Oran Mini - Silly Valley

Nov 18th, 2011
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  1. [00:13:13] <Balthazar> It's the day after the swimming contest! After recovering from his terrible sunburn and exhaustion from flapping his arms like an insane turtle the day before, Balth visits the City Guard, hoping to meet his sister!
  2. [00:14:56] * Raven is sitting at her desk in the reception area of the guard house, fiddling with some paper work. Or at least is pretending to. She seems to be daydreaming a bit.
  3. [00:15:51] <Balthazar> "Hey sis! I vas walking near here vhen i just got a pretty good idea!"
  4. [00:16:37] <Raven> "Hm? Oh, hey Terry, what's up?"
  5. [00:18:01] <Balthazar> "You are looking for recruits to join ze guard, eh? So i thought i could spare some time by being a deputy!"
  6. [00:19:03] <Raven> "Yeah, I've been tryin' to find some mo- wat."
  7. [00:20:20] <Balthazar> "I think i can kick some bandit ass, eh? You know, blast their butts, make some cameras for surveillance."
  8. [00:20:50] * Balthazar starts flailing his arms, trying to make a sad display of martial arts, but failing altogether.
  9. [00:22:44] * Raven she sighs at this display. "Terry, I know you got a thing for firearms but - oh to hell with it I've said okay to plenty of other untrained people anyway thus far."
  10. [00:23:15] <Balthazar> "Vhich other people? I thought no one ever applied 'ere. I never saw someone other than you here, eh?"
  11. [00:25:21] <Raven> "Just people saying they'd come to the assistance of the town more than a full time position. I know I said okay to Henry and Claud, and they don't even have a firearm to fall back on, just their Pokemon."
  12. [00:25:37] <Raven> "But seriously that pitiful display of boxing is just gonna get yourself hurt if you try it on a thug!"
  13. [00:26:40] <Balthazar> "It was not boxing, it was Karate!"
  14. [00:27:19] <Balthazar> "And in second place, i can build sentries to protect ze city. And i do 'ave a firearm, eh? By that i mean i 'ave a lot of firearms. And can make more."
  15. [00:28:19] <Raven> "It was neither boxing or karate and you know it! And what the hell do you mean 'sentry?' "
  16. [00:30:36] <Balthazar> "A stational Sentret pokébot equipped vith heat-seeking missiles, a pair of chainguns and probably a force shield!"
  17. [00:30:44] <Balthazar> "Maybe install some anti-sappers too, though."
  18. [00:31:28] <Raven> "...uh huh, and who mans this thing?"
  19. [00:31:56] <Raven> She stilts her head up with a hand on the chin
  20. [00:32:40] <Balthazar> "It's programmed to attack any moving target on a 300-meter radius!"
  21. [00:32:58] <Raven> "...Terry, that could shoot anyone."
  22. [00:34:34] <Balthazar> "Zat is... A nice concern!"
  23. [00:35:01] <Balthazar> "Maybe give everyone on ze town chips to prevent them to be attacked?"
  24. [00:35:17] <Balthazar> "Zhat vould only leave foreigners to be kil-i mean neutralized!"
  25. [00:36:04] <Raven> "I think we'll pass on the sentry thing, even if you could get them to detect criminals it'd only fly off and incinerate Cress for indecent exposure upon its creation."
  26. [00:36:45] <Balthazar> "And zat is bad because...?"
  27. [00:39:04] <Raven> She actually considers this for a second, "Not a damn thing, but look. I don't have the manpower to run things like a big city guard unit. I'm not going out of my way to hunt down law breakers in the area, because we just...we just can't, we don't have enough people around here," she looks to the map on the wall with the red circles solemnly. "My goal is more just keep people safe."
  28. [00:40:19] <Balthazar> "Like being a lifeguard? Because if not for my flippers i vould 'ave drowned yesterday, eh?"
  29. [00:41:14] <Raven> "I uh - kinda had a bit of an emergancy on the land side, lost track of things, but when I looked away you were kickin' ass."
  30. [00:44:31] <Raven> "But yeah a missle defense system is a bit overkill for a bunch of bandits and big scary animals. We ain't tryin' to save the world here, just fight off some asshole bandits."
  31. [00:45:07] <Balthazar> "That iiiiiis sort of true. Ze kicking ass part." He has no choice but to shrug at the last one. "And you know, it's just zhat... It's pretty boring 'ere sometimes."
  32. [00:45:42] <Balthazar> "I mean, when there are no stuff like ze festivals. I can only vork and vork and vork. I just wish i could, i dunno, do something cool like Great-uncle."
  33. [00:47:44] <Raven> She shrugs. "I find myself fairly occupied with things, personally, but don't you have that airship, spaceship, whatever the fuck it is, to tinker on anyway?"
  34. [00:49:08] <Balthazar> "I am not getting any progress on it, at least not vith ze fact a stupid Lumberjack keeps trying to steal it."
  35. [00:49:31] <Raven> She chuckles. "Terri stealing from Terry."
  36. [00:49:54] <Raven> "That thing is heavy enough it took your Gyrados half a day to drag it back, no? How the hell is he gonna 'steal it.' "
  37. [00:50:16] <Balthazar> "Dude is really strong."
  38. [00:50:37] <Balthazar> "Seriously, 'e kicked my ass und managed to drag ze spaceship out."
