Sep 19th, 2011
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  1. [00:09:01] <@Clarity> "Okaaaay." With a deep breath... CRUNCH. CRUNCH. Hyper feet, as hyper as the teenager herself, tread up to the door as her fist starts BANGing on the library door. Or rather, knock.
  2. [00:09:08] <@Clarity> Knocknocknocknocknocknock.
  3. [00:09:16] <@Clarity> Knocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknock.
  4. [00:09:20] <@Clarity> "KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!"
  5. [00:09:41] * Balthazar grabs his gun and points it at the door. "Lemme blast it! BOOM!"
  6. [00:09:49] <Maka> You hear the shuffling of papers and the slamming of a drawer. "...C-clarity, it's open. always is."
  7. [00:10:13] <@Clarity> "Oh! Right!" A grin is shot back like a 'maybe next time.' Sky walks in and bows while Clarity spins inside the building.
  8. [00:10:25] <@Clarity> "Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning!" It's totally evening.
  9. [00:11:04] <Balthazar> "I vanted to shoot ze door. Oh vell. Hey you, librarian!"
  10. [00:12:03] <Maka> "Um...hi...Balthazar? W-why are you here so late?" Maka sits at her desk, her Luxio out on the desk illuminating it for her to read.
  11. [00:13:03] * Balthazar holds the Elgyem alarm clock on one hand and presents it to Maka. "Ta-da! Ze clock you asked!"
  12. [00:12:03] <Maka> "Um...hi...Balthazar? W-why are you here so late?" Maka sits at her desk, her Luxio out on the desk illuminating it for her to read.
  13. [00:13:03] * Balthazar holds the Elgyem alarm clock on one hand and presents it to Maka. "Ta-da! Ze clock you asked!"
  14. [00:13:06] <@Clarity> "Oh ho ho~! You KNOW each other?" Clarity tramples up to the desk while Sky slinks behind a little, despite his cool hat. He seems a little embarrassed that all his kids are... you know, bigger than he is by now.
  15. [00:13:22] * @Clarity does step to the side, though. This is an actual gift-giving. Something to be celebrated!
  16. [00:15:16] * Maka 's eyes brighten and get huge. "Oh wow, it''s so cool." she fetches it and puts it on an empty desk off to the side. It's marked "Clockwork Collection" with a little sign, but really there's just one clock hanging above it right now.
  17. [00:16:13] <Balthazar> The small clock opens its head, revealing a bell inside that blings and blongs eight times.
  18. [00:16:59] <Balthazar> "It does it every hour, eh? A pretty good mechanism if i can say so, but pretty simple compared to other ones i built!"
  19. [00:17:13] <@Clarity> And Clarity waits for it, and for their interaction to finish, but barely so as immediately after she grabs one of Maka's hands and jumps around. "Okay! Something AWESOME totally just happened, you gotta come see!"
  20. [00:17:46] * Maka nods. "M-maybe you can make more fo- AH! C-c-clarity, don't do that!"
  21. [00:18:57] <@Clarity> "No no no no nononono, you have no IDEA how awesome this is! Bring your stuff, that old tower everyone was scared of because of the GHOSTS and stuff has some guy living in it... just think, you could write the most awesome story EVER!" Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. "And I totally wanna see it~~~!"
  22. [00:19:31] <Balthazar> "I can build an entire army! Or... An orchestra! But i need some books first. Do you have something about UFO's, Science Fiction, Astronomy? I vant to do some... Research, eh?"
  23. [00:21:17] <Maka> "G-g-g-ghosts?! B-but...b-but...." Maka wrenches herself away from Clarity. "but someone has to stay here...see? Balthazar wants books." she shuffles away and grabs a random book and shoves it into Balth's hands. "S-s-see? I...I have to stay here. No...g-g-ghosts..."
  24. [00:21:59] <Balthazar> "Actually, ze books can wait." He grabs Maka's hand. "To ze tower!"
  25. [00:22:44] <Maka> "Y-y-you too?!" fear glistens in Maka's eyes. "N-no ghosts! No ghosts!"
  26. [00:23:15] <@Clarity> A really weird-looking poutyface. "Sky? Stay here with Crispy (orwhateverhernamewasgrumblegrumble) and, like, give people books if they ask or something." Bounce, bounce. "C'mon, you know it'll be SO AWESOME!"
  27. [00:23:28] * @Clarity grabs her other hand and also starts pulling. Poor Maka.
  28. [00:24:29] <Maka> A drowzee carrying a bowl wanders over to the front desk. A tag attached to his chest indicates his name is Dahl. He sits down in Maka's seat and starts munching on candy from the bowl.
  29. [00:24:46] * Maka looks defeated and terrorfied but lets herself be led out of the library. D:
  30. [00:25:49] <Balthazar> "Ghosts don't exist!" He reassures Maka as they go together to the Tower. "I mean, it's just a type of Pokémon vith special abilities!"
  31. [00:26:14] <Clarity> The smaller-than-average Omanyte hops off of the Shinx and climbs up on Clarity like a hat. Does she care? You bet not, she doesn't even notice, happily trotting along and barging out the library. Sky waves to them.
  32. [00:26:31] <Maka> "O-o-okay, but...but they're still s-s-scary..."
  33. [00:27:00] <Clarity> "Scary AWESOME! What if they jump out and attack us? Oh man, you totally gotta write a novel or something about it... or one of those main-guh things!"
  34. [00:27:32] <Clarity> Cough cough. "... Attack us. Attack ME! You'll be fine, big sis's here! Aaaahahahahaha~!" March, march, march.
  35. [00:27:36] <Balthazar> "Heh, i am trying to build a special gun for them! It vill use proton packs, althoogh crossing ze streams is pretty dangerous."
  36. [00:27:46] * Maka just shakes her head violently as she gets dragged along.
  37. [00:30:38] <Canute> The tower isn't that far out, there's a barely-there road and everything. What IS notable, though, is that unlike usual, the windows aren't completely dark from the outside. Whoever's in there, he left the lights on.
  38. [00:30:58] <Canute> And as they approach, a very loud wooden banging can be heard from inside, though sporadic.
  39. [00:31:32] <Clarity> "Streams? Like water streams? Y'mean, ghosts can swim?" The trio makes a lengthy journey, everyone not named Maka likely shouting and laughing along. Clarity only lets go upon arriving, and immediately then running up to the door.
