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  1. It's been many years since you led the monsters out of the ruins and into the human world - at that time, humans had completely forgotten all about monsters and magic. Seeing the arrival of talking dogs, the walking dead and gay robots put the whole country on red alert for days. However, after many long explanations with various diplomats and the media, you managed to talk down the armed blockade around the mountainside and the monsters were accepted into above-world society with open arms. Luckily, the people of the day were far more cosmopolitan and accepting than in the past, and monsters and humans became fast friends.
  3. The 200-odd monsters were all eventually settled into the nearest town - a quiet little place now turned into a bit of an oddity by the presence of non-humans. It took a couple of months but eventually the monsters had fully integrated into human society; buying homes, taking jobs, opening up businesses and sending their children to school. You, with nowhere to go, decided to stay and live with Toriel and Asriel as their adoptive son and brother. Considering all that you had done for not only them, but all of monster-kind, she was more than happy to take you in; especially now that Asriel had hardly ever let go of you since you saved him from soulless oblivion.
  5. Your first few days at school were pretty weird. Asriel, the skinny, timid youngster, couldn't be coaxed away from you by anyone. He even forwent his own room just to sleep in your bed, having nightmares each night until it became habit to just let him cling to you each night. You know it was weird - you were brothers after all, but you were a passive sort and neither judged nor particularly cared. You did get strange looks from your classmates though, as he spent every day clinging to your arm. But despite that you soon became a class favourite due to your natural likeability, charisma and interesting stories of another world to tell. After some time, Asriel did find his own meek little confidence through you - and though he hardly ever left your side as you two were best of childhood friends, he at least was able to make friends with the others and sleep peacefully in his own bed.
  7. -----------------------
  9. Ohh, but that all was many years ago. Lost in your nostalgic train of thought, you painfully smash into the side of a door frame and topple to the ground. Asriel laughs like an idiot as he drunkenly stumbles over to pick your wasted ass up, failing to realise that you're almost half his mass heavier than him and are now resigned to your place on the carpet. He wraps his arms around you and tries in vain to lift you up, pressing your face into him. You groan in laziness into his furred little neck, forcing him to give up and set you down.
  11. At this time, you're both teenagers on the cusp of adulthood, drunk off your asses at some girls' house party. Over the years, though you two remained the best of friends, you've grown up a lot differently. You took up lifting, sports, an outgoing demeanour and drinking to excess. Though Asriel was well liked around town, he's always been more of a house-goat. The difference in lifestyle is noticeable, too - though he's a little bit taller than you, he's about a third less broad than you. His skinny frame, soft fur and unassuming posture clash a lot against your muscular build, human skin and confident stance. You don't mind the contrast though - you like to think it just makes you two look more like a pair. Sort of like the skeletal brothers. Plus, him being such a skinny little pushover, it's always fun to rough-house and bully your little bro.
  13. This party you're at - it's one of the few where you've managed to convince Asriel to drink. Even though he's not the outgoing sort, there isn't much that you can't bully him into doing - taking him with you on nights out is easy, but for some reason he just doesn't take to drinking. You don't mind the fact that he rarely gets drunk with you though; in fact, you're pretty grateful for having someone who keeps you out of trouble and looks after you into the night. When you told him this, he got all pouty and embarrassed, telling you that it was just payback for taking care of him the rest of the time - which you found to be absolutely adorable. Much to your surprise, however, he's almost kept up with you drink-for-drink this time.
  15. "Hey Friiisk", the voice in the darkness whines as he prods you with his foot, "C'mon man, get up."
  16. "Nup. I'm good down here."
  17. Your silly, deadpan drunken defeat elicits a giggle from Asriel.
  18. "...Yo Az, it was a good night ay?", you drunkenly slur at him, half statement and half question.
  19. "Yeah, Frisk." he whispers back at you, before murmuring, "Thanks for bringing me, man. I didn't really think these people liked me much..."
  20. "Bro!" you shout, as you sit up to attention, eyes wide, and pointing at him like some overly-acted anime gesture.
  21. "I don't give a shit whose it is! Any party that excludes you misses out on me too, bro."
  23. It's late and the lights are off, but you can tell even through the darkness that he's beaming at you. You've always had a way with words, especially for picking up your easily wounded little brother. Right now, however, that exaggerated movement has finally caught up with the liquid in your brain, making you feel like throwing up. You tell Asriel you don't think you're going to be able to walk home, before teasing him that he's sure as shit not going to be able to carry your 'Olympian physique'.
  24. "Well look, we're the last ones left and the girl whose house this is - I think she's... passed out in bed or something."
  25. You know what he really meant. He likes to dance around lewd issues, which is something you give him a lot of banter for. Right now she's probably getting railed by that monster guy that was chatting her up all night. You feel a pang of jealousy - for the guy, of course. She was fine as hell. "She probably wouldn't mind if we crashed here tonight."
