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  1. <blockquote>Brief plot summary of the game here.</blockquote>
  2. [tabs][tab title="Concept"]Explain the game's concept/genre in a nutshell.[/tab]
  3. [tab title="Visuals"]What you thought about the art, UI, and overall presentation of the game. (briefly, in 1-3 sentences—elaborate below in the body text of the post)[/tab]
  4. [tab title="Sound"]What you thought about the voice acting, music, and SFX. (be brief here, too, and elaborate farther down if you'd like)[/tab]
  5. [tab title="Difficulty"]The difficulty level of the game (when not using a walkthrough).[/tab]
  6. [/tabs]
  7. <h2>Game Name in romaji</h2>
  8. <blockquote><em>ゲームタイトル </em> (<a href="game website URL here">website</a>)
  9. <strong>Company:</strong> Name of company
  10. <strong>Age Rating:</strong> Rating here
  11. <strong>Date of Release:</strong> Date here
  12. <strong>Voice Cast:</strong> List of seiyuu names here. Just romaji is okay. Be sure to also tag the seiyuu!</blockquote>
  13. The rest of the post should be about your impressions, your experience with the game, what you thought specifically about its elements such as voice acting, art, plot, etc. This is where you can put your own personal touch! What did you find interesting or uninteresting about the game? Why did you like or dislike it? Have fun and include whatever you want! As long as your review contains all the above fields and the final score at the end, what's in the middle is up to you.
  15. This post is meant as a template, so you can copy-paste it and replace all this stuff with your own content for your own posts.
  17. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam mollis odio sed libero congue ac volutpat nulla ullamcorper. Suspendisse egestas vestibulum turpis vitae euismod. Morbi in felis metus. Donec blandit lorem a orci mollis malesuada. Nam pharetra rhoncus convallis. Aliquam erat volutpat. Suspendisse eros augue, ultrices sit amet tincidunt facilisis, elementum sit amet lectus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Praesent facilisis tellus id ante dictum condimentum. Etiam sed libero elit. Suspendisse accumsan purus et elit posuere mattis eget non mi. Donec eget metus eget velit mollis facilisis et ut lorem. Nunc placerat suscipit rhoncus.
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  21. [hr]
  23. [dropcap]#[/dropcap] <strong>Replace that # with your final score for the game out of 10. This is the conclusion of your review, so put in some concluding thoughts and your final impressions.</strong> Etiam orci lorem, rhoncus non condimentum non, pellentesque eget quam. Donec eget elit massa, in vehicula neque. In sed felis eget erat vestibulum venenatis eget varius massa. Etiam diam velit, vestibulum eget consequat sit amet, pretium eget felis. Cras blandit magna sit amet quam tempor venenatis. Suspendisse quis urna urna, dignissim sollicitudin nulla. Praesent vehicula pretium orci, ut dignissim neque volutpat et. Curabitur leo enim, viverra volutpat ornare ac, tempus in turpis. Donec cursus urna eget lacus facilisis cursus. Fusce commodo tortor eget arcu volutpat auctor auctor velit pulvinar. Aliquam erat volutpat. Fusce sit amet ante risus. Praesent tincidunt fringilla accumsan. Sed non massa non est suscipit pulvinar. The raw code for this template is located <a href="">here</a> for copy-pasting purposes.
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