  40. [00:31:32] <Balthazar> "Vell, it seems to be 'aunted all right."
  41. [00:31:34] <Maka> "g-g-ghosts in the tower!" Maka freezes and snags a napping Sartre from out of her bag and squeezes him tightly. Luckily, the wynaut is derpy and gives no fucks.
  42. [00:32:13] <Clarity> Clarity-level derpy? Of course he isn't. In fact, her Omanyte-hat still seems to be giving her a run for her money. And she has a lot of money. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY! Anyone IIIIIIIIIIN HEEEEEEEEEEERE?"
  43. [00:32:31] <Canute> Clonk THUMP. "AGH!"
  44. [00:32:50] <Clarity> A pause. "... Alright, we got the ghosts! LET'S GO IN!"
  45. [00:33:02] * Balthazar grabs the phaser. "All right! I'll blast it zis time, eh?"
  46. [00:33:11] <Balthazar> "Boom goes ze door!"
  47. [00:33:25] * Clarity leaps to the side and watches in anticipation. "Yeah! Go go go!"
  48. [00:33:26] * Maka has started trying to sneak away, hiding behind a nearby tree or something. She's rather clumsy though so rustling leaves and broken branches clearly give her away.
  49. [00:34:38] <Canute> And the door swings open oh hey it's... An entirely unassuming man, albeit one looking a little tired. He's standing on one end of an expensive yet tacky looking couch, holding his injured foot and hopping. On the other side of the couch is a golbat, which probably looks really weird with its mouth closed.
  50. [00:35:09] <Canute> Another thump is heard from upstairs as a red humanoid floats down. <Intruder?>
  51. [00:35:32] * Clarity doesn't even notice Maka disappearing, spinning a few steps forward before being stopped. And then with a few blinks she stares inside.
  52. [00:35:36] * Canute puts his foot down and looks over "Well it--no, not at all. Customers."
  53. [00:35:38] <Balthazar> "Vho is zis loser?"
  54. [00:35:39] <Clarity> "Whoa... that ghost looks like a PERSON!"
  55. [00:35:48] <Canute> "Though for the record I haven't even what."
  56. [00:35:54] <Balthazar> "It's a person! I am 30% sure!"
  57. [00:35:54] <Canute> "There aren't any ghosts here."
  58. [00:36:07] <Clarity> Head-tilt. "... Really?"
  59. [00:36:08] <Canute> "Well, not anymore, I'm pretty sure. Believe me, I checked."
  60. [00:36:16] * Maka peeks out from behind a tree outside.
  61. [00:36:19] <Balthazar> "Vhat if you are ze ghost of a liar!"
  62. [00:36:50] * Canute scratches his head. "I suppose that'd be entirely appropriate then, but I've got no way to prove it either way."
  63. [00:36:51] <Clarity> A fist slams into her open palm. "Yeah! Or what if he's a witch! Or... what do they call those?"
  64. [00:37:10] <Balthazar> "Varlock?"
  65. [00:37:12] * Canute freezes up and drops his hand, staring HARD as soon as the word 'witch' slips out.
  66. [00:37:41] <Clarity> "Yeah! I like this guy! Hey 'Ka, come out, he's not a ghost!" Pause. "Probably!"
  67. [00:37:45] * Balthazar points his gun at Canute, closes his face to him, and asks. "Are you a wizard?"
  68. [00:37:55] <Canute> "...Are you here to question me?"
  69. [00:38:13] <Clarity> Head-tilt again. "Whaaa? Witches aren't real, it was a joke!"
  70. [00:38:27] <Clarity> ... Wiggle wiggle. "... Though it'd be so totally awesome if they weeeeere~"
  71. [00:38:33] <Maka> "...A-a-a-are you s-sure?" Maka slowly slinks out from behind the tree and positions herself behind Balthazar.
  72. [00:38:33] <Canute> "Bad joke. Now are you buying something, doing something, or what?"
  73. [00:38:36] <Balthazar> "Vell, aliens are real, but zere is only one 'ere."
  74. [00:38:50] * Canute blinks. "Good eye, kid."
  75. [00:38:50] <Balthazar> "...Vhich is on my garage."
  76. [00:38:57] <Balthazar> "Vait, vhat?"
  77. [00:39:07] <Clarity> "Eheheheh!" She rubs her head, that WAS a pretty bad joke. "So... do you sell ghosts here?"
  78. [00:39:10] * Canute looks back and forth between him and Reminder. "...Never mind."
  79. [00:39:36] * Maka gives a pleading look toward Canute and silently mouthes "no ghosts no ghosts no ghosts".
  80. [00:39:39] <Canute> "No, I sell chemicals, medicines, and household utilities."
  81. [00:40:07] <Canute> "Boring. Safe... well, as long as you don't feed them to babies."
  82. [00:40:11] * Balthazar looks at the red humanoid creature with a suspicious look on his face. "...Zat is a pretty weird-looking person."
  83. [00:40:43] <Balthazar> "I mean, his arms 'ave a strange shape, und 'e is red as a tomato... Uh, is he a patient or?"
  84. [00:40:44] <Maka> "Isitaghost?" Maka has her eyes closed and is latched onto Clarity.
  85. [00:40:49] <Canute> "Because it's a pokemon. Now just who ARE you and why did you come to my house in the first place?"
  86. [00:41:17] <Clarity> "... Oh! Okay!" Clarity totally ignores the creature she SHOULD be paying attention to and spins up to the man she totally just helped blow up the door of, extending a hand. Obviously she pulls Maka with her. "We heard some guy moved in with all the ghosts, so, like, we totally wanted to meet a ghost-man! Nice to meetcha, ghost-man, I'm Clarity! Call me Clar, maybe."
  87. [00:41:28] <Balthazar> "Vhat you mean -your- house? Ze tower vas unhabited since yesterday!"
  88. [00:42:05] * Canute digs a piece of paper out of the inside pocket of his jacket. "Until I got the deed, yes."
  89. [00:42:07] <Clarity> "... Or don't. No one does." The hand that's held out slinks down a ltitle.
  90. [00:42:24] * Canute uses the other hand to shake hers whoa he has an actual grip.
  91. [00:42:30] <Balthazar> "Vell, zhere goes ze plan to use it as an ammo depot." Balth mumbles.
  92. [00:42:48] <Canute> "I could make gunpowder, given some time and supplies."