  26. You give him a half vomit-gurgle , half agreeing grunt and get up to help him fireman's-carry you to her parents' bedroom. Her parents are out for the week, but you figure it would probably be best not to throw up on their sheets. You make a reminder to yourself to send her a message about cleaning the smell of booze and male sweat off of them regardless.
  28. He sets you down gently onto the bed, and you instantly slip into pass-out mode. After a few seconds, though, you notice that he's lingering in his leaning over you. Even though it's night time the blinds are open to the street lights, giving enough vision to see him starting directly at you. He keeps leaning over you, arms over your shoulders, for several seconds. You're starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable, though you decide that he's just trying to find the strength in his arms to pick himself up. Maybe he's a bit drunker than he's letting on. Eventually, he does shift away from you and begins to shuffle out of the room. As he does so, you take your shirt off and toss it to the side, both out of habit and because it's hot as hell tonight.
  30. When he gets to the door, however, he slowly stops and unsurely turns around. Probably to tell you goodnight, you assume. He catches a glimpse in the light your toned body and freezes still, staring at you for a time that makes you as uncomfortable as before, despite the newfound distance between you two. He eventually breaks out of his trance, before stuttering at you, "Hey Frisk...?", eyes now planted to the ground, hands between his legs, "Is it alright if I sleep there too? It's just like... N-nothing weird! It'll just be more comfortable there then the couch, that's all..."
  31. Even if you weren't too tired and drunk to care, you probably wouldn't mind anyway. How flustered he's getting over such an innocuous request brings a smile to your face - that's Asriel for you.
  32. "Sure, whatever dude." you slur at him, gesturing him over. His goat ears prick up happily and he almost looks relieved that you aren't being a total dick, forcing him to sleep on the couch because of some bullshit privacy thing. Maybe if you were strangers, yeah, but you're brothers. You've slept in the same bed heaps of times.
  34. You lie there on your back, arms behind your head, the blanket down by your waist. Asriel, however, slides into bed with the blanket tucked all the way up to his neck. You don't know how someone who, on a night as hot as this, with all that... soft fur... could bare to tuck himself up that far and curl himself up like that. But like, whatever, you think. Maybe that's just the posture he's comfortable in. Curled up like a baby, facing... towards you? Ah, fuck it. You just want to go to sleep. You hope to yourself that he doesn't keep you up with his late-night talkativity. It's not like you don't enjoy talking to him, and it's actually usually the time where you get into the deeper conversations - about life, girls, humans, monsters, Asgore and Toriel, each other, and so on. But right now, you're tired, queasy and your head feels like it's being swung around on a rope. Please, you beg, just let me go to sleeeee-
  35. "Hey Frisk," he softly whispers at you, eyes wide open and facing your way with a big ol' smile on his face, "What kind of girls do you like."
  36. "I don't know dude, let me go to sleep...", you groan at him.
  37. "I think... I think I've got a fetish for humans. Is that weird?"
  39. Yikes. It usually takes an hour for him to start talking about girls. Maybe it's the drink? Maybe he was actually being trying to pick up tonight, and wants tips for next time or like, something, you think to yourself. Or wait yeah, maybe it was the girl who's hosting tonight - maybe he's jealous of that guy too? Considering the awkwardness of that question jerked you awaky, you decide to tease him with, "Yep, you're weird." You tilt your head over to see his reaction, mean smile plastered on your face; which turns out to be a bit more than you expected. He looks absolutely defeated, and you feel terrible. Aw shit, you think to yourself, I probably shouldn't do that during heart-to-hearts.
  40. "But hey", you start hushedly whispering back, before moving in closer to him, "Can I tell you a secret?" His broken face starts to look back up at you, with newfound hope in those large eyes of his. "I've got a fetish for monsters, so I guess I'm weird too."
  41. You follow that awesome pick-me-up line by reaching up and patting the top of his head. You've long stopped thinking that patting him was weird - he's an animal person. In your experience, they all love the shit out of head scratches, and the reaction you always get out of him is just priceless.
  43. That line was true for you too, though immediately after saying that you reckon you should have clarified with, 'fetish for monster GIRLS'. You realise the way you said it might have made it sound a little bit like you're trying to come onto him, totally a violation of the bro code. You stop caring soon though, because his scrunched up little face quickly changes back into that big smile.
  44. "I just like... you guys's skin. It's like, so smooth." he begins to whisper to you. "It's like... I don't know..."
  45. You chuckle a little bit at him - you don't care if he's a guy, or your brother, he just looks so cute when he's like this.
  46. "Ohoh," you cheekily reply, "Well I actually like you guys because of your soft fur. All the strange shapes you guys come in, too. I think I told you the story about how I tried to flirt with mum when I first met her..."
