Jul 21st, 2019
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  1. This Airbnb hosting is alright, but there are better options available. I wouldn't personally recommend this listing based on my own experiences but it might be suitable for others depending on their circumstances. The most immediate issue I faced was the kitchen which is pathetically equipped and lacks a few utensils I would personally consider essential for anybody looking to cook a decent meal. Whisk, cheese grater, bread knife, collinder, pyrex bowl, pyrex jug, scales, measuring jug, sieve. These were several of the utensils that were absent from the kitchen which I feel personally isn't good enough. It's also worth noting the fridge is terrible, and can't accomodate enough food to feed the maximum capacity of people the property is advertised to accomodate (put too much stuff in it and it stops working properly). Also the fridge was not as clean as I would have personally kept it at home (grime in the handles and seals). If you personally want to keep your own fridge dirty, that's your business, but keeping a fridge dirty when it's being utilised for a property with this kind of purpose is insulting.
  3. No en-suite in downstairs bedrooms. You can establish this yourself before booking but I feel it's worth noting because it's pretty inconvenient when you have 5 people all wanting to use the same bathroom. Like I said, this is something established before booking but I want to reiterate it because it's frustrating and my put you off booking. Also there was damp on the ceiling of the shower. Not particularly egregious but it'll cause issues for the property later.
  5. No parking available. If you park on the street you get a ticket. The property does not have a permit to offer to people staying there.
  7. I left my sunglasses behind, contacted for support and essentially got run around in circles for three days until someone actually decided to go to the property and have a look for them. Naturally they weren't there anymore so either the next tennants snatched them, the cleaners snatched them, or support snatched them, which is a shame and very bad reflection on the people who run this property. Soured what had been a pretty fantastic holiday.
  9. In conclusion I wouldn't recommend this property unless you, don't have a car, can't cook and don't have any friends. Whilst its location and proximity to the town centre and other attractions within Edinburgh is fantastic, the things I've mentioned within this review detract heavily from the positives of this listing. For me personally I think I will stick to renting AirBNB properties that are actually owned and used by the tennants when they're not being rented out (surprisingly, this was the original purpose of the service in the first place) because I'll be assured of a more conscientious and considerate host, a more useable and welcoming living space and I won't have my possessions nicked. This was my first time using one of these AirBNB companies and I will be staying far away from them in the future.
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