  93. [00:42:55] <Clarity> Whoa, even energetic Clarity stumbles over a little, following up with a giggle afterward.
  94. [00:43:32] <Balthazar> "...One hundred kilograms of gunpowder. Und three barrels of Nitroglycerin."
  95. [00:43:42] <Canute> "That's a rather tall order."
  96. [00:44:00] <Balthazar> "For a baby explosion that is!"
  97. [00:44:20] <Canute> "And certainly not one I'd sell to someone your age. If you really need that, why couldn't your parents have come down from their mining project or whatever you need that much explosives for and asked?"
  98. [00:44:33] * Maka tugs at Clarity. "N-n-no g-ghosts, right? can we go now?"
  99. [00:44:52] * Canute shifts his head a little. "No, miss, no ghosts."
  100. [00:45:14] <Clarity> "No ghosts... YET. You could totally write a story about this guy, though, look at his... at his..." BULGING BICEPS. But she can't say it out loud.
  101. [00:45:36] <Balthazar> "I am seventeen years old, you jerkvad! Und i dealt vith more explosives zhan most people on ze vorld!"
  102. [00:45:45] <Canute> "I'm afraid I'm not all that interesting of a person, though maybe a friend could publish my diary after death."
  103. [00:47:26] <Maka> "Clarityyyy..." Maka whines as she tugs on her. "T-the library...I c-can't let Dahl run it. He'll candy."
  104. [00:47:52] <Balthazar> "I like candy too!"
  105. [00:47:59] <Balthazar> "Hey, old guy! You 'ave candy?"
  106. [00:48:06] <Clarity> "No way! This tower is awesome! Ever since I was a little girl I dreeeeeeeaaaamed of coming here~" With some excited shaking, her ponytail flops back and forth. "Have you been inside yet? Met the ghosts? There are totally ghosts. Totally, totally, totally!"
  107. [00:48:09] * Canute now ignores the kid with the accent entirely. "Library? I... what no, I have no candy."
  108. [00:48:28] <Canute> "And... argh, please speak one at a time. Yes, there were ghosts, no there aren't anymore."
  109. [00:48:32] <Clarity> A turn to Maka, though. "But Doll totally knows what he's doing! He gives people books..." ... Pause. "... Doesn't he?"
  110. [00:48:39] <Balthazar> "Sis said she found ghosts 'ere yesterday!"
  111. [00:48:43] <Clarity> And it all stops.
  112. [00:48:45] <Clarity> "WHAT."
  113. [00:48:48] <Balthazar> "Maybe zhey chased 'em off."
  114. [00:48:57] * Canute raises an eyebrow. "Sis...? Your sister's the guard, then?"
  115. [00:49:02] <Clarity> "NONE? But... but... but we were supposed to have ADVENTURES, and... and...!"
  116. [00:49:22] <Balthazar> "Vell, yes!" He puffs up after saying that.
  117. [00:49:28] <Canute> "Mmm, she was here, and there were ghosts here. One of them even gave me the deed."
  118. [00:49:32] <Canute> "But then they all left."
  119. [00:49:43] <Balthazar> "But you, do you know 'er? You seem to be a pretty shifty guy, never saw you 'ere before!"
  120. [00:49:48] * Clarity stomps. "Aw, maaaaaan! I wanted 'Ka here to write a story about it!"
  121. [00:49:50] <Maka> "B-b-books can be adventures...." Maka offers quietly, but it's clear she knows she's not getting out of this one.
  122. [00:49:59] <Canute> "She was a great help in clearing the whole place out."
  123. [00:50:04] <Clarity> "'Ghosts in the Old Tower!' It'd be a bestseller! It'd make TRILLIONS!"
  124. [00:50:05] <Canute> "...Rather not talk about how."
  125. [00:50:26] <Balthazar> "Ve can make a book about ze Alien i found!"
  126. [00:50:42] <Clarity> Twirl, twirl, twirl. "Oh yeah, that too! They'll be different chapters! And wasn't there... something about a dog, and a priestess?"
  127. [00:51:00] <Balthazar> "Hey, shabby guy, i think you never saw an Alien, eh? Ha ha ha, zat's how awesome i am!"
  128. [00:51:05] <Canute> "I... you know, gunpowder aside, I'd like to see that alien of yours."
  129. [00:51:31] <Canute> "Another time, though."
  130. [00:51:51] <Balthazar> "I can show him it if you bring ze Gunpowder."
  131. [00:52:22] <Canute> "It'd take a long while to get the material and make THAT much gunpowder, kid, you're better off just taking the trip to a bigger town and buying it there."
  132. [00:52:33] <Clarity> "So, you're just gonna live in this tower and... hope there aren't ghosts in it? Uh, Mr...." Did he even say his name yet? Pretty sure he didn't.
  133. [00:52:39] * Maka peers around the room as the others talk about gunpowder and ghosts oh god.
  134. [00:52:44] <Canute> "Canute."
  135. [00:52:48] <Canute> "'s my name."
  136. [00:53:05] <Clarity> "Kanoot? With a k?"
  137. [00:53:08] <Canute> "And... well, if the ghosts show up, I've met enough ghosts that I know how to deal with them."
  138. [00:53:38] <Canute> "C-A-N-U-T-E."
  139. [00:53:46] <Balthazar> "Uh, vell, you can bring vhatever gunpowder you 'ave in here zhen."
  140. [00:53:57] <Canute> "Afraid I tend not to carry gunpowder."
  141. [00:54:12] <Balthazar> "All of it. Ze barkeep vants an explosive? I vill give you an explosive." Balth starts to giggle.
  142. [00:55:05] <Clarity> "... Ohhhh! So another C, then." A minor pout. "There're a lot of us over here! We gotta stick together, y'know? Last year's poll, there was hardly ANYONE in the village with a name starting with that, and now with all these newcomers we're totally gonna win it this year and..." Little did she know she actually just dreamed that, nobody polls first names in Oran.
  143. [00:56:06] * Maka quietly shuffles away from the group again. Are there any books laying out in clear sight in this room?
  144. [00:56:14] <Balthazar> "I am ze B!"
  145. [00:56:32] <Balthazar> "Not a bee, zat is a bug-type pokémon. A B!"
  146. [00:56:59] * Canute gives another glance of confusion to the babbling child before focusing back on, well, the OTHER babbling child. And yeah, there are a couple on the couch. "Now. Anything else you kids need or want to say to me?"