  47. The teenage goat kid begins to laugh hard, right in your face and definitely at your expense, shifting the atmosphere from hush-hush to bantz in less than a second.
  48. "Oh man, did you legit find her hot? Hahahaha, that's nasty bro!" he jokes, almost shouting. He goes to hit your arm with those tiny hands of his, managing only to hurt his own knuckles on your rock-hard biceps which you yourself start laughing at. You both laugh like a couple of drunk, idiot brothers for minutes, playfighting with your hands. You easily overpower him and take many opportunities to flick him in the nose, much to his annoyance. Once the laughter and raucous dies down, you start rubbing your hand through the soft fur on his head again, patting him reassuringly. In retaliation, he does this absolutely cute little head-nuzzle thing against your hand and sending a wave of pure 'dawww' through you. Eventually, you stop to tell him goodnight before rolling back onto your back to go to sleep.
  49. "Goodnight bro." Asriel softly giggles back, before curling back into that warm little ball of his, blanket up to his neck. Still facing you, though, which to you at least is totally against 'two guys in one bed but not homo' protocol.
  51. Usually when you're drunk, you're able to fall asleep like a light. This time, however, you've started to sober up after all that excitement and time. On one hand; it killed your queasiness, which is cool. On the other hand; you're not quite so tired. Coupled with the fact that you've got recent physical activity, Asriel's loud snout-breathing, the street light and the fucking heat all keeping you up, you're now wide awake.
  53. -----------------------
  55. After what feels like a few hours, you're still trying to get to sleep. Your mind's been wandering for ages now - you've thought up an entire epoch to some made-up anime in your imagination, and it's a good one. Suddenly though, you start hearing a sound that jerks you out of your dorky fantasies. Coming from Asriel's side of the bed, you start to hear slow scratching underneath the blanket. Fuck, you think. Asriel is totally sleep masturbating right now. Fuuuck, please it it be a nest of spiders under the bed, eating something. I can't be doing with this. You keep your eyes closed and force your mind into something else to try take your mind off of what is totally going against the 'no homo bro code', but it gets harder and harder to distract yourself as the scratching becomes slightly faster and faster, and Asriel's breathing starts to get deeper and more laboured. Yep, he's totally jerking himself off right now. Pleaaase let it be a sleep thing, you beg to yourself. That thought gets interrupted quickly though, when you feel Asriel move his hand onto your bare chest.
  57. Fuuuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, what the fuck! Your mind starts racing. Does Az have the hots for me? Should I stop him? Should I just let him finish? Fuck, what do I do? Asriel starts rubbing your chest, and his beats start to quicken. Your heart is pumping hard;  all you can feel right now is panic. You decide to confirm the situation, letting Asriel's rubbing of your chest be an excuse to roll your head to face him, still pretending to be asleep. When you do so, the horny little goat freezes in his tracks. You make a breathing, snoring noise to try to indicate to him you're still asleep.
  58. "Frisk... you awake?", Asriel whispers hushedly at you. You don't respond, for some reason dedicated in trying to prove to him that you're asleep. Soon, he starts up again, slowly, this time taking care not to shake you with his hand. You can still feel him feeling up your chest muscles softly - slowly and smoothly touching around the curves of your pecs and your abs. You've got to admit to yourself though: if this was some girl and not your fucking brother, this would be totally hot.
  60. You hark back to your younger days and activate your squinty eyes to sneak a peek and what your little goat brother is doing, and you see plain as day Asriel staring you directly in the face. Eyes open, mouth hanging wide to dampen his breaths and moans. One hand on you, and one in his pants, though hidden under the blanket. He doesn't seem to know you're still awake, watching him slowly jerk his little cock. Your panic multiplies; what do I do? Should I even be watching this? If I stop him, will I hurt his feelings?
  62. Eventually though, his rubbing seems to get to you. His soft, furred hand glides and squeezes all over the sensitive spots on your chest. You look into that laboured, straining look on his cute little face. You hear his light gasping, as he struggles to suppress his orgasmic moaning. Then it happens: he lets out a soft little goat's 'baa', and that does it for you. You've always had a fetish for monsters and this just puts you over the edge - you start to get an erection too.
  64. Oh, no no no no. You can feel him start to rock the bed with each stroke, causing you to bounce a little bit more in your underwear and giving you an even bigger hard on. His huge eyes still staring into yours, unblinkingly, you hear him mouth the word 'Frisk...', before he bites his lip and quickens his pace, rocking the bed even more. The fact that he called your name hits you like a truck, suddenly opening up a whole new world to yourself you didn't think you had within you. You think back to all those times you manhandled him, joked about his sexuality, your relationship, every time you jokingly called him cute. Were you really joking? You don't even know yourself any more.
