >You prefer not to question it.
  2199. >"Sad that we have to take our walk in such a weather..."
  2200. >Celestia laments the circumstances but you see she's really excited - she's so giddy she is almost skipping and jumping around.
  2201. "Has it really been so long since your last free time here?"
  2202. >"I guess. It's always some official business or this, or that. You know."
  2203. "Yeah."
  2204. >You pass the guards who don't even react to a human leaving with a mysterious tall mare.
  2205. >They either figured it out right away or just don't really care. Some guards these are.
  2206. >Anyway, you're free to roam the city. Here and there you see ponies either walking with umbrellas high or running from cover to cover without anything to hide themselves from the rain.
  2207. >It almost seems like you two are scaring the town and this is all because of you. Like you're two spirits of misfortune and all the folk is getting away from the streets.
  2208. >With how bizarre your outfits are you might as well be. You have a comfy overcoat - and it's white. Perfect for rain, right? And your shoes are surely made for a it as well.
  2209. >Overall, you'd like to get out of here as fast as possible. Celestia, on the other hand, seems to be okay with walking in this kind of weather.
  2210. >"By the way, Anon?"
  2211. "What?"
  2212. >"We're going to arrive just before the play is going to start. So maybe there won't be any tickets."
  2213. "You're saying this now?"
  2214. >"I guess it slipped my mind, I'm sorry. In that case we'll just have to improvise."
  2215. >This is enough for you to think this was done on purpose. Or at least that she didn't care if you don't get to see the play.
  2216. >You can't even look around properly with this giant umbrella with her cutiemark printed on it. What are you supposed to do here if this plan doesn't work?
  2217. >Looks like you'll find out soon enough.
  2218. >"Well, we're here."
  2219. >It took whole whooping five minutes for you to arrive here from the castle. Talk about adventure.
  2220. >Twilight did mention that "all the Canterlot's culture revolves around the castle" but you never thought it was literally in the city's layout.
  2221. >On the other side of the street there's that hall used for exhibitions. And over there it's the royal museum.
  2222. >It is kinda convenient to have all of this in one place but it's also a bit boring.
  2223. >Well, you wanted to get away from the rain, here you go.
  2224. >The hall is as cozy as it gets - warm candle light from chandeliers, ponies in fancy dresses walking around and mingling, the ambience of that kind of hall is a long forgotten feel.
  2225. >You remember when you used to visit your local theater and concert hall, you were lucky to live in a place that actually had those.
  2226. >At some point though you stopped. Life wasn't too generous and you had other things to worry about. Now you're reminded if this long forgotten feel and it rings with nostalgia right away.
  2227. >You two make your way through the hall, towering over regular ponies. You're like two completely different species. Well, of course you are, but Celestia stands out even in her disguise.
  2228. >It was time to check if there were any tickets left. And, naturally...
  2229. >"Sorry, we sold out a few weeks ago." the stallion in the booth says without even looking at Celestia.
  2230. >The princess turns to you and smiles, maybe hoping you'd leave it at that and you have to walk around in the rain some more. But this isn't happening.
  2231. >You're all up for improvisations and adventures, but you just want to spend time with your mare.
  2232. >You knock so the stallion actually looks at you and then you swiftly lift Celestia's hood that covered her mane and take off her sunglasses (who knows how she was even seeing anything in these).
  2233. >Of course the stallion gasps right away and you roll your eyes at this childlike charade. Like it wasn't obvious that it was Celestia all along, the horn alone was dead giveaway.
  2234. >"P-princess?! Princess Celestia?"
  2235. >"Anon, why'd you do that?"
  2236. >She pouts at you blowing her cover but you just shake your head.
  2237. >"A-actually, we have a few seats left unclaimed on the far balcony."
  2238. >"They're reserved for somepony, right? Leave it be."
  2239. "Come on, Celestia."
  2240. >"No, there's no need to-"
  2241. >"Actually, sir Barkenhoof said he won't be coming this evening so I think nopony will be claiming it."
  2242. >After that clarification Celestia seems lost in thoughts for a moment.
  2243. >"Barkenhoof? That Manehattan trader? I thought he never liked operas in the first place."
  2244. >The stallion looks confused and just shrugs.
  2245. >"Alright, just show us the way."
  2246. >"I-is he with you?"
  2247. >Celestia's brow shoots up and for a moment you swear you see fires of indignation flare in the mare's eyes.
  2248. >But her tone is still normal when she explains:
  2249. >"That's Anonymous, the royal consort. I would prefer if you treat him with respect."
  2250. >The pony's eyes go wide for a moment. To be honest you yourself are impressed with how easily Celestia said something like that.
  2251. >Her having a spouse is unheard of. And, indeed, he backs up:
  2252. >"My apologies, princess, I wasn't aware that-"
  2253. >"It's alright, not a lot of ponies know about us, yet."
  2254. >That way she said "us" and "yet" made your heart flutter. You think you're starting to blush. Oh, Celestia, the skill of accentuating words is truly yours by right of millennium spent ruling the country with your sharp tongue.
  2255. >You are led through the regular ponies to the stairs up to the balconies. Now that Celestia's mane is out everyone is starting to stare.
  2256. >But she pays no mind and so you decide to do the same.
  2257. >Only when the stallion left you realized you didn't get to pay for these seats.
  2258. >But he wasn't about to ask a princess to pay for tickets.
  2259. >Meanwhile, the princess herself pouts at you.
  2260. >"Anon, that wasn't really necessary."
  2261. "Hey, it got us here."
  2262. >The balcony was the farthest from the stage and also the highest of them all, making it the perfect spot to chill.
  2263. >You're glad you got seats here of all places. To be honest you'd be uncomfortable blocking the view for other ponies behind your back.
  2264. >And this here higher plane allowed for comfort and privacy. Privacy is important too.
  2265. >"I thought we were done with the princess thing for these days."
  2266. "Well, stripping you from your princess gear only meant to take away your worries and responsibilities, not your privileges."
  2267. >"But-"
  2268. "We can always kick you out of the castle if you don't want to be royalty."
  2269. >That makes her smirk.
  2270. >"Oh, and you get to stay?"
  2271. "I'm the royal consort, am I not?"
  2272. >A hearty chortle makes the princess let her guard down completely. She is relaxed enough to accept your hug.
  2273. >While you're at it you help her out of the raincoat completely. It'll be dry by the time this play ends.
  2274. >Speaking of the play, now was the time to actually ask what are you in for.
  2275. >"Oh, it's an old pony tale, written about two hundred years into Luna's banishment."
  2276. "That old?"
  2277. >"I've seen it a couple of times over the years, yes."
  2278. "Will I even understand any of it?"
  2279. >"I can't see why not. It was originally written in Olde Ponish even though it was already becoming obsolete by then, so later it was adapted to the more modern Canterlot dialect - modern at the time, of course."
  2280. "Canterlot dialect?"
  2281. >"It didn't exactly have a name back then. Luna still speaks like that sometimes, with the royal "we" and all."
  2282. >The mare giggles, remembering all those times ponies didn't understand her sister because of her decrepit way of speaking.
  2283. "Oh, so it's all in ye olde english, gotcha."
  2284. >"That's one way to call it, I guess."
  2285. >As you make small talk you don't even notice it's time for the show to begin. The lights dim and the curtain is pulled.
  2286. >A group of ponies seems to be lost in snow and they argue a lot.
  2287. >Of course all the arguing is done in singing, and that means you can't understand anything.
  2288. >But the music is nice and they singing is good, so you can't complain. You really don't know much about classical music and now you actually regret it.
  2289. >No matter, you'll ask Twilight. Or those fabled teachers that were supposed to arrive but went missing, you guess.
  2290. >But anyway. After some arguing the ponies on stage seem to move somewhere. A music of great distress plays, strings echoing with distant disturbing noise, brass imitating a storm that threatens to bury the poor ponies alive.
  2291. >They wander around aimlessly. Maybe they search for a better place to live in? Maybe they are escaping something?
  2292. >But their suffering doesn't end. At the lowest point of their journey every bit of hope seems to be lost.
  2293. >Then, one stallion comes forth. He asks them to give him trust so he can lead them.
  2294. >But only if they trust him fully and follow him to the end will they succeed.
  2295. >Really, what choice do they have? They have doubts but they agree in the end.
  2296. >With inspiring tune playing you see the brave stallion turn away from the crowd and you're shown why he's so confident.
  2297. >All other ponies are sleeping since it's night time, but where the hero stands light shines from above, and to him from heaven descends...
  2298. >Why, who else but princess Celestia, the goddess of hope?
  2299. >It's a fairly good rendition: the mare playing her is fairly lanky and her horn is long. Wings sit on her in a natural way, though the mane is obviously touched with magic to make the wavy effect happen.
  2300. >Real Celestia doesn't need that. She's just that magical on her own. By the way, she is looking kind of embarrassed by her own image in the play and you decide to pet her a little to indicate that you're paying attention.
  2301. >She understands that you enjoy it despite implications and smiles at you. In the dim light of the artificial sun on stage her mane and eyes are glistening just for you.
  2302. >Celestia leans in and goes for a kiss. You've never expected something like this but she dives into it like she's been waiting for an excuse to drop into your embrace.
  2303. >In here no one will ever see you suckling on each other's tongues gently and slowly, in an extremely intimate and sensual way. Celestia is savoring your every motion inside her mouth while your tongue explores the texture of gums and teeth from the inside.
  2304. >The music and the singing is a nice ambience for this moment of affection.
  2305. >Soon, Celestia takes the lead and her tongue dances around as much as yours. She caresses your dangerous fangs with it and inserts it as deep as she can go, pressing her lips to yours in cute attempts to make you feel something she hasn't make you experience yet.
  2306. >You both try to not make a sound but with the music playing and lack of ponies around you a few wet smooches and stiffened moans can't be avoided.
  2307. >When the kiss ends it seems that the scene of Celestia has ended as well.
  2308. "Now I missed the plot point," you whisper to your lover.
  2309. >"He got inspired and assured that as long as he doesn't waver his path will stay lit by the Sun and thus remain true," the princess whispers back.
  2310. >You pull her closer to you and she falls onto your body, right in your embrace. Together, side to side, amazingly close. The mare's forelegs rest on your lap and she rubs her neck against your chest.
  2311. "You really are a goddess," you say right in her ear.
  2312. >"Oh, Anon, don't even start..."
  2313. >Even now you see how she blushes a bit.
  2314. >Leaving a wet trail your tongue traces the outline of her ear.
  2315. "You are, to me. My beautiful perfect goddess."
  2316. >Saying that you start scratching the regal pony under her chin and she closes her eyes for a moment to focus on your touch.
  2317. >The play goes on but at this point you're more interested in Celestia near you. Stroking her mane and scratching the back of her head as you try to at least pretend you're watching the movements on stage you realize it's hard to keep your eyes away for your mare.
  2318. >The warmth of her weight on your legs is impossible to ignore.
  2319. >You lose your focus eventually and just bury your face under the silky surface of her waving mane.
  2320. >That gets a soft "aww" out of her and she decides to remind you:
  2321. >"Anon, you're missing out."
  2322. "I'm not missing out on you."
  2323. >"There will be plenty of that when we get home."
  2324. "How much is plenty?"
  2325. >Celestia turns to you and looks you in the eyes when you pull your head back up.
  2326. >"More than you can handle."
  2327. "Is that a challenge?"
  2328. >This time it's she who kisses your ear.
  2329. >"A promise. Enjoy the show in the meantime."
  2330. >With that she returns to her reclined position on your lap. You still touch her a lot but she doesn't mind that. She wouldn't be this close if she didn't want you to.
  2331. >It's like you're at home watching TV or something.
  2332. >The ponies in the play seem to be lost in some sort of woods and they are angry at their elected leader. They were fools to trust him, it's cold, dark and they'll never get anywhere.
  2333. >Despite him being the only one who has actually done something for their survival they still berate him for getting them lost.
  2334. >He is disheartened, that's for sure, but you never expected him to be in a literal sense.
  2335. >But as a final solution he dramatically takes out his own heart that shines bright as a star.
  2336. >It's not graphic in any sense, but you get the symbolism of the scene.
  2337. >As it beats still it lights the way and soon they find their way out of the forest. Celestia's Sun is shining once again, the dawn has arrived and they are looking at green pastures of a spring valley.
  2338. >The ponies are happy that they've made it, but the hero is all but gone. Before he draws his final breath the goddess of hope descends once again, this time before all of the ponies.
  2339. >She proclaims the hero her champion. She doesn't need to scold the ponies as they realize what happened and bow before Celestia, asking for forgiveness. It's not her they should repent to, she says.
  2340. >The first thing ponies do when they settle in, is erect a monument in the hero's honor, to forever commemorate his sacrifice and faith in his people despite them not having faith in him.
  2341. "Funny how ponies have exactly the same stories as humans, huh?" you note when the play is over and the hall lights up again.
  2342. >Ponies are clopping their hooves and stomping the floor, the hall booming with well deserved ovations. Both you and your princess also display your appreciation while having this conversation.
  2343. >Celestia looks at you and you see a strange mix of smugness and doubt.
  2344. >"Whatever do you mean?"
  2345. "I'm not saying someone is ripping someone off here, just that the similarities are way too obvious, almost suspicious."
  2346. >"If that's true it is pretty interesting. I wonder how many similar stories there are if even an ancient tale like this one is shared between cultures so far apart."
  2347. >Celestia is getting ready to leave but you point at her rain coat and suggest she puts it on before going into the crowd.
  2348. >You don't need ponies' attention right now and wish for safe and swift return home.
  2349. >As much as Celestia is obvious in her attire it's still better than not wearing it. The mane is tucked in and that makes her look smaller right away.
  2350. >You wonder if that's actually a thing - her having such impressive mass of magical hair to make her look bigger and stand out more.
  2351. >Even in this play you just saw she is portrayed as a deity, a concept instead of a mere pony.
  2352. >In fact, that brings forth another question.
  2353. "So how do you feel about your role in this play?"
  2354. >"By that point I got used to things like that as ponies at that time inserted my image everywhere. This original folk tale this play is based on comes from times way before our reign."
  2355. "You said it was in Olde Ponish, right?"
  2356. >"Yes, and the theatrical adaptation intended to keep it that way. But if you read the scripts the play is based on - which you can no longer do since they were lost in the great fire some four hundred years ago - you'll find that there is no mention of me or any other figure of that magnitude there."
  2357. "You mean you were written in just for that adaptation? Just like that?"
  2358. >"It's a touchy subject, not many ponies remember it but after Nightmare Moon's banishment there was a time ponies were actually seeing me as some sort of goddess. I was everything, Anon, like you wouldn't believe, from a good luck charm to the cosmic judge of every single thing in existence," the mare chuckles bitterly.
  2359. "That's a lot to deal with."
  2360. >"Ponies who lived through Luna's threats of eternal night passed my triumph unto their children. They were raised to revere me... And fear me too. I think that was the turning point in our history. When an alicorn who just made raising the Sun easier became the liberator of the entire nation and then the Sun goddess."
  2361. "You were already at the helm of Equestria by then, weren't you?"
  2362. >"Yes, but it was different. We were just two ponies who..." she shakes her head helplessly, unable to find the right words.
  2363. "It's alright, I understand."
  2364. >No matter how glum and dreary it is outside, Celestia surpasses it with her darkened mood.
  2365. >Seems like these were indeed not very pleasant memories for her.
  2366. >Being praised for banishing Nightmare Moon, her own sister... You can only guess how Celestia feels about that.
  2367. "I'm sorry I brought this up."
  2368. >"No, it's alright. There is no need to shy away from my own history. I paved this road and made no effort to prevent it, Anonymous, and I've made a lot of mistakes in my life - all of which were forgiven by my subjects. I think it is important to remember how I lived for the last thousand years. Puts things into perspective, you know?"
  2369. >She laughs but it comes out so weak and defeated you feel your heart sinking.
  2370. >You walk through the rainy Canterlot and there's nothing but gray clouds above. It's up to you to lighten up your mare's mood.
  2371. "But you also wanted to look into the future more," you remind her.
  2372. >"That is true. For once, things are looking up for us."
  2373. "The royal we?"
  2374. >Now her smile turns into a genuine one.
  2375. >"Why yes. But also me and you. And me and my sister."
  2376. "She has a match now too."
  2377. >"Exactly. That makes me hopeful. If I can't make her life brighter maybe a human can."
  2378. >The implications of her saying this are quite heavy. But Celestia isn't gloomy anymore so maybe it's just you.
  2379. >"After all it worked for me."
  2380. >She leans in to give you a quick peck on the cheek.
  2381. >Guards at the castle's gate still pay no mind to you when you return back home.
  2382. >You kinda have a feeling that something might've happened while you were away, after all the play was almost two hours long. Just a gut feeling. Like it would be the perfect time for something to go wrong, the only time Celestia isn't in her place.
  2383. >But no, it doesn't seem that way. Ponies take your umbrella and Celestia's raincoat with sunglasses.
  2384. >Things go by naturally. Celestia asks if she missed anything important, nothing happened.
  2385. >Gleam jumps at the opportunity to take notes on your wet shoes and one shoulder that got under the rain. You still can't figure this pony out. You never know how her notes affect what you wear. She does her thing and walks away saying her thanks as always.
  2386. >The castle is rather calm and you don't see a lot of ponies on your way.
  2387. >"Just wait until the next week starts."
  2388. "Oh, right, the Gala."
  2389. >"All the fuss just for one evening of mingling."
  2390. >It's not hard to imagine how it's important to the high society but Celestia doesn't seem to be very fond of it.
  2391. >But you don't discuss it, at least not now. Celestia decides to check on the princesses instead.
  2392. >Twilight is bored in the throne room, says some delegates are late and she doesn't have anything to do but she also can't leave.
  2393. >Welcome to the life of royalty, Twiggles.
  2394. >Luna is sleeping as there is nothing for her to do right now. Good for her. Celestia was worried that her sister will overexert herself but that's clearly not the case.
  2395. >So... Nothing else to do but return to your room.
  2396. >The princess is fine with it, even more than fine by the looks of it. And you know why the second you step inside after her.
  2397. >With a bang the door behind you crashes close. You're thrown against it right after and held there by Celestia's body pressing hard into you.
  2398. >A moan of relief can be heard from the eager princess the second before she greedily vacuum seals your mouth with hers, diving in as deep as she can go.
  2399. >The sudden passion overwhelms you as well and you feel your spirit catching Celestia's fires of lust.
  2400. >She's so hungry for you it's impossible to keep your cool and you won't even pretend to shy away from her advances.
  2401. >You're going to have here right now and there's nothing that can stop you. And even if there was anything, you want her so badly you'd just ignore it.
  2402. >Celestia's willingness is intoxicating. To think that she genuinely wants you, wants you to have her, is so unreal - but here you are, trapped between the closed door and her tongue that's molesting every inch of your mouth.
  2403. >When she lowers her body a bit and starts rubbing her chest against your already obvious erection you know there's no containing it anymore.
  2404. >You need to go farther, to know if there is a limit to this maddening desire.
  2405. >Will she recoil in pain if you grab a handful of her mane and pull it back and force her down to kiss her from above?
  2406. >No, with a nicker she submits to your commanding motion. Waves of hot air are so familiar on your face, Celestia is pumping pure lust through her nostrils.
  2407. >Will she awkwardly stumble if you push her back, leading her to the bed?
  2408. >Oh no, once you push she pushes back and slams you back to the door with a loud crashing sound of it barely hanging in place.
  2409. >This sudden hit feels like it punched all of the air from you, leaving you breathless - and all too easy for Celestia to usurp your breath with hers as she plugs your mouth as you're about to gasp for air.
  2410. >But then you push again, much stronger this time, and to your surprise you manage to move her. She is probably allowing you to do it but not without struggle.
  2411. >You grab her mane again and pull once more, and this seems to ease your way since Celestia is now a bit disoriented.
  2412. >But you'd be a fool to mistake this for actual struggle - behind her head you see how the mare's tail is raised so high it almost falls onto her back.
  2413. >This is exactly how she wants to be taken.
  2414. >So you don't even present yourself a question about her reaction when you shove her on the bed and hear her shaky voice as she gasps, more from pleasure than from surprise.
  2415. >Her mane settles down slowly as Celestia stretches on the bed, inviting you to lay with her.
  2416. >But you hesitate, you're captivated with the sight of this massive powerful pony completely at your command. Not forced, no, craving to be like that.
  2417. >This power shouldn't be tasted by a mere man.
  2418. >But you are not in position to ponder - the princess is quick to feel your uncertainty. Your moment of power is lost.
  2419. >You are taken by your hand. By Celestia's mouth. Indeed, she bites your hand and pulls you onto the bed.
  2420. >If you won't join her she'll make you.
  2421. >It almost hurts, the way she's biting you. But that's nothing compared to what she has in store for you next.
  2422. >As soon as you hit the sheets she turns you on your back and her magic unbuttons your shirt, undoing all the buttons at once.
  2423. >Once your body is exposed to her she bites down. You feel her lips at the base of your neck. Celestia sucks on it so hard you can't help but yelp.
  2424. >Sharp pain makes you throw your head back but at the same time the wet seal of her lips is soon aided by her tongue - Celestia is licking the vacuumed circle of your skin she is sucking on.
  2425. >Clever pony leaves a fresh mark just a bit lower than your collar so you don't have to take extra measure to hide it.
  2426. >But you'll know it's there. And it's not going to be the last one.
  2427. >Celestia's kisses are aggressive and rough. She covers your whole torso with them. From licking your neck to biting your nipples she bathes you in her saliva as she roams your body in hunger that only gets more and more intense the more she savors the taste of her lover.
  2428. >In reaction to your panting and groaning she presses her hoof to your crotch, feeling the hardness of your eager member that throbs under her pressure.
  2429. >You moan her name and she smiles. Finally, you feel her dragging your pants down. The mare is ready to take you.
  2430. >But you want to be the one to do it, so once again, the power shifts.
  2431. >You push her off and she falls on her back with her legs far apart.
  2432. >It's like she was ready for you to do that.
  2433. >This mare is driving you crazy.
  2434. >You can't even understand what's going on anymore, nothing exists aside from her.
  2435. >Entranced, you allow your hands to run through her coat, caressing her perfect body, the epitome of pony appeal perfected for over a thousand years.
  2436. >"Ohh, Anon, don't tease me any longer..." you hear a sultry voice that is calling to you.
  2437. >The softness that belongs to you. The will to give it away to you. The haze of lust that only leaves one thought in her mind, that is desire to be taken by you, be one with you.
  2438. >It is all yours. It's... It's unreal.
  2439. >It's almost unfair.
  2440. >You are the one to own all of her as she wishes for it. This is too good to be true.
  2441. >But it is true.
  2442. >Is it? It is, right?
  2443. >To your horror you feel your heavy breathing become hyperventilation.
  2444. >You won't fall into this again. You can't. Not now. Just breathe.
  2445. >It's not about deserving it. It's not about what you can do and-
  2446. >Fuck, get it together. You're way past this. You're with Celestia now. You have to believe in it.
  2447. >Believe in her who believes in you, or something. Weren't you suppose to leave these episodes back in the Crystal Empire? Come on, man.
  2448. >Yes, it IS too good to be true b-but, BUT you can't-
  2449. >No, you can't fight it. Panic overwhelms you.
  2450. >Somewhere from miles away you hear a very worried voice:
  2451. >"Anon? Dearest, is something wrong?"
  2452. >You look at your hands just like Cadence has taught you. They are real. You are real. You're not dreaming, you're not dead. You are real.
  2453. >Something wet falls onto your open palms. It's your own sweat dripping from your forehead.
  2454. >From the outskirts of your maniacal heartbeat all around you you hear Celestia saying something but you can't react in any way.
  2455. >It's impossible to react, to move. Terror paralyzes you and you can't comprehend your surroundings.
  2456. >Except for two firm hooves that suddenly squish your temples.
  2457. >That's new.
  2458. >And the voice, piercing the shroud of clouds around your mind. Like a ray of sunlight it penetrates all the darkness and it commands you to take heed.
  2459. >"Anonymous! Look at me!"
  2460. >That wasn't the royal Canterlot voice despite the same powerful tone to it, instead it's almost like you hear her inside your head. Its sharp steel rips through your fears and tears them apart.
  2461. >Your eyes open wide against your will and before you two pools of magenta colored determination shine like twin stars that are fueled by hope.
  2462. >All of your doubts are erased before they even crawl out of the darkness of your ailing mind. All questions are answered before they are formed.
  2463. >If you can't be sure in anything in this world, Celestia will be sure for you.
  2464. >If you can't believe in it, she will believe in it so much it will start to believe in you.
  2465. >The goddess of hope has come down from heaven to only convey just one thing, one truth you need to know.
  2466. >"I love you."
  2467. >With panic leaving your body all its strength follows and you fall onto the mare, right into her firm embrace.
  2468. >"I will never let you go."
  2469. >Her warmth makes you tear up and no matter how you try to choke it back she feels it and only hugs you closer.
  2470. "I'm sorry."
  2471. >You own voice is coarse and cold. But Celestia doesn't mind.
  2472. >"Don't be. We will be going at your pace, my sweetheart."
  2473. "Celly, I-"
  2474. >"Shh. Please, rest now, my love. I need some rest too."
  2475. >The mare gently puts you to her side and hugs you close. The coat of her chest accommodates your face perfectly and above you her wing covers your body.
  2476. >Her whisper lulls you to sleep like a magic spell. There's something enchanting about the way she talks about how tomorrow will be a new day and everything will be past you. Maybe it is a spell.
  2477. >You wouldn't know. It's embarrassing to end your lustful display like that but you can't find the strength to actually do anything anymore.
  2478. >Good thing Celestia found the way to interrupt your crisis with whatever that spell was.
  2479. >Or maybe that wasn't a spell, just her own version of the Stare or something.
  2480. >Who knows. Who cares. She's warm and she keeps telling you she loves you.
  2481. >You do that too and for some time you just exchange "I love you" again and again. It's silly but both of you can't stop.
  2482. >Until your mind gives in to sleep and you fall into a dreamless slumber.
  2484. >"No, he is not!"
  2485. >Not even half-awake you can't yet understand what woke you up other than it's Celestia's voice and it's coming from somewhere - not within your room.
  2486. >It's sounds like it's behind a door. You turn to look but it's dark. You're alone in the bed.
  2487. >Celestia's bed... Now you remember what happened just before you fell asleep.
  2488. >Your head aches a bit. It's a dull, annoying kind of pain that barely registers with your thought process but it is definitely there and it just waits for you to focus on it enough to reconfirm its presence.
  2489. >You're cold and alone. Celestia is behind the closed door as you thought and she is talking with another pony. You recognise their voice and it seems that Luna is her opponent there.
  2490. >Celestia seems quite annoyed with her sister if she allowed herself to raise her voice, even a tiny bit.
  2491. >That was the only thing you managed to make out as everything else is just a murmur to you. Celestia's distressed voice is contrasted by Luna's worried and disappointed tone.
  2492. >They bicker for some time. It seems to be about you, but what could it be, really? Was it about yesterday's failure of yours?
  2493. >It's impossible to guess and you'd rather not agitate your headache.
  2494. >Pretty soon the princess opens the door with magic, saying her last words. You only hear a few of those.
  2495. >"...and maybe it's up for him to decide."
  2496. >That's all she said. Make of it what you must. Or don't. You'd rather not.
  2497. >Instead, you pretend to be sleep. Only hearing things now you estimate that Celestia approaches the bed and her heavy, burdened sigh has no notes of relief.
  2498. >She stands before you and doesn't do anything. She's probably watching you and thinking. You keep pretending but...
  2499. >"Anon, please don't. I know you're awake. I'm sorry, our conversation must've woken you up."
  2500. >You don't budge still and soon you hear the mare smirk and walk away.
  2501. >"I've watched you sleep enough times to know that you're just pretending now."
  2502. "I'm not."
  2503. >"If you say so."
  2504. >Both of you giggle at the same time. You carefully get out of bed, trying to not stir your brain more than you absolutely have to.
  2505. >It is time to raise the Sun and Celestia already stands near the window with the magic flowing slowly around her horn.
  2506. >The soft chime of her sunrise spell is music to your ears, something you're already used to.
  2507. >Really goes to show how being with her already feels like home.
  2508. >If not for yesterday's spergout that still tarnishes your soul with its bitter aftertaste.
  2509. >As if to atone for your embarrassing behavior you approach Celestia and give her a firm hug. Her mane immediately tickles you all over since you're still naked.
  2510. >You're used to that too.
  2511. >But then why did that happen last night?
  2512. >Everything inside of you stirs with uncertainty. You'll have to discuss it sooner or later, or at least get it out of your system.
  2513. >Might as well start now. Though Celestia interrupts you the second you even open your mouth.
  2514. >"I'm not listening to your apologies today, Anonymous. You have nothing to apologize for."
  2515. "But-"
  2516. >"Can you at the very least allow me to forgive you?"
  2517. >That was a strange way of saying this. But, sadly, you understand what she means by that.
  2518. >You're only able to smirk bitterly.
  2519. "So much for that challenge."
  2520. >"It is no laughing matter for me, you know."
  2521. "I'm s-"
  2522. >She clears her throat ever so quietly but it is enough for you to shut your trap for good.
  2523. >"...Can't even see the Sun these days."
  2524. >Leaning forward you see Celestia gazing in the distance, looking at her city but not really seeing it. Her eyes peer into something way out of anyone's reach.
  2525. "It's alright. Every morning is beautiful with you."
  2526. >"Aw. Now you're resorting to flattery instead of just apologizing?"
  2527. "I mean it though."
  2528. >You give the mare's long neck a nice loud smooch and for once Celestia smiles happily.
  2529. >"In that case, thank you."
  2530. >You weren't lying. She just makes everything beautiful.
  2531. >Beautiful morning with you~
  2532. >Now it's playing in your head. And that will certainly mean more headache.
  2533. >Maybe later, but now you're with her and everything is good and nothing has any right to hurt. Not your body, not your soul, not anymore.
  2534. >This dim morning with your princess just affirms everything you believe in. In shining lights of the glorious Sun it is easy to believe in anything and stand proud, filled with its light.
  2535. >But only when it's stormy and dark you know if that light is actually in you and not a reflection of the Sun's incandescence.
  2536. >And yet all it took was her not abandoning you when you've started falling into the gaping abyss that this world's reality has been bestowing upon your weakened mind that still refuses to believe in something this unfair and undeserved.
  2537. >She went above and beyond that. You still see her eyes before you, pulling you out of your desperate spiral, cleansing everything inside of your head, burning all the oily shadows of your fears with her holy fire.
  2538. >Even if you're hurt, together with her nothing is impossible. Even getting over yourself.
  2539. >It is as they say, the sunrise after the night's storm is all the more beautiful. Or something like that.
  2540. >Your pony definitely notices your thoughtful mood and now sighs with relief that she doesn't get to hear more of your awkward attempts to apologize.
  2541. >She's the kind of mare who fixes the problem, not dwells on it.
  2542. >"Should I wrap us up like yesterday?"
  2543. "You liked it that much, huh?"
  2544. >"Don't say you didn't."
  2545. "I guess it wouldn't hurt."
  2546. >"That's good enough for me."
  2547. >She leads you to the bed and lays you down on the blanket she properly spreads on the bed. Then gets on top of you and lets you lock your arms and legs around her, then does the same to you with her legs. And then she wraps you both using magic and rolls to the side.
  2548. >You bet it looks so silly, but no one is here to observe. Celestia can afford to be as silly as she desires.
  2549. >The snuggle intensifies so fast you give into it fully right away. You relax as much as possible, entangled with Celestia in a contact so close there is nothing beside it in your head.
  2550. >Even your headache gets lost for now, giving way to the smell of Celestia's mane and the heat of her body radiating all around you.
  2551. "I'm glad we're doing this."
  2552. >"The feeling is mutual, believe me."
  2553. >You just lay there without making a sound for some time. It's exactly the opposite of what Celestia usually does, so maybe this is why it appeals to her so much.
  2554. >But this time you have to ask. You just have to.
  2555. "Celly, I've been wondering..."
  2556. >"Yes, love?"
  2557. "Why the wrap? What's so special about this?"
  2558. >"Besides the obvious appeal of being with the one I love?"
  2559. "Well, yeah. You know what I mean. How did that even came to be as a "dream" of yours?"
  2560. >"Oh, you know I've exaggerated a bit with it being a dream but it's still something I really wanted to do. I guess you could say it's just... Closer."
  2561. "That much is obvious."
