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  1. # Do you have any past experience with being a Moderator in any Roblox game? *If so please list the game and what you did for the game.*
  2. #### I've had many past experiences being a Moderator or higher in a lot of Roblox games. I was a Guild Master for Blue Pegasus in the game Fairy Tail Reborn that was owned by Mintacle. The guild had around maybe 400 members and went through a lot of as a guild. It had a longstanding reputation with many different people in the game's community. I was a Guild Master Assistant for Lamia Scale in the game Fairy Tail: Revelations that was owned by TaleOfScripting. The guild had even more members than Fairy Tail Reborn's Blue Pegasus and had a lot of administrative problems. The Guild Master at the time I was the Guild Master Assistant didn't really control the guild all that much and let the members do whatever they pleased. I ultimately played the role as Guild Master even though I didn't have the role itself. I was in the Magic Council for the game Fairy Tail: Discovery that was owned by many people that I can't really say usernames. Although, the game is currently dead and out of commission as they are working on a newer game. I was a Moderator in a Fate/Stay Night-related community that was planning to release a game but didn't really follow through with it. I was a Guild Master for Phantom Lord in the game itself. The guild had a substantial amount of members at the time given there weren't many people playing the game. Finally, I was a Guild Master for Orochi's Fin in the game Fairy Tail Rising Destiny. The guild was small and kind of unknown as many people chose to join the more known guilds like Fairy Tail and Sabertooth.
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