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  5. [[include component:image-block
  6.     name=JVrt33Y.png|
  7.     caption=RPC-098-1
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  9. **Item #:** RPC-098
  11. **Object Class:** Alpha
  13. **Containment Protocols:** RPC-098 should be contained within its designated storage unit. Specific storage protocols are unnecessary so long as it is safely out of younger staff member's reach. If RPC is used upon a subject, the resultant RPC-098-1 must be kept separate from the RPC-098 as is standard containment protocol. The object is safe, its effects are known and readily containable. Ready to be terminated upon completion of research into its regenerative dermatological properties.
  15. **Description:** RPC-098 is a simple looking 'Jelqing' device. It is made of an unknown but weathered polymer, it is opaque and smells of copper . Circular in dimensions, it seems designed to fit upon the Glans of a human. This is inferred from the circumstances of RPC-098's discovery.
  17. RPC-098 was discovered in a densely populated Indian slum, along with thirteen instances of RPC-098-1. It is believed the device was acquired from a local newspaper's backpage advertisement; attempts to find the supplier have failed but the original 'copy letter' has been discovered. Strangely, the wording of the advert seems to have be written by someone who is not a native Hindi speaker.
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  19.     name=nD30O10.png|
  20.     caption=Poster Advertising RPC-098
  21. ]]
  23. Test subjects who have tried the device compulsively boast of its effectiveness in restoring foreskin tissue to the staff accompanied with a steady regrowth of foreskin tissue. During the third day the skin regrowth becomes abnormal and begins to
  24.  'engorge' the test subject. The test subjects seem oblivious to this, and continue to brag about their foreskin gains. After several hours the test is completely engulfed in what can only be described as a 'foreskin cocoon'. Attempts to remove the test subject from this will both kill the subject and release an incredibly corrosive acid that has harmed numerous assistants. This has been designated RPC-098-1.
  26. Samples of cocoon tissue must not be allowed to touch exposed flesh of staff members. The result of exposure will be a replication of the cocoon originating from the point of contact on the subjects flesh and engorging them. This has proved a hindrance into researching its potentially infinite medical applications. So far, research, teams are unable to alter the progression of the affected tissue. This proved disastrous when a test subject who was victim in a fire was introduced to a sample tissue culture. Hypothesising that recently damaged skin might invoke a complementary response from the cell culture, it were applied liberally to the subjects recently damaged facial skin. Unfortunately, the result was another manifestation of RPC-098-1.
  28. Subjects remain in cocoon like state until termination. it is unknown if there is a gestation period and multiple subjects are being kept under observation while in this state. Staff who are assigned to the RPC have indulged in betting on what will eventually come out of them; this behaviour should be reprimanded if participants are caught.The amounts being bet upon this are potentially compromising security, having adversarial gambling is not conducive to a non-toxic community.
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