  2562. >"It's hard to explain. I've learned to keep my distance from ponies. Otherwise they think they've done something wrong. Me being close to them makes them anxious."
  2563. "That's just sad."
  2564. >"You're telling me. So I guess this is my way of compensating. This way I know you're here next to me and no matter what I won't be separated from you."
  2565. "I wouldn't abandon you either way, you know."
  2566. >"It's not called an irrational fear for nothing, Anon."
  2567. "Point taken. Is this really a fear of yours?"
  2568. >She doesn't even answer. You're scared to even think you're digging way deeper than you should now.
  2569. >The very thought of Celestia being utterly terrified of losing you is enough to creep you out and a shiver goes down your spine the second you imagine her finding herself all alone again.
  2570. >This won't happen. You cannot allow it.
  2571. >"I guess... I guess it's just feels nice to be this close to someone after being so disconnected and distant towards everypony."
  2572. "Wait, you just said "someONE", didn't you?
  2573. >"I did. Was it the wrong way to use it?"
  2574. "No, that's- What do you mean the wrong way?"
  2575. >"Well, like it's "a human" but then it's "people" and not "humans". Things like that."
  2576. "You've been researching this?"
  2577. >"Just adapting to my husbando's ways," she says with a mix of pride and a little hurt from you doubting her. "This old pony can still learn new tricks, you know."
  2578. "That's impressive."
  2579. >"Luna's been trying to modernize her vocabulary too, I bet she's all over human studies now in anticipation of her mate's arrival so she doesn't sound too weird to him."
  2580. "I don't think it would matter too much. But still, that's... Admirable?"
  2581. >"It is. If anything could convince her to move on, it's a human. She's been making great progress already and now she's even more motivated than ever."
  2582. "You sound really proud of her."
  2583. >"That may be so. I have no reason to not be proud of my little sister."
  2584. "You know, times like these you sound more like her mother than a sister."
  2585. >Celestia laughs softly and motherly upon hearing that. Like she's been expecting that kind of comment. You imagine she's blushing right now but you're wrapped so tightly you can only feel her cheeks at your head and not see them.
  2586. >It's for the best, the closer this cuddly pony is the better.
  2587. >"Oh, Anon, funny how that's what ponies been saying all those years ago too. I guess some things never change."
  2588. >Even though she finishes on a happy not the silence that follows it is surprisingly tense. But then you realize it's Celestia - she stiffens up a bit. Like she's bracing for something.
  2589. >"Maybe this is what made things happen the way they did back then. Me being more of a worrying mother than a supportive sister."
  2590. >That sounded so sinister you feel like an astronaut suddenly thrown out of the airlock naked. A sudden wave of cold makes you freeze over and stiffen just like Celestia already has before you.
  2591. >You see it so clearly now. Her warmth is one of the Sun, endless and equal for everyone it shines for, never stopping and never running dry. But her coldness can't be fathomed too and can't be compared to anything you've known.
  2592. >But you still know - you are here for this exact reason. You've tamed the Sun, now tame the black hole threatening to consume it from the inside.
  2593. >It is obvious by this point that a lot of Celestia problem's roots can be traced back to the Nightmare Moon's banishment. And you can't change that.
  2594. >Now that Luna has a chance to get better and be the best she's ever been, it's time for Celestia to also let go of and face her own future.
  2595. >Future in your arms.
  2596. >No, you've decided. You won't shy away from it anymore. It's not about you, it's never been about you - just like she said right from the start. You should've payed attention to her back then.
  2597. >But it's how it should be. No matter what troubles you it's so utterly insignificant compared to the pain of ages Celestia feels. The accumulated loneliness of millennium long celebration of guilt warped her in ways you can't even begin to imagine.
  2598. >And yet you're not insignificant to her. You are important. The faster you accept it, the faster you'll be able to make this pony happy like you're supposed to.
  2599. >It all makes perfect sense now. How could you not see this before?
  2600. >And just like that, Celestia's anxiety passes as soon as you pet her despite how limiting your movements are in your wrap.
  2601. >You both relax again again. There's no need to say obvious things. You two should rest for now, nothing really matters aside from this.
  2602. >Even if there is someone to intrude your little idyll snug.
  2603. >The regular food-delivering stallion is just as quick to get out as he is to get in, trying to not observe more than he has to.
  2604. >"Princess Twilight Sparkle requested an audience with you after lunch, princess."
  2605. >That's all he has to say before he almost gallops out, to Celestia's amusement.
  2606. >"Oh, those ponies can't catch a break, can they?" she says sarcastically to lighten up the mood.
  2607. >She tries to decide if she wants to try and eat the pancakes still wrapped up or it's time to take a break from snuggling.
  2608. "Do you set out to fluster them on purpose?"
  2609. >"Maybe."
  2610. "It doesn't seem like you."
  2611. >"Oh?" she almost sounds offended. "I can be quite a dirty pony too."
  2612. "Oh really?"
  2613. >Her voice rings a lot closer to your ear so you know she's going in for real now.
  2614. >You've brought this upon yourself by challenging her. And now her sultry voice tickles the outskirts of your brain.
  2615. >"Too bad, I was counting on being one last night. Not just for you, but for all the ponies who'd have heard me again."
  2616. >So she is aware of it and she is doing it on purpose. Good to know?
  2617. >Doesn't change the fact that it's kinda hot.
  2618. >Celestia continues, having no reason to stop teasing you.
  2619. >"Especially Luna. I wanted to see her face in the morning like after our first night. She was just the perfect kind of flustered - confused by her own reaction, probably."
  2620. >The mare is getting you going and she doesn't stop, on the contrary, you feel her starting to rub her body against you slowly while whispering directly into your ear:
  2621. >"For a brief moments our eyes met I could see it, how she's trying to superimpose my image with my moans of all the pleasure you've been giving me that night, my sweetest. Luna probably tried to imagine the face I make when my voice breaks and my mind goes blank from the ecstasy of you rutting me."
  2622. >Even though it's still rather tame (at least by your world's standards), this kind of tone is so unlike Celestia you're used to. You without a doubt look flustered yourself, which the mare notes immediately, smiling against your head and washing it with waves of her breath that's already getting heavier.
  2623. >She must be enjoying not having any limits to express herself no less than you do.
  2624. >"Nopony has ever heard me like that. That night all the castle must've been imagining how I look like being serviced by someone that capable. What faces do I make, what my eyes tell my lover when I feel another climax coming..."
  2625. >She can't help but starting to kiss your ear again and squeeze your body against hers, undoubtedly feeling needy no less than you're feeling aroused.
  2626. >"But nopony will ever know. Not one of them will ever experience it. I am only yours and only you are allowed to be the subject of my affection, my dear. I belong to you, only you. I love you so much."
  2627. "Celestia..."
  2628. >She feels you shifting at her body, hopelessly trying to hide your arousal. You can barely handle yourself right now and it's exactly what she was going for.
  2629. >This is so unreal, the way she's talking to you. But... At the same time you don't feel panic anymore. No matter how unreal it is, Celestia does sound genuine in her teasing, which just makes it hotter. Dirty talk becomes an honest confession.
  2630. >Celestia gives you a kiss on your cheek, leaving a wet mark on it.
  2631. >There is no doubt she's getting turned on herself, feeling so liberated to express her emotions in such a straightforward and un-princesslike way.
  2632. >"Don't you worry, I'll take care of you later. As much as I want to mount you right here and now I still have some motivation to put into you."
  2633. >That was the last straw, you can't let her go on without retaliation.
  2634. "Oh? You know, you can only tease me so much before I snap."
  2635. >But you counted on her taking this the right way. So her response makes it all the sweeter:
  2636. >"I know. I'm counting on it."
  2637. "You naughty little mare... You're not getting away that easily this time."
  2638. >"That's what I want to hear, my sweetheart. I don't really want to bring this up now but it is our last day of idle time-wasting, it's kind of special."
  2639. >It really wasn't the time to say that. But it was true and no amount of denial would change that.
  2640. >Silence hangs in the air in the most awkward way until you finally decide to reassure your princess:
  2641. "We'll just have to make it count. I'm not letting go of you today."
  2642. >"Even if princess Twilight needs me?"
  2643. "What for?"
  2644. >"I hope to inform me she has solved every problem in Equestria in these three days and I don't really need to return to my throne."
  2645. >Once again you both stay silent in each other's embrace.
  2646. >Celestia will have to get back into the loop, there's no way around it. Even for today not every last minute of your time will be spent together.
  2647. >You stroke your mare's back as thoroughly as you can in fear of the future.
  2648. >It's clear to you now, once you've tasted this life with her you can't let go of it.
  2649. >Celestia said she was going to find a way to make you see each other more but you can't wait. The very thought of spending a day without her is scaring you.
  2650. >Slowly but surely, a plan begins to form in your head and it just might work.
  2652. >Unfortunately, there was no way to eat the breakfast properly while being in Celestia's brand snugglewrap.
  2653. >And yes, you tried. Oh, how you tried. From her having troubles to levitate food to your mouth while lying down without seeing where you mouth is, to trying to position yourselves vertically - none of it worked.
  2654. >It was hopeless. You've come to the point where you either unhug each other or starve to death.
  2655. >You didn't know which was worse. You could potentially call for help and the thought of others feeding you both in this state was pretty hilarious.
  2656. >Celestia have described it quite vividly too. Between this imagery and her lewd talk earlier about flustering others you're starting to have a suspicion that it's a thing that she enjoys.
  2657. >You're just not sure which part of it tickles her fancy, messing with others or being public with something intimate. Knowing how Celestia is a dignified public figure it could honestly be either of these. Or perhaps both at the same time.
  2658. >But in the end, the princess undoes your snuggle restrains and you settle for just enjoying your breakfast close to each other.
  2659. >When you're done Celestia brings up another point - Twilight wanted to see her after the lunch. That means you two have some time before she has to go.
  2660. >"I'd hate to leave even for a minute," she says when she brings you close to her, making you fall on your side.
  2661. >Celestia quickly uses your fall to capture you in her hug once again.
  2662. >This time she spoons you, grabbing you from behind with her hooves going under your arms so her head is on the level with yours.
  2663. >The mare's hindlegs wrap around you as well and you feel the absolute softness of her belly with your spine.
  2664. >She makes you feel secure but at the same time she herself needs that security, needs to feel that you're with her.
  2665. >That's a given and you've expected nothing less. But you weren't anticipating how acute her feeling of nearing separation is.
  2666. >Celestia holds you so close, she's pressing your body to hers so hard it's like she's holding on to her dear life.
  2667. >Her nose touches your head so you clearly hear and, even more so, feel her breathe in the smell of your hair in one loud inhale.
  2668. >She even holds it in for a second - but then she sighs, breathing it out. And it almost sounds like a whine, a whimper of a mare unable to change fate that will tear her off of you.
  2669. >It hits you so hard you can't help but to grip her forelegs that embrace you.
  2670. >With one hand you caress them as if to calm your princess down while you find her face with the other.
  2671. >It traces her muzzle down to her nose and mouth and she gives it a kiss as if she was waiting for you to do it. And then another, and another one after that.
  2672. >"Anon?"
  2673. "What?"
  2674. >"Anon..."
  2675. "What is it, Celestia?"
  2676. >"Ahhnon..."
  2677. >Celestia's head moves lower and finally stops once her lips find your shoulder. The mare kisses it and keeps it there, keeping her lips to your skin. Her wet tongue spreads moisty warmth all over the area of her generous kiss.
  2678. >But you won't let her have all of the fun. You turn your head to her, twisting your neck as far as you can go, and when she notices it she immediately goes for a rather passionate kiss.
  2679. >The pony's tongue find its way deep into your mouth filling it up with a bit of a salty taste - she was licking you a moment ago after all.
  2680. >You take your time to play with her, sucking on her tongue gently and slowly, so sensually in fact that Celestia starts to moan a little.
  2681. >It can't go on for long since you can't keep this uncomfortable twisted pose for long, but your princess doesn't begrudge you for falling back down to rest.
  2682. >Instead, she continues kissing your face and your neck, smooching, licking and biting it with her lips a bit. All while still cooing and mewling with extreme satisfaction of being so intimate with her lover.
  2683. >No matter what, you both seem to return to this passion that wasn't sated last night and still needs a release. The very thought of Celestia needing you in that way is dizzying.
  2684. >She insists on making you even more "motivated" but she herself gets way too agitated to ignore her own desires.
  2685. >You vow to yourself, again, to make this count tonight.
  2686. >"I don't ever want to let go."
  2687. >Her voice almost sounds pleading. A princess, goddess of the sun, powerless to keep the very thing she desires the most close to her.
  2688. "Celly, it's not like I'm going away or anything."
  2689. >"I know. But now, after these days..."
  2690. "Yeah. It's been magical."
  2691. >"I'm afraid it has spoiled me. This is what I want, all I want now."
  2692. >She squeezes you once again.
  2693. >"This is how I want to spend all of my days. Close to you."
  2694. >Something in her voice just sounds so desperate you, to your surprise, suddenly find yourself choking back tears.
  2695. >Is it unreasonable to think that Celestia, who's been able to pull you from the depths of abyss, can affect you in other ways too?
  2696. >It's her hope that leaves you hopeful, so maybe it's her hopelessness that makes you despair too?
  2697. >You come across a discovery that shakes your very being.
  2698. >In this moment there is nothing more terrifying than the idea of her being unhappy.
  2699. >You wriggle out of Celestia's embrace and she doesn't object. But you only do it so you can hug her yourself.
  2700. >Not just borrow your face in her neck as usual, you climb higher on the pillow and press her head to your chest.
  2701. >And you hug hard. She reciprocates it without hesitation and puts her foreleg and wing across you as well.
  2702. >Your objective here is to make her secure, so she can barely move, and she so obviously wants it too, trying to get ever so closer to you.
  2703. >At one moment you feel her shutting her eyes with force, almost like she's the one fighting an urge to cry.
  2704. >But this doesn't last, your embrace is tight and she breaths steadily at your shoulder, muzzle right under your chin.
  2705. "No matter what happens," you whisper to her. "I will always cherish these moments with you."
  2706. >This does sound like a farewell, doesn't it? It wasn't your intention but this really is how it feels.
  2707. "I won't let you go either, my dear. My little princess. My beautiful, gorgeous goddess."
  2708. >Celestia can't help but to smile hearing this and you deem your mission a success.
  2709. >But you won't stop there, oh no. This is far from enough. Your hand starts running down her mane, petting her with no stopping in sight.
  2710. >With obvious intention to polish the mare's horn you rub your cheek against it and Celestia tries to lean in further, borrowing her nose into your shoulder even more.
  2711. >She kisses it. And you kiss her forehead too. You cover it in kisses. And you just don't stop saying those silly things, calling her every single name you can come up with.
  2712. "My amazing bright horsie. My immaculate sunny filly. My... My regal cutie pie. My silly little cuddly sun. My-"
  2713. >It just goes on and on and Celestia soon starts giggling, and then full on laughing.
  2714. >For each one of those she also gives you an "aww" and a kiss. It's probably a bit embarrassing for her to be called names like that but she enjoys being able to just relish this silliness.
  2715. >It's an earnest moment between you two and once you run out of things to say Celestia just bursts into laughter that's so bright and genuine.
  2716. >When she calms down she settles on your chest once again with a satisfied sigh, not moving much. Just enjoying her position in your arms.
  2717. >There's nothing more for you to say. You just hold her. That is more than enough for now since you both perfectly understand what happened.
  2718. >And then you see something you don't think you've ever witnessed.
  2719. >Celestia is breathing lightly at your chest. Your mare fell asleep in your arms.
  2720. >Now you're choking back tears of joy from beholding something this innocent and pure.
  2721. >Celly must've been tired after that much stress, both caused by you and her situation.
  2722. >You can't imagine a lot of things that would bother her personally and get to her, but this probably does stress her quite a bit.
  2723. >Remembering that chill of despair you felt in her hug makes you shudder.
  2724. >You thought your own mind was your personal hell with all those panic attacks. But tasting Celestia's hopelessness just through the tone of her voice eclipsed it so easily.
  2725. >Even before that, when she made that remark about Luna, you felt it back then too.
  2726. >The cold emptiness of shadows that's been brewed in the corners of her mind for centuries. A distant echo of them was enough to overpower you.
  2727. >And then you can't help but wonder. With these emotions being a real power, a tangible energy, was it really a surprise that a being like Nightmare Moon came around?
  2728. >You could easily see how this could lead to someone giving in their mind to that maddening sensation.
  2729. >And Celestia... If this is what her regret feels like, if this is what she has to battle in her own head, chasing those thoughts away?
  2730. >Hair on your arms stands up at the mere thought of it. The absolute power of Daybreaker kept at bay by whatever strength Celestia has in her.
  2731. >Does she depend on you in this now? You have the power to uplift her every worry now. But you've also felt how sad she is at a thought of being separated from you. Your love does matter here.
  2732. >A thought of this being some kind of a master plan at work appears for a second but is overshadowed by more immediate troubles.
  2733. >It doesn't matter what is needed from you by whatever force that matched you with Celestia. It is secondary to your primary objective here - making her happy just because you love her with all your heart.
  2734. >The mare that makes you happy, the mare that has shown you what true affection feels like... There is no doubt in your mind.
  2735. >She needs to be protected. The sanctity of her feelings are for you to defend.
  2736. >That plan that's been on your mind since you woke up just might work perfectly for that.
  2738. >It was no wonder you managed to fall asleep yourself with such a comfy pony in your arms.
  2739. >But when you finally wake up it looks like it's way past lunch. Or maybe it's just that dark because of the clouds.
  2740. >Weather manipulation be damned, you'd really appreciate Celestia's Sun right now to at least know how much you've spent in your slumber.
  2741. >But all your worries leave you once you focus on the sleeping pony that's still holding on to you.
  2742. >Peaceful, slow breaths and a slight smile of this resting mare makes you smile too.
  2743. >Once again you are reminded that Celestia is just a little filly that happens to have a body of royal proportions. The sheer innocence of her expression and lack of any concern in it radiates purity of a child that sleeps without a single worry in the world.
  2744. >Oh god, you almost feel tears coming up to your throat for a moment. Such a sight to behold, such private, intimate moment shared with you, her dearest partner, is something no one other than you is destined to see.
  2745. >You doubt many ponies have caught Celestia napping in a middle of the day. As Twilight explained, and Celestia herself later confirmed, there's a sort of biological - or, perhaps, magical in this case - clock that prevents Celestia from sleeping in.
  2746. >She "feels" the time to raise the Sun, however that might work, and it ensures that wherever she is she always knows it's time to do it.
  2747. >So that probably means she's the first one to wake up in the whole Castle and ponies have no reason waking her up before that time.
  2748. >Then she carries on with her duties during the day, and after that falls asleep since she doesn't have a lot of free time after the day is done.
  2749. >That leaves no time for any sort of naps. And that means, at least in your head right now, that you're the first one to see Celestia indulge in such frivolous middle of the day catch-up slumber.
  2750. >But no matter how important this feels, it's just another occasion to watch over her, as you don't have many opportunities to do that.
  2751. >So you stay in bed for some time. Just watching the princess. Listening to hear calm breath. Trying to feel her heart beat. You almost dip back down yourself but you manage to stay awake in the end.
  2752. >There's another matter to take care of - a visit to the bathroom is way overdue at this point.
  2753. >So it means leaving Celestia's side, and this can't happen. There is absolutely no way you'll leave her to a possibility of waking up alone in her bed.
  2754. >This is simply not happening. You won't do this to her, you have decided that she shall never wake up alone ever again if you can help it, and right now you can.
  2755. >Well, what to do then? Probably the only thing is to wake her up. Not the best solution to this problem, but you have methods.
  2756. >And your solution is affection. You start petting her lightly, just running your hand down her mane barely even touching it.
  2757. >The main course isn't that after all. It's kisses. You start kissing her head wherever you can. Her relaxed ears, her soft cheeks, her tender eyelids, her cute snoot, her smiling lips...
  2758. >All of that deserves attention and you try to cover every inch of it without missing anything.
  2759. >Soon enough the mare stirs and her smile grows into a full grin. Then she murmurs in a hushed tone:
  2760. >"Ah, Nonnymous... My... Sweet..."
  2761. >You just smile at her cute lack of awareness. The barely awake princess struggles to regain composure under your disorienting assault of affectionate smooching that you, of course, don't stop.
  2762. >"Mmmh... Yeah. Kiss me all over, m'dear..."
  2763. >You do snort at that rather loudly and this makes the sleeping beauty finally open her eyes.
  2764. >"Oh! Anon, it's actually-"
  2765. "Good morning? I guess?"
  2766. >Celestia closes her eyes again and you see her blushing a bit when she explains:
  2767. >"I thought I was just having a dream, but you're really here kissing me. What a pleasant surprise."
  2768. >You bring her head closer and she relishes your comfy cradling hold. At least she has more enjoyable dreams than your recurring wasp fantasies.
  2769. >The mare sighs and shuffles around in your arms, rubbing against you to really take in how secure and sheltered she is from everything from the outside world that could bother her intimacy with you.
  2770. >Only to realize that this is far from the case.
  2771. >She opens her eyes, startled.
  2772. >"Oh no, the meeting with Twilight! It's way past lunch now."
  2773. >She doesn't jump out of your hug though. She may be worried but not so much as to forgo her comfort.
  2774. >Sadly, you remember your own reason to wake her up in the first place so you say that it's okay if she goes right now.
  2775. >"Alright, I just hope it won't take long."
  2776. "You intend to nap some more when you return?"
  2777. >"If you're not against it..."
  2778. "Me? Against holding my princess?"
  2779. >You giggle to each other and she nods to you, leaving hesitantly.
  2780. >For you there's not much left to do other than go to do your business as you've intended all along. It takes some time for you to put on your clothes back so you don't have the luxury of having a relaxed pace when you finally go outside your room.
  2781. >Though going back to your abode you, not bound by any need anymore, take a detour to the throne room. And by that you mean just take a route that goes near it, since you don't want to get on the guards' nerves.
  2782. >Just a quick glance maybe, or at least to hear their voices to confirm that everything is okay.
  2783. >You do slow down when you go near the closed doors but you don't hear anything other than the guardponies' grumble.
  2784. >Those guys are still suspicious of you? That's kinda unfair.
  2785. >You were just about to leave when you hear the doors open. Laughter rolls through to corridors - both Celestia's and Twilight's can be heard.
  2786. >Luna though - she is the one who opened the doors to leave.
  2787. >When you turn around you see uneasiness darkening her face, almost distress.
  2788. >She takes a few steps towards her room but then turns around, as if sensing that you're watching her.
  2789. >"Anonymous? What a coincidence."
  2790. >In confusion you point at yourself while making a puzzled expression. To answer that the Moon princess walks towards you, passing the door again.
  2791. >Behind her, two happy princesses are joined in amusement known only to them. You and the Sun's sister have a more serious tone in your conversation.
  2792. >"I was wondering if we could talk."
  2793. "Sure, right now?"
  2794. >"Well, you are here after all. We could go the balcony if you wish."
  2795. >You nod and Luna proceeds at your side. It's just two corridors away and you both are silent as you walk.
  2796. >It's not raining outside so at least that's a relief. Canterlot is beautiful even under the menacing cover of clouds. All the more glum vibes are added to the scenery by Luna, who finally speaks her mind.
  2797. >"Surely by now you are aware that We - I am matched with a human of my own."
  2798. "Yes, I guess congratulations are in order?"
  2799. >"If it was that easy," she shakes her head. "There's a lot I wanted to ask of you about... Well, being matched. But I can't seem to even know what exact questions to ask in the first place."
  2800. "Just tell me what's bothering you."
  2801. >"Well, first thing's first, W- I have already seen his dreams as he is in Crystal Empire at the moment."
  2802. "Having trouble getting used to this place?" you smirk bitterly.
  2803. >"More than that - his dreams are, well, quite... Hostile."
  2804. "What do you mean?"
  2805. >"It's hard to describe it but... He knows who he's matched to and he's aware of my powers. He has seen dreams of me seeing his dreams."
  2806. "That's really impressive."
  2807. >"Impressive?! That would be so if not for his impression - he absolutely abhors being watched!"
  2808. >You can't help but wince and Luna's desperate and offended exclamation.
  2809. "Wait, how do you know? What does he do in those dreams?"
  2810. >You regret asking it immediately since it crosses your mind that it may not be very pretty at all. What if he attacks her? Or even worse.
  2811. >But, to your relief, Luna doesn't mention anything like that.
  2812. >"He runs away from me, like he's trying to escape my gaze. He sees me pursuing him and he's desperate to run away."
  2813. "Sounds like he's just paranoid. It's not a usual thing for humans, being watched in our dreams, so maybe his mind is trying to rationalize it."
  2814. >"Oh, Anonymous, I'm aware of that, it doesn't change the fact that of all the humans I watch dream it's him who's afraid of it."
  2815. >Next thing she's going to tell you he doesn't like the night or something. You're already imagining what kind of guy would be paranoid of his dreams being scanned.
  2816. >Thought police being real in Equestria probably is someone's actual nightmare. Oh, he's probably THAT kinda guy.
  2817. >Makes you wonder if you were lucky to have no compatibility issues with Celestia. Or was your anxiety exactly that you've already worked it out?
  2818. >Man, matching is hard.
  2819. >Luna is lost in thought just as much as you but she still needs some input from you, so you try to relieve some of her concerns:
  2820. "You know better than anyone that dreams don't really reflect what's on someone's mind. I mean, I don't even think about wasps in my waking hours..."
  2821. >"Anonymous, please, this is serious!"
  2822. "But I am-"
  2823. >"What if- What if he doesn't like me?!"
  2824. >And here we are, the root of the problem, the real question, the actual bother of Lunar pony.
  2825. "What do you mean, he's your match, why wouldn't he like you?"
  2826. >"Well, everything just points at-"
  2827. "Luna?"
  2828. >"Yes?"
  2829. "Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions a bit here?"
  2830. >She actually takes time to think about that.
  2831. "You know, the first thing you need to do is accept that you are matched to each other by magic that knows what it's doing."
  2832. >Oh, you're so pro at this now, week-long into your relationship.
  2833. >But, to be fair, you both worked out a great deal already. Just goes to show that you are right.
  2834. >"You're just repeating what Cadence said to Celestia before you arrived."
  2835. "So, that means it's true."
  2836. >Luna sighs and goes silent. When she speaks up it's meek and sorrowful.
  2837. >"You know, when Celestia got her match I may have teased her a bit for it."
  2838. "Really now?"
  2839. >"I've never seen her so worried by so many little things, from you disliking the castle to you disliking daytime."
  2840. >You just roll your eyes at that, remembering your earlier thoughts.
  2841. >"I did try to lighten up her mood but all of it was just making her worry more. I thought it was so silly, I couldn't help it. Now look at me."
  2842. "It's alright, at least now you know how it feels."
  2843. >"Things are good for you and Celestia, right?"
  2844. "They're pretty solid," you confirm with pride.
  2845. >"How did she do it? From two weeks of complete chaos and distress to..."
  2846. >The mare blushes deeply and you remember how Celestia told you about meeting her after your first night of passion. It must've left quite an impression if she's still remembering it with a blush.
  2847. "Well, we talk a lot and we try to solve problems as soon as they appear," you state with confidence.
  2848. >"That's seems logical. If you don't mind me asking, what does she do to make herself look approachable? You without a doubt know how she's revered in this land, We as a princess may run into similar troubles."
  2849. >Now she's clearing her throat after slipping back to "the royal we". It's still quite impressive how natural and modern her manner of speech feels, she's been practicing a lot it seems.
  2850. "It's hard to explain, but honestly, if I was to guess, it was her being honest."
  2851. >"Honest how exactly?"
  2852. "Showing that she's a mare in need of affection first and everything else second."
  2853. >A smile, the first today, crosses Luna's face.
  2854. >"So that's what she's been doing..."
  2855. >Though the smile disappears the second she sees your disappointed gaze.
  2856. >"I don't mean to mock my sister, I'm sorry if that came out wrong. I simply note how admirable it is for her to do so now, after all this time. I guess it's only natural that she opens up to her partner more than her sibling."
  2857. "Well, you're having this conversation with me instead of her right now too."
  2858. >"Oh my, how quaint. That is true."
  2859. >She looks away for a moment as if to collect her thoughts.
  2860. >"Don't get me wrong, Anonymous. Even though we may sometimes seem not that close, Celestia and I really try to return to our old ways as sisters. With utmost relief I see how your presence eases her back into her older self."
  2861. "What do you mean?"
  2862. >"When I was brought back I quickly noticed how much she has changed. I guess a thousand of years can do this to a pony. All I've seen was a cold, distant, formal princess... Filled with resignation, oblivious to time's afflictions that bleached her very being inside and out."
  2863. >That was a bit too far for your taste but Luna was dead serious now.
  2864. >"Now, she has changed over time having me at her side again and I see now that you also have a positive effect on her in, ahem, more than one way."
  2865. >Even if it was a bit backwards you do feel that Luna is expressing her gratitude to you.
  2866. >"I only hope that it will get even better with time."
  2867. "Oh, I'll make sure it does."
  2868. >She smirks at your arrogance but you hope she understands that you're not joking.
  2869. >"Meanwhile, seeing you two as a couple gives me hope as well. If she managed to do it, so can We."
  2870. >That was a bit questionable of a wording this, but you'll forgive her. Luna looks inspired now and nods to you with glee.
  2871. >"Thank you for you time, Anonymous. I hope I could possibly talk to you in the future if I have similar concerns again?"
  2872. "Sure, it was my pleasure."
  2873. >With unwavering smile she points at the door and you go back inside.
  2874. >It's about time you see if your princess is done with Twilight already. You have a lot of hugging to do while you still have time.
  2875. >Your days of content relaxation with your princess will be all but over soon.
  2877. >Celestia's meeting with Twilight wasn't nearly over when you returned to take a peek into the throne room. Or, rather, you just entered it despite the guards and saw the princesses discussing something rather heartwarming, if their smiles are anything to go by.
  2878. >But your entrance there was only made possible by Luna, who decided to return to the throne room as well to say a few things to Celestia, as she herself explained to you.
  2879. >So now was your chance to sneak past the guards into your waifu's official domain, the one you only visited once - when you arrived here.
  2880. >Seems like it was so long ago already. So much has happened over such a short period of time. Cadence did mention that this would be the case but you've never expected your feelings to blossom in such fashion so soon.
  2881. >Maybe you should just write it off as magic of love doing its thing, but honestly, it doesn't even concern you anymore. The "why" of it doesn't really matter.
  2882. >Celestia matters. She's the only thing that matters. Your sweetheart's happiness is the center of your life now and you want it this way.
  2883. >And just like that, once you see her again you feel your heart flutter. Even being apart for this short term was enough for "oh god I missed you so much" residue to accumulate in your soul.
  2884. >The mare herself notices you and you see, no, you feel how she experiences the same thing right now.
  2885. >Twilight gives you a knowing grin and cuts off her conversation at once, knowing that it can wait.
  2886. >Ah, the lover's reunion after whooping thirty minutes of separation. You gotta respect that.
  2887. >Celestia almost jumps to you but has decency to only give you a modest hug with one wing. You know she desires more though. A lot more.
  2888. >It's hard to explain, but her body, her demeanor, her very being right now just screams "I want to squeeze you so hard you'll faint" at you.
  2889. >But she has to be patient. Especially seeing how Luna now has business with her. Perhaps something that she thought up after your conversation? She was intending to leave the room before bumping into you earlier.
  2890. >Instead of any affection happening Twilight approaches you and Celestia gives her space, turning to Luna herself.
  2891. >"Anon, it's good that you came by, there's something I've got to brief you on as well. If I could borrow you for a moment."
  2892. >Your first instinct is to look at Celestia since you being taken away might not sit well with her right now.
  2893. >But she simply nods at you with a smile.
  2894. "Alright, let's hear it."
  2895. >You two walk to the side of the throne, leaving two royal sisters to their own conversation.
  2896. >It crosses your mind that you kinda missed talking to Twilight a bit.
  2897. >If there's anything this pony is good at, it's filling your ears with a lot of stuff, informative or otherwise.
  2898. >Now seems to be the time for some important info so you concentrate on the little princess' expression, trying to guess if the news are good at all.
  2899. >Seeing how she frowns a bit before speaking up your guess is that it's troublesome to say the least.
  2900. >"Anon, you know that the Grand Galloping Gala is right around the corner, right? Well, it's always a busy time for princess Celestia."
  2901. "I figured as much."