  147. [00:57:37] * Maka slumps down on the couch and opens up a book. As she reads, she gives the occasional nervous glance around the room for ghosts and squeezes Sartre for assurance.
  148. [00:58:01] <Balthazar> "GUN! POWDER!"
  149. [00:58:05] * Canute goes into ALERT MODE. "I--y--hey, that's mine! Please don't touch it!"
  150. [00:58:09] <Balthazar> "And Nitro!"
  151. [00:58:16] <Canute> (up to dox I guess just what's INSIDE the book)
  152. [00:58:34] <Canute> (though all his books, save the ones on his actual job, have some sort of decidedly mystical bent)
  153. [00:58:58] <Clarity> "RIGHT! Uh, well, I totally wanted to come here to see the ghosts, but..." Her head spins around... or rather, eyes jolt up and look around at the room. "This place has a bunch of floors, right? Y'know, being a tower and all?"
  154. [00:59:06] <LargeMountainDox> (I'm not interfering rgite now)
  155. [00:59:09] <Canute> (k)
  156. [00:59:23] * Maka jumps up a bit and pulls the book -closer- to her, hiding most of her face with it. Her eyes are wide with fear as she mumbles an apology. "s-s-sorry...I...I like books...and...and..." she just sputters off.
  157. [01:00:01] <Balthazar> "Oh, it's not like zhere is a demon bound on a book."
  158. [01:00:12] <Canute> And Maka buries her face in a very in-depth page full of diagrams and incantations for rituals with very long names.
  159. [01:00:31] * Canute panics even more and goes straight over. "Just please close it and give it back."
  160. [01:00:50] <Maka> " it..a...a...g-g-g-ghost book?!" Maka tightens her grip on it, as if it'll suddenly clamp over her face of its own volition.
  161. [01:01:02] <Canute> "I... it... the..."
  162. [01:01:04] * Clarity trots along inside, still wearing an Omanyte as a hat, and searches around for a staircase. In fact, she just looks at everything around the room, no need to pick up books though.
  163. [01:01:14] <Canute> There are stairs both up and down.
  164. [01:01:27] <Balthazar> "It's ze Necronomicon Ex Mortis!"
  165. [01:01:40] <Balthazar> "Uncle read it, he said it to me!"
  166. [01:01:41] <Canute> The room itself has a workbench with a bunch of beakers and such on it, all empty, and a few shelves.
  167. [01:02:09] * Maka suddenly drops it and retreats to the other end of the couch. "I'm sorry I'm sorry..."
  168. [01:02:09] * Canute just looks back and forth, altogether panicking. "You... you know... No, I do NOT have that book and I left it behind ages ago!"
  169. [01:02:16] <Canute> "I dammit dammit."
  170. [01:02:17] <Clarity> It's okay, none of them are knocked over or anything. Clarity happily leaps up the staircase, though, taking them 3-at-a-time. "Ahaha! Ghooooosts, you up here?"
  171. [01:02:36] <Maka> (brb)
  172. [01:02:53] <Canute> The upstairs has a Pawniard lounging about on an equally tacky chair, a bed, and other such standard living things.
  173. [01:03:04] * Balthazar grabs the book on the ground. "Let me see, invocations of ze undead..."
  174. [01:03:30] <Clarity> Whomp. Whomp. Whomp. After viewing the bed with excitement, the leaps down the stairs four-at-a-time, shouting. "Okay, Mister Newt! Let's talk business!"
  175. [01:03:38] <Canute> No undead things here! Well, there is one for binding 'malicious spirits' into servitude when he looks.
  176. [01:04:11] <Canute> "Kid, PLEASE put the book down, you shouldn't be reading that sort of thing and it's my private property."
  177. [01:04:22] <Balthazar> "KLAATO! VERADA! NIKTO! Or something like zat~ Let me see if i can bind Vodun 'ere. I vill shoot zat purple jerk right."
  178. [01:04:55] * Balthazar ignores Canute and reads the binding chapter of the book.
  179. [01:04:57] * Canute goes over to face him, gripping the book and desperately trying to cover it. "Please, no."
  180. [01:05:54] <Clarity> A big pout. The sandman begins to take over... heavy eyelids. "W-Wait a sec! This guy's still moving in, we totally didn't come all the way here just to piss 'im off!" Heavier.
  181. [01:06:07] <Canute> "The girl's right!"
  182. [01:06:15] <Clarity> "Er... I don't THINK we did. Unless he was a ghost. Then we'd punch him in the face."
  183. [01:06:26] <Clarity> "And we're pretty sure he's not a ghost, right?"
  184. [01:06:41] <Balthazar> "Uh... Okay." Balth returns the book to Canute, his head down.
  185. [01:06:44] <Barkeep> (what day is this anyway?)
  186. [01:06:55] * Canute sighs. "Thank you. Very much."
  187. [01:06:56] <Canute> "Now."
  188. [01:07:16] <Canute> "As much as I'm going to seriously regret this, I DO have a bottle of nitroglycerine in store."
  189. [01:07:21] <Balthazar> (the same one you guys are?)
  190. [01:07:25] <Canute> "Just a bottle, though."
  191. [01:07:33] <Clarity> (It SAID 90 Spring for the other one, yeah, since it's the same night)
  192. [01:07:44] <Barkeep> (oh right)
  193. [01:07:48] * Maka has taken to sketching something off to the side. Oh god is it one of the diagrams she saw in the book? It is! But it also has some funny script off to the side...
  194. [01:07:49] <Barkeep> (okay then :B)
  195. [01:07:52] <Balthazar> "It... *Sigh* Vell, ze right catalysts might vork, but... I guess so!"
  196. [01:08:46] <Maka> 1d20+7
  197. [01:08:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d20+7: 26 [1d20=19]
  198. [01:08:53] <Maka> 1d20+10
  199. [01:08:53] <Canute> Oh god she's
  200. [01:08:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d20+10: 14 [1d20=4]
  201. [01:09:00] <Maka> 1d20+10 second try
  202. [01:09:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, second try: 19 [1d20=9]
  203. [01:08:11] <Canute> "1000 for it."
  204. [01:08:21] <Clarity> ... Blink. Blink blink. The Omanyte-hat blinks too.
