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  1. #NogginsThoughts
  3. Splut—If you pointed him out to me on the street, I wouldn’t guess that his skillcore would be bluffing. After talking to him I still wouldn’t guess it, either, but I guess that’s kind of the point. He’s a pretty level-headed guy, doesn’t let things get to him. I mean, unless that’s a bluff, too. Stårn keeps giving him weird looks for some reason, I’m really not sure why.
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  5. Biggo—Now here’s a guy that thinks with his fists. Unlike some similar people in the Horde, though, his fists are actually relatively smart. I like my ribs too much to take up his open challenge for arm wrestling, and unless you hate *your* ribs, I suggest you do the same.
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  7. Klörf—Hey, it’s Klörf! Klörf’s great. He’s a simple, straightforward, well-meaning guy. I hear people back in his home town made fun of him for having a huge head, which… I mean, he does, but you’re still being cruel to a good person. I hope he finds his friend in Nägel, but then again, with the stories you hear about the place, I also sort of hope he doesn’t.
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  9. Hob—Eyepatch buddies! You know, Hob really doesn’t get enough credit in the Horde. Yeah, Patsy’s bread is great, don’t get me wrong, but have you tried it with honey? So much better. He does a lot of good work with the cooking in general. Hopefully we’ll be able to get him a real weapon out of this shipment.
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  11. Stårn—I’m pretty sure I’ve worked with Stårn more than most people have, and the thing you have to understand about him is that he is *really* single-minded. He just loves sieges more than most people love anything. Honestly, I’m not sure how he ended up in the Horde instead of the proper army, but I’m glad we’ve got him around; we’re going to need his guidance on a lot of things.
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  13. Humbug—It’s an open secret, but Humbug is trying to solve Queen Reina’s murder. Everyone knows it was Frö, but Humbug’s got some big conspiracy theory about the whole thing. And he thinks that he can solve the mystery all the way out here in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, I’ve got no idea how that’s supposed to work. But that doesn’t matter—what matters is that he’s the one looking out for Shiny, so he can have all the crazy ideas he wants as long as he keeps doing that.
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  15. Gryph—I’m not doubting his skills, but it’s unnerving getting medical attention from somone missing half their face. Eurgh.
  16. -
  17. Bully—Now this guy knows how to talk! I’ll admit that I don’t really pay attention to what he’s actually saying, because wow he talks a *lot*, but it sure sounds impressive to listen to.
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  19. Dummy—I feel bad for saying it, but… the name kind of says it all. He should join up with Stårn on the ram team, I’m sure he’d enjoy it.
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  21. Patsy—He’s one of the most important people in the Horde. Sure, he’s not much of a combatant, but… what’s the saying? An army marches on its stomach? His bread is basically the high point of Horde life, besides the warm fuzzy feeling that Glory gives you. I’d rather keep him on the back lines than risk giving up that precious, precious bread.
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  23. RIK—I’m… kind of concerned about RIK. Not that he’s a threat to others, or something, but… he was really excited about getting skillcores, and now he’s full up with not-so-great cores, but it doesn’t *feel* like he’s done. Which is sort of a problem, because you can’t have more than three. Unless you’re Grimper, I guess, but RIK is not Grimper. I hope he gets over it alright.
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  25. Pythag—Not much to say, really. I mean, he went out of his way to grab a shield, and he’s good at math, so he’s clearly smart and sensible, but I get the sense that he’s the sort of guy that likes to keep to himself.
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  27. Spleen—Spleen is going to die in an explosion one day, and he’s happy about that.  Literally, he will tell you that if you ask. He’s sort of like Stårn, but with an added death wish. Stårn is indifferent about death if it means he gets to siege something, Spleen’s going to welcome death with open arms, so long as it comes explosively. I just don’t get that mindset.
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  29. Gado—You would think that someone as focused on digging as Gado would be as single-minded as Spleen and Stårn, but he’s really not. He’ll actively seek out solutions that let him dig, yeah, but you can have a conversation with him about things that aren’t digging without him looking like he’d really rather be somewhere else. That might just be the mask, though. Also, I’m glad he came out of Grimper’s punishment alright—he didn’t really deserve it in the first place if you ask me. Sometimes plans just don’t work out!
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  31. Hat—A good hat goes a long way, and Hat’s a… good hat? Okay, no she *makes* good hats, and… you get the metaphor, right? The gist of
  32. it? Hat’s good. She talked me out of ambushing a supply caravan for when there was an easier way available, and I’m not going to forget that. I still don’t know what I was thinking, the Glory must have been going right to my head.
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  34. Shiny—Oh, Shiny. I really wish she wasn’t here. Not because I don’t like her! She just… deserves better, you know? I mean, yeah, thief and stealing stuff and all that, but still. I’m glad Humbug keeps an eye out for her, and I know he’s not the only one. I just hope things work out alright.
  35. -
  36. Neebs—She’s… alright? She helped a lot with the caravan, and elsewhere, so I shouldn’t be too harsh, but… she kind of feels like… a quitter, I guess? I mean, the caravan, right? She does a lot to get us over that initial hump of fooling the guys, and then she’s just kind of… okay quitting there? I get the desire to quit while ahead, but we can’t afford to let opportunities pass through our fingers like that. Maybe I’m just getting the wrong impression.