  2902. >"This time I'm afraid far off lands call for her attention. She will have to leave the castle for two days to take care of some business."
  2903. "What kind of business? Anything dangerous?"
  2904. >"Not really, it's just... Well, it's railroad. Far-west is just opening and they wanted to get it done before the Gala, so they did. And as it goes across the borders, both leaders are asked to be there to open it. You know how it goes."
  2905. "I can't say I do. Is this really necessary?"
  2906. >"I know you're just getting used to the whole princess duties thing but you have to understand that she gets a lot of this kind of requests. If you want specifics, there are like ten different reasons for her to be there. First, the railway is a good public-"
  2907. "Alright, I get it."
  2908. >"Please don't be upset with her for it."
  2909. "What? I'm not that selfish, you know."
  2910. >It is at that time a shiver goes down your spine - the sudden revelation shakes you, as new understanding makes its way into your mind.
  2911. >Celestia's talk about being selfish now make a lot of sense instead of being just something playful for her to say.
  2912. >She can't afford it. Her own desires are put against her duty. And it is upon her shoulders to decide if she chooses herself over her subjects.
  2913. >And the gravity of this decision, even in such relatively trivial situation, is already enough to pull your heart down to the ground.
  2914. >Just how much about this pony you don't yet understand if something as easy as this took you so long to wrap your head around?
  2915. >A simple remark about being selfish carries so much emotional turmoil that was probably on her mind ever since she knew she was matched - and you've dismissed it like it's just a passing thought at the time.
  2916. >"Anon, you alright?"
  2917. "Yeah, sorry, kinda got lost in thought. I'm not upset, Twilight. If she has to do it what can we do."
  2918. >Twilight herself doesn't seem to be satisfied with your answer. Perhaps it didn't sit with her very well that Celestia is leaving right now.
  2919. >Especially in time for the Gala.
  2920. >Guess who will have to sit in for her for two more days?
  2921. >"Well, she does have to do it. That means the castle should be quiet for some time with nopony on the throne, except it probably won't be."
  2922. "Wait, won't you be here in her stead?"
  2923. "Huh? Oh, no, it was just an emergency measure. It's not like it's the first time she's leaving the castle, you know."
  2924. "So why did you agree to this?"
  2925. >"Well, how else would we convince her to take this break if not assuring her everything's under control?"
  2926. >Twilight gives you a short wink and you can't suppress a smile.
  2927. >"I have to admit, she does look refreshed. It was the right thing to do."
  2928. "It really was."
  2929. >Twilight laughs lightly at that, swiftly covering her mouth with her hoof. You bet she thinks something like 'of course you're the one to say that'.
  2930. >"By the way, I've had visitors today, asking if you and princess Celestia are really engaged. She wouldn't comment on that but I'm guessing one of you mentioned something about it on your little trip to the theater."
  2931. "That might've been the case."
  2932. >Your smug smiles clash in mutual understanding of the matter.
  2933. >"I see. It must've been really embarrassing if both of you aren't willing to talk about it, so I'll leave it at that."
  2934. >You think about correcting her but in the end it's not worth it. Let her think whatever it is she's thinking.
  2935. >"Though I must ask you to not answer any questions about your relationship with princess Celestia until she gets back. Ponies will surely seek you out to get a statement out of you. Just a friendly warning."
  2936. "You mean yellow press?"
  2937. >"Something like that, yes. It's kind of a big deal so they might rush for an exclusive coverage." Twilight chuckles sarcastically. "If they turned to me of all ponies to get answers, they must be pretty thirsty for any information."
  2938. "They do know we're matched, right?"
  2939. >"Oh, all of the Equestria probably knows about that, it's a matter of confirmation now."
  2940. "Making it official, huh?"
  2941. >"Exactly."
  2942. "I get that, thanks for the heads-up."
  2943. >"Thank you. The last thing we need here is some misunderstanding of royal proportions."
  2944. >With that Twilight deems the conversation concluded. The purple mare leads the way back to the throne where Celestia and Luna seem to be consumed by their own topic.
  2945. >You decide to prolong your own exchange for the sake of not staying silent while you politely wait.
  2946. "So, what are you going to do now?"
  2947. >"Oh, first thing I need to do is check on Ponyville. Starlight said there might be a slight problem there so I worry a little. Just a little."
  2948. "Any chance of continuing our lessons?"
  2949. >She looks at you with gratitude in her eyes, like she's been hoping you'd ask.
  2950. >"Of course! Though I heard one of your teachers will make it here in time for the Gala so I guess there's not much point in me taking her spot here either. Until then once I have free time we may continue."
  2951. "Oh, right, I already forgot about those teachers."
  2952. >"Yep. I was just a substitute. One isn't arriving at all since she has a match now so I guess I can still take that spot?"
  2953. "Honestly, I kinda learned to enjoy your style of teaching so I'd like that."
  2954. >"My style?"
  2955. "Yeah. Flooding me with info and sidetracking so much we don't even remember the original topic?"
  2956. >"That's just me getting carried away, not a style."
  2957. "Can't it be both?"
  2958. >Her muzzle scrunches up but you can also see she's trying to not smile at you paying attention to her tendencies and habits.
  2959. >"Alright, if you like it so much maybe we'll do it again later. But now..."
  2960. >The mare nods at the princesses who have already finished with their discussion and now just wait for you two.
  2961. >You both join them and walk out of the room. You wonder for a moment if it's alright to do at all, but there are no ponies visiting so maybe there's no need to keep the throne occupied any longer?
  2962. >At least Twilight seems to be happy leaving it behind.
  2963. >Celestia, on the other hand, loses all the nice vibes after her talk with Luna is finished. She walks out rather glum. No doubt a problem for you to solve later.
  2964. >You part ways with Luna and Twilight who leave you with your mare and you go your separate ways after a brief formal exchange of "see you soon" and the like.
  2965. >Celestia walks right next to you completely silent. You know what that means. Something is brewing inside of her and the more she bottles it up the more it needs release.
  2966. >Lucky for her your walk to your chambers isn't all that long, especially considering how the Sun princess has been gaining tempo as you walked, unmistakably eager to get back to her abode, together with you.
  2967. >When you finally get in and you close the door behind you, however, she isn't quick to drop the attitude.
  2968. >"Anon," she starts carefully. "Twilight informed you about my leave, right?"
  2969. "She did."
  2970. >The princess sighs, hearing your confirmation. But it already doesn't matter since with this she has confirmed her own intentions. That's the sigh she does when she has to explain something to you.
  2971. >And you're not hearing any of it. You know how this ends and you have no intention to prolong the heavy and sad part. You'll get to the main dish right away.
  2972. >You can't out-talk Celestia. You can't just say to her 'Hey, it's alright, I understand how things work, I'm no child. I won't in any way condemn you for doing things you do as a princess and I fully understand that there are things not under our control, even for a Sun goddess. It goes without saying that it's hard for me to let go but, first of all, it's just a couple of days, second, it won't probably be the last time you have to leave so we can't put this away forever, and third, you can always take a break just like this one later to make up for it. So please, just don't play guilty or anything like that, can we just deal with it like adults?'
  2973. >See? There is no way you'll get to say even half of that without her interrupting you.
  2974. >So to hell with this. You're the one who's going to interrupt her.
  2975. >"Well, I j-"
  2976. >A finger to her lips makes it work perfectly.
  2977. "I understand."
  2978. >"I just wanted to-"
  2979. >Your lips are next to shut her up instead of your finger. In a matter of seconds Celestia comes out of the initial surprise and responds to your sudden kiss with passion.
  2980. >"Anon..." she manages to say in a brief moment you tone down your assault. "I don't want to go."
  2981. "I know. That's why we can't waste time, especially not talking about it."
  2982. >You kiss her right in her growing smile. She understands your intention and reciprocates your affection.
  2983. >This time it's you who moves her to the bed, she keeps backing up slowly, as if to prolong this state of you kissing her gently.
  2984. >Silly pony doesn't realize that you won't stop this once she gets to the bed. There is nothing for her to worry about, especially not about your affection running dry.
  2985. >The day is far from over, you'll be all over her for hours. She'll beg you to stop first.
  2986. >Though she probably won't. At least you hope so.
  2987. >Once she reached the edge of the bed Celestia doesn't really know how to proceed with getting on it. It's not very comfortable for a pony to get on one rear-first after all.
  2988. >So instead she pushes you back. The mare does it in a playful manner, just bumping her chest into you.
  2989. >What you need to do is to get her on her side, so you move to her neck and start stroking it while kissing the side of her head - her cheek, eye and ear, all over it.
  2990. >Celestia does turn to the side but she still hesitates to get down.
  2991. >After peppering her earlobe with kisses you whisper to her as your hand holds her head in place:
  2992. "Acting stubborn is just another way of asking for it."
  2993. >She whispers back right away:
  2994. >"And you're still not doing it."
  2995. >Oh no she didn't. If she wants you to put her on the bed yourself she's going to get it.
  2996. >Your hands move down and Celestia giggles as you caress her chest and legs. But her laughter quickly stops when she realizes that your embrace is actually a hold.
  2997. >You lift her body just a little grabbing the mare around her forelegs. It doesn't take much to shove her forward with your own body mass.
  2998. >Of course it doesn't go well for you, since you misjudge your throw and follow right after Celestia, landing on top of her.
  2999. >That gets her in the mood rather quickly. As soon as you even prop yourself up from her chest that trembles from her laughter, she wraps her hooves around your neck and forces you to your side next to her.
  3000. >Unbalanced as is your body doesn't need much of a poke to completely fall. Celestia uses that right away to roll on top of you and pin you down.
  3001. >And that's when her real kisses start. How you missed the sensation of her lustful tongue dances, her greedy suckling and pulling, her attempts to get even deeper every time, her cute panting and soft moaning that accompanies her slobbering kisses every time.
  3002. >But this won't do. You will not surrender that easily. With great effort (mostly an effort to stop kissing her) you push her off to the side she rolled from.
  3003. >That is, you lift her up on your arms and push her then. She does a little adorable gasp at how easily you lift her.
  3004. >You may not be much for lifting, but hey, if it's for her, you'll life the entire Universe.
  3005. >Right now your strength is needed to keep her down, not up. It's your turn to roll on top of her, but she is quick to prevent you from doing so, struggling to retain her position still.
  3006. >The only way for you to win is to really force her down. And you do. You almost jump on her, completely pinning her under your weight and holding her forelegs so she can't use them for balancing.
  3007. >Again, the princess gasps. The big, slender horse that easily carries you on her strong back is surrendered under you as you sit on top of her, right on her belly so your eyes meet with ease.
  3008. >In them, you read thrill. Adventure. Cautious anticipation. Desire for more.
  3009. >The Sun princess is subdued at your will. And you cement her position by keeping her head fixed in one position when you start kissig her face all over.
  3010. >She wants you to find her lips. She wants to taste them, feel their softness collide with her eager lewd mouth.
  3011. >But you never do. You brush them against each other for a moment when you pass to the other side of her muzzle and each time she tries to catch them. She shows that she's ready to fully accept your kiss.
  3012. >And Celestia endures. She is patient. Even when you do get to her lips you only smooch them briefly, planting a few token kisses on her aching lips that only crave one thing, the moist paradise of yours.
  3013. >Then you move down. There's not a single inch of her coat you miss. You take your time and cover all of her with kisses. You're serious about it too.
  3014. >There won't be a dry spot on her coat once you're done.
  3015. >But of course that won't happen. She won't wait, she tries to wrestle you again, and you answer with a strong and rough shove.
  3016. >Back on the sheets, Celestia moans a little with her eyes closed, arching and stretching under you. Her whole body trembles and you notice that she has little beads of tears in her eyes from shutting them so hard.
  3017. >"Anon... You can't keep teasing me like this."
  3018. >Instead of answering that you just move lower. Yes, you can and will keep teasing her.
  3019. >When you reach her belly her legs spread wide and you can feel how hot her lower body is against yours.
  3020. >Her heavy, almost labored breathing makes her stomach rise and fall, and the longer you stare at it the stronger her longing becomes.
  3021. >At last, your agonizingly soft and slow kisses cover her coat on the belly, leaving a trace of affection headed lower, to your prize.
  3022. >Celestia's precious teats, now in full glory at your face, feel so immaculately soft against your face when you finally get to kiss and lick them.
  3023. >It's impossible to resist rubbing your face against this cushiony goodness and you even stop holding the mare's hips so you can feel the wonderful softness against your palm.
  3024. >Celestia is thrashing about at this point, covering her face with hooves and her breathing now turns into whimpering, like she's crying.
  3025. >Instead of her breath being just heavy she now takes shallow, abrupt inhales which make her whole body convulse.
  3026. >For a brief moment you actually start worrying for her, but once you get your face away from the mare's perfect teats you see that she is actually feeling pretty fine.
  3027. >Her tail is all but pinned to the bed under you but it doesn't stop her from trying to waggle it all over the place. And right next to her sporadically moving dock you see the glistening of her sex.
  3028. >The mare's clit rolls out almost in a rhythm, appearing on the level of her swollen puffy marelips all covered in her musky lust by this point.
  3029. >Once you take a grip at the princess' inner thighs and give them a nice squeeze you see that Celestia's squirming is in fact tied to her getting more and more aroused.
  3030. >For a moment you come face to face with the fact that is absolutely unreal to think she want it - wants you - this much.
  3031. >But it doesn't last. You'll never repeat your mistake again.
  3032. >It feels like you're a completely different man right now than... Was it really last night?
  3033. >Well, you won't make her wait any longer. You will come through with your promise.
  3034. >For once you decide that now is time to stop teasing the mare and get to what she needs.
  3035. >And she appreciates your haste too. As soon as you get above her again your shirt is ripped open. Just like that, buttons flying around. One hits Celestia on the nose but she doesn't even notice.
  3036. >Next, your pants are pulled with magic, roughly and unceremoniously; she's way past caring about anything, her vision is locked on your eyes and she only wishes for one thing.
  3037. >That you take her right here and now. Make her yours again, make her feel like a loved and needed mare. Make her forget about everything other than your love. Show her just how much you enjoy her.
  3038. >The curtains around the bed are pulled by her, you're in complete darkness and silence now. Only your breathing mixes together as your body drowns in her warmth when you lower yourself onto the mare.
  3039. >Her eyes still shine with love, drawing light to reflect from god knows where, as if it's inside of her.
  3040. >When her horn lights up again you see how her eyes sparkle even more. The last stroke of magic completes Celestia's ingenious invention - two pillows under her head.
  3041. >She's way too big for you to maintain eye contact when you mount her in any way other than from behind, and even then she has to twist her neck to look at you.
  3042. >So now she's lying down at a curve so her head is propped up at all times. Of course that means you'll be doing it face to face, as the spread of her legs indicate in a welcoming and alluring manner.
  3043. >That does work wonders, because once you get as close to Celestia as to feel her body with your erection she immediately grabs your shoulders and pulls you in for a kiss.
  3044. >And, of course, you falling onto you is a part of that motion too. A little help of magic and you feel the sudden overwhelming warm tightness around your dick.
  3045. >Not only she makes you thrust into her without any further delay, her legs are immediately thrown over your back. Without magic this time, just with sheer force of her legs, she pushes herself onto your rod fully, until you hilt.
  3046. >And only then all of her tension is gone. Celestia throws her head back in more of a cry than a moan. To be fair, you can't hold a moan yourself, since this millisecond of you entering your mare fully almost made you blow your load right on the spot.
  3047. >You're not even in the clear just yet - Celestia holds you inside. She won't let you pull away no matter what, her hindlegs are crossed in a tight lock around your body and you literally can't move from her. It's only now you realize the actual strength she can muster when she wants.
  3048. >But you're not the only one to worry about finishing early. Celestia looks at you almost frightened when she lifts her head again. Shallow breaths, eyebrows curling and gaze most pleading - all just a superficial indication of what she experiences at the moment.
  3049. >It is but a harbinger of the real effect of her sudden sensation overload she's brought upon both of you.
  3050. >"Hhaaah!" she exhales in a low moan and her body starts shaking yet a gain, but this time in a fast, barely felt shiver.
  3051. >Though one part of you feel it more than others. Celestia brings you to herself and continues her desperate cries of ecstasy right in your ear.
  3052. >You do your best to clear your head and not join her in her seemingly endless orgasm. You've never expected this to happen and you aren't prepared to handle it.
  3053. >Everything about her is pure bliss right now and you so want to give in yourself. But it can't end like this, not right now.
  3054. >It is your duty to last longer than her, no matter what she herself might think about it.
  3055. >Celestia was by no means loud but she is persistent. Only after some time she allows her body to relax and at least somewhat ease her hold of you.
  3056. >You still don't pull out. Just lift your body enough to see Celestia's eyes. In them you find nothing but harmony and peace.
  3057. >She is contented and wishes for nothing more than this moment to last. Though she's also blushing a bit when she looks a bit lower, realizing what just happened.
  3058. >If there was ever an ego boost for you, it's this. And Celestia seems happy with it too, albeit a bit embarrassed - in a good way - that she was that easy to please.
  3059. >Now she strokes your cheek and chest with simple love and it seems she's willing to accept anything you wish to do to her now.
  3060. "Celly, I-"
  3061. >"Shh..." she puts her hoof to you mouth. Of course you kiss it right away. "It's your turn now, my dear Nonny."
  3062. >"I want you to feel good too, so please, don't hold back," she says when she starts swaying her hips still using her leg hold to slide herself on your shaft ever so slightly.
  3063. >It's easy to her to request that you don't hold back, but after this much time holding back you think you've reached zen and now actually expect troubles getting finished.
  3064. >What's more, you don't want to, no matter what she asks.
  3065. >You're taking control little by little and start thrusting into your princess, slowly at first.
  3066. >She relaxes once again. Instead of passion threatening to burn you both inside there's just desire to indulge in one another fully, feel your bodies against each other.
  3067. >Your crotch colliding with hers feels moist and Celestia is all sweaty too. In this closed off space of curtains surrounding the bed it's hot and damp.
  3068. >But it gives you a chance to really focus on the sensations your love-making presents to you. For example, the potent smell of your mare is contained here and it makes it all the sweeter.
  3069. >There's nothing but sounds of wet thrusting and soft moans from both of you. There's nothing you feel, nothing you see except for Celestia.
  3070. >You are surrounded by sex, wet, hot, sticky, sweaty, steamy sex, gentle and loving pounding making the afterglow of the mare's orgasm even sweeter, sending her even farther, above the heaven of her climax.
  3071. >Her sensations are amplified by it, with extreme clarity she feels you on top of her, inside of her, at her neck - all around her. Being here for her, existing for her.
  3072. >This is the perfect harmony of two lovers enjoying each other without any worry in the world.
  3073. >With time you do accelerate, even without realizing it. Everything gets louder. Everything.
  3074. >Slaps, moans - it all gets amplified the faster you go.
  3075. >But before you can actually go into any sort of overdrive you get too close and can't contain it anymore.
  3076. >The false sense of security has dulled your senses and you never realized just how good your mare makes you feel.
  3077. >The haze dissipates and your mind returns to normal all too soon. And everything feels like heaven again.
  3078. >All of Celestia's being is felt by you. From waves of hot air from her open mouth frozen in a satisfied smile, to the extreme tension of her inner walls that massage your penis with every thrust, to the happy, glassy eyes Celestia never takes off your face, darting between your eyes and sometimes your sweaty forehead.
  3079. >Feeling inevitable orgasm creeping up you slow down and instead make your every thrust count, forcing your full mast in each time. Celestia feels the change immediately and caresses your hands with her hooves.
  3080. >No, actually, she motions you to put them on her. Your fingers dig into the coat on her chest, a bit fuzzier there than on every other area of her body.
  3081. >The mare feels you pushing your weight on her this way and continues to trace your arms with her hooves, dopey smile never leaving her cute face.
  3082. >She seems completely lost in feeling of being thoroughly and methodically fucked even after her explosive climax.
  3083. >Celestia "helps" you with her hindlegs, making it hard for you to pull out of her every time.
  3084. >The tip of your cock feels every little detail of her burning hot marepussy and the way she makes you slow down gets you off a lot faster than you'd normally would've wanted.
  3085. >But there is no doubt in your mind, this pony wants nothing more than for you to feel what you made her feel. And so you give yourself to her.
  3086. >After the few last swings of your hips you hilt for the last time and crash on top of your mare. With joy she embraces you and squeezes you as close as it is possible in her weakened and disoriented state.
  3087. >Your head blows up with desolating orgasm and you revel in Celestia's accommodating embrace when you shoot thick ropes of cum as deep inside her as you can.
  3088. >You know it's probably just a placebo but you swear her pussy clenches your member hard, milking it till the very last drop.
  3089. >The overwhelming warmth and unsettling sudden sharpness around your dick makes it hard for you to not pull out right away to avoid overstimulation, but you can't do it.
  3090. >She doesn't allow you. So instead you push even more, as if you can reach some sort of milestone with that. She appreciates the gesture with lots of kisses on your face.
  3091. >For some time you just lie there without moving, only your breathing filling this walled-off love-filled space.
  3092. >You want to say something, anything. But there's nothing you can come up with at this time of joy. The firm, big and warm body of your lover is all you need right now.
  3093. >Nothing, nothing can ever be this good. This is as good as it gets, the very top of this life.
  3094. >Even though you relish Celestia's tight hug you still appreciates her allowing you to finally pull out of her. Once you do the mare immediately grabs you again and, rearranging the pillows to put them side by side, pulls you into another hug - this time snuggling with you side by side.
  3095. >Your face gets pressed into her chest and she throws her legs and wings around you, fully consuming you in her ever envelopping comfort.
  3096. >It is then you hear a weak and faint whisper of her:
  3097. >"I won't ever let you go, my love. My sweet dear sunshine. I swear, once I return..."
  3098. "I'll be eagerly awaiting that moment," you reply in your own weakened voice.
  3099. >"You better be ready to handle me then."
  3100. "Don't worry. I won't repeat what happened yesterday."
  3101. >"That's my sweetheart. I'm so proud of you, Anon."
  3102. "All thanks to you."
  3103. >"Oh no, it's not-"
  3104. "You really are the ray of sunshine in my life." you chuckle at yourself suddenly remembering this one.
  3105. >"Aww."
  3106. >The hug tightens, showing Celestia's appreciation for your Sun-related sayings.
  3107. >You exchange a lot of sweet nothings before Celestia remembers she wanted to have dinner with everybody today.
  3108. >"At least if you don't mind. We can always eat here if you want."
  3109. "No, I think it wouldn't hurt to see them now."
  3110. >You both feel tired but at the same time rejuvenated, like a great tension has been relieved from you both.
  3111. >Well, that is pretty much what happened, so...
  3112. >"Oh dear," Celestia gasps picking up your shirt.
  3113. >Of course, no buttons on it anymore. Ah, the destructive powers of passion burn everything around it, don't they?
  3114. >You'll just have to use some other one, who cares. While you search of it you notice that outside the clouds are clearing.
  3115. >It would be wise to open the window right now so it gives you another opportunity to gaze at Celestia's sunset that is about to take place pretty soon.
  3116. >The sun is getting low and red already. In these tones the whiteness of Canterlot burns as if the city is consumed with flames. Much like Celestia herself was consumed with lust and love just now.
  3117. >A stray thought crosses your mind and you for a moment wonder if Celestia's feelings are reflected in the Sun itself, but it goes away as soon as it comes, passing without leaving a trace.
  3118. >All you see is the red Sun over this peaceful paradise, golden rays of the glorious sunshine lighting all the scenery, invoking something warm and pure inside of you.
  3119. >And as you become pleasantly aware of this feeling of being wholesome, complete, this purity feels only natural. Now, against this cleansing light of the heavenly body no worry, no doubt can win.
  3120. >You are at the Sun's side and there can be no questioning that this is how it should be. It's hard to imagine that not even a day ago you were afraid to even face a possibility that this can be real. It's so clear and obvious now.
  3121. >This is where you belong. This is your home, at Celestia's side.
  3123. >It was rare to have dinner together, but tonight was a bit special - Twilight was leaving Canterlot right after this so she wanted to spend time with other princesses that way.
  3124. >Nothing fancy, just you, Celestia, Luna and Twilight eating together.
  3125. >No meat either. Just salads and some baked goods.
  3126. >While you and Celestia both seem hungry as hell, Twilight and Luna don't share your gluttony and eat a bit slower than you.
  3127. >They do look at you with a kind of curious expression. Maybe they've heard you right before you came here?
  3128. >Your little lust adventure into sensual lovemaking with curtains closed.
  3129. >Celestia notices the glances both Luna and Twilight shoot at your both from time to time. She herself looks at you coyly once or twice, confirming with you that you see it too.
  3130. >This would've become awkward if not for Twilight, who is still in her princess mode it seems.
  3131. >A pony comes in just to see her. You think you know her, dark mane and white coat, she sometimes helped around the castle. Always busy, always at work.
  3132. >She gives Twilight a scroll and the princess nods. She's been anticipating it by the looks of it.
  3133. >"Thanks, Raven." she says and the aide walks away, having no intention to disrupt the royal dinner even further.
  3134. >She would probably not be anywhere near here at all if not for Twilight's instructions.
  3135. >For some time the table is silent, the purple mare busy reading the report. A smile appears on her face rather quickly.
  3136. >"Seems like it's going to be a bit busy here these days."
  3137. "Because of the Gala?"
  3138. >"No, that's postponed until princess Celestia comes back. This actually concerns you, Anon."
  3139. "Me?"
  3140. >"Your teacher, miss Perfect Memento, will be arriving here tomorrow evening. And then, the next day, mister Incognito will arrive here too."
  3141. >Luna flinches at the name and you guess that this is about her match.
  3142. >You can't deny you feel ill at ease thinking about all the possible awkward moments that will surely take place here once another human joins the royal family. Especially knowing that Celestia wouldn't be here to control the damage.
  3143. >No one to support Luna, no one to support you.
  3144. >Somehow your gaze crosses with Luna's and it becomes obvious that this is exactly what she's feeling right now too.
  3145. >And then you see that Celestia too looks a bit concerned.
  3146. >Twilight, sensing great unrest in the room grants you all an awkward laugh.
  3147. >"I'm sure it'll be fine, he doesn't need much of a welcoming party, right?"
  3148. >With how Luna's been worrying you're not sure she'll be able to meet him by herself at all.
  3149. >Here's hoping you won't have to do all the job by yourself.
  3150. >You'd prefer not to worry about this right now though, you have other things on your mind now. Like how your mare will leave for two whole days.
  3151. >"Twilight," Luna approaches the problem from afar. "Are you sure you don't want to be here when the human arrives? You seem to be interested in them, would you really miss such an opportunity?"
  3152. >A decent plan to lure her in for possible support. But nothing may come out of it.
  3153. >"Oh, I'd love to be here! But I don't think I'll be able to make it. Believe me, if I have time, I'll definitely come visit, even if it's for an hour."
  3154. >At least that's something. Luna sees that there is in fact a chance that she won't be dealing with this alone and it calms her down, if only for a little bit.
  3155. >Celestia keeps eating quietly this whole time. Like you, it's not what concerns her right now, even if she thinks it should.
  3156. >The rest of the dinner goes slow and fairly quiet. You say your goodbyes to Twilight, who promises to visit as soon as she feels safe to entrust Ponyville's affairs to someone.
  3157. >Can't help but wonder if something really happened there with Starlight left in charge. It is a fairly big possibility as far as you know.
  3158. >The purple princess then teleports away and that's it. Immediately you feel like this marks the beginning of the end of these beautiful lazy days.
  3159. >Next up is Luna. She says she needs some rest before her shift (and obviously after the dinner's news), so you and Celestia wave her goodbye too.
  3160. >You're left with your mare. She looks at you a little sad.
  3161. >"Shall we return to our chamber as well?"
  3162. "I guess, unless you have something else you wanna do?"
  3163. >"No. I'd rather spend time with you while I still can."
  3164. "Aww. Come on then."
  3165. >You walk close to Celestia and put your hand on her neck, stroking her mane while you walk.
  3166. >She steals a few glances at you and you see that it pleases her greatly that you're doing this right now.
  3167. >You pass a few ponies who look at you like you're a weirdo but you honestly don't care.
  3168. >It's a bit tiresome to think about how others perceive you in this castle. You've been here for some time now and there's about to be another human here soon.
  3169. >They'll accept it or be annoyed forever. Their choice.
  3170. >You don't even want to think about this now. The only thing that's on your mind now is the pony walking by your side, rubbing herself at your hip and looking at you with gratitude while you scratch her neck.
  3171. >As soon as you arrive to your room and close the door Celestia turns to you and slowly reach to your lips with hers.
  3172. >With a soft moan she receives the kiss she so craves. You cup her cheeks and you feel how she relaxes immediately with her head supported by you.
  3173. >Wings of the pony wrap around you as she keeps your lower lip between hers, savoring its soft warmth in her mouth.
  3174. >A few pecks to vary the pace, a little struggle for power over who gets to lead the kiss, and you're already moving to your bed.
  3175. >The passionate aggression of the Sun goddess is nowhere to be found. Instead, it almost feels like she wants to be guided gently and treats your every movement with utmost respect and appreciation.
  3176. >"It's still a bit early for us to sleep, but..."
  3177. "It's okay, Celly. I want to spend the rest of this day like this too."
  3178. >A smile most warm graces her muzzle and she waits patiently while you disrobe yourself with haste.
  3179. >To hug her fully clothed seems like such a waste right now.
  3180. >Finally, you both get under the blanket, snuggled firmly and keeping each other warm.
  3181. >The softness of Celestia's coat feels heavenly as always and the mare doesn't keep you away from relishing this sensation.
  3182. >In times when you want to reassure your cute little princess you hug her close while keeping her head at your chest, and this time is no different. She takes this position right away, waiting for you to encircle her head and neck.
  3183. >She probably feels so secure like that, able to relax knowing that she's in her lover's arms and that you won't let go no matter what. She herself wraps her hooves around your torso and keeps you close.
  3184. >To add to this effect, you lock your legs behind her back, and so everything but Celestia's legs is embraced by you. The entirety of her snugly warm body belongs to you.
  3185. >That's exactly what she needs right now.
  3186. >"Anon, I'll miss you so much."
  3187. "I know, I'll miss you too. But it's only two days, right?"
  3188. >"That's two too many!"
  3189. "Just one night away from me."
  3190. >"Anon..."
  3191. >Even though you want to reassure her it's hard for you to accept it too. It is really just one night, but it feels so wrong.
  3192. >A night to spend completely alone? Incomprehensible. And yet it's the reality both of you have to face.
  3193. >Celestia is holding to you like you're about to disappear right now. Her brow furrows despite you kissing her forehead and rubbing her cheeks.
  3194. >She needs something more to take her mind off of your eventual separation. Maybe something more playful?
  3195. "Celly, just one night."
  3196. >"It's not fair."
  3197. "I'll be thinking about you. A lot."
  3198. >"Me too, but..."
  3199. "I mean, as in about what I'm missing during that night."
  3200. >That's not what she's been expecting right now but it does sidetrack her train of thoughts successfully.
  3201. >"What do you mean?"
  3202. "I'll make sure to fantasize about us being together a lot, maybe these feelings will reach you somehow?"
  3203. >"That's rather silly," she chuckles. "But I'd be the silly one to deny that I'll be thinking about you a lot too. My dear human won't be there to hold me through the night."
  3204. "I'd do more than hold you if I were there."
  3205. >"I am sure of it. Though I'd advise you to not give in to temptation and wait for my return."
  3206. "Oh? What promises of great pleasures I'll hear from you next, my sweet princess?"
  3207. >A few kisses land on your chest and Celestia looks up into your eyes.
  3208. >"I hope you realize that I'll need some extra special care from you when I return. You better be ready for it."
  3209. "Huh? For what exactly?"
  3210. >It's not right to tease her right now, but you just can't resist. Though Celestia has no incentive to play around.
  3211. >"Why, for servicing your mare, of course."
  3212. >The joke is fully on you. Celestia isn't ashamed of her own desires. You should've seen it coming, knowing that talking dirty isn't something this pony shies away from.
  3213. >"I can't have you spent when I return just because you couldn't keep your hands to yourself just for one night, Anon. I'll endure this lonely night for you and I hope you'll do the same for me."
  3214. >With how serious she got there you almost feel guilty for trying to joke around.
  3215. "Of course, love. We'll have a really, really happy reunion. I promise."
  3216. >"I'm happy to hear that."
  3217. "You know, Incognito will already be here by then."
  3218. >"So?.. Oh, you mean... Ooh, right."