  66. You look down at his soft little body, and start to wonder... his slender frame, those cute little horns, his large eyes, his snout, but above all, god, that fucking fur. So pure, so soft. If any of those traits were on a girl, you'd definitely go for it, so is this so different? Your mind continues to wander in this fashion, thinking back to all the times you two play-wrestled together. Did I have feelings for Asriel all along? God, his little hand, I want it to... Your train of thought gets yanked back like it's on a leash by another part of your mind. That's kind of weird, dude, he's your brother. Knock it off. But so what? He's cute, fucking sue me. Besides, we're not even related! You end up fighting yourself in an internal dialogue for quite some time, unable to decide what you really think. What soon snaps you out of it is a series of gasps, and the feeling of his weight shifting as he begins to pump his hips at you. He's close. It's now or never. You decide - you're young, now's the time to... experiment, you guess. Whether you like it, or dislike it, this way you'll know.
  68. "Asriel, I know what you're doing."
  69. Asriel stops dead in his tracks, almost mid-orgasm. You can see even through the poor lighting, through his snow-white fur, that Asriel's face has turned bright crimson. He yanks his hand off of you and out of his pants, bringing them up to cover his face, stuttering out, "FUCK! Id- Id- I'm sorry man! Id- I don't know what came over me, I just..."
  70. He immediately gives up trying to explain to you, who teased him for this his whole life for every little thing he did, clumsily and hurriedly trying to untangle himself from the blanket to get away and hide. However, you manage to grab his hand, stopping him short of his escape. He turns to face you and you can see there's tears in his eyes - he probably hates himself right now.
  71. "I j-, I j-, I, fuck you probably think I'm fucking weird now, don't you?" he sobs, almost screams, at you. There's a cold, deathly, awkward silence in there air, before he turns back to break away from your grip. You pull back on his hand, though, stopping him again in his tracks. You slowly clamber onto your knees and shift towards him. You use your other hand to reach through his shirt, over his slender stomach and through that soft fur, to grab the opposite site of his chest and pull him back down onto his back. Now, you're half leaning over him, eyes locked. His arms are splayed out above him, unable to move against you and his eyes are wide with shock. "Frisk...?" he whimpers at you, his face now turning from shame and heartbreak into a mixture of excited, scared and curious.
  73. You interrupt whatever apology he was thinking by lunging forward, bringing your lips to his in a compassionate kiss. His eyes widen even further and he takes a sharp breath through his nose. You bring your hand away from his and onto the back of his head, bringing you two closer, as you use your tongue to brush along his. You can tell he hasn't done this before - though his inactivity might just be due to sheer surprise. You shift the rest of your body to align with his, your large frame now smothering his meek little body like a blanket, and he eventually loses himself in you. His tongue amateurishly prods your teeth, but you're too into this kiss to care. You respond to him by intensifying your own kiss, and you both start to moan and gasp together, lovers stuck in a kiss three different kinds of taboo. You've lost any kind of reservation you've had by this point - all feelings of shame or denial now swept under by how much you're strangely enjoying this. He brings his arms up and around you, feeling over your smooth, strong back. You begin to pat his head with one hand, and feel up his shirt with the other. Your hand traces over his flat, furry chest and sends shivers up and down his body. Both of you kiss and caress each other for what feels like hours, exploring each others bodies. You dig your hands into the back of his pants, and feel up his bony rump. He responds by gasping and recoiling up against you. You can feel his heart pounding like a jackhammer even through his shirt - matching your own.
  75. Eventually, you pry your face away from his and lean up over him using your arms. Asriel stares up at you, glossy eyed, mouth hanging open and panting with pleasure. You feel pretty pleased with yourself, with the little goat boy lying exhausted underneath your embrace. You just stole his kiss virginity - but at least you made sure it was a damn good kiss. Your crotches leaning together, you can feel his erection pressing up and grinding against your own. For now, all Asriel manages to muster is a breathy "Wow...", before you break your massive grin at him to finally give him your reply.
  76. "Yeah, I guess I'm weird too..."
  77. Asriel pierces his bashful expression by giving you the biggest, most gracious smile you've seen that face muster before. You understand now - he's probably been feeling like this towards you for many years. You tell him that you're going to go turn the light on, and get up slowly, locking eyes with Asriel to reassure to him that you aren't trying to leave him. He just lies on his back, dumbfaced from your kiss. His very first kiss. You turn the light back on and almost jog back to the bed, now squatting on your knees over his thighs. A small air of awkwardness surrounds the room as you both just sort of linger for several seconds. You're not really sure what to do now.
