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Sep 18th, 2015
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  1. Yes.
  2. It is good.
  4. Why?
  6. ##Strengths
  8. - Uses Blocks instead of Electoplate
  9. - for super tanky builds using blocks is better than electroplate, as it has substantially more heath per CPU point (downside its it does not regen)
  10. - Uses Triforcing
  11. - The downside of blocks is they very much conduct overflowed damage, thus a cube of blocks with weapons out on arms may have more heath than the same out of CPU, but it could be literally cut in half a few hits from a high powered weapon.
  12. - blocks conduct overflow damage to other blocks that share a face with them
  13. - Triforcing is the using of various angled blocks so that they do not share faces except as expressly intended. This lets you chose the order in which you loose layers.
  14. - It has been suggested that some variants of triforcing (eg Edge to edge connection of Tetra's) can cause overflow damage to not conduct anywhere. This is not true to my knowledge, and if it is, should be reported as a bug.
  15. - still triforcing is very good.
  16. - has 2 redundant guns
  17. - 6 guns is the most that you can have to increase firing speed. Having 2 extras means your firing speed stays strong even if some are taken out.
  18. - If you are building it at a lower tier (that video looks like tier 10), then you will be able to fit more guns as SMGs (and other guns) increase in size as they move up tiers. More redundant guns is good (but not great).
  21. ##Weaknesses
  23. - Can't shoot behind itself. and is weaker in that whole 180 degrees
  24. - May not have radar/radar radar receivers/jammers.
  25. - Radar and Radar receivers are just plain handy
  26. - Radar blockers are less necessary on a build this big, with wheels/treds movement type, it is unlikely to be stealthy anyway
  27. - you may be able to squeeze them on, either attaching to the back, the bottom or inside.
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