  3219. >Oh, Celestia, this impish smile of yours isn't something you can ever get used to. The mischievous princess sees an opportunity and already imagines what implications this holds.
  3220. >At least she's not sad anymore.
  3221. >"This is even better then. We'll have a very steamy and loud reunion, my love."
  3222. "You little bully."
  3223. >Now she just laughs out loud, unable to contain her enthusiasm anymore.
  3224. >"Me? Hardly. Knowing Luna it will only ease her into facing that topic with her human."
  3225. "On their first night?"
  3226. >"What? They won't be sleeping, you know, she'll be awake by then."
  3227. "Oh, right, I keep forgetting."
  3228. >This makes a bit more sense now. Luna and Incognito won't be bound to bed together when you'll be haunting the corridors with your oohs and aahs.
  3229. >"And also, it doesn't really matter what night it is for them. At least for Cadence it doesn't. You know, she was genuinely surprised it took us, to quote her, 'so long' to get to sex."
  3230. "What? How so?"
  3231. >"For her, being matches is equal to being married, so the first night together is like the first night after the wedding - perfectly fine to claim each other."
  3232. >Now that you think about it, your first night together was really, really intimate.
  3233. >It could be that Celestia was counting on you taking her right there from the get-go? That seems a bit too far fetched, you don't buy it.
  3234. >She didn't force herself onto you, so you guess you're thankful that it's only Cadence that thinks that way. The princess of love was perfectly aware you can't take things so fast when you've spent a week just getting used to this world on the most basic level.
  3235. >"But I know it won't happen," Celestia confirms your suspicion. "Even though Luna wouldn't be against it."
  3236. "Just like you weren't on our first time?" you try your luck.
  3237. >Celestia raises her eyebrow at first but then nods.
  3238. >"Yes, just like I was. And that's why I know it shouldn't happen like that. Getting to know you first made it all the sweeter."
  3239. "Of course. I feel the same."
  3240. >A few more kisses are shared until Celestia speaks her mind again.
  3241. >"Though I know Luna won't quit it so easily."
  3242. "What do you mean?"
  3243. >"She probably imagines how her own relationship with her match will develop and how fast they will go. How long will it take him to open up to her... And claim her. Like you did with me."
  3244. >A tingly sensation warms up the back of your head when you hear Celestia speaking about this so nonchalantly and affectionately.
  3245. >She really has no shame, doesn't she? On the contrary, she seems to enjoy this. But there's nothing wrong with that.
  3246. >For all intents and purposes you really are like a married couple. You're way past being shy about lusting after one another. She knows she's desired by you above all else and she'll be the first to admit you have the same effect on her.
  3247. >Why contain it? If it's cool with both of you, it's alright.
  3248. >"You know, when that time comes I have no doubt we'll be the first to know about it."
  3249. "What do you mean?"
  3250. >"She'll make sure we hear it."
  3251. >Now it's your turn to chuckle at such an image. The sisterly rivalry in this seems quite ridiculous. But also adorable in its own away.
  3252. "Just don't ridicule her for taking her time, alright?"
  3253. >"Why would I?" she exaggerates taking offense in that thought. "No, I only wish for her to not shy away from her own happiness."
  3254. "I'm sure it's true."
  3255. >"It is. Knowing how scared I was to make a mistake it's a real possibility Luna will be trying to maintain status quo for as long as possible."
  3256. "Well, if she's moving at her own pace... I mean, that worked for us, right?"
  3257. >"It did, but only because you powered through all my attempts."
  3258. >Taking the initiative, being determined - all the things Celestia liked was probably because you kept going forward this whole time.
  3259. >Now you think that she wanted you to because she was unsure if she herself should move forward. When you've done that instead, time after time, she was shown that you guess her desires correctly.
  3260. >And soon all of her fears have all but disappeared. You have given her exactly what she wanted at your own pace which was faster than she was expecting.
  3261. >It was an exercise in trust, when you've taken steps ahead of her and both of you were counting on your success. And when that success came, it was the best feeling ever.
  3262. >No wonder your relationship has developed so fast. She wanted so much out of it and you guessed exactly what and why. This is why you're matched.
  3263. >This is what a perfect match means. At least this is how you've come to understand it with time, the idea behind it. Satisfying cravings so deep you both wouldn't even admit them to others, and in record time too. When you both want it and are willing to accept each other, there's no stopping you.
  3264. >And trust in yourselves and each other made it possible. Mutual understanding was possible only because she was honest with you and you were honest with her.
  3265. >You only now realize what a miracle this is. What a blessing is now upon you. How little time has passed and how deep your connection is already.
  3266. >And you just had to come to this realization the night before your lover leaves you for two days...
  3267. >Oh, cruel fate, the irony of yours is truly next to none.
  3268. "I guess you're right. But now we both gotta power through this hardship."
  3269. >"That's why we're here right now."
  3270. >Your answer to that is tightening the hug. Your cheek lays on her forehead and your fingers move through her mane to touch her coat.
  3271. >Celestia covers you with her wing too and the little cocoon of comfiness is complete. Not as tight as her snuggle burrito but really pleasant nonetheless.
  3272. >She takes in every feeling, every sensation so it keeps her warm for the next few days.
  3273. >And you try to do the same: with extreme awareness you try to remember your state right now.
  3274. >Above all else this makes you feel even closer to her.
  3275. >It's but a test, nothing more. An easy one at that. Just two days.
  3276. >It would be wise to think about what happens after it, not during it.
  3277. >Celestia doesn't allow herself to fall asleep just yet, waiting for the time of dusk to cast her spell. But once she does it's like some hidden mental alarm sounds in her mind and signals that it's safe for her to drift in slumber.
  3278. >As soon as the moon appears in the sky Celestia closes her eyes and allows herself to doze off. You both have shifted quite a bit during this time, so right now you're on your back and the mare's head is on your shoulder.
  3279. >She's breathing in your neck and you have no idea how that's comfortable for her, her breathing being obstructed like this. But it seems like it is fine if she's fallen asleep, so who are you to judge.
  3280. >Soon you feel like it's time for you to go into the dreamland as well and you don't fight it.
  3281. >The night goes on way too fast though. You are awaken by sounds of Celestia's movements close to you. She is standing at her vanity near the bed.
  3282. >It's still dark outside, not nearly the time for sunrise yet.
  3283. >Amazing how you can tell these things now. Or maybe you just think you can.
  3284. >The mare is brushing her mane with only the dim light of her horn to help her.
  3285. >She notices that you're awake and smiles at you. You return the gesture.
  3286. >Still in a sleepy daze you get up and walk up to her. The mare sets everything aside to give her husbando a firm hug.
  3287. >You stand with her and watch her brush her mane. You wanted to do it yourself but she was finishing up anyway so there was no need for it. What a shame, should've got up earlier.
  3288. >"Anon... If you will?"
  3289. >She points at her regalia that's been lying here for these three days.
  3290. >God, has it been three days already? Already?!
  3291. >With a bitter feeling you take the chest piece in your hands and slide it down Celestia's neck when she lowers her head for you, trying to not get her mane caught in between.
  3292. >Next, you get on your knees to tend to her hooves. Each gets a warm kiss before you put them into cold metal.
  3293. >Finally, the mare bows to you and you crown her the princess of Equestria.
  3294. >She giggles at this little ritual and gives you a hug. Then you cup her cheek and kiss her on the lips.
  3295. >It lingers for way longer than you both have expected.
  3296. >"I'm gonna miss you so much, Anon..."
  3297. "Me too, sweetheart. Me too."
  3298. >It surely won't be the last time you exchange these exact words before she has to go.
  3299. >For now the Sun isn't up yet and there is still time to just be with each other.
  3300. >Gold on Celestia's white that bumps into you when you hug her only serves to remind you that the little vacation of your lover is over.
  3301. >So many things happened during these days and yet it seems like this time has passed so fast.
  3302. >The dawn of the new day is upon you, and with it, new experiences await.
  3303. >A trial of patience is ahead of both of you, no matter how much you try to drown out this feeling with kisses.
  3304. >You don't stop until it's time to lift the Sun for all to see though.
  3305. >And then, with the first rays of sunshine, the times of idleness will be officially over.
  3307. >A lot of ponies have gathered to say goodbye to Celestia, even though there's just a short trip ahead of her.
  3308. >All the more heartbreaking for the princess, on top of worries about being separated from her match.
  3309. >In any other situation you'd just roll your eyes at Celestia's exaggerated dramatic concerns, but it's hard to just brush it off when you feel the same.
  3310. >A sickening, dragging feel makes you stay on edge like something is about to happen.
  3311. >You just can't stand this prolonged departure ceremony and want this to be over.
  3312. >Celestia looks you in the eyes and you see a thousand pleas of her soul in her gaze.
  3313. >It's unbearable. Even sending her off right away would ease this pain, since every second spent here just makes it more uncomfortable.
  3314. >At last she comes near you and gives you a hug. A warm but unsure hug.
  3315. >It doesn't matter what others think of it. In a dire situation like this she does what's important to her without care for others' opinions.
  3316. >And when the hug breaks you find that it's not possible for you to let her go just like that.
  3317. >Your hand, being at her neck, travels upwards to her cheek. And brings the mare closer.
  3318. >With no hesitation Celestia follows your motion and you lure her into a kiss. So bitter and so true.
  3319. >Everyone around you is silent as your lips caress hers, taking in their softness to remember.
  3320. >It is a rather reserved kiss, but its meaning weighs heavy on you both.
  3321. >You wish for nothing more for it to linger. So it clouds your minds so much that everything else stops existing.
  3322. >Or maybe it's a dream and you'll wake up next to each other at any moment to realize you don't have to be apart even for a minute.
  3323. >By all means it's at this moment time itself should cease, making way for your love to freely parade through reality, warping it to your liking.
  3324. >The reality where she doesn't have to go.
  3325. >Alas, something as simple as that is denied to you. Just like the kiss, no matter how sweet, can't last forever.
  3326. >When it ends you realize that all this storm of emotions amounted to nothing. The mare is still leaving you. Right now.
  3327. >"I'll see you soon, my love."
  3328. >Her voice is hushed and meek. Yours isn't any stronger.
  3329. "Stay safe, Celly."
  3330. >You don't really know what to say, everything you can think of seems so silly and out of place right now.
  3331. >And now that she leaves for real you realize there's so many things you want to say to her. So many things on your mind that need to be expressed.
  3332. >They will go unsaid until she returns.
  3333. >Celestia isn't ready to go, but she still has to. Her aide, that Raven pony, accompanies her to her chariot and it seems that she'll be going with her.
  3334. >At least your mare won't be completely alone these days.
  3335. >You, on the other hand, have some time to yourself.
  3336. >Once Celestia's carriage flies off you turn around to see ponies looking at you.
  3337. >Well, they were looking until you turned. Now they look away, almost in shame.
  3338. >In an attempt to understand why your mind rushes from one possibility to another and soon arrives to conclusion that they are still bothered by you being their princess' lover.
  3339. >But it's strange. You don't feel anything about that attitude anymore.
  3340. >Your position is so solid you can't think of it as anything but their own problem.
  3341. >You and Celestia are happy together. Anyone who opposes that also opposes their monarch's happiness. It's as easy as that.
  3342. >It was so easy you feel a bit ashamed of yourself - you could've gotten that a lot sooner.
  3343. >Maybe it's just that this time wasn't enough for them to get to know you? Because ponies who got closer, like that food delivery stallion or hell, Gleam herself, don't make a big deal out of you being with the princess.
  3344. >But it doesn't really matter now. You go back into the castle, leaving the landing pad (also known as just one of the balconies) behind.
  3345. >A bitter feeling is already taking its place in your heart and you feel like this is only just the beginning of it.
  3346. >Luna follows right behind you. When you turn around she gives you an awkward smile. Celestia's words about Luna pops right into your mind.
  3347. >Was she watching you kiss her sister tentatively but unable to look away, trying to capture all the details and imagine herself doing it with her match?
  3348. >Nah, you're probably overthinking it.
  3349. >"Any plans for today, Anon?" she asks you when she notices you turn around to face her.
  3350. "Not really. There's still time until that pony teacher arrives."
  3351. >"Perfect Memento? Yes, she's taking the evening train so don't count on her being available today. But tomorrow..."
  3352. >She pauses for a moment and you nod knowingly.
  3353. >"Anonymous, I do not wish to impose but I would certainly appreciate your assistance tomorrow."
  3354. >You two keep walking as you're pondering her proposition. You note that you're just moving to Luna's quarters, so it's like you're walking her there or something.
  3355. "You want me to help you meet Incognito, right?"
  3356. >"At least be present during that time. There's nopony else I could possibly ask to do this."
  3357. >This is gonna be awkward as hell, you just KNOW it. Remembering how Luna described his dreams it just leaves a questionable impression on you.
  3358. >You shouldn't judge a person based on dreams but Luna's anxiety somehow affects you as well.
  3359. >In fact, you ask her about that right now, and her response is preceded by a defeated shake of her head.
  3360. >"It's still so vague. Like his dreams are a foggy swamp, I get lost in them time after time. And every night I try to find him, every night he keeps running away."
  3361. >It's honestly quite disturbing. Just what kind of a person is he?
  3362. >There's no way you're going to let Luna down. You might be Celestia's man and you don't feel much towards Luna, but helping your mare's sister is certainly in your best interest. You can't leave a pony like that without a helping hand when she clearly needs it, even if it's just standing next to her as a moral support.
  3363. "Of course I'll help. No problem."
  3364. >Seeing her face light up with hope is gratifying. You feel better already.
  3365. >So if Memento arrives this evening and Incognito arrives tomorrow your second day is salvaged. The problem is surviving this one.
  3366. >And oh boy, once you bid farewell to Luna you feel bored already.
  3367. >First of all you try napping. This always works. You're the kind of person who, if given an opportunity, would sleep through the whole day.
  3368. >Not this time though. Your minds always seems to snap between topics and imagery and it doesn't let you rest.
  3369. >You lie on the sheets and think of Celestia. But apart from revving yourself up and getting hard nothing is accomplished by this.
  3370. >Even as you press your face in your pony's pillow and take a deep breath of her mane's lingering aroma you can't seem to relax.
  3371. >On the contrary, you become so acutely aware of everything around you in this room.
  3372. >This is the first time you're here without her, or at least waiting for her.
  3373. >You only now realize that all the days spent here were filled with anticipation of Celestia's return. Now that you don't have even this, it's like this is your first time being in this room.
  3374. >A table for three, bookshelves, curtains at the big window, this massive bed, a sofa in the darker corner with a lamp to read comfortably. A journal table near it with assortments of inkwells and quills.
  3375. >Time and sound stops. There's no clock here so even this constant reminder of passing time is absent from your existence.
  3376. >You're lost. Why are you even here?
  3377. >Her blanket covers your clothed body. The very same blanket Celestia wrapped herself into on the cold nights before you came.
  3378. >She'd try to forget about cold keeping this blanket close and easing herself into sleep by clearing her head.
  3379. >That's just after she returns to this room after her day on the throne. Exhausted and drained.
  3380. >The pony would sit at the table and read a book, or write some letters, some personal and some official.
  3381. >Probably thinking about her work and plans for the next day. Opening the window and looking outside. Wondering how her pupils are doing. Maybe reminiscing about older days.
  3382. >Looking at the sunset. Lowering the Sun and waiting for the Moon. Or even before that, forced to look at Nightmare Moon's image on the Moon she puts up.
  3383. >Only then she'd lay her head on this very pillow you're burrowed your face in and cover herself with this blanket you're grasping.
  3384. >Every single day.
  3385. >For a thousand years.
  3386. >For. A. Thousand. Years.
  3387. >You shut your eyes so tight you force tears to form in their corners while fireworks shoot all across your squeezed eyeballs. Your body spasms and a shocked, defeated gasp escapes your throat.
  3388. "Celestia..."
  3389. >There is zero percent chance of you surviving without her even for one day.
  3390. >You need to get out of here. You need to go somewhere, even if you can't leave the castle. Just somewhere that's not right here.
  3391. >However there is no respite for you in this castle even if you cross it far and wide. It's like being near Celestia was keeping all those treacherous thoughts at bay and now everything is becoming clear.
  3392. >You feel so out of place here. Just a visitor who passes by.
  3393. >You do not belong. You've been here for less than two weeks. Who the hell ARE you anyway?
  3394. >Grafted in this strange reality you seem a stranger through and through.
  3395. >All the ponies see you that way. They don't want you here.
  3396. >You walk through the corridors so familiar yet so alien to you.
  3397. >When you cross paths with a pony you look away and want to pass them as fast as possible, as if you're ashamed to be here, even if they don't even pay attention to you.
  3398. >Like you're imposing, an alien that makes everyone uncomfortable.
  3399. >It is only when you reach the library and close the door behind you it becomes apparent to you that your heart is pounding like it's going to explode at any moment.
  3400. >You're sweating and your breath is heavy.
  3401. >It takes considerable effort and some time for you to calm down in this quiet solitude where no one can ever find you since no one ever visits this place - at least according to Twilight.
  3402. >The castle is pretty much closed to visitors since Celestia is away, and the castle staff doesn't care much for this old library.
  3403. >Maybe you can distract yourself with a book or two. Or a dozen.
  3404. >Still, if this is how it is for you right now, less than an hour since your pony's departure, you can't help but wonder how it is for Celestia.
  3405. >Is she thinking of you? She at least has something to keep her mind occupied. And so you need something as well.
  3406. >You start your exploration. From history, to fantasy, to drama, to tragedy - it's all here. You pick up a few books that seem like something you can actually read with your limited understanding of pony language.
  3407. >Twilight was a good teacher but it's still a question if you can digest "real" literature with your knowledge.
  3408. >Sitting down you open up the first one. "Forging a Future Self" by Carneighie.
  3409. >It seems rather interesting but after around a hundred pages you realize you zone out completely. Your thoughts are of your waifu.
  3410. >No peace can ever be found. So you just sit around thinking of her.
  3411. >Then gradually you realize you're just sitting around with your mind completely blank. Great work, Anon, such a beautiful way to spend time.
  3412. >By the way, you've never noticed that the shelf to your left has five blue books while the shelf on your right only has three.
  3413. >But to compensate it has two purple books while the left one has none.
  3414. >Fascinating, isn't it? Twilight would be proud of your observation skills.
  3415. >Or rather condemn you for your procrastination.
  3416. >...
  3417. >What in the world is wrong with you?
  3418. >Feeling of unrest just never leaves you. Everything feels wrong. Every single thing.
  3419. >You suddenly feel very tired.
  3420. >If only she was here. You could talk about something, anything.
  3421. >She'd bring tea in here and listen to you explaining something from your world or tell you some ancient stories about pony culture.
  3422. >Maybe you'd find a history book and she'd laugh at how ponies have interpreted something only she remember in detail.
  3423. >Or maybe you'd even-
  3424. >Bam! You're wide awake because of the sharp pain piercing your forehead upon it collision with the table.
  3425. >The rest of your face landed on the open book you fell asleep reading so it cushioned the impact.
  3426. >Realizing you have managed to doze off sitting you feel disoriented and dizzy.
  3427. >And remembering your half-awake daydreams you wonder how you never even noticed falling asleep.
  3428. >It's this damn book's fault. Away it goes back to its shelf.
  3429. >Can't help but sigh deeply as you search for the right one to place this "motivational" garbage.
  3430. >It certainly didn't help you one bit.
  3431. >Celestia, your human is positively lost without you.
  3432. >But you're suddenly saved. It's a little inconspicuous book you notice on a shelf on your way back.
  3433. >"Pony family through the ages"
  3434. >This one... This one might be just the thing you need.
  3435. >You spend some time reading it. Especially the part about wedding rituals. And then you realize you need a very specific pony to help you.
  3436. >But this can wait. A simple glance at a clock reveals that it is time for lunch soon.
  3437. >You take your books with you and go back to your chambers where the food is going to be served as always.
  3438. >Not even ten minutes after you return the familiar stallion brings in the meal.
  3439. >Some sort of sandwiches and a light salad.
  3440. >Ponies call hamburgers "hayburgers with meat" so you wonder what this is going to be about.
  3441. >It has fish in it. You're getting used to it. Seems like a fairly neutral type of meat for ponies to handle.
  3442. >Not a lot of thoughts go through your head as you eat.
  3443. >Your mind feels drained, unable to stay on any topic for longer than a minute.
  3444. >Are you condemned to this hell up until your love returns and brings you peace once again?
  3445. >You've been a bit dramatic with this but there is definitely some truth in these thoughts. You're lonely, plain and simple.
  3446. >In silence of your loneliness you finish eating and throw yourself on the bed with the family book in hand.
  3447. >Even with it laying in your reach you can't bring yourself to even open it. But there's nothing really to do other than that. What's stopping you?
  3448. >No grand ideas or cosmic revelations blow your mind. Even fantasies of Celestia's legs wrapping around you neck are so far away right now.
  3449. >"Oh, Anon, I love you so much," she'd say kissing you over and over again.
  3450. >For some time you are paralyzed by these little scenes of affection flying through your head.
  3451. >And, of course, when you snap out of it you realize you dozed off again.
  3452. >Well, you did wake up a lot earlier today and you can afford to be lazy.
  3453. >All you think about is if it's dinner soon. You just want this day to be over.
  3454. >Memento can't arrive any sooner.
  3455. >Oh, maybe you should ask someone?
  3456. >Oh, you wanted to find Gleam earlier today.
  3457. >That's just perfect.
  3458. >You at least know where she could be so you're spared lurking around the castle. There's no need to appear before ponies more than necessary.
  3459. >Even if you know you're not at fault and they have no reason to dislike you, it still makes you uncomfortable to disturb them knowing how they feel about you.
  3460. >They'll learn with time, Celestia said to you once. You know you belong here and you know you have nothing to be ashamed of.
  3461. >But right now it's not really relevant.
  3462. >You knock on the door of Gleam's room, also known as her office and her storage room and her planning pavilion.
  3463. >It's complicated.
  3464. >The pony can be heard trotting to the door and she looks pleasantly surprised to see you.
  3465. >"Ah, Anonymous! Right on time!"
  3466. "F-for what?" you ask, confused by Gleam's resolute tone.
  3467. >"Aren't you here to help me with your Gala attire?"
  3468. "Not really. I wasn't aware that-"
  3469. >"Well, I'm working on one right now so you can come in and take a look, tell me what you think."
  3470. "You're making one?"
  3471. >"Sure. Well, not from ground up or anything, I'm selecting which articles to match and so on. I'm composing it, so to speak."
  3472. >She laughs in a bit awkward manner, probably realizing that didn't sound as inspiring as she thought it would.
  3473. "Well, I appreciate it. But I'm actually here to ask when's Perfect Memento going to arrive."
  3474. >"What? Anon, why do you think I of all ponies have any idea?"
  3475. >You open your mouth to say something but then you realize that the sole reason that you stand before Gleam right now is that you simply don't know any other ponies here.
  3476. >Your palms start to sweat at this realization. She got you there.
  3477. >"But I guess you're lucky since I do know - her train is arriving in two hours so she'll be here right after that. She'll check in with Lucky Spot to get her room, you can catch here there if you want."
  3478. "Great, thank you."
  3479. >You hurry to walk away, however Gleam stops you right away.
  3480. >"Are you sure you don't want to check in on the outfit?"
  3481. "No, thank you."
  3482. >"Well, if you like surprises, I guess..."
  3483. >That would've made you ask a few questions if not for your hasty retreat.
  3484. >You're so fast to get out of there it's only at your door you realize you completely forgot to ask who the hell Lucky Spot even is and where does she or he reside.
  3485. >Nothing goes right today. Returning to Gleam is out of question, the shame would burn you alive inside and out.
  3486. >And that's also considering that you also wanted to consult with her.
  3487. >Should've just stayed for her outfit presentation or whatever she had in mind.
  3488. >Now you have troubles returning to the book too.
  3489. >Different outcomes to that situation at Gleam's door keep popping in your head. Needless to say in all of them you aren't a sperg who has only made things worse for himself.
  3490. >What a bother.
  3491. >But you have an idea. If you sit on the balcony overlooking the entrance you may just spot this pony coming it. After all, there's not a lot of visitors today.
  3492. >It might be worth a try. But you soon realize that today is the final day of Weather team cleanup and it's really windy today, on top of being dark outside.
  3493. >So reading in fresh air is out of question.
  3494. >You end up in bed again, trying to read. Just like before, this barely works.
  3495. >It's getting too dark to read too. You relocate to the reading table which makes it a bit easier since now you sit right at the window.
  3496. >Just hold on for some time, Anon. Hold on to your sanity.
  3497. >You're a bit pissed off that Celestia doesn't even have proper clock in her room since she can tell by the Sun what time it is. Well, you can't.
  3498. >So you have to walk out and take a jog to the end of the corridor and then sneak in one of the guest rooms to just look at the time.
  3499. >After three times doing this you're finally close to the time of Memento's arrival.
  3500. >Now you have to actually find a way to not miss her.
  3501. >Obviously you need to wait for her in the hall, right at the front doors.
  3502. >Maybe she won't even walk past you since you're the reason she's here at all.
  3503. >The hall is refreshingly cooler than the rest of the castle and a few ponies are scattered here, standing or sitting in wait.
  3504. >Of course they notice you right away but their interest dies down pretty soon.
  3505. >You occupy one of the comfy sofas and watch the entrance. Should've gotten yourself something to read but on the other hand this would've just distracted you from the important part.
  3506. >You can't miss her.
  3507. >"Anonymous?"
  3508. >You almost jump up at a sudden voice right at your ear.
  3509. >A pony walked to you from your blind side and you were too consumed by thoughts and observations that you didn't even notice.
  3510. >A very familiar pony.
  3511. "Gleam? What are you- I mean, what a coincidence."
  3512. >"That's my line, you're waiting for somepony?"
  3513. "Oh, well, you know, just thought I'd greet Perfect Memento right away, you know."
  3514. >Yes, she knows, you said it twice. God damn it.
  3515. >Of all the ponies the ever cheerful and friendly Gleam is the one you get awkward for? That's pretty pathetic.
  3516. >"Oh, that's so nice of you!" Gleam doesn't even bat an eye. "That's actually why I'm here too."
  3517. "You are?"
  3518. >"I kinda know her a little bit."
  3519. >She sounds proud and bashful at the same time saying that.
  3520. >"It's a long story."
  3521. "Well, it's not like-"
  3522. >"There she is!"
  3523. >You turn your head to the entrance and there you see her. A pale yellow pegasus pony with a dark purple curly short mane.
  3524. >She has a modest grey scarf around her neck and once she turns her head looking around you see that at her left ear there's a flower in her mane.
  3525. >That's rather cute.
  3526. >Gleam motions you to get up and you both approach the pegasus who keeps looking around in attempt to spot a familiar face.
  3527. >And she does. And she gets excited right away.
  3528. >She has a cute voice with a strange accent you can't really pinpoint. Something a bit eastern maybe?
  3529. >"Gleamy! And this must be Anonymous. My, you're a tall one!"
  3530. >You both grin at her.
  3531. >"It's so nice to see you again." Gleam goes for a hug. "How was your trip? Are you feeling well?"
  3532. >"Yeah, no worries, I'm all fine now. Couldn't wait to travel again, you know me."
  3533. >Bright laughter rolls through the hall.
  3534. >In a strict sense Perfect Memento wasn't how you imagined a teacher of this caliber.
  3535. >But that's good, right? She's bound to be interesting.
  3536. >Gleam offers to walk with her to the Lucky Spot's place. You, finally having the first bright idea today, take the two modest luggage bags Memento had with her and carry them, to the mare's utmost gratitude.
  3537. >So you've actually seen Lucky Spot before. It's that dark green unicorn stallion you sometimes see checking rooms and walking around making a "I'm so proud I'm busy all the time" face.
  3538. >This time was no exceptions, the always busy pony was quick to get busy with showing Memento her room. It's a fairly small but cozy one. Walking there you note that it seems to be situated roughly below Luna's room.
  3539. >"Well, that's my stop!" she says with a grin you're already starting to get used to. "If you're free tomorrow, Anonymous, we can start right away."
  3540. "Really?!"
  3541. >The enthusiasm in your voice makes her grin even more. And why wouldn't you be excited, you've secured your boredom medicine for tomorrow.
  3542. >You three exchange some fairly formal phrases and Gleam motions you to leave the mare alone for now, she needs some time to settle in after all.
  3543. >"Me and Memento, we go way back." Gleam says with a warm smile as you walk her to her room. "Back when she was traveling the world only to return here to get a medal in cultural service from Celestia, heh."
  3544. "What? She's a hero adventurer or something?"
  3545. >"You could say so. She has been teaching all aspects of Equestrian culture to a lot of countries and species on their own turf. Ask her about her flower later."
  3546. "Alright. I didn't expect that, to be honest."
  3547. >"She's a great mare despite her quirks."
  3548. "I don't doubt that."
  3549. >"Well, I'm sure you'll get along well. She was a teacher for me too, in a sense. Taught me all about different native attires, that helped a lot in preparing Celestia's trips to another not so friendly territories."
  3550. "Oh?" you remember something suddenly. "Gleam, you're dealing with dressing Celestia up a lot, don't you?"
  3551. >"Sure do."
  3552. "You know her... Measurements, right?"
  3553. >"Well, I'm sure you do too by now, heh..."
  3554. >Ah, so you're not the only one who likes making awkward jokes here.
  3555. >You both do laugh at that one, but not because it was all that funny.
  3556. "I was just wondering, do you also do accessories? Like rings? Do you know her horn... Diameter? Dimensions? However you call that."
  3557. >It was time to set your plan in motion soon, might as well do it right now.
  3558. >"Oh, sure! Believe it or not, I still have my contact for that jeweler we employed for that row of rings for the princess' trip to Saghai, they need the ruler to have a ring for each year the country-"
  3559. "Alright, great. I was just wondering if I can get a ring made."
  3560. >"For her?"
  3561. "Yes."
  3562. >Gleam squints her eyes at you and a coy smile creeps onto her face.
  3563. "...and a similar one for me."
  3564. >Now she's beaming full force.
  3565. "...and get it done before the Gala."
  3566. >Smiling stops.
  3567. >"Before the Gala? Hmmm... That really depends on the gemstone you want there."
  3568. "I'll be honest with you, I have zero idea what kind of a gem this kind of ring needs."
  3569. >To your shame it was probably in the book but you don't really remember.
  3570. >Suddenly Gleam's smile and eye sparkle return like they've never left.
  3571. >"Oh, but I do. And I know just the pony to call. Believe me, once she learns it's for Celestia, she'll make it in time for the Gala. Shame princess Twilight isn't here anymore, I'd get the word with her right this instant."
  3572. "You don't mean that certain pony is in Ponyville? Because-"
  3573. >"Two ponies, to be precise."
  3574. "You're a lifesaver, Gleam."
  3575. >"Honestly, I was wandering when will this come up. I kinda expected it from Celestia first. Since I already have a design in mind."
  3576. "Wait, you do?"
  3577. >"I've had one ever since you've arrived."
  3578. "That's a bit weird."
  3579. >"Hey, when you manage every single thing concerning appearance and public image of important ponies you kinda have to plan ahead."
  3580. "Alright, I'll believe you this time. Just one more thing... Keep it a secret?"
  3581. >She smirks, looking you in the eyes.
  3582. >"You can count on me. But only if you come in help me with your outfit."
  3583. "Right now?"
  3584. >"Right this instant."
  3585. >You sigh and nod. Gleam is victorious after all.
  3586. >And you feel a great burden leaving your shoulders.
  3587. >There is nowhere to run now. The risk you're taking is calculated. You just hope you're good at math.
  3588. >At least you won't be bored for a some time now, that's for sure.
  3590. >Confidence is such a frail thing. It builds up slowly but can crumble at slightest hints of doubt.
  3591. >A deceiving emotion, especially if it's not backed up by anything.
  3592. >Just like that, your determination about the whole ring thing slowly evaporates as you listen Gleam getting into details of it.
  3593. >She's quite eager to help and it seems like she's been waiting for something like this to happen.
  3594. >It's all but confirmed once she gets a big spreadsheet from her drawer. It's filled with infographs and drawings.
  3595. "What is all this?"
  3596. >"Just a little cheat sheet for crafting rings for both of you. There's a lot of factors to take into account, you know. This request would've gotten through me anyway sooner or later so I was getting prepared as soon as... Well, as soon as everything was solidifed between you and the princess."
  3597. >Dodging the subject she deems touchy and being tactful seems to be a game Gleam plays with ease.