  79. Asriel notices your hesitation and takes the initiative on this one. He sheepishly removes his shirt, revealing to you his hot little body. You look down at his smooth torso, and he looks up at your chiselled chest and abs, and you both stay in that position for many seconds, just taking in the splendour of each other. You wonder at how you could have let such a beauty by all this time. Eventually though you start to get curious of what lies beyond, and begin to slowly stroke your hand over his chest. You work your way down onto his stomach, bringing your fingers through his fur, then down onto the front of his waistband. That part makes him gasp and bring his clenched hands up to his mouth in - still fucking adorable - embarrassment. Then, even slower, you move your hand further south, touching the tip of his hard penis. You can feel Asriel starting to lightly squirm now, having only just brushed it. You smile wickedly at him, confident in the fact that this little goat boy will bend to you with ease. You lock eyes with his, your fingers only very featherly touching his tip. He tries to break your gaze and his face turns hot red, but your piercing eyes keep drawing him back to face you. Soon, he breaks his shyness to give you a smile urging you to go on. Even with only such light touches, he starts to pre-cum all over himself and your fingers. After some more rubbing, his face turns from one of eagerness into one of desperate lust.
  80. "Fuck, j-just come on bro..." he urges you, sending a pang of sadistic pleasure through you. After what feels to him a lifetime of suspense, but really was only a few lingering seconds, you eventually bring the rest of your hand down to fondle that little cock of his. It surprises you just how soft his skin is - smooth-skinned, sure, but soft enough to feel like he's run it through girly hand skin cream. The kind that's able to turn a gruff miner's manhands into something like a baby's skin. With your other hand you bring his pants down to his knees and look down in wonder at Asriel's smooth, humanoid penis. You're not sure if goat people are naturally like this, or he really did use some skin cream, but it feels amazing in your hand. You look back up and you can tell it feels amazing for him too - his hands now rubbing the sensitive parts on his chest, he mutters your name in-between soft moans. "Frisk- ah! Keep- keep going..."
  82. You start stroking his cock all over, playing with the base, the shaft, the balls and the tip in equal measure, just to see Asriel's reaction. You watch him writhe, moan, gasp, and contort under your hand as if you're putting him under some kind of torture, and it turns you on incredibly. This goat boy, right now, is complete jelly in your hands. You can feel the resistance melt out of him as his sounds turn louder and hornier, pre-cum now shooting out of him in small but visible spurting fashion. You start pumping his cute little dick with the tips of your fingers - gently, to draw this out. You're having an excellent time just watching him struggle. Suddenly though, despite the softness of your movements, you hear him gasp sharply, his body arching backwards and his member beginning to pump in your hand. He's starting to orgasm. Quickly enough, you take your hands off of him, leaving him so close to the edge that you could probably breathe on his penis and he would cum.
  84. "Frisk... oh my god." he pants in desperation at you. You know it can't end this soon however, and you're sure he actually likes being teased like this. He lies there, tired and broken, panting like he's just run a marathon. His cock bobs up and down with his heartbeat, defeated in the air. His eyes plead at you for release, though you're just getting started. You take his exhaustion as a chance to lose your shorts and his pants. You quickly slide yours away and throw them off the bed, exposing your own penis to the air. His eyes quickly dart and open in awe as he takes in your body. You then start to bring the rest of his pants down and away, exposing his legs to you. Narrow waist, narrow hips, small thighs; normally you're into the larger parts of a woman, but Asriel's pure boyishness seems to just turn you on even more. He's timid, but not quite feminine. Definitely not masculine, either. Just... boyish. You give him a chuckle before leaning over and giving him a peck on the lips. This seems to break him out of his stupor, giving him a sheepish, red-faced expression, followed by a look of curiosity as he you start climbing up over his body. He sees you, on your knees, shuffling up his body, erect cock bobbing hypnotically ever-closer to his face, and he suddenly realises what you're here for. As you settle down kneeling over his chest, he looks up at you happily with those eyes before taking the tip of your penis into his mouth.
  86. A wave of pleasure hits your whole body like a punch from Undyne as the little goat gets to work pleasuring you. Starting out licking your shaft, the glossey-eyed Asriel works his mouth up and down your penis, each stroke working his way further and further along you. The rhythmic motion of his mouth brushing tightly against your glands, tongue moving almost expertly along and around your cock, you can barely contain yourself. You're just as bad as he was when you starting playing with his.
  87. "F-fuck, Az, slow down man." you breathe out onto him. However, Asriel has been dreaming about this moment for a long time. Fantasising about it for years, even - memorising every little motion that he's wanted to do to your cock. His eyes fixated only on your smooth, human dick, he speeds up, sending even more pleasure shooting through you. He also begins to moan and hum with lust around your penis, vibrating the inside of his mouth unto you. You can feel the pressure building up inside you, harder and harder, as Asriel pumps your dick over and over with his mouth and tongue. By now, he's taken the entire length of your member and you can feel every little part of his long, furry snout clamped down on you, pleasuring you to levels you've never felt before. You end up losing control of yourself, thrusting and pumping your hips rhythmically with his own sucking.