  205. [01:10:22] <Maka> As Maka sketches the ohgodwhats she remembered seeing in that brief glance in Canute's book, a few strange letters with eyes pop up around her. For once, she doesn't really seem to notice them as they float about and STARE at her sketch.
  206. [01:11:06] * Canute jumps a little and turns around slowly. "...Miss?"
  207. [01:11:34] * Canute stumbles back. "You didn't. You didn't see or do..."
  208. [01:11:42] <Canute> "...You didn't actually make it WORK."
  209. [01:11:43] <Maka> "Huh? I...I'm sorry about the book! R-r-really!" Maka hides behind her sketchbook this time. The Unowns are behind her, so she still hasn't noticed.
  210. [01:11:53] <Canute> "Look behind you, miss."
  211. [01:11:58] <Clarity> .. Blink blink blink. "Oh! Don't worry, these guys are pretty chill! ... I think." A squint at them.
  212. [01:12:08] <Canute> "I... they're..."
  213. [01:12:12] <Canute> "You SUMMONED UNOWN."
  214. [01:12:19] <Balthazar> "Zey look like somezink a moron vould vorship as a god."
  215. [01:12:20] <Clarity> Head-tilt. "Somethin' wrong? 'Ka does this all the time! Totally!"
  216. [01:12:31] <Canute> "I've never even summoned Unown! And believe me I've tried!"
  217. [01:12:50] * Maka turns. "....No. nonono..." she shooes them away. "N-n-not right now!'s too late at night to save the world right now!" her voice has a distinctive whining twinge to it now.
  218. [01:12:52] <Canute> "How!? How did you make the diagram work, was the printing wrong?"
  219. [01:12:54] <Balthazar> "It's pretty alphabetty though, bu-Vait you said you are a 'Summoner'?"
  220. [01:12:56] <Clarity> Blinkblink. "... You mean, they actually DO something? I mean, you can't cook 'em, they don't... say much besides just floating aroung..."
  221. [01:13:03] <Canute> "I'm a... oh dammit."
  222. [01:13:13] <Canute> "I didn't just say that, did I."
  223. [01:13:14] <Balthazar> "Isn't that 'magic'?" Again, airquotes.
  224. [01:13:24] <Balthazar> "I'm 30% sure you did."
  225. [01:13:25] <Clarity> "Magic? ... Summoning? ... Oh no."
  226. [01:13:30] <Clarity> "Don't tell me you're a..."
  227. [01:13:31] * Canute shuffles over and collapses on the couch, rubbing his head. "Yes. Magic."
  228. [01:13:35] <Clarity> "... FANTASY WRITER?!"
  229. [01:13:36] <Canute> "The book is magic, I do magic."
  230. [01:14:00] <DamienLunas> (didn't last a day)
  231. [01:14:01] <Balthazar> "Vait, you are a Fantasy Wri-I MEAN MAGICIAN?"
  232. [01:14:02] <Clarity> "Oh, that's cool too." Nodnod. "'Ka would freak if you were a real writer, I think."
  233. [01:14:06] <DamienLunas> (it's clarity's fault)
  234. [01:14:15] * Maka has dropped her sketchbook, the Unown swarming all around it. She just hides behind Sartre as they stare. If Canute cares to look, it's his diagram from the book, but with liberal amounts of runic script resembling the Unnown all around the margins.
  235. [01:14:25] <Canute> "Now if you NICE AND INNOCENT children would ignore that and not tell anyone wanting to burn me, maybe I'll just pack up and dammit..."
  236. [01:14:52] <Balthazar> "Tell vhat?"
  237. [01:14:57] <Clarity> ... A long pause. Then a longer one. "The heck?"
  238. [01:15:07] <Balthazar> "YOU SEE, ZHERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC."
  239. [01:15:09] <Clarity> "I... don't think we even HAVE fire here. Why'd we wanna do that?"
  240. [01:15:10] <Canute> "Happens every time, really."
  241. [01:15:16] * Balthazar pokes Clarity and Maka. "RIGHT?"
  242. [01:15:25] <Clarity> "RIGHT! ... But it'd be awesome if it did."
  243. [01:15:51] <Canute> "Yeah, kid. There isn't, and you're a good, nice rational thinker for believing that."
  244. [01:16:01] <Balthazar> "SO IT VOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO TURN US INTO POLITOEDS." Sweat trickles down Balth's forehead.
  245. [01:16:03] * Maka is too busy squeezing the life out of Sartre and inching away from the Unown to pay heed to being poked. Unfortunately, one of the Unown notices her moving away and drafts over to STARE at her now too.
  246. [01:16:11] <Canute> "I'm not a dick."
  247. [01:16:20] <Clarity> "Nope, pretty sure you're a person."
  248. [01:16:32] <Balthazar> "Vell, you are a man, so you 'ave one, eh?"
  249. [01:16:39] <Balthazar> "Unless you are an Eunuch."
  250. [01:16:52] <Balthazar> "Maybe... An Eunuch Magi-FANTASY VRITER."
  251. [01:16:52] <Maka> "...I don't want to save the world right now..." Maka keeps mumbling that over and over.
  252. [01:16:56] <Canute> "And that's all lies, I'd have to turn the average person into at least two Politoeds to conserve mass, and I'd probably bungle that pretty badly."
  253. [01:17:27] <Clarity> Cough COUGH COUGH. "So like... what do you really do here, then? You write books?"
  254. [01:17:31] <Canute> "Now. Girl. The loud one, not the quiet one. You said they don't burn magicians here?
  255. [01:17:39] <Canute> "And... no, I mix chemicals."
  256. [01:17:58] <Clarity> Nod nod. "Well... uh, yeah, why would we? We hardly have a whole lotta people here. In the village we just... relax."
  257. [01:18:02] <Balthazar> "So you are like Uncle?"
  258. [01:19:20] <Canute> "Depends on what your uncle did. But... geez."
  259. [01:19:35] <Canute> "I wouldn't really believe you, but... I mean, your friend just summoned things."
  260. [01:19:46] <Canute> "And she's commonly known around town for doing this?"
  261. [01:19:51] <Canute> "Nobody really... objects?"
  262. [01:19:52] * Maka pushes the nosy Unown out of the way as she goes up to poke Balth. " is this guy like 'boss lady'?"
  263. [01:20:01] <Balthazar> "She's known for being shy."