  3598. >Yet again you realize there's a lot more to this pony than you're aware of.
  3599. >Her room was small and cramped with stuff, mostly related to clothing. There was a door at the far wall so if you know anything about this castle's planning she just walled off a part of her room for whatever reason.
  3600. >What secrets lurk in the shadows of Gleam's private chambers?
  3601. >You don't have a lot of time to ponder that since the mare is quick to educate you on all the different features of these rings she's been thinking about.
  3602. >She's chirping away about her vision and you just not realize how ridiculous this is.
  3603. >Not only you proposing to Celestia first. There's also the fact that you haven't even been together all that long.
  3604. >Does it matter? You don't really know. You wish you could ask Cadence.
  3605. >But you probably won't see her before the Gala, even if she's going to be there in the first place. And you wanted it to happen before the Gala.
  3606. >That's another question: why? Is it that important that it happens before it?
  3607. >But if it happens after it, then when? Postpone it for some time?
  3608. >What if she'll propose before you and your plan is going to waste?
  3609. >Wait, does THAT matter at all?
  3610. >"Anon? You alright?"
  3611. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I was kinda thinking about..."
  3612. >"That's a lot to take in, I know. But I guess we're at agreement that regular gold would be the best choice here? Sinсe-"
  3613. "Yeah, that's fine."
  3614. >"Good, now for the gemstones, I was thinking-"
  3615. >This is no good.
  3616. >You do realize you want to propose to Celestia with a ring made by Celestia's advisor with Celestia's money?
  3617. >But... You can't really make it on your own.
  3618. >Forget about smithing or anything like that, you're not even allowed to leave the castle yet. What are you supposed to get her for an extremely special occasion like that?
  3619. >If not a ring then what, a bracelet, a historically appropriate thing to offer? But that's for mare without a horn, and besides, ring or bracelet aren't that different and you still have no means of actually making one yourself.
  3620. >Even if the ring is somehow made there's a gemstone involved.
  3621. >On the other hand, something made by you yourself could be much more valuable to Celestia than any ring.
  3622. >But then again, it's not about the value in the first place, you just want to propose properly. It was never about making the most expensive ring only royalty can afford, it's all about your feelings being reflected in a ring you choose to make - be it yourself or with someone's help. You just gotta make it "you" enough.
  3623. >Hold on, isn't it the reason why you're here right now?
  3624. "Hey, Gleam?"
  3625. >"Yeah?" the mare stops in the middle of explaining why Sunstone in the ring would've been to obvious.
  3626. "Do you think it's the right thing to do?"
  3627. >"Of course, getting engaged is just getting farther in-"
  3628. "No, I mean, doing the right thing like this. Should I do something else instead, like something that would be just from me, even if it's modest? You know Celestia pretty well, how you do think she'd react?"
  3629. >"Oh, you mean something that's only your as opposed to me taking this request?"
  3630. "Pretty much."
  3631. >"Eh... I'd say don't worry about it. Princess Celestia of all ponies knows that all this wedding decor and accessories is nothing but that, a symbolic thing. That's exactly why I want to make this extremely special in its own way, weren't you listening?"
  3632. "Sorry... Please, continue."
  3633. >"So about the gemstones, with Sunstone being too on the nose I'm thinking Morganite could be a choice, knowing how you two came together in the first place. Then I think-"
  3634. >You are fascinated with how many of these choice Gleam has. She knows quite a lot about gemstones, while you for one can't say you're very familiar with the subject.
  3635. >In that book you only found a few examples of what usually goes into the ring.
  3636. >You trust Gleam with this kind of thing and you'd like to just wave this problem away and tell her to do whatever she wants.
  3637. >But not now. Not with something as important as this.
  3638. >You force yourself to focus and take in all the information the pony is able to give you.
  3639. >Though, in the end, you still pick the one she mentioned the first. With the meaning ponies seem to put into it Morganite sounds like a good choice.
  3640. >Gleam also said that you could possibly do different gem for your own ring, but you refused. She then took measurements of your finger and that was about it.
  3641. >"I'll notify you of my progress, don't worry, it will be ready before the Gala."
  3642. "I thought everyone is going to have their hooves full this week because of it?"
  3643. >The pony gives you a wry smile.
  3644. >"That's why I've had most of the things secured beforehand. I just need to contact the right ponies and get things started."
  3645. "You really think ahead, don't you?"
  3646. >"Oh, please, you know who I am."
  3647. >She drops the sass right away and gives you a cheerful laugh.
  3648. >"But thanks. I'm just happy to see princess Celestia happy. And you've been a great customer so far too."
  3649. "Me? What did I do?"
  3650. >"Helped me with seeing how ponies react to human fashion, of course. And now you're going to help me again."
  3651. "With the Gala outfits?"
  3652. >"Exactly."
  3653. >To be honest, you still don't fully understand how Gleam got any results out of you just wearing your clothes normally.
  3654. >With time the clothes became kinda normal and things only changed slightly, like the color, or a specific article was different.
  3655. >Maybe this was the selection process in the making? The mastermind never made herself visible and it all went according to plan.
  3656. >What Gleam presents to you now doesn't really differ from what she offers you every day. It's more formal, granted, but it's still variations of suits, dinner jackets, tuxedos and everything in between.
  3657. >You feel a bit awkward looking at that.
  3658. "It's like I'm really back on Earth."
  3659. >"Did you have a selection like that back there?"
  3660. >Even though she's smug about it, Gleam doesn't push it. She just wants you select things you like and that's it.
  3661. >You spy a white-gold tuxedo hidden at the side and you notice how Gleam rolls her eyes when you reach out for it.
  3662. "Would it be too-"
  3663. >"It would be absolutely fine, Anon," she nods to you before you can even ask if it's okay to pick it, like you're some kind of kid asking his mom to buy that for him.
  3664. "Do you really think so?"
  3665. >"Of course, otherwise these wouldn't be here in the first place, don't you think?"
  3666. "Well, I'd like this one then."
  3667. >It doesn't really matter to you so you're going with the obvious choice to match Celestia's usual colors.
  3668. >Too late you realize that at the Gala she'll probably be wearing something different.
  3669. >But you don't know what. For now.
  3670. "I was wondering..."
  3671. >"Yeah?"
  3672. "Do you by any chance have Celestia's dress ready?"
  3673. >"For the wedding or the Gala?"
  3674. "The Gala."
  3675. >"It will arrive shortly so I don't have it right now."
  3676. "Wait, you already have her wedding dress?"
  3677. >"No, that one isn't requested yet, it's just sketches at this point."
  3678. >Once again Gleam aims for the future.
  3679. "Do you have something for me for the wedding as well?"
  3680. >"Same story, it's in plans for now."
  3681. >You sigh and that makes her smile.
  3682. >"No worries, you'll see all of these in due time. Thank you for your help."
  3683. >Again you note that you didn't really do much. But if she considers it help, so be it.
  3684. >She waves you goodbye and you decide to get back to your room with no further plans for today.
  3685. >You're already exhausted by being near ever energetic Gleam so it would be nice to take a nap or something. But not before dinner.
  3686. >No need to break the habit, it's served to your room as always.
  3687. >Tonight it's all cheese-themed. You can live with that.
  3688. >You go through that book on family some more. Yep, nothing but vague mentions of diamonds being traditional wedding gems that sometimes get replaced with other stones if one so desires.
  3689. >And the gem that you've chosen highlights your feelings towards each other pretty well. So for once you're fine with how things turned out.
  3690. >Now to actually propose to the Sun Goddess.
  3691. >It'll be fine. You have faith in her and your feelings for her. If what she told you is true, if everything she says she feels about you is true, then it can't go wrong.
  3692. >Just this once you have absolute faith in yourself and someone else. You're so resolute you're willing to take this leap of faith without even a shadow of doubt.
  3693. >Always doubting everything in life this time you know you can't afford it. You'll show her how much trust you put in her.
  3694. >But that comes later. For now there's not a lot to boast about, you have nothing but the idea and Gleam's promise to make it happen.
  3695. >You read some more, trying to actually find something that would help you, but there's barely anything that hasn't been already covered by Cadence while she was giving you a brief introduction to how mares and families are here in Equestria.
  3696. >Knowing traditions can still be useful, a pony like Celestia would probably appreciate some obscure historical references. Though she herself can probably make so many of them you wouldn't even notice.
  3697. >Hell, you sometimes miss quite obvious things about her. Like that one with selfishness.
  3698. >It's so strange to know there's so much to learn about her you can't possibly learn everything. And you can't wait to try.
  3699. >Even a week ago this thought would've terrified you. You'd be dwarfed by the enigma that is the Sun princess and probably lament how insignificant you are in comparison.
  3700. >You even giggle aloud at this thought. You were acting so childish back then. So selfish, in a bad way.
  3701. >Then it occurs to you that your way to comprehending Celestia and your relationship with her is far from over. Could it be that a month or so from now you'll sit just like this and remember this exact moment, and laugh at your current self for thinking you've grown up and now know everything?
  3702. >You'll need to remind yourself to do that. And then do it again a month later and so on.
  3703. >With your head occupied by these thoughts you don't even notice how the Sun is going down already.
  3704. >Standing near the window you can't help but think about your beautiful pony waifu. And soon wife.
  3705. >It makes you sigh with a dull ache in your heart. You never thought this was a real thing but now you feel it.
  3706. >Something that weighs heavily upon your chest you can't help but wince at this sensation. You squint your eyes and just for a moment you feel bitterness coming up your throat.
  3707. >In desperate need of fresh air you open the windows fully and take in the scenery. Setting Sun paints Canterlot's white and gold with a peculiar, almost crimson tone.
  3708. >You look at all of this glory and you can only think of her.
  3709. >Nothing to worry about now. She'll return tomorrow and even before that you have a lesson with Memento and a human to meet.
  3710. >That one won't probably take much time but you worry nonetheless.
  3711. >Looking at the sunset you can't help but wonder if Celestia is thinking about you now. Maybe she's watching the Sun just as well.
  3712. >There's certain comfort in knowing that right now, in this moment, no matter how far apart you are you still watch the same Sun and think about each other.
  3713. >A bond that goes beyond any distance. Love that knows no bounds.
  3714. "I miss you," you say to the Sun.
  3715. >Even if it can't answer, you just know Celestia feels you saying it. You reach out to her that way. Under her Sun you will always be able to be with her in a very special way only you two share, no one else.
  3716. >But then the Sun is completely down and Luna starts getting the Moon up. The hardest part of this day begins.
  3717. >Spending the night alone.
  3718. >It would be quite fascinating how wrong it feels now, to go to an empty bed to sleep, if it wasn't so unpleasant to actually do it.
  3719. >It's fairly cold and the silence is killing you. It makes it impossible to fall asleep.
  3720. >You just lie there taking in the night's quiet emptiness but you can't do that for long.
  3721. >Your feet touch the cold floor and you make your way to the window and open it.
  3722. >The night life can't be heard here. You barely make out any sounds apart from the wind - some crickets and sometimes sounds of ponies, mostly laughing.
  3723. >Canterlot is mostly asleep at night but ponies from all walks of life gather here, and so nightly activity isn't a rare thing here.
  3724. >You've never really had a chance to learn about it though. You kinda feel like you're missing out but you can't leave the castle yet anyway, so...
  3725. >A prisoner here, in this tower. Not even waiting to be rescued, maybe only by your mare, from all this unrest you feel.
  3726. >Well Incognito meet the same fate? Seems like he'll be in perfect position to explore Canterlot's night activities.
  3727. >Maybe the situation will change once you'll propose to Celestia. This is what she meant when she said she needs your union recognized publicly, you're sure of it.
  3728. >Then you'll have no reason to stay confined in here, no reason to not travel with her. As her actual husband you'll be able to never leave her side.
  3729. >Day and night you'll be able to be with her then.
  3730. >This thought makes you all mellow. It's unreal how much this actually implies without really changing much for your life with Celestia.
  3731. >It is like Cadence said, being matched is already like being married. But somehow making it official is a completely different thing.
  3732. >These musings tease out a smile on your face. Between dreams of your new life with your mare and the pleasant night's ambience you feel like you've calmed down a bit.
  3733. >Refreshed, you return to bed and try to think about hugging Celestia when you turn on your side, the one you usually turn onto to cuddle with her.
  3734. >You cramp the blanket so it takes a form you can put your hand around.
  3735. >That's your Celestia for tonight. You whisper her name and it makes you smile. Something so simple makes things bearable for you.
  3736. >Tomorrow night you'll be hugging the actual mare. Tomorrow night won't be cold.
  3737. >You'll just have to brave this one.
  3738. >And with only these thoughts to keep you warm you drift off.
  3740. >This night you slept well. So well that when you open up your eyes it's already bright in the room.
  3741. >Usually you wake up with Celestia, right before the dawn, but today, naturally, that wasn't the case.
  3742. >You didn't miss breakfast, though there was no one there to keep you company. It was a bit lonely to just sit at that big table all alone.
  3743. >The one who did miss the breakfast was Luna. She entered the hall just as you were finishing your meal.
  3744. >She greets you absentmindedly and sits down only to start nodding off to sleep almost right away.
  3745. "Tough shift?"
  3746. >"If only that... Can't find a place to rest with what's about to happen today."
  3747. "It's going to be fine."
  3748. >Luna sighs in defeat. Yeah, she's way past thinking about it being "fine", she needs it to be perfect, not just fine.
  3749. >"Cadence mentioned they'll take the evening train. 'Tis time for me to sleep but I am not sure if I can manage."
  3750. "Celestia said she'll also be here by evening, so maybe she'll be here to help?"
  3751. >"I wouldn't be against it, that's for sure."
  3752. "Did something happen tonight? In his dreams?"
  3753. >Luna notices the concern in your voice and is quick to reassure you, but mostly herself.
  3754. >"No, things were fine. Just a regular dream without anything weird happening. He probably ended up not even remembering it."
  3755. >You don't really want to question it. This will get sorted out today so there's no reason to escalate things before that.
  3756. >Luna doesn't stay for long. Her thoughts are obviously focused on her match right now so you don't hold it against her.
  3757. >It's not up to you to worry about it as well since you're eager to start your lessons with your new teacher.
  3758. >If things go right you won't even feel the passage of time and you'll be done right in time to greet Incognito or Celestia, whoever arrives first.
  3759. >Of course you'd prefer your sweetheart to return first, and as soon as possible.
  3760. >Seems like you better fetch Memento soon so you can get started without wasting any time. Who knows what thoughts might crawl into your head again if you spend too much time concentrating on being alone without Celestia.
  3761. >So it's decided, you'll go to the teacher pony right away.
  3762. >Just as you start thinking about what kind of lessons you'll be getting you see Perfect Memento walking down the hall.
  3763. >She has her saddle bags on and she looks like she's in a good mood.
  3764. >It gets even better when the pony sees you approaching.
  3765. >You exchange your good morning greetings from afar.
  3766. >"Well, seems like you've saved me a walk to princess' quarters, are you ready for our lesson?"
  3767. "Sure am. Can we start right away?"
  3768. >"That's the plan. To the library then?"
  3769. >You nod and Memento walk at your side, smiling.
  3770. >"Never even been to the princess' room, I'd rather do it on the neutral territory if you know what I mean."
  3771. "I think I do, but why? You have friends here so you're not a stranger, you just don't like the castle or something?"
  3772. >"No, I like it here, very calm, usually, it's just... Well, it's the room of the princess."
  3773. "So? It's not like they'll execute you if you enter."
  3774. >"I just wouldn't be comfortable there, don't read too much into it. Castle's library is best equipped for this anyway. I brought a few rare books here myself, you know."
  3775. >From acting fearful to bragging, that's something.
  3776. >Once you get to the place Memento opens up her bags and gets her own books out. There's quite a few of them.
  3777. >While she's doing this you notice that she's not really a young pony. Even though you wouldn't even tell if you weren't this close to her. She must be really taking care of herself.
  3778. >"So, how much do you know about Equestria's history already?"
  3779. "Not much. Twilight gave me a few pointers but our main-"
  3780. >"Wait, you don't mean princess Twilight Sparkle?"
  3781. "Yeah, she was tutoring me on language and a bit of history while she was here as a kind of a substitute teacher."
  3782. >"Princess Celestia asked her to do that?"
  3783. "Well, she was really eager to be here herself, she seems to be interested in humans."
  3784. >"That's understandable, I would lie if I'd say I myself don't find you... enigmatic."
  3785. "What's enigmatic about a regular guy?"
  3786. >"A regular rare alien never seen before? Just wait until our scientific community gets it through their skulls that humans are here to stay and they are to be accounted for."
  3787. "They're not interested in us at all?"
  3788. >"They think there's gonna be just a few of you and that's it. No need to really count you as a target demographic for anything, from clothes to medicine. You have it good here in the castle, but... But enough of that, we're here for other cultures, right?"
  3789. >She giggles and opens one of her books.
  3790. >"So, I suppose you have some basic understanding of history by now, if princess Twilight was really working with you. We'll fill the blanks as we go. I wanted to teach you something else anyway."
  3791. "Like what?"
  3792. >"At first I thought that just history would be enough, but then I realized that if you're with princess Celestia, you're going to need much more than that. Being at her side you'll have to deal with a lot of strange things, even in our own culture. Not to mention everything beyond Equestria."
  3793. "You mean other races?"
  3794. >"Even other countries. It's all so different, Celestia knows everything about them since she's been here since forever. But for a regular pony, or a 'regular guy' like you, it's a bit hard to understand it all."
  3795. >You scoff at her mocking but nod, eager to hear more.
  3796. >"Even for me... I've spent most of my life traveling the world and teaching Equestria's culture and history to others outside of our borders. From teacher exchange to just adventures, I've been around, but there's still so much to learn."
  3797. "I heard Celestia has given you some awards for it."
  3798. >"Oh, it's nothing," the mare waves her hoof, blushing. "I'm just happy to spread the knowledge."
  3799. "At least this time you don't have to travel too far to teach."
  3800. >"That's true. Now, let's start with the thing that no pony can live without - harmony."
  3801. >Oh boy. You were hoping it's gonna be a history lesson or something but instead it's this.
  3802. >But you eat your words soon enough as Memento explains this to you in terms and analogies you can relate to.
  3803. >In a way you already know what all these concepts are. But exactly how much things like magic, harmony and everything else affect ponies and make them different from everyone else? How do other see ponies? That's a unique perspective you can't get anywhere else without traveling the world yourself.
  3804. >To understand ponies you need to understand what makes them tick. What makes a pony wake up in the morning without a headache. What makes them happy. What makes them proud.
  3805. >Soon you learn that Memento shares that little quirk Twilight has - she just loves to talk so much. But she never strays from the topic at hand like Twilight usually does, Memento backs all of her statements up with some history, personal or otherwise.
  3806. >It's then you see how deep the well of her knowledge really is. This is a pony who has spent her all life experiencing different things.
  3807. >She knows all about the ways of Equestria and she knows its value not because she's a pony, but because she had a lot of ways to compare them to.
  3808. >This perspective is what gives her the ability to comprehend what it really means to be a pony in Equestria and convey that to someone else.
  3809. >The way they see their lives is so different from how others see it.
  3810. >You don't even get to Celestia's place in this world when Memento calls for a lunch break.
  3811. >Time sure flies when you're busy with something this interesting.
  3812. >You spend lunch at the cafeteria instead of a garden like you did with Twilight.
  3813. >"You don't look too tired, good job," Memento notes while eating her daffodil sandwich with a carrot side snack.
  3814. "Hey, I'm an expert at this, I survived whole days of Twilight's lessons."
  3815. >"Oh, that's explains it," the pony laughs and almost chokes on her food, then laughs some more.
  3816. >She eats fast like there's any need for it. Probably just a traveler's habit.
  3817. >After your short break you return to the studies.
  3818. >Memento touches on a lot of subjects but she does so with a structure in mind, you see how one thing leads to another.
  3819. >The scope of her teaching is rather broad. Building a foundation for everything else takes time here, after all.
  3820. >Despite your initial bravado you find yourself getting overwhelmed by all the information. Memento takes note of that way before you do.
  3821. "No, I think I'm alright."
  3822. >"I'd say this would be enough for today," she shakes her head. "We're in no hurry."
  3823. >But you were actually in a hurry - the day is still not nearly at an end and now you'll have to find something else to do.
  3824. >Still, you accept your own limits and with how free-form your lesson was you don't want to push it, you still need to wrap your head around all the information given to you.
  3825. >Things that tie in with ancient history, the principles of Equestria's formation, how different types of ponies tried to preserve their tribal habits and how values of their people co-existed with values of early unified Equestria before Celestia came along - all of this was a handful as is.
  3826. >Memento seems to be happy with the results of today's session and you thank her sincerely.
  3827. >Before returning to your room you steal a quick glance at a clock - you're free to do whatever for the next few hours.
  3828. >And that you do, switching between napping and reading yet again. Yeah, very unpredictable.
  3829. >At least it seems to you that you're getting better and better at reading pony runes. Especially since some of the books you've borrowed use pretty uncommon words you don't even recognize at first.
  3830. >Once the runes click it becomes obvious, but it still requires some effort to piece those almost-hieroglyphs together.
  3831. >But all things come to an end, good and bad. A knock on the door to your room signifies the end of your boring waiting time.
  3832. >You're really happy that this is over. You can forget about it now, like a bad dream it fades away, pushed out of your head by more pressing matters.
  3833. >Indeed, it is princess Luna who is here to call for your assistance.
  3834. >"I've seen the train in the distance, this should be them. We better get ready," the Moon alicorn says while taking a step inside her sister's abode. "I mean, if you're still willing to help Us out."
  3835. "Of course. Let's go then."
  3836. >You're happy to get away from this place, this prison chamber. Without your mare it seems so empty and cold.
  3837. "Wait, you said 'them', right?"
  3838. >"Yes, Cadence and Incognito. Is something wrong?"
  3839. >Luna takes you shaking your head as an acceptable answer. You're a bit surprised that you didn't even account for the love princess arrival at all, even though it was so obvious.
  3840. >All the better for you. Maybe you'll have time to ask her about proposing to Celestia.
  3841. >Luna opens the doors to the throne room and passes the guards without saying a word. You don't even know if ponies even expect another human here, to you it seemed that you're the only one aside from the princesses who even knows Incognito will be arriving.
  3842. >Memories of your own arrival appear in your head. Confusion. Ponies didn't like you and they still aren't very fond of you.
  3843. >It now strikes you that if no one is in the know, Incognito will receive an even colder welcome. Like 'what, another one?!' kind of welcome.
  3844. >This alone makes you uncomfortable. After all, it's the human who's the least knowledgeable about the state of affairs in this castle. He'll be even more confused than you.
  3845. >And Luna's stories about him being, well, paranoid, only darken the picture. If he's a fragile heart this may spell doom for him right off the bat.
  3846. >You feel like you shouldn't be worrying so much, if at all. He's not your match after all, it's not up to you to be so concerned.
  3847. >Yet you can't shake this feeling that making this work for him is at least partially your responsibility. You're going to be the one he looks up to in this castle.
  3848. >Eh, you're probably overthinking it. It's probably just his dreams.
  3849. >"So, Anon, you ready?" Luna pulls you from your deep thoughts.
  3850. >She asks if you're ready, but in truth she just wants some confidence boost.
  3851. "Sure. How are you feeling?"
  3852. >"Excited?" she tries to smile. "So, can you stand here with me? We'll give him a nice warm welcome just like that."
  3853. >The mare nods a few times as if to show that she herself agrees with this plan. However...
  3854. "Luna, you know..."
  3855. >"Yes?"
  3856. >Her voice almost cracks at how forced her "calm" tone is right now. She seems so on edge that one poke would be enough for her to fall onto the ground.
  3857. "Don't you think that us standing close next to each other would, uh, send a wrong message."
  3858. >Luna opens her mouth to answer and freezes in place.
  3859. >"You're right. What was I thinking? Then... Should you stand behind Us?"
  3860. >She's getting too nervous, messing up her speech patterns now. You noticed it earlier today too. Obviously her mind is preoccupied at the moment and it is you who should find an answer.
  3861. >At least she's not the type of person - or pony - who completely falls in a stupor when things get hairy.
  3862. "Maybe you should sit on the throne here and I'll just stand next to it, where the guards usually stand?"
  3863. >Luna looks around and a faint smile occurs on her face. She nods a few times.
  3864. >"Yes, this sounds good."
  3865. >You try to reassure her with a smile but you don't think it's working. Maybe she also doesn't really feel comfortable sitting in Celestia's place?
  3866. >For some time you just stay in your positions, long enough for this to get a bit awkward.
  3867. >But the saving hoofsteps come at last, accompanied by footsteps.
  3868. >Your heart is pounding even though it has no reason to. Is it really the fact that you're going to live near another human? Is it because you feel threatened? That your life will be judged by another? Will you become conscious of everything from now on?
  3869. >But that's not right, maybe it's because all of this is what this Incognito guy is feeling right now?
  3870. >Whatever it is, this will become clear in a second. The doors to the throne room are already opening.
  3871. >And here they are. Enter Cadence, confident and determined. And Incognito. Well...
  3872. >He's a scrawny tall thin dude. Short but styled dark hair coupled with a bit of stubble going on on his face, which is understandable here in Equestria.
  3873. >His eyes dart from side to side, taking in the hall he's in. Even though he doesn't look scared he certainly seems uncomfortable.
  3874. >Honestly, you were expecting some scaredy kid. But he doesn't look like a teen or anything. Just... Just a regular guy. Just like you.
  3875. >Sure, even without your current pancake diet you've never been this twig-like. And even if you don't have an ideal posture you've never had your shoulders like that, though this may be just a side effect of him being painfully aware of himself right now.
  3876. >But other than that...
  3877. >Your thoughts stop the moment he notices you. Your eyes are locked. He can't stop staring and within a moment an expression of shock begins distorting his face.
  3878. >This is bad.
  3879. >He's too far into the throne room to get away, but not far enough to speak with the princess of the Moon who he just now notices. And his shock doesn't subside.
  3880. >You can't really see Luna's expression right now but you're sure she's just watching her match's reaction. And it's not very pretty.
  3881. >Of course it's Cadence who speaks up first as she steps forward, almost in front of the hesitating human.
  3882. >"Luna! So good to see you again. This is Incognito." she turns around to face him. "Incognito, this is princess Luna, your match."
  3883. >"Hello."
  3884. >"Hi."
  3885. >They say it at the same time. And just as well fall silent when they realize what happened.
  3886. >You wish you could save this. But you think anything you do right now would only make things worse.
  3887. >"Alright!" Cadence doesn't seem to be let down by this weak exchange. "Incognito, from now on you'll be staying here, I'm going to- Oh, right! One more thing."
  3888. >She turns to you and nods. Both of them are staring at you now.
  3889. >"This is Anonymous, he's Celestia's match."
  3890. >You can almost feel the mountain of doubts falling off Incognito's shoulders. It just confirms your suspicion that Cadence played this just like the last time, with you. Withholding some very important information.
  3891. >Nevertheless, you step forward and walk to you fellow human. He seems more relaxed now, knowing why you're here.
  3892. >When you reach out to shake his hand you notice that he's a bit taller than you. Ironic that the lanky guy gets the smaller princess but it's not that big of a deal.
  3893. >Your offered hand is taken with little hesitation.
  3894. "Nice to meet you."
  3895. >"You too."
  3896. >You don't get a chance to do anything else since you hear the clopping of Luna's hooves behind you. You give way for the princess to greet her match. Funny how you were actually the one to do it first.
  3897. >Seems like you did help her after all. You've given her some breathing space for a moment, some time to regain composure and you difused the situation. At least you'd like to think that.
  3898. >"It is so nice to finally meet you, Incognito," Luna starts with a genuine smile and her regular tone in voice, calm and noble. With newly gained confidence she's now ready to face her human.
  3899. >"The pleasure is mine."
  3900. >Incognito tries to match Luna's manner of speech and it's rather adorable. You're not judging though, if there's any place and time to act like a gentleman, it's with your mare.
  3901. >You give the newly formed couple some space and for a moment you see the way they look at each other. Especially how Luna's eyes glisten in the already setting sun.
  3902. >Then you notice how Cadence looks at them the same way. Love princess is happy that it they got traction right away.
  3903. >Before she can say something you take a step in her direction and that gets her attention.
  3904. "Cadence, a moment, please?"
  3905. >"Sure. Excuse us."
  3906. >Luna nods to her and looks back at her match. You and Cadence walk to the side and you realize you're not the only one with questions.
  3907. >"Anon, nice to see you again. I hope you and Celestia are doing good? Where is she?"
  3908. "She's away for some princess business and she's really late."
  3909. >"Oh. That's a pity. Well, I'll be staying for tomorrow anyway, so I'll catch her eventually."
  3910. "Wanna make sure our new friend is getting along with his mare?"
  3911. >"Not only that, just some... Princess business, yeah."
  3912. "Well, better late than never."
  3913. >"What does that supposed to mean?"
  3914. "Being concerned about Incognito, I mean. Cadence, you've told him that there's another human in the castle before bringing him here, right?"
  3915. >The princess looks away and smiles shyly.
  3916. "Cadence?"
  3917. >"Anon, trust me."
  3918. "You're really pushing his limits here, you know. You've seen the look on his face when he noticed me."
  3919. >"Just trust me. Some things are better seen in person than explained beforehand."
  3920. "Like me not knowing who my match was until you brought me here?"
  3921. >"You're still mad about this?"
  3922. "I just don't like games like that."
  3923. >You cross your hands on your chest and Cadence pouts at you.
  3924. >"Anonymous, I know what I'm doing. It all worked out in the end. Look, it gave them something to talk about too. I bet they're discussing this right now."
  3925. "Right..."
  3926. >Cadence's expression turns to playful and she giggles.
  3927. >"It's so nice of you to be so worried about him."
  3928. "Yeah, well-"
  3929. >"Strength in unity, right? The human spirit in action. All for one and one for all!"
  3930. "Ugh."
  3931. >This time you both laugh together. Damn sly princess, and you thought you're the master at dissolving tension here. She may consider herself forgiven this time.
  3932. "Look, I'd like to aks you something later. About Celestia."
  3933. >"Sure." the princess nods without even a hint of her earlier pouting. "As I said, I'll be here until tomorrow evening, so if you have anything to share I'll listen."
  3934. "Thanks."
  3935. >Meanwhile Luna and Incognito seem to get rather friendly, laughing about something. It doesn't take long for them to agree on get moving together, to show Incognito his new place.
  3936. >Cadence excuses herself out as well. And you walk your own way. Back to your room again.
  3937. >This has gone better than you've expected, all things considered
  3938. >On your way back you stop to look at the sunset. The sky is clear now, you completely forgot that all this work in the last days was exactly for this.
  3939. >Some ponies walk past you. They seem rather hasty on their hooves and they all rush past you. You try not to overthink it, you're done being worried for the day.
  3940. >You're more captivated by the magnificent view. There's not a single cloud that could possibly block the sun.
  3941. >Warm color floods the city in careful embrace, playing in the gold of towers, filling the rooftops with light.
  3942. >Oh, and there's a chariot flying towards the castle in the distance. Who could that be?
  3943. >Your heart starts pounding and you leave in a hurry.
  3944. >Some ponies are already at the balcony, so this was probably the hurry you witnessed a while back. And you weren't even notified.
  3945. >You could've just missed this. How do they even know? And how do you not know?
  3946. >It's with these confuse thoughts you see the chariot descending to the balcony. You meeting party of ten or so ponies await tired pegasi to land before stepping forward.
  3947. >But all you can see is her, you Celestia. Right at her side there's another pony, her aide, who appears to be sleeping. The princess takes a step down the chariot with a smile after bumping Raven's shoulder and whispering something in her ear.
  3948. >The little sleepy assistant is waking up slowly and Celestia is already walking around the chariot. She's walking straight to you. No, she's almost galloping.
  3949. >Your eyes meet and an lightning shoots through your whole body, electrifying your skin and making your heart beat even faster. And you just know she feels the same.
  3950. >It's like you haven't seen her in years and now you are reunited through hardship and countless years of isolation.
  3951. >Your sweet princess is back.
  3952. >She jumps into your open arms and you immediately feel her warmth gently enveloping you. Under your hands her mane feels wet and cold. Fresh heavenly dew from her trip through the skies is still on her. But she herself is anything but cold.
  3953. >Not only she presses her body against yours, she also throws one leg around your to hug you too. And then, after rubbing her cheek with yours, she waves her head back and goes for a deep and slow kiss.