  89. Looking down at him, you see his doe-eyes turn up towards you. Seeing the look of pleasure and tension on your face, his eyes brighten and you both share a smile with each other. He looks eager to take your load any second now - you can see it on his face. He wants you to finally release yourself, grab him by the horns and just force yourself into him. He wants you completely overpower him, lean over him and bury his face as far back into your crotch as you can. He wants to wrap his tongue over the end of your cock and for you to cum as hard as you can into his mouth, so he can catch it all and take his time swallowing it all. He wants to wrap his arms around your waist and pull himself into you, holding your cock in his mouth so he can continue to suck every last drop out of you and lick you completely clean before you'll let him take a breath.
  91. You've got better plans. You know he's really enjoying this right now and so are you, but you want to go all the way tonight. Your body tenses, and you feel your orgasm welling. Your penis and balls start to pump in anticipation as well, causing Asriel to dig in and thrust even harder in an attempt to milk you dry. Just before you finish, however, you grab the little goat by the horns and pull him off you, just barely managing to save yourself. A look of both panic and desperation plasters Asriel's face as he struggles in vain to get back at your cock. Face straining, tongue extended, it almost looks sad the level of cock-thirst your otherwise pure, innocent brother has given in to. Even though you're far stronger than he as he is, his horns are small, giving you very little grip and he's pushing forward with crazed wanting. It takes almost all of your strength to keep him from attaching himself to you again. Eventually though, he tires first and he once again melts in your forceful hands. As your self-denied penis bobs painfully to your overdriven heartbeat right in front of his face, Asriel looks up at you only able to question
  92. "Why?"
  93. God, everything this kid does to you is enough to make your heart melt. How can one guy be so fucking cute? All you can do is laugh at his endearing desperation. The laughter however, cuts his soul, being the self-defeating little wimp that he is. He just wanted you, so bad, and now you're laughing at him again. The look on his face says it all - he's almost heartbroken. You react quickly though, and you readjust yourself back down so that you're prone on top of him once again. This time, both of your naked bodies are in complete embrace, as you wrap your arms around his shoulders, and his around your waist. You can feel the entire length of his body up against yours, and it's just magnificent. Your skin and his fur brush together softly, trading sweat and pheromones. You can feel his heart beating inside his flat chest, and you feel warmth radiating from this adorable furry monster.
  95. You lift his chin up reassuringly with your finger so that his face aligns with yours, and the smile you give him completely bounces him back to an apologetic one of his own. You lean down and kiss him again, softer this time. You give him a long, passionate kiss, and he returns one back to you - less clumsy, now that you've shown him how. You two pull each other together tightly with your arms, just wanting to be one with eaceh other. You can feel your two cocks, both slimy with shared spit and pre, rubbing up against each other; though you've both calmed down a little bit, you're still really close to cumming right into his stomach so you choose to limit the amount of moving you do to your lower body. This time, Asriel breaks the kiss with you, leaning back to stare shyly back up at you. You both can't help but just smile at each other. A comfortable, blissful silence fills the air, and you two just hang there in total understanding of each other. He breathes in softly to say something, but you already know what it is.
  96. "Frisk...?"
  97. "Yeah Az?
  98. "I love you, bro."
  99. "I love you too man."
  100. "I know I tell you this way too often, but thanks... thanks for not hating me."
  101. That awkward, corny line gives you both a soft little laugh together. By now, you've both calmed down sufficiently to move on - still hard, but not completely on the edge. You break away from this serene embrace to shuffle slightly further down his body. He already knows what's coming next, and makes to roll over onto is stomach.
  103. When you finally get out of his way, Asriel is pointing thin, boyish derriere comically up at you, giving you a funny wiggle. He turns his face buried into the mattress sideways to look at you, giving you a look of readiness and acceptance. You kneel up behind him and take your time inspecting this side of him you haven't seen before - at least not since you were kids, anyway. His puffy little tail hangs up in the air, leading down to his soft pink anus. His fur is thicker here on his back, and you make a note to yourself to grip it hard when you start fucking him. He'll probably like that. His balls hang tightly behind his thighs - shaven to the point of being almost as smooth as that delectable penis of his. You run your hand up his silky nutsack, sending a tremor up Asriel's spine. You can see him biting his lip in anticipation as you slowly work your way up to his anus. You're not really sure what to do here now - this is something you definitely don't have any experience with. Judging from Asriel's virginal kisses, though, he's likely not done much down in this area either, so you decide just to take it slowly while you both explore his boundaries.
