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Press Release - Peoples Liberation Front Enters The Hackers

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Feb 20th, 2012
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  1. Press Release - Peoples Liberation Front Enters The Hackers Space Race
  3. Sunday - February 19, 2012 11:30 PM CT
  5. Today the PLF announces the launch of "Operation Freedom Star". The mission of this Op is simple. The Peoples Liberation Front is entering the Hacker Space Race that was initiated with the announcement by the Chaos Computer Club that they intended to launch three communications satellites of their own to help circumvent internet censorship. The PLF states that we are in this race to win, and that WE firmly intend to be the first hackers in space.
  7. Our plan for this involves the purchase of one of the many used communications satellites that are in orbit already, and are beyond their commercial usefulness. Many of these birds are low on fuel and have other issues related to their age, but are otherwise serviceable and useful for the purpose we intend - which is to provide broadband satellite communications to areas of the world that are in great need. We are currently looking at several possibilities, and whichever bird we chose - it will be called the "Freedom Star". The purpose of the Freedom Star Satellite will be to provide broadband internet connections using commercially available downlink hardware.
  9. Once we have our first bird working, we will shift our focus to building our first custom bird from scratch. We will use the Amsat program to design and launch our own bird, and also study the open source communications satellites already launched as part of this incredible program for possible uses in circumventing censorship, internet shutdowns - and providing other services to freedom movements around the world.
  13. To coordinate this massive effort, we hereby create the PLF Space Command - which will be staffed for the purpose of managing all the space related efforts of the Peoples Liberation Front. The attached Op Poster for Operation Freedom Star contains the new logo for the PLF Space Command. And finally, if you support this effort, we have set up a sand-boxed WePay fund to collect online donations of much needed cash which will be used specifically for this project. The budget just for the first year of this effort is in excess of 1 million USD, so please give generously if you support the idea.
  17. SIGNED -- PLF Central Command
  21. Operation Freedom Star Poster -
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