  3954. >Maybe it's the time spent without her that makes it so special now. Maybe it's the way she does it. But the way she savors this kiss makes your head spin.
  3955. >It's like she treasures every second of it, tries to imprint the feeling in her mind. Her tongue traces your teeth in a slow but thorough motion and you try to mimic it.
  3956. >There is no telling how long this goes on. But once she's done getting herself drunk on your saliva you both see that ponies are either staring or trying to hide the fact that they've been staring - by looking away in an obvious manner.
  3957. >But it's also obvious that this doesn't concern either of you.
  3958. >They welcome her back as she walks by your side. She doesn't pay much attention aside from her own formal greetings. You know what she's thinking. You know what she needs.
  3959. >She asks about Incognito while trying to walk faster.
  3960. >She asks about Cadence while slightly bumping your side with her body as she walks.
  3961. >She says her second day was a right mess while you put your hand around her neck to keep her closer.
  3962. >You don't care. She doesn't. You just fill the silence with something until you get to your room.
  3963. >Once you're in, there's no reason to talk anymore. In a situation like this no words can reflect what both of you feel.
  3964. >Only the door slamming shut behind your back and you being thrown against it can sufficiently reflect the boiling vertigo of emotions inside Celestia.
  3965. >You feel the gem on her hurdle pressing into your skin when the mare follows her shove with a hungry, desperate kiss. Your body is squeezed between hers and the door. And despite it being a bit uncomfortable there's nowhere you'd rather be.
  3966. >You try to push back but she doesn't give in. Each exhale of the princess is loud and sends waves of air across your face; she cranes her head left and right, switching sides to take everything she can out of this kiss.
  3967. >But no matter how persistent she is you slowly take control of this furious display of affection. With a soft moan Celestia relaxes a bit when she feels you pushing back - not to prevent her affectionate barrage, but to retaliate with your own.
  3968. >With your hands caressing her neck and mane you tame the hungry pony.
  3969. >You feel her melting in your arms. It's your turn to explore the warm moistness of your lover's mouth. The mare's tongue rolls all over yours but she certainly doesn't try to prevent your sloppy expedition.
  3970. >Both of you calm down a bit and that's when she gives up holding you hostage. You slowly but surely move your mare back.
  3971. >Not just back though, she knows that if she turn just a bit you'll lead her to your bed. The bed she's been craving to be in these days.
  3972. >The place at your side she's been denied for one night - one night too many.
  3973. >Once you get near you decide to get rid of Celestia's regalia before diving in. She supports your motion and helps you with magic. The chest piece is set on the vanity just near the crown, and the shoes go flying off all over the place.
  3974. >Finally, the mare is down on the sheets, being caressed by your gaze all over. She is down on her back and she twists her body in anticipation, but also relishing a chance to finally lay down and relax.
  3975. >Before you even put your knee on the bed you feel her magic at your shirt's collar. She won't allow you to join her without undressing you just like you did her. This time she manages to restrain herself and not demolish your attire.
  3976. >Good to see that she's calming down, because even a minute ago these buttons would've been long gone from your shirt in one swift ripping motion.
  3977. >Once your torso is freed from cloth she allows you to climb up and drop down on her body. The feel of skin to coat contact is something you both missed so much you sigh with satisfaction at the same time.
  3978. >You don't have to say it but you still do, tracing her tense neck with your fingers.
  3979. "I missed you so much."
  3980. >Celestia helps your efforts of burying your face in her chest with a firm embrace. The sensation of her hooves caressing your head is comforting beyond your expectations.
  3981. >It is true then, only your mare can make you feel at home, since being by her side is the only thing you need.
  3982. >"I missed you too, my dear Nonny. I'll never leave you again."
  3983. >This makes you chuckle right into her coat.
  3984. "You can't promise that."
  3985. >"No, I can. You're never leaving my side, Anon."
  3986. >Of course she'd say that now even if it's not up to her, but you're happy that she does. You want to be lost in her sweet promises in this precious moment.
  3987. >The lifeless emptiness of your time alone in this room evaporates so swiftly you forget you were here alone in the first place. It's like a bad dream that goes away right as you focus on literally anything else.
  3988. >The books you've brought are still here but they are about the only thing that remains. This is behind you now.
  3989. >She's here. Celestia is here for you.
  3990. >The princess' magic works on getting your pants off without disturbing your hug. Still, you prop yourself up a bit and climb further, reaching her snootle with your lips.
  3991. >You're now sitting on top of her. She's completely pinned down under you and her reward is, she guessed correctly, more kisses.
  3992. >The mare's forelegs encircle your body and give your back an affectionate rub. With your elbows on the pillow you keep Celestia's head right below yours.
  3993. >Her pleading eyes tell you everything you need to know and as you begin petting her and rubbing her ears she hums it bliss. Her eyes close and you give her a couple of gentle kisses. First one on the lips, then on the nose, and the a few on her cheeks.
  3994. >When she opens her eyes again you see how contented she is, locked between your arms and legs. Secure and walled off from the rest of the world with just you being here for her - just like she wants it.
  3995. >And then her mouth opens in a cute and meek yawn. The mare cuts it short with a giggle.
  3996. "You're really tired, aren't you?"
  3997. >"No, it's alright."
  3998. >You can't help but smile at Celestia's attempts to deny her sleepiness just so she can relish your company some more.
  3999. >Raven fell asleep during the trip, so you can only assume that your pony is indeed dead tired and wants to sleep.
  4000. "Celly..."
  4001. >"No, don't say it. I want to-"
  4002. "It's fine, it's not like I'm going anywhere."
  4003. >"I just want to spend more time with you. What about... What about our hot steamy loud reunion?"
  4004. >That question is answered by the mare herself - with another yawn, this time much more obvious.
  4005. >She even blushes after that. Like she's done something wrong and now you'll notice and deny her your favour. You can't help but d'aww at this little bashful display.
  4006. "Aww, is my little filly tired? Is it bed time for her now?"
  4007. >"No! Anon, I need this."
  4008. "You need sleep, Celly."
  4009. >"Oh, come on."
  4010. "Little princesses need their sleep to grow healthy, you know?"
  4011. >Her muzzle scrunches up in a display of embarrassment and fury, but even this is interrupted by another yawn. When she hears you chuckling at that she reapplies her flustered look.
  4012. >"Anonymous!"
  4013. "Sorry, you're just too cute."
  4014. >"W-what about-"
  4015. "I'm just so happy you're back."
  4016. >You lower your head to hers and give your mare a tight hug. This seems to calm her down. Not enough though.
  4017. >"I was so looking forward to-" another yawn makes it hard for her to finish her sentence.
  4018. "I know, dear, me too. But I think you need rest more than anything now."
  4019. >"It's not fair."
  4020. "Come on, I won't let you go. I promise. Please, just relax, alright?"
  4021. >Celestia seems to accept your offer and you roll to the side, allowing you to hug her properly. The mare assumes her usual cuddle position. The one telling you that she's the one in need of the safety of your hug.
  4022. >With her head at your chest she yawns once more. It seems you're not going anywhere any time soon, she might fall asleep any second now.
  4023. >Cradling her as gently as possible you kiss her muzzle a few times.
  4024. "We'll have all the time to ourselves later."
  4025. >"I know, dearest."
  4026. >The Sun pony is fast asleep at your side and you soon follow. Though it doesn't last long.
  4027. >You find yourself hugging an empty space when you come to. The room is dark.
  4028. >For a second you panic, but then you see Celestia standing at the window with her magic aura wavering around her horn. She's yawning.
  4029. >Right, she still has to lower the Sun.
  4030. >There's also some covered plates on the table.
  4031. >"They've left the food at the doors," she explains after asking you to join her.
  4032. >After smirking at a thought that ponies know better than to disturb Celestia's time with you, you come to a realization that you really are more hungry than you realized.
  4033. >Both you and Celestia are still very sleepy, but she tells you that you have to eat.
  4034. >This messed up food-sleep schedule can't be healthy but you don't really care right now. You also don't feel very comfortable eating naked, but what can you do.
  4035. >Who the hell even cares. The mare of your dreams is back with you again. If that's what it takes to live with her, you're willing to take some liberties here and there.
  4036. >Once you're done you return to bed. Celestia doesn't try to bring up the promises of passionate reunion again and she seems fine with just being with you, cuddling and kissing until she starts falling asleep again, this time for good.
  4037. >You briefly think about how now when it's nighttime Luna has no choice but to confirm her dream walking ability to Incognito and you wish that it goes well for her.
  4038. >But you yourself can't stay awake for much longer. The Sun princess is snoring on your shoulder, keeping you close with her legs and a wing around you.
  4039. >Drowning in calming warmth of your beloved pony it's easy to forget you were ever alone at all.
  4040. >Celestia's presence is lulling you into a peaceful slumber and you're happy to oblige.
  4042. >Life returns to its normal pace with Celestia's return. You are notified of it first thing in the morning.
  4043. >The room is barely lit by the newly risen sun and your slumber is disrupted by the already familiar fuzzy sensation at your face.
  4044. >On top of you the Sun princess rests her refreshed morning body and peppers your sleeping face with kisses, sometimes breaking the pace to rub her cheek against yours.
  4045. >Once you come to your senses and realize what's even going on she laughs at your confused expression and continues doing her thing.
  4046. >It's impossible for you to not smile at her shenanigans and you reach out to her head to hold her in one place, to take a better look at the blessing of your life.
  4047. >Celestia patiently waits while you search for something in her eyes. She practically holds her breath in wait for your next action.
  4048. >And, of course, you bring her closer to give her a kiss of your own.
  4049. >Your mare then holds you in silence. Both of you take in the joy of being together as if you were apart for ages. Even more distant than that are the times of Celestia's lazy vacation.
  4050. >You now understand how unappreciative you were towards such a gift at the time. But it's not too late.
  4051. >Being here, being in each other's arms and hooves is something you now cherish with a particular care.
  4052. >So something as simple as being able to just relish a quiet moment together warms your heart.
  4053. >Her weight and warmth on your body, her hooves gently touching your torso, the velvet of her coat against your skin, the hushed rhythm of her breath right at your ear - everything around you signifies that hard times of separation are indeed over.
  4054. >Your ear's lobe is caught between Celestia's lips and in turn you run your hand through her still disheveled early morning mane.
  4055. >Then a most faint whisper can barely be heard by those lips that press firmly to your ear:
  4056. >"It's so good to be with you again."
  4057. >The hushed and sincere voice of your princess makes your shiver. Caught in the moment, you lean towards her and give your mare a soft kiss on her neck. She immediately throws her head up to give you better access to the area she so loves having caressed by you.
  4058. >This promises to turn inadvertently lewd at any moment, if you push it just far enough.
  4059. >But both of you know you aren't leaving these quarters if that happens. So in the end you decide to not try your luck.
  4060. >Maybe you should've done it. Even though you know that ultimately Celestia just wants to be with you some part of you regrets not indulging in her desires yesterday.
  4061. >She would've falled asleep in the middle of it but maybe it still would've done some good?
  4062. >But there's no reason to dwell on it at this time.
  4063. >Celestia knows that she still has to do her princess things. No matter how much she wishes to be saved from it by you it's something you both can't really escape.
  4064. >Oh, how she wishes her holidays were still in effect.
  4065. >But at the very least you get to have breakfast together. This time around the hall is quite lively.
  4066. >Cadence is there to greet her auntie and ask about her trip. And then Luna and Incognito join you too.
  4067. >The Moon mare looks very tired and it's obvious she needs some sleep, she's been awake for the whole day and night.
  4068. >The human isn't much better. Chances are he's been awake through the night.
  4069. >Seeing Celestia shakes him up right away though. Maybe he has forgotten that she's living here too?
  4070. >"Oh, you must be Incognito!" your mare chirps cheerfully. "I apologize for not welcoming you yesterday, I returned from my trip quite late."
  4071. >"I-it's fine, I mean, it's nice to meet you too," the guy answers shyly for whatever reason.
  4072. >"I hope everything is fine? You both look quite exhausted."
  4073. >"Just a little lack of sleep, dear sister." Luna cuts the exchange short.
  4074. >Something in the tone of her voice makes her sound a bit unnerved, annoyed even.
  4075. >Cadence is here to save the situation though:
  4076. >"Incognito was a rather nocturnal human as is, I'm sure it's not going to be hard to adapt to Luna's late hours."
  4077. >The guy blushes a bit, sneaking a glance at you. That's enough for you to understand what him being "nocturnal" probably means. You too had your sleep hours reversed when you were NEETing it up back in the day.
  4078. >But you're not the one to form prejudices and judge others based on your assumptions. You'll have your chance to get to know him, you're sure of it.
  4079. >He's prodding his pancake with his fork like he's still in a dream.
  4080. >Better get used to these pancakes fast, boyo. You're not getting anything for breakfast but these from now on.
  4081. >In any case, Celestia is the first to leave the hall. She gives you a smooch on a cheek, one that lasts a bit too long, and then she's on her way. You're glad to see that her mood seems fine today.
  4082. >Luna and Incognito are fast to go right after her. Luna has been waiting for her human to finish his meal. It's strange to see her of all ponies eating her breakfast in full but maybe she's setting a good example for Incognito.
  4083. >Good on her. You hope they'll get along.
  4084. >Now is the time for the Moon princess to rest and sleep. Incognito will probably watch over her, at least it's his chance to do so. Maybe she'll even get him to cuddle her in her sleep.
  4085. >Imagine that, a lonely pony who gets someone to hold her close while she rests.
  4086. >This must've been what Celestia felt when you arrived...
  4087. >Now that you have adequate perspective to see this clearly you feel inspired. You'll have to make your dear princess feel extra good today. And during the night too.
  4088. >Your sweet alicorn, the beauty that's all yours, the immaculate white pony who isn't afraid to get dirty, the mare who gives you her all, the-
  4089. >"Anon? You alright?"
  4090. "Huh?"
  4091. >It's just Cadence. She sits at her now empty plate and looks at you with a smug expression.
  4092. >"Daydreaming? Be careful to not miss your lessons today, I've heard Perfect Memento already got her hooves on you."
  4093. "You know her?"
  4094. >"I sure do, she had spent some time as a teacher in the Crystal Empire when it returned. Anyway, something on your mind? You wanted to talk to me."
  4095. >If this is why she's still here? This mare is just always there for you when you need her, isn't she?
  4096. "Can we talk somewhere a little bit more private?"
  4097. >"Of course. Is my room okay?"
  4098. "Sure."
  4099. >Cadence's place is just a regular room but you immediately know that this is hers. It's hard to explain, but the choice of everything, from furniture to drapes to small decorations and things lying around - it's all so Cadence.
  4100. >You've been living in Crystal Empire for a whole week so this is probably the reason you notice these things. Cadence was very open with you, very thorough in your therapy.
  4101. >The more you come back to these memories of you being a trembling, paranoid mess, the more you realize that without the love princess' help you wouldn't make it here at all.
  4102. >All the other daring steps you've taken were made possible by this foundation.
  4103. >It remains to be seen if Incognito can build upon it too, so far he's been treading in your steps pretty closely.
  4104. >But you, you've got a giant leap to make. Cadence needs to know. You need her to approve. That's just how it is, it wouldn't feel right if she wasn't in the know.
  4105. >Maybe you wanted her to be proud of you, or maybe you think she'd like these news. But mostly you just want to share a secret.
  4106. >The princess points at her reading table and takes a seat right in front of you.
  4107. >With a smile she asks:
  4108. >"So, anything I can do for you? Love advice?"
  4109. >The gears in your head turn for a second, trying to remember if you're in need of a love advice but then it dawns on you that Cadence is just trying to guess the reason for this private talk.
  4110. >Now you feel kinda embarrassed that you've dragged her here only to just say one thing. She's probably worrying for you.
  4111. "No, it's nothing like that. I just thought I'd let you know... Well, now it seems a bit silly, but still."
  4112. >Cadence smiles at your attempts at finding the right way to express yourself.
  4113. >"It's alright, I'll listen to anything you have to say if you have to get something off your chest. Is it about Celestia?"
  4114. "Yeah. But it's not anything bad. I just..."
  4115. >It feels strange to even come close to saying this. But here goes.
  4116. "I'm going to marry Celestia."
  4117. >That's not really the wording you were going for but somehow you sound so determined. Even if you don't really feel that way.
  4118. >Cadence's eyes go wide, but her shock is more of a pleasant surprise than anything.
  4119. >Before she gets too excited you try to explain:
  4120. "I mean, I want to propose to her, I'm not sure if she'll-"
  4121. >"Anon, that's great! Oh my gosh, I'd never thought that you'll be the one- I mean, I'm so glad that you did- that you will be the one to propose."
  4122. >She can't contain her excitement and jumps to hug you. Now you don't know how to react. It's hard to even think of an answer to this torrent of excitement.
  4123. >"This is just perfect! I wasn't sure if I should bring it up at all, or if I should talk to Celestia about it, or if I should keep it just between us or... I don't even know anymore, but now it's alright."
  4124. "I'm... Glad I could help?"
  4125. >The mare laughs letting you go.
  4126. >"So, when are you going to do this?"
  4127. "Once the rings arrive I think I'll do it. I wanted to do it before the Gala."
  4128. >"Not at the Gala?"
  4129. >It kind of stops you in your tracks.
  4130. "No, I kinda wanted to do it before since-"
  4131. >"It's okay, Anon," she interrupts you and nods. "If you feel like it's the right way to do it then it is."
  4132. >It's hard to tell why she'd stop you from explaining yourself but you're thankful for it nonetheless.
  4133. >Maybe she wanted to save you from making excuses if you don't have actual reasons? But you think you do.
  4134. >As much as you don't want to admit it, it is partially a safeguard from public humiliation if she refuses. Not for you, for her and for Cadence's Initiative.
  4135. >But you'd also lie to yourself if you thought that you can even stand thinking about her rejecting you in the first place. There's no way she'll do it.
  4136. >Then again, what if there are some powers at play that you just can't take into account right now, being an alien without much understanding of intricate politic works of Equestria?
  4137. >You've just started your journey to learn all about it after all.
  4138. >So it's not like you don't believe in your success, it's just safer to do it like that.
  4139. >And if anything, that will just give Celestia more time to plan her announcement at the Gala if she'd like that.
  4140. >It's a win-win no matter how you look at it.
  4141. "I guess I just wanted to ask if there's any possible problems this might cause?"
  4142. >"No, not at all. There's nothing that would prevent you from marrying your match."
  4143. "I've heard you consider being matched something like being married already?"
  4144. >The love princess rolls her eyes and smirks.
  4145. >"For all intents and purposes it is so. Just no official paper or ceremony to back it up. But when you are in love and things work between you two on a level so deep... Ponies might be on the fence about our mission for now but soon they will understand how important this is."
  4146. >Cadence probably never intended to mean something like that but you catch this thought by its tail right away.
  4147. "You think our union will help with that?"
  4148. >By a slight blush on the mare's cheeks you see that you're right.
  4149. >"Anon, don't misunderstand. Your happiness together is what I want to see first and foremost. But this could also help the Initiative in more ways than you can imagine."
  4150. >A princess setting an example for others? Neighsayers seeing that their monarch is happier than ever with a human? No, you think you're able to imagine how important this can get.
  4151. "It's alright. I get it, no worries. I would do it anyway even if you were only interested in the Initiative business."
  4152. >"That's a bit rough but... Thank you."
  4153. "Thank you too, for listening and all that."
  4154. >She hugs you again, this time in a much more reserved manner. You see how much calmer she is now.
  4155. >"Best of luck to you, Anon. I'll be attending the Gala this year so I'll see the results of your endeavors there. Though I don't have any doubt that everything will work out."
  4156. >You leave her room in high spirits. Seems like it did give you the comfort you've been seeking. Just some ground to stand on, an opinion of someone you can trust and who cares about you.
  4157. >If you had any doubts before they are now all gone.
  4158. >It is in this mood you arrive to the library in hopes to find Perfect Memento there.
  4159. >Of course, the mare is sitting at the same table you've been occupying last time. She doesn't scold you for being late and you soon learn she thought she'd be late herself.
  4160. >"Just had to take care of a few more letters than I've expected," she laughs it off.
  4161. "Letters?"
  4162. >"Yes, I keep in touch with a lot of my former students. Some of them are more... irregular in their writing schedule than others."
  4163. "I see, so you're pen pals with them."
  4164. >"You could say that, yes. Always good to keep lots of friends all over the world."
  4165. "Makes you feel connected, right?"
  4166. >Memento laughs and taps your shoulder with her hoof. Her touch is light but firm.
  4167. >"Oh, don't tease me! I've heard about the Internet already, now imagine something like this here, you humans really have some convenient things in your world."
  4168. "How do you know so much about humanity?"
  4169. >"It's a secret."
  4170. >Beyond her sly smile you barely notice a slight motion of her ear. The one that has a flower right above it, tucked into her mane.
  4171. >You still can't find a moment to ask her about it since it feels really personal. Maybe when you know each other a bit better.
  4172. >Memento returns to her teacher mode really quickly. You continue right when you left off and you take notice of how easy it is for you to get into the right mood.
  4173. >Like yesterday time flies when you're so consumed with absorbing new knowledge.
  4174. >It's like half an hour passes but it's actually almost two and you have to go get lunch. Then another two pass like one and she calls for another break.
  4175. >She's glad for you being so patient and receptive but you know it's probably because you're in good mood. Somehow when you feel good everything else seems good too.
  4176. >Adding to this there's still slight disbelief that this will really happen.
  4177. >Proposing to Celestia, asking her to marry you... It's the most important thing you'll ever do.
  4178. >You might not have caught everything Memento has been teaching you because you had fallen to these thoughts a few times and she was so busy talking it's a miracle she never noticed your love trance.
  4179. >You wish to be with your mare right now. To share this glee, this genuine happiness you feel.
  4180. >But you'll have to wait for her day to be done.
  4181. >Instead who you run into is Incognito.
  4182. >You're just out of the library, finished with Memento for today and he's walking towards the cafeteria.
  4183. >To say he looks tired is to say nothing at all.
  4184. >The guy is an insomnia spirit made flesh. But he recognizes you and even waves at you.
  4185. "Hey, man, you alright?"
  4186. >It takes him a little bit to register what you've said. He stops and turns to face you.
  4187. >"Yeah, I'm fine. Just haven't slept for a while."
  4188. "Well, you should."
  4189. >His eyes fixate on the floor right in front of you.
  4190. >"Is it that obvious?"
  4191. "Yeah, it's pretty bad."
  4192. >"I'm having troubles adapting to Luna's shifts, that's all. She... she said that it's bad too."
  4193. >The baggy eyes and unsure posture just scream three hours of sleep per day to you but you have a suspicion this didn't start here. Cadence mentioned he had bad sleeping habits before.
  4194. "I think she'd appreciate if you catch some sleep."
  4195. >That somehow makes him flinch. Like you're mentioning something really upsetting.
  4196. >"Yeah, I'll do that... Later... I think."
  4197. >Something is amiss here. And you're not sure if you should ask him just like this. Maybe it's something they should work out between each other.
  4198. "Alright, just don't overdo it."
  4199. >"Yeah, I'm just going to grab something to eat and stuff, you know." He gestures towards the cafeteria as if to demonstrate his intentions. "See you around."
  4200. "You too, take care, man."
  4201. >It's only when you're on the different floors you realize that this probably has something to do with his discomfort with Luna's dream walking.
  4202. >Could it really be so? The thought of him purposely forgoing sleep just so she doesn't intrude it seems a bit unsettling.
  4203. >Maybe you should tell Cadence about it but you still hold hope that it's not what you think. It's probably a misunderstanding and they'll work it out soon.
  4204. >Right now Luna should be sleeping so he can catch some sleep too without any fears. He'll get to watch her sleep, maybe he'll appreciate her more.
  4205. >You wish you were with Celestia right now.
  4206. >All in due time. You can't allow these thoughts to ruin your mood.
  4207. >When things are looking up you don't want to look down. Not today.
  4209. >You've managed to forget about Incognito's troubled state fairly quickly. After all, your mind was preoccupied with thoughts about your princess.
  4210. >In fact, that encounter in the hallway just served to motivate you to take extra care of Celestia later.
  4211. >Soon only warm wishes of her embrace remained in your mind. Later still, those wishes became reality.
  4212. >However, it all comes back to you now, at breakfast the morning after.
  4213. >It's the contrast that really punches this in.
  4214. >On one side you have two contented lovers right after a night full of passion and rejuvenating care.
  4215. >On the other you see two individuals who look like they've been in a coffin for the last hundred years.
  4216. >Both you and Celestia, fresh and happy, look at them with a mix of concern and pity, but mostly with confusion.
  4217. >If you'd give your imagination some space to jump to conclusions you'd think up a mountain of those by now.
  4218. >And worst of all, they look at you with "don't even ask" expression, which just seals the deal. They are definitely aware of how it looks like and you bet the first thing they'd reply to any question asked right now would be "I'm fine."
  4219. >Needless to say, neither you nor Celestia ask anything. It's not something you want to touch, or even prod with a long stick.
  4220. >There's certain distance between the man and the mare on the other side. Says more than any words could have.
  4221. >You'd rather think about something happier now. Like how Celestia had to wake you up earlier than usual because you were still holding her in your sleep and she couldn't get out of your embrace without waking you up.
  4222. >She kissed you a lot. She would have done it even if she had no need to.
  4223. >So you remember this while you eat your breakfast dipped in an awful lot of awkward silence.
  4224. >A few general phrases are thrown around here and there but they are uttered without care or thought.
  4225. >Even Celestia's Sun doesn't shine through the menacing cloak of suspense these two wear around themselves.
  4226. >Best be done with things quick. Celestia kisses you on the cheek and wishes you a great day. You answer with the same sentiment and soon you leave the table as well.
  4227. >The Moon pair is left to their own devices.
  4228. >What a shame. You kinda counted on seeing yourself in Incognito and appreciated every single thing that conformed to that line of thought. But you've never been that... brooding. Have you?
  4229. >There is a chance you've been? No, this can't be right. It is better to cast all analogies aside and admit that the problem he faces now is unique to him.
  4230. >Sad to realize that it's not this simple. You'll try to help him nonetheless, if you have the chance.
  4231. >At least that's how you imagined it. The reality isn't that forgiving to your sense of being of use to someone.
  4232. >Both Luna and Incognito seem to keep to each other but it's not the 'us vs. the world' stick-together thing. You kinda expected that from the glum human and the equally glum pony.
  4233. >No, it's more like 'we have no choice but to be side by side even though we can't make it work but it's still better than being alone', and you kinda feel bad for thinking about it that way. There's no way this is true even if you feel that way.
  4234. >Celestia is concerned about them too. That's on top of being overwhelmed with everything related to the Gala.
  4235. >The castle has been more lively than ever as of late. Lots of ponies snooping around, getting things done, whatever they do.
  4236. >You can't really be bothered with getting into the thick of things when it comes to the Gala itself. It's Celestia that is your concern.
  4237. >She's nobody else's concern as far as you can tell. The mare comes back after the dinner completely dry and dead tired.
  4238. >Even though she's happy to see you she only wants you to cuddle her to sleep after stuffing her muzzle with her portion of dinner.
  4239. >Barely even on time to set the Sun down. She never complains, but you know she just wants to disappear from the sight of all those ponies.
  4240. >No one even cares. You can't imagine how she has ever dealt with the Gala on her own. No wonder she allegedly dislikes it.
  4241. >All this work and organizing for one weak night of "party" that doesn't even last a whole week like some five hundred years ago? What a waste.
  4242. >She never misses an opportunity to tell you how much she appreciates you being there for her in these tiresome times.
  4243. >Everything about this makes her wish for a calming embrace of her loved one and you provide plenty of that.
  4244. >Not only it is your duty to tend to her, it's also your desire: as soon as she touches your arm with her wing or blatantly nuzzles it, the urge to comfort you pony overwhelms you and you can't think about anything else.
  4245. >She just looks so helpless. And yet she still feels like she's too needy with you, a feeling you try to dispell at every turn.
  4246. >You've taken liking to just pinning Celestia down and caressing her as much as you can, running fingers through her mane, groping her tired body, kneading her tense muscles.
  4247. >A kind of a massage but not really. She enjoys it, especially when you eventually get to her lower parts.
  4248. >Celestia wiggles her body under your touch and by the time you inevitably make your way to her belly and legs there's not a single reason to not pleasure her sexually as well.
  4249. >It always plays out like that. Before you know it your palm is making circles on top of her cute pony teats, barely teasing her nipples in a gentle but stimulating way.
  4250. >Not even a minute later your fingers already find her already swollen, soaked marelips.
  4251. >Celestia is far from being bashful about her need. It's not the time to conceal her desires, not from you of all people.
  4252. >Of course any form of teasing doesn't last long. In the end your fingers do intrude the tightness of her willing princess pussy.
  4253. >You keep a thumb on a pulse of her love nub, so every time it rolls forward, revealing itself in a series of hectic winks, your palm is always ready to greet it.
  4254. >Your tongue joins this effort more often than not, depending on your position relative to the mare. Sometimes she just wants to keep you close and hug you while you take care of her.
  4255. >Sometimes you feel like you absolutely need to taste her again and you're always eager to explore all the details of your mare's sex while you keep moving those fingers around.
  4256. >This only makes Celestia even more aroused, which leads to even more stimulation, and in this loop it doesn't take long for her to reach her relieving climax.
  4257. >With bed sheets drenched with saliva between her teeth Celestia thrashes about and kicks her hooves wildly. She erupts in a series of high-pitched moans that end with her throwing her head back and gasping for air when her body finally spasms one last time and relaxes as her pure love liquid rushes down your wrist.
  4258. >No, you don't care what this actually is. For you, it's the sign of the job well done.
  4259. >But even though your mare is now properly de-stressed she always notices how worked up you are after this wild adventure of pleasing your beloved.
  4260. >With a gaze full of gratitude and love she helps you undress with her magic.
  4261. >You're always gentle with her. Whether it is to protect her half-asleep state after your little aid or it's just general vibes of tender, calming love in the air, you always try to not overdo it during Celestia's second round.
  4262. >Strange how this works out for both of you. Instead of flames of passion there's contented sweet candle light of your shared wish to just be with each other.
  4263. >Your princess smiles a lot during it. When you put her on her back she smiles. When you slowly make love to her she smiles, mouth opened and eyes half-lidded.
  4264. >She still can't contain her cute little moans and gasps. When she gets close to another orgasm she always puts her hooves on you and you hug her close.
  4265. >This way you can feel every movement of her body against yours. It's not as violent as the previous one but she still cries out in pleasure, and that's usually the end of the line to you too.
  4266. >She appreciates it when this happens. There's a certain feeling of unity in it.
  4267. >You know she really wants to cuddle in a more aggressive manner after that but you're usually the first to hold her, thus preventing any more activity.
  4268. >Celly doesn't take very long to fall asleep by that point.
  4269. >You can't deny that you feel proud of your ability to soothe your big mare like that. The very thought of helping her get through this tedious bullshit that's bogging her mind every single year is already a prize enough for you.
  4270. "I'll never let you go."
  4271. >You whisper this every night while holding Celestia close. Last few days it's been her clinging to you every night, not the other way around. She enjoys the comfort of being tended to. After all, no one has ever done that.
  4272. >It's a scary thought. It's so hard to believe that no one has ever comforted her, that she had no shoulder to lay her head on. No one to even vent to.
  4273. >Seems like you're still so far from fully understanding Celestia. Hell, even imagining living for so long is nigh impossible for you.
  4274. >And soon you are forced to face this fact directly.
  4275. >It wasn't anything major or groundbreaking. But it left seeds of doubt in your mind.
  4276. >Memento just recently started with explaining how much the royal sisters changed Equestria and the world itself.
  4277. >Celestia's guidance wasn't always taken for granted; at the first sign of trouble the still feudal and tribe-based pony society threatened to crumble to dust, forgoing unity due to mistrust that has been going on for generations before the unification.
  4278. >One of the things that the alicorn pair had to offer in terms of leadership was their lifespan. This promised to solve so many problems but ponies weren't sure if this is actually the case.
  4279. "Nopony believed them?"
  4280. >Memento takes some time to formulate a response. You're eating lunch now but you're both in the mood for some more discussion.
  4281. >"It wasn't about believing at the time. There just wasn't any proof to that immortality, or even just longer lifespan."
  4282. "So basically not enough time has passed."
  4283. >"Pretty much," Memento smirks. "You know, we mere ponies still have no idea how this works."
  4284. "Does Celestia herself know?"