  105. You place one hand on his buttcheek and steel yourself, taking one finger from your other hand and slowly rim the outside of his hole. You feel small shimmers and tugs coming from Asriel's body as you slowly work your finger further in - gentle but steady thrusting motions putting yourself further inside of him which each push. You quickly pass the first segment of your finger, then the second. By then, his anus his opened up enough to you for you to easily push down into him completely. You do so, sliding past a part of him that gives you a muffled "Mmff!" from his end. You leave your finger inside of his ass, and start to wiggle it around and stroke this part of him, causing the light tremors coming from him to turn into occasional spasms. You ask him if that feels good, if he's not hurting, and he releases his mouth-grip of the sheets to whisper back, "God, yes." Feeling resolved, you pull your finger back and bring a second one in with it. This elicits Asriel to arch his back in recoil, giving off a sharp "Ah!", even louder than his other moans. Once again, you take your time to stretch him out by playing with his sensitive region, giving you an even bigger reaction than before. In between loud, long breaths, you hear sharp gasps and moans as you work his tight hole. You take your hand off of his ass to feel his cock underneath him - now flying full mast and soaked with pre, the goat tries to lightly fuck your hand in desperation before you bring it back behind him. Now, you bring in a third finger, which his anus accepts easily and eagerly. Asriel quickly jerks his head towards you and hisses, "Just do it already, you f-fucking tease!"
  107. You hadn't originally planned to be teasing him - this time you genuinely were just taking it slowly for his sake. You're not going to let an opportunity to bully your little bro pass you by though. You reduce all the movement in your fingers into only millimetre long little vibrations over his soft spot, before goading him with, "Just do what, Asriel?"
  108. The horny little goat shoots you a scowl that looks more silly than threatening, in-between his flushed face and trembling lip. "F-fuck you, dude," he replies, his attempt to sound commanding broken as he trails sheepishly off into, "j-just put it in already..."
  109. You briefly interrupt the featherly vibration of your fingers to give his prostate one quick jab, now eliciting a moan far girlier from his lips than you'd heard from most actual girls. The sound surprises both you and Asriel, shattering his put-on facade at trying to be tough. You take advantage, giving him a sly, "Just put what in, Asriel?"
  110. The caprine teenager at the other end just totally snaps, trading his dignity for his primal desire. He breaks through his shyness and apprehension to bark at you, "Your penis! J-just fuck me already! Come on, I-"
  111. "You want it?"
  112. "Yes I want it!"
  113. "What do you want?"
  114. "Fuck me Frisk!"
  115. You giggle uncontrollably, causing his embarrassment to flood back into him. You can't deny his request though - this little back and forth has turned you on so much and you're barely holding back yourself. You withdraw your fingers slowly as you shuffle up against him. You place your hard cock up against the crack of his ass, and start to slide your hands up Asriel's body. You grab him by the chest and pick up him onto his elbows. As you lean over him to do this, you hear a soft, "Thank you..." escape his lips, barely audible over the sliding of his body against the sheets. Now in position, you lean back a little to give you space as you line your cock up with Asriel's ass. One hand on his hip and one hand on your penis for control, you slowly but gently edge it into him. You're moving at a surgical pace, taking your sweet time to get Asriel used to you. As you barely even get halfway up the head, you can feel the heat and pressure from within him build up to extreme levels on your sensitive penis. As you push on, you can hear Asriel start to wince. His body tenses up, his fists curl up into a ball around the bedsheet and he bites down hard. But still, you push on - the hard past is almost over. Soon, you reach the widest point - the bottom of the head, and slowly manage to slide it into him. You exhale the breath that you'd been holding onto, and hold your position in his anus. You lean over Asriel and give him an affectionate stroke on his ear, telling him to tell you when he's ready to move on. Soon, his body relaxes around you, and you can feel his hot, wet insides begin to loosen up around your member.
  117. Even though you asked him to tell you, you decide that he would probably enjoy it more if you took the lead anyway. Sans his consent, you slowly start to push onward, inching your shaft in. The look of panic quickly subsides over him as you start doing small thrusting movements, going further and further into him each time and sending incredible pleasure through his insides. He stops holding his breath, now turning back into the breathy, gasping little gay slut that he was before. His wet, hot insides feel incredible around you - gripping onto your dick hard as you poke a little bit further with each gradual thrust. Now you're almost halfway down your shaft, and you feel your head press up against something a little bit familiar. A little hard, walnut shaped part of Asriel that, as you nudge it softly with the tip of your sensitive head, causes Asriel's body to sharply snap back in surprise as he curses in pleasure. You keep moving forward, slowly, your little goat friend vibrating like a car engine around your penis with every push and pull. He tries to brace himself up against you, bony ass poking your pelvis, as you eventually bring yourself up to your hilt.