  264. [01:20:08] <Clarity> A big, goofy smile. "Even if you WERE some kinda wizard I don't see why anyone'd think that's a BAD thing! I mean, what's the worst you could do, summon 5000 shotguns?"
  265. [01:20:17] <Balthazar> "You mean... Miss Alcy?"
  266. [01:20:28] <zoofman> (mystics, alchemist, and witches are different but I'm not sure what Canute IS fluff wise.)
  267. [01:20:29] * Maka nods at Balth.
  268. [01:20:29] <Canute> "Depends on what she did too."
  269. [01:20:46] <Balthazar> "Vell, she shot fire from 'er hands."
  270. [01:20:46] <Canute> (Canute would never reveal where he gets his powers willingly.)
  271. [01:20:47] <Canute> (ever.)
  272. [01:20:52] <Maka> (well, we don't know enough IC to discriminate between those or tell what Canute is)
  273. [01:20:53] <Balthazar> (Satan)
  274. [01:20:59] <Canute> "...yeah, I can do that."
  275. [01:21:22] <Balthazar> "Und rode a broom."
  276. [01:21:32] <Clarity> "... Whoa. You're really serious, aren't you."
  277. [01:21:34] <Canute> "That's silly, though."
  278. [01:22:41] <Balthazar> "Uh, zat's vhat she told me!"
  279. [01:23:04] <Balthazar> "Aunt Alcy vouldn't lie, vould her?"
  280. [01:23:04] <Canute> "Rather not actually DO it though... Big rule here, spells and lives are equally precious, never waste a single one of either."
  281. [01:23:19] * Clarity raises her hand. "Ooh ooh! I'm pretty sure I dream about that stuff all the time too!"
  282. [01:23:31] <Clarity> Pout. "Wish I could remember 'em though."
  283. [01:23:34] <Balthazar> "So if you use a spell someone on another dimension dies? Zat sounds stupid!"
  284. [01:23:52] <Canute> "I--no but I just wouldn't WASTE anything like that and why am I explaining this again."
  285. [01:24:16] <Balthazar> "You might be a moron!"
  286. [01:24:21] <Maka> " you have magic books? C-c-can...can I come copy one for the library sometime?"
  287. [01:24:21] <Canute> "If I knew where my magic came from I would be a much greater man."
  288. [01:24:27] <Balthazar> "A moron magi-fantasy writer!"
  289. [01:24:47] <Canute> "And it would be incredibly unethical to allow these sort of books to escape into the public."
  290. [01:25:30] <Clarity> Shrug. "This place is HARDLY public. It's a biiiiiiiig thing for someone we've never seen before to show up, anyway! Heck, you being here at all is totally just as crazy as the tower being full of ghosts."
  291. [01:25:44] <Balthazar> "A witch should not complain of something being unethical! I mean, you draw powers from evil dudes! If you were really a magician, vhich i am not saying you are, eh?"
  292. [01:25:54] * Canute just goes silent for a while, tapping the bridge of his nose in thought. "...One spell."
  293. [01:26:13] <Canute> "That's all I will ever do for you just wasting it like that."
  294. [01:26:20] <Maka> (channeling Sartre, borrowing mirror coat and counter. This should be entertaining if Canute's aim is off :3)
  295. [01:26:22] <Canute> "Shouldn't... shouldn't hurt..."
  296. [01:26:37] * Canute pushes himself up, shaking a little as he wanders outside.
  297. [01:26:59] <Balthazar> "You better 'ope so, because i'm going to blast your face if you hit me. Or Clary. Or Maky."
  298. [01:27:08] * Clarity peps up and gets hype. Totally not even noticing the heavy eyelids anymore.
  299. [01:27:13] <zoofman> (>Maky)
  300. [01:27:19] * Maka meekly follows, the small brigade of Unown blinking rapidly as they follow as well.
  301. [01:27:21] <zoofman> (that ain't even a shorter name)
  302. [01:27:44] <Balthazar> (s-shut up)
  303. [01:28:11] <Maka> ( what does Henry get shortened to?)
  304. [01:28:26] * Canute clears his throat and starts mumbling to himself. "...burst of raw essence, controlled, variable element, direct forward..."
  305. [01:28:42] <Canute> 1d8; 1d20 1 means goes off course
  306. [01:28:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Canute, 1d8: 5 [1d8=5]; 1 means goes off course: 13 [1d20=13]
  307. [01:29:09] * Canute pops and crackles for a second before electricity spreads out all around him!
  308. [01:29:34] * Clarity claps. "Whoaaaaaah!"
  309. [01:29:39] <Canute> A couple stray bolts fizzle near some shoes, but nothing harmful. "Satisfied?"
  310. [01:30:07] <Balthazar> 1d20
  311. [01:30:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, 1d20: 3 [1d20=3]
  312. [01:30:31] * Balthazar points his gun upwards. "Oh come on, let me show you zis." And clicks the trigger.
  313. [01:30:32] * Maka has grabbed an Unown to hide behind as the electricity suddenly flashed out. Then quickly realizing what she was holding, she tosses it up in the air. "w-w-what'd you do?!"
  314. [01:30:32] <Clarity> Pause. "... So you mix potions that do that?"
  315. [01:30:35] <Canute> "Now with that over I'll certainly have to look into things in town. I'll bring you the nitro later."
  316. [01:30:38] <Balthazar> Nothing happens.
  317. [01:30:47] <Canute> "...No, I mix normal and safe chemicals for everyday use."
  318. [01:31:03] <Canute> "Violent energy doesn't exactly make a living."
  319. [01:31:09] <Balthazar> "...Hahahaha, very impressive, eh?"
  320. [01:31:18] <Canute> "It made a click."
  321. [01:31:23] <Canute> "Pretty neat noises."
  322. [01:31:33] <Balthazar> "I-it jammed."
  323. [01:31:45] <Canute> "...Shouldn't be playing with guns anyway, give that back to its owner."
  324. [01:31:59] <DamienLunas> (shoot him in the face balth)
  325. [01:32:00] <Maka> " shoots lasers...I d-don't like it." Maka has grabbed Sartre to hide behind again.
  326. [01:32:07] <Balthazar> "I made it, you jerk!"
  327. [01:32:16] <Balthazar> (It gets jammed for 1d4 turns damien :<)
  328. [01:32:33] <Canute> "All the more reason you don't play with it."
