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Apr 7th, 2016
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  1. Report by
  3. descr: The israeli knesset
  4. descr: The Israeli Antitrust Authority
  5. descr: Shifra Har
  6. descr: Ministry of Defence
  7. descr: Ministry of Finance
  8. descr: Merkava – Ministry Of Finance
  9. descr: Economic Mission U.S.
  10. descr: Israel Earthquake Center
  11. descr: Galil Development Authority
  12. descr: Domain Internet Ltd
  13. descr: IDF – Israel Defense Forces
  14. descr: Integrated Foreign Trade System
  15. descr: Israel Institute for Biological Research
  16. descr: Israel Institute of Productivity
  17. descr: Israeli Immigration
  18. descr: Office of The Prime Minister
  19. descr: State of Israel-Mail
  20. descr: Israeli embassy in the United States
  21. descr: Ministry of Industry and Trade
  22. descr: Public Works Department
  23. descr: Israel Economic and Tourism
  24. descr: Yemen – lost children
  25. descr: Israel Ministry Of Finance
  26. rights and services for Holocaust survivors
  27. descr: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  28. descr: Israel Information Technology
  29. descr: Local Authorities Data Processing Center Ltd.
  30. descr: Israeli Tech Tehila
  31. descr: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Hebrew
  32. descr: Foreign Affairs Ministry
  33. descr: Shalom civil service reform-Minister Michael Eitan
  34. descr: Ministry of Industry and Trade
  35. descr: Israel Defense Forces
  36. descr: Office of The Prime Minister
  37. descr: Israeli Rabbinical Courts
  38. descr: Israel Police Department
  39. descr: Office of The Prime Minister
  40. descr: rights and services for Holocaust survivors
  41. descr: Israeli ministry of justice
  42. descr: The Israeli Antitrust Authority
  43. descr: Agricultural Research Organisation Volcani Center
  44. descr: Ministry of Finance
  45. descr: IsraelGovernment Printing Office
  46. descr: Israel Airport Authority
  47. descr: Israeli Immigration
  48. descr: Israel Securities Authority
  49. descr: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  50. descr: Kranoth Hishtalmut LeOvdei Horaha
  51. descr: Shaam – Information Systems
  52. descr: Ministry of Communications
  53. descr: State of Israel-Ministry of Finance
  54. descr: Nativ Project – PMO
  55. descr: National Insurance of Israel
  56. descr: Israel Ministry of Interior
  57. descr: Shaam – Information Systems Poaly Zedek 4
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