  4285. >"That's the thing, we don't know that either."
  4286. >Even your teacher doesn't have all the answers it seems. But does anyone?
  4287. >"That's kind of important, don't you think? I mean, you're with her, right? One way or another she'll have to bring this up. Maybe you'll lear about it from the mare herself. And maybe you'll teach me then, hah!"
  4288. >Memento is giggling at that ironic possibility, but your mind is on something else entirely and you can't focus for the rest of your session.
  4289. >The subject of immortality has never crossed your mind. No, rather, you've never allowed yourself to think about it.
  4290. >You had more pressing matters at all times as you remember. But now it's so obvious that you have been plainly escaping this sensitive and not very pleasant topic.
  4291. >To make it worse you now realize that for Celestia this probably has been a very important topic. The one that's probably been on her mind since the very beginning of your relationship.
  4292. >She never brought it up but now that you think about it there's no way she had escaped this as you have tried to.
  4293. >You've talked about her past so much, you were even talking about looking into the future more
  4294. >But what IS your future in the long run?
  4295. >The fact that you haven't really given this much thought, be it out of fear or out of ignorance, is quite infuriating.
  4296. >If you've been running from it this whole time you're just inconsiderate.
  4297. >But then again, what is there for Celestia to do? Stop being with you completely just because you're...
  4298. >You can't even think about it. What if it's just as scary for Celestia to think about it? What if she's been in turmoil because of it and you've never even noticed?
  4299. >And now you're going to propose to her with a promise of being with her forever.
  4300. >She might just know the meaning of the word while you throw it around as an empty vow for something that ultimately isn't under your control.
  4301. >If there was any potion, any spell that could make you match Celestia in your lifespan you'd try it without hesitation. But is there such a thing? Surely if there was ponies would know about it by now, unless it's completely forbidden, which, admittedly, does make sense.
  4302. >Of course there's always a possibility that it does exist and she knows how to do it. So she'll just laugh at your concern and say that you're silly for worrying about this.
  4303. >But something tells you that it isn't that easy.
  4304. >So now it's eating away at you. Proposing to Celestia suddenly became a riskier business.
  4305. >It's not that she'll deny you. You're still certain that she won't. But then she'll have to accept that everything you promise to her is as hollow as your fleeting existence.
  4306. >One day you WILL leave her.
  4307. >You will never keep a promise like that.
  4308. >Celestia must know a way to deal with this knowledge since she's been happy with you all this time. Or maybe she's trying to be happy exactly because she knows that you're her consolation for a mere century at best.
  4309. >It's like a tear in the ocean. It's nothing.
  4310. >This is so unimaginable to you that trying to grasp it fully makes your head ache.
  4311. >Well, there was a reason to avoid this after all, even if you weren't fully aware of doing it. But this is the time to care about it. This is the time to consider every possibility.
  4312. >Binding Celestia's life to yours... You'll be subjecting her to something she can't walk away from. Out of ignorance you're trying to offer a goddess this consolation in form of your mortal love.
  4313. >Even though you know she's happy with you it's inevitable that you'll let her down.
  4314. >And the worst thing is, you can't even ask anyone about it. What do they know about how Celestia feels?
  4315. >Luna herself has her hooves full. She and Incognito obviously have their own demons to face and it's not looking pretty for them.
  4316. >Celestia herself is powerless for now. She can't intervene and you know why just by looking at the nocturnal pair.
  4317. >You hate it. You hate seeing Luna like that. You hate seeing uncertainty in Celestia's eyes when she looks at her sister.
  4318. >Memento takes notice of your condition but you'd rather spend time learning new things than let fears and doubts consume your mind.
  4319. >She is, of course, happy to prolong your lessons but you know she's concerned about you.
  4320. >The castle slowly becomes a big, shaking rickety structure of worry and uncertainty.
  4321. >It's the worst.
  4322. >But between you and your mare things are still good. All thoughts go away and only comfort remains.
  4323. >You're probably overthinking it, but there's no way to relieve those thoughts right now. You just don't think you can bear asking Celestia since she'll get all sort of ideas.
  4324. >But even if you think she already has things to deal with it only gets worse one night.
  4325. >It the middle of your usual cuddly foreplay you suddenly hear shouts coming from the other side of the castle, faint but fierce.
  4326. >Just a few words and everything falls quiet.
  4327. >Celestia tenses up and her mouth opens a little bit. Her surprise gives way to a sorrowful sigh as her eyes close in disappointment.
  4328. "What was that?"
  4329. >"The royal Canterlot voice."
  4330. >Celestia sounds like her worst expectations have come to pass. So tired and sullen.
  4331. >The one using the voice is without a doubt Luna. Once again your mind weaves a web of guesses, one more grim than another.
  4332. >This is another headache in the making, not matter how you look at it.
  4333. >And now the mood is ruined for you and your pony. You hold her extra tight and you feel how much she craves it right now.
  4334. >Celestia seeks comfort but that's about the only thing you can provide. You wish you could calm her down or reassure her.
  4335. >You feel so powerless yet again. When things get bad you always are. No matter how important you are to her in the end of the day you're just someone to hug.
  4336. >No, you can't allow these thoughts carry you away. Not now.
  4337. >For her you'll be anything she wants.
  4338. >Both you and Celestia fall asleep without doing much after that. Your thoughts are at disarray and your dreams are cold, viscous and foggy. In the morning you see that Celestia doesn't look all the great too.
  4339. >"Somehow I don't feel rested at all," she yawns as she decorates the morning skies with her Sun.
  4340. "Same. I think I had a bad dream but I can't even remember now."
  4341. >"It's good that you don't remember it then."
  4342. >Now you're beginning to suspect there's a correlation between this lack of rest and Luna's outburst yesterday.
  4343. >If the night mare herself looks even worse today then there probably is.
  4344. >She does. Incognito sits farther away from her than usual and looks downright depressed, barely even eating.
  4345. >Something has to be done with it. To hell with being cautious, you'll talk to him later.
  4346. >All this worry is unsettling you as well, making you nervous. Your thoughts are scattered and you go through your day without even remembering much.
  4347. >The last blow was delivered by Gleam.
  4348. >She finds you after your class and invites you to her abode.
  4349. >There she shows you your wedding rings. They're nice. You're not sure how to react.
  4350. >You're almost scared now. It is because of Luna, isn't it? The fucking dreams, right? Why are you so-
  4351. >"Anonymous? Anon, are you alright?"
  4352. >Gleam's worried voice gets drowned out in your own heartbeat. Cold sweat is streaming down your forehead and you can't catch a breath.
  4353. >"Oh my gosh!"
  4354. >In this dazed state you barely even register that your legs betray you and you're about to fall on your knees.
  4355. >Lucky for you, Gleam isn't panicking all that much and she guides your shaking body to a chair.
  4356. >You fall onto it and cover your sweaty, dead-cold face with your palms.
  4357. >"Breathe, breathe, that's it. Easy now. S-should I get somepony? This looks... Uh..."
  4358. >The vacuum in your head doesn't allow you to think of any sort of reply to her now.
  4359. >You just put your hand up and wave it a bit in an attempt to dismiss the pony's worries.
  4360. >She stays with you touching your arm as you sit motionless and thoughtless.
  4361. >After some time you find yourself appearing on this plain of reality once again.
  4362. >"What in the world was that?"
  4363. >First thing you see after hearing Gleam's voice again is a glass of water she offers you.
  4364. >"Anon, talk to me. Are you fine?"
  4365. "Yeah... I think I'm good now. No idea."
  4366. >Your own voice is so weak anyone would've thought you're just dying over here.
  4367. >"Hold on, I'll go get somepony. Stay here."
  4368. >As if you could walk away just like that.
  4369. >Your eyes shift to the table where two matching but different rings are sitting, waiting patiently for your appraisal.
  4370. >The glimmer of pink-ish lights in them taunt you with reflections of divine love these gemstones supposedly represent.
  4371. >Pure, unconditional, never ending love.
  4372. >Only two days remain before the Gala, not counting this one.
  4373. >You are not ready.
  4375. >It's hard to say what kind of alarm Gleam has managed to set off but not even five minutes after the castle's medic mare arrived to take a look at you Celestia herself barges in with an extremely worried expression.
  4376. >Of course the doctor didn't actually find anything strange about your condition, except for your blood pressure being a bit low.
  4377. >Then again, they don't actually know what kind of blood pressure is normal for you - or to any human for that matter.
  4378. >There's something amiss about this healthcare plan of yours but this isn't that important now.
  4379. >You're mostly relieved that Gleam remembered to hide the rings before Celestia's arrival to her quarters.
  4380. >"Anon, are you alright?"
  4381. >As soon as the princess sees you she rushes to you and gives you a hug.
  4382. >Both Gleam and the nurse have to give her space near you. It's probably quite awkward for them.
  4383. "I'm fine, Celly, just feeling a bit lightheaded."
  4384. >Celestia turns to the medic and she nods to confirm that there's nothing major to worry about.
  4385. >The princess sighs in relief and looks at you with pity in her eyes.
  4386. >"This still isn't good. You should rest for now. Come on, let's get you to our room."
  4387. >To your surprise you're able to walk like nothing ever happened. Seems like it really wasn't that bad.
  4388. >Celestia walks right at your side, she wants to be closer in case anything happens.
  4389. >But the only thing that does happen is you putting your hand on her withers.
  4390. "So this is what it takes to see you just for a moment throughout the day."
  4391. >Even though she's smiling Celestia still shakes her head in disapproval.
  4392. >"Don't even joke about it!"
  4393. "Sorry. I guess I made you worry for nothing."
  4394. >"It's alright, and it's not nothing. If anything happens to you, I-"
  4395. "It was nothing though, right? Look, I'm good as ever."
  4396. >"You still have to get some rest."
  4397. >Says the tireless mare fending off noisy ponies on a daily basis just to crash asleep in your arms at the end of her day.
  4398. >"I'm happy I was able to see you again though."
  4399. >Her lips press to your still a bit cold head's temple and you answer with generous petting right at the back of her neck.
  4400. >Once you get to your room she makes sure you get into bed and wishes you a swift recovery. Like that's actually needed.
  4401. >But it is nice to feel so much care from the pony you love.
  4402. >Celestia notices your longing gaze.
  4403. >"Aw, don't look at me like that, you know I want to stay too, dear."
  4404. >She brings her head closer and you give her a kiss.
  4405. "Just a few more hours, right?"
  4406. >"Yes. I'll be back soon. Be safe, my love."
  4407. >Even though she leaves your side her words still linger in you head.
  4408. >If anything happens to you she'll- what?
  4409. >It doesn't help that you've been focusing on your mortality later. Bad things will eventually happen to you.
  4410. >Things that may separate you from her.
  4411. >It's so complicated now that you're starting to think that you're just imagining it all. It can't be that Celestia doesn't have a way to prevent this from happening.
  4412. >Otherwise how would she not feel it looming over your head? She remains calm and optimistic and looks forward to the future you're so eager to see, is she really that stoic that she doesn't let it bother her?
  4413. >Knowing Celestia this might just be the case but it's still too hard to believe that someone like you can-
  4414. >Oh, good, listen to you, back to your old song again. Weren't you over this already?
  4415. >You really wish Celestia was here right now. Just to hear her saying something to you. Just so you can tell her you love her and see that she indeed knows that.
  4416. >An anchor is needed to stop this mental thrashing you seemingly can't prevent.
  4417. >For now you can only afford to lay down and try to think of nothing at all. Just seems like the best course of action to stop despair from seeping into your brain.
  4418. >It's somewhat a success but now you can't fall asleep either.
  4419. >Maybe it's for the best if the dream world is actually to blame for your state, even if a little bit.
  4420. >So when you hear little knocks on the door you're nothing but relieved.
  4421. >Someone to talk to and distract yourself would be nice right now.
  4422. "Come in!"
  4423. >"Anonymous, are you feeling fine?"
  4424. >It's Gleam. She walks in making uncertain steps and turning her head to see if she's not intruding.
  4425. "I'm good."
  4426. >"Here, I brought you the rings."
  4427. >The mare puts two small ivory boxes on the night stand and grins at you.
  4428. >"You're still going through with this, right?"
  4429. "Yeah, certainly."
  4430. >Of course, you were anything but certain about anything right now.
  4431. >"Good, I thought for a moment that you... You know..."
  4432. "Collapsed because of stress?"
  4433. >She averts her gaze as if that's something shameful to admit.
  4434. >"Yes."
  4435. "I guess so. But I'm not changing my mind about proposing."
  4436. >"That's nice to hear. Anyway, I just thought it's up to you now so the rings are better off in your hands. You know, if you feel that it's too early, you can always-"
  4437. "No, it'll be fine. There's just a lot on my mind lately."
  4438. >Gleam nods in solidarity.
  4439. >"You and me both. This year's Gala preparation is even more hectic than usual and I barely get any sleep."
  4440. >Huh, Gleams as well? Maybe you are onto something here."
  4441. "Having nightmares?"
  4442. >"Not really," she shrugs. "I can't even remember my dreams as of late, just something murky and heavy I guess."
  4443. "I've been having dreams like that these days too."
  4444. >"Hmm..."
  4445. >For a moment there you can almost see a conclusion forming in her head. But she doesn't voice it even if this is the case.
  4446. >"Right then, good luck with your endeavors. Remember, the wedding attires are already in order so you better keep your words."
  4447. "Will do, thank you, Gleam."
  4448. >"You're welcome."
  4449. >You still don't feel satisfied when she leaves. But in the end you're no better for keeping quiet about your suspicions.
  4450. >Even if you didn't think that Gleam was the right pony to talk about this, the same could be said about you: after all, Luna has her own match now, it's his responsibility.
  4451. >It's up to him to soothe the Moon princess. And by the looks of it something completely opposite is happening right now.
  4452. >Man, what can even go wrong there. Being completely in the dark is frightening but on the other hand it was your choice to not get involved.
  4453. >Feeling like you should do at least something you get up from the bed.
  4454. >Two matching white boxes are now your focus.
  4455. >They're quite hard to open but once you do it becomes apparent that you haven't really given those gemstones any sort of appreciation.
  4456. >Even without any knowledge of gem cutting you can see how these pink oval stones sparkle in a fascinating way. Cut and polished to perfection, they indeed are fit for a princess.
  4457. >Now to get a hold of yourself and actually propose.
  4458. >Even taking Celestia's ring in your hand you feel the pressure.
  4459. >You'll stand just like this, and then... Wait, do you even get on your knee to do that? Would she like that?
  4460. >What do you even say? And do you do it right here or take her somewhere else? But where? You seem to have no idea what to actually do.
  4461. >This is just a bit too much for your complete lack of experience. You need a room to breathe, just to get all the trash right out of your head.
  4462. >You even take a stroll to the window and breathe fresh air for a while just thinking about nothing.
  4463. >But there's something even better to do. You should take a shower. A cold, refreshing shower.
  4464. >Yeah, this seems nice. You were sweating so much too, it's the right thing to do right now.
  4465. >And it actually is quite effective. The roomy ambience of the royal bath accentuates every drop of water and it's easy to get lost in this cadence and cascade of sounds.
  4466. >This is exactly what you wanted. A contrast between relaxation and stark coldness of the water hitting your head and body.
  4467. >Your instincts want you to get away from this perceived discomfort but instead you breathe deeply and try to bear it.
  4468. >You even try to imagine all your troubles, all the filth in your mind leaving with the water. It almost seems like this is working.
  4469. >At some point you think you've had enough and ponder getting into a hot bath right away. But in the end you decide not to.
  4470. >Let things flow away, not stay stale and pool around you.
  4471. >Instead, you warm up by violently scrubbing and lashing yourself with a towel.
  4472. >You never actually thought this could work for real but you do feel a bit better now.
  4473. >Standing in front of the mirror you already start getting dressed while suddenly you hear the door open.
  4474. >In the reflection you see a head taking a peek inside. A human head.
  4475. >Oh god.
  4476. >Exactly his thoughts too since the head swiftly moves back into the hallway.
  4477. "Hey, come on in, I'm already done!"
  4478. >You think that he didn't hear you shout since a few seconds pass with no activity at the door. But then Incognito takes a cautious step inside the temple of reverberation.
  4479. >He notices that you are indeed already buttoning up your polo shirt (provided per Gleam's latest fashion obsession).
  4480. >However, you're not about to leave that soon too. It's the perfect opportunity to get some answers out of this depressed man.
  4481. >You don't intend to interrupt his bathhouse visit and play Kaworu for his Shinji but you are going to at least try and get an impression of what's been going on with Luna and him.
  4482. >Even as you approach him you already have some answers about the way he feels. He just sits down and puts a palm at his face, giving it a nice firm rub.
  4483. "Feeling tired?"
  4484. >You thought a sigh is all you're going to get from him but after a brief pause he replies:
  4485. >"A bit, yeah."
  4486. "A bit."
  4487. >A bitter chuckle of yours resonates across the hall. Incognito pushes another phrase out of him:
  4488. >"Alright, a lot. I... Anonymous, can I ask you something?"
  4489. >Now you're getting somewhere!
  4490. "Of course. And just call me Anon."
  4491. >"Alright, Anon. Was it hard for you to get along with Celestia?"
  4492. >He utters her name a bit quieter than everything else. Like he feels awkward just saying it in front of you.
  4493. "Not really," you answer honestly. "I had some rough moments getting used to being with her but she helped me a lot."
  4494. >"I see."
  4495. >Silence falls. He's committed to looking at the floor without moving a muscle.
  4496. "It's not how you and Luna have been, is it?"
  4497. >A scared expression appears on his face for a moment but he soon sigh in defeat.
  4498. >"I guess there's no way to hide it, is there? There's no way you haven't noticed."
  4499. "We've heard it too last night."
  4500. >The guy outright flinches at remembering whatever Luna's outburst has been back then.
  4501. "What is actually going on, man? It can't go on like this."
  4502. >"W-we'll be fine."
  4503. >He says that with a weak smile, but right after that it's gone and he corrects himself.
  4504. >"I mean, we should be. Look, you said you had trouble getting used to this place, right?"
  4505. >You take a seat at the edge of the tub near him, but not too close.
  4506. "Yeah. I've spent a week in Cadence's care just to come to terms with this place actually being real."
  4507. >"You too, huh? Did it work?"
  4508. "Somewhat. Celestia still had work to do, it wasn't easy to wrap my head around that fact that I'm actually matched to her."
  4509. >A little honesty goes a long way. Incognito looks at you with a kind of...respect?
  4510. >"But how did you... Get over it?"
  4511. "Sometimes I feel like I didn't. As soon as I think that I understand her and what it is to be with her turns out there's always something I'm missing."
  4512. >You didn't want to turn his pity parade into yours but it seems like this is working out.
  4513. >"But you've made it work somehow?"
  4514. "You wanna know how?"
  4515. >"Yes. Of course."
  4516. >So at least he's willing to seek help. He hasn't given up. That's already a start.
  4517. "The main reason for it, I think, is that I learned to forget who she is."
  4518. >At his brow shooting up you explain:
  4519. "I mean her status. She's a princess, an unapproachable goddess, someone ponies revere and near worship. But I think it's this isolation that made her lonely."
  4520. >He nods and you continue.
  4521. "Both Celestia and Luna, they are still mares. At the end of the day, they are just like everypony else. They want someone to turn to, someone to comfort them, someone to return home to."
  4522. >"But... Are we really enough?"
  4523. "You won't find out unless you get closer to her, you know."
  4524. >"It's not that easy."
  4525. "Why not?"
  4526. >"I just don't think-"
  4527. "That you're good enough for her?"
  4528. >"That I'm the one that can help her."
  4529. "It's not about help."
  4530. >"I know, but can I really offer her a good life? Together with me?"
  4531. "The Heart thinks so."
  4532. >"What if it's not what that means? What DOES it actually mean?"
  4533. "'re perfect for each other?"
  4534. >"But what does that mean?"
  4535. >This time you can't answer him. He doesn't celebrate his victory though. He probably never expected you to answer at all.
  4536. >"I don't think I'll be a good husband for her. I don't know the first thing about making someone happy. And I'm..."
  4537. "What?"
  4538. >"I- This will probably sound stupid, but... I'm a bit afraid of her powers."
  4539. "You mean the whole dream walking thing?"
  4540. >"Yes."
  4541. "Well, we already know that."
  4542. >"Wait, what? How?"
  4543. "What do you mean? Luna has already seen you running away in your dreams even before you-"
  4544. >You stop yourself too late. The fact that he probably doesn't even remember those dreams clicks with you too late.
  4545. >And already you see him getting even more confused and desperate.
  4546. >"Oh god, I thought it was just my own dreams."
  4547. "They technically were."
  4548. >"I mean that it was me who- Oh, never mind. It's too late now."
  4549. "No, now is the time!"
  4550. >"Wh-what?"
  4551. "To be honest with her. She knows you're afraid of it but she doesn't know why and this scares her too."
  4552. >"Scares her?"
  4553. "What if she thinks it's her fault that her match doesn't want to be with her?"
  4554. >It seems rather strange that this has never even occurred to Incognito, but then again he had no idea she knows of his fears.
  4555. >Now he seems worried even more.
  4556. >"But it's not her fault. I just don't want her to see, you know. What goes on inside my head."
  4557. "But why?"
  4558. >"I don't know. I told you it was stupid."
  4559. >You feel like you're going in circles now. But Incognito decides to explain further.
  4560. >"I just don't know if she'll like what she'll see. That I don't have any particular things in common with her. Or even any f-feelings towards her yet."
  4561. "You need to give those feelings a chance to bloom."
  4562. >"We're supposed to be perfect for each other but- I don't even know how to talk to her. What am I supposed to be perfect at?"
  4563. "Just being with her? You're not getting any closer to that if you keep avoiding her."
  4564. >"She keeps doing it too."
  4565. "Maybe she feels exactly the same then?"
  4566. >His eyes widen in a bit of a shock.
  4567. "She's not some kind of an otherworldly being, she has fears and doubts just like you. Maybe it's the only thing she has now."
  4568. >Wait a second. Something clicks inside your head.
  4569. "So maybe she doesn't see you as someone different too," you get more and more inspired after each word. "Maybe it doesn't matter who you are as long as you're close? Even if you can't promise her anything she'll still be happy with you, maybe she doesn't need any grand plan or absolute guarantees."
  4570. >Incognito looks at you confused but you're just swept away by your own revelation.
  4571. "It's not about her past or her future. It's about being in your arms and finding peace for her soul right now. This is what matters."
  4572. >"I don't know, I can't even-"
  4573. "I'll prove it to you then."
  4574. >"What?!"
  4575. >You stand up as a new man who has just rediscovered his purpose.
  4576. "Before the Gala, you'll see. Thank you, Incognito."
  4577. >"Y-you're welcome? I guess?"
  4578. >The guy has no idea what's even going on but this may just turn things around.
  4579. >Who knew that the one to explain things to you and alleviate your concerns will be no one else but you?
  4580. >You exit the bathing hall and head back to your room.
  4581. >This exchange was probably so strange to Incognito. You wonder if you've made yourself look like a demented fool since you kinda feel like an idiot for running in circles around your insecurities and finding the same solution every single time.
  4582. >Just when will you finally learn? Well, looks like it might be soon.
  4583. >Maybe even later today.
  4584. >Once you reach your destination you take the rings out again and look at them with the newly found passion.
  4585. >Not just Incognito, all will witness it. The triumph of someone whose feelings guide him.
  4586. >A man who won't be afraid to reach out to his princess and do the right thing.
  4587. >A man guided by his love for his mare.
  4589. >The hardest part is always the wait.
  4590. >No matter how you try to concentrate on being confident and decisive, a wait long enough can extinguish almost any fire in one's soul.
  4591. >Dinner is served in your room as always and Celestia is way too late, even later than usual.
  4592. >The Sun is going down and at this point your only choice is to go look for her.
  4593. >It wasn't hard to locate her once you approach the hallway leading to Luna's room.
  4594. >You don't know if you're lucky or not that you've found her so easily - the muffled voices seeping out from that room don't sound too friendly.
  4595. >Celestia sounds very stern and Luna is just angry it seems.
  4596. >Approaching this volcano that's about to erupt at any moment isn't probably a smart choice, but this one was made for you.
  4597. >As soon as you take one step towards the door it opens.
  4598. >The disappointed and frowning white mare is leaving the premises but she's still looking back.
  4599. >What you hear is just an end of their conversation but even that is more than enough to understand that things are not well.
  4600. >The sun princess is just finishing her last sentence she thought she'd drop before leaving:
  4601. >"...and if that is the case I suggest you start with yourself first."
  4602. >Luna answers from the depths of her chambers in a voice most insulted:
  4603. >"And what does that supposed to mean, dear sister?!"
  4604. >"I think you know very well what that means."
  4605. >Celestia takes another step out of the room and gets shouted at in the back:
  4606. >"Return here at once! We are not done!"
  4607. >"No, I think we've all said what we wanted to say."
  4608. >The door glows yellow and closes before the Moon princess can reply anything. Her voice is reduced to angry lunar noises in the background.
  4609. >Only then Celestia notices you're watching her with a mix of confusion and bemusement.
  4610. >At first she's taken aback and looks like she's about to start explaining, but then realizes there's barely any point in it if you've seen her exit, and just gives you a heavy sigh.
  4611. >She walks past you and you try to keep up. You see her shake her head while keeping her eyes on the floor.
  4612. >"Well, that could've gone better..."
  4613. "What in the world happened there?"
  4614. >"I was just trying to reassure her but she got very..." Celestia searches for the right word for a second. "Defensive? About her distancing herself from her match."
  4615. "But I thought it's Incognito who- Wait, was he there too?"
  4616. >"No, I've managed to catch him while he was leaving the room before I arrived. He should be back soon."
  4617. >Indeed, just as you take a turn to the corridor to your room you see Incognito himself walking up the stair.
  4618. >With two ice cream cones in hands.
  4619. >He looks quite confused seeing Celestia here.
  4620. >"Oh? Y-you're already done?"
  4621. >"Yes, but do deliver that treat to her," Celestia says softly, a great contrast to her tone just a minute ago.
  4622. >Incognito nods, still not getting it if the look on his face is anything to go by. But what else is there to do?
  4623. >Celestia smiles at you when he walks away.
  4624. >"Maybe my backup plan will make things work instead."
  4625. >A plan to get him to bring ice cream to the two princesses but then back away at the last moment so he has to share this snack with Luna who's also in a bad mood and would appreciate the care?
  4626. "Aren't you a little schemer."
  4627. >"It's the little things that melt the ice between ponies. Or a pony and a human."
  4628. >Even though Celestia is smiling at the prospect of achieving her goal through such backwards means her worried expression soon returns.
  4629. >There's no guarantee that any of this will work. Or that it won't just make things even worse. Some damage that's already done may prevent this miracle from happening.
  4630. >Same could be said about your ramblings earlier. Funny how Celestia too got the idea of helping them roughly at the same time.
  4631. >Now you can only wait. And waiting is the worst.
  4632. >When you finally get your princess back to your room it becomes apparent that her mood isn't going to improve that easily.
  4633. "You didn't say anything you'll regret later, right?"
  4634. >"Oh, no, I hope not. I never even expected this to become a quarrel in the first place! I only came by to say that she should give her match a chance. But she said that he doesn't want to approach her and so she won't too since she think she's- Oh, I don't even wish to repeat it."
  4635. >That's quite a tale, considering Incognito's side of the story. But you can see how things got bad after this. When you try to reason with someone insisting on being stubborn for one reason or another it's always like that.
  4636. >"I hope I didn't ruin it even more."
  4637. "Don't worry, you couldn't have. I've talked to Incognito today too, seems like he never gave up on them being together and he's just a bit lost."
  4638. >"I sure hope you're right, Anon."
  4639. >Celestia says that, but the somber mood isn't going anywhere.
  4640. >She finishes her portion of the dinner and gets up to set the Sun down. You see her turning her head to where the balcony is - the one Luna sometimes goes to when she raises the Moon.
  4641. >You don't know if Celestia sees her sister or not but she sighs nonetheless.
  4642. >Maybe if you'd propose now... Would it make her feel better? Right now?
  4643. >Somehow you feel like it's not going to work that easily.
  4644. >But on the other hand it could salvage this whole thing if Celestia is in the right mood.
  4645. >You have the rings hidden in your drawer and it's a matter of seconds to pull them out...
  4646. >Unfortunately you hesitate for too long. In the young night's twilight Celestia goes to sit on the bed.
  4647. >You'll have to comfort her some other way.
  4648. >She dictates the pace as soon as you join her. That is, she dives into your embrace right away
  4649. >"Anon..."
  4650. "Yes, dear?"
  4651. >"Please, just... Just hold me, alright?"
  4652. >Well, there you go.
  4653. >It feels right to do so now. With utmost care you get your princess into a tight hug. In the next second you're enveloped in her warmth.
  4654. >Her hold on you is firm but gentle as always.
  4655. "There we go, it's alright, Celly. I'm here."
  4656. >Your hand take long strokes down her from her ear to her cheek and to her neck.
  4657. >It calms her down right away. The tension in her body is leaving little by little.
  4658. >"I'm so happy I have you, Anon."
  4659. >Her sincere, intimate tone sends a shiver down your spine. Even more so when you realize you can't figure out what word was she accentuating.
  4660. >You're probably imagining it. Maybe it's because you're really happy to have her too. And that you have her and nopony else.
  4661. "I'm happy with you too, love. Please, just rest now."
  4662. >As a reply to you she nuzzles your neck.
  4663. >"We rarely raise our voice when we argue, Luna and I. I'm sorry you had to witness this."
  4664. "It's alright, just forget about it."
  4665. >"Seems like it's only by your side I can actually forget my worries."
  4666. "I won't let you go then."
  4667. >You wanted to say "never", like you usually do, but...
  4668. >Things are way too complicated right now, on all fronts. And you know from your experience that if this is the case it's better to just sleep through all the complications.
  4669. >Yeah, that got you through life really well.
  4670. >Celly deserves all the comfort though, and soon she drifts off. And you follow close.
  4672. >You've been walking through the forest for a while now.
  4673. >Branches and leaves were determined to not let you pass but something was compelling you to move forward. Not just go, run.
  4674. >At that point you weren't sure if you're running to reach some destination or if you're running away from something.
  4675. >You just are. Running.
  4676. >Thankfully, as soon as you realize that, the dense forest takes a step out of the way and invites you to a clearing.
  4677. >You now stand before the castle of two sisters. The Everfree's relic of the past, now a decrepit monument of all things that are lost even to history itself, only to be remembered by the two goddesses of the realm.
  4678. >In this darkened shrine of millennium-lost grandeur, obscured by the cruelties of time, a white mare lies.
  4679. >Lost in gloom above, the stars don't cast their light upon her weak, curled up body.
  4680. >You come closer to see that in her closed eyes the purest dew of sorrow and regret sparkles and wavers, threatening to rush down her soft alabaster cheeks.
  4681. "Celestia?" you call out to her.
  4682. >The pony recognizes your voice without fail and opens up her eyes to see you standing right next to her.
  4683. >"Oh, Anonymous," she speaks with bitterness in her voice. "You shouldn't be here..."
  4684. "Why not? Why am I even here?"
  4685. >Suddenly you hear a voice from behind.
  4686. >"We merely need some time to think, that is all."
  4687. >You don't even hesitate for a second to turn around - the second voice belongs to Celestia as well.
  4688. >But she's not there. In fact, there's no one there. In search for an explanation for this trick you turn back - but your mare is nowhere to be found. Just the wetness of her tears still blackness the ruined steps to the altar.
  4689. >Wait, was this giant altar even here before? Chiseled statues of grim looking alicorns form an ominous concave over a sacrificial table, ivory and gold intertwining in anticipation of its martyr.
  4690. >You also notice that you're inside the castle. But you don't remember anything like that from your little trip here with your waifu.
  4691. "Uh, Celestia? Hello?" you call out to the thick mist around you.
  4692. >"Anon... We just need some time," she calls from your right side.
  4693. >"Time to think," she calls from the left.
  4694. "What the hell is going on here? And who's 'we?'"
  4695. >"You're right, it's all a trick..."
  4696. >"We were fooling you... And everyone else too."
  4697. >"How can we be a princess if we can't help even our dearest sister in her moment of hardship?"
  4698. >These are heavy words she's flinging at you. Is she that affected by that squabbling in Luna's room?
  4699. >Looks like you have a pony to care after. Just the same as she did for you, really.
  4700. "That's not true, you know it," you firmly state to no one in particular.
  4701. >But then right behind you a distinct, clear voice forms.