  329. [01:32:34] <Clarity> "Pff." A big shrug. "See, Mr. Newt? Everyone in this village is a total wackjob!"
  330. [01:32:36] <DamienLunas> (that's 40 seconds max)
  331. [01:32:46] <Maka> (shoot him in the face!)
  332. [01:32:57] <Balthazar> (I do... Have the one the Elgyem gave me.)
  333. [01:33:02] <Canute> (oh god)
  334. [01:33:06] <Clarity> (it begins)
  335. [01:33:06] <Balthazar> (which i have no idea what it does)
  336. [01:33:06] <Maka> (yes yes yes)
  337. [01:33:28] <Balthazar> (if dox was here he could tell me the effects ;_;)
  338. [01:33:28] <DamienLunas> (but I think dox isn't here)
  339. [01:33:38] <Canute> "Now."
  340. [01:34:01] <Canute> "I have to thank you for making an accident into something very interesting, but if you don't have anything else I'll just get back to you later."
  341. [01:34:10] <Canute> "Haven't moved in all the way, after all."
  342. [01:34:16] <Clarity> "Oh! Right! I.. uh, have a thing."
  343. [01:34:25] <Canute> "Mmm?"
  344. [01:34:28] <Balthazar> "Vhat is it, Clarity?"
  345. [01:34:38] <Clarity> Cough cough. "You... do need help moving in and stuff, right? Or whatever?"
  346. [01:34:57] <Clarity> "This place..." She looks up it with awe, then twirls. "This place~"
  347. [01:35:02] <Canute> "...Yeah, but I'm pretty strong and the pokemon of mine that don't have knives for hands carry stuff well."
  348. [01:35:25] * Maka glances around the room again. "Y-you sure you c-can't donate a book....just one book to the library?"
  349. [01:35:46] * Canute sighs. "I've got all of two practical, normal books for things that people should be doing."
  350. [01:36:00] <Canute> "And I USE those."
  351. [01:36:02] <Clarity> "Eheheh. You'd be pretty surprised how much I can take, y'know!" A proud thumb points at herself, before a pause. "But... uh... when I was growing up everyone else was totally scared of this place 'cause of the ghosts. There was another one in town too, but that one was just... old, and boring."
  352. [01:36:11] <Clarity> Cough, cough, with a whisper. "And someone lives THERE anyway."
  353. [01:36:12] <Maka> "I...I have a lot of normal too...and...they're boring."
  354. [01:36:50] <Canute> "Most libraries do..."
  355. [01:36:53] <Clarity> "But! I have a few minutes left in me..." A yaaaaaaaaaaawn. Maka knows what's coming. Salt probably does too by now.
  356. [01:36:57] <Balthazar> "I need ze astronomy ones though. You have them, shy girl?"
  357. [01:37:14] <Balthazar> "Or a comic book... About robots! And zaps! And... Booms!"
  358. [01:37:26] * Maka sighs and gently pushes Clarity in the direction of Canute couch, then gives an apologetic look to the guy.
  359. [01:37:31] <Clarity> "If you TOTALLY wouldn't mind if I, like, crashed on your couch or something, I'll help you out or give you money or whatever! How's that sound? A deal, right? Riiiight?"
  360. [01:37:47] <Canute> "I... go back to your house, please!"
  361. [01:37:56] <Canute> "If you're really that tired your friends can carry you!"
  362. [01:37:58] <Maka> "I...d-don't...I wish I did. I want to build an observatory..."
  363. [01:37:59] <Clarity> A big smile. "Oh, I don't have one of those anymore!"
  364. [01:38:01] <Balthazar> "Uh Clarity, you -have- a house, right?"
  365. [01:38:16] <Balthazar> "...Vell, you can sleep on ze UFO."
  366. [01:38:18] <Canute> "...I see. Sleep in the library then."
  367. [01:38:27] <Canute> "Or... UFO? Kid, I WILL have to visit you."
  368. [01:38:31] <Clarity> "Er...." Another cough. "I... lost the keys half a season ago."
  369. [01:38:38] * Maka shakes her head violently. "...n-no! She does that all the time already!"
  370. [01:38:47] <Clarity> "Everything's probably really moldy in there too."
  371. [01:38:48] <Balthazar> "I just cleaned it out of ze blo-oh come on!"
  372. [01:39:03] <Balthazar> "Vhy not just break ze door?"
  373. [01:39:14] <Clarity> A long pause, with a blink or two. "Oh! .... Why didn't I think of that?"
  374. [01:39:20] <Clarity> Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.
  375. [01:39:29] <Clarity> "Oh..."
  376. [01:39:32] <Canute> "Well, go on if you aren't buying anything."
  377. [01:40:05] <Clarity> "Whoops, I'm gone~!" VWOMP. Clarity's face crashes into the ground, the couch is far too many steps away. "Watch... Sky... fr... zzzzzzzzzzzz"
  378. [01:40:31] <Canute> "...Well."
  379. [01:40:43] <Maka> "...S-she...she does that. I'm s-sorry..."
  380. [01:41:02] <Canute> "It's fine. I have to go into town anyway, where would you take her?"
  381. [01:41:13] * Balthazar tries to grab Clarity's leg, and tries to drag her out. "Oh merde, how many pounds does she weights."
  382. [01:42:09] <Maka> With a heavy sigh, Maka tries as well.
  383. [01:41:50] <Canute> 1d20+5 muscle wizard?
  384. [01:41:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Canute, muscle wizard?: 13 [1d20=8]
  385. [01:42:09] <Balthazar> 1d20 muscleless tinkerer
  386. [01:42:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, muscleless tinkerer: 10 [1d20=10]
  387. [01:42:17] <Maka> 1d20+2 somewhat musclely timid girl?
  388. [01:42:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, somewhat musclely timid girl?: 5 [1d20=3]
  389. [01:42:14] * Canute just BARELY helps Balthazar lift her. "Urgh. What does she EAT?"
  390. [01:42:31] * Maka is not much help at all. D:
  391. [01:42:34] <Balthazar> "Candy."
  392. [01:42:38] <Clarity> Isn't it sad how she'll never HEAR people saying these things? ... Or maybe that's a good thing.
  393. [01:42:46] <Clarity> Also she eats meat, by the way.
  394. [01:42:46] <Canute> "Makes sense. You two go on, lead the way."
  395. [01:42:56] <Balthazar> "Want candy too. Bubblegum and Taffy."
