Kitten, Submission

Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. (Contains: Musk, Submission)
  3. "Good girl.. Very good. Keep on sucking on Daddy's thumb, honey, and you may get to suck on something even tastier." She sat before her master, her legs spread out across the floor, hands resting on his knees while she licked and suckled on his palm, fingers and thumb playfully, her panties soaked through and through. Was this perhaps the day she'd finally get more than just a toy to practice on? Something real? .. Something.. **thick**?
  5. Her heart began to beat faster as he chuckled to himself, pulling back his hand from her lips before giving her a few gentle pats on the head as a reward. Her eyes were fixated on the one thing she desired the most – his crotch. The closer his hands got to his belt, the faster her heart pumped, the wet spot ever increasing as she inched closer.
  7. There it was, that alluring scent, his unmistakable note – her owner's musk. Strong enough to send her in a daze, the poor little kitten watched on in disbelief as he finally unwrapped her reward, a slab of meat thicker than her wrist smacking right on her face. It was.. overwhelming, to say the least, such a strong scent, its rough yet smooth texture and the creamy precum too, enough to ruin this pet's mind forever.
  9. Though she still had her doubts a few weeks ago, the heat she was in right now proofed to her that he was the only one for her – her master, the to love, cherish, use and abuse her however he pleased. He raised his right hand slowly, rubbing his thumb against his middle finger, preparing to snap – yet was surprised to find her happily and eagerly suckling on his dripping cock on her own already. “That thirsty?” The look in her eyes told him everything he need to know..
  11. She was his, forever and ever.
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