  37. -
  38. Qwäg—I’d be twitchy too, if I kept thinking about how everyone I met was going to die. I’ve felt tempted to ask her what she’s got written down for me, but on the other hand, I probably don’t want to actually know. That can really mess a person up, you know? It’s valuable to have someone paying attention to that, though—she’s a thinker, and she knows how to come up with a plan.
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  40. Flitter—She’d better keep good care of Flutter. I mean, I’m sure she will, or I wouldn’t have handed him over, but still. She seems nice enough, and I hope that she’s cautious enough to not die doing something stupid like the original Flutter did. I don’t want to rehome Flutter again.
  41. -
  42. Portha—You know, I don’t really have much to say about Portha. She’s done some medical work, she’s generally pretty practical, she didn’t try to direct an angry mob at me back in Fostis… I guess I like her on the whole? I just don’t feel strongly one way or the other.
  43. -
  44. Snödis—Snödis isn’t *crazy* which I guess puts her above other people, but she’s just… rude. Like, everyone’s focused on survival and banding together to get through this, and Snödis is just being kind of judgmental at the same time. Not that she isn’t pulling her weight, it just rubs me the wrong way. It is kind of interesting to see someone who won the monsterism lottery and came away with a symmetrical face, though.
  45. -
  46. Sucy—I don’t really like mushrooms that much. They just don’t taste that good to me.  Dovetail was a big fan of grilling them, but… are mushrooms even really alive? They’re weird. Oh, Sucy! Yeah, she’s alright, I guess. Hasn’t tried to slip mushrooms into our food, so she’s fine by me.
  47. -
  48. Bamboo—I think Bamboo has monsterism of the brain. It’s not her *fault*, and it’s not like she’s hurting anyone, I just don’t think everything’s alright there, you know? I hope someone’s able to help her, it just isn’t going to be me, because I have no idea how you’d even start. I *really* hope that she doesn’t turn into a Wendigo and start eating people or something.
  49. Doc—First of all—Medics are great. I do not remotely want to speak badly about our medics. Not that I’d speak badly about Doc anyways. She’s a consistent contributor to the Horde. Eerily consistent, even. Not spectacular, not terrible. Just… consistently alright. Is she hiding something? I’m starting to wonder, now.
  50. -
  51. Ringo—I think Ringo has an actual death wish. I don’t mean like Spleen, who’s just kind of happy about his inevitable explosive end, I mean that it feels like Ringo is actually trying to die. He jumped at the chance to take the earliest dangerous mission, and then when he died there he immediately turned around and defied Grimper in the most blatant possible way. Just…. Why? Why would you do that if you had any sense of self-preservation?
  52. -
  53. Gawp—It’s tough to get a read on Gawp. I mean, I’d definitely say he’s a leader—people tend to listen to his suggestions. But the way he gave up a huge chunk of glory for the ritual… you would think that’s something a… you know, kind of everyman sort of leader, boosting everyone and encouraging people by example.. That’s who I’d expect that from. But I saw him leaving Grimper’s tent after Gigs got tasked with the Old Guy relics, and you could see the jealousy all over his face. So does he care about his own glory or not? I’m really not sure.
  54. -
  55. Grumbus—I do not want Grumbus anywhere near me. I will deliberately set up my tent as far from Grumbus as possible. His personality is fine, but he is a walking plague. Just… *eurgh*. How is he not dead from all the stuff he’s infected with? Is his skillcore really that strong?
  56. -
  57. Mason—I’ve done some construction stuff before. It’s part of being a carpenter. So I’ve worked with masons, because sometimes buildings will have multiple materials. So I tried to start up a chat with him about his craft, and… well, I’m not *exactly* sure what he said, but I’m pretty sure that he isn’t *actually* a mason. As in the craftsman mason, I’m sure his name is actually Mason.
  58. -
  59. Gloff—He’s kind of like Dummy, but less violent. He seems to be good friends with Bully, so good for him?
  60. Tharbad—Yes, I asked him to join me in attacking the caravans. That was a terrible idea, and I’m glad he said no. He’s a complete brute, and that’s all there is to him. Yeah, war needs violence, but it shouldn’t be indiscriminate. I’m sure he would happily murder civilians if he could get away with it. He’s got a place in the Horde, but that doesn’t mean I have to like him.
  61. -
  62. Flipit—He’s obviously clever—he drew up the plans for the Portapult, after all. He’s good with his hands, and smart. But I feel like the war has kind of gotten to him. I might just be imagining that, but he seems kind of different than he was before. But I guess we’ve all changed, so who am I to judge?
  63. -
  64. Gabber—What can I say, he’s a quiet guy. Well, obviously. It’s hard to have much of an opinion on someone who literally can’t talk, but I think Gabber’s smart overall. And just because he doesn’t talk doesn’t mean he doesn’t listen. I think he knows a lot more than he lets on.
  65. -
  66. Gigs—Not that Gawp would admit it, but Gigs is prime leader material. Thoughtful, stoic, brave… That’s more inspiring than you would think. I’ll admit, I was kind of scared before we did our ritual of the nail, but when I saw Gigs perfectly calm about it, well, I knew it couldn’t be *that* bad, right? And it wasn’t!
  67. -
  68. Cornbread—Things I am most afraid of: 1) Grimper. 2) Magda 3)Frömen soldiers. 4) Cornbread. Cornbread is inscrutable. Somehow Grimper got him to take a bath, which just makes Grimper seem even more terrifying, but it doesn’t diminish Cornbread at all. I have no idea at all what’s going on in that head, and I don’t think anyone else does, either. It’s spooky.
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