  396. [01:43:45] <Maka> "N-n-not the library please..."
  397. [01:43:58] <Clarity> "ZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz." The Omanyte climbs around considering her head isn't upright anymore. He has trouble not falling off and it shows.
  398. [01:44:05] * Canute strains a little. "Like I said, just lead the way..."
  399. [01:45:23] * Balthazar drags Clarity with the others. "Bring her to my vorkshop zhen..."
  400. [01:45:26] <Maka> "....C-can we leave her in your UFO? your alien mind?"
  401. [01:45:53] <Canute> "Right, right... NATURE! KNIGHT! Keep the place safe, will you? Reminder's coming with."
  402. [01:46:12] <Canute> <Understood. Preparing levitation subroutine.>
  403. [01:46:18] <Canute> ...aaaand clarity is floating.
  404. [01:46:40] <Canute> "I... you didn't have to... well, it helps. Come on then."
  405. [01:46:42] <Clarity> "Mmmnnnnrgh." The snoring pauses for a second... and then starts again.
  406. [01:47:32] <Balthazar> "Vell, you can't 'elp but try!"
  407. [01:48:06] <Canute> "C'mon then, don't have to drag her since Reminder's being nice here."
  408. [01:48:53] <Clarity> "ZzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz. Wi... zzZzzzzards.... no sense of.... rrrrnnnngh.... wrnnnnggggh....."
  409. [01:50:08] <Balthazar> "You guess she vould snore less!" he says while leading the others to the Workshop.
  410. [01:50:20] <Maka> "...No, it's's always like this..."
  411. [01:50:50] <Canute> "That's almost frightening."
  412. [01:51:58] <Clarity> "ZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZzzzzzZZZZZz." Louder and louder and LOUDER. Oh and if Salt can float too, he probably jumps around and tries to swim in the air in a very adorable Omanyte-y way.
  413. [01:53:30] <Canute> "I do hope she's seen enough of the place.'
  414. [01:53:40] <Canute> "N-no offense or anything, but honestly."
  415. [01:54:02] <Maka> "I..." Maka shakes her head. "I...t-think she'll be disappointed she d-didn't get to sleep there..."
  416. [01:54:24] * Canute winces. "Better move in quick, then."
  417. [01:54:59] <Canute> "So who should I ask for more practical information about this place?"
  418. [01:55:33] <Maka> "...." Maka continues in silence for a bit before muttering quietly. "S-she...s-she's going to try to visit you again....andshe'llprobablydragmealongagaintoo..."
  419. [01:56:12] <Canute> "You at least understand not to touch my things... Though with flashes of inspiration like that, I wonder. Is that really the first book on those matters you've seen?"
  420. [01:56:14] * Clarity giggles a little before resuming snoring.
  421. [01:56:55] <Balthazar> "Oh she vill be visiting later. She is ze type to not let go of somezink she likes."
  422. [01:56:56] * Maka nods. "I...I like novels. And...those t-t-things do too. T-they...they read over my shoulder sometimes."
  423. [01:57:34] <Canute> "They... hm. Well, from what I know, they are VERY magical creatures, though they don't really do much outside of knowledgeable hands, or unless they have a particular purpose."
  424. [01:58:57] <Maka> "" Maka glances at Clarity then back at the road. "'s a long story..."
  425. [01:59:18] <Canute> "Quite alright. I'll listen some other time."
  426. [02:00:23] <Balthazar> "All right!" He points to a large shack a few meters ahead of the group. "Ze vorkshop! We'll put her to sleep on my bed, i can sleep inside ze UFO."
  427. [02:01:16] <Canute> "Good."
  428. [02:01:52] <Maka> "Y-you.....should give her someplace less comfortable. Or...or she'll be back."
  429. [02:02:10] <Balthazar> "I... Don't have a problem with it."
  430. [02:02:25] <Clarity> "ZZzzzZZZzzZZ~"
  431. [02:04:26] <Canute> "I hope. You two take it from here, okay? I'll go find information on...well, on what I'd like to know. The bar's open late, right?"
  432. [02:04:52] <Balthazar> "It vas already open before ve vhent 'ere!"
  433. [02:05:04] <Canute> "...I see."
  434. [02:05:27] <Maka> "Y-yeah, the Lazing Slaking opens late."
  435. [02:08:28] * Canute nods and waves as the red alien unceremoniously drops her on the porch. "I'll be there, then. Good evening."
  436. [02:08:58] <Balthazar> "You'd guess she'd wake up after that, eh?"
  437. [02:09:39] * Maka shakes her head. "'ll be lucky if she wakes in the morning."
  438. [02:09:42] <Clarity> "Zzzzzz." PLOP. The Omantye crawling all over her only... tries to tilt its head, but it can't really do that.
  439. [02:10:11] <Clarity> In fact, he lands and slithers over to Maka's leg. Okay, not really 'slithers,' but you catch the drift.
  440. [02:10:37] * Balthazar approaches Clarity and tries to drag her into the warehouse. "Heavy heavy heavy"
  441. [02:10:48] * Maka picks up the Omanyte and gently plops him down on Clarity's face.
  442. [02:11:05] <Clarity> He looks like he's about to cry. If he's capable of crying.
  443. [02:11:40] * Maka gives him a reassuring pat. "I-It'll be'll get used to it..."
  444. [02:12:37] <Balthazar> <...Sir? Who is this human female you are bringing inside?> Suddenly the strange Pokémon from the other day appears from inside the warehouse!
  445. [02:13:00] <Clarity> He's more used to it than he wants to be. Far more. And then Maka would have to explain to Sky the horrors that conspired upon getting home, how horrible.
  446. [02:13:00] <Balthazar> "A... Guest."
  447. [02:13:50] <Maka> "T-t-take good c-care of her..." Maka sputters out at the alien.
  448. [02:14:54] <Balthazar> <"Guest". A strange concept.> He turns around and enters the workshop again. "Weird little guy, eh?"
  449. [02:15:59] * Maka nods. "...thanks again for the clock."
  450. [02:17:11] <Balthazar> "Eh, it vas an easy vork. You should ask for somezink more challenging to me! And i ended up forgetting to get ze book i vanted..."
  451. [02:17:39] <Maka> "I...I'll try to get that to you later...okay?"
  452. [02:17:57] <Clarity> "ZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZzzz."
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