  4702. >"I feel so powerless, Anon."
  4703. >This time she stands right there before you. Head hanging low, so low. Not strong enough, not confident at all. Struggling to find a way to fix things that are suddenly out of control.
  4704. "But you're-"
  4705. >"I was right to not attach myself to anyone," says another equally sad Celestia from behind you, as you find out turning around immediately. "It only brings disappointment and regret."
  4706. >The first one continues:
  4707. >"You wish to be with me forever, don't you? You'll never leave me alone."
  4708. >"How I wish to believe that."
  4709. >"The only pony who has ever made such a promise to me..."
  4710. >"...spent a thousand years on the Moon, away from me."
  4711. >You feel like your blood is running cold at this duo's confession.
  4712. >They now stand before you and at this moment you notice that you're standing with your back against the altar.
  4713. >The mares are moving towards you to, leaving you no choice but to back away. Right to the sickeningly flawless surface of the table, never graced with any sacrifice ever before.
  4714. >"Sometimes I think anything I do is futile, anything I say goes from one ear to another."
  4715. "What are you saying? That's not true at all."
  4716. >"I'll never make someone happy as long as I remember that it won't last."
  4717. >"The passage of time spoils any sweetness, defiles all that we hold dear."
  4718. >"I'm trying to help as much as I can but in the end all I can do is watch things and ponies go by me and disappear forever."
  4719. >Even going back is now hard. You can barely even feel your legs.
  4720. "Celly, please, just listen to me!"
  4721. >You words fall on deaf ears. For every encouragement you have in store she has sorrows a thousand time stronger.
  4722. >For every word you say another ghastly depressed Celestia joins the assault, walking behind others to see you reach your doom safely.
  4723. >"Nothing I do really matters since no one's life is long enough to see the change."
  4724. "That doesn't mean that-"
  4725. >"They fear me for never changing since they can't grasp my way of life."
  4726. "But you just said-"
  4727. >The back of your legs hit the marble of the altar and the candles all over the castle light up with dim, nauseating fires.
  4728. >"They worship me without knowing I've been cold to this entire world for longer than they've lived."
  4729. >You start sinking into the floor and you see how an army of Sun princesses watches you disappear into this hollowed ground.
  4730. "But-"
  4731. >You feel like you're going to cry, feeling so helpless right now.
  4732. >As your vision blurs you see how Celestia before you starts to crumble. The perfect whiteness of her coat is nothing but crumpled dry plaster, threatening to fall at any second to reveal the horrors beneath that thin layer of Celestia's ivory mask.
  4733. >You can almost hear some droning chants from behind while you lose even a semblance of hope to save yourself - and save her.
  4734. >"They take me for a fool and a clown when they see my desperate ways to cope with my entire existence."
  4735. >"The constant cycle of detachment and depression has desensitized me from feeling even slightest-"
  4736. >"ENOUGH!" a completely different, deafeningly loud voice thunders from above and for a moment everything goes dark.
  4737. >The candles go out with a sigh of relief.
  4738. >You are no longer sinking.
  4739. >When your vision is returned to you, you realize you're standing before the castle completely alone.
  4740. >From stars above a mare descends. Her coat is akin the night sky.
  4741. "Luna? Wait, does that mean?.."
  4742. >"It appears We've taken our time to arrive. Our sincere apologies, Anonymous."
  4743. >You have got to be kidding. That was so obvious right from the start, but...
  4744. "I can't believe I haven't noticed," you say looking at your hands in confusion.
  4745. >"Don't blame yourself, nopony notices they are inside a dream until something disrupts it. Or somepony."
  4746. "But then is this, you know... Is this actually her? In my dream? Or is it hers?"
  4747. >The Moon princess shakes her head slightly while thoughtfully taking in the familiar scenery of your dream.
  4748. >You feel relieved seeing her gesture alone, but she still adds:
  4749. >"I have the power to connect ponies in dreams, though it's quite dangerous to make them both lucid in one shared dream. But in this case that charade of despair was your creation alone."
  4750. >It does make sense. You're not the best at decrypting dreams but this one was fairly obvious.
  4751. >"Though Celestia's own dream I visited tonight wasn't better, chased by the nobles at the Gala... Ugh."
  4752. >You both giggle at that. You really hope Luna helped her too, seems like the worst nightmare for her right now.
  4753. >"I won't judge you for what I've seen in this dream, though I will say that you project an awful lot on my dear sister."
  4754. >You blush with shame, caught red-handed.
  4755. "Yeah, sorry."
  4756. >"No, don't be. It's not up for you to decide what you dream of, and by the looks of it that was out of desire to protect her."
  4757. >She hums, lost in thoughts for a moment.
  4758. >"You fear for her despite her never showing any weaknesses before you. Do you think about how she feels often?"
  4759. "Sometimes. I... A couple of time I tried to imagine how all these years have been for her, or something like that."
  4760. >"I can't explain everything to you right now since it would take ages to even scratch the surface."
  4761. "I understand."
  4762. >"Happy and hopeful, it's how every pony should be. If you make her feel that way, perhaps it is worth it to cast aside all your fears and-"
  4763. >Luna stops at this realization and by her confident nod you can only guess what kind of thing she has decided on in her head. You can guess it's something about her own match though.
  4764. >After a short pause she concludes:
  4765. >"There is a lot of turmoil inside every one of us, but for a pony there isn't a single thing worse than isolation. I think both me and Celestia have learned this our own way. Think about this instead."
  4766. "I think I get it."
  4767. >"Good," she nods in approval.
  4768. "Thank you for helping with this. It was getting really disturbing."
  4769. >"You are welcome, Anonymous. Sometimes it takes just one small thing to shed light on something obvious that other pony doesn't seem to see before her eyes."
  4770. >You have a feeling that this is more than just a reply. And indeed, the princess elaborates:
  4771. >"So I guess it is I who shall thank you, both of you for"
  4772. "Both?"
  4773. >She just smiles and you understand immediately.
  4774. >"Now if you'll excuse me, I have somepo- someone who requires my full attention."
  4775. "Luna, will I remember this when I wake up?
  4776. >The mare hesitates to answer.
  4777. >"Do you want to?"
  4778. "I guess? Maybe to learn something from it?"
  4779. >"It's not up to me," she shakes her head. "If you wake up soon maybe you'll remember it. But even if you don't, maybe you'll remember the feeling of having it."
  4780. >Something tells you she doesn't tell you the whole truth. Maybe she has her own opinion on this dream and hides it behind this uncertainty.
  4781. "Oh well, I'll hope for the best then."
  4782. >"We'll see. Until morning, Anonymous."
  4783. >With that she takes off and a vortex of darkness swirls above her head. She disappears there and the world starts to dissipate.
  4785. >You wake up in the middle of the night. Seemingly out of nowhere, but then you sense the nature's call and understand why you've been torn from your slumber.
  4786. >This won't go away and you know it, so it's better to just be done with it swiftly. You gently get your princess out of your snuggle, to her sleepy dissatisfaction, and go visit the bathroom.
  4787. >Upon your return you feel the need to open the window to let the fresh night air inside. It's like you and Celestia generate so much heat together sometimes you need to ventilate the room from time to time.
  4788. >You can't resist the urge to take a look at Luna's balcony. And, to your surprise and satisfaction, you see her there sitting right next to Incognito.
  4789. >They are talking about something and she points at something in the skies. Their silhouettes glimmer in the Moon's light reaching down.
  4790. >It may be a slow start, but it's a start nonetheless.
  4791. >A tingling feel washes over you, like there's something more to it than that.
  4792. >That's right, you remember. You had a dream about Celestia. And then Luna was there too, you think.
  4793. >It's all murky and wavering in your memory. Some words and sensations that are familiar. But nothing really makes itself clear.
  4794. >You sigh and return to bed but not before closing the window again.
  4795. >When you hug your dear Celestia you suddenly feel a little sad. This urges you to hug her even tighter than usual. Like you feel compelled to comfort your mare.
  4796. >Maybe it's because of your dream, who knows. You feel it wasn't a pleasant one, so maybe it's good that you don't really recall it.
  4797. >But the sensation of unrest remained and carried over to this world. And now you feel like you absolutely need to be close to her. The mare is to be showered with care and affection and be in comfort at all times.
  4798. >You feel strangely confident, despite your earlier turmoil when you saw her defeated at the Luna's chambers.
  4799. >But there's no question whether or not you can ever hope to shoulder her in moments like these. Or whether or not you can keep her happy being so different from her.
  4800. >You do what you can do - try your best and provide whatever you can, giving her all of your love.
  4801. >She deserves it and you know she'll never take it for granted.
  4802. >You'll propose tomorrow. Not before her workday tough, something tells you this could possibly disrupt her schedule for the day and that may have consequences she wouldn't want to deal with later.
  4803. >Better safe than sorry, right? She'll just hear those words after work instead. More time to hug with no pressure and hurry.
  4804. >You're quick to fall asleep tuned in on these happy thoughts and hopes for the better.
  4806. >Your nightly adventure clearly had an effect on you - Celestia's subtle movements were felt by you through your sleep long before it was your time to become lucid.
  4807. >It was probably the first time you've managed to wake up together with her and not from her kisses later in the morning when the Sun already shines.
  4808. >And it was up to you to take advantage of that.
  4809. >So when Celestia slowly turns in your arms on her other side to slide off the bed, you suddenly put your hands back on her neck.
  4810. >She jolts up in surprise but then chuckles at herself being startled by something so obvious.
  4811. >Meanwhile you scoot up to her and pin her down with a generous kiss right beneath her jaw.
  4812. >"Good morning, sunshine," she whispers to you as if to not disturb the majestic darkness before the dawn. "Waking up in a good mood, are we?"
  4813. "Always good with you around."
  4814. >You rub your cheek at her tender neck while your hand that's been creeping to Celestia's belly gets grabbed and pressed to the mare's chest with her hoof.
  4815. "What about you? Slept well?"
  4816. >"I had a wonderful dream," Celestia closes her eyes when you get closer to kiss her cheek. "I was saved from a mob of Canterlot's nobles at the Gala."
  4817. "This sounds ridiculous."
  4818. >You both giggle at the same time. Despite the fact that it's Celestia's time to raise the Sun she doesn't even make an effort to move away from your unexpected hug.
  4819. >"But then you were there to finally save me."
  4820. "How did that happen?"
  4821. >"I don't really remember, but we escaped together. Last thing I recall was us seeing Canterlot from the top of my old castle in the Everfree."
  4822. "Oh, I remember that one."
  4823. >It reminds you of your own dream. Was it also occurring there? Something tells you it's important to know the answer.
  4824. >But it eludes you just as before. You can never really remember any of your dreams, just how it is.
  4825. >"All is well that ends well, I am happy for that dream, my savior."
  4826. >She turns her head just to see your bashful smile.
  4827. "Do you think you'll need saving on the actual Gala?"
  4828. >"It may come to that, but if I have you by my side, sweetest, I'll be safe."
  4829. "I'll see to it that you are."
  4830. >Another round of fuzzy morning kisses is in order.
  4831. >This cozy morning care makes you all mellow and you think you're going to fall asleep again if it continues like this.
  4832. >"Anon... I don't mean to complain, but the Sun needs to be up eventually."
  4833. "Oh?" you press your face to her neck even more, pushing her down. "What if I don't let you?"
  4834. >"You'll keep me here instead?"
  4835. "Yes."
  4836. >A second for a thought is all that it takes for her to answer:
  4837. >"Then, I guess, ponies will have to wait for a little while."
  4838. >She sounds serious enough for you to give it a benefit of a doubt. But then you both laugh.
  4839. >You don't release her though and she doesn't fight it, accepting her fate. Only after a few more minutes of kisses and kind words you're able to let go of your precious princess.
  4840. >The Sun is up again and the day can finally start.
  4841. >And you know what day this is. Or at least gonna be.
  4842. >But even if it started good it's about to get even better. At the breakfast table you already see Luna and Incognito, talking excitedly about something.
  4843. >When they see you and Celestia entering they both greet you warmly.
  4844. >The difference is so immense you think it's actually two changelings sitting in front of you now, and seeing Celestia impressed expression you know that she might suspect something like this too.
  4845. >Not only are they sitting close to each other, so close that they're almost touching, they are also smiling - a sight previously out of scope even for your wild imagination.
  4846. >It makes both you and Celestia smile as well. You know your collective effort made a difference.
  4847. >Such a small thing could turn everything around. Who would've thought.
  4848. >Breakfast goes fast with this kind of attitude. Luna even eats the whole thing - she doesn't even look tired, and she always is in the morning.
  4849. >Honestly, it makes you feel proud.
  4850. >And, unsurprisingly, Perfect Memento notices that right away when you arrive at the library.
  4851. >"Well, someone's feeling better. I almost thought about cancelling our session today."
  4852. "What, why?" you say, confused, as you're taking your usual chair.
  4853. >"You were in the dumps these last days and I thought you'd need some space to clear your head. Nothing can be learned in a state like that. But I am glad you're alright."
  4854. "Thanks. I guess I never even noticed I was bothered so much by... Well, everything."
  4855. >"But now you're beaming, so everything's fine, right?"
  4856. >She's flicking her ear again, disturbing her flower. You're both in a good mood so it's about time you ask.
  4857. "Do you mind me asking a personal question?"
  4858. >"Not at all, if it helps you."
  4859. "What's with the flower? You seem to always wear it."
  4860. >Her lips instantly form a warm smile.
  4861. >"Aw, this thing? It's a gift from one sweet little filly from Neighpon, Millet Field, she was my student a few years ago."
  4862. "Something tells me there's a story behind that."
  4863. >Memento nods softly, as if to not make the flower move again.
  4864. >"Always is. She was a frail little thing without a cutiemark, the last blank flank of her class. She wasn't in any club and after school she had nothing to do - until I've arrived."
  4865. "Let me guess, she got her cutiemark there with you?"
  4866. >"I was just getting to it!" Memento lightly hits you on your arm with her hoof. "Yes, turns out her special talent was remembering things in extreme details. She wrote me a letter a few years ago, she now works at the local library and wants to become a historian later."
  4867. "That's so sweet."
  4868. >"Just goes to show you how unpredictable life really it."
  4869. "This flower looks like it's still fresh."
  4870. >Memento takes her time to wait until you're finished looking closely at her accessory.
  4871. >"Just a kind of a magic flower they have there. Something that pretty shouldn't be just used to cover imperfections, but... I guess it was inevitable I put it here."
  4872. "Imperfections?"
  4873. >Memento uses her wing to hold the flower while she lifts her mane with her hoof.
  4874. >Revealing a nasty, glaring scar crossing her scalp right at her ear.
  4875. >You can't help but wince at that and she notices it.
  4876. >"Sorry..." she quickly returns her flower on its place. "I shouldn't have. Just got carried away with that the whole story."
  4877. "What happened?" you suddenly sound discouraged.
  4878. >"An international incident, as they call it. A griffon did it trying to save me from drowning one time. He got me by the ear at the last second, but he also managed to hit my head while doing it. You can guess how ponies reacted to that. Mangled by a griffon, sure. Celestia had to step in to diffuse the whole thing, you know, the usual."
  4879. >Looking at this pony now you can't imagine her being the adventurous type. But seems like she has more that just classroom experiences behind her.
  4880. >She really did mean it when she said she's seen it all. Suddenly you understand how much she actually has to teach.
  4881. >But seeing your entranced state she waves these thoughts away and dissolves your daydreams with fast talking.
  4882. >"The moral is, these things you never suspect change your life and it's up to you to make the best of them, right, now let's return to the power divide between Celestia, Luna and the Fourth Stellar Council. Last time we learned that during the gathering at Daybreak Keep, three chancellors have declared-"
  4883. >Memento is chirping away as usual and you abandon all other thoughts for a while in order to keep up with her constant stream of fresh knowledge.
  4884. >It's so much easier to focus now that you have your mood fixed, you become oblivious to flow of time once more.
  4885. >And even after that, when your classes are over and you're left to your devices, everything blurs out. The only thing you can concentrate on is replaying possible variants of your proposition you have planned for the evening.
  4886. >Rings are out in your hand once again and you try to find just the right words.
  4887. >But it's not that easy. In fact the first roadblock you hit is literally the very beginning. How to approach her with that? How to make it special?
  4888. >No matter how much you try and imagine a favorable possibility it all seems so cheesy and stupid. Like you're purposely setting out to make yourself a fool.
  4889. >You know you have to fight it to think of something but in the end you just rule out a few possibilities and approve of nothing.
  4890. >If digging yourself a hole was your purpose this here is an astounding success.
  4891. >You should know better; Celestia doesn't care about any sort of formalities when she's with you. You just gotta act as your heart tells you.
  4892. >Well, your heart is certainly not that chatty today since you're still left with nothing at the end of the day - quite literally.
  4893. >You waste time doing basically nothing drowning in ambivalence your every idea spawns.
  4894. >The seemingly forgotten feeling of unrest creeps back onto your back and doesn't let go.
  4895. >Fortunately, you know that it's not gonna last too long.
  4896. >You won't back down, right? Not today. Too much is riding on this. If you don't do it now, you might never work up the courage again.
  4897. >But with your trust in her you'll make it.
  4898. >Forget figuring out what to say, just conditioning yourself is your top priority. And it absorbs you so much you barely head the hoofsteps at your door.
  4899. >Frantically trying to hide the ring boxes you push them under the pillow and pretend you're doing... Well, nothing?
  4900. >That hurry wasn't for naught - with the dinner delivery your princess also steps into the room, gleaming with joy.
  4901. >Looks like she's off the hook early and you'll get to enjoy your food together.
  4902. >Just like good old times. And by good old times you mean like a week ago. Man, time sure flies here in Equestria.
  4903. >Despite your inner disorder you still enjoy Celestia's company to its fullest.
  4904. >You talk about how tiresome the final preparations are and how you both noticed that Luna is much happier now.
  4905. >In fact, that's something your mare pays a lot of attention to.
  4906. >"It was so nice to see them finally bond together."
  4907. "It sure was."
  4908. >"With all the happened recently I don't even know what finally made it happen."
  4909. "Does it really matter?"
  4910. >"Certainly not, as long as she's happy."
  4911. >Celestia walks to the window to look at her sister's balcony, even though it's too early for the Moon princess to appear.
  4912. >But this presents a good opportunity for you. Quickly and silently you pull out the boxes.
  4913. >Horror of not remembering which one's which lurks in the back of your mind but you roughly estimate that one box weighs more than the other and that's your reason to believe it's hers - she has the bigger ring so it fits on her horn, after all.
  4914. >Your own has a matching gem but it's not that big, just proportionate to the rest of the ring. That's not to say you're getting less, in fact you respect that design choice.
  4915. >So now the only thing left is to actually say something.
  4916. "Funny how small things can turn everything around."
  4917. >Wait, you said that today already, haven't you? Or heard that? Is it time to panic yet?
  4918. >The princess turns around to face you and by the looks of it no panic is needed just yet.
  4919. >"It sure is. And then you realize that our lives are nothing but a series of these small things that make it better."
  4920. "Speaking from experience, princess?"
  4921. >Your playful tone makes her smile.
  4922. >"You could say that. I've learned to appreciate anything good life sends my way."
  4923. >That's like the perfect place for you to segway this conversation into what you need.
  4924. >You'll take this chance.
  4925. "Well, my life has been nothing short of amazing ever since I came here."
  4926. >"My, why would that be the case?"
  4927. >She's still fooling around but when she sees that you're getting serious she starts listening for real.
  4928. "Well, you make everything better. I've never felt this happy as I do now because of you, Celly."
  4929. >"Oh, Anon..." she bashfully strikes the air a little.
  4930. "And I've never felt this way before. Not only do I feel happy, I want you to feel happy to. I want be the one to make you happy."
  4931. >"You already are, my dear."
  4932. >She starts suspecting something, the pony's eyes dart between yours and when she shoots a few glances on your hands you know she's expecting something.
  4933. >But you're not done with your improvised cheesy monologue. Ah, who even cares about it being corny and unoriginal at this point.
  4934. "Then I want to be even more. I want to always be with you and never leave your side. You've shown me how wonderful life can be and I want you to feel the same."
  4935. >"Wait, you aren't-" she whispers as she confirms to herself where this might be going.
  4936. "Even if my life is short and I won't be around f-forever," you stutter at the cursed word, "I still want you to be mine and there's nothing I want more than to be with you for the rest of my life."
  4937. >The mare doesn't even get time to react, you almost drop on your knee and Celestia just gasps softly, still not believing her eyes.
  4938. >In one precise motion you get the box out of your pocket and your shaking fingers open it with care. Your eyes are glued to the floor, not being able to face the excruciating tension.
  4939. "Celestia..."
  4940. >Her sharp inhale is the only thing that gives you your last time-out. But then you finally say it.
  4941. "Will you marry me?"
  4942. >A slow exhale.
  4943. >And a shaky voice, barely hiding tears underneath the shock.
  4944. >"Yes."
  4945. >Apparently you've been holding your breath this whole time since you just now start breathing again.
  4946. >"Yes, Anon, of course!"
  4947. >When you finally look at her she motions you to stand up with a slight movement of her head.
  4948. >She tries to hide her emotions but her breath and slightly quivering lips say it all.
  4949. >Celestia does an elegant bow, bending one leg while putting the other one forward. Her horn is not pointed directly at your throat.
  4950. >But you know what that means. Thankfully your arms aren't shaking too much and you guide the ring right where it belongs. It slides down her horn until it can't go on further, sitting perfectly in the middle of it with its gemstone facing upwards.
  4951. >The mare smiles and stands pridefully with her head high.
  4952. >Her magic aura appears around her horn as if she's casting a spell.
  4953. >You see how it now surges through the ring, like it's a focusing crystal or something. You just now get that it might be exactly that.
  4954. >That was so obvious but you never even thought of that. The gemstone that goes on the horn is more than symbolic, it needs to compliment the mare magic's color.
  4955. >And in this case the room is lit up with a warm tone bordering orange and pink, almost like peach.
  4956. >It's like this room is now warmed up by the gentle light of sunset, or early sunrise. That suits it perfectly. Soothing, gentle glow that seems to calm Celestia already.
  4957. >"Anon, thank you so much. I, I can't describe- I can't possibly-"
  4958. >She's fighting tears for real now. And as soon as you come forward to embrace your mare you feel wet streams at your shoulder right away. And a quiet sob. A happy one.
  4959. >"I can't believe I'm going to be a bride."
  4960. >That sounds so loaded with ache of ages you can't help but tighten your hug. You haven't even considered that Celestia might've given up on this possibility completely over the years.
  4961. >It's time to get her hopes up, you're making it real anyway.
  4962. "Celestia, it's me who should be thanking you."
  4963. >Her wings complete your hug and she stands there quietly, taking it all in.
  4964. >"You'll never leave me now, I promise."
  4965. >It's hard for you to hear this just like that. You have to make it clear to her, this fear of yours.
  4966. "I- I know I may not be around forever but while I'm here-"
  4967. >"Anon, it doesn't matter."
  4968. >There you go, Anon. It doesn't matter. Just like that. What were you worrying about again?
  4969. >Celestia lets you go, but only to look you in the eyes.
  4970. >"It doesn't matter. What matters is that you've done it anyway. Nopony ever would, even for this reason alone. But whatever may come later, right now I have something I have never ever had in my entire life. Right now, I'm the happiest mare in the world."
  4971. >With that she resumes her hug.
  4972. >You're like a tear in the ocean, dust in the wind compared to the scope of her life. But maybe one small thing can sometimes be the biggest thing of all.
  4973. >Waiting a thousand years for this to happen isn't a small feat. But it did happen. And now it will forever be with her.
  4974. >You now realize that you have already made such an impact on her life, and the whole history of Equestria, that you might as well be the most important person in the world right now.
  4975. >And even if you're not, you certainly feel that way. After all, you are for her.
  4976. >You feel Celestia's ear flicker when she rubs her cheek against yours. It doesn't take much time to her to start moving about in your hug.
  4977. >Taking matters in your own hands you stroke her muzzle and bring it close to you for a kiss.
  4978. >All of a sudden, a mere kiss feels like so much more. You're not just lovers anymore. It's a kiss of a married couple.
  4979. >Even though it's not exactly any different. But you'd like to think it is, and Celestia seems to agree.
  4980. >She's extra thorough with her tongue now, savoring the taste of her husband in a delicate but persistent way.
  4981. >This doesn't hold, of course, since you both are getting carried away as always. When there's affection, there's passion. And Celestia isn't about to contain herself, especially knowing that there's not a single reason left to ever do so.
  4982. >And so once again you're being pushed towards the bed. Celestia's advance can't and won't be stopped, and even though you're trying to turn this around to gently set her down like you've been doing these days you find out that she won't comply.
  4983. >Instead it's you who hits the bed first. With an impish smile your mare puts her hooves at your sides, now towering over you.
  4984. >You allow her to get on the bed fully by scooting up to the pillow, but even as you move Celestia doesn't waste any time.
  4985. >Warm colors from the mare's new ring dance around the room when she gets you out of your clothes. You note how efficient she is now, she undresses you in a matter of seconds.
  4986. >Silky warmth presses you deeper into the sheets. The firm weight of Celestia's body feels so comforting. Her own metal attire leaves her too, taking its place on the nightstand, but not the ring. She keeps it on.
  4987. >You also note the your mare has no intention of leaving this position. She slides lower to give you another kiss but she makes it clear that she wants to be on top - her body slide right between your legs and you feel that incredible warmth of hers right at your crotch.
  4988. >She starts rubbing against you too, all while your kisses become more and more sloppy by the second. With your head now fully sunken into the pillow you can't do anything about Celestia's thirst other than hold her close and do as much petting as you can.
  4989. >It's you who starts twisting and turning this time, unable to not react to the soft princess belly relentlessly rubbing your stiff erection.
  4990. >Seems like Celestia enjoys that but she herself feels the need to move on.
  4991. >With a needy gasp she breaks the kiss only for her head to fall next to yours. You hear her voice, almost moaning in your ear:
  4992. >"Ahh, Anon..."
  4993. >A few kisses on her neck never fail to make her even more aroused and relaxed, but this time there's no rest for her.
  4994. >You're not much better with sweet ache overtaking you, making you only think about one thing. Between your smooches and licks you whisper to her:
  4995. "I need you right now, Celly."
  4996. >It's like she takes it as a signal to start, because as soon as you say that she slides up, dragging her body against your and plants her front hooves right by the sides of your head.
  4997. >Your dick is now right beyond her perfectly cushiony teats and you just can't help but moan, taken aback by this amazing sensation.
  4998. >It ends right away, but only because Celestia props herself up. For a moment you see the glistening stream that goes down her thigh and warmth of arousal and anticipation in your abdomen almost makes you tear up.
  4999. >But the next second you can't think of anything at all. After a faint sensation of magic fondles with your penis you feel Celestia slamming her hips down.
  5000. >The motion is so fast it almost feels like your shaft is going to break, but it widens Celestia's love cavern in its wake just enough for you to feel pleasure instead of pain.
  5001. >So much pleasure, in fact, that you jolt up with your eyes wide, barely containing yourself at the feeling of being embraced so tightly by your pony's firm and hot inner walls.
  5002. "Celestia..."
  5003. >Your voice is so weak and unsure that it gets drowned out by Celestia's own moan. More of a whine, really.
  5004. >She wastes no time idling and her hips move up, only to fall down a moment later. Celestia's body is quivering on top of you and she feels like she can barely move; seems like you're not the only one overwhelmed by this.
  5005. >Only by twisting your head enough you see that her lower lip is bitten and she's trying to subdue her emotions to get things going.
  5006. >Finally, after a few seconds of struggle with your dick still balls-deep inside her, she gasps and starts moving again.
  5007. >Erratic, shaky movements and Celestia's panting on top of you make it nigh unbearable. In actual fear of losing control over body you grab her forelegs and call for her, but that only makes her moan and go even harder and faster.
  5008. >Celestia can't seem to find her own pace, so inbetween her sliding up and down your crotch to give her clit and teats some contact with your body she vigorously jumps up and down with her plush butt slapping the wetness between your bodies with unbearably lewd moist sound accompanied by the mare's eager panting and moaning.
  5009. >The feel of this unstoppable rutting machine is almost too much to bear. Losing any semblance of control over the situation and being at her mercy only makes it harder to not lose yourself in the bliss of being ridden with such ferocity, being the target of such unbridled lust.
  5010. >You still barely hold to your mind and feel like you're going to give up and cum at any moment, but not matter how early that would happen Celestia finishes first.
  5011. >She makes you hilt and her body shakes on top of you, head thrown upwards. A loud, desperate moan of the princess will surely be heard by everyone in the vicinity but it's the sweetest music to your ears.
  5012. >Out of strength, the Sun goddess falls onto you with loud gasps and sobs as the only way to communicate how whole she feels right now.
  5013. >But you won't waste precious seconds. With your face in Celestia's chest you reposition your legs as you feel is right, and then start thrusting inside the already satisfied princess.
  5014. >Her serenade of bliss begins anew, only this time she's anything but its conductor.
  5015. >Your hands roam her sweaty barrel but they eventually settle down on her amazingly squeezable ass, gripping it right at her cutiemarks.
  5016. >Hooves press your face into your mare's coat as you hammer at her royal pussy with only thoughts of getting off remaining in your head.
  5017. >You never even realized that you've been holding off for so long you actually need to make an effort now.
  5018. >And the princess is writhing on top of you, feeling another explosive orgasm coming up. And you madly thrusting inside of her make it happen sooner that she'd ever expected.
  5019. >"Anon, please..." she mewls in a shaky voice when she realizes you're still going even after she pushes you down again, banging her head with her eyes shut tight in attempts to deal with the feeling of cumming so soon again. "Let me have it, Nonny, please."
  5020. >Celestia's gentle demands were the last straw for your already approaching climax self.
  5021. >Your grunts and moans got stuffed into the mare's coat - she holds you close while you flood her eager pussy with everything you've got in store for her.
  5022. >Not a single drop will be missed, Celestia doesn't move even when you're done thrashing around under her.
  5023. >Yet again she waits until you can't keep yourself inside anymore and only then releases her hold and rolls to the side, leaving your skin, soaked in sweat and other fluids, exposed to the fresh evening air.
  5024. >Not even a second later the princess grabs you and locks you into a hug.
  5025. >"I'm not letting you go too," she says as if she's responding to something you've said.
  5026. >You certainly said it but you don't remember when. You probably say it to her every single day.
  5027. >But you're happy to hear it now. You only smile at that but for her that's enough.
  5028. >There's no doubt she'll keep that promise and you intend to keep yours.
  5029. >"Anon, can you put on your ring too?"
  5030. >She finds the box with her magic after you say where it is and floats it to you.
  5031. >When you put it on - for the first time ever, actually - you realize it feels just right on your finger. Never thought you'd be wearing any rings at all, to be honest, but it feels nice.
  5032. >Celestia looks at it with delight and then she kisses your hand, one finger at a time with the ring one being the last.
  5033. >She then looks at you and you see a bit of sadness in her eyes.
  5034. >"You know, I thought about proposing to you recently too."
  5035. "Really?"
  5036. >You now remember how Gleam warned you about something like that.
  5037. >"I've been postponing making this decision every time I thought about it. Now I feel so foolish for thinking that you're not ready for this," the mare continues timidly.
  5038. "It's okay," you brush her mane and she finally smiles again. "But why?"
  5039. >"I was afraid of going too fast, I guess. But you've proven to me long ago that you can dictate the pace on your own."
  5040. >You pet Celestia's back and her wing extends to cover you.
  5041. "I only achieved that because you were there for me."
  5042. >"And I'll always be."
  5043. >It makes you all warm inside and your pony feels it too.
  5044. >"No matter what fate has in store for us, no matter how this story ends, we'll make the best of it."
  5045. "The small things that make everything better?"
  5046. >"Yes," she giggles. "No matter how small the pieces of the puzzle are, you won't complete it if you never work with them. It's better to try and make it work than to lament the future before it comes."
  5047. "Something out of experience as well?"
  5048. >"I prefer to learn from others but this was always true for me."
  5049. "I'm happy for your attitude then."
  5050. >It seems that she intends to hold you through the night: even when she leaves to set her Sun down she still gets her hooves on you upon her return.
  5051. >As an engaged couple you soon fall asleep, but not before exchanging sweet nothings until both of you kinda slow down drift off.
  5052. >It's hard to say how the next day will play out but for you it doesn't even matter now.
  5053. >You'll wake up a different person. The most important one in the world.
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