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  1. And then a scream rang out from her lips as he shunted the last few inches into her, their hips colliding with a slap and his cock tearing into her. “That's better,” he said with a relieved satisfaction. His whole length was inside her, and it hurt. He was thick, and the roughness left a dull, throbbing ache.
  3. “Now,” he said, with a malicious grin on his face, “answer every question I ask with 'yes, master.” Her eye widened as he said it, thoughts running through her mind as to how much he could somehow force her to do.
  5. “Are you a sex slave?” He asked.
  7. She tried to clamp her jaw shut, to bite down on the words. “Yes, master,” she said, the resistance in her crushed in an instant against whatever forced her to move against her will.
  9. “Are you going to be raped over and over?”
  11. “Yes master.” The tears that had already been falling were joined by a sob after the words.
  13. “Once I've sculpted your body to be better, are you going to sell yourself to any man that wants to use you like a whore?”
  15. “Yes master.”
  17. And then he started fucking her. The words don't do it justice. She couldn't handle the size, and she cried out in pain and humiliation as his pace increased relentlessly until his hips were slamming her into the table.
  19. As he raped her, he got closer to her, his chest pressed into her back, his face beside hers as he humped her. His hands slipped under the white vest top and grabbed her big tits roughly, using them as handles. She stayed perfectly still, as she was ordered to... and had no choice but to obey as she let herself be raped by this stranger.
  21. His cock pounded her, stretching her and slamming into her walls with force. The rape wasn't creative, but brute force on a defenceless victim. Her groans of pain as the sound of skin on skin filled the room.
  23. “Are you ready to be molded into a better whore?” he asked, still fucking her.
  25. “Yes master,” She sobbed.
  27. She could hear what he said, but the sibilant words escaped her. She could see the dull glow from behind her to. As both vanished, suddenly her tits felt like they were on fire. She shrieked as something – she couldn't tell what – happened to them.
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