  119. At this point, you're both completely ready. You lean your body up over him, so your head rests above his shoulder. The force from you shifting up further into him sends a recoil up your little goat plaything, giving you another boyish little gasp. His head turns towards you, mouth agape and eyes half open. You can see he's enjoying this just as much as you, if not more. You take your hands off of his hips, and bring one down across his chest to brace you against him. You move the other one over to the side of his face, slowly patting the side of his snout and ear. Asriel, up on his hands and knees, begins to lean back into you, eager to take more. You now start thrusting in earnest - the pleasure inside both of you reaches heights greater than anything either of you have felt before, as you fuck your little brother deeply. Your crotch slaps against his bony ass, your sensitive head hits the back of his internals. Asriel starts giving you moans with each and every thrust, shifting his body rhythmically back and forth with your own. His noises are starting to get a little bit loud, and you worry that maybe one of the two other people here tonight will hear. You shift you hand from patting him to covering his mouth, but that doesn't seem to worry him. In fact, all it seems to do is increase his fervour, and he starts screaming into your hand like a slut as you pound away at his tight asshole. In between smothered, pleasured moans, you can hear him call your name despite your muffling hand.
  120. "Fuck me Frisk!"
  121. "Aah! Fuck me harder!"
  122. Asriel's whorish pleas work to turn you on even harder, and you pick up the pace inside of his ass. Now going full force, you buck and thrust and do your very best to ruin his perfect little ass. The tightness around your penis never wanes, though, as you frantically pump as hard and as fast into his wet cavern as you can. For what feels like ages, the pressure inside of you builds up to its peak and stays there as you and Asriel fuck like wild animals. The smell of sweat permeates the room as you and your little goat friend somehow rutt even harder and harder against each other - young, tipsy teenagers lost in heat. Eventually, something snaps inside of Asriel and he yanks your hand off his face. He turns to you and looks you dead in the eyes as he whispers loudly to you, "F-Frisk! I'm - I'm gonna cum...".
  124. You don't slow your pace - you're extremely close yourself. He locks is face with yours, so you can see every little detail in the light on his adorable little mug as he reaches orgasm. As you thrust, you feel his insides clench HARD around your cock, and you can feel his body writhe and contort in pleasure as his balls pump his seed hands-free onto the bed sheets. As this is happening, you never stop your pace, and let Asriel make all the noise he wants. A mixture of boyish gasps and swears escape his lips, pointed directly at you, his orgasmic cries driving you crazy. You start to feel your own orgasm welling him as Asriel shows you his every sexy, lust-filled expression. What sets you over the edge though is Asriel's final spurt, where he changes from 'Ahh!'s into one single, solitary goats' bleat. Asriel 'baa's right into your face, completely on accident, and you let out your own series of grunts to signal your orgasm. This time though, you force Asriel down into a prone position. His whole body lays stretched out alongside yours as you grip his ribcage into you with titan strength. With your other hand, you push Asriel's face down into the bed, and he completely submits himself to you. You can feel his own puddle of cum brush up against your ballsack as you cease your rhythm to start bucking wildly and randomly against him, hitting your limit and shooting spurt after spurt of pent-up cum deep into your goat lover. You give off sounds almost louder than his own lewd, cockslut moaning as you press yourself up against Asriel's prone body as deep as you can go, cumming into his ass. Once your orgasm dies down and your penis has completely filled him, you let out a long sigh of exhaustion as you let your body simply go limp on top of your lover. Asriel seems content to just lie there, letting your body smother his. As the adrenaline dies down, you both breathe exhaustively and with satisfaction, waiting to regain the energy to just sit up for quite some time.
  126. Eventually, you find the strength to pull out and roll off of Asriel, back over to your side of the bed. Asriel finally leaves the imprint into the bed you forced him into, rolling over to his side once more to face you. He looks even more meek and wimpy than usual - cum splattered on his chest and stomach, fur wet with sweat. He stares at you with a coy, loving face, content to just sit there and look at you; the one he loves most. You can't help but return his smile and stare, at least for a while. After some time lost in those huge eyes of his, though, sobriety kicks in fully and you realise just how tired you are.
  127. "That was great, Frisk...", Asriel coos warmly, as you sticks out his hand towards you.
  128. You smile meekly at him, and give him your reply by taking his hand in yours. His face visibly lights up as you reassuringly grip his small hand.
  130. After some time of hand-holding and once again getting lost in each others' eyes, you bring up that maybe you two should clean up before morning. Asriel smiles and nods in agreement, but almost looks hurt when you eventually decide to break your hand and eye contact. You both wearily climb out of bed to put your clothes back on. You take off the cum and sweat-splattered sheet to put in the wash. Asriel makes his way out of the room to go have a shower, and wash all the mess out of his fur. As he walks past you to leave though, you take his hand and give him a loving little peck on the cheek. Asriel blushes hard once again, and smiles sheepishly at you as he continues on out. You're not really sure how this is going to turn out for the two of you, but for now you had fun. Once the sheet is in the wash and Asriel climbs back into bed with you, fully washed and dried, you two cuddle up into each others arms. He falls asleep first, his head on your chest, arms wrapped around you. You brush and pat his head as he sleeps, happy to be sharing his warmth despite the heat. Eventually, your eyes to begin to close and your own consciousness falters, the little goat's soft breathing rocking you to sleep in his arms.
  132. You're weird cunts
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