  39. [00:53:24] <Raven> She laughs again. "Oh man I'd have to see that with my own eyes, you two fighting over the damn thing. But anyway, if you're really feeling board just go mingle with the others your age in town. I know there's a lot of you guys, and last I saw you were on good terms with a lot of them."
  40. [00:53:54] <Balthazar> "And yeah, i do think zhere is a world-saving opportunity 'ere. Specially since vhat 'appened on ze tower, eh? Ze incident vith ze moron Ricki und a certain Ditto zhat vas sealed 'ere."
  41. [00:55:16] <Raven> Her face goes blank. "Oh, fuck. I totally forgot about that why did you remind me."
  42. [00:56:00] <Raven> "Uuuuuugh dad's gonna be pissssssed when he hears about that," she rubs her brow.
  43. [00:58:30] <Raven> "I don't even wanna consider something like that though, Terry. Saving the world sounds cool and all but just keeping things safe around here is nerve wracking enough as is at the moment. Granted I've been handling that solo, for the most part."
  44. [00:58:33] <Balthazar> "...You did forgot, eh?"
  45. [00:59:16] <Raven> "I've been sorta occupied by a lot of stuff the past two weeks."
  46. [00:59:20] <Balthazar> "But you do seem pretty relaxed, i mean, you vhere just doing papervork when i arrived."
  47. [01:01:20] <Balthazar> "Hmm, you could investigate ze Aliens in town though. Like ze pink-haired girl, eh?"
  48. [01:02:38] <Raven> "Inbetween rounds of the town and the surrounding area, yeah. And barely a week goes by without someone doing something extremely silly and foolish. Like Terri, for example, guy tried to eat nails a few weeks ago. Wait, Iona? What the hell she do now?"
  49. [01:05:17] <Raven> "Well, that and, uh, other things on my mind," dududu she twiddles her fingers and darts her eyes away.
  50. [01:07:03] * Balthazar gets a bit nervous after the nail part. "Oh, you did learned about ze nails, eh?" He tries to say with a hushed tone. "B-b-but yeah about ze pink-hair... I think she is pretty suspicious!"
  51. [01:08:47] <Raven> "Course I did, the goofball ran through town screaming for a doctor. Didn't really say anything about why he tried it though. And what's so fishy about Iona she's just silly as well. Half the town's silly."
  52. [01:10:24] <Balthazar> "Vell, 'e is kind of a stupid." He gives a dismissive shrug. "Fishy... Zhat is a pretty interesting vord, actually."
  53. [01:11:06] <Balthazar> "You see, i believe she is a... NEPTUNIAN!"
  54. [01:12:02] <Balthazar> "Yes! Ze race of half-Basculins from zhat comic book i showed you back vhen ve lived on ze capital!"
  55. [01:13:08] <Raven> She just stares at him for a few seconds blanky, then casually grabs a little folder and opens it up. "You know, I'd been trying really hard to not put you on the 'list of sillies' because we're close and all, but I can't justify that anymore. That is the most absurd thing I've heard all week."
  56. [01:14:22] <Raven> "There you go," she says as she scribes it down. "Riiiight under Clarity."
  57. [01:15:16] * Balthazar just :<s. "But Clary is not silly! Neither am i, eh?"
  58. [01:15:44] <Raven> "You just tried to honestly convince me Iona is an alien, and half fish."
  59. [01:15:49] <Balthazar> "I mean, Iona, she spat a stream of vater at me, ze signature move of Neptunians!"
  60. [01:16:21] <Balthazar> "Und she did not vent to ze swimming contest, despite being on on sea all ze time und vorking by rescuing treasures."
  61. [01:16:32] <Raven> "She spit water at you, therefor she's an alien." She repeats.
  62. [01:16:34] <Balthazar> "In fact, has anyone ever saw 'er undervater?"
  63. [01:17:58] <Raven> "Okay, let's just pretend she just might be an alien," she says with a sigh. "Long as she's not hurting anyone I really got no reason to bug her."
  64. [01:20:04] <Raven> "If you wanna investigate if she's lulling sailors off to sea with that absolutely assanine 'la-la-la' song of hers and then eating them go for it though. Oh god why am I honestly encouraging this."df
  65. [01:20:31] <Balthazar> "Luring sailors? Now ZAT is ridiculous."
  66. [01:20:57] <Balthazar> "Zat is a gimmick for Mermaids, und everyone knows zat Mermaids are nothing but legends, eH?"
  67. [01:22:24] <Raven> She shrugs. "It's not my place to condemn people for stuff like that, Terry. I'm just a guard, not a judge or a vigilante or anything."
  68. [01:23:12] <Balthazar> "You could use a vigilante, though. Like a Zubatman, eh?"
  69. [01:25:45] <Balthazar> "But since you von't accept me on ze guard or listen to me... I guess i'm done here. Bye sis..." He says with a cold tone as he turns his back on Raven and walks out.
  70. [01:25:58] <Raven> "I could use a few hands around town keepin' people safe, and bandits away. I...don't really want anyone taking things like that too far."
  71. [01:26:49] <Raven> "and I never said I wouldn't let you join."
  72. [01:26:57] <Raven> "Just said no to the sentry gun things."
  73. [01:30:05] <Balthazar> "Hmph, i vill vork on a more safe sentry gun alternative then." And with that, he leaves the Guardpost.
  74. [01:30:17] <Balthazar> (Session? i am pretty sleepy here @_@)
  75. [01:30:59] <Raven> (kay)
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